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  1. Jan 28, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is exactly what we should expect from every AAA title. The game has a solid story-line that is simple to follow but still intriguing, the game-play mechanics are smooth, with some nice abilities to spice things up, and the scenery is quite beautiful how ever repetitive making the latter parts of the game seem slightly less inspired. However, the main story mission and outpost captures all feel very unique and each present their own challenges keeping the game still feel fresh after 20 hours. I would highly recommend that all who have yet to play the game play on the harder difficulty when not doing story missions (this can be found in options while playing) or else you may feel too comfortable and unchallenged. Expand
  2. Jan 30, 2013
    This is a very average game. It definitely does not deserve the ratings it was given (especially being called 'Skyrim with guns'. The scenery is very beautiful, booming with biodiversity and luscious colors. The player action mechanics could have been polished a lot more, often I struggle to enter vehicles, door ways, and turrets. Its an open world, but the majority of it is not worth exploring. Your not going to be aimlessly walking around in hopes to find a secret area which will hold some awesome side quest, but instead you will be mostly likely driving/gliding/boating/fast travelling to your next main quest objective. Side quests are a joke as they are repeats of other challenges (hunt this animal, race to his area, kill this one guy in an enemy base). The main quests are the only thing you will want to be doing unless you are killing animals to upgrade your ammo pouches/syringe kits so you can survive the main quests. The main quests were fun in the beginning with the diversity in the formula (car chases, burning down pot fields, tripping on drugs), but after the first half of the game the formula seemed to narrow down to silently killing everything in a base, or fight waves of enemies until your ride gets you out. There's only two types of loot: leafs to make syringes, and things to sell for money (and I mean you literally have to sell them because they serve no other purpose). There is also collecting furs and skins to upgrade your pouches, but upgrading them to the necessary amount to survive the whole game can be done easily before continuing to the second mission. The story line was interesting and realistic for the most part, except for the tattoos, but I also liked that too (this part is all opinion based). The theme which is 'state of society to state of nature' I also liked as it was a new twist from most games. The leveling system was average. It can be best related to a borderlands skill tree. Many main characters often become a thing of the past as you advance through the game. TL;DR: the game is alright, has a lot of potential, but lacks a lot of diversity and does not deserve anywhere close to the ratings and hype they gave for it. Expand
  3. Jan 31, 2013
    I got this game recently for my birthday and I've been loving every minute of it. The story has depth, stealth mechanics are brilliant, built-in cover system is fantastic. The game is visually stunning, making anything from cave exploration to hang gliding an incredible experience. I liked that taking over the outposts was fun, that you could do it however you wanted, whether it be rushing in guns blazing (which will result in reinforcements and maybe death) or sneak in, disable the alarm, not a sound. I am glad it's back to the island environment as I hugely enjoyed Far Cry 1. In conclusion, this game is easily worth its price on steam. Or anywhere! Expand
  4. Dec 28, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is an excellent open world first person shooter with a very good story. The graphics are amazing and the vegetation is dense, but sometimes the island seems a bit empty. The characters are deep (particularly the villain Vaas!) and the story has some twists. The story is long and has cool cutscenes. There is much to explore on the island. You can craft things, but that is not necessary and more boring than useful. The KI is okay, the game is a bit too easy and the sounds are good. One of the best shooters of 2012! Expand
  5. Feb 4, 2013
    I absolutely loved playing the campaign. The way the story was put together was amazing. It was like a really good movie or book that you just needed to know what happened next. I actually found myself all tensed up with nervousness at a few parts. The reason I didn't give a full 10/10 was because of the multiplayer. I was expecting more. It doesn't feel like a finished product and sometimes you are left wondering how on earth that guy got you when all you had time to do was turn around. Over all great game. I would have bought it for the same price just for the campaign. Expand
  6. Feb 5, 2013
    What's not to like about stealthily wiping out an enemy base or blowing it into the sky on a lush tropical Island filled with rare and dangerous wild life? Great story, crafting, customisable weapons, hidden collectibles, and open adventure game-play in a awesome location is a recipe for success. On a powerful PC this game is also an absolute joy to look at. I thoroughly enjoyed this game from start to finish. Nothing like Far Cry 2 which I couldn't even finish, what a disaster that was. Far Cry 3 9/10 Expand
  7. Feb 7, 2013
    Once you get through moderartely-strange story there is not much else to do on the island. Other than that, and a few missed opportunities, and occasional complete retardedness of story (even when it obviosly does not mean to be retartded) this is a fine game. Definitely has its own thing going, unique enough to be memorable and fun most of the time.
  8. Feb 7, 2013
    Truely a magical experiance, you will get devoured into the story and that power of the characters personalities, now one of my favorite games ever a definite must play
  9. Feb 7, 2013
    Great game. Beautiful graphics, lots to do and plenty to see. Hunting and skinning the different animals was fun whilst it lasted but once you've upgraded everything it becomes kind of pointless. Climbing the radio towers reminded me of playing through elements of half life 2 and that can't be a bad thing. I purchased the deluxe (or whatever it is called) version and I'm not sure the additional 'missions' are that much different to the rest of the game or add that much to the overall experience to justify the additional cost but each to their own. So far I've put 37 hours in to the game and I'm only about half way through. Not played the multi-player or co-op as yet but worth the price of admission for the single player game in my view. Expand
  10. Feb 11, 2013
    The game is really terrific. After the Fary Cry 2, my expectative is not to much, but with the trailers and the gameplay, I bought the Pre-order. When I played the game, I was impressed. A lot of animals, a lot of villagers and a fight with the pirates and the natives. The game gives a sense of the living environment. And the gameplay is the better. Like a shoter, but with other things like a Uncharted or Tomb Raider. Expand
  11. Apr 4, 2013
    Great game all around. Loved it. Combat was well rounded. I can sneak into an enemy camp and murder them all quietly or set it on fire and go in guns ablaze. Hunting was fun and challenging. Graphics were great as well. A recommended buy.
  12. Feb 13, 2013
    Pros: Beautiful world to explore Great variety of weapons Even Greater variety of playstyles (stealth, action, hybrid) Strong cast of characters with is good story arc Cons: Side quests are a bit light on content Multiplayer is a bit weak OVerall: One of the best games of 2012. A huge return to the greatness of FC1 mixed with the best parts of FC2. An open world game with a great cast and great story, mixed with flexible gameplay that really gives something to any player.

