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  1. Dec 25, 2013
    An amazing immersive experience that blends elements from many other games. The story parts are well crafted, specially the characters and dialogues, and the game play is fluid and very polished. The only downfall of this game is that you will need a powerful machine to really enjoy it and that you will have to install Uplay, even if you are launching from Steam..
  2. Jun 29, 2014
    I really can't believe how bad this game is due to other reviews of it. Very tired of Ubisoft formula. SCORE 41/100.

    I thought it just had to be cool. I was let down in nearly every way imaginable. Still shocked how subpar, derivative, repetitive, and poorly designed it was. After beating and selling Watch Dogs (PS4), and then getting this on Summer Sale and really not liking it at all,
    I came to the conclusion I will no longer buy the trinity of Ubisoft open world action games.

    If you have played any Assassin's Creed or Watch Dogs, then you've played this. Towers to unlock, stupid collectibles, incredibly poor stealth, no actual cover.

    TOWERS ARE SO FAR APART, horrible when you die. This is a perfect example of huge open world that is empty, lifeless, and annoying. So, so annoying.

    Inventory is an atrocity, fills up in minutes, herbs don't stack. The driving is even worse than Watch Dogs, if that is possible. You get hurt from very small jumps, it's stupid.

    In some ways I am glad I got it on summer sale because I won't ever get another Ubisoft game at full price. I *might* get them for 10 bucks or buy and resell of the PS4, but never ever full price.

    And the graphics aren't that great, because Ubisoft is really bad at optimizing game engines. Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution look much better.

    To top it all off, UPLAY IS A NIGHTMARE. It's a terrible service that makes EA's Origin look fantastic in comparison, and that is saying a lot.
  3. Dec 4, 2012
    I wouldn't trust any review here below a 7. Skyrim with guns is an apt description of this game. I like the leveling mechanic, stealth killing a whole base is a good challenge, but it's the chaos of the world that makes the game come alive. I was stalking a base, tagging enemies when a freakin' tiger attacked the base. The enemy panicked and threw molotov's around, forcing me to escape a brush fire and approach the attack from a different angle. I very much enjoyed that moment. Climbing your first tower is awesome because the game looks incredible under ultra settings - my pc is about 2 years old too and the framerate is better than Skyrim on a whole. Expand
  4. Feb 9, 2013
    Amazing game. A incredibly beautiful open-world where just looking around is satisfying, not to mention all the activities you can do. The gameplay is varied, hunting, taking bases, side-missions, crafting, discovering, and games like poker/aim challenge/races etc.
    The storyline is also pretty solid with a nice plot and greatly designed characters(especially the bad ones). The voice
    acting is top notch too.

    Only good things to say about this game in my opinion. I think it's a must-play for all the shooter fans.
  5. Dec 6, 2012
    Let me get this straight, I HATE having to post a score just to balance misguided hate. So many of these zeroes, you get the mob mentality of "I never played Far Cry" or "I've never liked the series." Really? I mean, really? If you never liked the series, why even open your mouth? My suggestion would be just don't play it.
  6. May 25, 2013
    I originally played Far Cry 3 on Xbox 360 and was turned off by its god-awful performance and graphics, months later I bought it cheap on Steam to give it another a try and I'm glad I did. If you are a graphics snob like me you will not be disappointed, I can barely run this game on Ultra and tears come to my eyes when i see the beautiful colors and sharp textures. I knocked out over 22 hours before beating it within around 3 days! I was hooked! If you like that kind of game where your exploring and ass-kicking is rewarded by gradually upgrading you until you're are practically unstoppable, then grab this. It's a refreshing take on FPS, games like this and 'Rage' just blow my mind. The story was awesome but I would have liked more cut-scenes, they were done perfectly. The characters, their motion capture and facial work, not to mention the voice acting, is downright amazing. Expand
  7. Jan 5, 2014
    This has absolutely been the most entertaining game I've played in a long time. The graphics are top notch, the action is top notch and on top of that it had a nice story.
  8. Oct 1, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game right from the start to the end. Its as good as the first Far Cry in terms of approaching the missions in your own way. The graphics, music and level design is really good and the story keeps you interested right to the end. Its a great sequel and well worth buying.
  9. Dec 24, 2012
    I think its far different from what i played before,Far Cry 2 which is stupidly fast voice actor,GOnE,awesome...i`m not really much fans of Far Cry but to tell the truth,this game is far better than old series yet,with Incredible Graphics,Good Game-Play Mechanics,Good Storylines and Big map to explored :)
    But some Bugs may starting to get you nerve like wtf i stuck when sliding down
    cliff,a not so good stealth mechanics and enemies respawn quickly,but other than that,i really enjoy this game more than boring Far Cry 2. Expand
  10. Dec 4, 2012
    This game was completely off my radar for 2012. [I actually never finished Far Cry 2... hated the lack of reason to explore and terrible storyline. And oh god how bad was malaria?] Well guess what... THIS IS GAME OF THE YEAR 2012 MATERIAL! Single player took approximately 30 hrs (55% completion based on stats). The storyline is intense, amazing, and had me in tears at points throughout the whole journey. They've basically either removed or improved everything in Far Cry 2 that I loathed, and kept everything that I loved. The HUD is absolutely terrible and uPlay is annoying, but after switching uPlay to offline mode I stopped having issues. Gameplay is nice. You start out with nothing, as a scared holiday goer... but you turn into an absolute killing machine with a bow, a knife, suppressed MP5 and flamethrower at your side the enemy doesn't know what beast is after them. Basically you can play this game as an out and out Rambo-fest, or be a bit more predator-type assassin/sneak mode. The sound effects are brilliant. Hunting prey, sneaking up on them... listening to their growls or moans... is thrilling. The music that pumps through my headphones while in the midst of explosions going off everywhere as I trigger my C4 explosives is tight and some brilliant choices. (Die Antwood - I Fink U Freeky, M.I.A., Skrillex etc.). Hmm.... if you liked a combination of Just Cause 2, Far Cry 1, and.... a little Batman Arkham City (Vaas / Joker) / Alice in Wonderland references (oh... some of the dialogue in this game is sooo well delivered!) then this game comes highly recommended. Other notable mechanics are the relics that you find scattered across the island Expand
  11. Jan 5, 2014
    Good game with great open environments. Story keeps you engaged and keeps giving you a reason to push forward. Eventually some of the open world aspects continue to feel repetitive. For the price I paid for this game (5 dollars) it was well more than worth my money.
  12. gas
    Dec 4, 2012
    Far Cry 2 was a promising sandbox but it was boring after a little, not a bad game, but nothing exceptional.
    Far Cry 3 is... exactly the same, just bigger and more cod-generation oriented.
    Devs decided that to improve the game the right path was adding long and unskippable cinematics and Tarantino's style npcs, basically following the trend of any recent fps, it seems they all want to
    make movies nowadays..
    It was not a bad idea itself, but the exectuion is poor, the story is brainless linear garbage, there is an island, some npcs helping you without any reason, bad guys got red t-shirts, good guys got blue t-shirts, you are a student with no military background who suddenly starts going around with rocket launchers and assault rifles doing rambo, killing dozens of "pirates", primary following a linear main quest arc, helping villagers following mostly terrible side quests, also its really bad imo the fact in this game you basically got unlimited ammo and weapons as there is a dealer every village and you can teleport there in any moment.
    The game mechanic is uber repetitive as side quests and activities, and also its really ruined by the fact this game is made to be played with a joypad.
    Beside the forgettable main quest plot, there are side quests which are all forgettable too, worse if possible then the main quest, usually excessive dramatic illogic situations, then every time the player conquer a camp there are more quests which are always the same 3, one hunting quest, one assassination quest, , and a driving quest (driving is terrible in this game btw), all three quests are very boring and after one day i started to skip them except the hunting which is needed for the in game crafting system so they are a must.
    This game is similar to Dead Island as kind of sandbox game, great presentation, tedious and repetitive gameplay with tons of issues and illogic and poor devs choices.
    The rpg side of the game is not interesting, the abilities you can unlock will be all unlocked going on so there is no sense of developing a specific trait and character.
    This game offers unlimited ammo and weapons as you can fast travel to any camp at any moment and refill with everything, there is no option to change this in game and imo it ruins a lot the basic idea of the plot where the player should be a desperate survivor moving into a dangerous territory.
    The game is also badly ruined by the fact its developed as a console game, it happens quite often but this game is terrible cause this aspect, so its not only the fact its developed with console menu style, but its really developed to be played with a joypad, to a point where playing with keyboard + mouse is a problem, keybinding is not enough customizable, especially the special abilities are impossible to keybind after the first 2, at least using the menu, didnt check if there is an ini to tweak but comon its 2012.
    The inventory and menu system is by far the worse ever seen in gaming hystor, selling and buying stuff is terrible, and overall the menu system is absurd.
    The mouse movement is not totally smooth, tryed with razer and logitech gaming mouses, basically it feels a bit unresponsive compared to any good fps, and it lags badly while in the menus.
    Another great problem is the checkpoint save system, who invented this terrible mechanic should be banned from gaming developing.
    If a console user may be used to this system due to old time console limitations, for a pc player this is something out of any logic, if it happens you need to shut down the pc for any reason in most occasions you will have to see again a long brainless cinematic and redo all the mission from the start, for me its a big issue.
    Graphically its sub-par surely cause the console limits actually are impressive compared to what can do a new pc, I guess Crysis one looks better then this, anyway its not my main concern.
    At the end i find mostly this game irritating me cause the console style menu/inventory and game mechanics developing, anyway even if all those issue would be solved the game is still boring itself and doesnt have the quality that professional reviewers are trying to sell us.
  13. Dec 19, 2012
    Well, I loved Far Cry 1 and enjoyed Far Cry 2. I found Far Cry 3 to be a mixed bag. I agree with many of the comments that think Far Cry is trying to be COD & Uncharted (staged scenes and interactive style quick time really sucks!). Then you add the glowing items on the map and you feel that your hand is being held walking through the game. On the PC the menu's are inconsistent in function and for some reason things like the the scroll wheel only work on certain menus. The driving is horrible and like being on ice depending upon the vehicle. On the positive the shooting is tight, the bow is a blast and hard to master unless you use the red dot attachment. The overall voice acting is good, but Jason can get annoying. You also don't have any alternative actions on the main quest (there will be times where you just think if I did this now - it would be done - instead you get to go off on side quests to get back to where you were). Overall the game is OK, but the series is definitely going in the wrong direction (mass market)! Fortunately I got this game free with my new 7970 (the saving grace). Expand
  14. Dec 7, 2012
    Just adding my two cents worth. I loved the original Far Cry. There were too many things that I didn't like about Far Cry 2 to keep me playing it. Those things have been fixed and / or changed enough so that I am really enjoying Far Cry 3. The biggest complaint I had about Far Cry 2 was the enemy outposts repopulating after you cleared the area. Ubisoft seems to have taken my (and many others as well) criticism and turned it into an interesting feature in this game. Now when you clear an outpost, it get tagged as a 'safe zone'. Now you can fast travel to it, and resupply your ammo. I also like the fact that you not only have to be on the lookout for bad guys, but while avoiding contact by lurking in the brush, you may end up being attacked by some wild animal. Take the beast out with an arrow or your knife and you remain hidden. Pop a couple of round into the creature, and all of the bad guys now know where you are. There is so much to do besides the main story line. Exploration, hunting and crafting are a big portion of the game, and essential in order to upgrade skills and weapons. Some don't like the activating the towers to reveal more of the map. I like this part as well, though I am now trying to get all 18 towers activated in order to 'get it over with'. Climbing each individual tower is unique enough that you get a level of satisfaction once you flip the switch and see the animation detailing the portion of the map you've just revealed. The health system is similar to Far Cry 2, but now you don't have to deal with malaria all the time. (The other feature of that game I disliked) You can craft heath syringes, but with the appropriate skill, they aren't really required. I've set the graphical settings on ultra with my Phenom II X4 and 6950 with the latest AMD driver with the Far Cry 3 profile. The frame rate is playable enough so that I don't feel the need to lower it. However, I should state that I have vsync disabled. Again, I find Far Cry 3 to be a vast improvement over the previous game. Expand
  15. Jan 2, 2013
    Far Cry 2 was far from a perfect game, but I
  16. Jan 1, 2013
    I wasn't a fan of the previous Far Cry games. No idea why, they just didn't gel with me. FC3 however has me hooked from the start. I'm really enjoying the story telling and the realism of the cut scenes. The combat is smooth, graphically is a work of art. Sadly, I can't run it at max settings, but even on a mix of medium and high ... WOW! I enjoy the hunting missions prowling in the undergrowth and there's a real sense of tension. The vehicles are varied and have weight, the sound is excellent, the score itself blends nicely and for me, the greatest achievement is the immersion. I feel like I'm on an island when I play. I want to explore and find the caves and old camp sites. I struggle to see why people are rating this so low??? Even at it's worst, it NEVER deserves less than a 7. It's a very enjoyable game and Ubisoft have done themselves proud. Grab it on Steam now as it's on sale (31/12/2012). UPDATE: I had to change my score from a 9 to a 10. I have been playing FC3 non stop for 3 days and the bug will not die down. I'm constantly thinking about the game and what to do next. I've bought a lot of games this year and FC3 surpasses all of them. There is so much to do and it's all fun. The racing is good, the hunting (animal), the bounty hunting, looking for loot, swimming, etc. I cannot find a single fault with this game. It stands out like a beam of light this year. People have compared this to Skyrim (with guns). While Skyrim has more depth (I played that for 150 hours) FC3 is the more 'fun' game. EASILY the best game this year and one of the best I've played ever to be honest. Expand
  17. Feb 15, 2013
    I have a total of 13 hours played so far, a mix of single player and co-op, and it's great. I paid full price, stupidly not buying it when it was on for 50% off. It's still worth the scratch, but obviously better value at half price.

