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  1. Oct 12, 2012
    Nothing really new compared to Fifa 12 plus the PC version has many bugs and feels like a console port. EA is milking it like a cow forever because the company knows that there are a lot of football fanboys especially in Europe that buy this kind of crappy games just because they love the real sport...
  2. Oct 1, 2012
    The "core" of Fifa hasn't changed a lot if few years, only adding few more tricks to amuse us. Fifa looks spectacular and runs smoothly, the game presentation is top notch and animations are almost perfect, but the "core"... The gameplay is designed for 13-year old kids, lightning fast gamespeed, laser passes, superior fireball shots.... PACE PACE PACE! It just not fun anymore... "play manual" "play singleplayer, adjust sliders"... sure... EA doesn't listen community at all, the customer service is horrible and PC version is affected with a lot of cheaters, the launch of the game was horrible and some of the features aren't even still working (fifa points). PES took this year huge steps forward and i really hope that we have a real competition in the market next year, we customers would benefit most by this, since EA has totally forgotten us... Expand
  3. Jul 21, 2013
    The good thing? The Engine is very good, is really good to play, but it stop here, lets talk about whats wrong.
    The AI is simply ridiculous, it doesn't matter wich team you are playing against, they all play the same way, and if you are winning, in the last 15 minutes of game, the AI will start to play like a full energy Barcelona, pressing the ball like a team of Mascheranos, passing
    like Xavis, and running like Messis, of course, it does not matter if the team you are playing against is poor, they WILL play like a Barcelona.

    Let's talk about bugs? I don't say that a game must be bug free, but it should at least try to fix them, thing that EA don't do, the bugs are there since the beggining, and EA don't do ANYTHING to fix them.

    What say about the carrer mode? Well, unrealistic trasnfers values and negotiations, and a happy player having 3 years of contratc remaing, and want to renew the contract for just one year earning more and if you don't do that the player will request a transfer. This happens A LOT.

    Well, what to say about the EA Servers? To fully play this game, you have to be Online, both you AND the EA servers, you can''t use ALL the things that you earned if the servers are down, wich happens A LOT.

    Overall? A very good engine, way better than PES, but the lack of respect with the customers, wich is a trademark from EA, make the game a waste of time and money
  4. Oct 1, 2012
    The game is unplayable as of right now. EA screwed up FUT13, FIFA Points can be purchased but not used, and there are lobby issues. Bad release EA, you should have contracted more betatesters before releasing this junk upon us and charging us for a full game.
  5. Sep 27, 2013
    This is definitely the worst FIFA in history. It brings over all problems of FIFA12 and adds more. I'm talking about single player modes, as I'm not interested in multiplayer game at all. My score reflects only a single player experience

    I'm not expecting a game to be easy, I like challenge, especially in a football game, but the game has to be enjoyable. And F13 is far from that. It's
    one of the most frustrating experiences in a game world ever. If I pick one of the biggest teams on the continent, with players valued millions of euros in real world, I'd like to feel that I'm indeed controlling a really strong team. That I have immediate advantages over a poor opponent. But there's no such feeling in this game. FIFA 'world' seems to be using some kind of level scaling, like Skyrim, because no matter how good team you pick, how close to level 99 your players are and how skiled you are in controlling a pad, you will struggle with likes of Stoke or Almeria or whatever. Your Piques, Ramoses and Luizs will be outrun by poor team's attackers, your Messis, Ronaldos and Robbens will be outrun by poor team's defenders. 60 level team will make pinpoint precision long passes and exchange ball better than Barca in their best years. And watch yourself in the last 15 minutes of the game if you're winning by 1 or 2 goals you will experience pressing like you've never seen on live TV, unless you watch ice hockey match and one team plays with a player advantage.

    Reaction your opponent AI presents is unhumanly they can react to your action a fraction of a second after you press the button. At the same time, your defenders AI is utterly stupid. There's barely any move on the pitch except the player you control. AI doesn't move your player towards the ball in the air, doesn't assist you in defence. You would imagine you could position a player manually, but auto switching doesn't work correctly and manual switching when ball is in the air is practically impossible. Your players also won't move towards a loose ball after eg a tackle (it sometimes looks like all players 'wait' until the tackle/collision animation is finished). Passing on assisted and semi modes don't work and at least 1/3 simple short passes (not to mention long through balls) end up bouncing of opponent's legs. Your attackers barely move off the ball. And even if they move and make a nice run, AI defenders will outrun them anyway, as mentioned earlier, or they will be caught offside as most often there's a huge delay between you pressing a button and AI making a pass (again, it has to do with animations)

    If that's not enough, imagine referees ending matches during your attacking move in opponent's penalty box. This however should be easily fixable in a patch. As to all other complaints, it seems like a broken engine so it would need a total revamp, which is impossible at this stage.

