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  1. Jul 5, 2013
    It's time that the publishers behaivior has an impact on games. As much as I loved FFVII, the new release to steam is a gem of laziness. Imposing an online DRM to an offline game, that was not even tweaked or improved in any way, and charge about 12€ for it is just outrageous. As Square actually forgot how to make good games, they stick to rerererererelease old titles up to a point where no-one cares anymore. Not about the FF franchise, nor Square Enix itself. Expand
  2. Jul 5, 2013
    This game got recently released (again) for the pc and while I didn't actually buy it again for this platform (I stick with the original Ps1 copy, thank you), this game still holds up as one of the most memorable JRPG of all time. But not the best, and don't take me wrong if I say that even I once thought so, when I was a kid, because it was one of the first RPGs I ever played, thus it was pretty much everyone's favourite for the same reason. But let's start from good things: it's still a very solid RPG and has both a good story and a good combat system; the story is very deep and has great twists now and then and while the graphics aren't great, the game itself is good. The combat is good as well, with turn-based system combat at its finest (nowadays everyone's hates it though), and with a lot of customization thanks to the Materia system (in short, every character can do any role, as long as the right materias are set). Add up the fact that the game is HUGE, has a lot of secrets, Chocobo farming, many secondary stuff to do and also secret characters (since you can also skip them if you don't know how to do them), this game is definitely a solid game as it is...if it was 1998. Like I said, it's good but after 15 years of its release, this game is showing its limits and its flaws. First of all when I played the first time, the game was great and had almost no match, but then I played it again years later after the release and I noticed the real flaws of this game and while I still like it, it's definitely obsolete in the mechanics. For starters, the graphics, even if I'm no graphic maniac, could still use some new texture, new scenes, anything, but no instead we still get that horrible super deformed character from the old FF era: this just shows how lazy they were on releasing this game, and instead just focused on selling the name for 12 euros: for this price we get only achievements, a cloud saving feature, a forced DRM and a booster mode, but the game is the exact same as it was 15 years ago (making me avoid to buy this game, since it has no real difference and I still have the original copy). But yeah I guess remaking the tenth game, which not many want, is more vital, without mentioning XIII-3!. The second thing that I disliked was of the "story", and not the plot and the dialogues (which I heard were badly translated but I wasn't even able to understand english back then), but the characters: some are good and actually interesting, but MOST are plain stupid and ridiculous. I liked how the tone was dark and serious at the start...but then a talking animal? a vampire-sort-of-dude? A loli ninja?! a Moogle Seriously?!?! Even when I was a kid I wasn't sure what to say, but "now" I know what to say: this game has one weird roster that really really ruins the atmosphere of darkness and seriousness that this game tries to pull out, but when I see those talking animals and that ridiculous ninja, I just remember losing it. Another flaw of these characters is that while the materia system makes every character very open for any role, this also ruins the unique feel of having them: every character can use the same exact spells as long as the Materia is equipped and ready to go, since the materia doesn't level up with you but has levels on its own, which means we can easily have 3 healers and 3 mages at all time. Sure, it IS deep and has a lot of variation, but in the end this game had a flaw that even the 8th chapter did again, and that is of ruining the feel of having an unique character, but instead we have a blank paper with only the limit break being the unique skill they have. Infact, for this exact same reason, the "clou" scene of the game (SPOILER: the death of Aeris/Aerith) left me empty...because she was one of the worst characters of the game and while I DON'T HATE THIS CHARACTER I just never seen her except for cutscenes or dialogues with the main character, and for good reasons (bad limit breaks, bad physical attack, but good magic attack...which everyone had as well). To sum this up, this game is extremely solid, but nowadays I believe this game LACKS terribly on story department and characters, especially when we now have great RPGs, like Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, the Ar Tonelico or Atelier series, with great character rosters that don't do the mistake of ruining the atmosphere (Tales of Vesperia suffers this same problem too, now that I think about it). But even that, this game is still pretty solid for a 15 year old game, also because this was many players' first RPG ever and even if there were good RPGs back then, like Xenogears, Legend of Mana or Chrono Cross (all 3 which never got released in europe, thanks!), this game is still a pretty good game and, despite the lack (or absence) of new feature, for 12 euros on pc, it's not a bad purchase and definitely, it still remains a good game. Just hope you can pass over the super-old graphics! Expand
  3. Jul 6, 2012
    I never played Final Fantasy 7 on the original PlayStation, as I didn't grow up with one. So, I wasn't able to enjoy it exactly as it was meant to be played. However, this port is great, despite common criticism. While the graphics are rather dated and the default controls can be awkward, investing in tweaking your controls to your fitting make playing this a much better experience. I won't go too far into plot but I can say that it brings you in nicely and the characters are easy to connect with. Also, the combat system is very easy to figure out.

