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  1. Oct 15, 2013
    I rarely base part of my opinion of a game on the customer service of the company if I can help it. But in this case, the customer service has been SO bad that it makes me drop my rating of the actual game. The game itself (what amount I got to play of take it with a grain of salt)? 8-9. Customer service? 0. After over 1000 minutes on hold total and being hung up on multiple times by their machines as well as by their chat, I am still even now wondering why they never contact me about ANYTHING to tell me what's going on.

    A week in I got hacked. My fault. I didn't have an authenticator. I realized the only other thing I'd use the same password was my LoL that I hadn't played in a few months. Went checking and discovered about their being hacked and passwords lost. My account was "terminated" by Square-Enix with admittedly a VERY rude accusatory e-mail that ACTUALLY says, "Unfortunately, you have shown yourself to be unwilling to follow the rules of the FINAL FANTASY XIV community. If we find that you have created another FINAL FANTASY XIV service account, we reserve the right to terminate that account as well".

    But that's not the bad part. It's the fact that I spent a couple weeks TRYING to get in touch with them. 3 hours waiting on hold then...suddenly it hangs up on me. This happened more than once! What? I even got a message from their chat after I waited in the que that their were no representatives available which instead gave me a form to fill out. All of these events early in the day well within their hours. Oh and that form? Waited over a week and NEVER got a response. So I started trying to contact again and after a couple attempts FINALLY got through.

    I found out from him my account spammed chat with gold-seller site information. But that was my only transgression. Okay, sounds like what they'd do with a hacked account. But it turns out he can't do anything. He told me he'd "escalate" my problem for the investigation group to look at and that they'd get back to me. Well that was weeks ago. I haven't heard a SINGLE thing from them in that time. After a month and a half from when this started, I STILL haven't gotten my account back. I may have to write this off as money I wasted purchasing a game in the first place that I'll never really get to play. Glad I bought the collector's edition for the extra goodies! TOTALLY WORTH IT! Ha ha.
  2. Aug 27, 2013
    bad storytelling, boring fighting Routine ,quest hub based ,boring mmo Standard classes .Server maintenance everyday, Log in Queue ,disconnects after instances. game state is awful.
  3. Aug 27, 2013
    The main issue I have with FF14, is that it plays like any other MMORPG out there, the same formula MMO players have seen has been recycled, again. I enjoyed playing for some time, however, if you are someone that has played other MMORPGs, you will see that you are playing the same game over again, there are many free to play games out there in where you can invest less money and have a very similar experience, for example the quest formula that is found in many other games, comes back to FF14 with no real change, you will see a lot of "Kill 10 squirrels and come back for a reward... now go collect 10 furry tails.. which are found by killing squirrels .
    There are also many problems with the servers, you can have quite a good time if you are able to log in, I played both on the PC and PS3, and the PC obviously out stands the PS3 version, as in the console the game runs around 25 frames.
  4. Aug 27, 2013
    Another MMORPG deserves a devastating failure and become a ghost town after free month.

    Worst combat system I've ever seen with only a few skills avaliable and 2.5 sec GCD

    They don't have a queue and game sends you to main menu when the world you are trying to enter is full. Seriously if you are so dumb do implement a queue at least send me to character selection screen and I won't
    have to click 10 million times to try again.

    0 specilization, you can even level every class with 1 character lol.

    Maps are horrifying.

    Spell and attack animations are disgusting, you just shoot a simple arrow, your hands glow, there are bursts of light, explosions, you are surrounded by gusts of wind and everything, WHY? why does everything have to explode?

    Unskipable cutscenes, why do you even have cutscenes if you are not going to have voices in them?

    Itemization is bad, item bonuses are negligable.

    Only good thing about this game is interface and enviroment graphics are beautiful.
  5. Aug 27, 2013
    In one sentence Very epic fantasy world with talkative NPC and boring quests.

    I'm a big Final Fantasy fan boy, so big, I'm like a windmill when it comes to FF series. I have FF7 (ps1 & pc), FFTactic (PS1, PSP, iPad) just brag a little but FFXIV is very boring from the get go. I don't plan to waste my time with this anymore.

    Pros Very nice graphics. Detail character customization.
    Moderate graphic power needed. Very nice details on every little things. The details of dungeon and buildings almost makes you feel like you actually got lost in a big castle. Nice physic. Quick travel points in towns.

    Cons I have been playing it since early release and I must say that quests are very boring and NPC talks too much that if you read everything they say you won't get anywhere. Game play becomes click on NPC skip everything, go to another place click on another NPC skip everything and quest done.

    There are no motivation to do the quests until now. Compare to SWTOR the quest are very boring (SWTOR is not the best MMORPG out there).

    Quick travel in town is very nice to save time but you need to remember all the awkward names of the travel points to get to the right place. But quick travel in town is free and unlimited. I wonder why they didn't make the quick travel menu into map oriented.

    Map detail are very nice but quest related icons on map are very confusing. They try to be epic, I get it but the game play and quest are very boring compare to that epic theme. SWTOR is more fun to play than this.
  6. Aug 27, 2013
    Avoid buying this game. When the servers ran into capacity problems Square chose to limit login availability and disable queues rather than fixing the actual issues. It's been 4 days without any fixes, and the only announcement made has been that more servers will be added to the japan data center, which is the one that has been mostly problem free.

    At this point, it has become clear
    that the publisher hopes that many people who bought and paid for the game will give up on playing saving them the expense of adding more servers.

    The game is unplayable right now for a large portion of the user base, and there appears to be no solution in sight.
  7. Aug 27, 2013
    not sure who they hired to run and maintain these servers but they should be fired now. bad launch is bad and this is worse. Also combat is at snail pace at best and quest hubs? really. well nice try but they have a ton of improvements before this game is even alright at best
  8. Aug 27, 2013
    first off final fantasy meets WoW clone
    second, you cant even log in on launch day because the servers are full, no queue, just a message that says servers are full, try again later.
    you can spam the menu 100+ times to try and log in never works, or put you in queue
    this is NOT a small problem or a early launch problem, this problem has been here since beta FACT ask anyone please
  9. Aug 27, 2013
    this game is next level bad, do not give them a second chance. you pay money for this game and you honestly cant play it because errors after errors after errors the white knights will say these are "little bugs" or "all mmo have problems at launch" the fact is this problem was in beta they never fixed it they said they wouldnt rush the game the second time its obvious they did on the US/EU side Expand
  10. Aug 27, 2013
    Way to go Square Enix selling a game that you can't play. Error upon error the last four days. No action from the team behind the game only empty words and apologises. I would recommend anyone to stay away from this game unless you like giving away money without getting the promised service. You'd think they would do better as it's the second time they try launching the game but no, very disappointing. Expand
  11. Aug 27, 2013
    Took part in Closed Beta which went as most Betas go until Phase 4 Open Beta when everything started falling apart at the seams under Stress Testing. Ever since the Open Beta concluded, it has been nigh impossible to login to play the game between constant Error Messages, multiple Emergency Maintenance windows every day (each spanning 1-5 hours), and imposed population limits with no Auto-logout of AFK users. For the past four days they have been "Live" you haven't been able to create a character, join any of the existing Servers or play. From what I experienced during Beta, the game is worthy of a FAIR rating, typical of an MMO from 10 years ago with a fresh coat of paint (the graphics are probably it's greatest asset). Considering all the other MMO options out there, it probably isn't much to write home about or be excited over unless you are a Final Fantasy fan. With all of the problems this game has been experiencing the past several days my suggestion is to save yourself the frustration and your money, and stay far away from this game until Square Enix can resolve their Server Capacity issues. Expand
  12. Aug 27, 2013
    Avoid buying at all costs. The game is wonderful IF you can get logged in. The North American and European servers have been suffering since open beta and have been largely unplayable for a large portion of the community. The Japanese servers have been fine until launch, and at the slightest sign of population issues, they announced new servers for them, and still no relief for the other half of their player base. If you are in North America or Europe, save your money, Square Enix views you as a second class citizen. Their xenophobic has taken new heights with this release. Expand
  13. Aug 27, 2013
    I GIVE UP after trying to log in for 2-3 hours of spamming the log in the past week, just avoid this game.

    People who are in the game, refuse to log out because they know its impossible to get past the character screen
  14. Aug 27, 2013
    Constant server outages, massive queues for logging in, and the inability to even create characters. The game as it stands right now is unplayable. These problems have been going on for days and have not improved since early access. Even as of the official launch, it is almost impossible to get in an play the game.

    When you can play, the graphics are decent and the story line is above
    average for an MMO, but the game is very derivative of World of Warcraft. The Job system is one outstanding innovation, but as for the rest we have all played this game before. Combat and character movement is slow, and targeting is cumbersome. There is no active dodge. Visual indications of character responses are text only (like dodge or parry very 2005). PVP isn't in the game yet. Overall a little disappointing given that they had 3 years on top of the original game release to try and get this right. Expand
  15. Aug 27, 2013
    The only thing, the ONLY thing that is holding me back from buying a month's sub now is error 1017. I get it, there's a lot of players. I genuinely enjoy my time spent in the game. The multiclassing is really fun and I've had a blast playing with all of them. Crafting is both rewarding and engaging. The world is colorful and vibrant and there's nary a moment of lag to be had. The game is fun, and that's the most important part. It just launched, so it's entirely reasonable for many servers to be full.


    Did we suddenly go back to 1995 or something? Just telling me "We're sorry you can't play, please try later" and not giving me ANY way of knowing when a good time to come back is is just asinine. I spent the entirety of Sunday periodically checking every 10 to 30 minutes to see if I could get in. Nothing at all, couldn't play that day at all. Not to mention that meant I sat around my computer not doing much of anything because I had no idea if there would be space on the server in the next few minutes or not. It's all a load of bullsh*t.

    And then there's the updates on Lodestone. They update relatively regularly, which is nice. HOWEVER, the updates they post are simply repeating what they said the last time. There's been 4 different followups to the congestion post today, and each one has literally been the exact same post, word for word, followed by another apology. It's infuriating.

    At the end of the day, I enjoy playing this game. If SE doesn't get their act together on this though, I for one will not be dumping any more money into this aging locomotive.
  16. Aug 27, 2013
    It's an amazing game for sure... if you could ever log in and actually play it. 1017 Errors, 90000 errors, errors errors errors...

