Far Cry PC

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Mar 23, 2004

Generally favorable reviews - based on 72 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 72
  2. Negative: 0 out of 72
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  1. The total package; outstanding gameplay, completely groundbreaking graphics, and a storyline and plot filled with surprises and heartpounding excitement. [5 1/2 "drips"]
  2. Far Cry is, in everyway, the best first-person shooter I've ever played. From the sublime, deeply textured and truly immersive graphics to meaningful audio and the type of artificial intelligence that makes you question whether you really are playing against a computer - Far Cry heralds a new age of FPS with a game that is nearly perfect in everyway.
  3. And undoubtedly the greatest feature is that which made the hanging light sway. Yes, everything in-game is based on what is perhaps the best physics ever seen in a game.
  4. 100
    The multiplayer modes and incredibly powerfully map editor put Far Cry over the top. As great as the graphics are, they're merely a complement to the dynamic gameplay.
  5. Not only is this new shooter one of the most beautiful-looking games ever made, but it’s quite possibly one of the best single player adventures ever.
  6. Every aspect of Far Cry bleeds quality. This is definitely one of the best games ever released, and my friends, that is saying something.
  7. They’ve gone above and beyond my expectations of any FPS game.
  8. Unlike most games the bad guys in Far Cry really do have a mind of their own so its not just a case of running through and popping the odd enemy here and there, the mercenaries in this game are highly clued up and will detect you whether you move slowly, take cover or simply make them paranoid, you will not get past these guys easily.
  9. Without a doubt one of the best single-player FPS experiences in years.
  10. Superb in every way, technically, atmospherically, visually, sonically, it's got it all. One of the best games on the PC and one of the best games ever made full stop.
  11. If you have the system to handle it, Far Cry is a landmark achievement in groundbreaking technology that will not only allow you to show off your expensive new hardware, but let you have one helluva time doing so.
  12. The water effects are incredible and the attention to detail in the graphics engine is unbelievable. The sound in the game is well done and the music fits perfectly.
  13. It’s a far cry from anything that you’ve played before that will simply blow you away.
  14. Overall, Crytek has done a nearly flawless job in crafting the single player campaign. The combat is extremely fun and exciting, as well as addicting. The level design is fantastic, and the pacing is never too slow.
  15. PC Gamer
    Well, slap me silly, because not only does Far Cry offer utterly sensational visuals and jaw-dropping gameplay, but it also heralds the arrival of developer Crytek, which now joins id Software and Valve at the head of the shooter class... A stunning achievement. [June 2004, p.62]
  16. An exceptionally good single player game, and while the multiplayer aspect is a bit shaky compared to some titles, both existing and upcoming, there's a ton of potential within the game engine for some really clever modifications.
  17. 94
    The amazing game engine that renders such detail at long range without using many tricks should have companies like ID and Valve a little paranoid. With a few more triple-a titles under it’s belt, Crytek can easily become an industry giant.
  18. Due to the numerous AI difficulty settings and the broad range of gameplay variables coupled with a solid, lengthy single player campaign, FarCry is one game that can boast a major re playability value.
  19. We’re now thoroughly claustrophobic, agoraphobic and generally panophobic (afraid of everything). Far Cry has left us well and truly scarred, but after the experience it’s given us, we’re not ones to complain.
  20. 94
    It has the best A.I. ever and the best graphics to date. The replay value is great due to a unique multiplayer experience, and the wide open areas that allow a player to never follow the exact same path throughout the game.
  21. The best description for Far Cry would be "a game that received hype, but lived up to every last damn word of it".
  22. It is quite possibly the best one-player, action-intensive shooter ever. Yes, the multiplayer is good, but the true strength of this title is in the solo experience. [May 2004, p.105]
  23. I love the fact that someone has finally made a game that can look truly good and take advantage of higher-end PC hardware instead of going for less detail in order to allow more people with slower PCs to run the game.
  24. My new favorite shooter, which is saying something considering all of the notable additions lately. Striking visuals, high-quality AI and open-ended gameplay make for refreshing FPS game.
  25. A bona-fide classic: a technological marvel that's as rewarding as it is beautiful. For the time being at least, it's the beating heart of the first-person shooter. [PC Zone]
  26. A remarkable game, and one of the best shooters out on the market!
  27. 92
    Far Cry is the total package; outstanding gameplay, completely groundbreaking graphics, and a storyline and plot filled with surprises and heart pounding excitement.
  28. Crytek almost delivers a knockout blow. Far Cry isn't just a stunning technical accomplishment. It's quite possibly the best single-player first-person shooter experience for the PC since "Half-Life."
  29. A magnificent game. On every level it just stays superb. The only gripe that's mentionable is just the lack of a fleshed out multiplayer mode.
  30. 92
    CryTek has done a fantastic job of avoiding artificial path restriction. In the jungle, you'll never walk into an invisible wall, and almost never be hemmed in by impassible slopes that force you to take one path and one path only. There are almost always at least two distinct ways you can approach any position on the island, often times more than that.
