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  1. Jul 28, 2013
    Far cry 3 is a great game but the only bad thing is that the bad guy (Vaas Montegoro) has a slightly lopsided mohawk. All game breaking mohawks aside this game is amazing.
  2. May 4, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is a brilliant display of game design by a professional development team, working in the the adventure game genre and applying so many lessons in game design from other games and bringing them together very well. The game, finally is well built, big, fun to play, and also, on highest difficulty very challenging. Models, lighting, weapon play and AI are all excellent. The environmental art and animal behavior is fantastic. Nothing is perfect and it is possible to complain about various design choices, such as the high number of QTEs and the console port clumsiness of the UI on PC. But that is splitting straws. Far Cry 3 boasts a large, brilliantly realised environment, which is beautiful and fun to roam. NPC dialogue and interaction in the general exploration of the island are almost non existant, however it is not a RPG, so much as a FPS, so the lack of interaction with passive NPCs is forgiveably replaced with the gameplay of a 'lone hunter'. To enjoy this the player is offered, cars, trucks, jet skis, quads, boats, hang-gliders and an arsenal of weapons to play with. It is quite a buzz driving at full speed along the narrow island roads, or using molotov and a flamethrower in chaotic battle with a dozen enemies or more, when you can literally set the mountains on fire. The game really has two parts: The open exploration game and the main story-line. The sandbox is great so long as you do not capture all enemy bases. You need enemy bases to spawn guys to fight so clearing the island is a BAD idea and destroys the core gameplay. DON'T DO IT. The other part of the game is the set-piece linear 'main story'. In truth this has pros and cons. The story is great but is totally linear. It also requires a range of different game actions to succeed. There are plenty of quick time events and it can be frustrating replaying sections after numerous fails. Despite some qualms about the play style the set story is really good. We have here stella writing and great humour. The key NPC's are brilliantly written and the voice acting is spot on. While the pirate leader Voss is great, I prefer the drug-fiend doctor and the CIA agent who gets my vote as the FUNNIEST NPC yet writen in the history of game design. Who would imagine references to 'pinkos' in a game written in 2012? Crafting and hunting in the game find a reasonable balance of fun and tedium. They are necessary for a time but are not required once you have skinned enough tigers to get the biggest carry bags. Think about that for a moment and tell me that video games are politically correct. The skill sets are fairly well designed, but not as good as they could have been. It's too bad they are unlocked only through the main quest line. The game offers, finally almost unlimited driving around, running, shooting and arson, on a beautiful set of islands. There are also dozens of different challenges and minigames to try out or master as well as a interesting background story in the form of relics and war letters from the Japanese occupation in WWII, as well as 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' style temples and artifacts. Probably the most important advice about this game was already given: DO NOT TAKE ALL THE PIRATE OUTPOSTS. If you do that the bad guys dry-up and you will become quickly bored in a peaceful paradise. A final nod also to the sound design. We often forget to praise the music mixers and the sound engineers when we praise a design, because the sound effects are so deep a part of the experience we may not even notice them. In this game listening is as important as looking while you roam about and the music rises to match the frenzy of combat brilliantly. It's not a perfect game, but its pretty damn close. What could be PERFECT according to gamers spoilt by such a wealth of great games in the past couple of years? Far Cry 3 hints that a truly perfect game is becoming a possibilty quite soon. This game with a better UI, better (longer, deeper) skill trees and REAL choices/ real interactions with NPCs would be perfect. Witnin the next couple of years one of these great games is going to cross the line and be PERFECT, the Hamlet of game design. Which team will reach Nirvana first? Expand
  3. Feb 22, 2014
    I liked this game better then Far Cry 2, Far Cry 2 was too repetitive always the same situation shoot the truck over and over, even though this game was still repetitive it wasn't as bad as Far Cry 2. Pros *Graphics were good, jungle looked realistic (if a little too bright) *I liked the skill system *Good music *Nice variety of weapons shooting the animals in cages to kill off the enemy's was enjoyable

    annoying animal quick time events
    game too short just 10 hours
    long bosses left me feeling sea sick
    the plane part where they attack from all sides was too difficult
    lastly animals taking 2 full magazines to kill even if aimed directly at their head was way too unrealistic

    I rate this a 5
  4. Feb 3, 2013
    I have played a lot of really crappy call of duty fps copycats, here is finally a game that is unique, from its amazing storyline, massive world, surreal graphics and excellent gameplay, Far Cry 3 is so good that it almost makes me forget about its terrible predecessor, Far Cry 2 one of the worst games I have ever played. This game was truly amazing.
  5. Jan 14, 2013
    After 14 hours of gameplay i have to say that this is the most over hyped game of the year 2012. At first it may seem that there are lots of things you can do in the game but in the end its just collecting materials to weapon slots, ammunition pouches etc. When you actually manage to get all upgrades to your items hunting loses its purpose completely. Enemy AI is ridiculous and they often make themselves visible out in the open fields and like that. I feel FarCry3 could have been done way better but now it just stays as mediocre FPS game. Expand
  6. Mar 7, 2013
    I loved Far cry 2 and this game improves everything about Far cry 3. New patch out and i would recommand the mod where all your skills are unlocked so you can have more time with some of the cool takedowns and keeps the guns LOCKED until you pay for them. The game will feel more like a survival game. That's my only problem it needs more on the survival part, but as of right now. The best Open world FPS out there. Second island is locked till you do the story so it's not that open world! Expand
  7. Jan 23, 2013
    First I was happy cause the sp is quitte good.. then i started playing the mp.. WOOOOW seriously leave the mp out if you make it THIS BAD! Bunny hopping is back... ANNOYING.. MEGA BAD LAG.. SERVERS SUCKS.. CRASHES.. Wow this must be on of the worst multiplayers ive played in the last 5 years..
  8. Feb 11, 2013
    I bought this because I was misleaded to believe that this game was skyrim with guns, I love skyrim and to compare Far cry 3 to Skyrim is an insult to bethesda and skyrim fans, this game has absolutely nothing to dowith skyrim except that is open world and you hunt that's about it, you cant craft something you can sell like in skyrim, you can't wear different outfits like in skyrim, bad guys always look and act the same, in skyrim bad guys have different armours different weapons etc etc etc. Don't get me wrong Far cry 3 is an entertaining gane for a few hours but it gets extremely boring after that, oh and it looks like sh@#t in Xbox, I recommend you to wait for it to be on sale in steam and go for it Expand
  9. Dec 5, 2012
    Far Cry 3 should be considered yet another epic failure (remake) of the second instalment in the series, all I can say is that I would like my money back (not possible) and please stop screwing us over.
  10. Feb 12, 2013
    the best game of 2012.far cry 3 is batter from far cry 2 and let me tell you why:first vaas is the best villian ever.he is so epic.the single player is the best in all of this package its lest a lot of hour,its very fun and the story is epic and inresting.than come the co-op let me tell you that its not brilliant but it will give you at least more 10 hours.and than comes the multiplayer:it is fun and you will spent on it hours but its doesnt bring anything new or i will give it 10/10 and i am highly recommending on this game. Expand
  11. Dec 18, 2012
    I will agree with some in saying that this game does need some patching. That is not to say that this is a bad game by any means. I have dropped almost 70 hours in this game and I have only had it a little more than a week. I wanted to love Farcry 2, but there were too many things that nit-picked me enough to really coming off hating that game. The re spawning enemies at checkpoints, the malaria dynamic, the weapon degradation, and lack of a good fast travel and map system to name a few. They did fix those issues in FC 3. The shooting feels solid, although I will agree with some that, initially at least, the protagonist is just too good of a shot. This game feels like the game Farcry 2 should have been. The story is great, voice acting is great. The story missions are interesting and varied enough to keep you playing. The boss fights all boil down to quick time events but the narrative surrounding them in interesting enough for it not really to be a negative. My biggest complaint is the UI. Very consolish which is very common with ports. The game often has you double clicking through menus to do things, which makes it especially annoying when crafting items, it can get very cumbersome after awhile and is not very intuitive. You will not spend a ton of time with the menus so while annoying it is minor in the grand scheme of things. There were also several points when you see enemies spawn into the environment. The HUD feels very cluttered, Ubisoft already acknowledged they are working on a patch for that. I did experience some animation glitches here and there, but nothing game breaking. There are a few bugs to nit-pick but nothing game breaking and that cannot be fixed with a patch or two.

    Nvidia released Beta drivers 310.70 which added a much needed SLI profile, my performance damn near doubled so if you are running SLI this update is a must. Graphically the game is impressive, very bright and vibrant, which offers up a great contrast to the violence going on around you. Waterfalls do not look quite right, Skyrim did a better job in that regard. Not much else to say everything works as intended and looks great. The game features two different endings which are worth playing through to get both. Aside from that there are A LOT of collectibles to get and a lot of things to explore. There is just a lot of content outside of multi-player which is a rarity in this genre. I did get my money's worth out of this title. This time around Ubisoft remembered that in an open world game, we want to do more than just murder tons of dudes, which was also a big drawback from FC 2. FC 3 is one of the best shooters I have played all year and is definitely worth your time and money. I would like to do a more in depth analysis, but that would mean spoilers so I will leave it here.
  12. Jan 9, 2013
    This is an overall well designed game with a couple annoying quirks. The graphics and presentation as you probably know by know was exceptionally done. The introduction into the game a la the first meeting with the first antagonist was very exciting, mainly due to the great voice acting. Throughout the game the main character talks, adding to the immersion sort of like Left 4 Dead 2 characters who mention something about the environment to push you forward in the right direction. However Phone calls can be annoying sometimes. Another issue is the crafting. Why was this necessary? It irked me that I had to go around finding animals just so I could carry more money or hold a reasonable amount of weapons. Not to mention the menus were very awkward to navigate. The story however was intense for the beginning of the game, but dropped off near the end. All in all I would recommend you play this game, if you are not the kind to flame over minor blemishes in an overall fantastic game. Expand
  13. Dec 9, 2012
    With an array of games, this year, that where nothing but bug riddled disappointments, Far Cry 3 stands out. I've made it through most all of the story and played hours of co-op and multiplayer and I can safely say, this game is the best game to come out this year. I wasn't expecting much after Far Cry 2 but, holy crap! These guys hit gold with this one.
  14. Dec 13, 2012
    Fantastic game, I'd probably go as far to say one of the best fps I have played in recent times. The graphics are AMAZING to say the least the story so far is very good and i am very impressed with it
  15. Dec 5, 2012
    This is most impressive game since long after skyrim.PC owners should have strong PC though.Atleast gtx 650+ or AMD 6670+ should be there or it will lag as hell,Because the graphics in this game is masterpiece,Gameplay is fun,campaign also agreeable..Everything it worths..this game is worth for every penny.The game developers did everything all right......since they knew what they are doing and what the gamers want. Expand
  16. Dec 30, 2012
    Having felt Far Cry 1 had poor gameplay and Far Cry 2 was tedious, I was kind of shocked to hear all the buzz about Far Cry 3 from others who were also lukewarm towards the first two games. Having played the game, it certainly deserves it. The plot is wonderful, scenery is beautiful, gameplay is organic, and acting and characters are some of the best I've ever seen. Both stealth and open combat are equally viable and well-executed. I also think it's a neat touch that Jasons character arch and skill truly bends as the player improves at the game. That said, I find there's little variety in the open world as compared to other big RPG's, and while the game is effective in showing Jason as a true bad ass by games end, the skill tree is still poorly balanced and leaves you running from two or three grunts early in the game and yawning when waves of heavies pose no threat by the end. Far Cry 3 isn't perfect, but it's worth buying if you like action RPG's or first person shooters. Expand
  17. Dec 30, 2012
    Rife with infuriating idiosyncrasies including goofy fall damage mechanic, terrible awful **** worst ever stealth kill mechanic which works maybe 40% of the time, and then there's the AI..... This doesn't even touch on how nauseatingly bad the story and characters are. I had absolutely 0 sympathy or desire to help the protagonist or his **** friends. This game would be been way better if you played as Vaas and had got to hunt the spoiled rich kids. And what kind of open world game doesn't let you kill whomever you please?!? Kill 3 civilians in a short period of time and the game punishes you with death. I wish I hadn't paid for this game. And Ubisoft and shove "UPlay" right back up their asses. Expand
  18. Dec 5, 2012
    It doesn't deserve 0 but the user score is too high for such a game. If we keep the game and the product as 2 separate things, the product is messy and full of bugs. It keeps crashing on me and the DX11 adds nothing to the graphics. The game doesn't give you any real challenge but the multiplayer. All challenges and missions are easy as pie and the hud (that or some npc doing things you don't get to do) does the work for you while exploring pointing out where to go and what to push. Cutscenes, qte's and explosive barrels are everywhere to the point it hurts as if health regen coupled with loads of meds were not enough to break the game to the point fall damage works better than shetloads of bullets. It truly feels like an xbox360 exclusive and unless you like pain and play it with a xbox controller your disappointment will know no bounds. And the quests.....i guess it's a good game if you enjoy killing animals over and over again? Expand
  19. Feb 28, 2014
    Far Cry 4 got me hooked, great graphics and gameplay, absolutely no crashed or stuff ups and good value for money too. Unlike it's predecessor I found myself more involved with the game, the story and characters. The side quests were a waste of time for me anyway which lets it down.