    Poor execution from SE and they should have taken more steps when "Early Access" weekend showed that they didn't have enough servers.
  17. Aug 27, 2013
    Absolutely horrible service from SquareEnix. Many new and old players on NA/EU realms have been completely locked out of their characters; forcing some to start over from scratch on Japanese realms that are receiving preferential treatment. Entire guilds are being are being splintered and online friends lost. Community managers and developers say almost nothing to calm the already violent seas of angry customers. Lastly, a toxic, white-knight community that chases people away if they are in any way critical of the game. Even though Yoshi and pals went out of their way to promote this game abroad and attract and retain new players, they and the FFXIV have done the complete opposite. SquareEnix has no business developing MMOs at this point. They should stick to one-player RPGs and resist shoe-horning Toriyama's pink-haired imaginary wife, Lightning, into everything they do.

    Don't waste your time, let SquareEnix die.
  18. Aug 27, 2013
    iam sure it would be a great game, prolly way better than 1.0 but who would know. early access was a joke missed 2 out of the three days and now its launched and still cant play cause of world lock out. great job SE you guys are def the smartest out there. pass on this one at least iam only out 22 bucks
  19. Aug 27, 2013
    Launch day, nothing but error 1017, I will update my score when the game is actually playable. For now its a Alpha phase piece of garbage. Unplayable because they disabled Queuing, they don't force disconnects so nobody ever logs out. Japanese Servers get all the attention for fixes while the EU/NA regions get looked over. Poor Customer Service, Poor Networks, All around Poor Experience.
  20. Aug 27, 2013
    One of the worst launches I have been a part of for an MMO. The account creation system is a total mess. The servers are a mess. And to top it all off, they started locking character creation for the server that me and a friend started playing on in early access, so now none of our friends who didn't preorder can play with us. This is almost as bad as 1.0. At least I could play 1.0 when it launched however... Expand
  21. Aug 27, 2013
    I have never seen such poor handling of full servers preventing login. I purchases early access on the 24th and expected some issues to arise. 1 to 2 days of server issues is understandable, but 3 days is pretty extreme.

    I feel bad giving the game a 4 because it is fun to play. But the customer service is terrible. The company doesn't have login que's or any update as to when the
    server issues may be fixed. The company needs to get a lot better at addressing their customers with more informative updates. Collapse
  22. Aug 27, 2013
    Do not buy this game yet.

    The company running it have locked the servers without stopping sales, so if you buy it you will not be able to get online at all.

    This aside, I found the questing to be very boring, and the combat to be probably the worst I've seen in an mmo. The story is ok, as is the music and graphics but there are are far better mmos out there that you can play for
    free. Avoid this mess of a game. Expand
  23. Aug 27, 2013
    A launch so utterly abysmal, it makes Diablo 3's seem smooth. I will not give this company more money via a subscription after this display of obvious, and objective ineptitude. Do yourself a favor and find something else to play, trust me.
  24. Aug 27, 2013
    Restricting access to the game and not allowing people create characters on the same server as their friends.

    You'll either be fighting the login screen, keeping your character online AFK for more then 12 hours to keep your spot or trying to explain to your friends that rolling on a different server is okay.
  25. Aug 27, 2013
    I love the game but my one gripe is a huge one. You cant play due to massive amounts of people idling. Scared of logging out because they know they will not get back in. If an AFK out feature is not put in place this will continue to happen in my opinion.
  26. Aug 27, 2013
    I want to like this game I played FFXI and it had some great qualities. FFXIV is simpler, but very beautiful, and I'm prepared to enjoy it. I'm level 14, currently.

    However, Square has completely mismanaged the launch of the game. As of the time of my writing this, the game has been offline a considerable amount of the past four days (pre-launch leading to the day after launch.) When
    the game isn't officially down, they still won't let players log in and they disabled the queue, so the only way to get into the game is to sit and spam a login button for hours on end.

    And this is supposed to be the game's big comeback. This is supposed to be how they renew consumer faith in their product after their miserable launch in version 1. Instead, we get some of the worst decisions/feedback I've ever seen from a development team. It's the second day the game has officially been out, now, and I still can't log in to play. Square has made no announcement to resolve the issue; it has actually gotten worse over the past four days. All they've done is turn off the login queue, essentially telling us that we can't play, but thanks for the money anyway.
  27. Aug 27, 2013
    Congrats SE, you screwed the same game, TWICE. This is the worst launch ever, you are not even giving answers in your forums. You are a disgrace to the awesome company you used to be.

    PS. I am sure Blizzard is laughing to tears.
  28. Aug 28, 2013
    I'm sure this is a great game. Can't say as I'm locked out of being able to play because my account (NA made during FFXI)) and my physical copy of the game (EU) are in different regions.

    Square Enix's solution (after 2 days of trying to contact them to resolve the issue). Too bad, make a new account (and be unable to play with my son and my partner as their server doesn't allow new
    characters), or buy a new digital copy (but we have closed sales).

    Request for a region transfer.....we don't do that.
    Yep I say 0/10 based on the total lack of Customer Support for people region locked to the wrong region.
  29. Aug 28, 2013
    Combat system is slow, lacks customization and interesting skills, like 20% more damage for 20 secs with a 3 min cooldown. The class mechanics are dumb down. Quest hub system with an insane amount of fetching quests and a boring linear story line.

    Class system forces you to level alts if you want to improve your main. Crafting system is the same old recipe based system with annoyances
    like minigames or switching professions before you can gather. The whole leveling experience encourages solo play, because of class/guild specific quests and a huge amount of solo tiny instances that your friends can't come in.

    Graphic style depends on your tastes, it has a photo realistic environment with cartoon looking characters that in my opinion looks very odd. UI is horrible, very bright lights everywhere and it looks confusing against the background. HORRIBLE map system and useless minimap, you need to keep your map open and use it as a proper minimap. Seriously the worst map system I can think off right now... Animations are bad... spell effects are worse.. might be a taste thing but Square Enix LOVES to make every single spell look like fairy fart. If i cast a fire spell, lots and lots of fairy like particles all over. Excessive use of glow on EVERYTHING. Not everything has to glow like navi in Zelda... Class system is the trinity with a heavy requirement for DPS classes and just 1 tank and 1 healer. I don't have to explain why this outdated design is horrible.

    Over all the game (I don't use this term lightly) is a wow clone with a worst combat system and a Final Fantasy reskin. If you LOVE every single FF ever then you might get a kick out of it. But the fact remains this is an outdated game with horrible design choices on a sub fee that is only getting this many reviews because of the Justin Beiber phenomenon. Fanboism.
  30. Aug 29, 2013
    First of all I love FF (specially FF VI). I wish I could love this game, I really wanted to, but FFXIV:ARR is far from being the perfect MMO. Many people will downvote my review as they're doing to all the negatives. But before buying this game take some time to read all the negative reviews, they don't lie! Pros: - Nice graphics - Decent character customization (not perfect though, we only have 4 faces for each race)
    - Yay! it's Final Fantasy!
    - You can have more than 1 class in the same toon.

    - Voiceless and very long cutscenes (some can be skipped though)
    - Dull quests: a) Click on a NPC, read the wall of text, then b) find the other npc and read another wall of text (sometimes hand him some items, one by one...zzz...) or c) kill x mobs/fetch x props and d) turn in your quest to quest-giver NPC); Quests are not interesting and I didn't find any motivation to finish them.
    - Boring combat: It's just button-mashing and the global cooldown is huge which turns out a very slow combat;
    - Story is flat and not motivating;
    - Mapping system is frustrating and unfriendly. There's an Aethernet system to teleport to different locations, though it's not map based: you'll have to learn by heart all the destination names. Mini-map is useless as it doesn't help at all and the icons on maps have not hovering texts. It's like you have to spend quite a time in order to learn all the names and locations very well if you don't want to get lost (which is quite easy if you're just starting).

    All in all, FFXIV:ARR is an outdated system with nice and fresh graphics with not too much Final Fantasy on it you won't find those moving stories we are used to see in the series. It's an MMO made to be also played on a console that's why some game design options can look bad on a PC. But, if you're new to MMOs or you just played some bad quality ones, perhaps FFXIV:ARR can be a good game for you. I'd prefer worse graphics with a better gameplay and story, and a more friendly mapping system/UI.
  31. Sep 3, 2013
    Don't waste your time on this. Should you ever get into the game. You will face a ton of problems and shortcomings. Especially content-wise. Have fun fate-grinding your way to 50, waiting 3+ hours for a group if you are a damage dealer only to find, at the end of the journey, that there is pretty much no endgame content. Once you finish the main story endgame consists of farming 3 bosses in hard-mode.

    There is no pvp either. It will take them months to add another 3 bosses that you have already done in normal mode to farm in hard-mode.

    Repetitive and boring. It might take 2 or 3 expansion packs until this game is worth it.

    IF they have fixed their server-architecture by then.
  32. Aug 31, 2013
    This game should be called "Log In Simulator: An Error Reborn" because if you can even get the character list to populate and if you can even create a character, when you try to log in, you get an error on your screen preventing you from logging in because the servers are full. What did Square Enix do to remedy this issue? They limited the server population and logins so the people that are already in-game can play without a server crash, which wouldn't happen in the first place if they had prepared for it. When you actually get in game it's pretty good, but the hardest quest in the entire game is logging in. Expand
  33. Aug 27, 2013
    the game is an amazing game, their inability to do login queues and boot players who are idle is absolute garbage, unfortunately it doesnt matter how good the game is, in the end it is still going to fail because of the horrible horrible login issues that in this day and age 2013 should never have happened, it shows that while yoshi has a good crew of game designers, the SE game developers are still below sub par. this will probably be my last SE game I ever play Expand
  34. Sep 2, 2013
    I'm so let down by all the errors, server issues, log in issues and much much more. This is a subscription based game and they haven't even made any progress since launch to fix it all. I'm not supporting them anymore, This is not a way to treat players! Even F2P games fix these issues faster than them. It's embarrassing SE... Shape up!
  35. Aug 28, 2013
    I played this game for awhile on a Japanese server, since the NA/EU servers are locking most people out. Game is essentially unplayable, hence the low rating. I will amend this rating assuming that they fix the issue at some point.

    As far as the game itself goes, once/if you actually get to play it: It's no FFXI, which was infinitely more original and fun to play. FFXIV is as generic
    a regurgitation of modern western MMO's as i have ever seen. No originality, no voice overs, no challenge/skill needed, music is even lack luster for a FF game. The gane was obviously developed this time around based on PS3 specs, and an easy cross platform development. When the graphics are cranked the whole way up, it looks like a decent ps3 game, nowhere near as good as a game developed for PC. This game was developed to please the post wow generation imo. Expand
  36. Aug 28, 2013
    The game us unplayable at this time. You cant even log in to make a character. If you do get logged in, you end up getting booted by some error and then have to take 4-8 hours to be able to log in again. Worst launch of an mmo ever.
  37. Aug 29, 2013
    Let's see. This is their second time launching this title. Did they learn anything from their first launch?

