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  1. Nov 2, 2010
    Pretty awful game. Yikes. I can't believe anyone is giving this a good review. SE must be putting some interns to work! I could go on about the glaring faults, including the retainer system, the copy-pasted dungeon crawler like terrain, the UI lag (oh my GOD the lag), the lack of content at every level, the ridiculous skill point system, the grinding, the broken party mechanics, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on and on. The bottom line though, and the reason why people aren't going to play this game without serious improvements (if there's even enough left to salvage) is that FFXIV isn't fun. At all. Many people, including myself, bought this game because of the Final Fantasy name, and I have a feeling that we won't be making the same mistake again. Expand
  2. Sep 26, 2011
    To everyone saying the game has improved: I have been playing since beta and this game has not improved in the slightest. I'm actually redoing my review in light of these new changes. The easiest way to explain how poor this game is, google "Is FFXIV Ready to Play?" Its a youtube video and it shows the simplest of bugs and as of this date it is still not fixed.

    They've finally added
    airships but those of us from FFXI will know its still not enough. "The airship ride is over in a matter of seconds." Wow, even in FFXI you could see the area below but a year later they still can't implement it in FFXIV. It seems to me that this was a last minute ditch effort to at least be able to claim they have airships.

    And chocobos. I'm sorry but if it takes a whole year to implement chocobos... how long will it take to make the game playable. Too little too late.

    The last time I logged in, the busiest city, Limsa Laminsa was bare. Only three people responded to my shouts. This does not bode well. When I asked where everyone was the reply I got was "They're taking a break until the new update" (chocobo update). We'll see. If they're smart they won't be on at all.

    There is a reason this game was awarded "Most Disappointing game of 2010". There's a reason it has the metascore it has.

    If you like this game and you rated it a 10 it only goes to show how blind you are. I've been playing Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES. After spending $80 on the Collector's Edition of FFXIV all I have to show for it is a stupid hardcover book. The Adventurer's Certificate never showed up and I'm realizing now, almost a year later, it never will. Not that I care at this point, I'm embarrassed to let any of my friends know I was ever interested.

    If you want to be frustrated and then spat upon by Square Enix, give it a try. If you have any sense at all, you'll come back here and rate this game a zero.
  3. Oct 15, 2010
    It's like Square-Enix didn't play their own game before releasing it. Features a ridiculous crafting system (some items require materials 15 levels above what you're trying to craft!), a "player-driven" economy seemingly designed to benefit in-game currency selling sites, and an interface that works as if it was designed by several teams of people who had never met. It's just a complete cash-in on a series that relies on fanboys to survive, and hopefully a wake up call for MMO developers after yet another failed MMO "blockbuster" in 2010. If curiousity gets the better of you, wait a few months and you'll find it in the bargain bin next to Star Trek Online. Expand
  4. Oct 15, 2010
    -Excellent Graphics
    -Excellent Music
    -The design of the class system is new and original

    -Unbearable laggy interface
    -Boring guildleves (Main storyline is good however)
    -Too much walking, incredibly inconvenient
    -Market system is a joke
    -Crafting is insanely complex and hard (No recipe lists, level 5 items need level 20 materials, etc.)
    -No bosses, no real endgame content
  5. Oct 2, 2010
    This game could have been really something, but it has far too many problems to make it a game that I would strongly recommend, especially when so many potentially more enjoyable games are coming with the next year or so (The Old Republic, TERRA, Rift, Earthrise, World of Darkness, and Guild Wars 2). For whatever reason the developers of this game decided against including basic quality of life systems that worked for their previous MMO. There is no mail system so if you or a friend needs an item for crafting, or for whatever reason, you need to meet up at the cost of either time or precious anima (point system that regenerates painfully slow). Which leads to another problem. Travel is limited and can be time consuming. Yes the environments look great, but one quickly grows tired of it after having to run from city to city. And hey, maybe when you get to each city you might want check out the local economy. Or not. There is no auction house system and the centralized marketplace for each city is a disorganized mess made up of player bazaars.

    Some of the 10 reviews (really, a 10? That has to be in eqaction to the 0/1s) make mention the game doesn't suffer from lag. That's ridiculous. I'm on a server where the population barely tops out at 2400 (kind of low for a new major release. Make of that as you will.) and it seems like the game can barely handle it. Even when the population well below the 2000 mark the controls and laggy UI is still noticiable.

    Let's say you don't mind any of that. In fact, you probably think Square Enix is onto something here and you want to enter the world of Eorzea. One thing that has to be said is that if you come into this game looking for at least some decent action you're going to be very disappointed. As I mentioned earlier there is no auction house, and if you don't find what you're looking for in a bazaar, guess what? You're crafting! You don't want to? Everyone's doing it! I mean everyone. I guess they have to though. Oh, did you know there's a fatigue system in the game? You didn't? Basically, you can only level a class for so long until you get diminishing experience points then it's either switch classes (yo, crafting class. You can't resist.) or take a break. For those of you who would rather take it slow and just craft or gather materials in the game's world, you might actually like this game. If you can stand the laggy UI. For those of you who twitch angrily at the thought of having to craft, having the length of your playtime decided for you by someone else, archaic controls and slow interfaces, poor design choices ("Oh, god, Activison is readying Cataclysm! Put it out now!) and at the thought of having to sit through a typical Oh-soJapanese-it-hurts fantasy story, you should seriously pass on this.
  6. Oct 3, 2010
    Satisfyingly different, promising but rough around the edges, that is how I would sum up FFXIV. Pros: Beautiful game Excellent macro system Variety Multiclassing and Multiskilling Saves equipment on exit *g* If you get that reference.... Doesn't patronise the user with how to do everything A true TEAM game, its all about the partying and working together Story Cons UI is currently clunky, it takes getting used to. Lag in battle with animations, not horrendous just annoying
    Accessibility of information is not easy, all the info on the game is out there but finding it is harder!


    This game has alot of potential and is very different to WAR/WOW/LOTRO which will put off many people I'm guessing. However if you stick with this game you are rewarded with variety, open ended game play and generally a fun time.

    Do note, this game is about working together with others, forming a linkshell/company (guilds), it isn't a solo affair and why should it be, it is a massive online multiplayer game- go out and work with others!