    9/10 Rubber cookies.
  20. Feb 19, 2013
    simply put Amazing. from the running mechanics to the handbrake sound of cars, from the way weapons feel to the satisfaction of seeing your enemies fall from your bullets. There is no point in talking about what I like about FC3, so I'll just stick to the easy way, criticising. The driving was awesome, though I can't help feeling that they will pull it off perfectly in FC4, vehicle physics need some refinement (add more weight, add more traction properties). The stealth aspect of the game was BATCRAP awesome, but lacked a body dragging option (that takedown skill does not count. come on..). Maybe the story was a bit annoying at times, 4e.x. citra, wtf is her problem, did she rape me? anyway, awesome game, waiting for fc4! Expand
  21. Dec 6, 2012
    All I gotta say is UBI lost a really great customer, i had high hopes and expectations but it let me down.. The SP is pretty neat but can use some work like the whole upgrading using animal skins and organs, not that i'm scarred of it but because it seems rather lame (same goes to not being able to skip cut scenes-LAME), there's also when you go to do a mission once you enter the mission zone you cannot leave the area until its been completed or mission failed. One more thing, you can't save and expect it to save the spot that your at/in you have to finish a mission then it will successfully save your progress. As for MP I would like to start of with server names, whats a server without its own name? its more of a room, second you cannot host a dedicated server nor can you have admin privilege's of your own server, UBI servers take care of all the voting and banning not the players, also no lobbies. What's an action game without any aumo piles around on the custom maps? how am i suppose to refill my gun with aumo? die and revive? The servers and game themselves do all the work for you like choosing a server, you can't join a server and expect its gonna be the right server (the one with all your friends in it) also my connection cannot even support this game, this means i have a fully paid for game but the connection will not work simply due to the fact my latency is far too high. I ran away from COD games a long time ago and this game feels alot like COD (in MP mode) and with that it makes me an unhappy camper. There is no more LAN like FC2 had but you can always play COOP via ubisoft servers but you can't play it on just your network/LAN.. I'm upset with it, thought it was gonna be awesome, thought it was gonna be much more interesting than the old FC2 but its not one bit. Expand
  22. Dec 4, 2012
    I really enjoyed Far Cry, but felt a little bit let down by Far Cry 2, so I was a bit apprehensive about Far Cry 3, but it really brought back the Far Cry experience for me. Ultimately I have a goal I need to achieve, as part of the main story, but my methods, how prepared I am and how accomplished I am are entirely down to me.

    The action is intense, explosive and satisfying, the
    weapons have a great feel to them (especially the bow, oh wow I love the bow!)

    It's very open world, graphically very well polished but also very well optimised, you don't necessarily need the best PC in the world to run this game and it still look good, which is a great difference to a few titles released recently that rely on the consumer to have ridiculously powerful systems!

    Just like to add that my opinion of the game reflects purely the single player.
  23. Apr 14, 2013
    So apparently I am some who just saw his brother get killed. Instead of turning around an raging an trying to murder the bad guy, I have no choice but to run, cause it's scripted. Apparently I can fall an break an be just fine too. Then I wake up to some wierd lookin guy that tells me I am part of some destiny bull**** to help his people.

    I get some lame mission to climb a stupid
    tower an break the lock on the panel with the blunt end of the knife. I am not allowed to just drive around, it resets until I complete this stupid quest. This repeats like 3 times then finally I am allowed to just do whatever. So I find out the that killed my brother is on some island to the south. What the am I gonna do... go kill some boars an wtfpwn everything with my awesomesauce fps skills for the 5000th time to unlock some bull**** I dont need or just roll up in there an ****in get the job done.

    Of course I choose rambo option. So I head south, an wipe out any resistance along the way, I upgrade from a handgun to an AK-47 and I feel I am well prepared to beat the game. Then I notice it's an island and there is a decent amount of water between it and I. So naturally I go along the coast lookin for a boat. I see some bad guys patrolling in one. I know they are bad cause they wear red, all of them. They must be a corporation of pirates that have to wear uniforms or they get fired.

    So anyways I see these dumbasses tootin around in a boat so I shoot my gun at them to attract them. Naturally they can't see a guy on the beach shooting his gun, nor hear it. So I find a boat then chase em down and then finally they see me. So I stop, headshot both guys, then go to their boat.

    Oh snap their boat has a mounted 50 cal. Now I am really set to beat the game. So I head towards what I presume is the bad guys base so I can get my revenge. I don't give 2 ****s about saving all the rest of the idiots who got caught, it's not my fault they suck too much to not escape. So as I am driving I get a warning, out of bounds. I say that, maybe they will just do it GTA style an send like a navy of corporate pirates... I can handle that. Then it resets me back to the beach.

    End of game. ****ing quit this piece of trash. I don't need to jump through 500 hoops, skin dogs, cats, people or whatever, pick daisies and all this other bull**** just so I can get nifty moves or hold more than 2 clips for my rifle. every bad guy has bullets. I can just kill my way to the top. Apparently I am too advanced for this game though and the story is not ready for me to just surprise him an say hey you man... remember me?

    I think that would have been a great cutscene for people that don't want their hands held. Apparently even with the game on the hardest settting, there is no way to play hard mode. you far cry 3. I want my 30 minutes of gameplay back.

    End of review.
  24. Dec 7, 2012
    My Game of the Year! A must buy for RPG and FPS fans- huge open world that feels very alive, tons of customization , open-ended game play decisions...
  25. Feb 12, 2013
    This game is an absolute blast! One of the only games of 2012 not to disappoint me. The overall experience is just phenomenal. I thought I would hate the gathering and crafting system, but it's awesome! I love the side quest and the whole structure of the game. The game is damn near a perfect fps single player experience. You should be able to get a good solid 30+ hours of game play.
  26. Dec 4, 2012
    the bigger the expectation the bigger is the Disappointment or maby i didnt understand what the game supposed to be? is it FPS or RPG i dont understand it.and what with the climbing the towers
    its so frustrating and so is the action scenes very mediocre.the graphics are not bad but you need to have a strong computer.the sound quality is very bad.maybe if you like exploring open world

    with no purpose then tha game is for thing i am sure this is not a worthy(for the 2012 year) action game.
  27. Mar 23, 2013
    This game is really great and deserves its high ratings. Excellent story, good graphics and a solid survival part. Well at least in the first third of the game then you turn into a one man army which is biggest downside of the game and takes away a lot of the thrill you have in the beginning but besides it is a must have.
  28. Dec 5, 2012
    The people praising this game are right, there is "plenty of **** to do" here. If only that wasn't so literal. It's just as shallow a pretty sandbox as Far Cry 2 was. Good shooting mechanics, nice graphics. But while 2 was a decent shooter with unparalleled immersion-enhancing lack of HUD, this one at its hardest is Baby's First Shooter that adds all the boring **** that's wrong with games nowadays.

    There's several types of missions. Story missions are rather scripted, but contain some of the best and most elaborate fights against numerous enemies. Hunting is fun for about 10% of how long you're expected to do it. Tower climbing was sold as puzzles, but it's just climbing. No two towers are the same, that's true, but so far (11 hours in, 60% of map cleared) no thinking was required. Missions where you have to kill a specific guy with a knife tend to be rather good, but pose no real challenge. Driving missions are short and tend to be very easy. Missions in which you help the local populace are shallow fetch quests -- go a hundred meters to the east and kill three dogs, please, hero who liberated 75% of our island and killed hundreds of our enemies. Driving feels better than in 2, but racing and supply drop missions are way too easy, failed them just once or twice. Collecting plants is a chore, and it's not even necessary (seriously, you have a skill that heals four bars with no medicine necessary, just adjust the wrist and off you go).

    The best part of the game is emergent gameplay, the weird interactions between the wildlife, enemies and friendlies, when you're on foot, setting traps to patrols and attacking strongholds. Also flying to a new location and exploring. Once you liberate a new place, the interesting part at that place is pretty much done.

    The HUD, what's to say? Creeping to stab a guy in the neck, "HEY GO TALK TO BUCK" reminder dances in the corner. Real immersive, good job failing basic game design. I'd certainly forget about the main mission if it wasn't for your helpful and tastful reminders obscuring my vision. So thanks for that, Ubisoft Montreal.

    It's too easy, like it was balanced and playtested only for playing with the gamepad. Hardest difficulty, I never use medicine, never buy armor and can take two or three outposts without refilling on bullets. There's never any real pressure, I die only if I'm messing around. The 3D marker + wallhack is ridiculous.

    The second Far Cry was, in my opinion, great. I viewed it as Space Invaders, jump in and have some arcadey fun -- it was repetitive and shallow, but SO trim, only shooting and no fat anywhere. If FC3 was the second and FC2 was the third the critics would be all like "they distilled it to what matters" and "finally the ancillary RPG junk is gone" and "the UI is a stroke of genius, removing the minimap makes things so tense".

    This game is like a kitchy dumb blockbuster consoly guilty pleasure. I couldn't put it down for about ten hours, but there was so much pointless grinding and the fights have gotten SO EASY, I could have just gone anywhere guns blazing, bombs exploding, bear cavalry clearing the way. I needed to set myself restrictions to have fun - weapon spotting and reticle off, never once using the camera, no fancy arrows, just molotovs and grenades, no armor. Still too easy, shouldn't have crafted so much ammunition pouches. Perhaps autoleveling enemies' weapons in FC2 was a good idea and it certainly had a better UI with the physical map and no text on screen. It's a far cry from the refined gameplay we were promised and all the junk they squeezed in there is grating. I also made a mistake of choosing skills that sounded useful, so I could move faster crouched, bring up iron sights faster, heal four bars without having any resource (!), reload while sprinting. Death is completely optional in this game. I think I'm going to play Stalker: CoP next, I can appreciate its dangers much more after the sterile kiddie playground of Far Cry 3.