    Has great graphics, a great intro (which really sets the mood for the game), and plenty of danger. Crafting is there, weapons are there, adventure, there
    is a lot of content included. What SUCKS about the game is the save system. That is a huge PITA. You cannot save wherever you like and resume another day, so you tend to forget where you were. Overall, great first impression. Expand
  18. Jan 21, 2013
    Honestly? This game is absolutely amazing. I play a ton of games in my free time, and Far Cry 3 definitely took the most time out of me. It provided me with over 60 hours of gameplay, full of pleasure and enjoyment. A fun, time-consuming, and often breathtaking experience. Definitely worth your time - play it!
  19. Jan 12, 2013
    This game feels and runs like a console port, oh, because it is one.

    The multiplayer in this game is peer-to-peer, expect host swapping frequently and lots of latency. Also there's no server browser of evidence of any changes to improve multiplayer in the near future. There's probably not enough people playing the multiplayer for them to even want to support it.
  20. Dec 4, 2012
    As much as I tried to like this game, the extremely dragged out crysis experience ultimately forced me to give up on it. Enemy AI is laughable, stealth is terribly broken with "the enemy must see your face and you must see theirs" logic, gathering materials feels like an MMORPG grind-quest, healing system is dumbed down and becomes laughable as to either spend skill points to have an infinite amount of first aid that fully heals you after some time or constantly run around in the woods, looking for green herbs so you can constantly inject yourself with syringes. If you jump on say, a hill that's going two degrees down-hill, you will stumble and damage yourself, AKA dislocating your thumb for 1 bar of damage. If you shoot a silenced sniper rifle 5000 yards away, enemies will still rush to the exact spot where the weapon was fired. If you get knocked down by an enemy to the ground, struggle with quick time events and get up with low hp left, you will instantly die as the enemy will spam melees, effectively spawn-camping you. Yes, animals as well. I could go on and on and on about the countless amount of flaws and smelly design choices in this game but at the end of the day, it is a polished turd that has been dumbed down version of Far Cry that tries to be a cinematic version of Crysis with graphics with little regard to the original series as it tries to force-feed you a story using a wooden spoon with splinters. Stay away from this title as a fan or get into it with small/no expectations. Expand
  21. Dec 6, 2012
    Books. they say never judge a book by its cover, but oh i will judge. for a game that claims to be a farcry game it sure does venture far from the farcry idea, i mean trading, resource gathering? this isnt skyrim of minecraft! and as for the first mission, the best way to sell an open world game is with an open world. not to confine you to narrow rock passages. also this is a PC game. you are allowed to render cutscenes in game, i have a gaming PC for a reason.

    but the worse has got to be that every single amazing feature from farcry 2, the diamond hunting, the map, the monicle, the unbelivable graphics engine, the physics, the lack of massive arrows in the sky pointing you blindly to your destination and beautiful non existant HUD have been all reaplaced with low resolution textures, a mini map with waypoint plotting, "click here to fast travel" and pretty much tried to forget the annoyingly under-aooreciated farcry 2 as though it was the worst game ever created.
  22. Oct 17, 2013
    This game reminds me of Skyrim in many respects. You given a set of tools, and largely left to your own devices as to how to complete the assorted tasks available. Conquering bases and towers across the map is never boring. Hunting is a slow, but enjoyable task it also allows for a lot of emergent gameplay experiences when other predators turn up and interrupt your hunt.

    The story is
    pretty good too, at least for the first half of the game. Expand
  23. Dec 16, 2012
    Horrible over-hyped trash! I simply cannot belive the high ratings it got from serious reviewers like PC Gamer, Gamespy, IGN, etc. Have they all gone mad? Far Cry 1 was sooo cool, Far Cry 2 had a great setting, cool guns and fun missions but ultimatetely fell flat due to the stupid checkpoint respawn system. And now Far Cry 3: 1) One hour to get it started 2) only playable if you disable the utter unneccessary uplay 3) worse graphics than FC1 (from 2004!) 4) most annoying UI sever een in a major release 5) boring missions 6) even more boring side-missions 7) laughable AI 8) idiotic design decisions like getting free weapons for climbing radio towers - WTF? 9) unskippable video sequences 10) appalling driving mechanics 11) no quick-saves during missions and 12) BUGS BUGS BUGS!!

    Ubisoft used to be one of my favourite publishers but now I hate them so much that I will never ever buy a game from them again.
  24. Jul 13, 2013
    I got the game on the steam summer sale. Was great for the first 3 hours that i played. Tried to save it several times and said i couldnt save it it said the "auto"save would take care of it.
    Died once-and it was stuck on the saving screen-i guess it had to communicate with U plays stupid effin servers!
    its my fault. I forgot that you needed uplay to run it and i hate uplay i hate
    origin i hate that i cant just go out and buy a god damned game and put it in and install it like the old days.
    anyway, i played six hours, swore i SAVED it several times and guess what?
    it saved right after the guy dennis rescued me so I lost-
    -all the i crafted ie;bags, wallets etc
    -my rife that i spent 1700 bucks for
    -my compound bow which was awesome
    i lost it all and now i dont know if i want to go through it all again, it saved none of my progress, lost all the radio towers i took, all the strongholds or whatever..
    **** drm ruins everything when the will they learn?
    never...they never will and I wish something would happen to these assanine companies but it never will..anyway, i gotta give it a 2..if i could save it and not have to go through the first part 3 times id do it ..but this uplay drm
  25. Dec 14, 2012
    The story line reminds me of a low-budget teen film that is not all that interesting, and makes little sense. You play Jason who seems ready to crack under pressure at the slightest hint of a stressful situation, doesn't seem to know really anything, but is somehow transformed into a bad ass, tattoo-wearing warrior that knows his way around a gun and has developed ninja-assassin skills almost over night. Voice acting is good though, except for Jason. They didn't need to have him yelling, "I'm coming Lisa!" while trying to sneak up on enemies. It's an open world, so go where you want (mostly). You can go off on side missions, though they are not very fun. The Trials of Rakyat are the best, which have you doing missions on a timer. All missions earn you money and XP. XP gets you skill unlocks, but don't worry about which skills to get, because eventually, if you complete a bunch of side missions, you'll get them all anyway. The three main side missions: Medical supply drops have you race against a timer. Wanted Dead force you into using stealth to kill a pirate holding out somewhere. Hunting has you tracking down animals. The main purpose of hunting is for crafting larger stuff so you can carry more weapons, ammo, grenades, and money. Most people will want to craft the upgrades right away, so get ready for a few hours of boring hunting, because it sucks running low on ammo, having no room in your sack, or only being able to carry one gun. The stuff you do pick up is pretty much pointless, and is only worth selling off so you can buy stuff for your weapons. But you don't even have to really buy weapons, because the game practically gives them to you free. All you have to do is climb some radio towers that are pretty much left unguarded by the enemy, and easy to climb (this also reveals more of the map). You can take over outposts to make regions safer for you, and less likely to run into enemies. However, this makes it boring in the long run because the enemies never try to take it back, and then the only thing you have to be wary of are the tons of animals that want to constantly eat you, and they can take a full magazine of bullets to the head before dying. Fortunately, you can choose how you want to take an outpost, and it can be a blast; use stealth, go in guns blazing, or blow the heck out of the place-- doing anything but stealth will result in an alarm going off and more enemies showing up that you can kill. It's also kind of cool that they made it so that things actually catch fire, though nothing really gets destroyed. As far as enemies go, they are kind of dumb (but not so dumb that they just run at you). The stuff they say is laughable at first, but after hearing a pirate say the same line for the 100th time about it hurting when he pees, it gets tiresome. They do at least run for cover, but often times that cover is right next to you and all you do is step around the corner and blow them away. Which is easy since you can see the enemy through walls. Yes, that right: if you spot an enemy (especially through your camera or scope) you gain x-ray vision, apparently. As far as graphics go, I think they look great on my rig, playing it in 1080p, setting the FOV higher than the default, and everything turned on high with AA on. What really brings this game down is the repetitiveness of most missions (which are generally very easy to complete), a horrible HUD that constantly pops up messages (supposedly a fix is on the way for that), how EASY it is to beat on normal, and some of the worst bugs I've ever seen in a game on release day. One of the most annoying bugs is a glitch in which a grenade, a Molotov, or other object gets stuck to your characters right arm, and it gets in the way when my case it is a grenade. I have also had a glitch where I see the enemy vibrating oddly, or a mission marker not going away after I've completed the mission. Some friends of mine told me they can't progress because of a game-breaking bug they have ran into. Three patches have been released, the first couple attempted to fix some crashing issues, but the last one highlighted a fix for 32 core systems (who is playing this on a 32-core system!?) I'm not even sure the game-breaking bugs are going to be addressed. To sum things up: Far Cry 3 is a fun, but a very easy game to beat, that has some very annoying, and game-breaking bugs, and some boring elements to it. At this point, it is a gamble if you are thinking of buying it. Personally, I haven't had one crash or bug that broke my game-- mostly just annoyances. I haven't tried MP, but I bought this mainly for SP mode. I hear MP is trash anyway. I'm hoping a future patch will remove that grenade attached to my wrist, but I won't hold my breath. If I finish the game before then, it will probably sit and collect digital dust in my Steam library with some of the other subpar games I bought this year Expand
  26. Dec 28, 2012
    Simply amazing. Great storyline, everything made sense, graphics and visuals are stunning. AI can be challenging and the physics are great. Well worth the $50.
  27. Dec 9, 2012
    I wasn't really expecting too much from this title. AAA FPS's generally have very short campaigns nowadays and unmemorable simplistic COD mechanics. Far Cry 3 isn't bucking this trend, but it's actually a pretty fun game despite it's genre redundancy due to a gorgeous backdrop and cinematic flare. The narrative, while simplistic, is fun and the voicework is solid. I really liked Vaas, and found him to be an entertaining antagonist. Take everything in Far Cry that was BAD and FIX IT while throwing out all the elements that worked. Then take all the elements of Far Cry 2 that were BAD and FIX THAT...but throw everything out that made Far Cry 2 work. Throw in some Skyrim and Dead Island and now you have Far Cry 3. I know this genre mashup and blatant lifting of mechanics from other popular games sound tired, but it's actually quite inspired in implementation and everything meshes nicely. Dunia 2 looks amazing and performs really well on my 8320/5770/8gb DDR3 maxed. I don't understand the visual complaints regarding this game. My rig ain't no slouch, but it is by no means any beast either. Game is gorgeous, the facial animation system is really nice, draw distance is impressive. It's definitely a ONE time playthrough. Buy it now if you are in desperate need of a distraction, or wait for it to drop to 29.99 a year from now...but definitely worth a purchase even if you aren't really a Far Cry or fps fan. Expand
  28. Dec 7, 2012
    The game feels shallow. You earn money to fast, gain hides and plants to fast (for making bags, syringes etc.) and you have access to all weapons you want in nearly 2 hours. That's also how many hours it takes to have the feeling that you've been there and done that. The island, environment, characters etc. look good, forgiving the somewhat outdated graphics. Unfortunately every piece of the island looks the same, as do all camps, cars, trees, bushes, caves, pirates etc. So why should you explore every corner of it? Gameplay is solid; weapons handle very tight, although a bit to tight, wich makes killing foes a piece of cake. Every weapon handles the same. Driving cars is weird, you get the feeling you glide over the road with a immense and unrealistic speed. Story is a bit ridiculous, but finely interwoven in the game with scènes that make you dizzy because the protagonist (your character) shakes his head left and right, up and down like a headbanger from the early '90s. It's a shame the game gets so boring after a while, but climbing towers, getting rid of pirates in camps, going from A to B to continue the story - which is necessarry to continue your leveling progress, which forces you to stop what you want to do and follow the linear storyline - is fun the first few times you do it. But I quit after three hours or so, bored by the forgettable side-quests, story and tropical world. And i think many will not see the end of the game as well or will continue, forced to see the end. A cliche ending which can be found on YouTube; the easy solution. A Expand
  29. Oct 4, 2014
    Requires Uplay. No more need be said, but:

    I cannot access the game because I do not maintain a Uplay account. I do not maintain a Uplay account because I don't want to go down the rabbit hole of bloating my hard drive with a new DRM/rootkit/spyware application for every developer and publisher attached to every game I own -- nor do I want to burn my resources opening a game inside of a
    DRM environment inside of a DRM environment inside of...

    I maintain a Steam account. Steam verified my purchase. Ubisoft has my money; I have no game. Because I refuse to pay for the "privilege" of helping Ubisoft to use Steam as a platform to bolster their direct competition with Steam.
  30. Dec 4, 2012
    This is by far the best FarCry and probably one of the best PC games of the year (My other favorite is Dishonored)! Amazing graphics and a large free-to-roam world. The gun handling is good with lots of guns (many guns are revealed later in the game). The gun sights are a little bit fuzzy in terms of usability, better off sticking with just a red-dot sight. Very good storyline with good connections and twists. Stealth is a small problem in the game. You can snipe an enemy a mile away with a silencer in a bush on a mountain and the other enemies immediately know where you are... I mean, they should be alerted about a body, but not immediately shoot back in your direction... BACK ON AN ISLAND and a believeable story, unlike the second FarCry... and the first with too much weird Sci-Fi and monsters... Expand
  31. Mar 24, 2014
    Far Cry 3 is a game that is lovingly crafted and rich in detail. It is one of the few sequels that fixes the problems of its predecessor without adding [m]any new ones. Gone are the dreaded Malaria, gun jamming and check point respawn mechanics. I initially held off on Far Cry 3 upon its release and grabbed it as a bargain buy on Steam. However, I would happily pre-order the next title going by the quality of this one.
    Playing Far Cry 3 on a high end system is like taking a passport into a dangerous, virtual realm. It is captivating and will have you coming back for more.
    I cannot wait to see what Ubisoft come up with after this.
    I have given Far Cry 3 the perfect 10 as I feel that it merits the score based on the sheer amount of content and attention to detail (and being a relatively bug free experience).
    Ubisoft, I salute you.
  32. Nov 15, 2014
    Its a fair game, with many positive regards to nature and beautiful world to explore. I just wish the intro was less stupid and less american-like. The multiplayer is questionable, but that's understandable in this kind of game.
  33. Nov 8, 2014
    Great game. On the con side: some issues with scripted missions i.e. player agency taken away which comes as a bit of a surprise when your used to the freedom the game gives you in all other areas. Pros: Michael Mando's performance, voice acting and sound work, game progression, involving story and characters that are not one dimensional, a metric f*ck ton of content including half tidy co-op/multiplayer and the ending wasn't bad either! Great value for money game. As an aside with Ubi's shenanigans with uplay/steam and the resolution debacle of AC unity I wont buy Far Cry 4 unless or until they straighten out their priorities - Far Cry 3 was so good and so full of value I thought they actually gave a rats ass about PC gaming as well as consoles. Expand
  34. Jun 3, 2013
    In my opinion simply the best FPP game of the last years, the best sandbox type game ever. 99% of this game is well thought through. The game is never boring, the is lots and lots of freedom. ==================GRAPHICS are just amazing, little different than say Crysis3 but imo definitely on par with it. The grass is thick and beatiful, the bigger plants move when you walk or drive through them, the trees move when you shoot them. The water is great, there are plenty of animals even regular fish under water. The island is absolutely beatiful, even with the HD6950 onboard, because optimisation is great. The effects sunlight reflexes, flares, smoke, explosions everything beatifully made. ===================SOUND and FX is top quality. The guns feel real, the animals roar, growl wuf and whatnot. The birds are singing. The vehicles all have authentic sounds that differ depending on which you drive. Every bit of the island is different there is not a single village or outpost that is the same. Finally, the protagonist has a nice voice, has a LOT to say through the game. Along with the graphics all this make you feel totally submerged in the story and want to explore every meter of the island.=======================GAMEPLAY is especially clever here. The AI is very good, the guns all feel different and shooting is satisfying, even the driving never gets old. There are lots of cars and hanggliders so the player never has to walk for hours (be sure the island is HUGE). The distances to every quest are just right so you never get bored. IF you don`t want you can fast travel any time you want. There are lots of home posts to rearm and heal. The collectible items are fun to explore for, the caves are very nice. The skill and crafting system is the single best thing in this game. You can get the skills or craft items or no your choice. The takedowns are very cleverly made, easy to learn, effective so you often will chose the knife instead of the guns.Finally here you do not have to shoot a guy with half the magazine to kill him, one bullet is often enough. The guns are plenty customizable, very satisfying to use different variants. There is not a single thing about the gameplay I did not like.============================SP CAMPAIGN is quite long, very clever for a FPP game, fun to play. The antagonist named Vaas is what drives you through the story. Other characters also feel alive and authentic. The flashbacks are very nice to see and play. The missions are very much varied and provide fun, emotions, dialogues, humour. Extraordinary quality for an FPP game, almost as ambitious as an RPG. And you do not have to do this it is your choice when and what you do. Overall this game owns Crysis series in every way possible, providing wonderful gameplay, beatiful optimised graphics and a good, well written lots of different things to do and a fun main story. Worth every penny of the 60 dollar price tag. Expand
  35. Jan 1, 2013
    Excellent. The game has a pretty good storyline , Great graphics and immersing gameplay. UBisoft really outdid themselves with this one and Its a must have
  36. Dax
    Dec 20, 2012
    I played this game for 2/3 days, just running and shooting and base-jumping. I like the story and graphics. It's one big awesome action movie adventure.
    The game play is also very good for a shooter. I do think it is a shame that they made this game so easy. I play every game on the hardest settings, because the game will last longer and gives you all it has got. Even though I played it
    on the hardest difficulty, it was too easy. Another thing I do not like it that the game stops and gives you nothing to shoot any more. I completed all the assignments and then the game is just a big world with good guys.. so you start killing the good guys after a while.

    After all: It is worth you money, it is worth your time and when I upgrade my computer, the game will be even more awesome, because the graphics are absolutely gorgeous.
  37. May 13, 2013
    Far Cry is back! Bigger, better and more challenging than when it first surfaced in 2004. After 30-tish hours of playing now, I can only say "the best shooter ever". Period.
    If you liked the original, you will like this one too. One thing that most ppl need to be aware of, is the very sloooow learning curve cause of the RPG elements which are introduced compared to the original game (I
    don't want to mention Far Cry 2 cause in my eyes that was a true dissapointment of a game). My friends tried it, but then decided to erase it cause it was too complex for a shooter, which you do seem to notice, especially if you're not much into FPS games.
    But this game has it all, a huge beautiful world to explore, with all the details necessary to convince you're on a real tropic island, packed with bad guys which you get dispose off in different ways, trying different tactics every single time. A true definition of a "sandbox" game, do whatever you want, kill who ever you want and go wherever you want. It's only up to you how you spend time in the game.
    I don't care about some scripted linear levels like in Crysis series, taking from point A to point B just because some developer or game designer decided this is exaclty what you need to accomplish in order to go forward. Here, you have the main storyline which is I must say, the best acted play I have ever seen in a game, but most of the time you're off doing stuff exploring the island, driving whatever has wheels, any kind of combustion engine or flying around couple of hundred meters above the lush jungle. Just amazing.
    This game has my warmest recommendation, and believe me, you will be pulled in the atmosphere of the game but first you need to "survive" the first couple of hours until you connect all the dots on how to actually play the game. Give it a shot!
  38. Dec 4, 2012
    Game of the year, hands down. Only gave it a 9 because of the horrible, horrible abomination that we all call Uplay. I'm glad you can finally play the game in offline mode, but still, it's a dumb program in the way of your gaming experience. There's server issues galore and I have yet to be able to play a single co op game with my friends.
    Anyway, onto the good: everything else. I've
    already read some reviews calling this a 'console port'. Now, this is nothing new. Only this time it's actually false. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a PC game. There's a ton of graphical options, full DX11 support and *drumroll* an FOV slider. When's the last time you saw an FOV slider? Mouse smoothing also isn't a problem since you can simply switch it off.
    The gameplay itself is wonderful. If you like sandbox games, this is for you. You can go anywhere and explore and collect for days on end. I've had this game since the European release date and there's still so much more to see and do. Just walking, driving and flying (yes, flying, you get a wingsuit) around the island is a nice experience. The story is good. If you like an actual story, that is. I know some people just want to skip ahead and shoot things, but thank goodness there's still people who actually care. The characters are well written, interesting, and especially the mocap and voice acting is superb. Also remember those weird Scarecrow scenes from Arkham Asylum? The best part of that game? Well get ready for a whole bunch of stuff just like that. The game doesn't play it straight when it comes to the story missions. It'll always leave you guessing when it comes to your motivations (I think it nicked that idea from Spec Ops The Line, which is a good thing) and when it's not doing that the game simulates you tripping your balls off. There's also the not-so-subtle subtext of Alice in Wonderland, which adds a little mystisism to the story, which is a nice little touch. Tip: don't forget to eat the 'Eat me' pills in the friend-cave!
    Basically, this game is a more interesting Far Cry 2, only without that game's flaws. The world is more interesting and more fun to travel through, and this time you can actually fast travel without having to drive for fifteen minutes to find one of those bus stops. Enemies no longer respawn in camps you've just cleared, instead you conquer them for good. Don't worry, there's still random encounters and certain areas where you can always go looking for a fight if you feel like testing out your newly unlocked machine gun. Speaking of guns: the shooting mechanics are finally a lot better. In Far Cry 2 you just shot at someone, some blood would spurt out, and then they would eventually turn into a ragdoll. The bullets didn't have an impact. If you shot at someone who was running, he wouldn't even notice the bullets in his torso, he'd just drop dead once he hit his 'X shots in this area until I die' quota. Bullets in FC3 have an impact, and the death animations are alright. People also delightfully fly through the air when they're too close to an explosion.
    All in all, I love this game. You will too. If you can put yourself to deal with the annoying Uplay, you'll have dozens of hours of fun.
  39. Dec 4, 2012
    I really liked this game alot. It has great visuals and most importantly a fantastic story. This is one of the few games that has held my attention for quite some time. It has alot of the open fun that Crysis had along with one of the best boss fights i have ever seen.
  40. Dec 4, 2012
    I started the week playing Black Ops 2 and taking a break now and again. Then I bought far Cry 3 and thought it wouldn't be much good but in all honesty I haven't played Black Ops 2 since and my biggest, hugest problem with Far Cry 3 is putting it down!! I've never had a game so immersive e pull me in even though I resisted at the beginning and thought it was not much good but after the initial initiation I have played it all day everyday and can't stop. The last game that had me so immersed but not as much was Far Cry 2 but this is enormous fun.