    6/10, currently losing points due to the bugs which i'm confident will be patched!
  7. Oct 4, 2010
    Pretty much all of the reviews are accurate, albeit the scores themselves are scewed. All the problems that they complain about in the low score reviews are there, as well as the good points from the high reviews. The crafting system is robust and involved, requiring players to write down the recipes they learn from leaves(or look them up online). The graphics are top notch, and I have yet to experience any graphical hiccups on my rig. The game IS casual friendly, but not in the way people usually use the term. Basically what they meant when they said casual in reference to this game, were people who don't have the time to play very much during the week won't fall hopelessly behind. The way the game is set up is so that the casual player will progress almost just as much as the hardcore player. You can freely change jobs at will by equipping the jobs weapon type, and you can mix and match abilities from different jobs, which can turn out to be interesting later on down the road. Now for the cons, and my oh my are they abundant. First and foremost is the menu system. Anything you do in the game requires you to go through a menu, this wouldn't be so bad if the game wasn't so unresponsive. From combat to menus there is a huge lag time between when the player clicks an action and when the action is carried out. For combat this kills twitch gameplay where well timed moves can win the day, as all you can do is pray that your moves will go off in time to save you. For crafters this means over half the time spent crafting is done sitting through menus waiting for the next option to load. When a game is so reliant on crafting as a gameplay feature this is unacceptable to me. While we are on crafting we have to also include the market system. It's obvious they wanted to hamper RMT's with this game, but IMO using the free to play style player markets was not the correct way to go. Basically you or your hired retainer can sell items on you, and there are several market wards set up to house all the people who want to sell things. Problem 1: It is an unorganized mess, players are all just scattered around in the different markets along the main walking path. There is no search feature as of yet ( but one is being implemented later I hear) so finding a specific piece of gear or mat can take hours on end of searching through endless people only to discover no one is selling the mat you require. While I do not like the AH system that permeates most MMOS the FTP market system is even worse and I do not understand why they thought that would be a good idea for this game. The anima system allows you to teleport to locations you have been before, but don't get excited because you will blow through your points in around a week if your seriously lving a job, and you only get one point back every 4 or so hours. I hate when developers try to extend play time by doing useless things such as this, and to all the people saying this all was done by design think of it this way. Does it contribute to the gameplay or is it just there to be a timesink to milk more money out of the subscribers? The chat system is also incomplete at this point with no global chat and people only talking to buy/sell goods. The guild system is also incomplete at the time of writing, with the companies they were talking about not yet implemented. There are not many quests in this game as of yet, and you will find yourself doing the same ones every time your able(like a 2 day wait before you can do leaves) once you have finished you tri weekly leave quests, you will spend the rest of your time grinding till they reset again, which will be a pro for some and a con for others; I will leave it to you to interpret if thats good or bad. Lastly are the glitches, which while can be fixed I am doing this review on the state of the game currently not based on promises of the future. So far I have experienced a great deal of glitches in gamepley from mobs constantly resetting and regen hp while still hitting you to people appearing dead on my screen and not being able to target them, which is devastating if you are trying to heal people (I am a healer). For the past week I was not able to send tells and people in party chat and linkshell chat were coming up unnamed. This is something they addressed a week ago, but then came back again a few days later. Sometimes the quests do not update, especially if you kill a fleeing mob on a guildleve before he gets to the ambush location. Basically to sum up, This game does show promise, but only if they listen to their player base and fix some of the numerous gameplay problems. If you are thinking of buying this I would wait a month or two and see how the dev team responds to problems with the game. early adopters are sure to have a frustrating time out of the gate on this one. Expand
  8. Oct 5, 2010
    Graphics are top notch, user interface is a bit wonky and really needs a gamepad and it's not going to register with people used to playing WoW (the game by its very nature works on a different paradigm). It'll be most friendly to people who played FFXI, fans of the series already, and people who are looking for an MMO that's just a little new and different.
  9. Oct 7, 2010
    While the UI does need work, you can play easily enough with a gamepad. As it is simply launch and updates / fixes are bound to pop up I think this game has potential. Not to mention the stunning graphics and beautiful music. I started out as a Lalafell in Ul'dah and the intro was quite amazing graphically. For this game to be a hit, they have to work on implimenting more elements from FFXI. Namely the /sea function, some form or AH and the function keys to target your party members. It would also be nice to have confirmations appears on screen instead of having them only appear in the main menu.

    One thing I really liked is how crafting gives you experience, both craft and physical. I spent a relaxing day fishing and didn't have to worry about grinding to get exp. I hope more recipees and the ability to sell things more easier gets included in later upgrades.

    All in all, if you can get past the UI hickups, this is a fun game to play.
  10. Oct 7, 2010
    One of the worst mmos I have ever played in 20 years of playing online mmos. The only reason this doesn't have a zero rating on fansites is a decicated effort assembled on Final fantasy fan forums to give perfect 10's to try and boost ratings. In reality, if this wasn't based on such a powerhouse IP, there would already be talk of server closures. Don't waste your money. The problem here isn't that its a niche mmo, its just a bad mmo. Oldies like Everquest 2 do the same things better, so if you want gameplay go there. Or if graphics and story drive you, wait for Star Wars the Old Republic in the spring. Expand
  11. bil
    Oct 12, 2010
    I can't believe I spent $50 dollars and updated my video card for this crap of a game. This game needs at least another 6 months of development but I guess they figured they could charge people to play a beta (if you could even call it that). Yes the only reason I bought it was because I love most FF titles but this is just a big turd wrapped in a popular brand name.
  12. Oct 12, 2010
    I had given this a 2, but after seeing all of the people that gave this game a 10 just because of its name and their hopes for the future. I am replacing my critique with this blurb and my 2 with a 0. The game creators should see a score that reflects what the game is at not what the game "might be one day" and so my 0 is an attempt to balance out the bell-curving that is going on here.
  13. Oct 14, 2010
    Possibly the worst MMO I've ever played and definitely not worthy of its Final Fantasy name. The graphic, music, and cutscenes are the only redeeming qualities but you won't even enjoy them since you'll be aggravated by almost everything else about the game. MMO thrive on making its players feel the need to better their character, explore the world and do battle with the monsters it harbors. The problem is that character development doesn't go farther than just giving new attacks with the same animations, the world is repetitive (cut and pasted) and lacking interesting vistas, and the combat is unresponsive, boring, and simplistic and you'll probably spent more time doing battle with the interface than monsters. The time spent just waiting for menus to appear is just staggering. It will take a major overhaul just to make this title enjoyable. Expand
  14. Oct 15, 2010
    I loved FFXI and all the single player games before 13 and I was looking forward to this game for years since the tech demo. As many has stated horrible garbage retarded moronic ui system baffles anyone with a brain. Fatigue system an obvious **** blocker stopping people from seeing the rest of this unfinished garbage. The lackluster copy and paste open worlds , please save your breath don't compare this to a copy paste caves or buildings you will look like a fool.

    Only idiot retard fanboys that would eat a piece of **** from square enix will defend this .
  15. Oct 19, 2010
    In case the extra 30 day trial extension wasn't evidence enough, buyer's should be aware that if they are purchasing this game they are essentially buying a Beta product from a company asking consumers to fund it's further development. This is inexcusable to me, especially from a company as prominent as Square-Enix. The game is clearly unfinished as evidenced by major exploits and bugs still in the game, the worst user interface anyone could imagine, and a droll, lifeless world that is only pretty to look at until you realize you're staring at the same copy/paste environments over and over again. Pathetic.

    This game might be saved a year from now when it is out on PS3 and has had several major version updates. But is it fair for these companies to ask us to pay for such a product now? Absolutely not.
  16. Oct 19, 2010
    Square Enix's recent venture into the MMORPG realm has fallen flat on it's face. Being a SE Fanboy myself, i had high hopes for this game, sadly the clunky User Interface hampers any hopes of doing anything in a quick manner. Getting to your inventory alone takes forever, as you have to wait for the server lag to open your menu, then you have to wait for the lag once more, just to open your inventory.

    Issues are still everywhere, with casters having the biggest one I've found; Sometimes your spell will just not cast. In a game with no auto-attack, a spell being devoured by the lag spells death for a caster. The lack of an Auction House is easily overlooked, as most games lack an AH at their release, but the Market Wards, SE's main way for players to sell their wares via Retainers, is a cluster mess of annoyance. Walking in alone, you wait for a minute before the Retainer NPCs load, and you proceed to go through each bazaar, hoping to find the item you seek. Crafting in the game is fun, for a whole five minutes. Once you realize to make anything, you're required to branch out into 5 other crafts, the weight of their system really comes crashing down. To make a single cloth armor piece, it requires the yarn to be made into cloth, the cloth is then made into back piece, front piece, and sleeves (if it has any). along with any materials from other crafts. Seems decent, right? Wrong, if it requires a dye, you have to find the dye to buy it, or go find the material to make the dye yourself (an Alchemy synth) most require leather, normally dyed. so you're picking up Leathercraft. Nothing is ever middle of the road in this game, you spend hours upon hours crafting to make a piece of gear.

