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  1. Jan 13, 2013
    I really don't know why everybody giving this game highest scores. This game for sure have potential to be 10. But too much in this game is made wrong or bugged. First, game is too easy and missions.. Well, stupid. Go there, kill 10 people. So, after going to site there is literally 3 minutes of work to get mission done. Further, story is that linear that if you have mission and you etc. see tv tower near you get killed to "fail mission" if you want to reveal map when around. So , potential is here. Few minor updates and this game would be pure 10!!! Expand
  2. Dec 30, 2012
    Rife with infuriating idiosyncrasies including goofy fall damage mechanic, terrible awful **** worst ever stealth kill mechanic which works maybe 40% of the time, and then there's the AI..... This doesn't even touch on how nauseatingly bad the story and characters are. I had absolutely 0 sympathy or desire to help the protagonist or his **** friends. This game would be been way better if you played as Vaas and had got to hunt the spoiled rich kids. And what kind of open world game doesn't let you kill whomever you please?!? Kill 3 civilians in a short period of time and the game punishes you with death. I wish I hadn't paid for this game. And Ubisoft and shove "UPlay" right back up their asses. Expand
  3. Dec 5, 2012
    This game has a case of consolitus. Allows you to reconfigure WASD-movement keys, but then reverts back to hard-coded defaults for some vehicles - better get used to using WASD if you're not using those already. Also doesn't work too great with high-DPI mice - sensitivity can be adjusted but only up to a point. There's also a bug that distorts mouse-response for fast movements at low-sensitivity values making it impossible to do quick 180s or use reflex-aiming - not pleasant if you're a hardcore PC FPS gamer. The HUD is mostly okay, but navigating the menus does get a cumbersome after a while.

    The checkpoint saving system I also found to be somewhat frustrating, it doesn't make it very obvious exactly when the game's been saved, and I've already had a few instances where I thought my progress had been saved and had to restart the game, but ended up losing some progress anyway.

    In the end, no matter how to good the game might be - after struggling with above issues for nearly an hour and then having to deal with servers being down, I felt like I was fighting the game itself more than the actual enemies and gave up.
  4. Jan 14, 2013
    There are two adjectives to sum up the overall experience of playing Far Cry 3: beautifully boring. Far Cry 3 is a lovely game to look at whilst playing, mostly. However it's performance suffers immensely due to the demanding graphics. I have other games in my inventory that look just as good as Far Cry 3 yet they yield a much more enjoyable performance from my desktop PC. This game is demanding on system specs and playing with full graphic settings requires a system that would likely be overkill even for the infamously demanding game titled ArmA. The game play is lousy. I have played many shooters and the worst one I have played to date is Kane & Lynch, the reason for bringing up that title is because Far Cry 3 feels like the horrendous shooter that Kane & Lynch turned out to be. When I buy a video game I always play it at its highest difficulty setting. Difficult does not exist in Far Cry 3. I finished the game, playing a few hours a day, in under a week. I like a challenging shooter that requires tact and finesse. Far Cry 3 is a lousy shooter. It is too easy to aim and noticed several times that my aim doesn't need to be true in order to get that head shot kill. Throughout the entire game I felt as if I were playing a shooter with a Nerf gun. The warring experience never felt legit or realistic and most of the time it feels like a cartoon. Furthermore the game is far too easy to play and even worse is that the AI is always predictable and boring and never provide any challenge. Don't even get me started with the mechanics of the AI! If you make some commotion near an enemy camp, even whilst well hidden from a vantage point, the AI always comes looking for you towards your general vicinity. They don't span out and scour the entire area around the camp to find you, they come directly to where you are hiding but even though they come straight for you they are often easily repelled and after five minutes the enemy camp is free and friendly AI start to spawn instantly. Do this over and over and over again. The aspect of freeing the island of enemy camps feels like a chore and the job quickly becomes boring and increasingly non-challenging. The story is the saddest part of Far Cry 3. Did a grade 6 student write this during his free time? Far Cry 3's storyline is absolutely appalling and lame. The cut scenes are impossible to skip which is incredibly frustrating because the story is weak and the voices are poorly acted, also the cut scenes are often way too lengthy. This game feels like a movie. If I want to watch scripted scenes I will watch a movie. I play video games for the challenging aspect that the game should provide. Far Cry 3 however provides no challenge with its game play. It is a mediocre shooter at best with clumsy controls that are not user friendly for the keyboard/mouse players. All this garbage and nonsense is all wrapped up in the beautiful scenery which efficiently camouflages the game's flaws. If you like a pretty video game. Go ahead. Far Cry 3 is for you. If you're a true gamer looking for a challenge, stay well away from Far Cry 3. This is one game that will be collecting dust on my shelf along with all the other games with poor re playability. Expand
  5. Feb 1, 2013
    When joking about about Far Cry 3 with my friends, I like to call it Call of Cabala: Modern Hunter. The name fits it perfectly. Plenty of Call of Duty style shootouts with the occasional hunt, be it man or beast. If only the story had the depth of either of those series, I might have enjoyed it a little bit more. I can overlook poor AI (it's pretty bad), can care less about graphics (which were beautiful), and grind through chores to get practically necessary unlocks (there are plenty of those), but a poor story kills a game for me. Let's start with what I found positive: most of the games mechanics worked, the open world was somewhat interesting to explore, and the graphics were very nice.
    But I found much more to be negative. The stealth mechanics were awful. I would often hide in a bush with a silenced weapon and pick off targets from a distance. But if anyone saw the death or found a body, they ran straight towards the bush I was hiding in, often discovering me. And you'd think men with guns would be the most dangerous enemy, but in reality it's the unnaturally tough animals. I've shot tigers in the head and they seemed unfazed. I think Komodo dragons spawning behind me was my number 1 cause of death. Number 2 being the poor attempt at creating platforming. You'll fall off an edge few times thinking you haven't quite reached it yet, only to die. And the story didn't draw me in at all. It was shoddy and, up until the very end, predictable. Moments that were supposed to make you feel sad or uncomfortable just made me laugh. Overall, if you prefer mindless firefights over storytelling, then this is the game for you. But if you're looking for the whole package, look somewhere else.
  6. Apr 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Tasteless, repetitive, boring, unbalanced, horrible performance, no optimization whatsoever. That's what this game is.