    The glowing reviews for this game seal my opinion that professional reviewers can't tell **** from shinola. I can't see anyone with a history of shooters playing FC3 for more than five hours and giving it such a high score. The tension and difficulty are simply gone.

    Didn't mention the story. It's crap, but I expected crap and that's perfectly fine. It took a HUGE step back from the second one in this department as well - the Jackal tapes were masterpieces of videogame writing: , while Vaas and the gang are plastic figurines of caricatures of tropes.

    It's a stupid blockbuster that didn't manage to kill everything that was good about FC2, but comes damn near. The honeymoon lasts for some ten hours if you press on and disregard the stupid minigames and shallow sidequests, then it's ten more hours of boring grinding if you don't abandon it.
  29. Dec 5, 2012
    A very consolish game other may have already discussed in every detail. What irks me the most tho it's the genocide of every living thing in the island. I'm all for action but only when shooting and moving fast take place at the same time, something you can't do without vehicles. In far cry 3 the best you can get is onrail stuff and animal insides galore. Why didn't i pirate this s**t?
  30. Dec 7, 2012
    For me this game is the GotY! Beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, a lot of things to do, very catchy story, and a lot of hours to play. This is a game that every fan of open world should play, every shooter has to play and every graphics addict will definitely enjoy.
  31. Jan 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What can be said about this game that has not already been said? It has pleasant graphics and allows you the ability to explore a world. Doing side quests are actually beneficial, such as activating radio towers to unlock weapons for free. Also the atmosphere in the game is great.

    Unfortunately, the flaws are glaring. Looting seems to be affected by placement often. Good luck skinning that animal as it slowly rolls downhill. Special takedowns seem to be random at times. While the game offers rewards for being stealthy, it often seems the rewards are a pittance. A little extra experience for being silent, great. Perhaps the main reason to bother with stealth is you will likely die if you do not.

    The plot overall is good with interesting twists. Some predictable, some unexpected. The development of relationships with jason and other characters is quite poor. In fact, it's atrocious. The biographies lend some help, but there is still quite the gap between wanting to save your friends and then wanting to kill them all after you just ran around the island risking your life to find your little brother.

    Even worse are the endings. Maybe the same group of people are writing the endings to big franchise games lately. If so, they should be fired with extreme prejudice. While the endings in this game aren't nearly as bad as say mass effect 3, they are still slipshod at best. If you choose to save your friends, citra goes on about loving you and ends up dead. Then you get a monologue about jason realising he has become a monster but knowing he is something better. Nothing from your friends. Nothing from Liza, the woman you had up until recently cared significantly for.

    If you choose to stay with citra, your friends die, including your little brother who you just risked your life over several times (and even lost a finger) to save. It gets better. Then you have sex with her and she kills you out of "love." I'll admit my culture and world view may be different, but I don't invoke "love" as a reason I kill someone.

    The bottom line from me is this game offers some good things but is largely hindered by its own story plot. I found myself indifferent to the menu. Overall, I found myself asking questions that had no answers.
  32. Dec 4, 2012
    This game delivers a true open world experiance. Although the multiplayer isn't as good as it should be it still deserves the higher score for the single player experiance.
  33. Mar 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pretty much mediocre in every aspect of the entire game. Hunting is useless. Money is useless, considering you get all your weapons from radio towers. Syringes are useless, apart from healing of course. There is no choosing between sides as in Far Cry 2, you are pretty much stuck with fighting the reds and yellows. Vaas is the only interesting character in the entire game, main character is a goddamn annoying assclown. Graphics are worse than in Far Cry 2, even though there is 5 years of difference between them. Missions are boring and unoriginal. Main story is predictable and bland. Difficulty in this game is set all wrong, you can just stealth pass everything and there isn't a slight difference in stealth when it comes to easy-hardest. Perks are stupid. Multiplayer lacks good maps, but other than that is pretty nice and has it's moments. But the worst part might be when you finally get to fight Vaas. I was expecting a huge boss fight and you know what the game presents me with? A goddamn quicktime event... After that you are left completely unsure whether that was the actual fight, and if he died or not. Quicktime events also pop up regularly elsewhere where they are NOT, NEEDED. Quicktime events are just poor design which ONLY works on consoles and should be illegal in any PC game. Controls are also an issue. The main inventory system is just flawed, it's annoying and badly ported. The new weapon selecting system is clearly designed for a controller, as it spins wildly out of control if you try to use it. There are some redeeming points of this abysmal console port, but they are few, and if you wish to play a good free-roaming shooter with more serious story and atmosphere... Play Far Cry 2. It's cheaper, better and not held back by consoles. Thank you for reading. Expand
  34. Kyr
    Jan 23, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is the best FPS i've ever played since Battlefield, is simply amazing how you can do almost everthing, between just gathering a plant to skin a shark. Good graphics,good gameplay, this game certainly deserves Goty.
  35. Mar 5, 2013
    In summary: fun to begin with, but a weak story, repetitive gameplay, weak AI, lack of challenge, very average multiplayer (too COD) and lack of replayability mean that for me this game is far from a classic.

    While this game improves on many of its predecessor’s flaws (eg, no more constantly respawning outposts), in my opinion it doesn’t live up to the hype and almost universal praise
    it has been receiving. For all its pretensions the storyline is pretty weak/clichéd and the characters very one dimensional, though very well acted. And it effectively hits a cul-de-sac when you reach the 2nd island. Jason is supposed to be a green, ordinary guy (as we are constantly reminded), but within half-an-hour he is proficient in a range of firearms, explosives, using a bow, stealth killing, making drugs, etc. It doesn’t work as a story. I thought the relationship between Jason and Vaas was interesting, but it wasn’t developed enough. And how many times can Vaas kill you without watching, only for you to escape? And the final confrontation with Vaas was a big anti-climax. I also found the “choose an ending” contrived and uninteresting.

    Yes it’s a truly open world shooter and the environments are well realised, yet there is little variation across the terrain. And while the graphics are mostly very good, the ambient occlusion looks horrible, some of the textures a little muddy and there is far too much use of blurring effects (especially the DOF). And I found a bit of variety in the quality of the sound effects.

    The gameplay is fun to begin with but quickly gets repetitive, and by the 2nd island I was bored. The many outposts are far too similar, the pirates/privateers not particularly intelligent and too unvaried, the story missions are uninspired and the game is too easy.

    I gave the multiplayer a few hours, but it’s fairly average and borrows heavily from COD without improving upon it.
  36. Jan 10, 2013
    BUY THIS GAME NOW. This game is absolutely amazing, I usually go in-depth and try give people a clear picture of a game when I review it but all I can say is this: This is basically Skyrim set on a tropical island in the present day real world with guns, amazing graphics, fascinating characters, a brilliant story and SUPER FUN side-missions, not to mention the great driving mechanics and freakin' sharks. If you're a videogamer you have to experience Far Cry 3 Expand
  37. Jan 11, 2013
    Remember when Half Life came out and blew everything away.... well that's Far Cry 3 but it's the year 2012. If you ever played Far Cry 1 or 2 then you will quickly realize that the developers took all the best parts and put it into Far Cry 3 plus more. 10 stars. Game of the year.
  38. Jul 4, 2013
    The Far Cry series is awesome, it's always been adventurous and always tried to be different from the normal games that were out at the time of their releases.
    But this one, I really can't say that, and that really brings it down. They tried to copy a CoD/Battlefield style of gunplay, and while it DID work well, it made the game a little less of it's own. They also got rid of a few things
    that brought me into the world of Far Cry 2 more than any other game. For one, the world was interactive, as if things could happen when you're not there. You could start brush fires that actually spread and burned lots of things. Now that's not to say this game has anything new, now the animals in the game attack AIs as if they were actual predators, where as before they did... nothing. Speaking of animals, I hated the way they used animal hides. I'm no schtickler, but I don't think making a wallet out of two different animal hides makes it hold any more.
    Well it's an okay game, and I would've put it at a 9/10 if it weren't in the Far Cry series.
  39. Dec 17, 2012
    After finishing the game I can say, it was enough entertaining to keep me playing but I cant say I was enjoying it. Sometimes it was extremely frustrating, especially when trying to capture outposts through stealth and godlike sight of guards, who spotted me in bushes, 200 yards far in the middle of the night even though I was using bow or silenced rifle. What I want to say during the game I have experienced few wonderful (few hunting quests, shooting and combat dynamics,..) but plethora of dull, boring, repetitive or annoying moments. Technically the game is also very ambivalent, on one hand you will see beautiful sceneries of an almost photorealistic quality, few yards away you ll hit a disgusting texture of ps1 era. I think this game needed few months of polishing and complete redesign of stealth mechanics and quests. Also change of environment wouldnt harm. During the game I was remembering almost 3 years old Just Cause 2 which looks much more stunning due to its environment complexity (deserts, snow, jungle, cities,...). In Far Cry 3 you have only jungle... In my opinion eurogamer review couldnt be more wrong this time.. Expand
  40. Dec 4, 2012
    The best Shooter since Crysis 1 back in 2007. The performance is great for me, with an 4-year old PC (playing on high). (Intel 9650 4x3,0ghz, 4gb ram, geforce 570gtx 1gb)

    The island is huge and in every corner you can find something special. Another great feature is that the world in Far Cry 3 is soooo alive animals attack pirates or your allies fight against them. I love it. The
    graphics are nice. There are some nice shadow effects and the jungle looks like a jungle. Maybe you meet a tiger in there...

    Right now i played 5h+ and i must say that the story is awesome. Its not a normal story like in Call Of Duty or Battlefield 3 its unique in some ways.
    I dont get bored with this game, you have so many things to do. Collect relicts, or just hunting animals to collect skins for upgrading your inventory. You also can play like you want. Play like rambo? Yes you can! You want to be sneaky. Just do if you want!

    Two things i dont like in Far Cry 3 are the multiplayer. Its nearly the same as Call of Duty. You unlock weapons with every level you complete. (But i dont care about the multiplayer because i bought this game for the singleplayer experience)
    The other things is that the artificial intelligence is quiet easy to fight against. Sometimes they dont really know whats going on.

    This game deserves to be the best game of 2012!!
  41. Dec 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bellissimo uno dei giochi più belli a cui abbia mai giocato!! La storia come le missioni divertenti, e tutto il mondo intorno è vivo e bello da vedere, sopratutto su un pc con alte performance.
    Il multiplayer non è eccezionale e la campagna è un po' corta dato che non riesci a smetterci di giocare :).
    Un must have per tutti, sopratutto per chi possiede un bel pc, dato che c sono paesaggi da mozzare il fiato
  42. Dec 4, 2012
    The only reason this is an 8 is due to the lack of splitscreen as was said, to be partof the pc version
    Otherwise i would have given it a 9, the graphics are very good, the gunplay feels nice, the sound is good, the story despite its small flaws is interesting enough to pull you in,, have not dived into multiplayer yet, but i am more of a singleplayer/coop gamer as is
  43. Dec 4, 2012
    I was so wanting to like this game. Having invested a few thousand hours in FC1 I thought this might be it's spiritual successor. The island IS beautiful, the art work is great. My biggest criticism are the numerous pop ups telling you of the current quest and warnings. Also (and i find this a weird design decision) all interactive items in the world glow so you know what you can open or take but when you get close enough there is another pop-up telling you which button to press to get the item. The mini-map is too far away from the edge of the screen. There is an enemy detection ring bang in the middle of your field of view; at this point in time this cannot be turned off. Why enemies couldn't be displayed on the mini-map is beyond me. You do not "find" loot as it is marked on the mini-map. The sand-box experience is somewhat broken by having to complete a mission before being allowed to wander off exploring.
    In summary a great let down.
  44. Dec 4, 2012
    Farcry 3 is the best FPS game of the year with a huge tropical island sandbox, nice weapons, animals and new assets to the series.