    Leveling in the game is a joke, at the start you gain ranks and physical levels like there's no tomorrow, but after hitting rank 10, the learning curve steeps up so drastically you're spending the next couple hours praying you gain SP off a mob. and at 20? well, i hope you enjoy your day long grind sessions. Mob scaling is done so poorly, a blue dot next to the mob's name is meant to mean it's easy prey, something you can kill without an issue, while a red dot means it's very stronger than you, and it's best you don't mess with it. Yet, a blue dot monster can easily kill me, while some red dot monsters are quickly skewered with my spear. FFXIV has great potential, but the rushed half-arsed release that Square did, has greatly damaged the public's belief in their game. I cannot suggest anyone goes out and buys this game right now, but i do suggest you keep an eye for updates and forums to see how people's attitude changes. Maybe come PS3 release, Square-Enix will have gotten their rears in gear enough that the game's actually something to positively write about
  17. Oct 20, 2010
    I love Final Fantasy from FFVI - FFXIII, I've collected almost all its goods and its action figures, played the console games and its online games.... and FFXIV is just excited me... well it was... until it launched...

    OMG SE really need to change this grinding mode.... Not every player is hardcore player! to think i will have hours doing quest kills X number of monster etc etc etc and
    hours again to do other quest... and more hours in high lv to grind..... thx SE you really ruined my mood to play FF.... i really hopping FFXIV would be different..... guess not... AND DONT SAY I'M NOT A FF FAN BOY 'coz i do.... but NOT for this FF series.... i rather wait and play Guild Wars 2 FTW Expand
  18. Oct 28, 2010
    My short story as my reason to not buy: My girlfriend and I heard this game was coming out a year ago on PS3 and PC in 2010. As a self proclaimed fanboy/girl we had to have this game we went and bought 2 $300 PS3s, fast forward, release day is going to be PC only. Old PCs not up to par with XIV requirements, buy 2 $1100 PCs & 2 $75 copies of collector's edition ($2950 total). Plan 1 week vacation for Sept. 22 - 29 for release date. Play for 4 weeks all the while literally rotating turns at forcing each other to get on and level in game we wanted to love. In short we didn't even 'like' it, just simply put... not fun at all. Our final decision: /flamerage, quit, delete characters & account, delete XI characters & account and vow to never, ever ever give SE another penny. On an up side, we are loving Aion for the last week. CONS: Game isn't fun, UI is bad, Buying/selling, lag, not fun, ZERO quests @ start to pull me in, virtually no story @ start to pull me in, fighting was a pain, guildleves were boring and repetitive, game itself not helpful and not fun, lots of copy pasted terrain that you cannot ignore after awhile, gear that can be worn by any level any job doesn't give me any drive to level to look/be a 'great hero'. There are more for the con side but I cannot always remember everything about this broken lame game. The looks of the game itself and character creation are awesome features that I am going to put in the con section due to them being attached to such a bad game in every other way. (Besides I recently learned that Aion creation and world look just as nice if not better) PROs Who cares? Not enough things to like about this game to out weigh the bad. Expand
  19. Nov 4, 2010
    I have been playing MMO's for over 11 years and FF series for around 20 years and this is by far the worst game I have ever played in relation to either. Once you get past the pretty graphics theres really nothing. Story is predictable and boring, the quest system and limits on.. everything is ridiculuos. It has none of the staples that make a good MMO. The interface... I cannot believe they let that out the door. Sqaure Enix just released a stinker in everyway imaginable and the pricing model is predetory to put it kindly. I cannot say enough bad about this game. I ignored all of the reviews and traded in Drakes Fortune and Demon Souls to get this craptastic title and I wanna cry that I cannot return it to Game Stop. Worst of all theres nothing to do in this game... at all, no raids, no dungeons, no bosses.... nothing. I admit I only played for a few days, but I was dying and there was no lite at the end of the tunnel. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Ignore the fanboys becuase that is just what they are. The kind of people Who would buy a brick if Steve Jobs called it an I Brick. Avoid avoid avoid! Expand
  20. Nov 5, 2010
    A very beautiful game, but mostly alternates between boring and frustrating. Coming from a total Final Fantasy fanboy, this one hurts. Why Square-Enix? What have done to you that was so bad?
  21. Nov 6, 2010
    I wanted to love XIV, I really did. I bought this game knowing there was a huge chance it would be hard to get into and a major timesink like FFXI was. In fact, I WANTED that. I played FFXI for over 4 years and those years were the highlight of my gaming history. But what I got instead was some terrible trainwreck of a game that falls short of any expectations one could possibly have. Bogged down by menus for the sake of menus, leveling that somehow manages to suck the life out of you, LACK OF AN AH, subsequent failure of the bazaar system, the list goes on.

    I almost want to rant for this game wasting my time. Why is it 100x worse than it's predecessor? Why weren't the flaws and annoyances worked out during the beta (which I took part in)? Why, why, why? I feel like I should take SE to court for defacing the Final Fantasy series and MMORPGs as a whole (though their projected profits next quarter should be punishment enough).

    Oh, and the 2/10 is SOLELY because FFXIV is nothing short of graphically amazing. All looks and no substance.
  22. Oct 6, 2010
    Funny to see so many people hate the UI when its exceedingly simple, more so than other popular MMO UI's. If using the keyboard you just press the Home key and boom, a menu for every window in the game, even a top section for context sensitive options. It's just that easy.

    I'm not a fan of the market system, and can't imagine it not getting some overhauls with the amount of pressure they
    are receiving. Seems a lot of people's dislikes are directly related to the fact that the systems aren't typical of the WoW clones. People complain they can't find the right vendors because they don't have a label, but then the weapon vendor has his own stall and is surrounded by guess what, WEAPONS. The systems and methods are atypical so people have a hard time getting used to them, but they work fine. Expand
  23. Oct 8, 2010
    Fantastic game, played every day since the 22nd of september and i am not bored one bit. looking forward to what it brings in the future, excellent graphics, soundtrack and character progression and many choices regarding skills and a tailor your own type of class makes this game unmissable.
  24. Oct 10, 2010
    If there's one positive thing that can be said about Final Fantasy XIV Online, it's that it's fairly different from everything else on the market. Those looking for a change of pace from typical "quest grinders" may find something refreshing in FFXIV, however, in it's current state, it's difficult to recommend this game to anyone. While certainly playable, critical elements of the game seem as though they were designed to keep people from doing exactly that. Arbitrary limits impede player progress, furthered by the cumbersome interface, lag from extra-continental servers, and the deliberate pace of play. Whether a purposeful attempt to level the playing field between the "casual" and "hardcore", as Square Enix has stated was one of their missions, or simply a stopgap measure by the company to keep players from rushing through content too quickly, the result is punishing for those seeking to invest more than a sparse few hours at a time into the game. Ironically, those seeking to accomplish anything in quick sitting will likely also find disappointment, as the plodding pace of play becoming blindingly obvious. FFXIV seems best suited for those with plenty of time on their hands, but are unwilling or uninterested in playing the game obsessively. Expand
  25. Oct 11, 2010
    I'm not going to say that this game is good, right now it deserves a 5. BUT i feel this game is a diamond, of course unfinished, unpolished and still in the facade of a rock (an ugly rock). the game has extreme potential and lets face it: square never aimed to storm the market of pc mmos... this game is for the ps3, everything in it screams for a console and a controller, so what did square do? A six month extended public beta ( let's call it gamma :) ) until the console version comes out. I believe that in the ps3 version they will have taken all the feedback about gameplay issues, bugs, exploits, balance, lag ect and they will deliver a version of FFXIV as it should have been....... but all this sadly to the expense of thousands of people,who had their hopes up for the pc version, serving as guinea pigs (including me) . So to all who still ponder, wait. Wait a few months and buy the ps3 version and if you don't own one, wait until the ps3 version comes out then buy it for pc, it will be a different game Expand
  26. Oct 14, 2010
    Firstly FFXIV has some interesting a worthwhile ideas.. and the character flexibility, that's not tied to specific classes is right up with some of the best mechanics to appear in the genre. The crafting system is top notch and much more than the usual sideline or afterthought as seen in so many other games. The graphics are first rate, of a quality probably usually reserved for first person shooters rather than MMOs. And that's it for the good stuff!