    It desperately tries to bring an entire open world where you feel like a survivor in an epic adventure, but in the end it doesn't. No immersion. I don't feel like I'm Jason. The story is not bad, but it's not good either. Nothing new. The main antagonist is the only character with a real personality. And that's not good. It makes me want to lose so he can win.

    Let's focus on each point and why it fails:
    1. Story: nothing new. Boy goes on adventure, something goes wrong, friends in trouble, must become a hero and save them, join some guys who are against the villain's tirany. It's not bad, but it's not enough.

    2. Performance: laggy, choppy, with no optimization, can't play in high graphic settings with more than 30 fps. And even playing in ultra, the graphics are not good enough for what it consumes. So far, a crappy port.

    3. Gameplay mechanics: nothing new, and very badly done. Open world, full of enemies, you can hunt, you can do side missions, you can collect things, you can craft. Like any other open world game of this kind. Weapons suck, I can do more damage with an AK47 than with a Magnum revolver. I mean, a magnum has a 6-bullet round and should take 1 shot to kill, but in this game, it takes all 6, even with headshots, versus 1 headshot with the AK47 which can be accomplished fairly easy if you are used to FPS games. Bows? More like freaking machineguns at the speed they shoot. No need to charge your shot, no sir, the arrow will always go fast as a bullet out of the bow, and you don't even need to reload! Incendiary arrows? Way better! Just shoot them 20 times in 10 seconds and burn the whole island to the ground!

    4. Interface: crappy. They should've used Steamworks instead of UPlay for multiplayer, because it is very buggy and difficult to join a lobby. It takes a long while to load because it has to send and receive a lot of data, and it does it slowly.

    5. DRM: the worst part. Not only you have to log into Steam to play, but you also have to log into UPlay to launch the game. And the worst of the worst? Manual input of serial keys, without being able to paste it. You have to input it letter by letter and remember, no scores or capitals, or else it won't work! It took me 3 times to enter it correctly because of this! to unlock your game and DLC. Why on Earth?

    6. Co-op: linear, repetitive, boring. It can be fun if you play with friends or just want to shoot around people, but just that.

    Overall, this game was a disappointment. I don't even want to finish it.
  7. Sep 11, 2013
    The open world is a good thing, but the gameplay isn't working very well. Jumping, climbing and going over obstacles is quite frustrating because the character has problems with two inch high stairs and to low corridors. This becomes very annoying when you go to a mission where you have a time limit and have to run through buildings and when you cannot complete the mission (mostly because of the problems with the character getting stuck to stairs and such things) the game reloads back to the start of the mission with time limit and there is no way to abandon the mission. Expand
  8. Dec 21, 2013
    Bought the game off steam after it had been out a while as I heard a few people weren't too happy with it. Only paid 20 bucks I think. After 30min of play I am pretty disappointed too due to the dumbing down effect the game forces you into. Even the loot and money are visible on your HUD. I doesn't really feel like you are in any danger at anytime when engaging in gangs as the AI is pretty stupid and even on hard settings just not challenging.