    Should not be missed.
  13. Feb 14, 2013
    Amazing game, really immersive and realistic. The graphics are stunning and it has a good combat system. A lot of effort as been put into this game by Ubisoft Montreal, and I think it deserves the GOTY award.
  14. Feb 16, 2013
    Before I start my review, I'll say I had previously played only the first Far Cry. I picked up this game for 20 euros on ebay a few days after its release and I'm really glad I did. The game is just pure fun, exploring the open world is amazing and the AI is good enough to make you feel part of the game. The plot is nothing great but the story missions are enjoyable. Some of the characters will really make an impact on the player (for example Vaas and the doctor) while others are forgettable (like Jason's friends). One of the things I absolutely loved about the game is the fact that you can play it your way. Want to be Rambo? You can. Want to be stealthy? You can. Liberating the outposts without being detected was a real challenge, a lot of fun and rewarding. One of my complaints is that, after you conquered the whole island, pirates won't show up often enough.
    The MP is quite good, maybe a bit too CoD-like but still enjoyable. The map editor is also a great feature. The graphics are simply amazing and the animations are incredible. If I had to give a fair rating I'd probably give it an 8, but since I had so much fun with the game I'll rate it 9. I'd say it's worth your money, even at full price.
  15. Feb 16, 2013
    This is a great and very ambitious game. The open world is beautiful and the game play simply feels right. A few of the main plot missions are nothing short of brilliant and the sound design is superb. The beginning of the game successfully grabs your attention, Vaas is one of the best game villains in a long long time and this is also where a few flaws become apparent. Having a great villain like Vaas and not utilizing him in the best way possible is a squandered opportunity. They could have done so much more with him. I would have loved to deal with him and him ONLY since he was an amazing character with so much potential. The plot is unfortunately severely flawed. I know, most people don't play this game for the plot but in the beginning of the game, it tries and succeeds in involving you as a player. Jason is confused, helpless and just wants to save his friends. But with every new mission Jason's mindset and decisions become less and less incomprehensible and sooner or later the player will disconnect and lose the link to him. I found myself thinking why not do x instead of this?" waaaay to often and having a conflict with the decisions made by the protagonist is a very severe flaw. I know this is criticism on a high level because the game is actually very very good but I can't help but feel that they were careless with the plot although they have they definitely have the talent to get it right. Despite all the fun I had during my approx. 16 hours with the game, I was left disappointed by the ending and the development of the main story. The side missions by the way are instantly forgettable. Hunting missions are fun and racing missions never peaked my interest. I only cared about the main plot and the open world. The prior left me unsatisfied and the latter is gorgeous! Expand
  16. Mar 31, 2013
    This game had many many great things going for it, and friends as well as many of you here in the reviews recommended it and praised it. But sadly, as much as I tried to enjoy it, it really felt sub-par. I have a decently well made computer and even on low I had enough lag to make game play annoying, not a game to get if your computer cannot handle Skyrim even. I liked the story up until I decided I was done with it, and I thought the ta-tau was an interesting addition. I wish Ubisoft would have optimized their game better, when I opened the game for the first time I got a wave of lag and terrible graphics, I think I spent around an hour google-ing ways to fix graphical issues and screen tears, and tuning the sensitivity and such to an acceptable level. Now after all of this I had bought this game to play with a friend first and do the solo campaign, well, solo. That was not going to happen, friends couldn't connect to me, even the slightest, all 3 of my friends were completely unable to connect to my match, even after a lot of forum reading and such no results were produced. Now all of this is pretty bad but on top of that I had to deal with U-play and Steam both running on the same game, for the love of all that is sacred what was that!? I took a lot of time to sign up before I could play after paying 60$. As if that wasn't bad enough I get in game and immediately get spammed by tutorials so much so that I just felt overwhelmed. I really think this game could have been better with a little more effort on the side of the publishing and optimization of Far cry 3, but alas it was too tarnished by my experience for me to be able to look past it's flaws. Expand
  17. Feb 18, 2013
    I have played 250 hours of Black Ops 2 on the PC, and hated the bs.
    For those looking for a open-world, first person shooter with combination of AC3 and Skyrim, get this game. You won't regret, the game visuals are awesome too.
    It lasts about 10 hours to complete the entire game or faster if you can.
  18. Apr 7, 2013
    Far Cry 3 many things right, but those are overshadowed by its many flaws. This game can be a lot of fun. The sandbox world provides hours of exploration. There are plenty of weapons and upgrades to spice things up, so players can use different tactics to dispatch baddies. I was pleasantly surprised by the lengthy main story. Its missions are segmented, so gamers can explore, tackle side quests, or wreak havoc once a mission is completed. Weapons and abilities upgrade rather quickly. This is a welcome reprieve since many sandbox games require a 40+ hour investment to max things out. My advice: Invest in health upgrades early on. Gunplay is decent. My loadout consisted of an LMG, shotgun, bow, and the Vector. The bow is easily my favorite weapon which is odd because I despise it in Crysis 3. Attaching grenades /molotovs to arrows converts the bow to a precision rocket launcher in seconds. At medium difficulty, the enemies are challenging enough and dish out some serious damage. Graphically the game impresses. Far Cry 3 uses the Dunia 2 engine, a heavily modified version of CryEngine. Fortunately for us, the game runs smoothly and is less glitchy than any Crytek game I’ve played. I find that ironic. Even with an older graphics card under the hood, I had no difficulty running the game on Ultra settings. Now for the bad. Foremost, all the NPC’s look the same. There might be 20 character models for the entire island. Every villager looks the same. Every baddie looks the same. Every old woman looks the same. And it gets worse. The NPC’s have a very, very limited number of lines. Within 30 minutes, you’ll hear everything that will be said on the island. And these same few lines will be repeated for 20+ hours or however long it takes to complete the game. Next, side quests are redundant. At any point in time, players will only be doing one of six things. In a nutshell, Far Cry 3 involves doing the same quests over and over again while killing hundreds of identical baddies who all say the exact same things. Sounds exciting, eh? Yeah, right… The narrative is a bit weak as it tries to force emotions on players that just aren’t there. Despite Far Cry’s gruesome opening, I didn’t feel the urgency to rescue a bunch of stupid rich kids who didn’t know they’re on an island filled with pirates. Despite my distaste for the protagonist and his friends, the story is good. Graphical comparisons are being made between Far Cry 3 and the original Crysis. I vote that Crysis looks better. Even on Ultra, there is still a fair amount of drawing on distant objects and texture quality is hit or miss on different surfaces. Colors are oversaturated much like the original Far Cry (that could be intentional) resulting in plastic looking foliage and props. Frankly, those things don’t really matter. But there is one glaring graphical fault in Far Cry 3: The character models. They’re just plain awful. I’m really baffled by how bad they look and move. As you can tell, I have a huge beef against the NPC’s in this game. Another gripe is the easy exploration. The game indicates locations of everything on the minimap AND players can purchase maps to reveal hidden items. So the “challenge” of exploration is gone. Simply travel to an area, look at your minimap, and get all the goodies. Wow! That was easy! Looting is problematic because prompts don’t always appear and the in game menu displays advertisements breaking the immersion. These issues aren’t game breaking, just incredibly annoying. The multiplayer is a mixed bag and a few steps above the tacked on garbage gamers got with Spec Ops: The Line. If you want to fight in shanty towns wearing t-shirts and sandals, pick up Max Payne 3. Gameplay is average—typical run and gun. The maps are larger than Black Ops 2 with plenty of places to hide, but they’re littered with shacks and debris. So expect an overabundance of close quarters combat. The online experience fares better in co-op mode. It has the potential to be really fun offering at least 10 hours of play in a single run. But players can’t choose which chapters to play, so many get stuck playing the same 2-3 chapters repeatedly. This glaring omission trashes the co-op mode which leads to my biggest complaints against the online experience: shoddy matchmaking and game breaking host migrations. To close, the sandbox experience of Far Cry 3 is truly great compared to most shooters. But too many of the campaign elements are bland and repetitive. The multiplayer has some strong elements, but execution is poor. Considering Ubisoft’s long history with online gaming, the sloppy multiplayer is inexcusable. A game is only as good as the sum of its part, and too many parts are under realized. If you don’t want to avoid a slapdash multiplayer and desire strong RPG elements, Skyrim is the best choice. But if you prefer guns to magic, Far Cry 3 is really the only alternative out right now. Expand
  19. Apr 12, 2013
    This is a very fun game with lots to do. The story takes a nose dive at the end, could have been a lot better. It practically feels like a different team worked on the end of the game than the first 2/3. Although, it's still very fun. Exploring the island, hunting animals, taking over the island, it's just all very fun. The game can be played run and gun or stealth. Great game.
  20. May 18, 2013
    The game looks stunning. Sounds are top notch, so is acting.

    However they have drastically dumbed the series down. The AI is laughable, money are really easy to earn, it takes you half a second to heal during the battle, and the healing plants are scattered all over the map etc etc etc. Also some parts of the story are so painfully stupid it hurts. To enjoy the game I recommend that you
    don't play it any longer than 2 hours a week, otherwise all those annoying things start to get you. Expand
  21. Mar 18, 2013
    The visuals look great and the island is amazing, but every NPC sounds like he's speaking in a cup, you quickly run out of fun stuff to do, and the main problem: Vaas. Warning, there are spoilers in here! After promoting the game for almost two years with Vaas literally making him the trademark of the game they just get rid of him in the first few hours. I lost my interest in the campaign right after Vaas' terribly executed death, and that's when the free roam problems occured. Weapons glitch, AI is stupid and sounds very off and the worst thing: you have a wallet that can reach a limit. I remember, after completing an Assassin's Creed game, I just kept collecting money, for the hell of it, but in Far Cry there is in fact a limit, wich drags the free roam fun down in an unseen way. I had high hopes, and those hopes only got statisfaction in the first few hours of story. Expand
  22. Feb 23, 2013
    Although i don't like modern shooters, this one was better but still not even close for old school shooters. Much better than far cry 2. Animals are fun, but herbage is bit boring in my honest opinion. Also too bright graphics, crysis 1 looks a bit more realistic. View from the cab does not exist too.
  23. Feb 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Please don't pay heed to those who criticize reviews scoring below 7. There is nothing wrong with their reviews. I've played the game through 3 times and can attest to some serious flaws on the PC version of this game.

    That said, FC3 is a great game. But the flaws may make it unplayable to some, especially those who are experienced RPG/FPS gamers.

    Most annoying is probably the clunky inventory system. You cannot batch sell items, whether they are junk items or not. Doesn't matter if you have five to sell or fifty. Each item requires a double-click, and craft items require a double-click AND an additional click for confirmation on a box pop-up you must move the cursor over to click on. I know that sounds trivial, but imagine going online to buy 36 AAA batteries and each battery you had to click and drag to your shopping cart and then a pop-up box came up after each battery you dragged asking you to confirm you really wanted to purchase that individual battery... 36 times. Imagine doing that whole scenario over and over and over again until the tip of your index finger bled. That's selling off gear in FC3. It yanks you right out of the game. Plus, the slight delay while a jarring sound FX plays after each item is sold makes it even more time consuming and cumbersome. Moreover, when clicking on these items, sometimes the inventory screen will auto-advance to the area where you were selling off inventory and sometimes it won't. As the only mouse scroll function in the inventory system is the relics screen (utterly useless beyond clearing the yellow exclamation icons as relics have no item description), you have to use the arrow keys to scroll down, sometimes for each item you're selling. It kinda' notches the fun meter down a bit in FC3.

    Another issue with looting is the extended animation used when looting bodies. It's fun eye candy the first 2-3 times, then becomes tedious and time consuming for the next 1,000+. It also creates the possibility of exposure to your enemies, even if you're looting from cover, as the animation moves you from your original position. Choose to wait until all enemies are dispatched and you risk the chance of the bodies disappearing, leaving only their rifles behind. And if you're using a weapon other than what's equipped on the lootee (You almost certainly are, they only carry two variants, pirates-AK47, privateers-P416). You have to twist and turn until "loot body" displays rather than "swap weapon", as both actions require a long E press. Frustrating, time consuming, unnecessary.