    The problems then... there is little to no actual content, I've yet to divine an actual reason for wanting to do anything in the game, other than to grind the requisite 10 levels for each chapter of the so far weak storyline line to be revealed. There is no incentive or story to carry a player along through this game, there is nothing other than grind.. and even that is limited by an arbitrary cap. It's not like you can grind mobs for gear drops either, because there doesn't appear to be any other than crafting materials. Crafting is one of the high points of the game to a degree, but even that has been screwed up by some crazy thinking/design.. 'recipes' appear to be so out of whack with character level and progression, low level 7 items requiring level 11 skills, and level 20something ingredients to make is just insane. I'm not going to try and describe how shambolic the UI is! It needs to be witnessed first hand as I couldn't possibly relay how badly designed it is, and while the game is very pretty the engine appears to be very poorly optimised!

    All in all, as it is I couldn't recommend a purchase of FFXIV.. maybe in 6 months to a year if Square Enix get's it's rear in gear and listens to what the community is telling it then it may well prove to be the success some of it's better points indicate it could be!
  27. Nov 18, 2010
    Take FFXI, (which I played for six years) remove basically any activities beyond grinding on mobs for exp and grinding crafts, and you pretty much have FFXIV. Oh, and add a heaping helping of interface lag, maddening bugs, a near-inability to find the items you want for sale, and repair costs that quickly become comically expensive. (and only restore about 25% of the item's durability) Oh, I almost forgot.... Forget about pulling mobs to avoid links. They all have ADHD and will only chase you for a few seconds before giving up and going back to where they were. If you're really unlucky, a bug will kick in and instantly give all of their health back when they get back to their spawn point. The ADHD also means that there's very little danger in the game. It's hard to aggro things in the first place, but if something can't one-shot you, it won't chase you long enough to pose a danger anyway.
    I could probably reach the character limit listing the game's faults, but it sure does look gorgeous for an MMO. But the tl;dr version would be that this game isn't even ready for beta testing.
  28. Dec 3, 2010
    Recently tried this game. It was terrible! Even with the recent patch it still is terrible. There is no sense of direction and everything becomes a repeating boring tedious grinding task. Granted many MMORPGS have grinding but this game takes it to the extreme. The controls are clunky and although some features in the UI were enhanced it still seems cumbersome. The graphics are beautiful I'll give you that. However, this game feels like I'm playing an MMORPG from the 90's like an early version of Everquest when it comes to archaic MMORPG techniques. Expand
  29. Dec 29, 2010
    Utter garbage, SE took a turd placed it inside a nice box and sold it to the masses. Shame on this company for selling such an abomination. This **** is one of the worst RPGs ever created. STAY AWAY FROM IT, do not touch it unless you want another JOB. It is really that bad. Bugs, glitches, no substance no quests. I would be surprised if this game reviews any higher than a 3, as this game deserves less than a 0. do not buy. There is a reason that dude sold his SE stock, there is a reason they changed management, there is a reason the apology letter was sent. This game is an epic fail and is really that BAD. Shame on you SE for trying to feed these fan-boys this **** Again shame on you Square Enix. FIX THIS GARBAGE, redesign everything; or scrap it, give us refunds and make another game. This time do not release it in Alpha stage. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN TRAVELING BACK IN TIME MMO-wise TO 1990. Expand
  30. Nov 15, 2010
    this game provides best in genre graphics though that's about it. the game is tedious and feels like a long grind fest just to get anywhere. the game is also buggy and the optimization is horrible, especially for AMD(ATI) users. Don't bother buying this, its not worth the price for the experience.
  31. Oct 16, 2010
    The game has potential, but as of now there are definitely some serious flaws that make the game rather frustrating to both newcomers to MMO's and veteran players. The UI is probably one of the most standout problems, since it's so unintuitive (Only 1 menu open at a time, no key-binding? Really?) and has some annoying lag issues, as well as a pretty lame targeting system in battle (Mostly the reason behind me dying while fighting). Another major problem is the Market Wards, which have random player-made shops hosted by 'Retainers'. This system would be fine if there was some organization, rather than randomly named, and randomly stationed shops in a room. While these aren't essential features, the game does not have any jumping or swimming. For me, I can deal with them not being included, but I can see how it takes away from the immersion aspect of the game. As for questing... well, I don't really count the current 'levequest' system as questing. Basically, all it entails is you being told which mobs to kill, then you get Gil and other rewards for doing so. These quests repeat, so you end up killing the same monsters over and over. You're also only allowed 8 of these quests a day, so afterwards you can either do local quests, which are for crafting professions, or just grind. Main story quests only come at certain ranks, so if you're a Gladiator, you won't be able to continue the main story until Gladiator rank 10, which is separate from physical level. As for the good... the graphics are amazing. For any MMO currently out, it is without a doubt the best looking game out there. Everything from character models, equipment, to the cities and fields are very detailed. However, there is also a drawback from this, since even at lower settings, many computers will still be unable to play the game smoothly. The music in this game is also a plus. It's very fitting for the game and Final Fantasy in general. In my opinion, I think the songs have more personality than the last few FF games. (XIII, XII, XI, X-2) Another positive thing is that Square Enix seems to be taking an extremely active role in fixing this game's flaws. Although it would have been nice to have the game released without so many obvious problems, itââ Expand
  32. Oct 7, 2010
    I played FFXI for a long time. I was very much looking for an updated version of this game, with better UI and keyboard and mouse support... that was basically all I was looking for, not asking for much. On the graphics front, its top notch, and my fairly old computer does ok. I have a core 2 duo, 9800GTX+ and 4 gigs of RAM. I run at a fairly low res, but with high textures and such, so it looks good. The UI and controls for kb and mouse are a step forward, I must say, at least I'm using my mouse to look around and move now and am clicking on things more than tabbing, like in FFXI. Battles are actually fun this time, much more fast paced without the auto attack. One thing that is going to suck for me is no auction house. Having just started, I haven't had the need to upgrade a weapon, but I know this time will come and I'm going to be frustrated. Hopefully my linkshell or shouting will help a little bit. I can't see square not implementing some sort of ward search or AH feature.