    I had one mission where I was attempting to catch a base with two heavies which are very difficult to bring down. I scouted the area took some photos to keep my enemies in target on my radar and outg of the blue a tiger attacked the base and killed the two heavies. I finished off the other one AFTER he had so kindly eliminated the tiger for me and claimed the base thanks all to the tiger.

    Far Cry 3 is addictive, immersive, pure fun and it will tie you to your chair and is game of the year as far as I'm concerned as well as being worth $100 entertainment value. To get such quality in a game is rare and whether you like stealth or all guns blazing you'll love Far Cry 3.

    I' ve also had times when I was sneaking up on a camp and a wild animal was sneaking up on me and gorged me to death. Animals stalk you too and you need to hunt them to increase the size of your containers. It's such a real jungle where you can't just run through it without watching your back for a tiger or leapard or dog that will attack you.
  41. Apr 20, 2013
    I must say, this game really surprised me: infact is surprisingly playable and even though it may resemble like a "Skyrim with guns", it has its unique traits to make the difference. The game has 3 modes, and the first (and most important) is the story mode, which is basically the core of the game. The story is actually engaging and your character is...not bad! You kinda sympathize with him in the end because he becomes sure of himself and becomes a real warrior of the jungle. We also have various missions here and we also need to hunt for animals, in order to increase our inventory. The island is huge and you'll take a lot of time to explore it. The graphics are good but they lack some extra detail that could have made it amazing, but it's still good, without mentioning the huge amount of secrets and things to discover (relics, lost letters from the war, underwater caves, etc). But still, it has some big flaws that really annoyed me: for starters, the idea of giving you an extremely limited inventory is bad and at the beginning of the game you won't be able to carry more than 1 weapon at the time, with also few ammo, few medicines, few grenades, few rockets, few anything! Luckily it can be increased rather quick by just hunting the animals you need but it's a huge limitation at the beginning that forces you to sell almost anything you get and to make you use weapons that aren't good for silent attacks. It looks more like an excuse to hunt animals, more than a real limitation. Since the island is huge, you'll be able to drive on the island, but the controls are horrible and really feels like it's sliding on the road. And those are jeeps. The game will make us see from "his eyes" so we basically play from his perspective in all times...yet we only see his hands: are we a ghost? That really seems a big lack, considering that the "feel" the game wants to give us is a feel of "real life" and engagement. Infact, the inventory shouldn't even be a menu on another screen and it should be on without stopping the game (sort of like Dead Space). That would have made things much more interesting and engaging. The missions are...very lacking too. You get more missions by conquering outposts (and if you do without being seen, you get tons of exp), and these missions are usually of 2 kinds: 1) kill a pirate with your knife 2) kill a rare animal...which is easily spotted on the map. There are also other sub quests, but they are even easier than the previous ones and usually takes no more than 5 minute. In other words, it could have been better Ah, and there are also challenges to do but they usually just give you money, which is so easy to obtain in the game and you'll be often spending it in order to keep your wallet free. And for last, your skills: you don't have levels but you obtain skill points each time you get enough experience: the skills are many and splitted into 3 branches, which mostly differs on game styles more than actual "speccs". It might be good except that the game forces you to play onward for unlocking your advanced skills! I had 5-6 points to spend, but no new skills to buy, and in the end I had to continue in order to unlock more: this again kills the purpose of being free, since you'll be limited on your skills until you reach a certain point of the story, without mentioning that a lot of these skills are useless and gaining skill points is a breeze (1500 exp just for taking over an outpost without being seen!). However, as a story mode itself, is great, engaging and fun, and that alone it's enough to entertain you. But we also have co-op mode, which you take control of 1 of 4 characters, which aren't exactly related with the story of game, and you'll basically do campaigns with more people. I wasn't able to play it entirely due to my bad luck but it was pretty intense! The enemies are tough and your weapons choice (which can be pre-set or the same as your multiplayer set) count. I can't say exactly much, but it's still more variation to a game that have a lot of content. For last, we have a multiplayer, which is similar to Call of Duty in style...except you actually need to aim. There are various modes and the weapons are varied, although unlocked by levels, and you get attachments from decoding (and if I'm right also from levels). The arenas are pretty detailed and very cured: I hardly saw campers and the reason is that you can't kill in few hits (unless you use a shotgun), forcing you to aim and to try to be a little more precise. We also get "killstreaks", which aren't many but they aren't unbalanced either. This mode is, in a nutshell, a more balanced version of Call of Duty, and it's a good time waster for those moments you just want to shoot. All in all, a very good game, fun to play andreally enjoyable, definitely worth a try out if you want to play a good FPS-RPG game. Nothing really original...but it's extremely fun to play! Expand
  42. Dec 4, 2012
    (Note: I'm in Europe, I've had this game since Nov 29th) I think this is the first game this year to not disappoint me. I was a semi-fan of Far Cry 2 - it was almost a good game, but some unfortunately game-breaking bugs, such as the quickly respawning enemies and broken stealth elements, kept it from reaching its potential and could unfortunately not be modded away. I had high hopes that Far Cry 3 would fix these mistakes while keeping the open gameplay and solid shooter mechanics. It has. Far Cry 3 starts you off as a regular Joe who's never killed anyone before, and forces him to become a killing machine in order to save his friends and two brothers. This story is nice enough, but doesn't explain how Jason - that's you - becomes the world's foremost assassin in a couple of days, so Ubisoft apparently felt the need to add some voodoo magic to explain this. I'm not too sure about this design decisions, which also leads to some, in my opinion, bad story elements, but I suppose it works well enough to keep you interested. The gameplay is absolutely great, letting you freely choose stealth or gung-ho gunning in almost every situation, and particularly the stealth gameplay is some of the best I've seen yet, and it's my favourite genre. Like in Far Cry 2 you are encouraged to scout enemy positions before attacking, and your (admittedly unrealistic and unexplained) zoom-lens camera can tag enemies for you, letting you know their positions in realtime when you move in. If you go the stealth-route you can then choose to dispatch your enemies either with your machete, which will give an XP bonus (yes, the game has RPG elements that also work great), or with any number of silenced weapons, not least of which a bow. If you go with the machete, a skill upgrade will also allow you to drag away the bodies, so your enemies won't find them and raise the alarm. If you clear an enemy outpost silently, you get triple the XP on top of the satisfaction.

    Graphics are of course as excellent as you'd expect from a Far Cry game, and the island is huge (but don't worry, you can fast travel) and looks absolutely stunning, with extreme view range even on the lowest settings. Though I have to say I miss the African savannah setting from FC2, which has now been replaced with a more commonly seen South-east Asian jungle island.

    Unfortunately there are a few things I don't like so much, that prevent it from getting a perfect 10. One of the things, which may seem minor, is that the game constantly reminds you to go to your next main mission with a box on screen and a thumping sound. That's extremely annoying when on a side mission, as even after many hours of gameplay, I think I've been discovered or something when the sound plays. The story has clearly taken quite a few hints from COD, and incidentally they're the parts I like the least. The side missions are still very repetitive and don't feel natural. The hunting gameplay, which starts out very rewarding, becomes completely pointless fairly quickly, when you've upgraded what you want. Why not make pelts worth some decent money at least? I can get more from searching one enemy corpse than by selling a tiger skin. I'm also not too crazy about most of the skills being locked for the first half or so of the game. I think it should be limited by XP levels alone. There are also a few inconsistencies in the gameplay, such as enemies sometimes hearing you throw a knife and sometimes not, and the takedown button (one hit kill with machete) sometimes not working, making you just slash an enemy instead, which alerts the others. Really annoying when you're going for that undetected bonus. But none of this is enough to ruin my enjoyment of what really is a great game.
  43. Mar 7, 2013
    This is exactly what Far Cry 2 should have been. (Except for the crappy MAP UI and the lack of the sleeping feature)
    Beautiful graphics, amazing sounds and gun sounds, bad NPC voice acting and a gorgeous island to explore, hunt or just to enjoy the scenery.
    The storyline is quite MEH, but i'll take it anyway it since FC never really had a good story to be honest.
    The MP and the CO-OP is
    quite good, a bit glitchy though.

    The map editor guarantee hours of fun. :D
  44. Mar 16, 2013
    This game easily receives a 10. The story was engaging, the game play was a joy, and the graphics are amazing. I never touched the Co-op or the multi-player because I never cared to. Far Cry has never been about either. The story lasted a little over 30 hours for me and there are still more places I would like to go explore.
  45. Dec 19, 2012
    Almost a perfect score, denied for a few issues that may or may not get fixed in time. Basically the game is a great all rounder... solo is fantastic, co-op is fun, and the multi is good fun too.... the problems are basically that it uses p2p game matching rather than dedicated hosting... so the main multiplayer mode is pretty much dire state due to people hosting with crap pings and low bandwidth etc. The second annoyance is custom maps made with the editor cant use ai npcs and animals or even vehicles for anything else but solo challenges, need to have them unlocked for all modes ASAP. While these are big problems it's not enough to call this a bad game, it's great. Expand
  46. Oct 13, 2014
    They basically took all the gameplay elements of an Assassin's Creed game and adapted them for Far Cry. Towers in Assassin's Creed become camps in Far Cry. Viewpoints become radio towers. Swan diving into a hay stack becomes ziplining. And it works. It's simple and keeps you coming back.

    The shooting mechanics and animations are fantastic. The crafting, the tattoo system, the
    weapon upgrading, it all works wonderfully. And there is plenty of content. And co-op which I haven't yet tried.

    The story is very good despite not making sense most of the time. The voice acting is excellent for the most part, however the islanders all have the same **** voice and look identical. Story takes about 20-30 hours depending on how fast you go. The soundtrack (composed by Brian Tyler) is amazing.

    Unfortunately there's Uplay, and parts of the game don't look that great thanks to the last-gen potatoes. Strangely, I had trouble maintaining 60 fps at higher than Medium settings, but MSAA and High textures weren't a problem. Noticed some occasional stuttering for whatever reason, but nothing too bad. Vsync was a little finicky.

    I do wish there was a little more to Far Cry 3. The gameplay design felt very conservative and tried-and-true. I would like to see some new things in Far Cry 4.
  47. Dec 28, 2012
    Huge improvement on FC2 in every area so far, in my opinion. The story and characters are actually interesting this time, the island looks amazing, and the gunplay and weapon choices really have me hooked as well. The game does have some obvious flaws but because the core mechanics are so well done, they really don't take much away from the experience. Just to name some things that bothered me, most of the side quests and activities are pretty boring and feel pointless such as the supply runs. Also because enemies stop respawning when you take an outpost, if you conquer the entire island, it makes it entirely boring in the areas you've captured. However, there are a few mods out there now fix this issue either by making it so wiping an outpost doesn't bring it under your control, or being able to reset them all. WITH THOSE MODS, I would give it a 9 or 10 but I'm judging the vanilla game here. Expand
  48. Dec 27, 2012
    Pros: stunning visuals, great story and characters, beautiful open world to explore, very satysfying combat.
    Cons: repetitive side missions, crashed a few times.