    The game becomes very repetitive very quick due to just capturing radio masts and moving to the next one. Probably worth $15 to $20 in terms of eye candy and content. But I wont be buying any more Far Cry franchises regardless of price. Bought Far Cry 2 too and this series is done.
  9. Oct 23, 2014
    It was entertaining enough to make you finish it. And it was good enough to re-play if you get bored. And it is great to test out a new GPU or CPU. However I did not think the any of the characters where likable. Vaas was the only interesting one. But most people would rather not play as a spoiled trust fund kid doing a poor job of playing tough guy. Also the graphics were not bad. But they were not as near as good as advertised. But the AAA on the PC version did clear it up a lot. Honestly it was not bad. But many things in the game could have been much better. You can tell it was pretty much Far Cry 2's engine with a texture upgrade and a new map and new story. And I will not be surprised to see Far Cry 4 with the same engine. But do not get me wrong It is not a bad engine. And there is nothing wrong with reusing a game engine as long as it stays with today's standards. But I think they could have done better with the texture upgrade. And surely the writers could have done better than a trust fund kid as the main character! So I give it a 4 out of 10. And I think a 4 out of 10 is more than fair for this game. The prices for games now is way too high and this game was no exception. This is another reason for my score. And the cost of the game should always reflect the review score if the reviewer is being honest. Expand
  10. Dec 4, 2012
    As much as I tried to like this game, the extremely dragged out crysis experience ultimately forced me to give up on it. Enemy AI is laughable, stealth is terribly broken with "the enemy must see your face and you must see theirs" logic, gathering materials feels like an MMORPG grind-quest, healing system is dumbed down and becomes laughable as to either spend skill points to have an infinite amount of first aid that fully heals you after some time or constantly run around in the woods, looking for green herbs so you can constantly inject yourself with syringes. If you jump on say, a hill that's going two degrees down-hill, you will stumble and damage yourself, AKA dislocating your thumb for 1 bar of damage. If you shoot a silenced sniper rifle 5000 yards away, enemies will still rush to the exact spot where the weapon was fired. If you get knocked down by an enemy to the ground, struggle with quick time events and get up with low hp left, you will instantly die as the enemy will spam melees, effectively spawn-camping you. Yes, animals as well. I could go on and on and on about the countless amount of flaws and smelly design choices in this game but at the end of the day, it is a polished turd that has been dumbed down version of Far Cry that tries to be a cinematic version of Crysis with graphics with little regard to the original series as it tries to force-feed you a story using a wooden spoon with splinters. Stay away from this title as a fan or get into it with small/no expectations. Expand
  11. Dec 5, 2012
    Far Cry 3 should be considered yet another epic failure (remake) of the second instalment in the series, all I can say is that I would like my money back (not possible) and please stop screwing us over.
  12. Mar 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pretty much mediocre in every aspect of the entire game. Hunting is useless. Money is useless, considering you get all your weapons from radio towers. Syringes are useless, apart from healing of course. There is no choosing between sides as in Far Cry 2, you are pretty much stuck with fighting the reds and yellows. Vaas is the only interesting character in the entire game, main character is a goddamn annoying assclown. Graphics are worse than in Far Cry 2, even though there is 5 years of difference between them. Missions are boring and unoriginal. Main story is predictable and bland. Difficulty in this game is set all wrong, you can just stealth pass everything and there isn't a slight difference in stealth when it comes to easy-hardest. Perks are stupid. Multiplayer lacks good maps, but other than that is pretty nice and has it's moments. But the worst part might be when you finally get to fight Vaas. I was expecting a huge boss fight and you know what the game presents me with? A goddamn quicktime event... After that you are left completely unsure whether that was the actual fight, and if he died or not. Quicktime events also pop up regularly elsewhere where they are NOT, NEEDED. Quicktime events are just poor design which ONLY works on consoles and should be illegal in any PC game. Controls are also an issue. The main inventory system is just flawed, it's annoying and badly ported. The new weapon selecting system is clearly designed for a controller, as it spins wildly out of control if you try to use it. There are some redeeming points of this abysmal console port, but they are few, and if you wish to play a good free-roaming shooter with more serious story and atmosphere... Play Far Cry 2. It's cheaper, better and not held back by consoles. Thank you for reading. Expand
  13. Dec 8, 2012
    This is the most irritating game I've ever played. I really like the sandbox "part", but the scripted missions are simply awful. Especially the "press [some key] now" scenes. They just ruin everything you like in sandboxes.

    The people's AI is, for me, completely unpredictable. Sometimes, you can sit near the enemy and he won't see a thing. On the other hand, it's hard to avoid detection
    sometimes (I don't mind snipers, because they behave correctly). It's just not balanced at all. Special killing skills are sometimes annoying. You stand next to the attacker, who doesn't see you, and you want to eliminate him and his buddy quickly and quietly. But 4 pixels of his arm are still behind a tree or wall, so you can't do that! Instead, you use your knife in the standard way making too much noise. You mess up the whole mission because of those 4 pixels. Extremely annoying!

    Why are those little pirate dogs so hard to kill? I have to hit them about 3 or 4 times with my knife to take them down. Our character is so skilled in killing people quickly, why are little dogs such a challenge for him? One hit should be enough. Moreover, the pirates often spot me easily if I kill one with gun from a long distance. Even if the gun is silenced. What the hell is that?

    The gameplay design is sometimes just stupid. For example, when I swim, I can't get out of the water if the slope is too steep, even if the floor is just a little above the water level. So I'm a strong warrior and killer, but still unable to go out from a swimming pool without using any ladder. That's completely illogical.

    Anyway, I actually like the repetitiveness of the gameplay, but I agree it could be more varied. Far Cry 3 would be better for me without its storyline and lame cinematic "press-one-button" missions. Just plain sandbox with one main goal - defeat pirates and explore as much as you can. Weapons are generally well developed, but I especially like the bow. It's silent and effective. Moreover, its ammo is reusable. Using the bow is like being a native hunter. Especially if you can craft things using animal skins and develop your special skills. I like that part.

    Graphics are good enough, but Crysis from 2007 easily outperforms Far Cry 3. The main difference is water. In Far Cry 3 it looks just fake. In Crysis, the water is still almost photo-realistic. Far Cry 3 has some beautiful scenes and decent post-processing effects, but that's not enough. Caves look plastic. Too much of the "glossy effect" on rocks. There's also a bloom effect, which is just overused.

    The physics in Far Cry 3 is also worse than in Crysis. In Crysis you can easily cut the trees and chop their wood. Imagine crafting possibilities with that feature. There's no excuse like "limited memory" or "limited processing" (at least on PC), because the game can randomly delete or spawn the destructible trees when needed (like everything else: animals, pirates etc.).

    It would be a really good game, but it's too damn irritating to the extent I don't want to play it again. It's just overrated and overpriced. I really wanted to like it, but I can't stand it anymore thanks to some stupid game-design decisions.
  14. Dec 9, 2012
    As much I've looked forward to this game and tried to give it a chance, I am not enjoying Far Cry 3. Starting with the positive: the game looks good, the day light looks great and the environment is vast and rather varied. There seems to be a lot of missions and some of the action scenes are quite good fun.

    However, this game is nowhere near the quality of other recent games such as The
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (heavily quoted by the makers of Far Cry 3 as an influence on the game) or, say, Batman: Arkham City for the state-of-the-art action gameplay. Instead, Far Cry 3 delivers a 'deja-vu' experience, peppered with some novelties (wild animals interactions, distractions, etc.). The AI isn't bad but attacking a guard post is an extremely similar experience to Far Cry 2. There are some graphical glitches which also tend to break the immersion at regular intervals.

