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  1. Jun 12, 2014
    I don't really know how to rate this game; I'll divide my opinion in two main blocks, GRAPHICS and GAMEPLAY.

    This game
    has been developed by the same team that developed FIFA saga, so, why not add FIFA 14 collisions and graphics? I mean, this F2P Fifa doesnt use FIFA 14 PC engine, use a new engine that is far away from the engines that sports simulators use. Collisions are, in my opinion, so rude, they are sometimes(almost always) stupid, and some ball/player movements are just... like Inazuma Eleven players.
    They tried to use a easy-to-make engine, refurbishing old engines and trying to make it look "beautiful" in this gen but... I think they didnt get the result they wanted, isnt bad, isnt good... is just passable.

    This part is the one that hurts the most the score of the game. Here we have 2 big blocks:
    ->ONLINE GAMEPLAY: The online part of the game (%80 of the game)
    ->GENERAL GAMEPLAY (%20 of the game)

    Online gameplay is just **** rubbish, useless, crap... I'm able to add a thousand more adjetives, but... no one of them could describe this game's online gameplay.
    The first time you enter an online game (Ultimate Team or Online Team), you'll be excited to go up divisions, win a lot of money, and buy the best players in the world. You'll just find lag, depending on the host, impossible gameplay, rare moves, lag spikes, fps drops... The matchmaking doesnt take care about regions, you can be matchmaked vs a Turkish people even if u live in Canada.
    Also, matchmaking sometimes will fail, and will cause this:
    -YOU: DIVISION 9. YOUR TEAM: 60~ 25W 10D 15L

    Trust me, this happened to me.

    Second part of the gameplay, the GENERAL GAMEPLAY, where magic happens.
    Joystick, man, joystick. They recommend you to use a X360 controller, and controllers are just **** in this game. You can "select" by using the LeftStick where the shoot will go, but this is sooooooo imprecise, you can try to shoot right and he will shoot to the front, maybe he wont shoot, who knows.
    IA, just overpowered. He will pwn you like no one will do, if you score a goal, he will score 5, he will take the keeper and score you a goal, IA is just the world FIFA champion 2014.

    So, this game doesnt deserve a 6 or a 7, deserves a 4 or a 5, is just crap, you can download it and play it, have fun for and hour but then, uninstall it.
  2. Aug 26, 2014
    This game is in BETA then there is much we can hope to be better

    i was really angry cause i cant change controls
    yes there
    are balls logos... but new controls makes me really angry
    1 POINT
    -Buy system
    i really like this because you can buy decks or bid a current player in the auction
    10 POINTS
    this system is pretty good bud i really dont like contracts
    8 POINTS
    I dont like the gold silver and bronze distribution
    I also dont likee the chemistry thing why players from same country have better chemistry. That ruined
    potential of mixing good players from different countries
    5 POINTS
    -oponent AI (single player season)
    their tactics ruined the game in first half they are passing and awaiting yousr fault
    In other half they are delayng the game
    2 PTS
    -Multi player mathes
    my game didnt started that matches so
    X PTS
    They are pretty bad eventually my fifa 10 had better graphic
    They are smoother but cutscenes are really bad
    4 PTS

    Average score is 5 points
  3. Sep 2, 2014
    Bottom line, the game just isn't fun to play. It has tons of content, decent graphics, great audio, and it's certainly interesting to pursue the economics of collecting and improving players.

    However, at the core, you have to try and control 1 out 11 players while the AI controls the other 10, and it's just unwieldy. EA offers control options for Keyboard, Mouse + Keyboard, or Gamepad Controller, I gave each one a shot in two matches and none of them played intuitively.

    Like a real soccer game, most of my time was spent chasing down failed passes and completely missing shots on goal, so points for realism I guess.

    I ultimately put 20 hours into this title, trying to improve my gameplay to see if it has real potential but the fun just isn't there. In true internet multiplayer fashion, one particularly memorable moment was an opponent scoring a goal and then using the player controls to effectively teabag my goalkeep. Thanks internet stranger, you broke the camel's back.

    Uninstalled, it's free to play and worth exactly that.
  4. Jul 7, 2014
    This game is a boosheat
    . . . .
    . Expand