    I'm playing the game since Nov. 29th and almost spent 20 hours on it. First thing I can say is it satisfies my expectations. A remarkable size of area to explore with different animals and people or enemies to engage with. Nice veriety of guns and
    customization. Well balanced skill tree due to game progression and the choises of the player. As well as the crafting and looting system. The radio towers gives the player a climbing challenge and chance to discover the island slowly. (not showing everything at a time) Not to ruin the suprises so that's good and pushing you forward. Also gives you a chance to catch up all the details. Beyond this, nice shooting experince and gameplay. Plus nice stleath mechanics and takedown combos combines well with the gunplay.

    I've just finished unlucking the north island and still the game adds more guns, syringes, etc as you go forward so it's good. There's so much to do on the island beside the strory missions. I.e playing poker, shooting contests, side missions, delivering packages or hunting missions... etc. Huge veriety of animals and they are so live; hunting, eating, running or attacking... Also great characters with deep sence of personality and outsanding visual design. Any negativity with this game? Sure.. Some of the side missons or hunting missions are little boring. Going forward sometimes is frustration because of the topography and stairs. You sometimes get stuck when entering caves or doors. They are too narrow or on upper level. So you need to jump when entering a door. The island topography and pirates look the same and linear but not eyesore. Also it's the same when controlling the cars on this island. There are defenetaly visual glitches. You may sometimes see object mapping changes due to distance and misguide you. AI is good, your foes have some clever moves but it's not that challenging and predictable. Multiplayer? I haven't spend so much time on co-op and multiplayer but I couldn't get the enjoyment of the single player campaign when doing co-up or multipler. Online challanges are more like shooting the waves of foes.

    As a conclusion: Nice satisfying gameplay with a huge area to explore and gives you freedom to approach each misson and other activities. Great RPG mechanics combined smoothly to a FPS game. Crafting, hunting and handling economy is fun, easy and not boring. The Island looks similar in everywhere but there are so much exploration places. And story goes exciting and interesting as well the story missions are challenging and pure fun. Even so much fun that the visual glitches or bugs can't ruin it. Fully recovers your money and time
  45. Dec 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Whilst i found the gameplay fun, i felt the story was presented quite blandly. Jasons friends and enemies get very little screen time which i thought should've been a lot more to get a connection with them, the ending disappointed me because (spoilers) if you choose to leave the island all you get for it is Jason giving a monologue as their boat speeds off into the sunset, i would've liked to see something where we get to see the relationship between him and his girlfriend Liza but it never happens. Gameplay wise I felt that the lack of HUD customization was a bit of a bummer as i went straight for the hard mode because i really like immersion, but the fact that you cant even turn the tutorials off is really disappointing i hope they release an update that lets you hide them. Expand
  46. Dec 4, 2012
    Best game of this year, nuff said. And no, I'm not a fanboy. What can I say, it's a truly epic game with a great and intense story that is both dark and engagingly emotional. The graphics on consoles and on PC are both superb and one of the best looking game of this generation. Brian Tyler is the composer of the game's soundtrack, and to be honest, it's eargasmic. I love the soundtracks a lot and it also fits well with every scene. The gameplay is smooth compared to Far Cry 2. There's a lot of content and the map editor has seen some huge improvements! Expand
  47. Dec 4, 2012
    I fail to understand the negative reviews!

    What a game! I have been a gamer now for more than 30 years and there are few games these days which really grab me. Dishonoured was one of the best from 2012. Far Cry 3 very quickly became another.

    I thnk what sums up the brilliance of this game for me is to say that the best set pieces of the game so far, were not set pieces. They were
    nothing more than "luck", or is that fate? Running from a group of bad guys in my lovely new shiny jeep only to come face to face with another enemy vehicle coming the other way. Careering off the bridge and baling at the last moment, only to find myself swimming towards an undiscovered underwater tunnel... what lies ahead I wonder?

    Truly amazing.

    Graphics and gameplay are top notch. Amazling level of freedom. I never once felt pushed down a singular route.

    Yes there are some nigles, hence the 9. Occasional texture flickering. Occasional problems grabbing a ledge or activating a switch. Oh and occasionally forcing me to stay up in to the early hours when I should be sleeping!!

    Truly amazing! Best shooter for an age....
  48. Dec 4, 2012
    Far Cry 3 has an epic story. What an amazing soundtrack. Far Cry 3 shows exactly how every game should start. This game make you care about the characters and of the story. The voice actors are simply amazing. What a performance! I did enjoy almost everything. There's only two things that I didn't like. One is that secondary quest feels really secondary. In fact, I didn't bother to finish them all. The minigames are cool but that's it, The second one is that I would like to feel the islands more like jungle with less valleys. It's definitely my game of the year! It's worth to be played! 9.5/10 Expand
  49. wdb
    Dec 4, 2012
    wtf. this game sucks right out of the box. what was ubisoft thinking? all they had to do was take farcry2 and add some new maps and story lines. wheres the system link? what about those of us who don't have high speed internet? we have been traped twice and had to reboot. i'm sure its filled with lots of bugs like that. it dosen't teturn to your last save. when a mission is completed all other enemy's disappears and you return to a safe spot unsure what happened. too much gagits not enough substance. Expand
  50. Dec 4, 2012
    Not one of my all time favourites, it has to be said.. Never been a fan of Far Cry, I find it boring, repetitive, dull and the multiplayer is very mediocre
  51. Dec 4, 2012
    I'm giving this game 2 points, and that's for the graphics. I was severely disappointed by the title. Ive long been a Far Cry fan, and loved nothing more than cranking up the difficulty and planning my strategy filled attacks on outposts. Well what this game did was take the things that separated Far Cry 2 from the rest of first-person shooters, and scraped them. The excessive HUD and imbecilic AI turn you into a god, and every element of realism is eliminated. Money is so easy to obtain it's laughable; Dollar bills just laying around on every table in a poverty stricken island nation? Furthermore, the prospect of "Free Weapons" for just climbing a radio tower isn't logical at all. Not only that, but they remove weapon degradation and jamming, field surgery, and actual physical maps? Its obvious the developers noticed that a higher profit could be yielded if they literally dumbed down the title and removed any hint of sophistication as to cater to the 12 year-old COD fanboy demographic. It's as if the last true video game title made by a large developer has been ruined and turned into another over-cinematic arcade shooter (that has been so popular since the 4th Call of Duty) that requires no thought or skill (other than the famed "no-scope" that has grown so popular in the tween circles.) I can at-least be satisfied in that this game is going to bring the community one step closer to noticing the clear capitalistic motives of main stream developers that trump any motivation to create an original, good, game, and one step closer to relying on the indie developers that are creating today's innovative games. Now allow me to step off my soap-box. P.S If you're a 12 year-old console COD fanboy, do us true gamers a favor, and put your parents money toward something of quality (like meth, or cyanide), and stop ruining this industry. Expand
  52. Dec 4, 2012
    Four hours into a game is probably a little early for a review but I usually know if a game is worth playing within the first 20 minutes. In short, Far Cry 3 delivers. Don't pay attention to any score under 7. Those people are angry inside and are probably trolling. REVIEW: The Dx 11 graphics are beautiful and the controls are solid. The story is a bit cliche and some of the characters could be described as the douche-bag frat brosephs with gnarly tats and epic pecks. On the flip side, there are some great characters with excellent voice acting; such as the main villain and the Dr./Scientist dude. As far as gameplay goes; think of the open world freedom and environment of the first Crysis, paired with the shooting mechanics of Battlefield 3 (sort of). I say Battlefield 3 because in my opinion, aside from a tiny bit of bobbing, the feel of the weapons and your control of them feel reminiscent of BF3, which is a good thing. There are also a few RPG elements to the game which make it a bit more interesting. You can go around hunting wildlife, skinning them, and using the skin to craft new pouches for a surprisingly wide variety of gear. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that when you skin an animal, you take what appears to be a heart, or chunk of meat, rather than the actual hide. Not an issue by any means, just a little lazy on the dev's part. I have not gotten very far into the story but I can assure you there is plenty to do otherwise. Countless side-quests involving hunting for various animals, killing different targets of interest, car races, courier missions and a few other types. Enough to keep you busy if you don't want to blast through the main quest-line. There are a couple annoyances for me. The first, u-Play. I won't go on a rant but in short: it's **** stupid. Just stay in offline-mode and you wont have many issues. Another minor gripe I have is the save system. There is a quick save feature but it is useless. Whenever the game loads, you start in a safe house nowhere near where the quick save was activated. Also, when you're in an active mission, the game won't let you quick save. Rather, it auto saves at the beginning of the mission and if you fail, you revert. All of the minor annoyances aside, the game is awesome and I was pleasantly surprised. There are a lot of **** games out now that were hyped up to be something they're not, but Ubisoft did a great job with this title and I'll be enjoying it for months to come. And as far as performance; I have a 2600k @ 4.2 GHz with 16 gigs of RAM and a GTX 670. The game runs at a constant 55-60 fps with all of the settings on max except for shadows and ambient lighting, which are set to high as opposed to ultra. Oh yeah, vehicles are sick. The driving mechanics are perfect and there is a wide variety of cars and boats to choose from. There are also hang gliders... Nuff said. For anyone who is on the fence, I highly recommend getting this game. Expand
  53. Dec 4, 2012
    short review

    - good graphics
    - massive open world
    - many possibilities
    - story could be more intense
    - performance should be faster
    - civilians in this world felt plastic
  54. Dec 4, 2012
    I got this game and at first I was very excited, back to the jungle, finally. I thought at first as I watched the Jack Carver-esque army guy kill guards and escape while my character whined like a little girl about everything, that you would take over the role of said army guy. Then army guy gets shot and I realize I am going to be this whiny 16 year old that after skinning hundreds of animals still says eewee every time he does it. This game has a couple minor issues with the ai and mildly repetitive side missions, but aside from that, the game play is a solid 10. The guns feel really good, they sound amazing, sitting on the couch playing on the TV with a 360 controller and my amazing PC is a huge bonus, unfortunately he story, is downright ABYSMAL and seems to do everything it can to make you not want to play the game. My 2 year old could have written a better story. An easy fix would have been the 16 year old getting shot, and the 30 year old special forces trained bad ass brother going on a murderous rampage would have made a LITTLE more sense, but that's just me. Whoever made the decision on that on should be beaten severely. He constantly complains while effortlessly killing hundreds of people like it is what he was born to do. I just do not see how someone could possibly think that would be a good design decision. Now on to another note, the game does have a co-op mode with actual BELIEVABLE characters. The only reason I gave this game any points was the co-op mode and probably the best looking jungle foliage I have ever seen (the big broad leafed plants look M-azing) and the sandbox elements are somewhat decent, and I still get a little scared every time I hear a tiger growl in the bushes or a bear growl, as they are as you would expect, extremely dangerous. The Breakdown:

    STORY:-20/20:The story in this game is so bad I have to give it negative points, as it just makes no sense and you are reminded of it every time the main character speaks, and I agree with Vaas, hes a little chicken **** How it is Jason, and not the older brother who was chosen as a main character is beyond me. Someone should be fired over that. It is seriously the rotten core to a majestic oak of a game. GRAPHICS:20/20: The plats trees and shrubs look amazing. Light transitions are so wonderfully done I can feel my pupil dilating. Water is superbly done, with ripples on the surface looking and behaving realistically. The sun, sunrays, and reflections are some of the best I have ever seen and it runs wonderfully on a single 560ti and a 3820 @4.6 and 16 gigs ddr3quad 1866 on ultra settings 1920x1080.