    If I bought the game on Origin, I would definitely apply for a refund. Waste of money. And since PES14, although significantly better than PES13, also suffers from unpolished engine and bugs, there's no football game to enjoy this year
  6. Oct 11, 2012
    I will just start with this word: Disappointed. I found this game unplayable just by it's fast game speed, therefore the passing very limited. The players look like scripted, even when you are playing, they are moving so staccato and they define the laws of gravity, ball acts strange sometimes as it starts to pick on speed when you pass it around. Faces and body types could go trough another overhaul as some are just unrecognizable. Overall I see no improvement whatsoever, the game doesn't feel smooth and it feels rushed all the time. Doesn't work for me. I will sell it. Expand
  7. Oct 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. what a football fail, what a waste of money for me that I bought Fifa 12. Never again EA, never again and please leave PC platform, we don't need arcade games and buggy software like Origin because I trust in steam and I like to buy on sale (every weekend, every christmas, every summer...) on Steam for just 10$. This is what Digital delivery means ... aaaahhhh EA is a joke. Just on marketing they are very good, they are good only in MKTG. The TV spot with Messi and many other top players around the world is very cool but is the game is a fail please don't spend money to pay Messi give an honest price to a game that is a fail and probably next time u'll gain more. U spend a lot of money in everything EA and i don't believe that your crap has selled 4,5ML copies is 1 week this is a big lie, check again... 4,5ML copies,,, lol. "User score" speak itself, my vote is 2 because i like to play with full manual controls and this game is designed for kids that like to play full assisted. Everything is scripted, zero creativity, PES 2013 is way better, it's not perfect but at least we can use the word football if we talk about PES ... ops this is soccer, OMG ... Expand
  8. Dec 5, 2012
    FIFA 13 is the most rigged/scripted game ever, reminds me the online poker...
    I'm a very strong player but in many games the opponent gk saves all without problem, I hit for 4 times the post in many games (especially in stupid FUT) and opponent just make a cross and goal with headshot (my gk plays as a retarded duck).
    Stupid gameplay: the tricks are very hard to do, apparently random.

    EA servers are a disgrace, very bad purchase... FIFA needs a real rival.
  9. Dec 18, 2012
    Lets get the positives over first. The game is good looking, the new control system is a nice idea, the models and movements have been improved. Now the bad parts. The game is badly designed, with no added thought to improving AI. The rubberbanding is comical at times, with the AI cheating so horrendously it stops being immersive. On world class or higher, the AI will score when it wants to. There is no way to defend the goals because their player movement is simply better than your teammates, to a completely ridiculous extent. Faster, stronger, insane reflexes, they can cancel a change in direction halfway into the motion to wrongfoot your player- something which is impossible for a human player to do- there are no buttons for it! On the other hand, your teammates make poor runs, often running into their marker so you cannot make the pass. They tend to fall over opposition players and have turning circles like a Harrier jump jet.

    The game to game experience feel rehearsed, with no excitement on unpredictability. In the end you will find most of your games will be played in the same manner, and the goals you concede will be identical. I am not buying another FIFA title for a long time, this is the third time i have been frustrated by EA and their undeniably talentless staff. I would love to see a great football game, but this is nowhere near. Save your money for another game.
  10. Oct 22, 2012
    Worst $80 I've ever spent. I regret ever buying this game. Ultimate team is the reason I bought the game and it's full of cheaters. My average ping is about 450 to any opposition player and it feels like I'm playing ice hockey. Never again will I purchase a FIFA title. Customer support is as you would expect from EA...non-existent. Twice now the EA servers crashed and as a result I was kicked from an ultimate team game and was given a DNF penalty; EA customer support says they can't reset anyone's DNF penalties and suggest I do some basic router troubleshooting to check If i had problems with my router. Clap Clap. Expand
  11. Oct 1, 2012
    Fifa 13 reeks of complacency. Absolutely reeks of it. Problems started from before the worldwide release of the game and are still continuing now. I'll list what I can remember in rough order.