    In short: one of the best games of 2012.
  49. Nov 19, 2013
    Game is borked due to uplay bug and drm. Played intro, had to leave, now my key is invalid and i cant play it no response from ubi support. 30 minute game is bad and not fun 0 score
  50. Mar 17, 2014
    Generally a really well done, fun game but it cannot match the supreme experience of Far Cry 2 - though that in itself is no shame. The combat works well, the new takedown mechanisms add to the stealth options but in the end the AI is too blind for stealth to truly work and reach the same heights as in Far Cry 2. Stealth is most fun in the beginning before you realize just how close and visible you need to get to get caught. Once you realize that, you tend to stop trying.

    I recommend Ziggy's mod for an improved challenge and gameplay experience but the vanilla is also an enjoyable ride if you like it easy.

    The game starts off at its strongest point and then slowly slides. The first island is great fun and both exploring and fighting is just addicting. However, as you get all your skills, weapons and move on to the second island, it starts to slide slightly and by the end it's all routine. The story also falls short, unfortunately, and by the end it straight up stumbles. The ending, whichever you choose, is awful.

    That said, the awesome graphics and fun game mechanics make this a great game overall and it should be played by any FPS fan. The best shooter made since its prequel.
  51. Feb 5, 2013
    Insanely good game, 2012 GOTY for sure and best single-player game I've played in years. Awesome sandbox with a STRONG narrative when you choose to pursue it great characters, some nice twists and violent on some deep, disturbing levels.
  52. Dec 7, 2012
    An unfortunate let down. The game is way to easy on the hardest difficult setting. Right when I thought it might get more difficult it stays practically the same throughout. "Quests" are very repetitive. Find guy, kill him. Find animal, kill it. Get medical package to location. Race against clock. That's about it. No story in quests. The reviews for the game give it so much praise but I'm baffled as to why. I really tried to like this game but even the protagonist is a pain. Half the time I wanted to kill the people I was trying to save. Why would I want to save a bunch of snot nosed American kids that only care about themselves? However, besides the kids I'm trying to save the story is decent. Overall, the game is amazing if you're not use to FPS or RPG. But other then that it's a let down.

    IMPORTANT: This game is pretty racist. The good guys have Australian (white) accents while the bad guys have African accents. Shame on Ubisoft for doing that.
  53. Sep 12, 2013
    I can't really judge the content, i couldn't go far enough. The game is so bugged i raged quit. My PC is well above recommend hardware but i still experienced constant stuttering even on low settings. The stuttering is not the only anoyance you get stuck in stairs and doors; you have to jump through some of them
  54. Jun 16, 2014
    Blood Dragon is much better game than this. Okay, I don't want to judge a FarCry's whole main storyline, but acting, dialogs - they are just awful. And Jason is a crying maiden used to talk to himself. AI is a crap, you can kill pirate without sound suppressor, hide near in a small bush - and his friends will forget about you in 30 seconds. And of course they wouldn't trigger the alarm, "there is nothing to worry about". Animals are not better - predators politely warn you with roar, tigers and leopards like to charge prey instead of real hunting. Watching a couple of komodo dragons wiping several patrols of arming men is funny. Quests like "drive this car for 30 seconds from A to B" or "I am a poor woman living in a rubble pile but take this 500 dollars as reward" are just indicate level of creativity put in this game. All that is good in this game - graphics and a relatively big world to explore. Expand
  55. Feb 7, 2013
    Far Cry 3 saved the series after a string of pointless spin-offs of the first game, a remake, and a remake OF the remake. To top it off, the last main entry, Far Cry 2, was a mediocre, frustrating, redundant, and unrewarding game set in a somewhat-interesting landscape that lacked any incentive to explore it. Far Cry 3 was a welcome improvement over its predecessors, However, the game still suffers from the biggest game-breaking flaw that has plagued the series since the beginning: A large, beautiful environment with no rewards for actually exploring it. All of the weapons are available to the player for free, as long as they unlock radio towers, and the process of doing so requires no challenge. To make it worse, the player has unlimited, free access to previously-unavailable weapons after they pick them up from the corpse of a foe. Meaning if you just grabbed a shiny new gun from the ground, congratulations, you now have it an endless free supply of them, just like any other weapon you may have shelled out thousands of dollars for. There are hardly any unique side-quests worth going out of your way for, and they only reward you with money, which you'll find you have plenty of mid-way through the game. Money is almost worthless once you have all of the weapons readily available. The only purpose is buying the occasional much-needed health, ammo, or body armor. None of which (with maybe the exception of body armor) are difficult to obtain on your own. In fact, I have so many green leaves, which are use to craft healing items, that I had to sell most of them just because I needed the space, and I would never, ever need that much. There are other types of syringes, used for such things as boosting damage resistance to fire, and aiding your hunting and exploration abilities, however, they are unnecessary. Hunting isn't particularly difficult, and neither is combat, even on the most difficult setting. I could go on and on about why Far Cry 3 will not satisfy those who want a meaningful sandbox game, but if you are looking for a slick, fulfilling shooter game, you'll have a blast. Good controls is vital to great combat. Far Cry 3 rivals Max Payne 3 for having the most crisp, fluid controls of any PC game of 2012, even on mid-grade gaming rigs that can't quite run Far Cry 3 with optimal performance. The graphics are eye-popping; the water stands out. The many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls look incredible, especially when the sunlight shimmers along the top, and the bodies of your enemies float freely, slowly staining the teal-liquid red.

    In short ,Far Cry 3 fails to impress the adventurer in me, but the warrior in me hasn't been this impressed with a shooter since BioShock.
  56. Jan 27, 2013
    Underwhelming and over hyped. Once the world opens up to you, the game becomes a series of tedious exercises in collecting plants and animal hides to work around the ridiculous caps on money, ammo, and equipment the game saddles you with. Worst part about the crafting system is the specificity of materials required for a given upgrade. For example, collect two hides of species X for the first upgrade. Congratulations! Next, collect two hides of species Y who is only found on the other side of the **** island! Why does the same item require leather from a specific sub species of tapir when boar hide was good enough for the first upgrade? The map doesn't tell you which animal icons are what animal, so most of the time it's blind luck you're after the right one. The side missions are silly mini games that undercut the atmosphere of gritty survival the game attempts to conjure. Much like Far Cry 2, stealth sucks because enemies instantly know where your position is even when using a silenced sniper rifle. The story is terrible and I could give two **** about the main character and his obnoxious friends. I'm tired of open world games that craft a visually stunning world with the promise of exploration and adventure only to populate it with tantalizing caves and abandoned buildings whose only point of interest turn out to be a wooden crate with a shark tooth necklace and absurdly repetitive side missions/farming tasks. Also, no predatory cat should be able to withstand half a magazine 7.62 rounds from an AK-47 when it takes two rounds to down a human NPC. It's like Red Dead Redemption's cougars all over again. Expand
  57. Apr 1, 2013
    Thinking about buying this one? Just play Far Cry 1 instead. Far Cry 1 was great. AI not so good, but the game was great. Far Cry 2 sucked. This one sucks less, but given it is 2013, this game sucks. And it really is too bad because the story has some interesting twists. The cut scenes and acting are pretty good. But the AI is a joke, the game play is repetitive and somewhat stupid. OK, I'm stranded on a tropical island filled with pirates and I need to rescue my friends, but I can only carry 1 magazine of bullets until I kill some animals and craft a new pouch out of their skins? Did anyone not stoned proof read the concept? Ugh, I had to quit after just 3 hours. I just don't care enough to finish this turd. Expand
  58. Dec 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *Some spoilers*: POINT ONE: Ubisoft, the grand masters of screwing legitimate buyers with stupid DRM force you to install "Uplay". It's another crappy attempt at selling their games direct. Who knows what it steals from your PC (thanks Origin). It also doesn't really work with Steam. You have to access the game through Steam, but it's not visible in Uplay if you launch it by itself.
    POINT TWO: This game has been out for almost a week, but Metacritic kept claiming there were 4 days til release. I can only assume that's either a tactic to bump up the (always) ridiculously high "professional" critic reviews, or the people running this website don't know what they're doing.
    POINT TWO: Remember Far Cry 2, and how annoying it was? Like the endlessly re-spawning enemies at roadside shanties? The guns that broke in half? The myriad pointless assassination missions? The fact that is was endlessly boring after a while? The malaria? Well, Far Cry 3 is Far Cry 2 with most of the annoying parts removed and set in a tropical paradise. That's not a bad thing, but it's also nothing particularly special. We've already seen it before. The engine is the same, the graphics are largely the same, the gameplay is largely the same. It's good, but not great. They obviously listened to everyone griping, and just re-wrote the same game. There's hang gliders everywhere, guns that don't break, stupid AI and no malaria. Okay, so the AI is lame in both games, but that's how it is these days.
    POINT THREE: The story is much more prominent, but very cheesy and lite. So cheesy, in fact, that it's laughable at some points. Some user reviewer here said the story had them in tears! Bwah hah hah hah! But seriously, there's mystic powers, a magical self-inking tattoo and islanders with strong New Zealand accents. The nerds who wrote the story for this game are spotty freaks who, well, can't write a story worth a damn.
    POINT FOUR: It's easy. I mean _very_ easy. There's all this RPG-style stuff going on in the background, like learning new skills, collecting things to make stuff, but it's all unnecessary. I mean _completely_ unnecessary. Some things might be handy, like making a holster from wild goats to carry more guns, but you get decent guns everywhere, so why bother? You can also make syringes of medicine, but I've never needed them. Since you don't need any of it to play the game, what's the point?
    POINT FIVE: The driving is hectic. Sometimes a little too fast and overly-responsive, and every car seems to spin out as soon as you press the button that controls the pedal (if you get what I mean). POINT SIX: Some fun side-quests: "trials" where you kill as many baddies as you can in an allotted amount of time, hunt down animals, hunt down baddies, deliver medical supplies etc. POINT SEVEN: The graphics are okay, but basically the same as Far Cry 2. There are some neat vistas to look at, but they're not as epic as Far Cry 2. There was something about the African savanna that tweaked my noodle. A tropical island is overdone. If only they had released a patch for Far Cry 2 that took out all the crap parts and made it a great game. Oh, wait, Far Cry 3 graphics. Right. yeah, they're okay. Intense colours, nice water effects, black shadows around all the NPCs. DX11 lighting effects and all the rocks shine.
    CONCLUSION: It's pretty good as a game and it's growing on me. It will keep you entertained for a while, but it's not what the hype says (it never is). Re-playability looks pretty good. My disappointment is more due to the fact that it's just a remake of Far Cry 2, which means we've seen this all before. Nothing innovative, a lame story and the horrible, unnecessary Uplay application from Ubisoft that you are forced to install. Besides that, people have claimed on the Steam forums that the game is an "amazing experience". No, it's not. Watching the sun rise in Turkey while on a backpacking holiday is an amazing experience. Skydiving is an amazing experience. Having a new-born child is an amazing experience. This is a computer game. Big difference. Having said that, there is fun to be had, and it's not a bad way to waste $70 and hours of your life.
  59. Mar 17, 2013
    This is what I wanted Skyrim to be. A beautiful world to run around in, but with an actually good storyline and a sense of reason for being there. Wandering around hunting or helping others had a point too. Far Cry has previously typically been a tech demo in my mind, so I thought it was overhyped, even after playing through the demo at E3'12. Boy, was I wrong. I'm glad I played through the free copy that came with my video card purchase, it's one of my favourite games of the year. Expand
  60. Feb 19, 2013
    This game was pretty enjoyable. It fixed many of the issues I had with Far Cry 2, but made some changes I wasn't ready to accept. I know this goes against the consensus, but the story in this game was quite ridiculous. The tribal nonsense, the quick time events, and the oh-so-tiring explosive action sequences found in every other shooter game made me miss the more realistic story of Far Cry 2. My only other legitimate complaint is that the PC version feels shafted. The visuals don't look too terribly impressive, at least not enough to justify the low framerates I get on my mid range PC. The mouse on the menu doesn't respond that well. But don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic sequel and perhaps the best shooter I've played for a while. Expand
  61. Dec 21, 2012
    The game is becomes boring very fast. Before you know it, all you do is clear pirate bases and activate communication towers. The only interesting parts are the main plot missions but those won't last that long.
    There is no motivation to explore, as you never get anything besides money (presuming you manage not to run around with a full wallet) and junk. You don't get anything like
    special weapons or interesting items.
    The requirement to craft bags and stuff, makes it pretty tedious. You don't need medicine at all, as they're just bonus buffs and it's not like you need health pots as you can always just duck around a corner and heal with your basic heal instead of instantly with a health pot, this is a FPS not Diablo.
    The regular enemies and allies are just clones of eachother. They literally have like a couple face variants being repeated over and over and they're all just regular humans.