    I have high hopes for this game's future, but for right now its tedious. I'm going to keep playing though.
  33. Oct 11, 2010
    This game is, honestly, not of a 10/10 standard right now, but I have a feeling it will be brought up to scratch with remarkable speed. The fact is, one that most people judiciously ignore, is the core of the game is just that. A game. Unlike most modern MMORPGs on the market this one has, so far, thrown the conventions MMORPG lovers have come to accept as standard (Auction houses, giant exclamation marks) out of the window and concentrated on making a game for once. The unfortunate thing is Sqaure Enix obviously either could have done with more time in beta to add these features on top of the suprisingly immersive and enjoyable core, or have not yet grasped that user functionality is now all important in the MMO market. However, Square seem to be listening to their players (and naysayers) and attempting to fix these problems. The problem with this game is not content. It is a beautiful game in an enrapturing world. It is simply one of mechanics, one that can be fixed easily and quickly. One final note; This game, to all those who say it doesn't, has quests. They're called Guildleves and work exaclty likes quests. You get the leve (quest) which has text telling you why you're doing what your doing, where it is etc., and when you've finished it you get rewards. How have thousands of people missed this simple fact is beyond me. It's a quest with the boring parts cut out. i.e. finding that idiot with the big question mark. Expand
  34. Oct 13, 2010
    First lets discuss the bad. The control scheme is dedicated to controllers, you will not enjoy the controls on a mouse and keyboard, which is fairly inexcusable. The second item is the UI, S-E in their infinite wisdom decided to prevent botting they would store portions of the UI server side... unfortunately this means the UI is amazingly unresponsive. There are times when the latency for clicking items in the interface exceeds 20s. It's wretched. There are not enough quests, they limit the "guildleve" (eg: quests) you can complete to 8/3x hours. That being said there are good points to the game, the combat is slower (think pre-eq1 days slow) which I enjoy as a nice change of pace and I find it interesting and a bit more tactical since agro shifts very easily between members, it is largely a sandbox and the role-play community is great (besaid), the crafting system doesn't have formulas you learn, you must find or lookup the recipes and learn them through experimentation, which I find to be spectacularly fun. The class system has both horizontal elements that are generally only seen in skill systems and vertical elements you see in level based games and they mesh well together. The graphics are bar none the best on the market present, the sound is stellar, and the fmv are completely unmatched. That being said ffxiv, because of the speed, difficulty of crafting, and horrible ui will turn off about 60% of people off the bat... and unless the major issues with the ui are corrected soon they will drive the game into a small niche market which would be a sad occurrence because the game has good potential. If you're optimistic about the ui changes being made soon, I feel its an acceptable buy, otherwise hold off, watch, and wait. It has good potential and I find it fun, but the ui overshadows almost everything else. Expand
  35. Oct 24, 2010
    Final Fantasy XIV isn't bad, but it just isn't quite perfect yet. The be=basic gameplay, is all solid, by which I mean combat and exploration. The combat is much slower and more tactical than other MMOs I've played, which is no bad thing, but it takes some getting used to after playing another MMO or even Final Fantasy XIII. The ability to change classes on the fly is useful, fun, well thought-out and unique. Eorzea is a huge and unique world, too, from the sprawling forests of Gridania to the shining towers of Limsa Lominsa to the glorious desert of Ul'dah. It;s just fun to see what's around the next corner.

    The biggest problems on the gameplay side lie in two places, the economy and general performance. The economy is a free market, with no auction house as of yet, which makes buying and selling... chaotic. It takes a long time to do anything. I can see why Square did this, since when other MMOs have launched without established prices, the economy has been ruined by real-life profiteers, but some better organisation would have been appreciated. However, Square are patching this out in the next update - a search function is coming and the market will be sorted into different wards based on item types. Furthermore, there is actually a space for an AH in-game, so one should be patched in when the economy settles down.

    General performance is the other bugbear. Crystal Tools looks beautiful whatever it is on, but FFXIV makes it evident that it wasn't built for the PC. There is slowdown even on the best connection and with a top-spec PC. Hopefully, with patches, though, this should improve too. A qualm which lots of people have, but one which hasn't really bothered me, is the menu system. It was evidently built for a pad, and can be a bit slow to navigate, but it hasn't bothered me. However, if they ever patch in menu hotkeys, that would be a godsend. For now, though, I'm happy to navigate the main menu. The graphics are stunning. I've already said that Crystal Tools is a beautiful engine, and this proves it - even on the lowest spec the game looks great. But that's the problem - the lowest spec is still an expensive, powerful computer. If you can run it, though, expect to be blown away. The sound is equally impressive. Nobuo Uematsu was sorely missed in FFXII and XIII, and his return is indeed a glorious one. The one big turn-off for most would-be players is the user-friendliness. In-game help is little - expect to ask a lot of questions over chat, or have a second computer on call to type in queries. The game is hard - there is no handholding going on here. That's either a godsend or hell on earth to you. In short, FFXIV is the opposite to WoW in every aspect - hard to WoW's easy, slow to WoW's fast. When Square sort out the main problems, which would seem to be a simple matter through a few patches, then FFXIV's reputation can improve, and this game can truly become great. This is no APB - the juggernaut company behind it won't let it's juggernaut franchise fail. If I haven't sold you, then I implore you to check back when the PS3 version launches and these problems are ironed out. Join now, and while the stakes are great, the rewards are even greater.
  36. Nov 18, 2010
    The combat system in FFXIV seems to have been developed for toddlers. It is the most basic, infantile combat system I have ever seen in an MMO. No ability to jump, swim, or climb, movement feels like it has training wheels on. Simply put this game has the mechanics of a 1992 rpg covered in 2010 graphics.

    This game has along way to go to even be considered mediocre. If you are a true
    fanboy of Final Fantasy, you will stay as far away from this abomination as you can. Stop supporting horrible game design. Expand
  37. Nov 24, 2010
    The graphics are fantastic and-- always my favorite-- the character creation had enough options to keep me happy.

    There was NO sort of tutorial to get me going and the wikis weren't much help, either. I had to talk to all of the NPCs to finally figure out what was going on/what I was supposed to do.

    The "guildleve" system is interesting but I still prefer vanilla quests. I was
    bothered, too, that I could only find SIX to begin with and when finished was on my own again to run around aimlessly (which I did -not- do) until finding something and I certainly wasn't going to create another character (what, a Miner? ha) to take up the rest of the time.

    The fact that I make crafting-only characters is bizarre to me, too. I like being able to do all sorts of things with one character. It's just weird to me to login to JUST craft. Maybe that's just me.

    Fortunately I bought it at a discount and WON'T be paying a monthly fee when the free-trial period expires. They really should make this a F2P game and call it a day.
  38. Mar 5, 2011
    Checking in after six months, the game's most obvious flaws have been corrected. It's possible to search a centralized list for specific items sold in "market wards" (the game's version of an Auction House). Gaining SP (the game's version of XP) in parties has been tweaked. The most recent patch (3 March) introduced traditional NPC quests. The game remains free of a monthly fee, and the game box is available heavily discounted from retailers.

    The game still rates "average" even in this fan's eyes, though. Those new NPC quests I just mentioned do not award SP or gil (money)! Even the monsters killed on an NPC quest don't give SP/gil. Imagine finishing a quest to kill ten foozles in WoW, for instance, and not getting XP or gold from either the foozles or the quest. The sole way of advancing in the game remains killing countless mobs outside of the NPC quest structure. While that design decision is baffling in and of itself, the general attitude of _both_ development teams (since the original one was "reassigned" late last year) seems to be "grinding=advancement, and lore=background only." How that will ever translate into paying subscriptions is beyond my limited knowledge.

    In conclusion, I wish the gamers (and developers) the best of luck, but if you're not a devoted fan of Final Fantasy, this game still does not deliver anything other than an average experience.
  39. Mar 9, 2011
    I love copy-pasta landscapes. I love slow as hell combat. I love bugs and glitches. I love the fact I'm the only person still playing. Therefore I love this game.
  40. Mar 10, 2011
    When Final Fantasy XI was released the only good MMO ever made was pretty much EQ1. The genre has moved foward leaps and bounds since, but SE pretty much decided to ignore that. 6 months after release FF14 is pretty much a beta build of a bad EQ1 era game with fancy graphics. Nothing more really needs to be said about it.
  41. Mar 24, 2011
    This game is a joke. Navigation is the worst part. You will spend your time figuring out how to navigate around locked areas, how to get down the sheer cliff, why isn't this leavequest engaging? Worst game of 2011, and most likely of 2010 as well. They should have been ashamed to release this.
  42. Oct 17, 2010
    Graphisms are absolutly Amazing !!!! Craft system is very deep, hard and interconnected. Leves are a good way to group and meet people from everywhere in the world. Traductions are very good, animations wonderfull. Only things that are not good are : UI and target system. But it will be fixed very soon with next patchs. So, i don't worry about the future of FF XIV !
  43. Oct 22, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was so looking forward FFXIV, but it was so terrible. The only reason I played that I was a big fan of Final Fantasy~~~~it is the worst game i v played, no longer interesting~!~ Expand
  44. Oct 28, 2010
    I'm playing FFXIV now. It's a hypnotic game, amazing...
    SE need to do some things (better interface, put AH, chocobos....) but they are doing it. Megapatch in November and December...
    It'll be a great game!
  45. Nov 16, 2010
    If you are a fan of WoW, you probably wont be a fan of this game or its interface.