    Hrm. 25 servers for Japan. 25 servers for the rest of the world. Oh. The rest of the world is filled with people unable to play. I, myself, have played a combined two hours since early release started. That's 2 hours in 6 days. On Sunday, I literally pressed 0 on my number pad for
    7 straight hours without getting in.

    Compounding this issue is that there is no afk timer, and anyone who does log in never logs out because no one wants to play the login roulette to get back in. Walk around the server. See a hell of a lot of afk players at aetherytes. Each one preventing another person from logging in.

    Character creation has essentially been stopped since the official release, so if you didn't have early can't even create a character, never mind trying to get in the game.

    The producer just wrote a letter apologizing over all this. I get that apologies mean a lot in Japan. In the rest of the world, actions mean a lot more. It's also just incredibly 'wtf' when he says they had no idea so many people would be trying to play the game. Considering these issues started immediately in early access, which required pre-ordering the game, they obviously had an idea of how many people were going to try to be playing the game. For someone who's been given a lot of brownie points for being 'honest' with how bad 1.0 was, he sure is shoveling a lot of poop today.

    I suppose words like 'worst' are entirely subjective. In my opinion, bugs are largely meaningless, unless they completely inhibit a person from playing. What's more important is whether a person is even able to play. 2 hours in 6 days. I can not think of a single MMO in existence that had this poor of a launch in that regards.

    Oh, did I mention their queueing system only queues like 40 people? Meaning that for all intents and purposes there is no login queue? So you have to just keep trying to connect over and over again until you win the lottery and happened to be the first person to click join when someone in the game actually logs out (rather than just goes afk)?

    What a joke.
  38. Aug 28, 2013
    I love this game, however Square Enix has handicapped all of the youtubers who were helping me learn how to play and be good at it. They removed the ability for youtubers to make video's about this game ruining all the work that these people put in to help new players. I'm Sorry Mr. Happy that is terrible and an awful thing for them to do. I'm sorry that all the work you put in and planned to put in and the hours upon hours upon hours of time that you spent learning how this game works in order to make great tutorial videos and make a little bit of money off youtube as compensation was all ruined by this horrible company that loves to screw people over. (see any final fantasy on ios as proof of their evilness 15 dollars for a nes era game on ios get real Sqeenix you suck get with the times you cox suckers) Expand
  39. Sep 1, 2013
    Having played the beta for a few of the weekends only, the impression was amazing, it seems to fix everything wrong with the game that was FF14. Then when you actually get your teeth into it, you realise that SE have not embraced the modern day MMO scene at all.

    Leves: This is where people like myself will run into the first instance of: "Why would ANY developer think this was a good
    idea? Why didn't anybody tell them this was awful design? Leves work mainly as repeatable quests for the various jobs, either combat based ones for the 4 "melee" and 3 "magic" jobs or crafting ones for the gathering production jobs. All sounds fine right? Until you encounter the wall, the one you wouldn't think it would be possible to hit with such poor design. You can run out of them really fast. You have an allowance for your character on how many of these you can take and it is refreshed by 3 every 12 hours. Because these are character wide, they are used up too fast between all the possible jobs. Effectively you are limited to 3 extra quest to spend on leveling your "alt" jobs every 12 hours. Completely arbitrary, completely pointless.

    Standard features pointlessly gated: The auction house, mounts, access to the most basic things needs to interact with this MMO are gated behind the story quest. Yes you will be playing the game so obviously these will be unlocked anyway, but why gate them? I personally wanted to be self sufficient as far as gear and crafting went. So I went about leveling my professions (All the while draining my leve count, assuming this was how you were to level jobs that had no quests, except the 5-10-15 etc ones). Only to discover that all the extra items I had crafted I couldn't sell to help fund more production. So I stopped gathering and I stopped producing, there was no way for me to get rid of the items I had created. Because as it stood I had not been granted the privilege of using a basic feature of MMOs.

    Things that got better: To be fair SE have improved their MMO stance from getting trounced by the competition repeatedly. Like 14 1.0 and unlike 11, your race has no impact on your class So your Taru-Taru, sorry, Lalafel Gladiator wont be kicked from parties due to the obnoxious FF fanbois. You are free to mix and match all you like.
    The controls also have improved vastly, you can jump and moving in and out of combat isn't as clunky and awkward as it was in 14 1.0.

    It has made improvements, but you are still so arbitrarily limited in how you interact with the whole world that its clear SE are not one of the MMO arenas strong contenders, the lead developer wants to do his own thing and you have to feel privileged that you are allowed to join in "his" experience. My advice is to defiantly keep and eye on FF14 ARR but don't buy it just yet, you will hit the wall where if you aren't willing to grind out your levels in a dungeon or mob farm, you are not going to have much fun, but if the leve issue was addressed it wold make a lot more sense due to the sheer amount of Jobs in the game.

    In closing hold off buying until some changes are made to the basic interacting of characters and the world and hold off until the myriad of server errors 1017/2002/90000 etc are fixed or it will just sour you entirely on the whole experience that given some time (and some sense from SE) could the the best FF MMO yet.
  40. Oct 25, 2013
    There were a couple bright spots in this game but overall I found it to be painfully boring. The ability to mix abilities from different classes is a great idea. Unfortunately most abilities feel much the same. Combat felt slow paced. The Questing is its worst flaw. Reading through incredibly dull and unimaginative dialogue from quest giving NPCs was nothing short of a chore. None of it is compelling and I ended up skipping through all of it after a while. The character models look good but the graphics for the environments are sub-par and that's with all settings maxed. The tool used to find a group for dungeons is probably the slowest I've encountered. Especially when considering it can group you with anyone in the NA servers. PVP is completely absent at launch and will be limited when it does come from what I've read. I tried to like this game and gave it some time hoping it would get better as my character progressed but that just didn't happen. Expand
  41. Aug 28, 2013
    Let’s be honest, one question what does this game offer? Having taken part in the open beta and religiously playing during early access I fail to see the appeal of this game. Pros: Gorgeous world, really impressive artwork. Hats off to the artwork department for this game, really is the best feature of the game. Cross class abilities allow for some flexibility and interesting combinations of skills. Really nice being able to play one character and just switch weapons to change classes.

    Fates (similar to rifts from Rift) can be fun and enjoyable with a good group of people. Amazing rewards for simple tasks.

    Lots of dungeons and lvl adjustment for them is nice.

    Positive community of people in-game (that I’ve interacted with thus far). When players can’t get into the game things get nasty (World’s full error, 3012 error during early access etc.)


    The combat system feels ancient. Use an ability, wait for the global cool down to be done and then use your next ability. Nothing about the combat system feels dynamic or really interactive. The limit breaks are cool but its just a group ability and nothing too special about them.

    Boss fights present the player with mind numbing simplicity. When you have a poor combat system that lacks any dynamic actions you create these kind of poor, simplistic boss encounters. Run out of red circles, click this object to prevent more dmg from coming in, pickup adds etc. Nothing new or innovative in the encounters. At least GW2 you could roll to a side and dodge a little.

    Is this an MMO (massive multiplayer) or a single player game with the occasional groups? Duty finder (group/dungeon finder) takes 10-20mins for a healer to find a group, 30+ for dps, tanks I hear its much better. The main quest line instances must be completed alone, grouping for any kind of content also kicks you out of a duty finder(dungeon finder). I feel like I’m running around doing the main quest line and waiting forever to run any kind of dungeon.

    The grind the grind the grind! There aren’t any major raids prior to lvl 50 right now. Aside from Fate grinding you will never be in a group beyond 4 players. Again is this even an MMO? Once again another WoW imitator where you start playing the game when you hit the lvl cap.

    Skills, give me more skills!!! I understand cross class skills are nice and enjoyable, but as a healer I don’t have a dispel? I cast Cure I and Cure I and Cure I, sleep an add, repeat. I miss the days from SWTOR where I had 5 hot bars of skills I all used. Now I don’t even have 2 hot bars of skills….

    In the end I feel like this game is dead at launch. I can’t imagine people tricking themselves into thinking this is a good game. It is not. It offers nothing special. The combat in the game is terrible. The frequency with which you’re grouping with others makes the game feel like a single player game. Aside from how pretty the game looks there isn’t anything that this game offers. Why developers in 2013 are still making such poor WoW imitators almost a decade after WoW launched is beyond me. Has the MMORPG genre died? Playing Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn sure makes me feel like it’s hit a new low. Earns a rating of 2 just because it looks good.
  42. Aug 31, 2013
    I bought the game on launch and still have NOT ONCE been able to log onto a N.A. server. I've played a host of MMOs through their launches and I have never encountered anything this bad. I expected there to be issues on launch, but the lack of a queue system and insufficient server capacity have left me with a game that I can not play.
    If you have a lifestyle that permits you to sit at
    your keyboard and routinely refresh servers every 3 minutes (they implemented a cap on how often you can check) then apparently Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn is a magical experience.
    If you have a job, school, or other commitments outside of Eorzea you are looking at a log-in simulator.

    I am rating this game based on the version I have had access to.
  43. Sep 26, 2013
    I can honestly say I have not been so bored in a MMO since....well...never. The combat is a matter of hitting the same buttons in the same pattern (macrod to my keyboard after first hour) and sidestepping the occasional special attack.
    Quests are kill 10 wolves and fedex as is the standard, but do no reward nearly as much xp as just standing around whopping stuff and hitting any events
    you see pop up for the same amount of time. In fact ignoring side quests completely led to a much better experience with my second character as I was out of the training wheels portion much earlier.
    When will MMO's figure out that the majority of the people playing can figure out their systems without being forced to do the "tutorial levels" for the first few hours of gameplay? As this game is exactly like every other MMO (with a couple gimmicks) why do I need to spend an hour and a half learning how to do a combo? I figured that out when I got my second attack. Make this crap optional, I have played dozens of these games!
    Much like going from one fast food chain to the other. The wrappers different but the food tastes the same. Just this one requires you subscribe.
  44. Sep 5, 2013
    This game is an admitted WoW clone in Final Fantasy skin, the quests are boring and time consuming, Skinner box anyone, the combat is terrible, and the game was too easy, before they made it easier.

    Graphics: It's pretty, but being based in the PS3 platform, that will likely not last.
    Music: Fairly unmemorable, nothing seem to stand out at all.
    Gameplay: It's pretty horrible, if
    you're looking for something different, look someplace else.

    Bottom line: they took everything good about MMOs and made it simple to the point of stupidity, this may actually qualify as baby's first MMO with difficulty level being nil and the game holding your hand at all times.