    Possibly the biggest issue for many PC gamers are the looong, unskippable cut-scenes. Some requiring rudimentary user input. Not enough to keep you immersed, but enough so that you can't make a mad dash for the head or go for a smoke and skip the whole thing. Not allowing the player to escape the monotony isn't going to win you any friends amongst seasoned gamers, Ubisoft. And I fully agree with previous reviews, if I want to skip the tutorial, I should be allowed to. I won't toss the game in the scrap heap just because of it, but I completely empathize with those that do. There is no reason beyond arrogance and hubris that a game designer wouldn't include that crucial option. They can dress it up how they like, but I'm not buying it's so that we will all be forced to learn the controls and the plot premise. If so, why isn't it skippable on future playthroughs? Yup, that gets old FAST. Other minor annoyances like the constant nagging to do bulletin board quests and the limited NPC dialogue don't bother me as much as some, but it does degrade the experience on repeat playthroughs. This may be intentional, of course. No developer wants to make a game to end all games, someone's gotta' pay for the next one, right? The original Far Cry is still #1 in my book, FC2 is third based on its excruciatingly painful and monotonous repetition. FC3 sits squarely between the two as second best. The (mostly) open world experience, great weapons, fantastic voice acting (apart from Jason and his pals) and especially the wildlife and island beauty that really draw you into the game are all reasons to play. Just be wary ahead of time that a good deal of frustration comes along with it.
  24. Mar 3, 2013
    Farcry 3 enables that thing that excites me most about gaming, that moment when you forget it's a game and feel integrated into the flow of the story. An absolutely massive island archipelago that is lush and filled with villains and intense situations and could be ripped out of any Hollywood action film but here you get to play the title role. The game places you on a path and then gives you the freedom to do things your own way. Of course the plot ultimately must be followed but not precisely, and if you want to go out hunting bears with a flamethrower, there's plenty of time for recreation, along with learning new skills, exploration, takeovers, expanding your power, meeting new people, getting new weapons.
    Farcry 2 was an excellent game with an interesting message but there is no comparison here. This is an entirely new game and the graphics are so good and often so beautiful that while I'm caught up in the game, I can turn and see the sun setting over a waterfall in the distance and I have to stop and stare. It's almost like you can feel the evening breeze. Amazing.
  25. Mar 4, 2013
    I have seen many games like this and to be honest I don't particularly like them. However, this game turned me completely around!!

    The graphics are amazing with the good texture and color unleashing the amazement of this game. Also the graphics run extremely well- no lag or long load times. The only small problem with the graphics is that sometimes they can be a bit too much and give
    you a headache. This game has a fun plot of taking radio towers enemy bases and many other missions, which is what you would expect from a game. However, this game has a map editor where you can make an island and play on it for even more fun!! Overall, this game is defiantly worth the price and recommend this game to everyone out there. Expand
  26. Apr 26, 2013
    Really solid game until about half way through when the move happens to the southern island, and at that point the story loses steam. Quite a lot of memorable moments though and one of the best performances by a 'bad guy' in gaming that I can recall.
  27. Mar 6, 2013
    Farcry 3 is an amazing game, unlike Farcry 2, this goes back to more Farcry 1 setting, an archipelago called the Rook Islands. The story and characters are very interesting. Including my favorite, Vaas. Hes a badass mother that you don't want to mess with. The graphics are great, varying on what console you buy it on, i got it on pc, so i had a great graphic experience. The game play is unique and does open world stealth well. One complaint is the lousy over accurate AI. They can shoot you from a mile away! The vehicles are fun but im sad they ditched multiplayer vehicles. Speaking of multiplayer, it sucks. You get a mediocre coop campaign and a copy and paste multiplayer system with killstreaks, loadouts, and gun customization. But the campaign is more than enough to make up for these flaws and for that, Farcry 3 gets a 9/10 Expand
  28. Nov 23, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is a good game, that most people will enjoy playing. There's a lot to do (campaign, taking over camps, exploring the map, hunting beasts, even playing poker), and all of this is worked out well. Storyline is okay, but not great. Pro's: - Fun Campaign - Large weapon arsenal - Always something to do - Tropical setting - Online co-op - Choosing your own play-style (stealthy or not)

    - Online co-op missions are somewhat long 40 mins), and you can't choose a lobby for a specific mission
    - Annoying parachute
  29. Mar 27, 2013
    Good trailer,good game but its still one more a weapon just weapon because the weapon store is too small dan far Cry 2 (no offence but its true)good story,good explore like skyrim but its not realy Realistic than Far Cry 2 you heal in far cry 3 is 3 bars its not deal in far cry 2 its just stabilize and with syrettes if character is Good on Far Cry 3 because that Jason Brody has guts to Kill "Did i ever tell you the definition of insanity"(from Indonesia) Expand
  30. Sep 4, 2013
    I have 30 hours logged in on this game in steam, and i still haven't beat the game there is that much content. Wrap your brain around that. Its Skyrim with guns. It has a great story, and on of the most memorable villains i have ever seen who deserves to be a fan favorite. I love this game. Its woth paying for this game even if the games story takes a turn for the worst at the end.
  31. Jul 20, 2013
    A great game! The story was pretty decent and the environments looked amazing (people not so much tho). The world was open enough to be fun without being so large that you wound up hating it. I also liked having the freedom to choose between tackling an objective/outpost stealthily or just running in guns blazing. Thankfully, getting all of the achievements doesn't involve 100%ing the game so some of the more tedious tasks and quests can be left out which is nice. As a sidenote, the DLC is pretty meh with only the monkey business quests being worthwhile. Also, the co-op missions were pretty fun and challenging, but they are much more linear than single player and don't allow for any exploring as you play. Expand
  32. Aug 27, 2013
    The same as the 360 version but with some amazing graphics,better controls and the map editor is much better than before so buy its cheaper so well buy it and the opptunity for mods
  33. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is incredibly immersive. The possibilities, gameplay wise, are endless. The story is driven and well-written. The voice acting is of a high quality. Exploring the islands is enjoyable and rewarding. Gun-play is solid and responsive. The overall experience is fantastic. When you spend money on a game you want to get value for money. Far Cry 3 certainly delivers.
  34. Mar 24, 2013
    Ubisoft’s highly anticipated ‘jungle simulator’ Far Cry, on the Sony Playstation, the Xbox 360 and of course the Pc, maybe the greatest open world first person shooter ever. If you haven’t heard of Far Cry 3 by now you’ve most likely been not only living under a rock, but been buried 25.000 feet under a mountain on a planet in another galaxy. Well, if you happen to not know, I can tell you that this game, is most likely the most beautiful, exciting, fun, brutal, action packed open world first person rpg shooter I have ever played. So far the game, for some people, is the best game of its kind, with its amazing open world, back chilling stealth elements, hard boiled action, great hunting, scary random encounters and crafting and to top it off, some of the most impressive graphics I’ve seen in a long time, but for others the game is simply a stupid ‘Rambo simulator’ with too many guns and explosions and too little survival. I can’t tell you which one is the most correct, but I can tell you that the game is one of my all time favorite games. And to top it off the game has an amazing storyline that will keep you awake for hours at night just wondering what will happen next.

    To wrap it up, without any spoilers, you play as Jason Brody, who on a vacation with 5 of his friends, gets lost on a tropical island while skydiving. He and his brother is taken as prisoners by the local pirates, who run the island. They now have to escape. A long intro/tutorial sequence follow, and Jason is saved by Dennis, who is part of the Raykat, a group who rebels against the pirates. Dennis teaches you how to hunt, craft and survive in the jungle. He now has to save his friends, who are scattered around the island, while also helping the Raykat take back the island. Throughout the story, Jason matures into a fearless, unstoppable warrior, as he decides to stay on the island.

    As soon as I opened the game, I was in awe of the amazingly detailed environment and vivid colors, realistic ai and quite blown away by how big the island is, but also terrified of the scary creatures who roam the jungles and the dangerous pirates who would kill you in no time if I were to make one small mistake. I had to walk in the shadows, hide in foliage and avoid any contact with enemies. The sound of a vehicle would leave me hiding behind a tree or some rocks, terrified of the smallest sound, still looking out for komodo dragons, who would rip me to pieces in seconds. I simply did not have a chance.

    Then as I proceeded further into the game, and unlocked more features and grew more familiar with the game controls, I would start hunting for radio towers, which is what you need to uncover more of the map, and unlock free weapons(Who doesn’t want free weapons?), and then hunt for smaller strongholds, that I could take on without being slaughtered. I could hunt and craft, without being killed by rapid dogs or tigers. This is where I feel the game was at its best.

    Then, suddenly, the game took off. I had crafted almost every craftable item in the game, and I had pretty much every radio tower in the game, which means pretty much every gun in the game. I could without any trouble take on the biggest of strongholds, and not even sweat a little. The game had become too easy, and I wasn’t even close to done with the story. I would rarely get any random encounters, because I had taken over pretty much every stronghold.

    The only thing with the game that disappointed me, was how if you don’t watch out, before you notice, you’ve completely overtaken every stronghold and completely ruined the fun of the game.

    The controls of the games are amazing. They’re tight and precise and the guns are responsive. In some ways the guns are Call of Duty-like with their fast, arcade-like controls and not too high recoil, but in others they are very Battlefield-like, in that they feel very heavy. All in all the guns are amazing, and you don’t ever get tired of mowing down pirates. The cover system is the best I’ve seen in so long. The way you can hide behind a wall and simply use the right button to aim, and it will, depending on the kind of cover you’re behind, either aim above or to the side.

    Vehicles are easy to drive and very arcade-like, which is perfect. The cars feel heavy, as they should, and don’t just feel like you’re hovering 2 inches above the road.