    GAMEPLAY: 5/20- Gunplay is fantastic, combat is fun, and enemies are only mildly retarded. The hunting mechanic is a nice diversion tho as soon as you get the extended pouches becomes completely irrelevant as you animal skins are worth less than a crumpled pack of smokes.

    SOUND: 15/20: The sound is really good, and I normally only mention audio if its bad. The gun sounds in particular are extremely realistic and oh so enjoyable, and make me feel like I am shooting a gun and not a string of black cats(firecrackers) Distances are accurate and I get scared hearing a tiger growling in the bush Only points subtracted for the girlish nature of the main characters voice.

    REPLAYABILITY: 0/20: As fun as the combat is, and as pretty as things look, I just do not see myself playing this game again if I even finish my first play-through. Side missions are incredibly repetitive, the story is just BAD, the main character is seriously the worst character ever, they should have just not had him talk at all. He literally killed this game for me and I really don't know if I will finish it once. TOTAL:20 out of 100. Final thoughts:I really have never been more shocked at any single gamplay element of a game more than the choice of a main character in farcry 3 and that is rally just the tip of the iceberg as far as completely illogical unbelievable story issues go. This really would have been an amazing game if it just had a better main character, but as bad as Jason is it ruined the game for me. My girlfriend walked in while I was skinning something and asked why he was saying eew (apparently hes a little chicken **** **** asked if he did that every time(unfortunately), and wrinkled her nose like she smelled something bad and said "really?", its that terrible. I just do not understand why....thank god crysis 3 looks incredibly promising, or I would have sold off every bit of Ubisoft stock I own and invested it in Bohemia Interactive, which I may do anyway, since they still make computer games for adults, rather than take the creative dump that is farcry 3 and try to sell it for 59.99 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME). Pre-packaged DLC should just be called "content", not "bonus material". I will never buy any game that has a pre order bonus that is "extra" ingame content, nor did I buy this one.
  55. Dec 4, 2012
    The Single Best FPS Games I have ever played. Engaging, Wild Storyline, Massive beautiful imersive open world, Customizable Guns, CO-OP, Multiplayer, Side quests, Achievements and much improved movement and travel systems, and Challenging.
    (FarCry2 = Long Haul Driving) (FarCry 3 = Walk Drive Fly Glide Fall, Swim, Boat, Jet ski Parachute, or Instant Travel everywhere!!!) , and a smooth
    Game launch I give this game a Perfect 100/100 in what it offers. the only way I think it could get better is with a multi-choice multi outcome based single player with game & character changing consequences. Worth the $$$. (PS: Game can be difficult if set beyond easy (the way it should be) don't bash it because you suck)... Expand
  56. Dec 12, 2012
    Great game. I loved the single player. Has its flaws like all games, the HUD is intrusive and the AI isn't terrific. However, the scenery is amazing and the characters in it were hilarious, Vaas, Hoyt and the German guy ...
  57. Dec 5, 2012
    This game has a case of consolitus. Allows you to reconfigure WASD-movement keys, but then reverts back to hard-coded defaults for some vehicles - better get used to using WASD if you're not using those already. Also doesn't work too great with high-DPI mice - sensitivity can be adjusted but only up to a point. There's also a bug that distorts mouse-response for fast movements at low-sensitivity values making it impossible to do quick 180s or use reflex-aiming - not pleasant if you're a hardcore PC FPS gamer. The HUD is mostly okay, but navigating the menus does get a cumbersome after a while.

    The checkpoint saving system I also found to be somewhat frustrating, it doesn't make it very obvious exactly when the game's been saved, and I've already had a few instances where I thought my progress had been saved and had to restart the game, but ended up losing some progress anyway.

    In the end, no matter how to good the game might be - after struggling with above issues for nearly an hour and then having to deal with servers being down, I felt like I was fighting the game itself more than the actual enemies and gave up.
  58. Feb 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I wish people would stop calling this game "Skyrim with weapons". It's not "Skyrim with weapons", it's Farcry 3. Farcry 1 and 2 had the same open-world style, with weapons and they both came out before Skyrim...

    Now that I've got that out the way, this game is amazing. It is super, super fun. The graphics are great, the story is cool, the beginning intro is refreshingly original, and the villian is by far the best villian since Vergil. I gave this game 8/10 because I have to discuss the flaws as well unfortunately.

    1. The biggest flaw is, the game ends! Once you're done, the side missions aren't that interesting and not many people just treasure hunt to find secret things around the map. Face it, once you've completed the game and made pretty much every crafting upgrade there is, you really miss enemies and camp infiltrations.

    2. I'm being a tad critical here, but did we really need that weird, trippy initiation fight against that black-cloud demon thing? I often wonder why games do this. DMC:Devil May Cry had a similar boss fight against a digital anchor-man it's tacky and just plain weird.

    3. There are 2 endings but you have no option to replay the last segment just to choose the different option, you have to play the level from the beginning.

    4. Boats are included but you rarely use them which is sad, because Assasin's Creed 3's Master&Commander ship missions quite wet my appetite for more naval combat.

    5. The main character is rather...inconsistent. I say that because at the beginning of the game he freaks out at having to stab a guard in the neck, and by the end of the game he is some sort of neo-nazi hellbent on bloodlust without even a smidge of hesitation when around enemies. If you don't really care for realism then that shouldn't bother you, I just thought since the put so much effort into character development in the beginning, that it came across as a little rushed and lazy.

    6. That's it, the rest of the game was amazing, the map is quite large if you don't use quick travel and there is stuff to keep you busy after you finish the game, but replaybility isn't quite there. You'll probably stop playing once you finish the game.
  59. Dec 5, 2012
    One of the best FPS I have ever played. Great job! Inmersive story, amazing graphics, a villain that makes you hate him from the first time you meet him, tons of things to do in a living, breathing environment.

    @Ochetazinco, you are such a troll :) giving some lucha libre game everyone hated a high score and this one a low one just to get your sick, twisted "revenge" on american
    players. Good riddance, troll. Expand
  60. Dec 5, 2012
    I enjoyed this game alot. It truly deserves to be a G.O.T.Y. contender as well as the title "skyrim with guns" Single player has a lot of content. Coop is solid and has a decent length. Multiplayer is fun and has a lot of complexity to it. There are graphical issue present such as glitched npcs, but they only happen on ocasion. Also the story is alright, nothing amazing, but beats cod's anyday. P.S. To any haters complaining about the performance and graphics. You should've realized that you signed up for a ubisoft game in the first place. They don't give the pc version the credit it deserves. If anyone has bad performance, either your pc sucks or you didn't download the latest drivers. (both amd and nvidia have updates for far cry 3 in latest driver) Also, its amazing how people **** about a game's graphics if they arn't on par with battlefield or crysis. Graphics DO NOT make a game good, gameplay does kiddies. The graphics are good on max with DX11 and high resolution anyways. Expand
  61. Dec 5, 2012
    I really think that this game is the best shooter ever.Of course they are some points that people can discuss, but the gameplay, the liberty to do whatever you want, makes this game a must have. I never got that feeling in any other shooter. In addition to that it's graphically top notch and I didn't got major bugs. The people having crash and freeze maybe didn't wait for the day one patch. Well, I highly recommend this game which let some new way of thinking gaming. Of course if your best game ever player is COD this could be too complicated for you ;) Expand
  62. Feb 15, 2013
    FC3 would be rather nice game without sandbox. The story parts of the game are good indeed, but the sandboxing and hunting animals to get better quiver etc. is just stupid. Furthermore, the whole crafting system is way too shallow. It is as if the character carries a laboratory, workbench and leather tanning/boiling equipment with him all the time.

    There are still lessons to learn where
    FC2 failed. Better luck next time. Expand
  63. Dec 5, 2012
    Firstly, This is a review on mostly the features not single player content. For those curious though, the graphics are amazing. The single player game play is superb. In regards to the co-op content, it was a complete miss. Though it looks from the video that the co-op campaign is full of content, you only really get to follow a set series of short missions. The online multiplayer is a joke compared to Far Cry 2. If you want a $60 single player game then this is for you. All in all, rating this whole game, I give it a 10/10 based on single player but, since I there is no option to rate select features in this review, I have to give it a 5/10 because the rest of the content is a big disappointment. Expand
  64. Dec 27, 2012
    Far Cry 3 is absolutely amazing, the only thing preventing me from giving it a 10 was the ending and the boss encounters. Visually the game is very impressive and I loved the jungle setting. The gameplay was great and there is so much to do, by the time I had completed the story and all the extras I spent 30+ hours playing it. It's the best FPS I have played in years and I would recommend it to anybody. Expand
  65. Dec 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This really wasn't a bad game... The single player had some decent writing even if it was a cliche story. The only part that made me role my eyes was the "LIZA IM COMING!" crap towards the beginning. The plot stays interesting throughout with nice little twists and turns woven in. The ending fight where Sam gets knifed in the neck was very well done and certainly caught me off gaurd. The endings themselves left a little to be desired since they were vague but still interesting. There was a stupid little section that was like tomb raider or uncharted that was out of place. The multiplayer seems pretty lackluster but I expected that hence the 8-9ish rating. Its a much better game than 95% of the market. Giving this game anything less than a 6 or 7 seems pretty unfair to me. Expand
  66. Dec 6, 2012
    This is one of the best first person free roam game I've ever played. The graphics are beautiful and intricate as well as the game play. Having played Far Cry 2, I really enjoyed the changes Ubisoft made in Far Cry 3. One of my favorite parts of this game is the fact that crafting actually helps you get further in the game. Unlike other games where crafting thing would get you side things in the game that didnt help you a whole lot, in Far Cry 3, crafting is almost a necessity. To get a better weapon holster you need to go hunt different animals to get their hides to then be able to hold more weapons. You dont need to wait and complete a certain amount of the story line to unlock more weapon slots like other games. It make hunting fun and gives it a purpose other then just selling the hide. Whether your tripping major balls in the mushroom caves or your invading camps there is always something fun to do. Expand
  67. Dec 6, 2012
    This review is purely for those seeking interest in the Co-op aspect of the game. Dont get hustled like I did: Steam reads... AN OPEN WORLD FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER Create your own FPS adventure. and the Co-op goes: PLAY WITH FRIENDS IN A FULL CO-OP CAMPAIGN Play online and team up in a four-player campaign which challenges you to be your best and work together to prevail. Experience the island through the eyes of a wayward crew in their own quest to survive against the odds.