    Anyway, game is boring and bland.
  62. Jan 1, 2013
    I'm not gonna lie. Far Cry 3 was probably the most fun I've had with any releases of this year so far. But that's mainly because there wasn't that much else that quite reached it's level in terms of both content and execution. But does that really make it a good game?
    Well....yes. It is good, however people now a days seem to make out everything that is above mediocre to be the greatest
    thing ever, which it really isn't.

    I'd say one of it's biggest problems is that it's just all in all not really challenging. I played the game on the hardest difficulty level and even then the enemies aren't much of a thread, especially once you upgrade your health. The healing mechanic is also just broken. You can heal yourself whenever you want and how many times you want, even during combat.. Not to mention that there's also healing syringes that heal you even faster.

    The game's also rather grindy. I like the fact that you have to hunt animals to craft new pouches etc, but it would have been more enjoyable if you'd start hunting naturally and not having to go to specific places to find a specific animal in order to craft or upgrade something.
    Far Cry 3 also suffers from what I like to call "Overkill syndrome". Meaning that the beginning is actually the most challenging part of the game, but as you unlock more things, the game becomes progressively easier. So it's exactly the opposite of how a game should progress.

    The world it self is pretty empty. The only main attractions are liberating outposts and some side quests that rarely differ. (Kill that guy with a knife, hunt down that animal with a bow).
    Honestly, liberating the outposts is pretty much the best part of the game because it's just simply the most sandbox-y.

    I was also rather disappointed by the story. It's so well acted! Vaas (the guy on the cover) is such a great character...but he only gets like 5 minutes of screenplay...and he's only there for like half of the game.
    I think the main problem here is that the characters are just so weakly established. I really didn't care for most of them, even though they had such great performances.
    The ending's also pretty weak. It just pulls a "Choose your ending cutscene" kind of ending.

    The multiplayer and CO-OP aren't really noteworthy either. CO-OP is just tagged on mission based **** No exploration, just stand inside of a base and kill incoming enemies.
    As for the competitive Multiplayer, I certainly had more fun with that than co-op, but I don't see it lasting for very long. Though I really liked how they took familiar game modes and put some new mechanics into them. They even added in a new game mode called firestorm which is certainly worth checking out.
    However it suffers from what most multiplayer components suffer from now a days. Having to level up and unlock new gear is tedious and really senseless in a game like this. You can't level up in custom and private matches. And the biggest killer: Match-making only. Why? Because it never **** works. I rarely get into a game that doesn't have at least 2 host immigrations.
    The map editor is certainly a lot of fun to mess around with. However nobody really plays on custom maps because as stated: No leveling in custom matches.

    All in all if someone asked me if they should buy the game at full price...sure, go ahead. There's certainly a lot of fun to be had. It's just not as perfect as most people make it out to be.
    if you're only interested in single player anyway, I'd say wait for the price to drop.
  63. Dec 25, 2012
    It shouldn't come as a surprise, what with all the media coverage and the sellouts of the gaming industry claiming "enlightening gameplay" that this game is mediocre at best. I've played FC2 a lot and i see no major differences between FC3 and FC2. I mean sure, FC3 graphically stunning, colorful and it has something resembling a story, as opposed to FC2, but all those things aside it suffers from lack of ideas in more areas than one. The setting is a large and spacious rainforest/jungle with no apparent limits to movement. Sadly, this world is populated by stupid NPCs and wild animals and has practically NO variety to gameplay. The missions are pathetically simple and stupid (Kill this, kill that, go there, come back). One of the things, that this game has going for it, is the crafting system. It's a refreshment, however small, and it appeals to most of the gamers that feel betrayed by the aforementioned lack of content. The RPG elements feel a tad out of place, but find their purpose nonetheless. With those elements there's also the illusion of "progress" that plagues every game of late, but it's transparently obvious that it's a lie. I mean you're shooting guns at people from a distance and then they die. Not as often, they shoot back and then you die. It all comes down to how good you are at aiming and not dying, just like any other FPS, and that is OK. The story is cliche. People get kidnapped and it's up to you to get them back. I don't know about anyone else, but i'm getting tired of that shtick. The characters are reminiscent of those in FC2, and the voice acting can be tedious, but is ultimately satisfying. All in All, it's a good FPS for people that want freedom of movement, mindless action and colorful backgrounds, but even they will be bored after a while and go for something more fulfilling. Expand
  64. Dec 9, 2012
    So good its just not funny. A Blend of Skyrim with Contemporary setting, FPS with RPG, Open World, whats not to like? GFX push the boundaries and acting that is actually very good Vaas should win an Oscar.
  65. Jan 20, 2013
    Wow! This is the most fun I have had with a video game this year. Perhaps I'm just easily impressed, but FC3 held my interest from start to finish. It has just the right amount of cut scenes to tell a story and the rest of the game is nonstop action. My only complaint is that I couldn't find a way around watching an entire cut scene when I first logged on. The save points weren't very user friendly. Otherwise, this game is well worth playing and reminds me of Borderlands 2 with a touch of realism. Expand
  66. Dec 10, 2012
    I can not express how utterly disappointed I am with this game. It is a complete waste of time. First of all, it's far too easy to die and there's really no reward for staying alive except to circumvent respawning in some random location with an indeterminate amount of progress lost. It is literally impossible to figure out how much progress you've lost short of referencing how much ammo you have when your last save loads compared to how much you had before you died. Second, the enemy AI is horrible. You can shoot them with a silenced rifle from 1000 yards and they will, in most cases, establish your exact position immediately. Third, after you upgrade all your bags from animal hides, animals cease to have a purpose other than ambushing you while you're trying to sneak up on the enemy. Fourth, I've actually lost missions and had to load a previous save because my AI controlled "allies" randomly showed up and killed the person I was supposed to assassinate. Fifth, there is only one active quest at a time. You are never allowed to pursue more than one goal at any given time and despite supposed "updates" the game will remind you of your current mission objective with a huge pop-up every two minutes. The list goes on and on. But these aren't minor things. These are game-breaking flaws that completely ruin the experience. It's like this game was play-tested, but never fun-tested. Expand
  67. Jan 6, 2013
    Fantastic game, I loved and and still am playing through it's content but i am sufficiently through it to say thats it's been one of the best games this year, Only losing out to the walking dead for game of the year!
  68. Jan 1, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is an amazing game. The graphics are incredible, and if you're capable of running this maxed you're in for a treat. I found my finger hovering over the screenshot button most of the game. The storyline is very, very dark, and, minus the mystical tattoo silliness, will remind anyone who's read it of Heart of Darkness. Vaas is incredibly compelling, and steals every scene he's in. Gameplay is likewise excellent, and how you approach things is largely up to you. Sneak around, be stealthy, set up traps, or go in guns blazing and burn everything down. I do have a few minor issues, and one major one which prevent me from giving it a 10 though. Hunting is fun for a while, but once you've crafted everything (which is pretty much a necessity, you will want to do it ASAP) there's no reason to continue, and loot interaction, especially looting bodies, is awkward. The major issue I have, however, is with the quick buttons. There are only 4, and 2 should be used for your camera and rock throwing, meaning that out of the dozen or so crafted items you can make only 2 are easily available at a time. It's a PC game, there's NO reason for the limited console control scheme. Despite the questionable controls, I still found Far Cry 3 to be one of the best games I've played this year. Expand
  69. Dec 9, 2012
    Gra warta wydania 130zł Bardzo dobrze rozwinieta i fajna fabuła.Optymalizacja tej gry troche kuleję ale jak na taki wielki obszar jest dobrze. Za mało jest broni.
  70. Dec 5, 2012
    I don't know why some people saying bad things about this game but after playing 50% of the game this is an excellent game.Water graphics could have been better but other than that ,this is a gorgeous game.

    Story=6 (hated the protagonist)
    Sandbox game play=10

    Please play the game actually then criticize .
  71. Dec 25, 2012
    I am an avid player of FPS games, but not of single player games. I haven't really sat down and enjoyed a FPS game since Half-Life, and I didn't think it would be too much different with Far Cry 3, especially after not being impressed with Far Cry 2 on the 360.