    But above all, it's the evident lack of taste in Far Cry 3 that's the most disappointing. You would think the developpers would have tried and topped Far Cry 2's overly simplistic, borderline racist plot line. Well, no they haven't. The story in Far Cry 3 is laughable, I cannot believe a single second of it. Dialogues are poorly written and acted out, nothing makes sense, the characters aren't at all three-dimensional. Everything goes too fast, it's shortcut after shortcut. People just send you on random erranands as if no-one else in the world was capable of blowing that ammunition depot. The vilain is a vilain because he is bad and that's what he does (being bad). You play the young white American who's turning into this unexpected master of violence to save your friends who are being held captive for some obscure reason. If you've enjoyed the intricate plot lines of the likes of LA Noire, Dishonnered or Skyrim, then you'll laugh your head off at Far Cry 3's lame attempt at a story.

    Many elements of gameplay also break the illusion and ruin a good part of the fun: Jason walks super-fast. Running or swimming will remind you of the speed mode of Crysis 1's Nanosuit. Also, looting is badly designed: you can't choose what you loot from bodies, and therefore end up carrying all sorts of crap which you don't need or want. Emptying your inventory of this crap is the most tedious task - you'll haveto point-and-click 4 times per item you wish to remove. And that's something you have to do all the time. Also if you're hoping to enjoy visiting the island like you did in Crysis 1 or like you would explore your surroundings in GTA, think again. You can't lower your weapon, which means that when you're just looking at the landscape or plucking medicinal plants, you'll have to do that which a machine gun in front of your face. You can't walk slowly either, which is particularly ridiculous when people go 'follow me' and you have to try and stay behind them although they can walk but you can only run.

    In short, Far Cry 3 is yet another shooter with a dreadful story (other reviewers have called 'offensive' and I can really see why). It will please immature players who just want to look at candy and run over tigers in a jeep, but if you're looking for a rich and intelligent gaming experience, save your money.
  15. Dec 23, 2012
    This game is everything I'd hoped it wouldn't be, but expected it would be; dumbed-down, hand-holding trash, clearly designed with fans of generic console shooters and people with 2 digit IQs in mind (although the two are largely synonymous). I can't really see how anyone could justify paying $60 for this game; the main story takes about 10 hours to complete (like a number of AAA games these days), the multiplayer is very mediocre, and on the whole, there is practically no replay value. Most of the game's features that are somewhat interesting are soon revealed to be nothing more than gimmicks. Prior to playing the game, I was very excited for the hunting/crafting aspect of the game, and while it was admittedly quite fun hunting exotic animals to craft bigger and better equipment, crafting everything only takes about 2 hours. After which point, there's no need to hunt another animal ever again (unless you're a sadist), as the animal skins are practically worthless. Unsurprisingly, the various animals soon become nothing more than an annoyance. Moreover, any real difficulty that could've been associated with hunting is ruined by being able to tag animals with your camera, and track them anywhere (in real time). There are some boring Path of the Hunter side quests (go here and kill x number of a certain animal), but with the ease and rate at which experience points and money both come, there's no need to ever bother with any of them.

    Capturing bases is also quite monotonous; due to dim-witted and illogical AI, capturing a base "undetected" is incredibly easy. You'd think if an enemy found a body with a 50 calibre bullet-hole through its head, they'd raise the alarm, right? Wrong. All that happens is they enter an "alerted" state, where they begin to scour the premises for the intruder (i.e. you). Even when they're in this state, you can still kill them (with even a grenade launcher, if you so please), and so long as no-one's stared at you for 5 consecutive seconds, it's counted as capturing the base "undetected". Oh, and as if it weren't easy enough already, you can track enemies with your camera too, in real time. Ridiculous.

    These are just a few of Far Cry 3's ill-conceived design implementations. Others include: merchants deciding to give you free weapons after you climb up a radio tower (?), everything important flashing bright yellow (as if you were too stupid to determine a loot chest from a cardboard box), and being able to see the location of every "collectible" on the map (which really defeats the purpose; instead of trying to find ancient ruins and secret passages, you know exactly each of them are, and it just becomes dull travelling and fetching).

    The story is incredibly cliched, and has terrible character development; a kid who has "never shot anyone before" can fire an gun at 100% accuracy with no recoil as soon as he picks it up. There are some Alice in Wonderland quotes thrown in that are supposed to mirror the story, but end up coming off as cringe-worthy. Regardless, I'm sure they'll impress idiots and pseudo-intellectuals alike. Even towards the end of the game, I didn't care about the Rakyat at all; I often killed them as soon as they drove into my newly-captured base just so I didn't have to listen to one of them tell me to check out the bulletin board for the 20th time. Graphically, the game is nothing really special. Serious LOD discrepancies, especially with distant objects, and flickering textures and shadows make the game look very sub-par. Some objects do not even have distant levels of detail, and just dissolve in from thin air when you're a certain distance away. Bloom lighting makes everything overbright, however, the sun-glare effect is very nice. Also, the visuals during hallucinogenic drug-induced scenes are very impressive.

    After completing the main story and capturing every base, there's effectively no point in continuing to play, since no enemies remain on the island, which makes free roaming incredibly boring. There is also very little replay value, since it's incredibly easy to gain every skill, and the stealth approach is almost always preferable to going in guns blazing.