    On the other hand, the game is being run by people who'd rather work on new things to add to the already broken pile, they already have with their errors and server cues, rather than fix what's broken now.
  45. Oct 3, 2013
    Game is too boring. Played for almost 30 hours. As a conjurer i was just spamming aero, not doing anything else to win a fight (except run). The evolution was very slow at some parts.

    Found missions and storyline meanless, with no relevant content. Items where all about the sanme. I felt a kind of waste of time with this game.

    Most of the time i felt a sense of "I am lost and alone"
    looking for the mission objectives. Map is a complete nonsense and let you dizzy.

    Didnt see anything new or relevant to continue to play. It was extremelly boring and at the end i realize it was a waste of money.

    Also the necessary monthly fee was not so clear before I purchase the game... a TIP for everyone who wants to adventure yourself.
  46. Nov 6, 2013
    The game is a total grid fest. Yes you can have one toon and do it all but OMG. There’s only enough quests out there for 2 “MAYBE” 3 classes worth of grinding and that’s still doing fates Rifts like in rift or should I say stolen from Rift or ark falls in defiance) The combat system is complete trash every ability is on a global cool down due to the cross platform factor. Set a macro and auto combat. While the game looks GREAT the mechanics and game play is so far below the line to even call it a Final Fantasy game. Gold spammers ever where, and due to SE’s lack of planning for the PC gamers there is no such thing and right click so if u want to ignore someone that takes an hour to open the menu then try to catch the spammer through the waves upon waves of spam. Within the first week of open game play you couldn’t walk into a town without getting spam in gen chat and IM’d constantly… Crafting is ok not the best crafting system out there, again a system stolen from another game. The crafting system is much like that of Vanguard, however the market is so trashed due to all the gold farmers you can’t make any money, and on top of that, that is how SE expects you to make money so good luck there. The community is the worst part though, one of the main grind instances for level 50+ gear just happens to be the 2nd to last instance of the main quest line. People speed run that instance and just leave the new comers behind they don’t even care if it’s your 1st or 50th time through. While this game could be great it falls short in a big way.
    Find a demo or get on a friends account. This game is good for about 1 month then the grind and the community will get you and you will wish you had every cent back.
  47. Aug 28, 2013
    Once you do finally get logged into the game, which is by no means an easy task since there is no queue and when you get a message stating the world is full, you have to continue clicking through several prompts to try again, the game you will find is buggy and unplayable at worst, and boring and uninspired at best. Enjoy spamming one or two skills over and over in order to kill things? Well then this game might be right for you. The word feels dead and cold even when surrounded by other players. The quests are very standard fetch and kill quests, and the combat couldn't be more plain and uninspired. If you love Final Fantasy and just want to be able to run around in a final fantasy inspired world, then you may enjoy this. But if you're a fan of MMOs and were hoping for something new or exciting, or any progression of the genre, you should probably look elsewhere. Launch week server issues are bad enough, but there should be a great game behind it all once you get in. There simply isn't. Expand
  48. Sep 27, 2013
    I think all final fantasy fans have waited long enough to finally get their new MMO after the first FFXIV fiasco we had. I played more than 100 hours, so you can expect I've seen everything this game has to offer, and I'll tell you: This game has almost nothing to offer. The whole basic idea is great, I love how the story is set, the animations and everything are probably the best I've seen in a MMO. But here comes the bad news: It's one huge boring grind fest with no diversity what so ever. You can hit max level pretty quick, you can either take the slower road to quest trough everything, or you can grind your way faster with FATEs, you choose. You get Items shoved down your throat all the time so you won't even need the action house and economy this game has to offer, which causes in end game you have almost no possibility to make some money. Once you hit max level you're gonna grind the same dungeons over and over again to gear up (I wouldn't mind that if there are actually a lot of dungeons, but there are 2-3 dungeons you're gonna spam....3 DAMN DUNGEONS that take you almost an hour to complete with little to no reward, just to get some tomes you can turn in for gear), with the same boring rotation you're character has. You almost never use any situational spells at all. The bosses are all so easy, you pretty much just need to dodge everything the boss launches at you, and that's not even hard because you get red indicators where the bosses attack will land. There is no feel of achievement in this game at all, all players are forced to do the same dungeons which results in no diversity again in all characters in the end. I really hope the game is gonna bring A LOT of new good content with the next patches, but as it is right now, you have to be a robot to enjoy this game. Expand
  49. Sep 8, 2013
    -Terrible servers that still haven't been fixed.
    -Annoying and unnecessarily long subscription process. Add to that the fact that nothing is clear and Square Enix does a terrible job at making you understand what you're doing.
    -Once you're done with the subscription, you'll be lucky to find a server that actually works. Good luck with that.
    -First 10 or so hours of the game are
    terribly boring and do a bad job at hooking you up. You'll spend most of your time asking yourself "What the hell is going on? Why do i have to do this and do that?"
    -Once you're past those annoying and linear quests, the world will open up. The world is really nothing special. I've played better, bigger and more immersive mmos. This is really nothing special.
    -Countless times you will be disconnected from the server for no reason whatsoever.
    -The quests are largely the same repetetive objectives.
    -13 dollars a month for what? A few patches and stability? Games like GW2 do a FAR better job than FF XIV ARR at maintaining stability and keeping things fresh and they require no additional payment at all.

    -One of the best looking mmos up to this date. The game is very powerful in terms of graphics.
    -The world is Final Fantasy. You'll find something to like if you're a FF fan.
    -The gameplay is good to some extent, even though it's extremely slow and boring.
    -The job system offers enough uniqueness.

    -This is really nothing special. Granted, it is leagues better than the fail that was FF XIV in 2010. But is that really a reason to buy it? Most people here seem to give it good scores simply because "it is better than FF XIV 2010". But in general, when you compare it to other mmos, it falls in the mediocre and downright bad department.
    That's what A Realm Reborn is. It is a bad mmo that's better than XIV. Which, on the grand scale, is pathetic.
  50. Aug 28, 2013
    I pre-ordered this game for early access...when I actually get to PLAY this game I will edit this and give it a better score, until then I paid $50 for something I have been completely denied access to and there is no excuse for it. Do not buy this game until they get more servers up.
  51. Oct 9, 2013
    Game is still in it's prime and it will grow..better...NOT! Cause game is not new, it is an overhaul of ff 14 1.0 version, then it has serious mechanism flaws..Once you run out of main and sub quests in order to level your class/job you need to do dungeons (you need a guild called here free company for it cause auto party matcher waiting time will kill you as dps)or mostly grind fates for xp..a some sort of rift/GW2 dynamic events but with this kind of slow paced combat it turns horrible and uninspired..(take your mount search on map Fates and go..).Most important thing in a mmo is combat and enjoy to progress, here i was frustrated and you can see a lot of players didn't resub. SE need to change leveling to make a non blind FF fans to stay Expand
  52. Oct 12, 2013
    NOTE: I put this review in the wrong spot, I actually played this game for ps3 and I cannot speak about the PC version of this game.
    REVIEW: This game is very bad, I wouldn't recommend spending any money on it. The graphics are pretty nice for 10 year old game. The soundtrack is not bad. This game is very boring and very repetitive. The map is terrible. I would recommend every other game
    on the planet before I would recommend this. Wish I could get a refund, signed up to metacritic just to tell everyone how bad this game is. The reviews for this game tell me one thing, never ever trust critic reviews, They must have a different copy of the game or were hit on the head or something. Run as far away from this game as you can, its boring and sucks. Expand
  53. Dec 30, 2013
    Bought the game, account got suspended due to "suspicious activity" can't recover it through their online chat or email. Been on the phone for an hour and a half and no help. By the way they charge your for the customer support by phone. my 50-60$ poof gone. absolute bull crap.
  54. Sep 29, 2013
    boring, just like every single MMO out there. this genre needs to die. played one, played them all.. get some proper RPGs instead. Oh and FF is dead too.
  55. Oct 3, 2013
    You can get to max level super fast. If you are one of those players that puts in a full 3 day weekend. You could probably get a max level character in that time. Then at max level you have a few choices. First you need to gear up a bit. That requires that you repeat the same dungeon over and over until you have enough of the currency required to buy that gear.

    After you gear up (Really
    takes no time at all even tho its super tedious and repetitive) You have have the option to do raid content. Yay. Well there is only one raid so far. A single 8 man raid for you to take down and repeat weekly.

    So, now you have a max level character and you have some gear. What to do, what to do. Run coil, wait a week, rinse repeat.

    tl:dr Pace of the game is super fast leaving you with next to nothing to do in a very short amount of time.
  56. Sep 30, 2013
    MMORPGs are dead.You play the same thing as WoW but almost a decade later just with cooler graphics, and this genre got absolutely drained,looks like pretty graphics can't save this game from boredom,so linear quests,too much grinding. This is what's going on in FF XIV. And if this wasn't enough to discourage you of getting this game,you'll be lucky enough to log onto servers.I can only suspect that FFXIV is right now on a endless loop.They are waiting for more customers to buy more servers but meanwhile there are more frustrated players saying CRAP! 0 rated,then the more they wait for money the more 0s they get.The more you wait until you get a stupid error,the more you say garbage,online garbage,cannot enter,more garbage...endless loop. What is worst ,looks like every darn company is following the same stupid formula to go for our money,lack of support ,error something that prevents you from logging until only god knows when.My patience and my belief is done with all overhyped MMOs stuff.
    You saw the same with Diablo,Sim City,etc and when you can finally play them you realize how disappointing they are,and they still want to charge you 15 bucks per m? Oh no sir,I have already learned my lesson,at the sucky way, but you wouln't got me again for graphics or by viral marketing,never again. If you wan to play a MMO go for a F2P at least you aren't charged and probably have more fun that this err final disappointing experience,well at least for me.
  57. Jan 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. PROS:
    -FFXIV graphics.