  31. This is by far the must have shooter title of the spring and summer months for anyone who has a drive for fast paced gameplay set in well designed and beautiful to view landscape.
  32. The realism is helped tremendously by the solid physics engine present within Crytech's Cryengine. I got untold hours of joy out of just pushing things and watching them roll or bounce down a hill.
  33. 92
    It's not perfect, and it doesn't really offer up anything radically new to the altar of the FPS, but it is a brilliantly written piece of computer software and it is a thoroughly engrossing and almost criminally enjoyable game to play.
  34. What’s interesting about Far Cry is that it is a linear game without being overly linear. You have to address all of the problems and puzzles in the game in a specified order but how you address them is up to you.
  35. It's like being stranded right smack in the middle of an action-packed B grade movie, and while I'd probably fall asleep half way through the flick, I stayed wide awake and my adrenaline was pumping as mad while playing Far Cry.
  36. It delivers on all fronts: graphics, story, and especially gameplay. The only downside is that those with lower end machines are going to have to drop their graphics and resolution down quite a bit to achieve an acceptable frame rate.
  37. On the one hand we have the brilliant graphics, excellent physics and devious AI, while on the other we have the disappointing sound department, a few glitches in the AI, the save system that will probably not be to everyone’s liking and the system requirements which can prove too great for some gamers out there.
  38. This is helped by the huge amount of freedom that the player is granted. If you can see it, the odds are that you can get to it, which means that the whole island is Carver's plaything. The highest peaks can be scaled, rivers can be swam through and ditches can be hidden in.
  39. Cheat Code Central
    The game has plenty going for it. Most notably the AI which rivals just about any human that I've played against. What is most interesting is that the AI plays fair. It doesn't have ESP.
  40. Quite frankly FarCry is the finest PC title we’ve played in many years...Every aspect of the game works brilliantly and combines to create one of the most immersive and captivating games we’ve ever played.
  41. It offers incredible graphics, a decent story line, great sound, and it's challenging.
  42. 90
    Far Cry doesn't just boast cutting-edge technology and a surplus of breathtaking visuals, but also pulls off the amazing triple play of open-ended gameplay far beyond the standard A-to-B-to-C of most shooters.
  43. If players can ignore the overly cheesy plot and horrid voice acting, and focus simply on killing bad guys and blowing things up amidst a wonderfully crafted environment then they will be in for a treat. The first person shooter has never looked so good.
  44. Massive non-linear playing fields, astoundingly intelligent enemies and a gorgeous setting make Far Cry a solid hit that sets the bar higher for the games that will follow it.
  45. AI is above average and they're not of the “run up to you get killed” variety. Instead, they’ll try to flank you or use cover to their advantage.
  46. If you want a thrilling single-player FPS with the best looking graphics to date, then FarCry is for you.
  47. AceGamez
    The wide open environments and free ranging gameplay provide a thrilling experience and make up for the at times patchy AI and lack of story.
  48. 90
    Difficulty and the occasional glitch not withstanding, it's a phenomenal game with more modding and expansion potential than we've seen in years.
  49. When Far Cry does what only it can do, it’s a genuine classic (you’ll be waiting in vain to see anything of the scale of the outdoors sections in "Doom III"). When it follows in others’ footsteps, it’s merely a highly superior genre game.
  50. Far Cry is tough, surprising and constantly engaging – creating an action game that is full of memorable moments.
  51. Other than its steep PC system requirements and the merely adequate multiplayer modes, it's hard to find any fault with this gripping gem of a shooter.
  52. If not for the annoying, checkpoint-based, save-game system, it would be difficult to find fault with the single player campaign at all. Multiplayer could use some work, but it will get the job done for deathmatch fans.
  53. Far Cry's excellent graphics, decent multiplayer, and good single player combat make up the meat of this game.
  54. 86
    If you've got a high powered PC geared for gaming then Far Cry is a must buy and will really show you the definition of next generation gaming. Forget the cheesy dialogue, horrendous plot, irritating mutated enemies which resemble obese, pink monkeys with slimy bits and enjoy the beautiful graphics, intense game play and unpredictable AI.
  55. The shooting was fun and all, but it would have been much more satisfying had I felt like all of my murdering had been in service of something.
  56. It’s not gonna revolutionize the way you think of FPS gaming - that’s a job for "Half-Life 2," we hope - but Far Cry will give you a great 20-hour adrenaline shot in the arm. The impressive technology and sheer fun lead to a good choice for FPS fans with hefty rigs.
  57. Play Magazine
    The game consistently looks and sounds incredible. [May 2004, p.60]
  58. In the final analysis, it just maybe lacks the creative edge and imagination that would have catapulted it into classic territory. We just didn't really care about what we were fighting our way through.
  59. Outstanding graphically and sonically, Far Cry's gameplay doesn't quite match up to its looks. That said, the AI and imaginative set pieces make it easily the best single-player first-person shooter of the last few months.