    Conclusively, I'd only recommend getting this game to someone who has a lot of money to waste, and wants to be entertained for 10 hours or so before never playing it again. There are much better open-world shooters out there, such as the GOTY Edition of Fallout 3, and GTA IV, which cost about a quarter of the price and last more than four times as long.
  16. Jan 16, 2013
    An overrated commercial release. The story starts out great. However, it crosses slowly into ridiculous and ends up being an entirely idiotic scoff-fest. It is the story of a 19-year old american kid who never fired a gun or saw a man get killed in his life, who goes forth to become a guerilla warfare expert and the "chosen one" of an ancient tribe of warriors in a matter of days. They even stated it was supposed to be satirical, when it is actually a poor excuse of a story in a full-priced game. It has a bunch of interesting characters which have way too little time on-screen, and a bunch of other characters who are just bland and forgettable. Gameplay seems amazing at first, but after a couple of hours it just becomes repetitive and absurdly easy. The game's health system is easily manipulated with either stabbing yourself continuously with a syringe or digging out a bullet from your forearm for the 50th time. The stealth system in there is just a poor attempt at realism, as all enemies behave like they have Alzheimer's and cataract. Crafting any syringe other than the health one is more trouble than it's worth, and bag-making is just a ladder you will complete quickly. The game has some good voice acting and sound effects, and finally there is the graphics, which are the game's only saving grace. It gets a 3 for the graphics and for the poker and knife-throwing mini-games which end up being more fun than the main gameplay. Expand
  17. May 25, 2013
    After hearing so ma ny good things about this game, I it knowing that it didn't support Steam achievements and required UBI's horrendous Uplay DRM software. Sadly, the game didn't come close to living up to the hype. The weapons feel anemic, in that basic animals and any armored human target requires almost a full clip to dispatch with anything other than a sniper rifle or a head-shot. Seriously, it shouldn't take five shots from an mp14 to drop a wild dog, and it certainly shouldn't take two entire clips to kill a bear. The AI is awful you basically have to run into someone while crouched before combat starts, but if you miss a shot with a silenced sniper rifle from 1km, enemies will magically converge on your location as if you were glowing like the sun. The graphics are quite nice and I have played through it without a single crash, but the gameplay isn't generally compelling. Expand
  18. Mar 31, 2013
    This game had many many great things going for it, and friends as well as many of you here in the reviews recommended it and praised it. But sadly, as much as I tried to enjoy it, it really felt sub-par. I have a decently well made computer and even on low I had enough lag to make game play annoying, not a game to get if your computer cannot handle Skyrim even. I liked the story up until I decided I was done with it, and I thought the ta-tau was an interesting addition. I wish Ubisoft would have optimized their game better, when I opened the game for the first time I got a wave of lag and terrible graphics, I think I spent around an hour google-ing ways to fix graphical issues and screen tears, and tuning the sensitivity and such to an acceptable level. Now after all of this I had bought this game to play with a friend first and do the solo campaign, well, solo. That was not going to happen, friends couldn't connect to me, even the slightest, all 3 of my friends were completely unable to connect to my match, even after a lot of forum reading and such no results were produced. Now all of this is pretty bad but on top of that I had to deal with U-play and Steam both running on the same game, for the love of all that is sacred what was that!? I took a lot of time to sign up before I could play after paying 60$. As if that wasn't bad enough I get in game and immediately get spammed by tutorials so much so that I just felt overwhelmed. I really think this game could have been better with a little more effort on the side of the publishing and optimization of Far cry 3, but alas it was too tarnished by my experience for me to be able to look past it's flaws. Expand
  19. Feb 18, 2013
    I've played both far cry 1 and 2 and I can honestly say that the third installment to the series is probably the weakest. The first game was way ahead of it's time and I played that game for years. The second game was a mixed bag. It had some components to it that were a first for the genre like pulling bullets out of your body and having to fix your gun from being jammed to having to fix your broken down vehicle. The little things are what make or break a game imo, things like looking down and actually being able to see your feet or when you reach for something you see your hand extend and you pick it up or turn the handle. I can't stand it when things just teleport into my inventory or doors magically open. These are easy things to fix and they immerse you into the game. Unfortunately far cry 2's AI was some of the worst I have ever seen in a game. The graphics and fire were amazing, but only a couple of things kept the game from being one of the best FPS's of all time; bad AI and having to travel for miles and miles. I was hoping that Far Cry 3 would take the best things from both games and make a masterpiece. WRONG. The story isn't bad, but it's hard to really immerse yourself into the game, wanting to be like Rambo, when you are in control of a whimpy, whinny little teenage kid. The fact that right away the Island dwellers want you to save their homeland and you simply agree to it is ridiculous, not to mention they want you to do all the work! My most anticipated part of the whole game was the hunting aspect because when I played Crysis 1 I absolutely love hunting the enemy in the jungle. In Far Cry 3, the possibility of being attacked by a shark swimming to your boat or getting eaten by an alligator or tiger is pretty cool, but it wears off pretty quickly when you have to do it just to make bigger holsters for weapons and ammo all the time. Sorry but I don't want to go hunt some stupid goat or pig just to see some horribly inaccurate stab animation with a knife and pull out its organs. At least make the animation realistic. The menus, while not terrible, are far from the best I have used. Something really annoying is that I spent a good half hour trying to figure out how to make explosive tip arrows, finally just giving up and googling it to find out that they are just magically accessible once you get so far into the main story. It would have been nice to have that explained in the weapons info page. I got to hang glide, but that was surprisingly boring. Not much to see really and no point in doing it. There are like fifty different ways to get somewhere and hang gliding as slow as molasses is not my cup of tea. The graphics are a huge disappointment. When you zoom in with your camera, you can see pop in and textures that are all out of place. I maxed out the video settings, but why put my pc through that when I can play at lower settings and see pretty much zero difference? Glad they put in all those settings...too bad they don't do anything relevant aside from bogging down your system. Console port for sure. Btw, I would like to know where to buy one of those amazing cameras that can somehow track enemies and animals in real time. Pretty amazing. Amazingly dumb that is. If you want to just shoot guns you're in for a real treat because getting all of them is as easy as pie. Just climb all the radio towers and they become free in all the stores. Lame'o. About the fifth mission in, they tell you to explore the island, which I did, and by the time I started my next mission, I was so over powered that it was a cake walk clearing out enemy encampments. I mean seriously, what is the point of exploring an island when everything is already displayed on your map? I have no incentive to keep playing this game because everything is handed over on a silver platter. Btw, Uplay is extremely annoying. I was without internet for like two weeks and it became readily apparent that without internet this game is pretty much unplayable. Like steam, you have to log on in order to log off to play offline. We need a better solution people. All in all, this game is a huge disappointment. This games biggest flaw is that after about three hours of playtime, you really have no reason to continue, aside from the lame story that is. An open world sandbox game should be more fun than this. In a nutshell, this game is just plain boring. Expand
  20. Jul 31, 2014
    I haven't played THAT much of this game yet, but so far I've found this game extremly underwhelming. Everything feels so generic.