    I was wrong, though. I loved this game. The story was actually really good and the graphics are awesome. The AI are fantastic,
    and it's completely possible to beat this game with a bow and arrow. Pick it up, it's worth it for 50 dollars, and completely worth it at anything less than that. Expand
  72. Dec 16, 2012
    After the disappointing Far Cry 2 I wasn't expecting much from this game. The developers got much right and made a game that is challenging and fun. I like that once you take an outpost it isn't repopulated by enemy units in 5 minutes like in FC2. I also like the explosive tip arrows - made me feel like Rambo. Things to improve - I hate cutscenes where control is taken away. I also want a quicksave option - I hate the checkpoint system. Also, there isn't anything left to do once you take over all of the enemy bases - I wish they had made an option where enemy units try to retake their bases and you have the option to defend them against onslaught of enemy - if you can't defend the base the enemy takes it back and you have to retake it. Looks good, physics are good, story and skills are cool and fun. All in all I really enjoyed the game, co-op is fun too. Expand
  73. Dec 10, 2012
    This game should have a subtitle: "Farcry 3: I can't believe this was made by Ubisoft". The game is fantastic, has massive amounts of content, incredible voice acting, top notch visuals and a huge game world to explore and the story is intense and keeps you interested through it's characters. Value for money is guaranteed. Do not pass up this title.
  74. Dec 8, 2012
    The game starts off amazingly, and sets a tone that wows you and makes you feel like it'll carry on until the very end. Sadly, this only lasts until a quarter of the way through, when the narrative just becomes ludicrous and sloppy, and has you questioning whether or not the writers were also kidnapped alongside your friends. And since all of the mayhem, and the reason for inflicting it, is carried by the story, this is a major eyesore in what is otherwise a very fun, and intense open-world game. I won't spoil anything for you, but let's just say there were many times where I had to just turn my brain off and force myself not to think about what just happened. The characters, and much of the voice acting, however, are top notch. I could write more about the game here, but long Metacritic user reviews look like crap and nobody wants to read a wall of text. So should you play this game? Yes. Absolutely. Just make sure you don't think too hard about it, and also make sure you crank the difficulty all the way, because the game is far too easy even on the highest difficulty. Like a Michael Bay film, Far Cry 3 isn't going to win your heart and stimulate you intellectually, but with the right hardware and a bag of popcorn, it's still a pretty darn good time. And damn if it doesn't have one of the greatest intros to a shooter I've played. Expand
  75. Jan 22, 2013
    The first half of this game is great. The antagonist give you the chills in a similar way hat the Joker does for Batman. The second half of this game continues its solid gameplay, but the story is total crap.
  76. Jan 8, 2013
    I have very mixed feelings about this game. Yes its a great shooter with excellent mechanics, interesting scenarios, a very rich and well developed world, there's really no game engine or mechanics related complaints from me. I think that the story, while easy to criticize, was fairly non intrusive and provided some guidance to the progression of the game; this is not an rpg, don't expect an rpg. However at the end of this game, I felt absolutely nothing but disappointed. For a game world of this magnitude, you end up going through only a tiny fraction of it and very seldom in any sort of truly engaging way. There are very few moments of immersion or tension, very few moments of excitement; don't get me wrong, when the sh*t hits the fan in this game it becomes very entertaining and surprising, but the problem is that this just doesn't happen often enough. 80% of the game is spent doing little rpg-element activities or simply travelling... the real guilty parties here are not any of the programmers but rather the directors and designers who just didn't make even remotely adequate use of what their development team handed to them. To give you an example; as part of the huge map, there are WWII era bunker installations all over the place, moldy and ruined and full of atmosphere; and the best way that the designers could come up with to make use of these is to put "letters" in them and tell the player to look for the letters and read them... seriously. That's just a tragic loss of potential and its one of many. Expand
  77. Jan 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A very very enjoyable game. Great story (which unfortunately loses steam after the sudden and inglorious ending of the beautifully-acted Vaas character), fun gameplay, and crafting that doesn't take up much of your time. A beautiful, though imperfect, little sandbox that is well worth the time it takes to play through. Expand
  78. Jul 4, 2013
    This is the best a shooter can get really at least in single player. Everything about this game is so good and not only that, but it really is better than the sum of its parts. The graphics are by far the best in a shooter. Most of the time draw distance and floor detail are pathetic but not in this game. The best grass, water, lighting, draw distance and general realism as well as nice visual effects and a great environment make this a breath-taking experience just on that alone. On top of that, the game manages to combine the beautiful islands of Far Cry 1 and its ground-breaking graphical advancements with heart-pounding, suspenseful, stealthy/Rambo gameplay combination with Far Cry 2's open world nature and massive map, AND it adds some really nice RPG elements which do not retract from the core gameplay. As a Far Cry game, this is probably the one that defines the franchise. I've always hated RPGs with a burning passion, but Far Cry 3 manages to implement RPG features so seamlessly that it adds to the experience without making it feel slow or cumbersome. The game does a fantastic job of making everything simple and intuitive without the need for a massive tutorial or guide, since everything is introduced as and when needed. Right from the beginning, this game is immersive, realistic but also very respectful of the player for instance, you won't be forced to travel manually to a safehouse or redo an entire mission if you died checkpoint management is perfect, and so is saving the game. Difficulties are perfect too staying true to Far Cry tradition of the Hard setting favouring stealth over aggression. As you'd expect from an open-world game, there are side quests scattered throughout, but thankfully these aren't RPG like at all. They usually involve some shooting or driving given a certain weapon/vehicle and time limit, with thresholds for rewards. In terms of the main story, the progression is yet again perfect. You can pretty much do everything from the start and explore at your own leisure, upgrade your skills and inventory, or go straight from one mission to the next. The fact that pretty much everything being available without having to grind through unnecessary tasks or even finish the story makes this one of few games which a shooter fan can enjoy without having to deal with the cumbersome RPG side of things. As for the story itself, it's something which you want to follow in the same way as the original Far Cry. It plays like a stereotypical Hollywood action movie, but a really good one which for the entire length of the movie it has your undivided attention. The controls, game mechanics, progression, graphics, free-roam, sound and overall game design are truly at the peak of what's possible. The multiplayer is not as spectacular, but it's far more simple and enjoyable than say, Crysis 2 or Call of Duty. The most astonishing achievement is how it manages to implement standard features such as perks and customisable weapons, yet no matter whether you're top rank or just starting, the default classes are not limiting. It's purely gun-on-gun gameplay but the ability to revive teammates is also nice. It plays like a third-person shooter, where everything is simple and there aren't any overpowered killstreaks or sentry guns or stun grenades etc. My only criticism of the multiplayer is that it's quite slow and the weapons seem to be very precisely defined in purpose. For example, it's near impossible to use a sniper at close range, and near impossible to use an SMG at long range etc. so you're almost forced to play in a certain way depending on your weapon of choice. It's not a bad thing, but certainly takes some getting used to if you prefer games which accommodate for more creative and diverse playstyles. The ranks, progression, unlocks and all the standard stuff are present but not overcomplicated or bloated like in Black Ops 2. Everything is balanced and satisfying to use. The multiplayer is decent but nothing special, but is enjoyable and addicting Overall however, this game is all about the single-player experience, and multiplayer is a nice side-feature. The campaign is a lot faster than Far Cry 2 so the suspense isn't sustained for as long, but it isn't a pure shooter like Far Cry 1. It's a nice balance between the two, and I would recommend this game to anyone who likes first-person shooters and open world games. Expand
  79. Dec 4, 2012
    This is a GAME OF THE YEAR contender for sure. The first thing I noticed was that the voice acting is top notch. It really brings you into the experience and makes the story more compelling. Of course the graphics and game design are great. But we all expected that from a Far Cry game. Ubisoft has also learned alot from the public and what they asked for. No more DRM!!! On Steam the game starts at $50 instead of $60 for a hard copy on all platforms. The only downside I have heard of is having to launch via uplay.... which frankly isn't that bad. The worst part was trying to remember which email address my uplay account was linked to. So in this jam packed gaming season just before xmas I would say this is still a easy buy and well worth the time and money!!!! Expand
  80. Dec 7, 2012
    Too boring. Too long for line shooter, too same for open world. RPG elements looks like dogs fifth leg. Storyline - nothing to talk about. And very bad perfomance - so again waiting for patches.
  81. Dec 24, 2012
    What's all the hype about? Boring, Stupid A.I and yes! another broken console port. The game has been broken since release with a micro stutter that nvidia and amd users are both experiencing. My guess is, ubisoft won't even bother to fix it, why break with tradition, right ubisoft?? I quit playing half way through the first island, I couldn't take it anymore. Ubisoft continues their tradition of releasing broken games with this disaster. Aside from the broken port, it's just not fun - Bad A.I, and just a piss poor implementation of an open world game. Pass on this game, until you can get it for 5 bucks at a garage sale. Expand
  82. Feb 22, 2013
    Pardon me, but this is half as good as it could be,. Great graphics, great enviroment but really poor variety of gameplay. To me is way worst than Far Cry 2, that at least has a better immersion and more challenging combats, making situations different any time. I mean that they are really similar but the predecessor gave me really more fun than this one. The story also is not deep as it could be.
  83. Dec 7, 2012
    I was really excited when this game came out but the end result is a bit of a disappointment. The game starts off with a strong opening scene/mission and the main antagonist is definitely more interesting than most I've seen in releases of late. Whilst I couldn't wait to start roaming around the jungle, this is also where the game fell apart. While at first it's a lot of fun exploring the lands, finding an underwater cave by chance and looking for goodies. Soon though, you will have seen enough to really care. This is especially true when you climb radio towers (18 in total that reveal more of the map when you activate them), alongside the bandit camps that need clearing to give you new fast travel/shop/quest outposts. It's highly repetitive, though this is something I can actually live with just fine. Killing relatively dumb NPC's with silenced weapons and the bow, or charging in with an RPG can be rewarding. There are some notable issues that just hurt, if not kill, the gameplay experience. For instance, you can fire a silenced sniper from 200m away and the enemy will run towards the exact location the gun was fired from. What's more that if you get detected, enemies suddenly take less damage from your weapons. A defender (with LMG) type enemy can be killed with a single headshot if he's unaware, this suddenly becomes 3 headshots if he has seen you. The crafting system isn't too bad but it doesn't make sense, why go through 5 wallets that can each hold a bit more money than the last if you could just make the biggest one straight away? That said, how can shark skin be made into a quiver that holds more arrows than 2 goat hides? You also seem to have the ability to slide down a mountain without taking any damage, but if you sprint off a small incline chances are you'll stumble and lose almost a full bar of health. If you get knocked by an enemy and you finish a quick time event to get back up, there won't be enough time to heal before you get finished off. At least let me die straight away and save the time/frustration. The list continues, but it boils down to 'illogical'. Throwing a stone 10 times and getting the same reaction out of the enemy doesn't make sense, he should be aware by the 2nd of 3rd stone something is up. It has fun driving mechanics (not perfect, but better than most games), great gunplay (unlike some others say, each gun does have unique and noticeable characteristics) and the island setting is nice and colorful (color in a modern day fps zomg!). It is simply let down by frustrations that boil down to poor design, hitting you over the head with what's under the hood and slamming you out of the experience. I'm a long way in, the story does go downhill but I still want to find out how it ends. Though I'll only be playing for an hour at a time, mainly due to the fact I'll be ****** over by the game by then due to shoddy mechanics, fail a mission and alt-F4 that sucker out of frustration. Expand
  84. Dec 20, 2012
    Not perfect, but if you can ignore the idiotic over-arching plot there's some great dialog and characters. The gunplay is the tightest and most satisfying I can recall in any game and the world is gorgeous. It outdoes Just Cause 2 as a "just run around and enjoy" game, and that's saying something.
  85. Dec 4, 2012
    Game of the year 2012, maybe 2013 -massive island to explore -very high IQ of AI -funny to hunt animals, -great to watch lions, leopards or even dogs with rabies in actions against pigs, buffalos or local people:) -great weapons, super cool flamethrower , snakes will love it! -very playable on low end machine, old c2d , gtx275, dx9 , res 1600*900 all settings high, getting 30fps stable.
    -deers can commit suicide by jumping into waterfalls - they are so scared of lions
    -sharks omg go fish some! -graphics is fantastic all that perfect atmosphere, stealth, taking down enemies with silenced weapons or just a bow, they will limit their speech to" fock me, wtf was that" lol
    -i can continue with positives for more than hours. Better will be, go and play this game and see it by yourself.
  86. Dec 21, 2012
    The hunting feeling is great, but your character gets strong really fast and then completely overpower anything on the island. Bosses: Vaas was great, the rest were all stereotypical and boring. The main character doesn't behave as I would like him to also. He's scared of blood :p. He doesn't have sex with the girls. He never just hold on to one bad guy after beating him up and ask him to explain why the **** do they all work for this sickos?
    Wonderful environment otherwise. I Loved it.
  87. Dec 29, 2012
    Not too shabby. Good graphics and lots to do, though I find I cannot play for more than a couple hours at a time without getting frustrated or losing interest. There are badguys everywhere all the time and while I have specific goals I want to accomplish, I always end up engaged in firefights and running out of ammo before I can even get to them. The open world 1 player is pretty cool, but the co-op is too linear. There's not enough stuff or slots to carry it in (unless you go farm local fauna/flora.) You get killed after taking 3 or four bullets and restoring health is a sloppy pain. I also find I am running out of ammo too much- there needs to be more arrows laying around. The Hud/minimap and menu controls are just plain clumsy. I think I've been spoiled too much by Borderlands2. If I didn't need to listen for enemies, I would play the game listening to mp3s -the in-vehicle radio play lists are highly annoying. Also, I appreciate the value of a well-placed f-bomb, but the swearing is a little over the top and into the realm of ridiculousness like some potty-mouthed 7th graders wrote the script. With a little more polish, this title could shine instead of glowing moderately. Expand
  88. Mar 31, 2013
    I like the game, because the world is so big and full of things to explore, but i dislike that i'm forced to do the Main Quest to unlock allmost every skill to unlock. I have explored the first island entirely and have a dozen skill points unused, because i have only rescued Daisy and Liza. And it is also a bit frustrating that the game crashes sometimes several times in a row.
  89. Sep 27, 2013
    A great game that checks all the right boxes. Finished it as of tonight and although I took my time, it's worth it. Some say the story was cliche and cheesy but it felt like a good fit for the game. It was not the best as it was repetitive, but so are all Far Cry games to a great degree. If you want to play a shooter with a good story tons of action and takes some time to finish, pick it up.
  90. Nov 12, 2013
    Wonderful. A real, detailed open world where hunting humans is (partially) the name of the game. Superbly immersive and repairs the errors made by far cry 2.
  91. Dec 4, 2012
    Came into this game rather reluctantly not expecting much, but boy was I surprised to find out that this is an awesome game. Firstly, the story, while not oscar worthy, is still fantastic and a breath of fresh air in the midst of tired, redundant modern military shooters. A FPS game with a compelling narrative for once? Yep, I'll take it. Gameplay is where this game truly shines. Well implemented RPG elements such as upgrading your character via hunting and skinning animals to create larger carrying wallets, bags, arrow quivers, etc., add to the immersion and give further incentive to continue playing. As far as shooting is concerned, each weapon feels different, and each one feels effective. So often in FPS games the core shooting mechanics are flawed, but fortunately, that isn't the case here. The game doesn't inhibit players, and you can easily skip the main missions and go exploring the island should you choose too. The sense of freedom is what really makes this an awesome experience. Expand
  92. Dec 7, 2012
    For me this is one of the standout games in the 2012 calendar, standing proud next to Dishonoured, Max Payne 3 and Forza Horizon 3. Looking back it seems to be a year of the 3
  93. Dec 4, 2012
    Far Cry 3's plot is so stupid, irritating, and even offensive, that it's difficult to enjoy the eye candy on display. Immature players only.
  94. Feb 6, 2013
    As far as the single player portion of the game is concerned, this is the undoubtedly the best Far Cry ever. But in terms of multiplayer... I'm feeling pretty disappointed here. I'm sure other user reviews have already pointed this out, but it's something the developer needs to be called out on. They removed vehicles from multiplayer. I just don't understand. The whole "wow factor" of Far Cry multiplayer has always been the huge open levels with vehicles. I feel betrayed to be honest. But what do they care, they already got my money. I would have given this game a 10 if they didn't remove such a heavy feature from the previous games. Expand
  95. Mar 29, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is an extremely immersive open-world shooter with good graphics, great audio, and tons of content. It also features one of the most incredible villains gaming has ever seen. The shooting is top notch, and there are tons of guns to choose from, as well as combat styles (sniping, stealth, heavy weapons, etc.). Just about the only complaint I have is that it's very disappointing to explore a large cave, and find nothing but a chest with vendor trash inside and maybe a bit of cash. Also, the perks make the game too easy, but you can always choose not to take them.