    -FFXIV adopted WoW questing system is plain and boring.
    -Lack of classes. The newer classes such as paladin, black mage, etc. are a joke. Both paladin and black mage get no abilities that are better than their base classes. Apparently, a black mage is a combination of thaumaturge and archer classes. How archer abilities increase magic potency? You tell me.
    -FATE experience points farming is plain and boring.
    -Dungeons are plain and boring. Dungeons where never SQUARE's thing. Maze mongers and meeble burrows from FFXI never had a high player participation rate. They only reason why FFXIV players do dungeons is to get gear and fast xp.
    -WoW adopted battle system makes fighting repetitive and boring.
    -Lack of skills. Compared to FFXI, FFXIV has a very limited arsenal of skills and abilities. Although the spells and abilities may level up, they replace the previous spell.
    -No elemental weakness. Even more dull gameplay with your one damage spell, blizzard.
    -Lack of summons.
    -Gamepad keybind system is horrible. FFXI gamepad marco system is more organized and faster to search.
    -Some classes such as archer can attack while moving, which gives them a tactical advantage against some battles. How archers hit their targets while they are facing in the opposite direction? You tell me.
    -No skill based system.
    -Materia system sucks. The only reason there is a materia system is to remove gear from the economy. Similar to the evolith augmenting system in FFXI. Was never really popular.
    -Harvesting/gathering is boring and ultra repetitive.
    -Dungeon search is cross server = lack of server community communication.
    -Legacy characters cannot transfer to non-legacy servers.
  58. Aug 30, 2013
    The game is decently fun. Not the most fun I've played recently, nothing really ground breaking. The downside is; it's plagued by technical issues to which the games support team is non respondent. Would I recommend buying it and playing it? I'd have to answer: only if you are a masochist. This game is a resounding SKIP.
  59. Sep 4, 2013
    Starts out as fun as any MMORPG but quickly deteriorates due to lack of any substantial content. It becomes a grind no matter how you play it. It is worth mentioning that the customer service is extremely bad. However, being in Japan and working for Japanese companies has showed me that what passes as bad in many countries is actually "normal" in Japan. Don't expect things to change much as the Japanese players aren't as likely to complain about this as players from other countries are. Expand
  60. Sep 20, 2013
    I don't understand how anyone with a PC can enjoy this game. The game play is mind numbingly slow. The quests are mundane and boring. The graphics are less than spectacular. As a new pay to play MMO it's dated in almost every way. It offers nothing that wasn't offered 5 years ago in this genre. I'm a huge MMO fan and I can usually get at least a month of play out of newly released MMOs. This one just makes me want to take a nap every time I've played it. There's nothing even remotely addictive about this game. Expand
  61. Sep 26, 2013
    The game is simplistic, slow and inflexible. Did I say slow? There's a 2.5second global cooldown that leaves you wanting to do something else while in combat.. like watch tv. There's no variety in building your character, all white mages are the same, all warriors are the same, there's nothing to make you unique or stand out. Many of the cross class skills you can use are often so underpowered that they are a waste of MP, TP and a global cooldown to cast.

    For a game that has been re-released, there are so many empty areas with NPCs that have no quests to give. There are also insufficient quests to level you completely and then little to no quests available to level the rest of the classes that it forces you to play on the same character. In other words there is insufficient content for a new release, let alone a re-released game. The public quest system called FATES is also simplistic and boring. Coming from having played Warhammer and Rift, the public quests here are a total letdown and the game forces you to grind these boring public quests to level subsequent characters. The dungeon matchmaker forces you to wait 40-90 minutes for a group unless you play a white mage which makes dungeons a lousy method of gaining XP or progressing.

    Character balancing also leaves much to be desired. Playing a melee in high level dungeons leaves you running away from boss attacks more often than actually attacking causing your damage to be lousy and leading groups to always prefer having ranged damage dealers over melee. Playing a ranged just leaves you standing around pressing 1..2..3.. repeatedly. Of the two tank classes, no one wants a Warrior in group and any high level group will insist on the tank being a Paladin instead. This may be acceptable if this was a game just out of beta, but for a re-release, it's not just disappointing, it's a ripoff.
  62. Oct 10, 2013
    To say this game is outdated is putting it very kindly. Pros: 1) The ability to make a chat channel that's specific to a group of people that you choose is nice. No more spamming guild chat to talk to your smaller group of buddies all at once. 2) Inventory space is a non-issue from the get go. Finally a game that sees that it's more annoying than anything else to have to 'build up' inventory space. On a side note, the gear not going into your normal inventory is nice as well.

    1) The map functionality is so convoluted you have to "figure it out"... That's MMO gaming 101 folks... an easy to use map. They failed at that. Badly.

    2) The chat functionality lacks basic abilities like right clicking on the names of gold farmers and/or greifer-types to block/report them...

    3) Quest turn ins... WHY on God's green earth, do I have to drag a quest item from my inventory, to a special quest turn in window just to turn in the quest... No other MMO that I've ever played does this. It's absurd, and a waste of my time.

    4) Gathering... a) gathering sucks, other MMO's (think SWTOR) have found ways around this. Take a look at them & stop wasting players' time, and b) Why is it that I, all of the sudden, can't cast a spell, swing a sword/axe, or even wear the same clothing just 'cause I'm picking berries?!?!?!?! Stupid. Just plain stupid.

    5) The combat system is beyond dated. It's standard vanilla WoW. There's no active combat like, say, Guild Wars 2, or Tera for example where you actively dodge. It's the same boring, no thought, button clicking rotation that people used 7 years ago where you occasionally have to step out of the red circle on the ground.

    6) Last but not least... you have to travel on Chickens. No further explanation needed.

    Honestly, I don't care if they screwed up their first version, and this one is 'way' better. It's still not as good as a lot of other games currently out there, and they want people to pay a monthly fee for this... HA!! Good luck.
  63. Hue
    Oct 18, 2013
    Shall we begin with the force fed story or the fact that it took them over 2 months to get friends on the same server together?

    I should have taken my initial suspicions about this game and stuck to them. Just turn around before you waste your time working in a game. It will take you countless hours or boring repetitive story line quests to unlock end game dungeons. Just turn around
    and pick a game that was actually developed for the story.

    This should have been marketed as a JRPG with ONLINE CONTENT as opposed to an MMORPG.
  64. Sep 22, 2013
    What I like:
    I like the pretty places, the graphics and the range of armours and weapons, classes and skills. The animations are nice too. I like the cut scenes seeing my character in them. I liked the character creator, its better than some mmo's out there.
    The ability to play lots of classes and do lots of crafts all with one character is nice if you are into building lots into your
    one main. I personally like making lots of different characters with different looks and trying out new classes and jobs that way.
    The bad:
    The Map, its TERRIBLE!!! I have never used a worse map in an mmo in the last five years at least. It has been a torture finding my way around. The crystal travel within cities is pretty pointless as you can't use it unless you happen to be right there touching one, why not let you teleport from anywhere you are to any of the crystals. The fact you can't preview items...who makes an mmo without item preview? The lack of a sort button in the inventory.
    Now the UGLY:
    Why tie all the fun stuff to the main quest and THEN make dungeons part of the main quest??? It is beyond belief that any game maker would happily alienate a large group of potential customers by saying 'its our way or the highway'.
    Let me explain. Everything I like to do in an mmo, like crafting, selling things on the brokers, storing things in storage and yes even riding a chocobo can only be done when you have passed certain milestones in the main quests; at level 15 you get a main quest to leave your little town and fly to the other two main cities to deliver messages. Until this point you are just doing local quests, not able to store anything or sell anything as you have no access to the servant guy who you can hire when you complete some of your main quests higher up. Im level 19 and still haven't unlocked my chocobo or auction house and am a little stuck with no money waiting on a slow dungeon finder mechanic to find me a place on the third of the three main quest story dungeons you HAVE to do before you can hope to advance. Actually I ran out of money because as you quest you get no money dropping, you get paid very small amounts from SOME quests but I was silly enough to just use the teleporting skill without realising it was using my money and I wasn't getting the money back from the two dungeons I had laboured through.
    Yeah this game is so not about great loot- I'm not seeing how anyone can find it rewarding at all.
    This afternoon after waiting a long time to be matched with a group I decided to roll another character out just to get a break from the grind and frustration and when she was ready to go I was told I could NOT go back to my server as it is full and no new characters allowed. I tried to get any eu server and they were all blocked and the only servers allowed for me to try were NA servers. Not great for me here in Ireland. There as also a message stating that there would be NO server switching at any time. So I have one character stuck, broke and waiting for a dungeon on a full up server (how is it I had so much trouble getting a dungeon group is beyond me)
    I feel utterly fed up and annoyed and bothered. I would say to anyone out there who isn't a brainwashed final fantasy fan to think carefully before buying this game. Make sure you love dungeons, you will have to play them and you will have to play a lot of them. If you love getting lots of loot, forget this game, I got to level 19 without even filling one of my 6 bags, okay the clothes items go to a separate storage but still there should be drops of potions, weapons, crafting stuff, money...there is nearly nothing but xp from grinding.
    If I manage to suck it up and stick out the final dungeon I should imagine I will be at least level 20-22 before I get to use the brokers properly or get my riding skill. That's half-way to level cap!! Something is wrong with that picture.
    Oh and gathering and crafting? Very time consuming. I'm really not sure it is worth the bother. I love to craft and do it in every mmo I play. I can't see myself doing it in this game.
    The FATES are pretty unrewarding too. You get xp and some small amount of coins. Oh and another big disappointment is the lack of audio with 90% of the talking cut scenes, in this day and age and with the wealth of Square Enix you would think they would pay some voice actors.
    But it is pretty.

    Pretty Frustrating!!
    Pretty Unrewarding!!
    Pretty Grindy!!
  65. Oct 20, 2013
    There were a couple bright spots in this game but overall I found it to be painfully boring. The ability to mix abilities from different classes is a great idea. Unfortunately most abilities feel much the same. Combat felt slow paced. The Questing is its worst flaw. Reading through incredibly dull and unimaginative dialogue from quest giving NPCs was nothing short of a chore. None of it is compelling and I ended up skipping through all of it after a while. The character models look good but the graphics for the environments are sub-par and that's with all settings maxed. The tool used to find a group for dungeons is probably the slowest I've encountered. Especially when considering it can group you with anyone in the NA servers. PVP is completely absent at launch and will be limited when it does come from what I've read. I tried to like this game and gave it some time hoping it would get better as my character progressed but that just didn't happen. Expand
  66. Sep 5, 2013
    After 2 Years and this being the second launch of this game and they still cant manage to grant access to the player is a huge fail... Now lets skip the server problems and jump to the game "

    The Customization is awful, very limited options and went you jump into the game world everyone looks alike...
    The fights are still slow and in the safe zone with nothing special, charming or
    The graphics and sounds are the only improvement and the reason of my 3 Score points.

    Overall for a "reborn game" that has a full entry price /monthly fees and one of the best developer of fantasy experience is just sad, especially when you take into consideration others MMo games more polished and Free
  67. Oct 14, 2013
    Well, at least it's pretty. Unfortunately that's the end of the positives.

    A very typical MMO with VERY slow pacing and almost no strategy to it's combat or diversity to it's classes. The class-changing system is cool, or rather it would be if all the classes didn't play pretty much exactly the same.

    There's many MMOs out on the market now, and a lot of them are free and just as
    good, if not better, than this game. I would suggest you go play one of those instead if you need that MMO fix.