    For example the hunting/harvesting (?), leaf a/b/c/d/e and animal hide a/b/c/d/e/f/g... Now can somebody tell my why everything have to be made of several different types of hide? Like to craft a backpack you need... I dunno, goat, a few strips of leopard, a
    patch of tiger... why not make everything out of one (or two) types of hide?! Or are we making a fashion statement, show the barbarians in the jungle how "us citiboys" do it? It feels like such a cheap way to add "content" to the game.

    A game like this is all about immersion, and I don't find it very immersive having to go into the menu for crafting etc. Absolutly nothing in the plot, conversations and in general how friendly people talk to you is believable. You are some **** cityboy who knows nothing about survival weapons or anything like that, yet you are the only one who can bla bla bla bla... yeah...
  21. May 8, 2013
    This game has always dissapointed me from the second edition Here to make it simple :

    Firstly When i first played far cry2 all i can get is a boring experience Driving car like hell so weird looking at the super-boring environment I am not really into FPS games but at least i like to play call of duty why because i can get as many environment details so the game wont feel
    flat and also there is many conversations along the game that i wont bored .

    note to game developer players love freedom and soul in their game and this game is totally soul-less .

    secondly the graphic was badly optimized for PC i have lowered my pc graphics system but still it lags Even if i maximized the resolutions all i can get is so damn cartoonish grass and bushes

    thirdly why i still want to give 3 for the score because the game Borneo or somewhere near there takes place near my home indonesia
  22. Sep 20, 2013
    I started out hopeful that the game would be as good as Far Cry 2 and was very quickly disappointed. I thought I set all video to the highest possible settings and the movement was so fluid as to be unplayable. I kept overshooting the mark on the opening chase and everything looks like flat decals with weird black halos that I guess are cheap imitations of shadows. I later found an additional video settings menu that allowed me to set everything to ultra and then set the sensitivity settings to zero, that slowed movement enough to make the game playable. The user interface is has a very steep learning curve, why are they trying to re-invent the wheel? I have to log into steam to start the game which only starts uplay, then I have to wait for it to update, then log into uplay and finally i can start the game which takes kinda long to load screens. After 47 minutes of play time I am not enjoying myself. Ubisoft you lost me, at least I waited until it was on sale, but I still wish I had not spent the money. I will be extremely wary buying games from now on. Expand
  23. Jan 10, 2014
    Та же проблема, что и у far cry 2. Быстро надоедает. Нет воздушного транспорта. Да и вообще военной техники. Только джипы и лодки с пулеметами. Как по мне, так бред. разве, что графика красивая. За это 3.
  24. Feb 5, 2014
    This game is full of **** I don;t know where to start. In short, the only thing great is the graphics.

    The map is huge, but tedious to travel around, especially at early stages of the game, when every few seconds a car full of enemies will pass by wherever you're at. If you decide to fight them, its an endless fight because they somehow keep spawning like rabbits. The animals are even
    tougher, as they are immune to headshots, which is a **** joke.

    The looting system is crap. The hitbox for detecting the bodies is incredibly small, I practically have to be kissing the body to loot it. And even if I am pointing my crosshair at the body, the indicator is to loot the gun instead. And whats with all the 'hold button x' to do this or do that? If they are so afraid of us misclicking stuff, I cant count the times I mis-looted a weapon instead of a body.

    The stealth is **** They cant see me crouching in the open, but can detect me even though I'm hiding behind a huge tree that completely blocks line of sight. Enemies can see through walls to detect dead bodies, instantly detects me when I make a sound by melee-ing the animal cage (was testing if i could melee to break the cage). Said cage was inside a vacant building.

    Another stupid feature is the drag corpse perk. Its already stupid enough that jason has to learn how to move a corpse, the whole mechanic is just clumsy and ****ty. If you have played any decent stealth game like Dishonored or AC, you will know what I mean. In these games, you can just pick up the body, move and drop it anywhere. Here? You can only drag it like a **** while moving backwards, and the best part is, you cant even pick it up again if u drop it.