    This game definitely has a chance of being the game of the year. It’s an amazing game, and I recommend it to everybody, whether you like first person shooters or any other other genre of games, this is definitely worth a try. It’s definitely a unique game, with a very refined story, great features and very very, I repeat, very good graphics. The only cons is that the game might get too easy. I definitely recommend playing on the hardest difficulty. I give this game 9/10.
  35. Jul 22, 2013
    Okay, but feels mediocre on many different levels. Replayability in the single player as much as people claim, is very low. Sure, it's open world, sure it has a small-time progression system with little crafting. But other than that, this is far from something like let's say skyrim. Not that I was expecting it to be anyways. The biggest complaint I have with this game is the complete lack of content. People say this is very sandbox. And honestly, it really isn't And I mean that truthfully. It is not sandbox. The only thing that makes this game come close to a sandbox is it's freedom of space and it's crafting system. And that's about all of the game's extra content. Kill animals, gather certain stuff from them to "craft" things that should have been there in the first place. It almost seems like they had the game planned out, but decided to cut a lot of stuff from it for you to get on you're own.

    Honestly if you are like me and was looking for a game to spend many many many hours on in it's open world doing things, you're better off buying something like Assassin's Creed or Just Cause 2, or GTA, or SOMETHING. This game was a dissopointment and I really shouldn't have gotten my hopes high for it.

    This game wants to be skyrim but lacks it's backbone in every aspect.

    BTW the multilayer is mediocre as hell and will drop your framerate faster than you can say "oh
  36. Jun 13, 2014
    One of the best shooters of this generation . the best thing about this game is its open world and RPG elements.Other than the main plot which is pretty good with an awesome antagonist Vaas there r side activities to be done like hunting for exotic animals,crafting , liberating outposts , side missions, mini games etc. the multiplayer is not that fun and is pretty generic but its co op is excellent.the world is Huge with awesome landscape and wildlife. this game is a must have. Expand
  37. Mar 26, 2013
    This is a fun game. That is the first thing you should know. Running around the island unlocking weapons and completing quests is worth the price of admission on its own. There are however some minor annoyances in the game. Which is why I didn't give it a 9. Firstly, like some others said the AI can be pretty bad, it by no means breaks the games, but sometimes it gets a little frustrating. The spotting mechanism is weird. Also, the menus, I found the mouse controls really weird it just degraded the experience a bit. Especially in the map, where you will spend a lot of time. The weapons are a little OP, but that almost makes the game a little bit more fun. You can unlock weapon attachments which can make the weapons really good. If you actually do everything in the game it would take you 30+ hours, just the story is around 8/9 hours. If this is the only game you can buy right now I wouldn't get it (Skyrim, BF3) would be better choices, but if you want a fun experience and have the money it is worth it. Expand
  38. Apr 16, 2013
    I was a big big fan of far cry 1. Far cry 2 had many really good idea in it, but couldn't make it work for me.
    Far cry 3 is where they made it shine. Storyline is epic, gameplay is epic (a bit repetitive), audio is epic. The hunting, the fighting, the exploration, THE BASE JUMPING! So many little things that make this game amazing and a most. Took me about 30 hours to finish the game
    at about 90%. (I didnt really care about the last 10%, since its super repetitive and after 30 hours I had other games to play). Ubisoft really nailed it on this 3rd one. The jungle is so beautiful, and yet so dangerous. Throw yourself head first, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  39. Mar 29, 2013
    Brigh, smooth and jungles if you like anything bright smooth and jungles. This game is a classic shooter with intreasing plot, explosions. Relatively fast gameplay. But I dont know probably I'm just not a big fan of shooting in jungles.
  40. Mar 27, 2013
    Leaps and bounds improved over far cry 2. This takes it back to its core of an amazing looking game that is very fun to play. I just built a new PC and what better way to test it out then with a new far cry. I was not disappointed the detail is second to none.
  41. Mar 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When I was waiting to get this game on eBay, I was playing Far Cry 2 every single day. I was thinking that I would finish Far Cry 2 so I would understand the Story of the third game, but I didn't need to. It was a whole different story then then the second one. It had an amazing story. The game play was amazingly fun, and the graphics were incredible. The game had that ending were you chose between two things. -kill your friends or save them-. my only problem is that you have to craft packs for ammo or more weapons. No, it's not that part, it's that it starts you with absolutely NOTHING. 30 bullets in a clip and 60 in total, including the clip. You also only get 1 weapon slot when you start. You also need the craft wallets to hold more money. Who even does that in games?! 9 out of 10. Expand
  42. Apr 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm an older PC gamer (late 40's), with limited experience (Battlefield 2 & 3, sniper games, etc) and really have had no use for a story in a game (the quality of graphics in this game made me interested, and the $30 price I saw made me buy it). I have to say that the story was interesting, I wanted to follow it and fully understand it, and really enjoyed playing through it. The side quests are fun, although some are very simple, and most are short. Hunting for certain skins is a great way to level up your items, along with money for guns. Love the weapon selection and the ability to add/change accessories. The map is very large, beautiful, and the ability to just explore it all when you want to take a break from the story is a plus. The game really is well done. The only cons I came across were the invisible pirates I ran into a few times. Couldn't kill them but they sure could kill me. Heard them talking right next to me as I was getting shot, but couldn't see them.... and... all the cussing and random stupid conversations of pirates complaining about STDs, etc. And while Citra was especially sexy, I didn't need the nudity/sex. All of that was unnecessary and keeps me from letting my kids play it.

    The one thing I love about it, that I really pay attention to, is how well the AI works when it comes to not being noticed by the people you are shooting at. Other sniper games I have played have AI that knows exactly where you are all the time and there is no way to sneak around. But this game, after taking a few shots from a distance, and upsetting a group of pirates... They may look in your direction, but as long as they haven't seen you, you can just move around to different areas and even approach them from behind. Very helpful when taking down outposts for max XP. And... a sign of a good quality game, in my experience.

    In short...
    AI, story, hunting, numerous side quests, large map, numerous available achievements listed, and of course Citra's amazing body ;)

    Constant bad language, side quests are way too short, PC version would crash on me sometimes when I just had the game paused overnight.

    A 10 if there wasn't so much use of the C, P and F words.
  43. Apr 2, 2013
    I do kind of like this game, and I did enjoy playing it. However the game feels empty in a way. Everything feels like it is on easy mode. Cash and loot which can be sold for cash can easily be picked up on multiple enemies, meaning your hardly short of it. You can have access to every weapon pretty easily by going up and activating radio towers. This is probably the most time-consuming part of the game, afterwards its merely easy as everything is unlocked and missions are a breeze.

    Graphics and environment detail is great however a little behind modern times but who cares about graphics?. However many locations felt repetitive, there wasn't much difference with outposts and was merely boring once you completed a few of them. Gameplay was solid and particularly fun, everything you would want from a standard shooter. However every gun just felt similar and damage wise enemies were an easy kill and no match for me. Vehicles felt very loose when driving and I often found myself swerving off the road trying to turn a corner. Healing system was just pure easy mode, even without the medicine you could still regain most of your health meaning collecting green plants is more of less useless. Story is a bit shabby and is a bit of a cliche. The only real shame the game has is that it gets boring very quickly, I couldn't find myself playing this long hours at a time. After all the work getting everything is done, which is around 2 hours, you will find the game comes pretty repetitive quickly.
    Overall, it's a solid shooter and I would recommend trying it out regardless of its flaws and its repetitive gameplay.
  44. Apr 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Tasteless, repetitive, boring, unbalanced, horrible performance, no optimization whatsoever. That's what this game is.

    It desperately tries to bring an entire open world where you feel like a survivor in an epic adventure, but in the end it doesn't. No immersion. I don't feel like I'm Jason. The story is not bad, but it's not good either. Nothing new. The main antagonist is the only character with a real personality. And that's not good. It makes me want to lose so he can win.

    Let's focus on each point and why it fails:
    1. Story: nothing new. Boy goes on adventure, something goes wrong, friends in trouble, must become a hero and save them, join some guys who are against the villain's tirany. It's not bad, but it's not enough.

    2. Performance: laggy, choppy, with no optimization, can't play in high graphic settings with more than 30 fps. And even playing in ultra, the graphics are not good enough for what it consumes. So far, a crappy port.

    3. Gameplay mechanics: nothing new, and very badly done. Open world, full of enemies, you can hunt, you can do side missions, you can collect things, you can craft. Like any other open world game of this kind. Weapons suck, I can do more damage with an AK47 than with a Magnum revolver. I mean, a magnum has a 6-bullet round and should take 1 shot to kill, but in this game, it takes all 6, even with headshots, versus 1 headshot with the AK47 which can be accomplished fairly easy if you are used to FPS games. Bows? More like freaking machineguns at the speed they shoot. No need to charge your shot, no sir, the arrow will always go fast as a bullet out of the bow, and you don't even need to reload! Incendiary arrows? Way better! Just shoot them 20 times in 10 seconds and burn the whole island to the ground!

    4. Interface: crappy. They should've used Steamworks instead of UPlay for multiplayer, because it is very buggy and difficult to join a lobby. It takes a long while to load because it has to send and receive a lot of data, and it does it slowly.

    5. DRM: the worst part. Not only you have to log into Steam to play, but you also have to log into UPlay to launch the game. And the worst of the worst? Manual input of serial keys, without being able to paste it. You have to input it letter by letter and remember, no scores or capitals, or else it won't work! It took me 3 times to enter it correctly because of this! to unlock your game and DLC. Why on Earth?