    Note my experiences are based only on the beta, I knew within an hour of my time playing in beta it wasn't worth a subscription fee.
  68. Sep 28, 2013
    I was really disappointed by that game and stopped playing because i got bored after only three days of game play. Maybe i had the wrong expectations i was expecting something different, something new, something fantastic i could simply not find it in this game. I also think the rating for this game is so high, because the first release was so bad. I might have found out other cool things that i would maybe have liked but i am not keeping on playing a game that keeps me disappointed while i am running around, desperately looking for something i might like…

    IMHO ffxiv is nothing more than another, very common MMORPG, with a very common fighting system, a decent story and a very poor soundtrack. If you do not mind and you are not searching for something new or different and pay for a game like that feel free to try out anytime.

    The graphic is nice even though it did not make me say „wow“ on one single point of the game. There are several different possibilities in earning xp which is shared fairly between people taking part of an event and thats really great. So no more stealing kills/xp from other players, as it seems. Respawns are fast enough and that adds good extra fun to the game too. I also really liked stuff like the hunting log nice to make some xp, discover new places etc. I wish to say there are more things i liked but, to me, there are none.

    Looking at the races and classes i could choose from there was none i was saying „yes, i really want to play this one“ i made a different experience when playing other games. Also the game world lacks a bit of fancy details and i think it could be way more fantastic for my very personal taste.

    The story itself is incredibly flat. There is too much useless talking (too long dialogues), too much running around and the balance between story (talking) and fighting lacks a lot. At a certain point of the game i would hit a row of video and semi-video sequences that took me 1,5 hours(!) without actually having to do anything! On the other hand I ended up not being able to keep on doing my class or the main quests since i was missing 1-2 levels. So i had to run around, find something/anything to do and perform the same things (like F.A.T.E.‘s) over and over again til i got even more bored by doing that.

    I had to turn off the music because i got very annoyed by it after only 2-3 hours of game play (so there‘s a big minus for the soundtrack whose job should be to add some unique extra atmosphere to a game).

    The fight system is very simple (a few spells, with common effects you would find in any other rpg) and you end up performing the same two/three actions for hours and hours and hours.

    The game-studio does not seem to have lots of experience with a game like that and it might take them some more time to be able to offer its customers a proper support (i was, for example, in queue for help chat for over three hours(!), when i was told that there is nobody available for me and just got kicked out). I made this game run after performing three hours of trouble shooting, finding help in some of the forums to finally make it work.

    The game is very young. I think it has some potential to be a good MMORPG in maybe 1+ years. But i play games for a cool, nice, exciting story, an atmospheric soundtrack, a good balance between talking and fighting, a nice fighting system i did not find it here. So i will, as many others, go and search somewhere else.
  69. Aug 29, 2013
    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is just another MMO. The mechanics of the game are extremely simplified and have no depth. The quests in the game are "Go here and kill X". The difficulty is "You 1 shot these, you 2 shot these, and these 1 shot you". There is no game play difference between level 1 and level 40. The classes are copy paste versions of every other MMO class with little or no depth what so ever. The leveling is monotonous and boring. If you like games such as Runescape, Diecide, or Hello Kitty, this game is for you. If you can't stand care-bearing the population of 12 year old ADHD riddled 12 year-olds, I suggest you find a better game. Expand
  70. Sep 2, 2013
    Final Fantasy is a great series. It always has had good story, tactical gameplay a great overall atmosphere for the game. The problem is that this game is not what is expected from a modern MMO. It has the same gameplay mechanics as any regular mmorpg to date, except this one has a very moderate "combo" system, where you use the same two skills consecutively until the mob's dead... to make this worse, there is a 2.5 second global cooldown on most abilities. I thought this game would be cool as it's called a tactical mmorpg, but really it's all the same. Some might call it another WoW clone. the questing is the same mindless grinding with a purpose. (lackluster quests) The interface is very well organized. the graphics are great and perform well on most machines, but that is honestly the best part. Back to the combo system: there is no combo system. Basically, you use one attack, you are obligated to use this other specific attack because using that attack will cause more damage than any other. That is not a combo system. The monk is simply the only fun class, but even then, you are forced into chaining the same abilities together in a rotation because there is no tactical aspect. While other MMOs are only getting faster, Final Fantasy 14: a realm reborn is the slowest MMO to date. (maybe even behind perfect world) Oh, and not to mention that the much anticipated cutscenes have zero voice acting Expand
  71. Sep 18, 2013
    Characters are all Asian looking. Way to much bla bla bla and its quiet where is the voice over acting? Why is this dudes lips moving and he's not even saying anything? I find myself skipping over a ton of stuff way to much to read. The graphics are great and combat is cool but that's if you even get to play with overpopulated servers.
  72. Sep 28, 2013
    This game is a complete clone of other mmo's, it has the Crafting system of Everquest 2, the combat system of WOW, and the dynamic event system of Guildwars 2.

    The questing system is not really a clone of any other game, simply because I have never seen another game with such unimaginative, repeated, exhausting quests since the original Everquest (collect 4 bat wings and kill 12 goblins

    If this game is that much better than version 1.0, I am glad I did not try it then...

    The only saving graces that this game has is the music, and the class/leveling system the class leveling system is excellent, however, it is a far cry from being able to redeem this otherwise abysmal travesty of a game...
  73. Oct 1, 2013
    This game reinforces a really simple rule everyone who plays games should live by. Either buy a game flat-out, or pay for subscription, DONT DO BOTH. There is ZERO reason for them to charge people and then continue to charge people every month. Such a waste of money.

    There are way too many free games out there to waste your money. Play a free game or a game you only have to pay for
    once. Donate the 13$ a month to your local foodbank. It would do the world more good. Expand
  74. Oct 5, 2013
    I have read the reviews. A lot of people seem to give this game 10/10, which begs the question what game were they playing and what are they basing those reviews off of. This game is marred by constant server repairs, glitches, congestion and that is before you even log into the game. (SE has take an approach to immediately fix Japanese servers and wait and see to North Americans, so expect significant delays between when JP servers get fixed and NA get fixed) A lot of FFxiv is unoriginal. They have mashed the previous 13+(there are actually more than 14 currently) FF's, WoW, and a whole lot of other MMO's into this one game. Which should indicate its superiority, but I think it points to SE loss of originality. FF has always been about reinventing itself. Each FF game, added something new to the previous, started a whole new story, and had a completely different game system, there were marked differences in graphics, character types, jobs, etc. The new system is far from new, its the basic system you find in any MMO. The races are all borrowed from FFxi, except the names for those races are different with some minor exceptions (they added a few new sexes and we have light/dark versions) Each class again is borrowed from FFxi, again only change is different names. Additionally, the abilities are learned, similar in some ways to FFxi. Sometimes you obtain abilities from quests. Nothing original about that.

    Overall. The game is fun for about the 30 day trial. After that you delve further into the game and it becomes a grind. Not of leveling but of just staying with the game for its lackluster appeal. SE missed the boat in 1.0 and again in reborn. I give this game 0. Find another monthly service that will appreciate its players and the game.
  75. Oct 30, 2013
    The game has very nice graphics. How ever it just becomes boring and a chore to play after a bit. I did not last a month with it. if you like repetition over and over then this game is for you. I tried to play a conjurer (healing class), apparently I was not too good at it. Skills are boring. As a healer when I got heal 2 I could not use it as I ran out of mana healing. What did not make sense is your skills like heal 1 would heal for the same amount but each level you attained the cost to cast it went up. This game wasn't for me. I give it a 3 because the graphics were really good. Expand
  76. Nov 5, 2013
    Story: cookie-cutter, typical, cheesy, boring. | Mechanics: cookie-cutter, every MMO element we've played, shoe-horned in there. "Deploy customer retention gimmick A | Graphics: not bad, compared to version 1 worse; overall I liked the way the game looked, but once the character count in a battle goes over 20 or so, your screen becomes a mess of colors, unable to target anything, or have any clue to what the hell is going on. |

    EndGame: non-existent. Get to Lv50 and spam the same few raids over, and over and over, and over... seriously, is repetition considered 'fun' these days? |

    Bugs: Immense. |

    Community: Why I stopped playing. Terrible little children who haven't learned the basics of human interaction. |

    Overall: Another Cookie-Cutter MMO. Leveling up and exploring was fun, then I hit max level had nothing to do but spam the same crap over and over again, hoping I didn't have to deal with b$tchy little children. |

    Refund please.
  77. Nov 11, 2013
    While it looks all shiny and pretty it is actually a grind fest with lots of problems. You only get quests once, but allowed to do all classes. So once you get to your second class it is grind till you go blind. Hours and hours of running in circles. Then if you are a lower level and trying to complete a quests, you are competing against a level 50 farming for items from same mob. He one shots everything so you either party up with him and stand there while he kills or you wait hours. Now the party up problem is, providing he will, is that you get lower exp if any cause you get ZERO hits in. Plus you do not learn how to play your class at all this way. The community is worst that World of Warcrafts andI thought that would be impossible. These people are down right hateful and snobby. Do not ask for help in the shout chat, they call you names and laugh at you. Oh and did I mention the relentless spamming in general chat and whispers by gold spammers. It is non stop and makes playing very difficult at times.