  60. games(TM)
    Treading a fine line between jaw-dropping realism and high-res synthetic sheen, you can't help but be impressed by the composition of the environments, and if your PC is speedy enough you're in for a real treat. [Apr 2004, p.92]
  61. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that intelligent creatures will not forget Mr. Carver. They may give up on finding Mr. Carver, but they never forget the presence. It's almost like Metal Gear: Twin Snakes on alert mode, except when alerted the guards never do quite get up.
  62. 80
    Far more frustrating, though, is the pedestrian level design, which delivers frequent ambushes that rely on memorization and replay instead of stealth and skill.
  63. Computer Games Magazine
    Despite some rocky stretches, FarCry delivers one of the best action game experiences of recent vintage, a superior blend of technical sophistication and gold old fashioned visceral combat. [June 2004, p.76]
  64. For a new developer to arrive with a game that excels in as many categories as Far Cry is a rare thing indeed. This is a uniquely beguiling game, and frequently beautiful in every sense.
  65. Forget about the delayed FPS juggernauts of "Half-Life 2" and "Doom3," and spend your hard earned dinero on a game that is as spectacularly beautiful and brilliantly executed as any FPS ever.
  66. The tacky mutants, the fact that your opponents become almost anally accurate towards the end (or on high difficulty levels), the slightly disappointing finale - all these things may mar Far Cry to various degrees, but they cannot dull its shine.
  67. Let me just tell you, without joypad settings, I started to frown. Using a keyboard for games that require quick reflexes is like me eating brussel sprouts. Not going to happen.
  68. Coupling that with inconsistent plot coherency and questionable physics, it seems important to stress that while this is a very shiny game demonstrating a very robust engine, there is more beauty than guts here, and many players may find the colorful candy shell does not deliver as delicious a gaming experience.
  69. netjak
    There is nothing here that sets it apart from the crowd in terms of gameplay, but the visual and physics aspect of the game are bar none the best available today. Far Cry is worth a look, but be warned; you are going to need a beast of a computer to run this as it was intended to be run.
  70. GMR Magazine
    People with high blood pressure might want to stay away, but if you can tolerate unreasonably difficult A.I., Far Cry will punish you. And you will like it. [June 2004, p.82]
  71. Howsabout a nice whack upside the head with a tire iron for a horrific save-game feature that is simultaneously terribly conceived and idiotically implemented?
  72. Let me make this clear, through capitalization: ANY GAME THAT DOES NOT SAVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU KILL A BOSS AND SEE THE ENSUING CUTSCENE HAS A BROKEN SAVE-GAME SYSTEM. I don’t care if it’s supposed to make the game more intense, it’s stupid, moronic, ridiculous, pointless and otherwise detrimental to the overall quality of the game.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 700 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 25 out of 188
  1. Jan 1, 2012
    Far Cry is the classic example of a great idea with poor execution. At first glance and play-through it appears to be a fairly solid FPS withFar Cry is the classic example of a great idea with poor execution. At first glance and play-through it appears to be a fairly solid FPS with some beautiful locales, but the more you play the more you tarnish the original appearance. The main problem stems from some really bad enemy AI and a really difficult few levels that round off the end of the game. Even on the default difficulty setting (there are 5 in total) you can expect to die quite a bit. Your character can only sustain a small barrage of gunfire before buying the farm. This is not helped by the 1 hit kills from sniper rifle and rocket launcher wielding enemies.

    Also some of the final levels in the game are unfairly difficult, to the point of just being frustrating and not fun at all. It's a real shame because when the game falls into place and you're lying in the bushes, picking off a group of thugs with your sniper rifle, you'll no doubt love and enjoy Far Cry. It's just a shame that its shortcomings aren't as few and far between.
    Full Review »
  2. Sep 29, 2011
    Rambo in the jungle. The difficulty of the game forces you to play strategically and rely on stealth at times. With the realistic graphics,Rambo in the jungle. The difficulty of the game forces you to play strategically and rely on stealth at times. With the realistic graphics, this game makes you feel like you're actually there. And it does this so well because you can explore and advance when you want, how you want. It's a survival game on beautiful islands. The gameplay is intense in terms of the action, with great levels of decent length and a gradual day/night cycle. The game doesn't jump from one place to another like Call of Duty. You play through everything and discover more and more about the story as you play. This beats Half-Life 2 anyday because the action is intense and gripping. If you want to know what it'd feel like to be in one of those Hollywood films, cancel your holiday plans and get this. Full Review »
  3. Charlie
    Sep 10, 2008
    This game was good, until you got to the first mutants. The graphics were great, i loved crawling through the jungle, playing tactically, This game was good, until you got to the first mutants. The graphics were great, i loved crawling through the jungle, playing tactically, running head on guns firing, etc. Then there's the bad side. I got bored of the mutants constantly trying to be spooky and all that, and just failing miserably. It got very predictable the further you went, and character animations were always not very good at all. The story line is probably the worst i've ever seen, again predictable and unoriginal. To be honest, i couldn't actually play to the end out of sheer boredom. Far Cry 2, however, sounds much better. They've kept all the good stuff and got rid of all the bad stuff. Looking forward to it. Full Review »