    6. Co-op: linear, repetitive, boring. It can be fun if you play with friends or just want to shoot around people, but just that.

    Overall, this game was a disappointment. I don't even want to finish it.
  45. May 8, 2013
    After useless developer chatter I was finally able to play this game from a Youtube tutorial, because Steam has not updated the U-Play launcher, and you get an unbroken outdated version which does not automatically update. Anyhow, the graphics are stunning and amazing, something rather new in this pixel revival age, and animations are another unsurmountable achievement. Gameplay is mediocre, as far as swinging your machete and going pew-pew goes. However, badass takedowns make up for it, allowing you to instantly kill your enemy in your own brutal fashion. However the game's biggest, by far, flaw, is the story and main questline. Despite it seeming simple: saving your friends from some named Vaas( easily contesting Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 for best antagonist of the year). However, you get drugged far too often in one of many ways, from a drink to mushrooms. This gets repetitive very quickly, and you can't expect anything. Then you get raped by Citra, the rebel faction's leader, right after (you guessed it) being drugged. It just gets wierder and wierder. The boss battles are short and laughably easy quicktime events, making them lackluster and dull. They also take place while(you guessed it) being drugged, or at least appear to with a black background and dance floor-like ground. Then you meet another ally which is predictably going to die, and he does. Then you meet Hoyt, a far less interesting antagonist, yet still pretty interesting at that. The three bosses in the game are all the said quicktime battles, and all are almost identical. Hoyt also does something pointless when he lops your finger off. The only reason for that is so he could make the "We'll never get married" joke. The missing finger stays for the rest of the game, however little there may be.

    Now the multiplayer is a 5 or 6/10 experience.. The Bison rifle remains supreme, doing instant kills wherever they hit, and possessing solid range, making it level-based victory. However, many do not use the weapon surprisingly, making most matches contain mediocre enjoyment. The best part of the whole match is the ending, allowing one team to beat up, murder, injure, or explode the losing side's best member, or be nice and show mercy(Hell no!). My favorite punishment is to do the knife game, and finish by slamming it into their hand. However, this does not make up for the pretty standard gamemodes, unbalanced weapons, and overall disatisfaction I had.

    Co-op is above average.It's like Left 4 Dead, except you're killing pirates and privateers and fighting on the island. The random competitions are nice, and I almost always win (except on the sniper one) but still, the open world gameplay is gone, the vehicles, as in the multiplayer, are gone, excluding one competition. I do like that the weapons from co-op and multiplayer are linked, so you get get your weapons in co-op and swing over to multiplayer to kill some people.

    Overall, a 8 is my score. 7s, and 9s are understandable in my opinion.
  46. Apr 8, 2013
    Excellent game. I enjoy the many choices you can take, there are so many weapons and you can customize them in any way. The skills involved in this game have meaning.
  47. Apr 12, 2013
    Nice game, wonderful design, but need a great pc to be up 30 fps. Gameplay is ok. Multi is poor, but the most important is the solo campaign. Co-op mode is fun.
  48. May 22, 2013
    I really enjoyed Far Cry 3 and chances are you will as well. But it has its flaws, do not buy this game if you looking for a challenge in any sense of the word (at least in the single player). Even on hard the game presents you with almost no challenge at all. Especially if you go the broken stealth route were enemy's literally will not respond to getting shot in the foot, with any more that a quick look around and few repetitive insults about how you "are not a true warrior" etc. Its unlikely that you'll die more than a dozen times in the story missions. Most of my deaths were me driving my car of the side of the cliff as the first person perspective and thick jungle means that I often didn't that there was a cliff in front of me. But flaws aside you do get a lot for your money, about 18 radio towers and 30 something enemy outpost to capture along with side quests and about 15 hours worth of story missions. However so much content means that it can pretty quickly turn into a repetitive grind where every radio tower captured was just for that gun I was desperate for and not, for the fun of doing it. There is a Multi player and co op Campaign but by the time I had finished with the single player I'd had my fill of the jungle. Far Cry is and easy game to recommend as there is plenty to like and almost certainly something you'll love, you just have to wade through all the crap to get to it. Expand
  49. Apr 19, 2013
    This game isn't to be missed, its unlike every other game you have ever played, it combines, story with action, exploration and hunting. The hunting really sets this game apart from other games and adds a new depth. What this has over Far Cry 2 besides the hunting, is a great AI system where you know if people have seen you and you have a bit of time to hide, stay still etc. The vehicles, weapons and open world are fantastic, great use of height just like in Just Cause 2.

    My only gripes are my favorite character which I wont spoil dies way to early and the game. The game isn't that hard, there should be a hard mode where you can't see shadows behind buildings, this would make it more real life. Additionally the lack of any helicopters or planes to fly around the expansive island can get annoying. A helicopter would have added an extra element.

    Overall this is a game not to be missed, one of the top 3 open world games ever made up there with GTA IV & Just Cause 2.
  50. Apr 29, 2013
    Essentially Far Cry 3 is a very good game.. but it is not amazing... It starts very strongly, the characters are colorful and interesting, at the beginning you have a lot to explore and many missions to do... But... you eventually realize how repetitive this game is... same missions, same locations same everything... In the end I spent an easy 40hrs doing side missions and finding statues but then I lost interest and stopped playing the game... there should be a total of 60-70hrs of gameplay if one tries to collect all the collectibles and do all/most of the side missions... This game simply doesn't maintain the same level of interest as skyrim does... However, Farcry3 is well worth the money, especially if you get it on a special (like I did... luv u Steam!!!) Expand
  51. Aug 27, 2013
    By the end of the game you will have a choice which will play one of two outcomes, and I have to say I was extremely surprised how the game ended because it left myself on a cliff hanger I actually wanted to know what was going to happen next? So will we see a Far Cry 4? Time will tell.
  52. Jul 31, 2014
    I haven't played THAT much of this game yet, but so far I've found this game extremly underwhelming. Everything feels so generic.

    For example the hunting/harvesting (?), leaf a/b/c/d/e and animal hide a/b/c/d/e/f/g... Now can somebody tell my why everything have to be made of several different types of hide? Like to craft a backpack you need... I dunno, goat, a few strips of leopard, a
    patch of tiger... why not make everything out of one (or two) types of hide?! Or are we making a fashion statement, show the barbarians in the jungle how "us citiboys" do it? It feels like such a cheap way to add "content" to the game.

    A game like this is all about immersion, and I don't find it very immersive having to go into the menu for crafting etc. Absolutly nothing in the plot, conversations and in general how friendly people talk to you is believable. You are some **** cityboy who knows nothing about survival weapons or anything like that, yet you are the only one who can bla bla bla bla... yeah...
  53. Apr 25, 2013
    This game is incredible. Stands out as one of the games of the year, last year. Great graphics, great interface, easy to pick up and play. Great A.I that's smart and guns that actually do damage.
  54. Apr 26, 2013
    Good game, amazing graphics. You feel like you are there, hunting, hiding, killing...
    The script is crazy, but dont affects the game as a whole.

    The problem is the campaign is so much repetitive and tiresome. I finished the game and never play again.
  55. Apr 27, 2013
    Pretty much the exact same thing as the previous Far Cry game, which everyone hated. Watch an unskippable cutscene, drive for 10 minutes to a waypoint, kill someone, drive back. Repeat ad nauseam. Why? At no point does the game give me any compelling reasons as to why I should care or even continue.
  56. Apr 28, 2013
    Great game. Had alot of fun playing it. The story was good. And the intro was a great way to get into the "jungle world". Best shooter i have played in a long time.

    It only recieve 8 because of the crashes i had to endure, and the obvious consol port. (Please give us a PC friendly GUI for these types of games)
  57. Apr 29, 2013
    This game, was perfect. It runs great even on my laptop! The story line on the other hand... Truly beautiful, I promise I had to wipe some tears away during the end.. Vaas just completed it. Wouldn't say no to purchase a Dlc where you would play as Vaas through the story.
    But I write down a 9 because of the tricky radio Towers.. They got me to rage a couple of times.
  58. May 1, 2013
    Overall a genuinely good game with a few flaws.

    The gameplay was the best aspect of the game to me. They truly made you feel like a scared little in the beginning.

    I played the game as a "stealthy" player for the most part. Creeping through the jungle listening for wild animal sounds and trying to desperately avoid confrontations in enemy territory was awesome. Enemy patrols respond
    to loud noises and gunfire so you had to be on top of things. In addition to that a lot of the jungle creatures were fairly strong.. especially depending on what weapons you brought with you.

    By the end you were jumping off cliffs, sprinting through the jungle, had all silenced weapons, and you were doing brutal takedowns like a true psychopath.

    I think the crafting system was a nice touch for the first play-through but after that it just became tiring and old.

    I do wish there were more skills to choose from in the different trees so that you had to "specialize" in one area over another. Another thing that became annoying was having my skill unlocks tied to the main storyline instead of the amount of experience I had.

    The graphics are pretty nice although I've noticed some glitches and random freezes/CTDs that can be very annoying.

    The story was fairly mediocre- they did a great job crafting some of the characters and the atmosphere of the island (Vaas, Dennis, Hoyt, Citra and the whole "mystical/voodoo" feel) but then they did a terrible job with tying the ends together.

    The boss fights are all laughably horrendous as well.