    Over all this is a bad game I would not recommend it to anyone. The only good thing Square Enix did was make it pretty. Another failure in my book with new clothes on.
  78. Nov 16, 2013
    Sorry, FFXIV is Not worth picking up.
    Is ARR better than FFXIV 1.0? 50/50 Some aspects are better, but overall improvement style, graphics, gameplay and content? No improvement. Three major problems. #1 Too easy. Too simplified. You can max level in 2 weeks, you can max all crafts in less than 6 weeks. After that all that remains is endgame.
    #2 Endgame content is pathetically weak.
    Grind grind grind the typical Square Enix play method to make you spend your money paying subscription.
    #3 Zero reason to party play, alliance play or anything. You can solo this game near 100% only needing others for dungeon dungeon boss. To call this a game worth of the Final Fantasy title is a sickening joke.
    #4 Subscription. Subs should be $5-$10 for FFXIV not the $15 average it is. You are limited to gametime via the server issue, login issues, and SE's policy of removing and gimping game content rather than improving issues.
    Only redeeming factor FFXIV ARR is the game that SHOULD HAVE ORIGINALLY LAUNCHED er.. nearly 3 years ago? This game does not hold water compared to 2013 gaming standards. FFXIV is a 2010 game and should have remained buried where it fell, not reanimated by Yosh-P, as the hollow corpse of a failed game from a company going downhill.
  79. Dec 1, 2013
    this game is a product of globalist ideology where the world has no borders, everything is instanced .the weapon skills ,animations, and sound fx are weak for the most part, the ff online game based off ps2 tech was much better in many aspects,
  80. Feb 23, 2014
    I found the Account Creation and Account Password process to be the most abysmal part of the game. Also, if one purchases this game on a Sunday, there is no customer service available. It's probably a great game if one can get access to their old account.
  81. Mar 1, 2014
    If you passed through hell creating account, accepting dozens of agreement, confirmation emails, you may like this game ONLY if you actually like this specific type of MMO. It's basically same as Old Republic or Neverwinter, but in a different universe. Generally - dull and boring. This make you especially regret you lost an hours passing through hell as complicated and long account creation process. Expand
  82. Sep 16, 2013
    FFXI brought up to speed. Which isn't saying a whole lot, the game capitalizes in all of the new and great updates that came with MMO's pulling themselves out of dark ages over the last decade, but it does a once over on an already poorly mundane design concept. The classes, races, cities, and core concepts don't stray too far from this. Where it does differ is in the amount of time it takes to reach the current cap; which is not a positive. Time sinks are not cleverly hidden in the form a head scathingly bizarre and repetitive crafting system and the lack of quests to support leveling multiple classes leaves many to store up Leve allowances" as if you were playing a free-to-play facebook game. Combat leaves a lot to be desired after you find yourself mindlessly grinding out what seems like a simply designed combo system. Lack of action and movement that exceeds to dancing around the target and stepping out of enemy telegraphed zones leave you wanting something extra. The detail to your character and their clothing is amazing, but you soon learn where the budgeted geometry went when you step out into the world and notice its drab, poorly textured, hard surfaces. When will they learn that most of the game you stare at 50% of your character, while the rest of the viewing angle is designed to view the enemies and environments. I was reasonably unimpressed by the lack of atmosphere and design of environments that the game had to offer. The story, which I honestly couldn't be bothered with only emphasized the lacking quality in character animations and voice over dialogue. Reading isn't a major issue, but being able to comfortably enjoy the story and all of its terrible emote driven acting; voice over could eased the suffering. The CG cut scenes were good, but no longer as breathtaking as they used to be, again, competitors do it better. All in all they failed to bring something new and different to the table as always. The same tired "Holy triad" came included with longer than expected wait times when queuing for the simply boring, constrained and phantasy-star-online-esque dungeons. So if you're looking for a new MMO to play save your pennies and wait for some of the others that promise to further the genre, because this one was just a bad MMO brought up to snuff.

    Don't hold your breath for any depth in the itemization unless you like to screw with materia (see time sink).
  83. Dec 30, 2013
    I found the classes rather stale and the flow of the gameplay was incredibly boring. With quests like kill 3 enemies you spend more time running back and forth than actually doing anything. Also there is very little voiced segments but the characters get close ups where they move their mouth with text below, I found that to be a very awkward scene. Great graphics but other than that nothing really inspired, much better F2P options out there for a good MMO experience. Expand
  84. Mar 4, 2014
    The game has some good features, but as you advance, it becomes increasingly repetitive and boring. Game play for your first class is great through level 15. The graphics are amazing, the music is enjoyable, and the story line intriguing. After level 15, however, the game becomes increasingly repetitive.

    If you use side quests to level your first class, it's much harder to level
    additional classes, and there's an advantage to having multiple classes on one character since you can share skills between classes. If you don't use side quests, though, you have to do the same dungeons, FATEs (time-limited area quests for multiple players), and levequests (quests obtained by talking to a levemete) over, and over, and over. As you progress further, you must repeat dungeons to get gear and tomes (that you spend to get better gear). You may end up doing the same dungeon twenty or thirty times to get the gear you want for a single class. The more classes you add to your character, the more you have to rely on repeated dungeons, fates, and leves to level.

    With the exception of the insanely difficult Titan hard mode quest - which you must complete to get your relic (high-level) weapon - most quests are interesting and sufficiently challenging the first time, and even the second and the third. But by the 20th or 30th time, they do get dull. When I found myself listening to audiobooks so I'd have something interesting to do while I ran a dungeon, I knew it was time to quit.

    Oh - and customer service is terrible. When a bug totally blocked the main story quest progression on my server, it took three days for SE to repair it. It took four for them to respond to my report - and then it was only to say that I should have submitted the report in a different fashion (which was not obvious from the report form). In other MMOs, when a bug has blocked quest progression, GMs have responded to the report within minutes and made it possible for characters to progress.

    In sum - the game would be much better if the content were wider, so that characters and classes could be leveled without tedious repeats. And customer service needs to be vastly improved.
  85. May 4, 2014
    I immediately attached the key to my Square Enix account, but I didn't want to start playing yet, and figured my free month wouldn't begin until I actually logged into my account. In April, I received an e-mail that my free month had expired.

    Today I contacted customer service and asked for my 30 days back, stating that if they looked at my account they would be able to see that I never
    logged into my account. They acknowledged that they could see I never logged into my account but would not give me my 30 days back.

    Quite unfortunate that they lack clear account messaging regarding the 30 days and their customer service lacks the power/will to problem solve situations rather than parroting customer service guidelines.

    I purchased FFARR solely to support Square Enix. After seeing their GDC presentation and hearing them talk about how they felt in-debt to their fans to re-launch FFXIV after its initial failure, I felt obligated to support the game.
  86. Jun 22, 2014
    I hope Yoshida and his crew should take sometime to review various issue that they had been bringing forward towards each patch and new contents. Each patch gurantees a bug crash or massive error that would contributes to server downtime/delay. They should realise that ff14 is not a game for normal players who's not working or players who does not come from adequately financially stabled income household. Players are mostly working adults and rich kids or medium household income family. Working adults would not have generous time to contribute so much activities that SE been pushing this new contents. This new contents are not design to suit all works of life. It's more to catering towards hardcore players apetite. If we put into some wild measurements, a full set of high allaghan took hardcore players a min of 30-50hours gametime. However. if we look at working adults of contribution towards gametime. It's ten times that effort or probably more. Dungeon that aims to put players in precise positioning and highly scripted AI that aim to disrupt or wipe players with only one mistake. Oftenly , players who join got killed by lag and this contributed a wipe session. This would repeat as lag seems to spread across other players as well. As long as one player lag , it's gurantee a never win situation for a whole day. Working adults could only play during normal gametime hours. Especially Asians, we get to compete against high peak hours. This would resulting players cursing each other , discriminating each other with the language barrier or "alien players" term. The game was not built on making global players to get along well but the mechanism promotes high discrimination competition as well. I would not say an easy way of attaining end game gears but more of a logical method to attain it. The game was made to look so time consuming and rigid that it no longer call entertainment. It's like a single crumb of bread divided into a thousand pieces to make it looks bigger and more time to consume. From last interview, it seems that Yoshida believes that the game was not challenging enough. They now aim to make it more challenging *In their point of view* . This would alternate the sequence of this spells/skill that raid boss cast. Now , players have been dying to lag had the only method to dodge this spell/skill. Instead of making the game more accomodating towards global players , they further tweak the mechanism to wipe players more easily. The game was created to be based upon something illogical that sucks player's life away. FF11 was once based upon that standard they made players left. It was never challenging. It's just extreme time consuming. With the server's cockup latency from time to time. Players had to rely on tunneling or vpn services. This is something abnormal. I've been looking for a game that's call entertainment. But for ff14, i feel that i'm still working inside. This is entertainment, not occupation recreation. I'm looking to release stress, not gain more stress from game. This has been square enix biggest failure in making mmo. They take pride into making something unachievable and unrealistic goals in their gaming mechanism. It destroys players life. Promoting players to hate each other which was regard as "competition" From the silly 12xzodiac stone that had random drop rates to 9x1500 tomes per book with each book with fate,leve,enemies and dungeon to accomplish. With t5 bcob, scob and ex primals that aim to make players scurrying accross pigeon hole safe zone. This would also cause players to redo the same silly raid for weeks or months. When players finally get through , they would only get a single drop that player been doing for weeks and months only to find it powerlot off by someone who did only 1-2 times. At least for ff11, for some highly time consuming raid, all participating players were rewarded well. This one give you nothing after so many attempts. And yes, japanese players usually powerlot very frequently in any raids. If you catch them lotting low , it's mostly unimportant lots or they are just lotting for fun. I've never won any lots before in bcob and primal ex. Everytime a japanese joins the lot, i'll always hit a gurantee low lot. Only unimportant drops that's dirt common, i'll get it without issue. Unless the japanese wanted that lot. If you are someone who is new and looking for entertaiment from game,i would suggest you not to touch this game. It's a game that'll literally suck you to hell. Expand
  87. Aug 11, 2014
    Thank god I didn't waste money and only got a trial. Account was closed due to 'suspicious activity' after I had the trial for 2 days. I only played in the actual game for less than 30 minutes. If this represents Square's security/account practices, then I have no interest.
  88. Sep 5, 2013
    really wished i would of enjoyed the game after spending a few hours of trying multiple character to lvl 20 ish ive noticed that the game has a huge lack of action ive had alot more fun with free mmos out there then this subscription based game. The overall graphics are ok the story is alright the cut scenes and voice acting for the little parts that have some are pretty bad.
    most people mentioned you cant really access the game since release because of servers full and no queue system, witch is very annoying.... its normal to have issues at launch day but they said something like they didn't expect so many people playing but they didnt see the amount of sales before game come out weird
    anyways maybe this game will improve but the game doesn't feel up to date graphically and fun wise for today's gaming maybe if it was 7+ years ago
  89. Aug 15, 2014
    I never played the beta of this game, but in the first few hours I've played it, I found nothing remarkable. Now before anyone thinks 'But the game gets SO MUCH BETTER' that's a crock of **** if the game fails to captivate the player in the first few hours (which should be it's best moments of gameplay), then it has failed the rest.

    The first few quests I found myself doing were the
    worst: Fetch quests. I was told to go and pick up some items, or talk to some random NPC in the city, and these just dragged ON AND ON until I explored the whole city. I know the game is trying to convey a sense of exploration and meaning in exploring the city, but forcing the player and guiding them through linear tunnels of quests is certainly not a good way to make a first impression.

    Eventually, I finally got a quest where I could try out some combat. I thought that this must be the area where the game must shine, but instead it was mostly just cycling my 3 skills and dodging some telegraphed attacks, shown as little quarter circles and such on the ground you have to move out of or you take large amounts of damage .

    At about this time, I noticed that this game must have taken some huge inspiration from Guildwars 2 (One of my all time favorites), The telegraphed attacks, weapons changing gameplay, the FATE system, the personal story, and so on. However, minus the personal story, they seem patched on and no where near as competent or fun as the games role-model.