    1. The webapp was released on 19th of September (after teasing us with the 18th) and within 24hrs was taken down again after thousands of people found an exploit allowing them an endless amount of
    free packs. This was the same exploit used in fifa12 a year earlier. EA took down the webapp and banned a lot of players. During this time there were of lot of claims that people had been banned unjustly and also that some had got away without a ban by transferring players/coins to another account.

    2. Shortly after the webapp was back online people discovered that they could not search the market due to a continuous "oops" error. Many were unable to login at all, never mind search the market.

    3. A major bug in the webapp preventing the proper club establishment being displayed was noticed by a lot of users upon the webapps launch. This has still not been fixed some 2 weeks later.

    4. Console users had the opportunity to buy an EA Season Pass allowing them exclusive early access to the actual fifa 13 game as well as discounts on packs. Many people paid for the early access but many were unable to log into the game.

    5. Upon the release of the game people in Australia discovered they were deceived by the marketing as they were not able to buy the game until a day after the advertised release. Some who have bought the retail game can play, yet those who pre-ordered could not log into the game or webapp.

    6. Fifa Points. This has been quite a fiasco. Normally you buy fifa points then spend them on packs but in fifa13 it's possible to buy points and not be able to spend them on packs at all.

    7. Trade Pile. Searching without an oops error seems to have improved a lot. However, there are mysterious things going on in everyone trade piles. Cards going missing for days, invisible cards taking up space, sold cards not showing up, coins going missing, bought/sold players stuck in transaction for days......

    8. Cheating. Both on the webapp and the PC cheating is rife on fifa13. On the PC people can apparently play 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, winning every single game and earning more coins than anybody else. People are using trainers to cheat their way through tournaments without even having to play collecting all the winners proceeds along the way. The same exploit was used throughout fifa 12 and no attempt was made to fix it then, or even now.

    9. Connection problems. As if EA didn't know how big their game was going to be they still can't manage a game that only requires two computers to connect to one another. Many people are having numerour connection problems, from not being able to access the webapp to not being able to play a single game without disconnecting during or at the end, resulting in lost coins and a DNF penalty.

    10. Ea Customer Service. There is none. Ea were voted worst company in the world last year (above all the crooked banks!). Their online suppoort chat consists of people replying from a script with no power to actually take action. They will disconnect from you if you start citing your rights and the law. Their phone service is better but last year it was abused to steal peoples accounts. They tweet advertisements all day long but do not keep people updated on how progress with fixing the game is going.