    I should probably add that for a better experience, go to the Configuration program and do the following:
    1. Go to the Graphics tab
    2. Set the resolution to "640 x 480 16bpp (Full Screen)"
    3. Do NOT click the "NVIDIA" box
    4. Exit the Configuration program
    5. Run the game
    6. Start a new game, and as soon as you can, open the menu by pressing "+" on the numpad
    7. Go down to "Config" and open it with the "enter" key on the numpad
    8. Go down to "Controller" and hit the right button so it selects "Custom"
    9. Open it with enter
    10. Customize the controls to whatever you want, on you keyboard or on you gamepad (if you have one)

    I hope this helps anyone playing this classic!
  4. Mar 1, 2014
    Finally decided to play this for the first time and it was boring, gave up after some 20hr of gameplay. If you never played this game before I suggest to grab a guide otherwise you won't have any idea what to do (it is straightforward to some extent) since there are no notes or journal entry's or the like. Game was kinda disappointing since I heard many good things about the game, oh well onto next one. Before I forget unless you are connected to the Internet (steam) you will have some slight save issues. Expand
  5. Sep 10, 2013
    Masterpiece, to me this will always be one of the best RPG of all time. When I saw it back on steam I had to purchase it and I will redo again for the 10th time this captivating story.
  6. Oct 4, 2014

    Broken. An absolute do-not-buy. Updated to require registration with Square Enix. DRM a clear priority; actual function not even a consideration. Running in a Microsoft Windows environment, won't recognize Microsoft controllers (e.g., Xbox 360, Xbox One). Some Steam users report problems with buttons not working. Some users report being stuck at
    the title screen. I can't even reach the title screen; just a table of keyboard commands that doesn't respond to my controller OR keyboard. Not a port, but a dump. This version may run on antique Compaq Presario if you can find one, but then, Steam might not. Expand
  7. Oct 26, 2014
    People complain about the crappy MIDI sound files in this game and, while I do agree that they suck, the music has been fixed on the Steam version. So, what can I really say about this game? I admit, it's a bit overrated, but still one of the greatest games of all time. 10/10
  8. Sep 11, 2013
    I remember playing this when it was first released. Boy did this game change things. JRPGs were already in the west, but it was this game that got the attention of even the most casual gamer.

    For me, I had already been playing RPGs and JRPGs for a while but this game did change thing for me too. It made the RPG genre my favorite genre.

    FF 7 is not my favorite of the series, but I do
    have a tremendous respect for what it is to the genre: A milestone.

    At the time, the graphics were absolutely phenomenal, the music all timeless classics, the characters almost perfect in design. Gameplay and sheer amount of variety in activities and the openness of how you want to play.

    So why didn't I score this higher? The plot. Don't get me wrong most of it is very good and is very well written, but some of the bigger parts are either extremely confusing or nonsensical (particularly the last section of the game and most of the plot surrounding Sephiroth. Sephiroth has got to be one of my all time favorite video game villains, and I really do feel the conclusion of the game does not give him respect he deserves, simplifying him to a supernatural Freudian case study.

    Even with the few minor issues I had with this game, it is still a fantastic game worthy of the praise and admiration it receives. We can only hope that Square one day gives in and gives us the remake most of us are begging them to make.
  9. Aug 16, 2013
    I just recently purchased this for nostalgia purposes and didn't even really think I could get back into the game after all this time. Well, I did. It feels good to be reminded that a great rpg just needs a great story. Its amusing to see how dated the graphics are, yet how intuitive the story telling techniques were. FF7 manages to tell a phenomenal story that is much better than most of the RPG's out nowadays that use the most advanced graphics, motion cap, and facial expressions to help deliver their story.
    The only reason I cannot give this game a 10/10, like I would it's PlayStation predecessor, is because of the smaller MIDI music files. It is rather minor at first, but certain songs from the game, such as Sephiroth's theme, were dramatically altered by the cheap quality and sound nothing like the original, which takes away from the original experience or mood the game had given.
  10. Jul 22, 2014
    Its just best game off all time top 10 Yes its old, has no auto maps to help u, but u can find easy the way. Its normal they way u feel. Now we are playin games at great graphics and sound, but this game has the gameplay u cant find these days. Farmin can be a little borin, But an amazin story, cloud the best char ever with omnislash, great moves and extreme boss fights that makes it feel special. Have played when i was 17 years old, and finished it 2 3 times, and finally all 100 lvl chars, all moves and special weapons Expand
  11. Jul 7, 2014
    Okay, let's get this out of the way. It's a good game, just not necessarily great. It was the same for me back then, so I'm not complaining about graphics, or anything that isn't its own fault. I love the story, you're given very fleshed out characters. The story is quite good, but it's the difficulty of the game. Okay, I love Dark Souls, so I'm not a "filthy casual" as many say (but everyone's tastes are different, so there's no reason to call someone a "filthy casual" in the first place). The annoying part is the many points in the game where you must grind just to get to the boss, and then you can't beat the boss. And North Cave... OH NORTH CAVE IS ANNOYING! I accidentally used my Save Crystal too early and then saved, so I spend an hour to get to the area near Sephiroth, and then I'm killed by not even Jenova, I'm killed by a huge robot enemy that spams an attack that deals large damage to the entire party, and I just can't fathom what just happened. Overall, a good game, but unfairly difficult and annoying at times. Expand
  12. Jul 30, 2014
    Hands down the rpg that defined a generation! Awesomeness in every level. The replay value is also endless, seriously, from story to side quests to battle system. I still cant get enough.
  13. Nov 6, 2014
    This is the best and most memorable game i have ever played, and everybody who loves RPG games will without doubt love this game.

    Perfect music, great graphics (on PC version), lovely combat system, unforgetable characters, excellent gameplay and exciting materia system.

    I must play this game again and again, because i miss the game every time im completing it!

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