    I got to about level 10 when I stopped playing, and boy did it feel like forever. I was really bored and disinterested and level 10 is generally the area where MMOs should pick up but unfortunately Final Fantasy XIV didn't seem to be going anywhere special.

    Obviously this game is trying its hardest after its previous launch failure to be a great MMO, but it has completely and utterly disgusted me in the first few hours of gameplay, which is something no game, especially MMOs, should do. The only thing going through my head when I was playing this was 'I wish I was playing Guildwars 2, it does this so much better'.
  90. Sep 1, 2013
    Server issues are not acceptable. It's 2013, if SE can't launch an MMO and have it stable in a week then A Realm Reborn should have had aborted. SE polished the turd then took a dump all over it. I am already tired of the non-stop excuses coming from the creepy personality cult forming around the developer Yoshi-P. This launch has been a disaster so much so that they halted digital sales. ANet's launch was amazing compared to this even EA launched an MMO with fewer issues.

    Weaksauce, fundamental issues that wow solved 10 years ago, like queues. The launch has been so bad that people are making macros and rigging up their PS3 controllers to spam the login servers. PATHETIC.

    supposedly the cult leader FF messiah Yoshi has a big Second Coming planned on Tuesday to fix everything, hide the kool aid and arsenic and put his cult on suicide watch in case their messiah fails and they aren't up for another round of weaksauce excuse making.
  91. Feb 2, 2014
    Full of flamers, trolls, goldminers, which greatly detract from enjoyment. There is no adequate reporting system or ability to 'monitor' these infantile actions by players, who deliberately do all they can to wipe teams/raids.

    Boss mechanics are absolutely horrid. Ground effects are useless - you MUST know the boss fight intimately, knowing each of his attack patterns, and be
    positioned long before he casts it. If you go by the ground effect (red areas, etc), you will be hit most of the time, and in end-game content, that means the group/raid will fail.

    Vast improvement over first attempt, but still horribly executed in critical areas
  92. Feb 26, 2014
    I realize that this game is currently free, but having to read tiny subtitles in 2014? Really? Really? 30 mins in and I have a headache. I just got new glasses so it's not me.
  93. Feb 18, 2014
    This game is WOW clone without real PVP and worse skills/itemization, graphics is much better, but i dislike cartoony style of WOW, so this is matter of personal preferences. For this alone i would give FFXIV score of 7/10 at least, but they totally messed up endgame. They copied every major idea from WOW, but stopped right where it matters for long and successful run, they did their own boring grindfest endgame instead. First you kill for ages in same 2 dungeons to get tomes, when your gear is fine (or you have somebody to drag your sorry ass) you get to farming primals. Doing that stuff for week or two could be amusing, but after you can run whole instance just by listening to it, because you did it so many times that you memorized every move and distance. Well at that point i can call it boring. Also difficulty in primal fights does not come from skills or lack of it, its rather directly translated to lag. All those fights are about is "run from red circles" and know where to stop, Heigan dance from Naxx times ten with out of the ass unicorn particle farts everywhere, so sometimes you barely can see what is going on. Expand
  94. Apr 14, 2014
    Horrible Customer service. Contradicting and abusive Terms & Policy.
    Community ruined by multiple mmorpg global world newcomers.

    This is no where near how Final Fantasy XI was. Sure FFXI Was a menu slow base game, though FFXIV new features and mid pace game play- it is all candy until Square Enix gets what they want from you. Money. They do not listen to their community when it comes
    to their account. Other than that great game, horrible service. Expand
  95. Sep 13, 2014
    This game faces many issues; *The combat system is one of the worst I have seen in any mmo ever, very simplistic and boring. *Huge storyline but only a few scenes have voice acting. *The maps in the World feel small and there is no sense of danger at all. *The Fate system (gw2 minievents copy) is boring and not challenging. *The dungeons are to easy *There is no enough real endgame content, it is only one 8 man raid with 4 boss fights. (can only do 1 time a week)
    *The game has a lot of restrictions to favor casual players and keeping the game becoming obsolete because of the lack of real endgame.
    *The crafting system is obsolete since they have let ppl know that dungeon gear will always be better than crafting gear.
    *The Customer Service is terrible and when they answer they send you a copy-pasted generic response with no help at all.

    Not all about this game is bad, it can keep you entertained till you realize it is not worth it, but I seriously recommend you to stay away from it.
  96. Nov 25, 2014
    Good job Squeenix: you know how to kill your games pretty easily!

    After playing this game for an entire year, I can say that this was one of the worst mmorpg experience I ever had: the game has the same exact flaws and issues since day one, it is stale and boring with its mandatory storyline to follow that feels lifeless and void of any passion, together with an insane grind that even a
    f2p game would shiver in fear and add one of the most elitistic communities I've ever had in a game, I can't say I had fun while playing it.

    And most importantly, what really makes me cringe is how nobody really seems to be bothered with them: as I write this, patch 2.4 as arrived but during 2.38 there was something that everyone was waiting with excitement: the private housing. And of course in usual Squeenix fashion, they managed to fail something as simple as that and making private housing basically the same thing as free company housing and despite the -major- rage in the forums, both japanese and non japanese ones, in 2.4 they only added more plots without actually fixing the problem, resulting in the small plots being sold out in less than 20 minutes after patch

    Can you see my point? The game has a horrible management and direction and things that they should have been fixed long ago are still here, and I'm talking of BASIC things: why can't I invite my friends in a low level roulette? Why can't minions/pets be inside the dungeons with me? Why summoning a chocobo kicks me from the queue? Why do I dismount when I have to talk to NPCs? Why dailies are only limited to 6 per day? Why can't I do certain actions like dyeing my armor while sitting? Why can't I join a team when I'm crafting? Why can't I put items on sell when my queue is up? Why crafting and gathering lists have no word search? Why can't I talk to anyone except my company and linkshell when I'm in a dungeon? Why dungeons have time limits? And why can't we invite people once inside?!

    And all this in a Pay to Play MMORPG?!

    These design choices/flaws make absolutely no sense whatsoever and yet they're still there! I honestly had a hard time coming back in other mmorpgs after this because ,"gasp", I could actually accept invitations, join dungeons halfway, and even have my pets into them! Oh, and if I wanted to do a low level dungeon alone, I could do it without having the synch every bloody time!

    But considering it's been a year, I highly doubt they'll fix anything of this.
    If they do, "Good", but I'm not putting any hopes on it.

    But hey, let's focus on the real issues here: the game is mediocre at best, plain and simple.

    The game world is actually huge but it's splitted into many micro zones that turns every single area in big "instanced" place filled with endless amounts of invisible walls, even over puddles of water, making the world feel dull and lifeless; in addition, considering the fact that the world is splitted into such zones the game results in being filled to the brim with constant loading that often results in crashing while moving to new zones and Dc issues. And yes that's another problem: the game is utterly unstable and crashes a lot and/stops working (the most known issue being error 90000). The issue is the same since day one but even if I admit that it did get better with time, the game stops working too often for being considered stable.

    Add also the fact that there's literally no voicing to any npc or character, unless some sporadic cutscenes which have amateur level of acting, you get a stale world without any life whatsoever.

    Another hot topic is the combat: it's basically WoW. so if you hate WoW you'll hate this. However I'm one of the few people that actually defends it because the 2.5 cd on each skill makes the next move more important in order to maximize your damage, making it a sort of action/tactical hybrid which I would love it in more games.
    And since it's Final Fantasy, everyone will love it, right?

    Another issue for me also is the constant presence of RNG and I -do- mean constant: RNG is everywhere, and to me the RNG ruins something that it's probably a great thing: the crafting and gathering system. Both are extremely well made and it's the deepest system made so far...but it's completely and utterly random, resulting on not being skill based, since every skill has a chance of failure that completely ruins your efforts in making an item: if you craft an item it's only because you got lucky and nothing more.

    And for last, the game is super grindy: Have you always hated questing? Play this game then and enjoy repeating the same exact events over and over just to get some tiny experience points that will take hours anyway.

    And that's the problem with this game: it is not fun: I had no fun levelling, crafting or even storywise, because there is just no passion: all this game did was to fix 1.0, and they did a good job. But they forgot to make the game fun, and as such I cannot recommend it.

    Play a F2P instead.
  97. Oct 11, 2014
    In 1 word: annoying. It's not beautiful, nor challenging. Walking a lot, with static fights. When not walking, teleporting, but not everywhere, where no crystal to TP we can take a chocobo, and see its ass during minutes until we reach destination. Very lovely.. mmh in fact no. Ah another thing really good: regularly talking to NPC will put you in video mode. Didn't understood why except seeing NPC full screen. Nothing else. Luckily you can skip. Good. Expand
  98. Jul 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Combat is slow and dull and only gets mildly better as you level up. Story is bland and unremarkable in any way as the time in between any parts that are ok is broken up by tons of typical bland fetch/ups quests. Quests often have you go from point A to point B back to point A then on to point C etc etc... The FATE events almost all fall into one of two categories, either kill a small zerg of normal mobs or kill one mini boss type monster. This is mostly the same as other games that feature this style of event, how ever it feels worse here.

    Endgame fights rely mostly on extreme gimmick mechanics combined with the long global cool down to force difficulty into the fights. In most cases just reacting to a fight mechanic will not be enough you have to memorize the pattern of the boss so that you can move pre emptively, part of this is due to the horrid net coding used and the awful latency/updating the server does. Itemization on gear is horrible. Secondary stats provide so little benefit that they shouldn't even be on gear, spell/skill speed being the biggest culprit. It provides so little benefit so as not to break the long GCD system they designed that it should have never been created.

    This comes from a pre 2.2 player that cleared turn 4 and just stopped caring about the game due to all the above issues.

    P.S. Crystal tower loot system is the worst thing ever.
  99. Aug 27, 2013
    I have never seen such poor handling of full servers preventing login. I purchases early access on the 24th and expected some issues to arise. 1 to 2 days of server issues is understandable, but 3 days is pretty extreme.

    I feel bad giving the game a 4 because it is fun to play. But the customer service is terrible. The company doesn't have login que's or any update as to when the
    server issues may be fixed. The company needs to get a lot better at addressing their customers with more informative updates. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. Dec 28, 2013
    Full of enough adventure, daring-do and chocobos to make any MMO fan happy. [Jan 2014, p.72]
  2. Nov 13, 2013
    A Realm Reborn is such a substantial change from the original game that it merits a second look if you hated the first release. So much has changed for the better, and it has resulted in one of the most polished MMORPGs out there today.
  3. Nov 6, 2013
    The completionist in me is nearly overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things to do in A Realm Reborn. Square Enix really do deserve praise for not only fixing the issues of the original game, but far exceeding their goal.