    The reality is its an arcade style shooting gallery on an narrow pre-defined path with no real options for exploratio. Enemies continue to spawn till you advance to a certain point on the terrain where the next scripted event starts. Hustled big time, save your cash for something else if you were interested in the Co-op its complete linear garbage its been done before a million times and its very old.
  68. Dec 6, 2012
    Reading some negative reviews has inspired me to sign up (again). Last game reviewed was SimBin's GTR, 'cos it was amazing. This is not a bad game, by any stretch. Suppose I'll be reviewing more often, just to counterbalance some of the stupidity that a lot of other reviewers seem to be coming out with - at least in terms of what I see as important to making a game fun and worth MY while. First of all, yes, it suffers from consolitis - the menu system could be better - there's a lot of clicking back and forth, which does break the flow of the game to some extent. The game overall has a slight aimlessness to it, in that, apart from the intermittent breaks for syringe creation, pouch crafting and other pause-menu high jinks, the way side missions are organised/controlled kind of takes you away from the flow of the narrative that's supposed to be driving your character. But that's about it. Everything else is top notch. Couple missions that are linear and low res map/HUD? Nah, whatever, very minor gripes of a hater mindset. Let's face it, graphics, and the overall artistic design, are one of its great strengths and add a huge amount to the immersion - it's actually seamless (no mean feat). Sound is also on par. The story line is no more or less creative than most other games on the market but at least this one is delivered with some half-decent scripting and voice acting, which I cannot say the same for all your Mass Effects and Borderlands (admittedly I only played the first - did they change that cheeseball guff for the second?). AI? A lot of the negative reviewers here seem to be acting like some artificial intelligence gurus (that fake kind) because they're picking faults in what is actually pretty obvious. The enemies do follow a pattern, but it does not make them any less challenging. It's like in so many other games where the challenge is to figure the pattern out. At least this game is challenging, and actually quite unique because, despite the dense jungle you always seem to be in, there is enough variability and randomness at play to make each encounter feel fresh. This is its major strength, and the reason why I come back for a daily dose - for a little bit more of that immersion, genuine strategising, and truly visceral gunplay (before I tire of it's comparatively minor nuisances). Expand
  69. Dec 6, 2012
    Game play is generic and not that different than competitors IE Deus Ex. The ending of the story (both) is (are) abominable. Race and societal issues are dealt with carelessly and it shows. Quests are extremely repetitive, very little world change other than instant-bad-guy-vanishing once capturing an outpost. Player has no choice in the story and when they do, they are forced into a false dichotomy and deux-ex-machina twists that are just pointless. Because they have nothing better to say they just do knee-jerk twists that end up with a knife in somebody's throat, this happened like 4 times. It often quotes Alice in Wonderland but it fails to capture the actual message of Alice in Wonderland by falsely creating two archetypes for a character, that is, mad jungle-man and respectable civilized man that the character is pushed into without their consent. Mediocre at best, terrible at worst. Expand
  70. Dec 7, 2012
    All what i can say about it, this game is legen... Assassin's Creed Far Cry edition... dary! I think ubisoft worked with Far Cry 3 more than Assassin's Creed 3, and you can see finally users reviews about two this games.
  71. Dec 7, 2012
    Disappointing. The pros:
    Great story telling, solid driving and moving mechanics, the tattoo system is fun.

    The cons:
    where to start? The game is way too easy, the enemy spotting system is too lax, especially on hard. If you're more than 50 feet away, cover is irrelevant, I've avoided being spotted in the middle of a clearing or on a beach simply by being crouched. Even though the
    enemy was looking dead at me and I had zero cover. Money is way too easy to get. Missions, loot boxes, corpses, selling loot items all give you tons of cash and radio towers unlock expensive weapons for free. I had the best weapons within 1-2 hours of play time. The button to pick up/swap weapons is the same as the loot button, resulting in a ton of time spent dancing around a corpse trying not to swap your FAMAS with his crappy AK just so you can loot a crumpled pack of cigarettes and 10 bucks. The voice acting for people is really inconsistent, half the islanders have a British accent. Hunting is AWFUL, animals have no kill zones, aka: no head shots or heart shots, meaning if you head shot a bear, or pretty much any other animal with a .308, he's just going to run you down and rip you to shreds. This means that the only way to hunt effectively is to bring along an LMG and riddle your prey with hundreds of bullets. Laughable. Not to mention, your character constantly whines "gross" every time you skin a kill. This makes sense the first 50 times or so he skins an animal, but after 30 hours of play time and hundreds of animals skinned, listening to your character whine about skinning gets very, very old. If you fail a mission, it will restart you in a predetermined location. This may not feel like a huge deal at first, but sometimes this method will drop you in an approach to a mission you absolutely would not have taken and probably didn't plan for. There were times I did something stupid and died, carrying a sniper rifle, bow and silenced pistol only to be respawned on the flat side of a map, where I had approached the mission initially from a cliff. The ability to sleep is gone, taking the dynamic of night and day away, which I feel was a real downgrade from far cry 2. This leads me into my next section on the experience. It's simply not as good. It's true that FC2 had its share of issues and frustrations, hyper-aware, laserbeam accurate enemies and checkpoints that respawned in what felt like seconds were huge gripes. But despite these problems, and perhaps because of them, the game had a really brutal, unforgiving feel. Every foray into the world was an event you planned for, you carefully managed your limited ammo supply, you waited for just the right time of day, you knew that your weapons could and would eventually fail you, you learned not to trust crappy, rusted weapons found laying around on the ground. Every mission was an exercise in planning and adaptability. You couldn't carry an LMG, a sniper rifle, an RPG and an assault rifle all at once like you can in FC3, so you had to play to your strengths and cover your weaknesses as best as possible. You had to be patient in stressful situations and fire fights because running around like Rambo was likely to get you killed. Virtually all of these things are GONE in FC3 and it's painfully obvious. Now, the game is just another exercise in sprinting endlessly (you can do that now) around a tropical island (again) and firing curtains of lead until your enemies are dead. And let's face it, we've all played that game before. Expand
  72. Dec 7, 2012
    FarCry 3 has no sense of adventure. At all times the game tells you exactly where to go or where you can find items that you need for a quest. Best example: You enter a cave below the Doctors house where you are asked to find a motor part for a boat. Instead of letting you explore the cave by yourself the game tells you right away that the part is at the bottom of a small lake.

    The game
    is so easy it even tells you the exact position of all animals and plants that you need to collect inorder to survive.

    The AI is mediocre. Its pretty easy to trick enemies even on the hardest difficulty. There is a huge delay, between the time when an enemy sees you until he actually attacks you. Its probably a delay for the handicapped console controls which were not adjusted for the PC.

    I have played for 5 hours now and it feels like I have seen everyting already in the game.

    To the devs: Stop making games for 12 year old xbox kids and finally male something thats fun and engaging to play.
  73. Dec 7, 2012
    To begin I think this game looks great, plays just as well and offers a different experience from FC2 while maintaining the structure and environment. I like the way they've scripted the main character and helped the player feel more in-tune with the story. I also like the diversity of the wildlife and vehicles. I love the detail on the weapons as well as the bright, intense amazing looking reticules in the optics. This being said I have come to feel like asking for some changes after only the first few, however addicting, hours of gameplay. Firstly I definitely think a wider variety of weapons should be in order. Maybe you could buy a better knife? A spear gun? A crossbow? Throwing knives? Something! I also feel there could be more vehicles, not just ever so slight variations of the ones from the title's predecessor. Enemies all look the exact same which withdraws in a massive way the realism and immersive feeling. Like others have said enemies are terrible at spotting you. The animation of wildlife once they've engaged your character just look like something that's not even finished yet. The island does look the exact same everywhere you go as do shacks. All these points I'm making basically echo those above. I also cannot help but agree with everything positive and negative written about the game so far. Please take these things into consideration for future software updates. Don't let these negative observations distract you (the devs) from the fact that this is an excellent game overall. Expand
  74. Dec 8, 2012
    This is the most irritating game I've ever played. I really like the sandbox "part", but the scripted missions are simply awful. Especially the "press [some key] now" scenes. They just ruin everything you like in sandboxes.

    The people's AI is, for me, completely unpredictable. Sometimes, you can sit near the enemy and he won't see a thing. On the other hand, it's hard to avoid detection
    sometimes (I don't mind snipers, because they behave correctly). It's just not balanced at all. Special killing skills are sometimes annoying. You stand next to the attacker, who doesn't see you, and you want to eliminate him and his buddy quickly and quietly. But 4 pixels of his arm are still behind a tree or wall, so you can't do that! Instead, you use your knife in the standard way making too much noise. You mess up the whole mission because of those 4 pixels. Extremely annoying!

    Why are those little pirate dogs so hard to kill? I have to hit them about 3 or 4 times with my knife to take them down. Our character is so skilled in killing people quickly, why are little dogs such a challenge for him? One hit should be enough. Moreover, the pirates often spot me easily if I kill one with gun from a long distance. Even if the gun is silenced. What the hell is that?

    The gameplay design is sometimes just stupid. For example, when I swim, I can't get out of the water if the slope is too steep, even if the floor is just a little above the water level. So I'm a strong warrior and killer, but still unable to go out from a swimming pool without using any ladder. That's completely illogical.

    Anyway, I actually like the repetitiveness of the gameplay, but I agree it could be more varied. Far Cry 3 would be better for me without its storyline and lame cinematic "press-one-button" missions. Just plain sandbox with one main goal - defeat pirates and explore as much as you can. Weapons are generally well developed, but I especially like the bow. It's silent and effective. Moreover, its ammo is reusable. Using the bow is like being a native hunter. Especially if you can craft things using animal skins and develop your special skills. I like that part.

    Graphics are good enough, but Crysis from 2007 easily outperforms Far Cry 3. The main difference is water. In Far Cry 3 it looks just fake. In Crysis, the water is still almost photo-realistic. Far Cry 3 has some beautiful scenes and decent post-processing effects, but that's not enough. Caves look plastic. Too much of the "glossy effect" on rocks. There's also a bloom effect, which is just overused.

    The physics in Far Cry 3 is also worse than in Crysis. In Crysis you can easily cut the trees and chop their wood. Imagine crafting possibilities with that feature. There's no excuse like "limited memory" or "limited processing" (at least on PC), because the game can randomly delete or spawn the destructible trees when needed (like everything else: animals, pirates etc.).

    It would be a really good game, but it's too damn irritating to the extent I don't want to play it again. It's just overrated and overpriced. I really wanted to like it, but I can't stand it anymore thanks to some stupid game-design decisions.
  75. Dec 8, 2012
    Es Buen juego si tienes un ordenador Bueno es recomendable en PC esa es mi opinión. Mucha calidad, mapas grandes, varias clases de armas, accesorios, arcos puedes agrandar tu mochila para llevar mas cosas con las pieles de los animales igual mas munición etc....