    Yes, the interface is DIFFERENT however, it is not bad. It looks that there are several people who have no idea how this MMO was designed. It was DESIGNED to be less cluttered than a standard mmo. Ever looked at someones WoW interface who plays alot? Holy crap its cluttered with stuff that isnt
    needed! You have all the same things in the FFXIV interface that you do in WoW and then some. The two things many people will be confused by is "Lack of Jumping" and "I hit spacebar to start chatting? o_O". Other than that, everything including interactions flash on the screen like any other mmo (either by cursor or at the top).

    The quests are easy enough to find. The MMO focuses more on exploration than the quests though and the guildleves system is very efficient and actually EASIER to use than the system in WoW if you do want them. Do you NEED a giant billboard for "Quest is here?" Honestly, I like a littkle adventure in my MMOs. Yes leveling and finding gear is harder....its almost the exact same as what happened in FFXI (which btw, most of you have probably never played and I'll bet a few are lying about playing too).

    This is an MMO for patient people who enjoy scenery...high magic...tons of crafting options...and lots of exploration.

    Also, quite knocking the class system. It's virtually identical in nature to the class system of FFXI and resembles tactics (with equiping weapons to change class).

    Yes, the game has some glitches (Slow inventory loads and character loads....and that is ONLY if you have a slow machine).

    If you intend to run this game, please make sure your computer meets a few or all of the recomended system requirements (I7 processors are very new and expensive for most people right now but, the graphics card is FAR more important than the actual CPU speed of the computer. All you need is a dual core with a good graphics card).

    I highly recomend this game to anyone who has the explorers mindset (A mindset that is usually required for games like Ryzom and EVE-Online).
  46. Nov 19, 2010
    This game is not like every other mmo out there. That in itself deserves praise. Soon enough everyone will see this game reach its potential and come in droves. I like it now and its only gonna get better. It retails for a reasonable price. Try it.
    Square-Enix is listening.
  47. Nov 21, 2010
    After about a months play I would give this an 8. You can log in every night and do something different. Level a job, craft or gathering. None of it is simple so you can keep learning how to make new items, or do something better.

    I'd like more bagspace, or something to hold all your class weapons and gear. But you start out with 80 spaces yourself and then get one retainer that you can
    use to hold more with. It takes a while to travel between the cities but they are alll very varied and worth exploring. You also have the option of teleporting to a place once you have gone there, or if a member of your party has done so. I like the music and graphics. However you can not turn off all sounds if you turn off all the settings for music which isnt good if you are watching tv or listening to music while playing. I don't mind the interface because its like ff11 but it would be good if they had given more control over what it does. Like added optional chat filters. Its hard, not everyone will enjoy it but its not shallow. Which is something ive noticed is a becoming a trend in new mmorpgs. Expand
  48. May 17, 2011
    I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV since Open beta until May 15th 2011, I have seen the many "Improvements" Square Enix has made and I can without a doubt tell you that this game is not worth your time, to this date the biggest changes they made were changes in monster and special effect sizes, they have changed the way you get Experience so that you get less, and altered non-combat Jobs so it's harder to get experience altogether for them.

    To this point Square Enix has promised many changes, as well as a big update Mid-June that adds more content, the problem being that added content is all it is, the game is still broken without any intent to be fixed, Just some of the general problems you'll experience are things like framerate drops (Don't think you are an exception if your PC is a beast, their engine is highly unoptimized, crippling even some of the high-end stuff) Alt-tabbing out of the game causes the game to shut down, there is a noticeable, and quite annoying Lag between activating action and the action being performed which can cause you a life or a Leve (timed quests which you are limited to 8 per 36 hours, win or lose) if you are not careful, Monsters you are supposed to kill quite often spawn inside aggressive Zone bosses which are way above your level, Square refuses to even acknowledge this particular issue, let alone do anything about it, several Leve monsters do not drop the quest items they are supposed to drop making you pretty much guaranteed to lose the Leve once again. Low level extermination Leves more than often have all the monsters you are supposed to kill spawn in a single large group making it impossible to solo on a solo difficulty, now many would argue that it's an MMO and should be played with a party, but there are two problems with this.
    1: Square advertises this game as solo AND party based, you can in fact chose "solo" difficulty for each Leve which in theory should let you pass it single-player but is so broken it is impossible.
    2: Community is awful (and if you mention this on the official forums your posts "disappear", thanks SquarEnix) when I say awful, i mean absolutely awful, when you start your game for the first time, the first thing you are welcomed by is some gold sellers trying to scam you out of your money, Then nothing, nobody wants to talk, nobody wants to interact, people want you to pay them for any kind of interaction that people in other MMOs would gladly do for free, and when you see people talking, it's some German, Japanese, or Spanish players who got tired of the same problems on their servers and decided to try the US server to see if its any different, Unfortunately it is not. And don't even think about having gear you like unless you're willing to level three or four jobs to level 50 because nobody will repair anything for you, even if you offer to pay them, making you either hunt down and craft the items yourself, or buy them in the marketplace for extortionate prices because the game has entirely player-driven economy, because apparently SE though it would be a good idea to have teens with no concept of finances be in charge of an entire world's economy.

    All in all, this game is an exercise in frustration, from the moment you log in it essentially does everything it possibly can to make you hate it as much as you can, most people here that gave it bad scores were probably in love with it at some point, rather than just straight-out hating on it, but the fact is, you can't love something that hurts you so much, at the end of the day you turn on your games to relax from a long and frustrating day, so what is the point of playing if the game frustrates you more than the entire day before it?

    The game does have potential, quite a bit, the problem is Square Enix is more obsessed with introducing more new broken features than fixing the current broken ones, and keep promising to fix the issues without even an attempt to deliver, the concept is fine, but execution absolutely terrible, and SE would do all of us a favor if it would just cut it's losses and kill this mutated beast that's choking on its own excrement.
  49. Nov 19, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really don't understand where all the bad ratings are coming from considering this game is a brand new mmo. All mmo's have problems upon the first release. This is not you're normal mmo. It is not WoW, Warhammer, Aion or even FFXI for that matter. It is not meant to be compared to any of these either. FFXIV is breaching new ideas and styles of play for it's version of the game. It is revolutionary. All these small problems, that don't make the game unplayable, are set to be fixed by the end of 2010. I personally love the game so far. It's graphics are impeccable, the style of leveling is unique and the feel of the game is it's own. It's potential is breaking through with every patch and it can only get better. I have played every mmo ever made, so my opions are not bias. If you are looking for one of the first new mmo's post WoW to take control of the mmo fan base, this is it. Just give the developers time to work out the kinks. For those reading reviews and want to know more about the UI, it is set to be patched Nov 25 2010. Expand
  50. Nov 26, 2010
    I wanted to wait until the first main update of FFXIV before I sent in a review of the game. With all MMO's just starting out, there are many issues and "bugs" to fix and I wanted to give FFXIV time to do that. I have been playing FFXIV since the CE edition and I can truly say that FFXIV did an AMAZING job in the November 25 Update. Anyone reading reviews would always hear about how bad the UI was, right? Well, it is ALOT better now! I can not put into words how much better the game-play is now in FFXIV since that update. So if you got frustrated and quit the game, which quite a few people did, give it another try. I think you'll be glad you did. And if you haven't played FFXIV yet, now is the time to do so. FFXIV offers many things I personally have never seen in a MMO (and I've played a few). I'll name a few that I really enjoy:

    1.) The job system. In MMO's that I've played you can choose between different DoW (Disciples of War) or DoM (Disciples of Magic) jobs. You might be able to craft or something (like FFXI and WoW) but it wasn't really a class of its own that you could choose. There is so much more to crafting in FFXIV. Not to mention the DoL jobs (Disciples of the Land). Which include Fisherman, Botanist, and Miner. I am a bit surprised at the amount of people in the game that prefer DoL and Crafting jobs in lieu of the standard DoM (Disciples of Magic) or DoW (Disciples of War) classes. I personally prefer the DoM and DoW classes but thats one of the things I really like about FFXIV....there's something for everyone!
    With that being said I also would like to mention the fact that you can rank up jobs and can use most of the abilties, spells, etc. you learned from that particular job on a different job. Lets say I learn "Cure II" and "Stoneskin" from CON, "Provoke" from GLA, and "Second Wind" on PGL but then I want to play as an Archer....I can *equip* all of those abilities and spells and use them on Archer also! If you love playing a certain job but you also want a great ability from a couple of other jobs, then rank up those other jobs for that specific ability and then go back to playing your favorite job.

    2.) LEVES: -These "cards" you get from the adventurers guild are pretty fun and a way to get some extra gil and some pretty good items. It also lets you fight mobs that you may not have even seen yet i.e. imps. And with "Guardian Aspect", it's a good chance to get some really good Rank Points in a short amount of time. And on the Craft Leves, nothing beats not having to use up your items/shards and still be able to get Rank Points for your choice of craft. Not to mention the â
  51. Mar 21, 2012
    Final Fantasy chapters should not be online, and if it is done, at least that is brilliant. It is not the case. The worst Final fantasy with a ton of really annoying bugs, restricting chat system and many wrong ideas. What demons is happen with Final Fantasy?
  52. Sep 6, 2012
    Yes, I finally get to review a game and give it under a 4! Long story short, I am a huge RPG/Final Fantasy gamer, I have a lot of respect for FF 1-9, and for others on PS2 and XBox. Please check my reviews as I love the series and give my intake on a few, my lowest game is a 4, and that is SWG. Sadly though, there is one game that I thank my brother for showing me before I almost spent real $ on it, and that would be Final Fantasy 14 Online. I will say right now there are only a few other times in my entire life where I saw my bro so upset, after 1 hour of playing he was appalled that he spent money on this game. After witnessing it as well I felt genuinely sorry for him and told him I would try not to laugh about it. I know this is a superbly late review but I am new to reviewing so here it is. I have no idea what the creators of this game were thinking, releasing it in this condition. Also, having the nerve to charge more money for a supposed "exclusive pack" + $12.99 a month subscription. They refused to refund either of the 2 months that he paid for in advance and definitely didn't want to use. He literally paid $111 to dry dump a mushroom for an hour and a half. This game is a broken piece of trash and honestly I think all players deserve a FULL REFUND!!! Expand
  53. Dec 16, 2010
    Give it another try. There have been two major updates since the release (which I agree was incredibly sub-par), and there's one more major update scheduled to happen still this month. Many of the major issues have been addressed. The UI has been totally revamped, and is more responsive. Crafting has been streamlined. Controls are now more customizable, especially for mouse + keyboard people. There have been countless other improvements on top of those, and more are on the way, such as an item search in the market wards, and drag-and-drop functionality in the gear window.