    Overall a good game.
  59. May 2, 2013
    Spent 60 on this due to all the glowing reviews about it. Skyrim with guns? Not even close. Pros for this game is the great story line, other than that it's almost borderline boring. Good guys wear blue, bad guys wear red, what they all shop at the same store for a team discount? animals are contained in specific areas, everyone says the same stuff over and over and the other npc's are usually mutes and can't speak at all. This game could have been a lot more, but it should never be compared to Skyrim as it's 1/10th of the same game. Expand
  60. May 11, 2013
    I love this game! Far Cry 3 is a really good game with a huge open world to explore. The game also have a great storyline with great graphics. There's a lot of weapons to choose from and the combat system feels fairly difficult and is very enjoyable. Far Cry 3 is really worth its money and the only bad thing I find about it is that after completing the game and taking over all the outposts the game feels a little.. empty. Expand
  61. May 31, 2013
    This game goes down as one of the best of all time. Simply amazing gameplay outstanding graphics huge array of weapons vehicles boats ect the wildlife and scenery are also of the highest quality a huge recommendation you will never forget this experience
  62. Jul 12, 2014
    Liked the game for the open world elements and the graphics are nice. Had a lot of time running around, driving, shooting, swimming, exploring etc, but as a story it's a waste of time. Cliched writing, terrible ending - made the entire endeavour seem pointless.
  63. Jun 30, 2013
    I Think it's an interesting game, it is really cool the open world mote, it's just i don't really like the topic of Wild West, well, but in Wild West topic this was the best game i played, crafting and the open world is really cool, the graphics aren't bad at all, I enjoyed the story, the game has some surprises, anyway, the things is, i don't give 10 and 9 to Far Cry 3 because it's good, it is a good game, i didn't find any bugs or any bad things in the game even if i was searching, but the game has nothing good so i don't see a reason to give Far Cry 3 a 9 or 10. Expand
  64. Jun 24, 2013
    Ubisoft could really use a long talk with Bethesda. Far Cry 3 is a game which straddles genres; half First-person Shooter, half RPG experience. And it's obvious which it is descended from. The developers have done a great job making an open-world game, with detailed settings, beautiful models, and engaging but rewarding progression-based gameplay. What they have lacked is and understanding about WHICH bits of the game people (people like me) will find fun; the populated areas are woefully dull, the skill progression is uninteresting and too short and simple, the lack of multiple options in terms of quests, missions, factions, are all RPG elements that are missing from this RPG. Still a great laugh though, very fun, very beautiful. Expand
  65. Jul 3, 2013
    Great story, breathtaking large island which lives its own life. Excellent graphics and optimization for older video cards (I played the 8800gts). I wish the characters would look like people, and then stood like idiots with a straight face. The animation is also not very much, but it is only minor flaws. All in all a great game.
  66. Jul 3, 2013
    Incredible game! The graphics, the gameplay, the movements EVERYTHING! What I deny in some situations, is that when you burn some planting, it should disappear, but the plants are only black and opaque! Lacked a little more detail in this sector. But the game is GREAT! Recommend
  67. Oct 23, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is an amazing First Person Shooter! You will love the voice acting done by Vaas, the visuals, the music, and the game play! It is defiantly worth putting up with UPlay for!

    What's Here: You start out as a scared and wimpy character who as he kills slowly becomes more and more a scary insane badass willing to do anything to get his revenge. You can customize the guns to your
    style of play and you can take two different approaches most of the time to your style of play. Stealth or Run n' Gun. You may also explore the island and take on different missions and side quests as well. Although as the story progresses it takes a sharp decline as one of the protagonists just vanishes and makes you question a lot of things. I don't like to talk about the story much so if you play you can find out.

    Gameplay: The game plays out like your usual FPS where you run shoot climb shoot duck shoot and overall just slaughter your way through thousands of enemies. So yeah it's generic but how it unfolds is where it's at! You can make the game a whole lot easier by doing the side quests and outposts and becoming a much more stronger Warrior and taking on Vaas and Hoyt's armies. The hunting is truly done well as each section has their own environments and you can even watch animals hunt other animals. Which brings me to my next part.

    Visuals: If you have the PC for it you'll defiantly see it! WOW! JUST WOW! The island is just beautiful. The lush trees. The animal designs. The water. The beach. The gun designs. Nothing beats seeing it all while on your hand glider too! it's a real breath taking experience seeing it all on Ultra. Ubisoft really outdid themselves here!

    Sounds: While music isn't all that great but it's not bad just doesn't stand out the voice acting deserves massive amount of credit here. Michael Mando playing the part of Vaas really out did himself here. You'll want to play the game again just to hear the parts! It's so amazing! The guns have stellar sounds as well. No complaints here on them as they sounded pretty damn good. When explosives go off near you and how sounds knida mute out and you get dizzy that was well done as well it pulled me in and made me think I was in the fight.

    Controls: While keyboard and mouse are difficult for driving at times for me they may not be for all I found it a lot easier on gamepad to drive than anything else but I learned... well a lil after so many hours of game play. I still suck though. So driving is difficult but everything else works great! No problems handling the hand glider or driving (with my gamepad) or shooting at all. Extremely responsive and no bugs or glitches to report on my end.

    Overall: This game is a 9/10! It loses points because the story towards the end was just down right boring and generic. Though there were some parts that made me cringe and go wow... what the I would defiantly recommend this game to everyone.

    Warning: This does require UPlay which is a huge disappointment! I was extremely pissed off at first but the game is still a 9/10... I just hate Ubisoft for doing this
  68. Jul 18, 2013
    Very Briefly, Good game. More than slightly console ruined.. but not enough to stop me playing it non stop.. start to finish.. My grievances No saving (due to autosave feature), not enough keyboard utilization... animals making noises to announce themselves while stalking you... lol .
    I could go on but won't... because... I did enjoy the game a fair amount. Value=$25
  69. Jan 24, 2014
    Fine game, 7/10. Not the greatest experience, but kept my engaged somewhat throughout the game. The narrative did not seem coherent with the world. Made the experience suffer too much.
  70. Jul 25, 2013
    COD in jungle? Nope, you are wrong. Far Cry 3 is way beyond that. It is like going on to an extreme holiday. It is a masterpiece, it is an experience. Graphics, check. AI and mechanics, check. Worth the every penny of your 60 bucks. Best FPS ever made.
  71. Jul 28, 2013
    Mixed bag playing it again on pc. I love that I can disable the HUD and that but having to sit through the cutscenes again is borderline masochism. I alt-enter to go window mode then go read a webpage or two. I'd give this game 4 out of 5, minus 1 just because the story is insultingly bad and they force you to partake of it.
  72. Jul 31, 2013
    Maybe it is because I liked Far Cry 2 so much. No maps showing everything, you had to look and listen to survive. Far Cry 3 is the opposite maps show everything. Then they added stupid mini missions.
    The only way to get improvements is killing deer pigs, and dogs. Sick...
    After over 200 games first one I will not finish..
  73. Aug 3, 2013
    Wow! This is the most incredible game, both visuals-wise and gameplay-wise, that I have played in a very long time! It looks beautiful on max settings. There is always so much to do, be it a side mission, hunting (which, unlike in other games, is essential to progressing), and just exploration of the huge map in general. However, it sometimes can feel like not a lot is going on, and I'll often find myself driving for 10 minutes or more with nothing happening. But other than that, this is a very solid title. Great job! Expand
  74. Aug 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This could of got 9/10 and i will now explain why i didnt give it 9/10 by pointing out the negatives and then the positive's. I just want to say this game is AMAZING, but short lived. Now i will explain :

    The Negatives:
    1. The game gives an illusion of having massive re-playability but doesnt have any.
    2. It lacks content outside
    the main story.
    3. The game gives you no reason to complete side quests.
    4. The open world is boring unless your in a mission.
    5. It could of been so much more.
    6. Once the main story ended i felt like OMG this was AMAZING but what do i do now?
    7. Once You finish the main story you are left with no reason to play the game again.
    8. The multiplayer sucks, i did not include this in my rating, it has nothing to do with the single player.

    The positives:
    1. The voice acting is AMAZING.
    2.The characters are AMAZING.
    3. The storyline is AMAZING.
    4. The main story missions are EPIC.
    5. The game is so much fun.
    6. Hunting animals is great.
    7. Collecting plants is great.
    8. The weapons are awesome.
    9. The world looks beautiful.

    Overall i give this game 8/10. Once you finish the main story you are left feeling like something is missing in the game now, it gives you no reason to carry on playing, unlike games like Grand Theft Auto in which you can replay over and over for months after you have finished the main story.

    If there is a Far Cry 4, it needs to build on the open world aspect and give you more to do once you finish the game, the game has an amazing story but falls flat in the open world experience.
  75. Aug 9, 2013
    The Good: A very good to great game engine, nice art, fun visual themes and environment.

    The Bad: Confused user interface, The game mechanics, economy, etc. are a bit week, but the killer is the game is tied to an inconsistent, forced, unbelievable, immature, and poor to bad plot that took this game down for me from fun to un-enjoyable.
  76. May 11, 2014
    Yes, it’s one of the greatest FPS-es of 2013. A beautiful, large open world makes this an instant hit…but it’s not bad that the shooting mechanics are there too. Far Cry 3 has it’s flaws, but the pros overwhelm them by a mile. Let’s see…

    MORE ON:

    + It’s a beautiful open world in which you want to get lost. Don’t care about the missions, just go out there,
    on foot and find the secrets of this magnificent island.
    + The setting is a breath of fresh air. We’ve seen a lot of sandbox games, but rarely they break out from the confinements of the big cities. At first, you wonder how an island can work as a setting for this game, in the end, you don’t want to go back to the city ever again.
    + The AI is exceptional, and partly this makes the world living. You meet bandits and friends in the world on their own mission while bigger animals hunt the smaller one and occasionally attacking humans too. It’s a realistic ecosystem that makes the game more enjoyable.
    + Far Cry 3 contains awesome lot of stuff to do. The main story takes around 12 hours to complete, but you can do side-quests, liberate outposts, take on races, hunt animals or enemies, and a lot more. Repetition is out of the question.
    + One person: Vaas. One of the antagonists delivers a stunning performance that is rarely seen in video games. It’s one of the best performances ever in a video game.