    The story is laughable too. 19 year old party boy becomes a master of guerrilla warfare in less then 30 minutes. Side quests are boring and restrictive too. Stuff like restricting weapon required to kill with and the failing quests if moving out of area is just stupid and nowhere near Skyrim-like. To mention this **** game in the same breath as Skyrim is just insulting to the TES game.
  25. Sep 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the biggest letdowns of all times for me. I've been waiting for this game for a long time, hoping it would at least meet its predecessor (FC2), which I completely dig and is one of my fav shooter games of all times. But almost everything good from FC2 dissapeared and was instead replaced by totally generic content from nowadays FPSs. First of all, the environment is boring as hell, no characteristic locations whatsoever, all the places feel the same. You dont have any background either, no home or something, so you feel like homeless, still drifting through generic terrain. In comparison with FC2's rich places the design of FC3 feels like a joke. Jungle is everywhere, no differences in environment. You dont even know what time it is, sleeping was removed too. Safehouse is just a building where is box with all the guns usually, this approach isnt forcing you to think ahead at all.
    There is no difficulty in the game from the beginning whatsoever, no hard struggle to obtain weapons, instead you can have access to powerful weapons in an hour by simply going to some transmitters.
    Plus you can make various baggages that allow you to carry more weight than a truck, and yet run like a Usain Bolton around the jungle. The difficulty drastically changes at second half of game, where youre zerged by millions of troopers suddenly and usually dont have any time to think about something else than shooting,reloading and healing.
    The guns can be modified, but I would expect much bigger range of equipment, instead for example assault rifles have usually 3 scopes, which are basically the same, no close/range vs long range assault modifications and so on. Guns do not degrade either, that totally took away realism. Loved when in FC2 the gun jammed, reminding you that you should care about your weapons. Now you can swim two hours in salty water and your machinegun will be still like new. sad.
    Main character of the single player feels like a joke. Sure, I can see some 20 year old dude that came on an island with friends leading some tribe after like a week, shoot sniper rifle like a pro, blowing stuff with C4. Give a machinegun to an average 20 year-old and he will probably shoot himself to a leg accidentaly in like 5 minutes. some ex-pat would be ok, but this? hahaha please. plus he talks all the time, which I almost every time regret.
    Movement is strange, you cant climb things that in reality you would have no problem with, but you have no trouble jumping from falling bridges onto rock floors, climb roots, balance ledges on rusty towers and so on. Plus when you jump from a rock thats little higher than you, you usualy lose more health than if someone shoots you with machinegun. All the time you have to tap some keys or mouse for various actions or cutscenes.
    Missions usually tell you what to do, there is no space for tactical approach and different styles of playing. Also there are tons of cutscenes, for example when you hold flamethrower, then comes a dog around a corner, thrower dissapears and dog jumps at you, forcing you to take knife and stab him. Great, why do I even carry the damn flamethrower.
    The only thing I kinda enjoyed were some characters, Vaas and Buck are nice pair of sadistic maniacs. If you like average shooter, go for it, if you expect some character and new approach from a game, avoid this game.
  26. Apr 1, 2013
    Thinking about buying this one? Just play Far Cry 1 instead. Far Cry 1 was great. AI not so good, but the game was great. Far Cry 2 sucked. This one sucks less, but given it is 2013, this game sucks. And it really is too bad because the story has some interesting twists. The cut scenes and acting are pretty good. But the AI is a joke, the game play is repetitive and somewhat stupid. OK, I'm stranded on a tropical island filled with pirates and I need to rescue my friends, but I can only carry 1 magazine of bullets until I kill some animals and craft a new pouch out of their skins? Did anyone not stoned proof read the concept? Ugh, I had to quit after just 3 hours. I just don't care enough to finish this turd. Expand
  27. Dec 5, 2012
    Let's start off with the multiplayer-aspect. The guns all feel the same. What I mean by that is that it feels as if they've all got the same recoil and there doesnt seem to be any bulletdrop. You learn that one recoil and then you can adjust your aim to it no matter if you're using the heavy mg or a pistol. Other than that all the maps are basicly the same. There's like a hotzone in the middle and you can run around it - there it is. When a match is over and you're the best player on the winning team you can decide to either punish or spare the best player in the opposing team. That's about the only cool thing with the multiplayer-part. I'd sum it up as a **** clone of Call of duty-multiplayer - and im not even a call of duty fanboy. The single player was pretty fun when I started. The story was compelling enough for me to get interested in the antagonist and the main character (yourself) but once you got out of that first "zone" it all got worse. I thought that the survival-aspect seemed cool in trailers. But that was because I expected that the main character would have to collect eatable plants, hunt animals etc in order to survive. But nope. That's all part of some weird and huge unlock-system. You can make a backpack out of 2 X meat from animal Y. That animal is marked on your minimap so there's no way that you can miss it. The same goes for all the plants. Just look at your minimap and all you need to do is go there. It's an open world but since EVERYTHING is marked on the map it feels as if everything is already explored. You already know where everything is so there's close to no exploring. Sure, you can climb up a radiotower and the hotspots will become even more apparent to you (they actually show you how the place looks from an angle, instead of just the marked spot).

    And if that wasnt enough the AI is beyond stupid. You can throw rocks to distract the AI, you've got an infinite amount of rocks and you can do it a billion times. Each time the AI goes "WHAT WAS THAT?!", each time just as surprised as the previous time you did it. Their reactiontimes also seem to be really slow. They aim at you and after about 5 seconds they start shooting. I guess this is some setting that would help console-players to kill their enemies fast enough but on a PC it's incredibly easy to get the kill before they actually start shooting.