    Also, Square Enix has done something that I personally have never seen a game company do. They admitted their failures, publicly apologized for them, promised to fix them, and they are repaying their customers by suspending all subscription fees until the game is an acceptable level of quality. They are making good on their promise. The game has vastly improved from where it was in October. It deserves another chance.
  54. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for FFXIV, and its players.
    The combat, the crafting, gathering, its all great. While its could use a little polish its an entertaining and fun to play game.
  55. Mar 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's a great game! I like crafting - and i got it in this game!
    I like gathering -and i got it too- Mining Botany Fishing
    Outstanding graphics!! Stunning landscapes!
    And you may play in this game - every job (class) - you want -you have to just switch you weapon (tool)
    And this game is better and better after each update!
    And it's absolutely FREE after purchasing it!
  56. Jul 25, 2011
    After the recent 1.18 patch the game is much better. The future only holds more developments. It's on its way! There are map redesigns, chocobos, airships, and many other final fantasy changes coming. I highly recommend checking the lodestone for updates as the game has finally begun to change in big ways.
  57. Jul 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I wouldn't have recommended this game when it 1st launched. Being a huge FFXI fan i was greatly dissapointed at about level 36 when i realized there was nothing to do but grid. It released unfinished and unpolished, there were no mounts for a world that huge you NEED mounts. there was very little story and no side quests when it released...i stuck with it for about 6 months after it came out to hopefully wait out the storm but in 6 months all i got was a slighty faster UI and sidequests that had no value. So i quit. I played rift star wars and diablo 3 and none of those games cured the itch after experiencing FFXI and seeing the possibilities of XIV, so 2 weeks ago i reinstalled XIV! HOLY CRAP SQUARE ENIX HAS BEEN BUSY WHILE I WAS GONE! what im going to say is kind of double edged. FFXIV is now in the perfect vanilla stage. and what i mean is that it is a solid game now. It's a complete BEGINNING mmo right now and i know it should have been when it release but hey SE screwed up. whats new and improved? SO LETS TALK ABOUT WHATS NEW! Inn Rooms: now you can do a short quest to obtain an inn room in all three cities where you can store gear sets. rewatch all the games cutscenes you unlocked, read the chapters of the game you been through and sleep! as most mmo's have now when you sleep and log off, you return with a "rested" state and get a 50% exp boost for a limited time. the longer you sleep the more you get. next. CLASSIC CLASSES! if you played XI, XIV kinda threw you for a loop with having the same classes (kinda) yet with different names. now you can unlock whitemage black mage, warrior, paladin, monk, dragoon and bard! now its not a duplicate of the classes already in FFXIV its more like an advanced version of the stock XIV jobs, you get more moves than what the stock versions have and access to AF gear quests wich you know is class specific for that unique look while running around eorzea ALSO you relic weapons too :) next. Mounts! you can rent chocobo's now at lvl 10 and actually own one to call but ill touch that topic in a bit. you can also own a goobue mount but i think they are taking the npc away who gives you that soon, guess it was a limited time to get one. also they added airships that take you beetween all 3 cities...sadly you dont get to '"ride" like in XI, its more instant but on the bright side there are no routes and the wait time is short. if you wanna go from point A to point C you can without switching routes at point B. next. GRAND COMPANIES. basically GC's are what the nations factions were in XI each nation has a banner and its own set of quests and rewards. they have shops where you spend grand company seals for unique items that represent your affiliation. the GC quests include GC storyline. GC leves. escort missions and 2 more i just cant remember right now. also through your GC you can unlock the ability to call your own chocobo that you can name and put armor on! next. STORY! I havn't experience alot of the new story content but so far i've gotten into the original main story line wich came with the release. the GC storyline wich involves an apocalypse type story line (there is now an unexplaind huge red orb in the sky at all times that may crash into eorzea, wich leads up to the release and beginnings of v2.0. and when you sleep in you Inn room strange events happen that involve a story element that i have yet to understand with cutscenes, nightmares, ect. they added something called skirmish but i dont know what that is. next. BATTLE SYSTEM, they have done away with stanima. you now auto attack just like FFXI, you can skillchain with yourself now (its very effective) its called combo. there is a little exp chain timer to keep you on your toes. alot of moves have new animations and dont look so boring. primal battles!! ( ifrit, titan ect.) wich is part of the GC storyline :) next. Materia system! you can now craft materia and place it armor and weapon slots to give them improved stats to add to customization of your character. there is alot more than what i've stated in this game as of now so im sorry i can't cover it all, i mean it is an MMO review... I GAVE THIS GAME A 7.5-8 because it is now playable and enjoyable to the degree that XI was when it 1st came out. SE worked hard and remained humble throughout the process and understood they released a bad product. even through the tsunami that shut them down for a while they kept pushing to better the FFXIV experience.... now with a new dev team they are heading in the right direction! the game needs more polish obviously but with v2.0 right around the corner i think its going to get all the polish it needs! SE has been dedicated to this project and it deserves a second look! right now the game is 19.99 retail (get it before v 2.0 comes out it may go back to full price) and as of now its F2P untill ps3 release ;) for more. Expand
  58. May 17, 2012
    The changes made over time to the game are really starting to show, although it's got a bit to go before it lives up to the final fantasy name. With a complete overhaul due late this year to coincide with the ps3 release, making it one of 3 MMORPGS playable on PS3 in English, things are starting to look up for Square Enix's biggest investment.
  59. May 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. All of these reviews are so old, they're irrelevant. The game has undergone massive changes to address players' concerns. I've introduced countless people to this game and every single one of them has liked it enough to continue to pay for it. Also, unlike most other MMOs, the story progresses naturally as the game ages. At launch, we heard rumors of the empire plotting to attack. Earlier this year, they were sighted in Gridania. Now, they're everywhere and we have to join groups to push them out. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that you guys should give the game another try, because it's come a very long way and is really thoroughly enjoyable now. Expand
  60. May 30, 2012
    Great/fun game, now that the changes have been coming in! And when version 2.0 hit, which is in a few months, it is going to be an even better experience. Don't judge this game based on its past as that is no longer a thing worth remembering.
  61. Jul 22, 2012
    How can you give any game a zero out of ten...I wouldn't even give Atari's Swordquest that rating, and that's saying something. Now there is something mighty fishy going on here. To tell you the truth, it really is a good game. I just don't understand what all the bad noise is about. There were issues at launch, just like most MMORPGs invariably have during their first few weeks/months. Perhaps people were coming into it hoping it was another WoW clone, or something like that...which is outrageous, because how could a well respected company such as Square Enix ever release a WoW clone given their long tradition of "turn-based glamour in a box." Well, I knew exactly what to expect...but I must have been alone. Sure the game has what people call "clunky controls" and a extraordinarily complex user interface. It is a Final Fantasy it not? If you didn't want Square Enix's, at times, systematically laborsome turn-based opposed to the WoW keyboard-mash, noob-gank, high-vault, free-for-all...then you obviously came to the wrong place. Everything that was right with Final Fantasy XI was preserved in this game. It is true, the quest system is somewhat repetitive...but it's the kind of repetitive that feels more Zen-like to me, rather than blatantly contrived. In other words, despite the presence of rice in this oriental dish, there is still a large serving of meat as well. Has anyone ever quit an MMORPG because it was "repetitive"; I wonder if reviewers recognize just how absurd this sounds? MMORPGs are always about a style of game-playing repetitiveness; that is what makes it an MMORPG...the kind of repetition that feels genuine and fitting, given the genre. Without any "grind", you wouldn't really have an MMORPG at all. Indeed, it is how all the repetitiveness and the novelty is blended together that makes a game like this enjoyable...not necessarily that there is repetitiveness. It's the way that the recurring phrase reverberates or resonates. And another thing, the game is unfinished...incomplete...not yet whole; and thank God for that. MMORPGs are judged on different standards than any other type of videogame; they are not presented all at once to their public: they unfold over the years. Some companies who do MMOs get it all wrong and try to produce a "finished product" from the very beginning...and it comes across as too slick, hurried or sensational. People should be expecting small or limited worlds with somewhat brief storylines in the gives them much more room to grow and blossom in the years to come. And when all the puzzle pieces finally fit into place, it eventually feels more precise and exacting...because rigorous planning was made before each new addition to the world was cautiously made. And, last but not least, we must talk about the game's projected "Lasting Appeal". Can you believe that gaming critics gave the game a rating for this category within the first couple weeks of release? I can hardly believe it! It took me almost two years to figure out how to review this game...both because of the grueling real-life schedule I have had to deal with during this time, and because of the complexity of the product that I was holding in my hand. How can you play any videogame in a two-week period (especially an MMORPG) and critique it believably on "Lasting Appeal"? Do gaming critics have time machines...I didn't know this time-travel technology was even available to us yet? Somehow it must be possible for game reviewers, because it seems they are capable of making speculations on an MMO game's lasting appeal while it's still green...this particularly for a game genre that is generally understood to linger for decades in the hearts of subscribers, rather than a few hours after its purchase. Well, anyway...I believe that the game is quite good now, even before the 2.0 patch has been scheduled for release. I just hope Square Enix doesn't bow too much under the pressure of the western consumer, redesigning their game to be yet another insipid WoW clone...because that is all the western gamer seems to really want in an MMO: bocks of colorfully frozen treacle that can be jumped over in a single bound; beating down both one's friends and foes over and over again until one decides to look for something else to do; unpersuasive heroes that read more like villains in heroes clothing; crafting terribly ugly items to be fitted onto even less persuasive toons; and generic storylines that feel like they come straight out of a Cracker Jack box. I hope that Suare Enix intends to cling to their tradition, despite all this bad noise, because it is a valuable heirloom that they possess: adding a more graceful eastern aesthetic to their games...where "art direction" and game-play combine to make a product truly worth the time it takes to consider its cultural value...for me, that adds up to about twenty months, so far. Expand
  62. Aug 31, 2013
    This game should be called "Log In Simulator: An Error Reborn" because if you can even get the character list to populate and if you can even create a character, when you try to log in, you get an error on your screen preventing you from logging in because the servers are full. What did Square Enix do to remedy this issue? They limited the server population and logins so the people that are already in-game can play without a server crash, which wouldn't happen in the first place if they had prepared for it. When you actually get in game it's pretty good, but the hardest quest in the entire game is logging in. Expand
  63. Aug 31, 2013
    Well, I have to say I've had every error that anyone has encountered on this game up until now. Unable to login, instances crashing and dropping me, the game crashing unexpectedly and being unable to log back in, limited full servers and poor connectivity when I do connect. I understood at the end of the Beta, I even understood during the early access, but now we're several days into the actual release and STILL several days away from a *potential* solution.

    I wish I could expand more upon the gameplay so far, but getting up through level 20 so far is the standard MMO fanfare. Good graphics, a familiar interface, lackluster story and characters, and quests you can play with your friends. Most of what this game has to offer is no different at all from what it's competitors have except the FF name. Nothing besides the graphics so far indicating the game is anything other than average, and all the issues I've experienced have dragged the rating far below that. Avoid this game like the plague AT LEAST until mid September 2013 and even then, proceed with caution.

    There was not a sufficient amount of testing and preparation on this game by the development team, period.
  64. Sep 4, 2013
    Broken. Not much more needs to be said. The game came out in an unfinished state and that is inexcusable. I love final fantasy, but will skip this game.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 26
  2. Negative: 13 out of 26
  1. Mar 21, 2011
    Positively, there is nothing to do in Final Fantasy XIV at the moment. It's not even close to a completed product. [Feb 2011, p.82]
  2. 40
    MMORPG with great potential is sunken by fatal bugs and errors – first comes a catastrophic interface followed by the absence of player-to-player communication. [Issue#199]
  3. Jan 11, 2011
    For hardware nuts, Final Fantasy obsessives and PS3 owners, FFXIV does offer a fairly distinctive MMO experience. [Christmas 2010, p.94]