    ~ The character development is good, but doesn’t introduce anything new. Jason Brody is an essential part of the story and not just it’s abilities develop, but his personality too. From a rich spoilt kid to the warrior of the Rakyat. We have seen this too many times.
    ~ The story is shallow at best and won’t thrill you all the way, but has its moments, mainly when you go eye-to-eye with one of the antagonists.
    ~ The co-op campaign (with a different story on the same island) is a good addition, but doesn’t offer anything like the the main campaign.

    - Side quests aren’t much of an addition. Yes, they have their own – very superficial – stories, but all of them take 15 minutes max to complete and usually the same task. Get something from 100 meters away and bring it back.
    - The ending is the real disappointment here. It will leave you puzzled, as why would anyone think it was a good idea to put a life changing choice in the end of a game that didn’t include any choice up to that point.

    Time to beat: 12 hours (main campaign), 20+ hours (side-quests and min-games).
    Replay Value: 3/5
    In one word: Insanely beautiful
    On P’n’C scale: Instant Favorite
    Must give points: 91

    MORE ON:
  77. Aug 24, 2013
    Are critics paid to write so positively about this game and gave it an average 9? If I am to quantify the game with a number, it wouldn't be anything higher than a 4.

    The fact that they put a nervy, squeaky, cowardly spoiled middle-class little brat as the protagonist has already killed 50% of the mood of anyone who tried to play it. It was hard to identify yourself with the main
    character and immerse yourself into the game if the voice actor, perhaps as the game design intended, sounds like an immature 17 years old. The constant unpleasantness of the voice only becomes more unbearable as you continue to play with the slightest hope that this game has more to offer to overshadow its flaws.

    But then the clunky inflexible control which forced sprint command to a toggle as opposed to hold-to-sprint (can you believe that?), and the faster-than-should-be walk speed killed any last hope you might still have for the game. The UI design was so bland and uninspired, you might think the game designers had copied it from games from 1996. At some point you realized, if you tab-out and tab-in again, the mouse function would no longer work and you'd have to restart the game for it to work again. At that precise moment you further realized this game doesn't have a proper, game-friendly save system, and you're forced to work in missions for mission checkpoints, the only thing that saves your game.

    The overall game mechanic and graphic style are basically the same as that of far cry 2 or fallout new vegas. You thought you might be getting something big with FC3, seeing how games like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3 had pushed graphic realism to a ridiculous level. But in FC3 all you get is disappointment through and through. To put things into perspective, Far Cry 3 is like casting Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in an already uninspired, poorly scrambled screenplay.

    It's hard to quantify with a number but for a game as broken, unpolished, and mediocre as FC3, this game deserves 4. And to counterbalance the fact that the game is badly overrated and will continue to victimize consumers who may be be ill-informed about the game, I voted 0.
  78. Sep 4, 2013
    A great game and my personal favourite. It did everything that far cry 2 didnt. It is not skyrim with gun it is wayyyyy better. And every mechanick in the game was really good
  79. Dec 16, 2013
    As a player of FarCry 2 i was impelled to try this. I waited for it to come out on sale in case i was upset. the only thing i am upset about id not getting it sooner. What a stunning game. So much to do and see, it can keep you entertained for hours on end. Fantastic. Takes some getting used to in my opinion but its great.
  80. Sep 10, 2013
    First, I want to start with what I like. I like the variety of weapons, I like the island, and the various things you can go around and do to get money, XP, and materials for crafting. Sure, it might feel repetitive, but I'm one of those players that has no problem grinding if I feel like I'll get good rewards, in this case better equipment and skills. What's more is that you have the opportunity to do this early game and level yourself before having to progress through the story, making parts of the game much easier on yourself.

    My big gripe with this game has to do with overall sluggishness of the combat system and the unintuitive controls for a lot of different things. A great example would be animals who are predators. Yes, you can dispatch them relatively easily with a machine gun or something similar, but by doing that you risk alerting everything within 100 effing miles. While you get silent weapons as you progress, they're simply not meant for handling a pack of wild dogs, for instance, and your melee is so terrible that it's a huge pain to actually deal with this garbage. There's no reason you should have to work so hard for such a simple enemy. Hell, the guys who are supposed to be "hard" are easier to deal with.

    I'm also not a fan at all of having to "hold" a button to activate something. Why is it I have to hold E to loot something as opposed to tapping it like every other game? Not a clue. It makes a tad more sense when targeting enemies/creatures, but when you get noticed, why is it that the game can't just automatically target those for you? But, what really confuses me is how you can get hit out of other activities, like skinning an animal. If you start, you have no choice but to finish the action, no matter how many bullets they feel like putting in you. At least give me SOME sort of defensive action for these scenarios.

    And I can't tell you how much I hate driving in this game. I avoided vehicles for most of the game because of how terrible they handle. Basically, if I could run somewhere, I would do it even if it took me an hour. Thankfully, the fast travel system is really good in this game, so doing that wasn't too bad. (Dead Island has the same issue, too.) Why they couldn't make that 3rd-person is beyond me.

    I also LOVE doing takedowns... but I HATE how skittish the takedown system is. The system will often deny you a takedown with really no rhyme or reason. What's worse is that if you mess it up you're likely to eat a gun-butt to the face and then get pelted with bullets. Really, though, this "skittishness" is everywhere.

    Lastly, I hate the main character. It might sound stupid to some, but the guy you play looks like a preppy douche. I noticed some reviews saying how it really made no sense how this skinny, whiny dude can suddenly progress into a Rambo-esque monster... and I completely agree. It just pains me that I have to play this crappy character. It almost made dying so many times easier. (Almost.)

    Ultimately, I gave this a 5 only because I did get my money's worth. I happened to get the game on sale AFTER they lowered the full-price to $40 and I actually used credits for most of the purchase, so it wasn't too bad of a deal. I would've been pissed had I spent $60 on this game, and I would honestly recommend getting Blood Dragon over this game. Your character is way more awesome, which tends to make the system flaws far less noticeable, and the story is AMAZING. Go play that. Don't get this. (Or, at least, not for full price.)
  81. Jan 13, 2014
    This game is simply perfect, story is best,characters are also impressive.In addition this game has best graphics,far cry 2 was not so much attractive but this is really a master piece. Its story has no link to far cry 2,pc version contains so much bugs like sometimes u cant pick up a weapon.For me,this game is capable of getting 9 at least.
  82. Sep 11, 2013
    The open world is a good thing, but the gameplay isn't working very well. Jumping, climbing and going over obstacles is quite frustrating because the character has problems with two inch high stairs and to low corridors. This becomes very annoying when you go to a mission where you have a time limit and have to run through buildings and when you cannot complete the mission (mostly because of the problems with the character getting stuck to stairs and such things) the game reloads back to the start of the mission with time limit and there is no way to abandon the mission. Expand
  83. Dec 1, 2013
    UPLAY ruined this game..... If not for this stupid draconian DRM scheme the game might be worth playing, but as it stands I count it as money wasted.
    Watch out for more garbage to come from Ubisoft. I heard they were changing back from this garbage..... I was wrong.... Guess I need to take them off my buy list entirely....
  84. Sep 20, 2013
    I started out hopeful that the game would be as good as Far Cry 2 and was very quickly disappointed. I thought I set all video to the highest possible settings and the movement was so fluid as to be unplayable. I kept overshooting the mark on the opening chase and everything looks like flat decals with weird black halos that I guess are cheap imitations of shadows. I later found an additional video settings menu that allowed me to set everything to ultra and then set the sensitivity settings to zero, that slowed movement enough to make the game playable. The user interface is has a very steep learning curve, why are they trying to re-invent the wheel? I have to log into steam to start the game which only starts uplay, then I have to wait for it to update, then log into uplay and finally i can start the game which takes kinda long to load screens. After 47 minutes of play time I am not enjoying myself. Ubisoft you lost me, at least I waited until it was on sale, but I still wish I had not spent the money. I will be extremely wary buying games from now on. Expand
  85. Jun 27, 2014
    Ubisoft you did it again!
    Absolutely amazing!
    Memorable characters, Great plot, Interesting side-quests AMAZING weapons and add-ons,
    and I LOVE the outpost-capturing system.
    If this game was a person, i would throw money at him non-stop.
  86. Oct 20, 2013
    While this game is not perfect it is definitely a great game and ticks enough boxes to earn 9/10. My only big complaints are the QTEs that are a form of game-design-pollution that must disappear. The island is a masterpiece of landscape/level design. The shooting mechanics are excellent. Skill trees and challenges do the job. The story is GREAT, and the NPCs are well written and well acted. The game is good for 2 play-throughs. Multiplayer is pretty good as well. As for the Ubisoft layer of DRM, its a big negative and a total waste of time.