    Te llevaras muchas horas con el. A que esperas para jugar.....
  76. Dec 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Almost perfect. I had a good time playing this game and I must say I still think about some things that happened, which is amazing. Story is interesting, unbelievable parts here or there but overall good. Characters really interesting. I just wish we got more info on some of them. Sound and visuals are good, not as good as in some of the games but they still do the job. When it comes to game play I have few things i didn't like. First gun recoil is almost to none. Guns are fun to shoot but it is too easy to unload a full clip in a same spot. If this is the first time Jason is shooting you would think he would have to battle that gun. Crafting is weird, it is gamey, but thing that i didn't like is that you make all there is in the first half of the game if you finish all the side quests. And the thing that I see as the biggest disappointment is the camera thing. Tagging is fine, but if you have the camera with you why cant you take any photographs that you can later view? Or if you can i didn't find how. Viewing those later would be awesome I think. And yes, Jason can't focus further than 50 meters, I understand that this might be limited by game engine or something. It just annoyed me a bit. Expand
  77. Dec 8, 2012
    This is by FAR the best game I have played ALL year. Screw dishonoured and its psuedo-non-linear path with the lowest duration I've seen in a game in a long time. Farcry 3 takes FPS seriously to an entirely new, unique and superior level. In all honesty this game has believable characters, amazing graphics, jaw-dropping story-line and polished gameplay mechanics. Totally ignore those who crap on about it not having mutants, ignore those that try and wreck the franchise by even comparing it to CoD these people lack significant game experience if that's all they can compare this game to.
    Farcry 3 breaks all the barriers that keep CoD and Black Ops players in their pen and allows them to use that rinse-repeat formula. When I played this initially I didn't expect much, but 10 minutes in and I was already impressed. The voice acting is astounding, the character expression and casting have been hand picked and when I play the game I never felt bored - you control entirely the direction of the game from beginning to end; there is a preset path but with a nigh infinite series of side quests at your fingertips. Here's what this game isnt; a bloody MMORPG, CoD, Farcry 2, Assassin Creed 3 etc etc is it's own game. What people are complaining about are trivial - non skipable cutscenes...that you only watch once....erm wow knock of some points, it must be a MMORPG because you gather materials and you "grind quests"; i actually laughed at that one. Im trying not to use foul language here, really im trying. To put it simple here IS what Farcry 3 was to me and to the people that gave it 100% (which it deserves):
    - Free from FPS that lets you explore and "grind" (lol seriously) as much as you like or not at all.
    - Beautifully rendered cutscenes that use the in-game engine to push the story ahead.
    - Phenomenal character design and high production values spent on in-game cinematography and voice acting (i cannot stress how refreshing this is).
    - A HUGE array of side quests and unlockable weapons.
    - Gets the player (me) engaged with not only the story, but the wildlife and the island itself; it is tough not to become part of the game and it's characters.
    - EPIC in length; I've been playing this for 1 - 2 weeks, almost all the time. I have enjoyed every hour to be honest.
    - Well organised and crafted level up / skill system.
    Multiplayer is also plenty of fun with unlockable weapons. You start of with some basic loadouts and then like every other multiplayer now, you level up through kills etc. Just so you know its easy, I went from 1 to 37 in 1 day alone; its not that difficult. I will point out though you can get VERY far with only using the first weapon in your loadout - so it felt it was quite balanced.
    Here's what Farcry 3 does wrong:
    - Sticky Controls at times.
    - Feels a little bit like a console when picking up items or interacting with the environment in any way.
    - I had only 1 glitch in the entire game.
    - Perhaps running and falling should be better explained to the player. I.e running off a cliff will "amazingly" kill you, whilst walking down or crouching down the side of a cliff keeps your kneecaps intact. Here are the dumbass complaints you should ignore:
    - Total reliance on woods to heal, and the healing system is dodgy.
    Bollocks simply put. The healing system serves a purpose otherwise you would never get anyway and constantly be slaughtered. It's your job to keep your injections to heal full and your job to find locations for safety to heal yourself. If the game has them hunting you (like real people do) then holy crap that is what should happen.
    - Quick time events are everywhere.
    Garbage. They are present and serve as cutscene mechanics. They flow well and are actually enjoyable to utilize during the scene itself. The only other time you use quicktime events is when you're about to die, or being attacked by an animal - it's giving you a chance - I cant believe someone complained about this
    - Unlock skills and equipment to quick:
    Ridiculous. To level up you need to progress thorough the story's parts; otherwise you have levels to spend but they are unavailable; its a mechanic that warrants the player invests time in the story and not just dicking around. Salvaging animals to make better gear is great fun but you dont have to do this, so it's really up to you whether or not you want to spend the time or not. Look guys, the list could go on. Let me make this very carefully the reviews that give it below 5 or them. I mentioned the graphics once, I discussed predominantly the gameplay. The Direct X11 is amazing, yes, but aspects such as AI, the rpg elements, and sooo much more makes this game worth playing. When someone on here compares this FPS with a decent story for a change to an MMORPG...seriously, read them for a laugh. I sincerely hope this helps you BUY the game and ignore those flamers that wreck a game that for once is borderline a piece of art.
  78. Dec 8, 2012
    Best game I have ever played!
    Great visuals... ability to do whatever you want... dynamic creatures and smart AI... guns are customizable... everything I could ever ask for in an open world FPS game.

    Amazing... great work developers!
  79. Dec 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all, this game is just way too easy. Tried hardcore mode on my first go with almost no problems at all. Intense storyline and voice acting along with wonderful scenery though. However, Farcry 3 really doesn't deserve such a high rating in my opinion. As soon as I bought my first sniper rifle, every single mission/camp was a breeze. The boss fights left me quite confused and was unsatisfactory due to the 'cutscenes' which forced you to press a button every couple seconds. Enjoyable game but really not worth its price just because it was simply too easy. Glad I didn't spend money on it lol. =) Expand
  80. Dec 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. almost perfect for me, just add an "inventory" menu for organizing the equipment so i don't need to go to safehouse for preparing for my adventure, erase the "get a free weapon when activating a radio tower" cuz it make the game too easy, and make the repair tool as equipment, not weapon (when inventory menu was added later) Expand
  81. Dec 10, 2012
    Unfortunately, my PC cannot rule this game. Though, yesterday I was at my friend and I had the chance to play Far Cry 3. The game, to be honest with you, is amazing. I've seen a few bugs here and there, but they are not really hard to fix. A patch can fix them all.
  82. Dec 9, 2012
    As much I've looked forward to this game and tried to give it a chance, I am not enjoying Far Cry 3. Starting with the positive: the game looks good, the day light looks great and the environment is vast and rather varied. There seems to be a lot of missions and some of the action scenes are quite good fun.

    However, this game is nowhere near the quality of other recent games such as The
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (heavily quoted by the makers of Far Cry 3 as an influence on the game) or, say, Batman: Arkham City for the state-of-the-art action gameplay. Instead, Far Cry 3 delivers a 'deja-vu' experience, peppered with some novelties (wild animals interactions, distractions, etc.). The AI isn't bad but attacking a guard post is an extremely similar experience to Far Cry 2. There are some graphical glitches which also tend to break the immersion at regular intervals.

    But above all, it's the evident lack of taste in Far Cry 3 that's the most disappointing. You would think the developpers would have tried and topped Far Cry 2's overly simplistic, borderline racist plot line. Well, no they haven't. The story in Far Cry 3 is laughable, I cannot believe a single second of it. Dialogues are poorly written and acted out, nothing makes sense, the characters aren't at all three-dimensional. Everything goes too fast, it's shortcut after shortcut. People just send you on random erranands as if no-one else in the world was capable of blowing that ammunition depot. The vilain is a vilain because he is bad and that's what he does (being bad). You play the young white American who's turning into this unexpected master of violence to save your friends who are being held captive for some obscure reason. If you've enjoyed the intricate plot lines of the likes of LA Noire, Dishonnered or Skyrim, then you'll laugh your head off at Far Cry 3's lame attempt at a story.

    Many elements of gameplay also break the illusion and ruin a good part of the fun: Jason walks super-fast. Running or swimming will remind you of the speed mode of Crysis 1's Nanosuit. Also, looting is badly designed: you can't choose what you loot from bodies, and therefore end up carrying all sorts of crap which you don't need or want. Emptying your inventory of this crap is the most tedious task - you'll haveto point-and-click 4 times per item you wish to remove. And that's something you have to do all the time. Also if you're hoping to enjoy visiting the island like you did in Crysis 1 or like you would explore your surroundings in GTA, think again. You can't lower your weapon, which means that when you're just looking at the landscape or plucking medicinal plants, you'll have to do that which a machine gun in front of your face. You can't walk slowly either, which is particularly ridiculous when people go 'follow me' and you have to try and stay behind them although they can walk but you can only run.

    In short, Far Cry 3 is yet another shooter with a dreadful story (other reviewers have called 'offensive' and I can really see why). It will please immature players who just want to look at candy and run over tigers in a jeep, but if you're looking for a rich and intelligent gaming experience, save your money.
  83. Dec 9, 2012
    In short, this is the best game of 2012 so far. It is good deal better than the overrated Dishonored. The characters are quite expressive, Vaas is impressive. The gameplay mixture of shooter and stealth is quite satisfactory. The history is immersive. The graphics are very good, water and landscape are beautiful. The difficulty is quite tuned. The take downs are nice. There is a variety of guns. Did I ever tell you the definition of "insanity"?... Expand
  84. Dec 10, 2012
    an amazing game, beside in having great story and many skill features that we can develop, this game also has huge map area, which we can explore. Approximately, there are two main islands, which we can explore in the single player mode. In those two areas will lead by different boss.,
    see my review in
  85. Dec 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For me this was the best game of 2012 .. It was the best game experience I had this year, among all releases and the hottest games Far Cry 3 was the best game of the year in my opinion, the issue of game mixing two types of games do not see what the problem with it. . All outposts are a real challenge to the player, and the fun time to hunt the animals, was very sensational. I give my congratulations to the team at Ubisoft has shown that its gambling market over time. Expand
  86. Dec 11, 2012
    Actually,this is an really AWESOME sandbox shooting game for those players who is new to the Far Cry series...but for the FANS...there is some TINY---VERY TINY disappointment in this game...especially...those total Far Cry 2 fans..... First of all, there's NO GUN JAMMING in this game...many people may ask "Isn't that nice ?"...Well, for those FPS player who wants to have a smoothly gunfight like the COD..."YES.".....but for those FC2 fans...that was really unacceptable...cuz it's fun and it's realistic for those hardcore FPS players....i know that sometime the mechanism is quite frustrating,but it is its feature---FUN and DANGEROUS, isn't it ? Second,the MONEY....yeh...i know that earning money fast isn't bad...but in Far Cry 3's just too damn fast !!! It just makes all this survival feeling game become tooo EASY for those hardcore FPS player or those who struggle finding diamonds in FC 2....(and yes, prefer the diamonds in FC 2) Third,there is no SLEEPING SYSTEM in these you want to have a night walk of stealthy have to wait----till the sun set......and that's really damn long... And last, the HEALING SYSTEM is really really worse than's just too "easy" for me---a FC2 player. So,if you are new to these kind of game....i highly recommend it's a must buy for sure..........but for those FC2 fans...i think they should think twice whether you are ready to let go those fun experience and accept those new things... Still, i'll give this game a 8.3/10 for bringing soo much fun to me. Expand
  87. Dec 11, 2012
    textures **** polygon count **** story **** low budget game, no money pay for this bored **** Iam dont know what yet write because i play only 20 minutes in this **** and deleted this after this.
  88. Dec 13, 2012
    This game is a decent shooter, the weapons are satisfying to use and there is some intense shooting, there is option to an stealth aproach and is satisfying to cleanse an outpost of enemies without been seen. However, this game isn't Skyrim tropical island version, if you are expecting deep RPG mechanics and involving side quests you are going to be dissapointed. It is a game about a guy with guns that shoot other guys with guns, outside the main storyline, you just kill alot of guys with red shirts for no real reason but only for your amusement, its a Call of Duty on a island, less scripted and with more options. If compared with Call of Duty, its a more complex game, but when compared with other open world games it's a little too shallow. Expand
  89. Dec 11, 2012
    This is undoubtedly one of the best games released this year, and a game of the year contender. Every single aspect is near perfect. First let me tell you about the campaign. It is one of the bet narratives in a game I have ever played, and has some pretty serious subject matter and themes. If you're a COD kiddie then you need not apply. This game is not a hyper linear blockbuster shooter, it is an open world game, and you certainly aren't shipped around to every place on earth and left there for ten minutes. You are given ONE incredible place to explore, with tons of things to do. The open world is incredibly fun to explore, and there is loads of satisfaction in capturing an enemy base, or upgrading your character through hunting and crafting. Campaign: 10/10
    Then there is the multiplayer, which is not particularly innovative but still definitely taking a look at. There are a few modes and features that aren't in other games. PLUS, it has a map editor, which allows people to make their own maps and submit them to the world, which ensures almost unlimited content.
    Multiplayer: 8/10
    Then there is the co-op which is fun distraction, with it's own little storyline. It isn't long, only about six hours, but that six hours that you have is a very good piece of entertainment.
    Co-op: 9/10
    The verdict: Far Cry 3 is a huge game, and if you run out of things to do in it I have one message: GET A LIFE. This game has enough content to last almost forever. GET THIS GAME.
  90. Dec 12, 2012
    Rating this game is pretty difficult since with high expectations a let down often results in even poorer sometimes unfair grades. Ill try to be as fair as i can though.
    I liked the atmosphere of the game and since i am not a pro fps player i can kill quite some time with killing stupid npcs that have a worse reactions than my granny. Like in for example Prototype just running around (
    litterally, since our hero is quite fast with all those guns and stuff) killing stuff is fun and if you dont look at all the maps and quest directions the islands are pretty well designed giving off a nice flair. Wildlife in general is way more scary than npcs especially certain water animals but wearing a shotgun eventually reliefes you of your fear of most animals. I wouldnt take the crafting system too seriously because except for the syringes rather than real crafting its more like upgrading very few predefined things like ammo pouches or quivers and its only working once so before long you only need to craft healing items anymore.
    Anyways i could live with all of this but i have to deduct quite a few points for bugs and/or illogical game play and game design decisions. First off, the looting is horrible and makes you switch weapons with the dead rather then taking their money. Same with skinning dead animals. It looks like the collisions are totally off at this point and this really is annoying and takes up too much time. Another huge setback is the UI. At times it litterally clobbers at you with information but when you really need it like you shot an animal and now need to look for it lying in 3 feet high grass its not helping and you can search for hours before you realize its despawned by now. Oh and whatever you do, try to avoid vehicles. Boats are kind of okay-ish i guess but almost any land vehicle gives off worse handling than an aircraft turbine powered hovercraft would have. Probably this is why even friendly NPCs may kill you by accident when you walk on the streets. I could probably go on a little more but there really are some fun things too. The world itself behaves pretty random and funny sometimes. A nice example was an enemy in a car hitting a goat on the street ending up exploding on a tree starting a fire which burned down a enemy base. Now thats bad luck!
    I am still giving 7 out of 10 because there is a lot potential in this one and i am really curious about what mods the community will create. Yes i had fun.
    PS I did not mention the story at all because its a shooter. Yes there is a story and its not really worth mentioning. Are you REALLY surprised??

