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  • Summary: No more waiting for lanes and renting shoes! You own the entire alley with Fast Lanes Bowling, the latest and greatest bowling simulation to hit the PC. Fast Lanes Bowling is a bowler's dream-come-true with incredibly detailed environments and characters, brought to life in fully rendered 3D. Bowl in a variety of fantastic locations, knocking down the pins aboard a moving pirate ship, or catching the 7-10 split on the pier of a remote tropical island - play with the most advanced and realistic bowling physics to date, in a total of twelve day and night environments or even in your local bowl-o-rama! [Enlight Software] Expand
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  1. It’s highly addictive and just plain fun.
  2. It may not be groundbreaking or the type of game you’d spend hours trying to master, but Fast Lanes Bowling is still good fun and offers something a little different in the bowling genre.
  3. Attempts to combine zany locales with tried-and-true bowling mechanics, but the game lacks substance and ultimately won't please bowling fans, be they hardcore or casual.
  4. As challenging as bumper bowling and as much fun as a 7-10 split.
  5. It deserves some credit for its realistic physics and attempts at creativity, but it's just not a whole lot of fun. We still await the "Virtua Tennis" of bowling games. [Apr 2004, p.78]
  6. An archaic tri-click method of delivery, a truly awful interface, a bunch of sorry camera angles and some ridiculous environments/opponents for you to play in/against.
  7. Here's a game that almost accomplishes the impossible - it virtually embarrasses bowlers. And that's not an easy task given the mullet-loving, trailer-dwelling life forms that festoon the substratum of the high-glossed lanes.

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