  87. Oct 6, 2013
    This game has been done before, better and with a much more polished feel to it. It's called Just Cause 2. Except that game ran a lot better, with half of the system requriements and yet with a great graphics. Again, I don't know what has driven game reviewers to give 90+ scores, since the game gets very old and very fast, doing the same thing over and over again. And the killing of animals and making various tools out of them to hold more ammo or more health packs is just ridiculous. Technically, it's an unoptimized mess if you ask me. glitches, ugly textures and weak AI. This game was already done years ago, better and cheaper. Expand
  88. Feb 1, 2014
    As a long-time fan of the Far Cry series I did what is usually a mistake: I got extremely hyped for this game to come out and set my expectations very high - which usually leads me to being very disappointing; well, that is completely NOT the case with Far Cry 3! This game is the definition of action (and insanity :D)!
    +The world is massive! If you read my reviews you already know
    I go gaga over open world games.
    +This game has some of the best antagonists out of any other video game I have ever played! (The best villains would probably go to the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.)
    +Incredible voice acting! Like blow-your-face-out-the-back-of-your-head good voice acting!
    +The beginning of the game is extremely intense! You're constantly running from everything because you're weak and vulnerable (basically, you're a person) and you know a group of pirates or a single tiger can kill you - you get such a vivid painting of the terror of survival!
    +Related to the one above; this game executes the survival aspect superbly.
    +While it is reputation of Ubisoft to have cringe-worthy animations they do a really good job in FC3.
    +If you don't know already, you have the option to take over pirate camps - you have at least 3 ways to approach each base, so you can play your own style in this game - or even experiment with other play styles.
    +The story isn't incredible like lets say GTA V, or the Last of Us, but it is enjoyable and you'll remember it for a few years, maybe.
    -The story missions are linear. I don't know why they decided to do that, but they did: An example of this could be that when you take over a base you can do it half stealthy and half action, action, or stealth; the game in the missions supply you with an infamous yellow-bubble of linearness; this bubble makes you play the mission how it wants you to play the mission. Poor development choice if you ask me...
    -If you take over a pirate base they stop spawning in that area - which craps on the survival aspect the game does so well.
    Yes, yes, yes I would recommend this game to anyone - even if they don't like FPS games! It is so worth your money and if you don't have it, pick it up NOW!
  89. Oct 24, 2013
    Its a good shooter with a pretty good storyline. The only thing that I somewhat disliked was the money and animal skin grind. I got it on Steam for a great price with all the downloadable content. The ai could use some tweaking. The environment is stunning. With lots of side quests.Overall its a fun game that had me playing hour after hour.
  90. Oct 25, 2013
    I think this game is one of the best games ever,because this game is really. I like this game ,because here is very nice missions and quality. This game can be the best game of 2012 years.
  91. Oct 27, 2013
    One of the best games out there in the FPS line of games. I has a lot of play time and a great replay value. (one of the best ever for a FPS game) It has solid controls and Effing great graphics. the crafting is spot on and the AI is on the high side of decent. The Multiplayer is great! it even has its own map editor! but the Uplay crap gets VERY annoying at times. and it requires a Pretty impressive CPU to run. 9/10 Expand
  92. Nov 1, 2013
    An absolutely stellar game full of open-world exploration, hunting, tons of fun and entertaining side missions. Some reviewer said that this is like the Skyrim of FarCry, and I can see why. It's just so much fun to hunt deadly animals in the jungle, and then use its skin to make your wallet and backpack bigger. This game has so much emphasis on the character development, it's absolutely impossible to believe this game came from the same developers that made Far Cry 2, a game was about as characteristic as a rock. This game's also a lot more like Far Cry 1 than it is like Far Cry 2. So if you were a Far Cry 1 fan who was disappointed in FC2, this game might be more down your alley. Expand
  93. Nov 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't know, this game got some great reviews and is fairly popular, I'm just not on that bandwagon though.
    Lets start with the graphics, nothing to say against it here, except the terrible graphical glitches I couldn't get rid of such as grey boxes around some objects. Then there is the gameplay, it's way too repetitive and not that fun to be honest. Go to a camp, kill a bunch of guys in red, rinse and repeat.
    Some missions on the other hand were pretty awesome, such as burning a weed farm with an iconic song playing in the background, who cares that the mission was nearly impossible to successfully complete The main problem with this game, which resulted in a 20% drop in rating from me is the atrocious story. What is this crap? First I want to get off this island full of pirates, maniacs and lunatics and then I start helping one group of those lunatics against another group of lunatics in a fight for the island that I shouldn't give a crap about in the first place? And how the heck did I turn from a scared boy that had no experience with weapons into the ultimate killing machine? And the ending, no comment, slice the throat of my girlfriend and go have intercourse with a crazy shaman that ends up killing me, why even include such a stupid option in the game?
  94. Jan 10, 2014
    0 for having to login to the damn stupid Uplay system, and then having found the key is associated with some other Uplay account that was auto-created by a Ubisoft Beta game I had access to, so now I can't play the game I bought and paid for.
  95. Dec 21, 2013
    Bought the game off steam after it had been out a while as I heard a few people weren't too happy with it. Only paid 20 bucks I think. After 30min of play I am pretty disappointed too due to the dumbing down effect the game forces you into. Even the loot and money are visible on your HUD. I doesn't really feel like you are in any danger at anytime when engaging in gangs as the AI is pretty stupid and even on hard settings just not challenging.

    The game becomes very repetitive very quick due to just capturing radio masts and moving to the next one. Probably worth $15 to $20 in terms of eye candy and content. But I wont be buying any more Far Cry franchises regardless of price. Bought Far Cry 2 too and this series is done.
  96. Nov 17, 2013
    One of the best games I have ever played.
    I did not expect it to be so good, I was expecting a linear, boring game play with a predictable ending but it was so good that I will play it again some time in the future.
  97. Jul 6, 2014
    Really enjoyed this game! Vaas Montenegro is one of my favourite evil video game characters of all time.
    The overall theme had the same flaw at first to storylines like Avatar - white man comes to save the natives - kinda offensive when you think about it. However, the ending turns this on it's head very well. Not going to give spoilers, but all is not what it seems.
    When it comes to
    the ending, I honestly don't see what people were complaining about! I thought it was well played on the part of the writer.
    While fun, there were flaws to the gameplay itself - the AI was often a little buggy and I ended up with WAY too much money and loot very quickly!
    But overall it was a fun experience in a pretty setting. Giving this one a good score!
  98. Nov 22, 2013
    The graphics are absolutely amazing, I'm running a Radeon HD 7770 with settings on "Ultra". I'm a big fan of Far Cry 2 and these visuals are much more polished and photo realistic in my opinion. While this game does have RPG elements it is not Skyrim, and really shouldn't be compared to Skyrim. This is a shooter in an "open world jungle island" setting with a somewhat linear plot(when you're focusing on the plot). Compared to other shooters like COD and Bioshock the controls are very tight and responsive and do not disappoint. The weapons are nicely detailed and can be customized to fit your play style. The cookie cutter enemy pirates and taking over camp after camp can get be a bit repetitive, but you really have a lot of freedom to have fun with it. There are many interesting ways to take over an enemy camp, lots of freedom. The menu system can be rather maddening, mostly to do with mouse lag in menus(there may be a way to fix this but it hasn't bothered me to that point). The story isn't Oscar worthy but it definitely has it's awesome moments, cut scenes are well rendered and quite gorgeous. I haven't played much multiplayer but it seems very much like COD, I definitely need to find someone to do co-op missions with. Overall I think Ubisoft did a really good job with this one, I'm on my second play through and still having a blast. I'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed Deus Ex, Bioshock, Crysis, or even the recent GTA games. I do hate to compare it to other games though seeing as Far Cry has kinda become it's own genre. Expand
  99. Jan 4, 2014
    Far Cry 3, exceeded my expectations. The only problem I had with this game other than some of the boxes when going on a sloped surface is that after finishing the game I lost the will to play it again for a long time, even though I told myself I'll complete all the side-quests.
    The story is amazing and it truly makes you feel a part of it. You develop feelings for characters, for some you
    feel sorry, some make you laugh and some you admire. Even the antagonists are characters you feel for them.
    The open world and the ways you reveal it are a big part of the game and it pretty much scores it.
    From the little things like driving, crafting or gaining skills to the shooting and completing the game Far Cry 3 nails it.
    All I can say is that I highly recommend every shooter and campaign enthusiasts to get the game.
    Multiplayer is great but nothing too special.

    I can't wait for Far Cry 4.
  100. Jan 10, 2014
    Never played the first 2 games. So this is a brand new experience to me. Far Cry 3 Is a very good game.
    The story is at the top of it's game with interesting characters and lets be honest one of the most memorable side villains of all time in gaming, Vaas his appearances in game were my favorite moments in the game.
    The Open World element is strong too. Vast Jungles to the Open seas make
    this the most entertaining FPS of the year.
    The Multiplayer was mediocre but some features shined such as the Game Ending Cinematics with the top 3 players of the winning team and the best player of the losing team, The 1st place player of the winning team chooses to Spare or Kill the losing player, which I found very funny also the map edit feature was excellent as well.


Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. 89
    Far Cry 3 is a classic shooter at its core, but there are various RPG mechanics, skills and upgrades under the hood. It’s a fabulous playing ground and one can but marvel at the wondrous ways the various elements interact with each other. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Exhilarating, colorful, mindless – that's Far Cry 3 in three words.
  3. Jan 24, 2013
    Tighter and more accessible than Far Cry 2, the third outing is a master class in open world shooting. [Feb 2013, p.59]