    Over all:
    Graphics 8/10 (setback water)
    Audio 9/10 (good soundtrack, nice voice acting i have to admit even if unecessary)
    Gameplay(single player) 7/10 (setbacks low difficulty, no bulletdrop, enemy AI, no real rpg however it tried - still 7/10 because its still fun and big and it has a bow)

    Cheers! Biz
  91. Dec 13, 2012
    Fantastic game, I'd probably go as far to say one of the best fps I have played in recent times. The story is immersive, I think using the 'not-cut-out-for-this' guy as the main was a great decision as it boosts the game's immersion even more and that's what you want from a story isn't it? The graphics are AMAZING to say the least. Runs smoothly on medium on my lower end rig. The negative reviewers seem to pick holes in the form of cons which go for every game on the market that ever has, or will be released. I really don't know what the expect from a game developer. This is a fantastic game full of colour, depth and a whole lot of fun. If you haven't already got it, please pick it up now. The game of the year for me. Expand
  92. Dec 14, 2012
    The game is OK.
    It lacks the depth that far cry 2 had and very quickly becomes repetitive. The graphics are OK, again compared to fc2 when that came out..disappointing. A lot of the things I liked from fc2 have been removed in favour of suiting child like play styles, which given the language in this game, leaves me confused.
    Then there's the storyline, some spoilt rich kid all of a
    sudden overnight learns how to skin animals, make rucksacks, ammo pouches etc, and is instantly proficient with any weapon he picks up! This IMO, makes it very hard to become the character.

    That said, the driving is much better in this and then side missions can be fun, dragging you away from they monotamous repetitavness that is the main SL.

    7/10 as at least is a relatively good game unlike most the dross released lately, just REALLY annoyed they dumbed the game down.
  93. Dec 14, 2012
    The game is so fun, it could be the game of the year for me. But it isn't, for a one clearly understandable mistake. Matchmaking. The matchmaking is so fudged up, you barely can join a game and have fun, and if you manage to join, there's a 30% chance of getting the message "Migration of Host in progress" and then you mostly lose connection to host. But let's go back to singleplayer. You start off as a teenager when you get captured and you need to save your friends. The story isn't the greatest, but the gameplay covers any possible aspect of the game and you feel like you just have to play on and on and on. I recommend this to anyone who likes sandbox games, first-person shooters or even adventure games. Not complaining about the graphics, which are nice, but it looks a bit cartoonish in it's own way. Expand
  94. Dec 14, 2012
    I was not impressed by the latest Farcry release. When I first began the game it immediately reminded me of Just Cause 2. Both open world FPS games which drop you in a beautiful island in dire straights. Farcry 3 carries a more of a survival theme however and starts off catchy with a easy to follow cliche plot. When the intro is over and the world opens up to you things become dull and repetitive. Every animal on the island becomes your next handbag in the pursuit of latching infinitely more weapons to your person. You will literally feel compelled to kill everything you see other than your homies who wear different colored shirts. The bad guys are sometimes easy to miss despite their distinctive outerwear. Baddies will drive past you on the road and do nothing yet sniping one from distant cover alerts your targets entire gang of your position. On the up side, the lighting and effects are on par with other modern FPS games, the combat and weapons are well thought out and there be coop. The only reason I would recommend this game is if you plan to play with your friends. Could be fun to team up with 2 hang gliders and rain fury upon the helpless meth head mercenaries below. Expand
  95. Dec 15, 2012
    I can't explain how much I fell in love with this game. I played it from start to finish with no breaks in between. The story line while basic, makes you have true emotions towards the characters in the game. While the game suffers from a some minors bugs, the game is near perfect. I will definitely be buying Far Cry 4!
  96. Dec 16, 2012
    Ambitious but rubbish. The opening sequence of this game was so tight, captivating, well scripted and visually impressive that you think you're in for a perfect game and after that it turned to a milquetoast shooter that is easily forgettable. graphically this game is pretty impressive. the island the flora and fauna are equally impressive, but the game play is so repetitive and simplistic. for instance once you get a silenced sniper rifle the game becomes whack-a-mole. Find and elevated position (and there always is an elevated position) snipe from a distance and look at a bunch of disoriented ants run around because you shot the alarms to disable it. the skills are mostly useless. this game lacks depth, it tried to do everything but never developed itself.. the biggest issue that i have with this game is that it COULD have been so good. more weapons, more connections with the locals so you care about the island you're saving. better crafting, for weapons armor etc. also the vehicle controls are horrible. The AI is laughable, they go to the same places as their dead comrades and you just blast them again. i will say that the comments of the main character as you go along are refreshing, there are times when you do something awesome in a game and the character is silent, when you wish they understood the gravity of what just happened. overall not worth the price, and mostly just frustrating for what it could have been, and the moments of brilliance are not enough to carry this title. Expand
  97. Dec 16, 2012
    Far Cry 3 is absolutely outstanding. I am extremely picky about shooting mechanics, storyline and agency and FC3 excels at all of these.

    Story: Don't let the frat boys in the trailer disuade you, the game acknowledges how obnoxious they (and you) are, and uses it as a baseline to show you how far you've come by the end. The characters are interesting, the voice acting superb, and
    even subtle body language cues comes through in the game's animations.

    Combat: This a high damage game, and all opponents can be eliminated by a headshot (as long as you're using a powerful enough weapon). The stealth is extremely satisfying with good behavior by AIs that provides unexpected results and allows enough control for attempting difficult maneuvers.

    Environment; Aside from a few objects dissolving into view the game looked fantastic. It ran at a great frame rate with all settings on "high" on a 2011 iMac. Subtle effects would occasionally steal the show - I found myself catching rays of sunshine filtering through the trees and suspending my fight to simply marvel at them.

    Long story short: I know what I'm getting my friends for Christmas this winter.
  98. Dec 18, 2012
    It's a game which i was waiting almost year to play. And i'm not disappointed. Far Cry has incredible graphic and addictive storyline. Playing it i can feel exotic climate like in FC1. Unfortunately it ends too quick.
  99. Dec 18, 2012
    The best adventure game in my opinion. I think there's a little bit of everything. I am playing all kinds of games, but this one...i must admit this is my favorite adventure game ever. I probably don't recommend it to young people. By the way, the story line is just awesome and the graphics are GREAT. 10//10
  100. Dec 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game does one thing well: illustrates the corruption in the next generation of so-called game reviewers- the ones who grew up doing this instead of being accomplished in other things who reviewed games on the side. Considering how bad farcry 2 was and how 3 simply expanded upon this 'badness,' I was amazed to read what was a lucy in the sky with diamonds series of reviews of this game.
    Plot unengaging & full of racial stereotypes (from great white hunter to evil black men thugs/pirates, but amusingly all the mercenaries are whitish) where the open world rules only apply to running around skinning animals and finding trinkets. Each actual mission to progress the story line, if you look at level design forces you to play it linearly. I guess someone had read King Solomon's mines and decided to rip off the idea of, 'Africa will not let me die,' concept and apply it to the great white hype that is Jason Brody. The rapid transition from worthless vacation yuppie to immediately perfectly aiming skills, deftly dispatching island warriors is implausible - even if the fear of boring the target audience pushes the game in this direction. The scenes of love making are not love making, it is rape. You are being raped by Citra while intoxicated on magic juice- this in itself should raise red flags.
    The butchery nonsensically of animals is pitiful and teaches only wastefulness to the young gamer- and it gives no real knowledge of how much work is involved in crafting items from animal hide- at least simply bring it to a native to do it for you...
    There should have been a stricter age restriction on this game for language, sex, nudity wanton violence, grey characters with no real sense of good or evil, simply self-serving motivations. Self regulation is not this industry's strong suit, but if you hand over to young minded people the ability to ambivalently murder villagers, the Rakyat (useless savages) and the pirates/mercenaries and then glorify the concept of revenge and celebrate tattooing your body parts as a sign of culture- then you have made your target audience dumber and even more morally ambiguous.

    The ending, if you choose to save your friends, has a lie for a statement - again self serving- Jason Brody is given a blank check for all the evil he has done by justifying it by saying he is still good inside- allegory...

    There is one saving grace- you can build up your character without even doing a single mission, then fly through the whole game- just go rescue all outposts, radio towers, do those side missions quickly, then run around with a flamethrower, grenade launcher, lmg and smg. You will be unstoppable.

    AI: the game designers need to go back and review far cry 1, fear 1, half life 1, system shock 2- and start from scratch- far cry 3, with its 'open world' characters (there are only like, 5 models of natives, 3 of pirates, and so on- yay open world, surrounded by a group of the same faces forever) seems to be thwarted by the most inconvenient of obstacles- walls. A wall and you and the enemy is stopped cold. Either they pull cover right in front of you, get stuck inside a building, or run out in the open firing randomly at you on the hardest difficulty and this is to be assumed great game play...

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  1. 89
    Far Cry 3 is a classic shooter at its core, but there are various RPG mechanics, skills and upgrades under the hood. It’s a fabulous playing ground and one can but marvel at the wondrous ways the various elements interact with each other. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Exhilarating, colorful, mindless – that's Far Cry 3 in three words.
  3. Jan 24, 2013
    Tighter and more accessible than Far Cry 2, the third outing is a master class in open world shooting. [Feb 2013, p.59]