    It's a miracle that games of this scope are still being made today in an age of incredibly short, rehashed games. Absolute must for fans of sandbox games and shooters.
  96. Dec 5, 2012
    Honestly this game is a 4 at best, it is NOT skyrim with guns (whatever dimwit came up with that needs to be ended), or the best fps ever, or even very much fun. The user score on here disgusts me. So this is basically 3 games using 1 engine.. the story, the co-op, and the multi-player. The multiplayer is straight up garbage, theres alot of multiplayer FPS games that do it so much better than FC3 that it was kind of stupid to even waste $ developing it when they could have made the story or the co-op better (so that alone=NOT A 10!). The co-op is i guess ok IF you have 3 others to play with, but the structure is stupid and with less than 3 you are totally fighting an uphill battle (not FUN). It gets repetitive REAL fast and you find yourself asking "why not just play borderlands 2?" or any of the other games that AGAIN do it so much better. Again this was a waste of development $'s though if they had gone for a completely different feel (like dead island or borderlands) it could probably have been quite alot of fun. So right there thats 2/3 game modes that are garbage (and that means it cant even be a 7/10).

    The story mode.. IS "ok". it looks nice (though i feel like it would bend over for rico to be as awesome as just cause 2) and the gameplay concept is good, it really is a handsome game. The mechanics are FILTH though! The crafting is just a system to make bigger storage containers for various munitions and some other things (arrows, heal potions, various combat buffs), its NOT like you can craft more than 1 bag or sell anything you have crafted though. The whole process of killing things and then looting their skins (or anything else really) is completely destroyed by the idiotic hit boxes that the carcasses have which means looting is NEVER fun! You mostly spend your time trying NOT to swap weapons that are laying on the ground NEXT to the body you are trying to loot, or trying to target the BEAR (yea.. a fkn bear carcass should ALWAYS be really hard to target..laying on the ground ...dead) to get his skin. You can sell the skins and plants you pick (hard core survivalists always run around picking flowers..) but there isnt really too much $ in it and until you craft a bigger bag its a real pain in the ass to carry such things around. The A.I. is probably about that of a deaf retard, I throw a rock 3 feet away it ignores it, i stare at them from in a bush they cant see me (even when i reload 2 feet away from them...) i have literally taken out entire outposts hiding in the same bush. If you dont like how your plan is going you can always run away (from outposts anyways, some of the instances obviously you cant) and come back later (after buying more ammo for your sniper rifle) and pick off the stragglers (provided you make it a point to shoot all the alarms. i think i was more afraid of the animals because of their unpredictability than i was the actual enemy soldiers.

    The whole thing with shutting down towers to get guns was also a real dumb idea, step 1: deactivate every tower on the first island and then go claim all your free guns and upgrade them, step 2: repeat on second island. I can ALMOST buy it letting you have NEW guns, but why would they be free? and beyond that THE SIGNATURE GUNS MAKE ALL OTHERS GARBAGE ANYWAYS!

    Positives, not gonna lie there are some. The characters are very interesting and have magnetic personalities... well the main ones, not all the red-shirts you mow down. There are alot of minigame type things to do (though most are pointless since you dont really need money for much aside from ammo) for...those people (the sad examples of "gamers" the game was obviously intended for). There is also something to be said in that i never got the "kill all the black people" feeling i got playing far cry 2. It runs fluidly on my system (which kind of tells you anyone who it DOESNT run smoothly for either doesnt have the hardware to be playing it to begin with or needs to get their drivers/redistributables in order) and looks nice, 3d support isnt great though.

    Overall, again its a 5/10. 2 modes are crap and the remaining one should have a "games for retards" sticker on it (though it will no doubt appeal to the skyrim crowd.. skill-less, tasteless, wankers that they are). The only redeeming features are eye candy and a good cast of characters who are superbly voice acted (which is THE LAST THING I CARE ABOUT WHEN I BUY A FPS). Im glad i only paid 35$ for it, because anything more would be a ripoff.
  97. Dec 8, 2012
    Pros: Very very well optimized game engine. Smooth as butter with the latest nvidia beta drives that increase Far Cry 3 FPS by 37%. The combat is decent (but super easy no challenge on max difficulty). The map is huge. A PC game that is a pleasure to play with the 360 controller on the sofa.
    Cons: Poor AI. Repeated character model and dialogue use - this is really really bad - you see the
    same identical npcs everywhere (like 10 times as bad as skyrim). While the map is large, it feels small because combat only occurs on about 1% of the map.

    God i wish there was a patch that increased the difficulty.... cuz the combat is stupidly simple.
  98. Jan 29, 2014
    One of my favorites, FC3 is an amazing game.

    For starters, the game is beautiful, and Rook Island looks amazing. The takedown mechanics are solid, stable and really fun! Shooting is satisfying, and also stable.
    But I do have some complaints about this. For starters, money becomes almost useless late game. You unlock guns after activating radio towers, so what's the point of buying
    them? Hunting can also be a chore, and sometimes the animals don't even spawn at their designated spawn ground.

    The single player is the best feature of the game. It has a somewhat generic storyline to it, but it's not vital to understanding the game. You're some random kid who gets captured by pirates and now you have to save your friends from the hands of the island's mercenaries, pirates, etc...
    There aren't a lot of guns, but at least you can add modification attachments, and apply paint jobs to them. The environment is detailed and lush, and the graphics are fantastic.

    I would give this game a 10, but the multiplayer is this game's Achilles Heel.
    The standard multiplayer is a generic pirate vs rakyat combat with no new innovation or fun. Leveling up isn't as rewarding or satisfying as leveling up in Battlefield. When I discovered that this game had a Coop mode and you could play with your friends, I was ecstatic! But when we finally played it, we were disappointed.
    The Coop is really just a set of really boring missions that revolves around stopping some captain or something, I don't know, i didn't pay attention to the story. Why couldn't Ubisoft make the Coop an open world mode? Imagine driving around Rook Island, you at the steering wheel and a friend in the turret, ready to take down pirates! That's what I was expecting, not the boring generic stupid coop missions.
    The missions hold no variety, there are quicktime events, you have to repair some random piece of machinery, you need to do this and do that, it gets very tedious after a while.
    Granted, the missions can be a little bit fun, but when you get up to the carrying missions, you wish you were playing the single player. There are times where you have to pick up bombs, missiles or other random crap and take it to a place. When you're holding the item, you can't sprint or crouch, you can't shoot. If your friend(s) can't defend you, you lose the mission! What a joke.
    Also, they removed the fire-spread system from coop. The flamethrower is incredibly OP when held by a flamer. It can insta-down you almost quickly, but the flamethrower in your hands is nothing more than a water gun.

    Don't expect great multiplayer out of this. Only play the singleplayer.
  99. May 8, 2013
    Ok where to start. The gameplay here is awesome, as is the setting. Combine it with the free roam and you've got yourself one epic sandbox game, but there a couple glaring problems for me personally. The first one being the story. Now I loved Vaas and how the game starts, but honestly I couldn't hate Jason more. He goes from a giant baby to a giant @$$hole. Sure he's a survivor, but it doesn't mean he has to be a jerk as well. The stealth has some flaws (like enemies seeing you from 500 yards away through a bush), but it isn't a huge game breaking thing that happens often. What bothers me the most though is all the druggy crap and the perpetual swearing of every character in co-op. It really becomes unnecessary after a while and actually annoying. I know the villain is basically a drug dealer, but I don't want the entire game to be Jason getting high to get in touch all his spirits and stuff like that. Other than that though it really is a solid game. Expand
  100. Jan 30, 2013
    Firstly, let me say if there is anything in life you want to achieve today, do it before starting this game!
    It is so easy to lose yourself in this game, 4-5 hours slip by so easily.
    This is without any doubt, the best game I have ever played. It puts the makers of the Call of Duty games to shame, the quality is unbelievable.
    I spent 60 hours on the campaign and saw no glitches,
    mistakes, pixels out of place anywhere.
    The storyline keeps you hungering for more and has plenty of surprises in store. Then when you finish the campaign store there is so much more to discover, side missions, competitions, hidden relics etc.
    Everything I heard people complain about from Far Cry 2, they have both fixed and improved upon.
    Started co-op with a friend last night and found it to be amazing.
    The co-op missions are Hard, you will really need to work at completing them.
    I look forward to Multiplayer as I am sure the quality that is evident in every other aspect of this game will be present.

    I give this 95/100 Best game I have every played!!!
  101. Feb 9, 2013
    Amazing game. A incredibly beautiful open-world where just looking around is satisfying, not to mention all the activities you can do. The gameplay is varied, hunting, taking bases, side-missions, crafting, discovering, and games like poker/aim challenge/races etc.
    The storyline is also pretty solid with a nice plot and greatly designed characters(especially the bad ones). The voice
    acting is top notch too.

    Only good things to say about this game in my opinion. I think it's a must-play for all the shooter fans.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

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  1. 89
    Far Cry 3 is a classic shooter at its core, but there are various RPG mechanics, skills and upgrades under the hood. It’s a fabulous playing ground and one can but marvel at the wondrous ways the various elements interact with each other. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Exhilarating, colorful, mindless – that's Far Cry 3 in three words.
  3. Jan 24, 2013
    Tighter and more accessible than Far Cry 2, the third outing is a master class in open world shooting. [Feb 2013, p.59]