    Good news is if you don't play online and don't already own fifa 12 then it's the best football game out there. For everybody else I recommend you stay well clear!
  12. Jan 29, 2013
    i played this game fifa 13 , whoever designed this game is just steeling peoples money for nothing . seriously it is a time waste . i tried to keep the ball between my players legs for the whole 7 minutes half and it worked . just passing the ball between my defenders and midfielders in my half of the pitch and the other team doing nothing to extract it from me . it is like they are programmed to play only in there half . when i try to make an attack my players lose the ball in a very stupid and funny way , they just let it slip from their leg like we should buy that , and if i reached 80 minutes and winning , my players become the stupidest ever , they become very slow , they loss the ball control , and if i tried to make a long pass near to the side line the ball always go out from the nearest point although there are a very enough space between the player and the side line . and the most stupid thing , when i cut the ball from the attackers i need to steel it like 3 or 4 times just to extract it because every time it just go back to them or to out side and when the cut the ball from me it suddenly get very slow near the line so their player can take it easily . Unfortunately fifa designers are just trying to create a story and they do not create a real challenge . if you really want to win in this game you must forget that you play football , just pretend that you are playing some thing else , and tell your mind to get over any thing that does not make sense because this game is saturated with those kind of things , and do not activate hand ball because you will get so many penalties at so funny times . this game is a failure by all means Expand
  13. Mar 3, 2013
    This game is the most frustrating thing ever. It seems that players who are trying to play realistic football end up losing EVERY TIME. The AI is and I ain't even talking about the EA servers (maybe the worst ever?)
  14. Oct 30, 2012
    One of the worst Fifa ever 1st touch control suck you can't control the ball at all and online passing result on epic failure, game is way too fast and defender are completly stupid. LT+Y on the xbox controller for the win just spam it and you will score over and over again i repeat the worst fifa ever
  15. Oct 1, 2012
    Game is a full of bugs. Not only have they not fixed any of the bugs from the last game, there are a load of new ones now. On top of that PC users haven't been able to use Fifa points since the game was released. Game shouldn't have been released in this state!
  16. Nov 3, 2012
    completely Disappointed by this game, waste of money, fifa 11 was good on pc but after 12 and 13 is full waste of time, they are trying to make fifa realistic but forgetting about gameplay, its a game, wont be everything possible here like real football, so forget about reality and make it playable
  17. Nov 19, 2012
    Waste of money. Stay away. Even if you're a die hard football fan like me. It will cause a lot of broken gamepads and keyboards, and not because its difficulty but because of its stupidity. Not only is it full of bugs but it's also scripted, yeah the thing people around the internet call "Momentum", which causes you to lose matches even if you play as hard and as good as you can, by simply making your players mistake every first touch, making every tackle useless by sending the ball to your opponent, by making opponents' keeper unbeatable, and 100% sure goals miss, hitting the post most of the time or go wide. Once I had a game that finished 1-1 with 19 shots on goal from my team and only one against, which incredibly went in... bad luck right? No, because it happens all the time, no matter how good the players you take the shot with are. This game is so frustrating it will take you to the point of breaking the dvd. There's absolutely no reason for you to get a broken and completely unrealistic game unless you want to destroy your mental health. I have always been a Fifa gamer since 98 but I lost every hope that EA will ever make a decent football game again because all they care about is money. So this will probably be the last Fifa I'll ever try. Expand
  18. Nov 1, 2012
    Truly the WORST next-gen Fifa by far. Don't believe the hype, don't go with the professional reviewers' opinion, who clearly get paid or otherwise benefited directly by EA. The game has countless issues, both online and offline, it has tons of bugs (that will probably never be fixed because EA has proved beyond all doubts that they don't care).

    The gameplay is so broken, the game speed
    is laughable and ridiculously high, the passing system sucks, the UT servers are down very often, the new first touch controls are a joke. Everything about this game sucks. EVERYTHING.

    And EA simply don't care because they sold their 7 million copies. A zero is perhaps too much for this game, I wish I could give it a negative review number.

    I want my money back. Just go see what's happening in the EA's official forum, 90% of the people writing there are just mad an the game and EA.

  19. Feb 9, 2013
    Where to start? Loads of bugs, some remaining from FIFA 12. Online is horrible to play, has a very scripted feel so as to make all games seem very dramatic. I'm not complaining because I'm bad at Fifa (W28, D5, L11) during my online season), it's just a very unbalanced game. Some games I would completely dominate yet somehow lose (got to love those 45 minute and 90 minute goals) and others were just purely comical (drew 5-5 with my goalkeeper somehow missing a back pass, letting it roll into his own net for the 5th goal).

    Career mode is extremely repetitive, with the same scripted events occurring over and over. The graphics are poor (look at the fans..!) and the commentary dull and hey you guessed it...repetitive.

    If you can get past the cheating AI, extremely unbalanced and frustrating online gameplay and poor console port aspects...then you deserve some kind of award.
  20. Apr 25, 2013
    Game full of bugs,you get red/yellow by just taking the ball.You concede 4 goals in just last minute of play.Same old graphic nothing changed.
    Nothing new looks just like FIFA12

Generally favorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 7
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
  3. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. 85
    FIFA 13 left us with a bitter-sweet aftertaste. Some mistakes of the previous edition are corrected (the natural look of modes, the one-on-one duels in the field) and some new features were added, like the new game modes. But the EA devs have set the bar so high, that it’s hard enough work to surpass their own work. [December 2012]
  2. Nov 9, 2012
    FIFA 13 offers good arcade-style football, and its multiplayer is next to exemplary. But it needs to grow up if it wants to become a simulator.
  3. 80
    Next installment of FIFA series brings improvements to the field of realism – the player movement feels more natural and the passes work almost as in a real football. [Nov 2012]