    Eventually the story just spins into a cliché and I totally lost interest. Stopped playing after about two hours of playtime. I doubt I will play it again. The co-op was repetative and easy (on the hardest difficulty). The co-op is not like single player. You're on a rail on one specific "mission" at a time. It's not even a story, you go get a bomb, place it and then you go to spot X. Mission complete and you go back to the lobby. All in all a really crappy game. It gets 2 because the voiceacting was better than average.
  28. wdb
    Dec 4, 2012
    wtf. this game sucks right out of the box. what was ubisoft thinking? all they had to do was take farcry2 and add some new maps and story lines. wheres the system link? what about those of us who don't have high speed internet? we have been traped twice and had to reboot. i'm sure its filled with lots of bugs like that. it dosen't teturn to your last save. when a mission is completed all other enemy's disappears and you return to a safe spot unsure what happened. too much gagits not enough substance. Expand
  29. Dec 4, 2012
    I'm giving this game 2 points, and that's for the graphics. I was severely disappointed by the title. Ive long been a Far Cry fan, and loved nothing more than cranking up the difficulty and planning my strategy filled attacks on outposts. Well what this game did was take the things that separated Far Cry 2 from the rest of first-person shooters, and scraped them. The excessive HUD and imbecilic AI turn you into a god, and every element of realism is eliminated. Money is so easy to obtain it's laughable; Dollar bills just laying around on every table in a poverty stricken island nation? Furthermore, the prospect of "Free Weapons" for just climbing a radio tower isn't logical at all. Not only that, but they remove weapon degradation and jamming, field surgery, and actual physical maps? Its obvious the developers noticed that a higher profit could be yielded if they literally dumbed down the title and removed any hint of sophistication as to cater to the 12 year-old COD fanboy demographic. It's as if the last true video game title made by a large developer has been ruined and turned into another over-cinematic arcade shooter (that has been so popular since the 4th Call of Duty) that requires no thought or skill (other than the famed "no-scope" that has grown so popular in the tween circles.) I can at-least be satisfied in that this game is going to bring the community one step closer to noticing the clear capitalistic motives of main stream developers that trump any motivation to create an original, good, game, and one step closer to relying on the indie developers that are creating today's innovative games. Now allow me to step off my soap-box. P.S If you're a 12 year-old console COD fanboy, do us true gamers a favor, and put your parents money toward something of quality (like meth, or cyanide), and stop ruining this industry. Expand
  30. Dec 4, 2012
    I got this game and at first I was very excited, back to the jungle, finally. I thought at first as I watched the Jack Carver-esque army guy kill guards and escape while my character whined like a little girl about everything, that you would take over the role of said army guy. Then army guy gets shot and I realize I am going to be this whiny 16 year old that after skinning hundreds of animals still says eewee every time he does it. This game has a couple minor issues with the ai and mildly repetitive side missions, but aside from that, the game play is a solid 10. The guns feel really good, they sound amazing, sitting on the couch playing on the TV with a 360 controller and my amazing PC is a huge bonus, unfortunately he story, is downright ABYSMAL and seems to do everything it can to make you not want to play the game. My 2 year old could have written a better story. An easy fix would have been the 16 year old getting shot, and the 30 year old special forces trained bad ass brother going on a murderous rampage would have made a LITTLE more sense, but that's just me. Whoever made the decision on that on should be beaten severely. He constantly complains while effortlessly killing hundreds of people like it is what he was born to do. I just do not see how someone could possibly think that would be a good design decision. Now on to another note, the game does have a co-op mode with actual BELIEVABLE characters. The only reason I gave this game any points was the co-op mode and probably the best looking jungle foliage I have ever seen (the big broad leafed plants look M-azing) and the sandbox elements are somewhat decent, and I still get a little scared every time I hear a tiger growl in the bushes or a bear growl, as they are as you would expect, extremely dangerous. The Breakdown:

    STORY:-20/20:The story in this game is so bad I have to give it negative points, as it just makes no sense and you are reminded of it every time the main character speaks, and I agree with Vaas, hes a little chicken **** How it is Jason, and not the older brother who was chosen as a main character is beyond me. Someone should be fired over that. It is seriously the rotten core to a majestic oak of a game. GRAPHICS:20/20: The plats trees and shrubs look amazing. Light transitions are so wonderfully done I can feel my pupil dilating. Water is superbly done, with ripples on the surface looking and behaving realistically. The sun, sunrays, and reflections are some of the best I have ever seen and it runs wonderfully on a single 560ti and a 3820 @4.6 and 16 gigs ddr3quad 1866 on ultra settings 1920x1080.

    GAMEPLAY: 5/20- Gunplay is fantastic, combat is fun, and enemies are only mildly retarded. The hunting mechanic is a nice diversion tho as soon as you get the extended pouches becomes completely irrelevant as you animal skins are worth less than a crumpled pack of smokes.

    SOUND: 15/20: The sound is really good, and I normally only mention audio if its bad. The gun sounds in particular are extremely realistic and oh so enjoyable, and make me feel like I am shooting a gun and not a string of black cats(firecrackers) Distances are accurate and I get scared hearing a tiger growling in the bush Only points subtracted for the girlish nature of the main characters voice.

    REPLAYABILITY: 0/20: As fun as the combat is, and as pretty as things look, I just do not see myself playing this game again if I even finish my first play-through. Side missions are incredibly repetitive, the story is just BAD, the main character is seriously the worst character ever, they should have just not had him talk at all. He literally killed this game for me and I really don't know if I will finish it once. TOTAL:20 out of 100. Final thoughts:I really have never been more shocked at any single gamplay element of a game more than the choice of a main character in farcry 3 and that is rally just the tip of the iceberg as far as completely illogical unbelievable story issues go. This really would have been an amazing game if it just had a better main character, but as bad as Jason is it ruined the game for me. My girlfriend walked in while I was skinning something and asked why he was saying eew (apparently hes a little chicken **** **** asked if he did that every time(unfortunately), and wrinkled her nose like she smelled something bad and said "really?", its that terrible. I just do not understand why....thank god crysis 3 looks incredibly promising, or I would have sold off every bit of Ubisoft stock I own and invested it in Bohemia Interactive, which I may do anyway, since they still make computer games for adults, rather than take the creative dump that is farcry 3 and try to sell it for 59.99 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME). Pre-packaged DLC should just be called "content", not "bonus material". I will never buy any game that has a pre order bonus that is "extra" ingame content, nor did I buy this one.

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  1. 89
    Far Cry 3 is a classic shooter at its core, but there are various RPG mechanics, skills and upgrades under the hood. It’s a fabulous playing ground and one can but marvel at the wondrous ways the various elements interact with each other. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Exhilarating, colorful, mindless – that's Far Cry 3 in three words.
  3. Jan 24, 2013
    Tighter and more accessible than Far Cry 2, the third outing is a master class in open world shooting. [Feb 2013, p.59]