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  1. Aug 21, 2013
    I had no expectations but i was still disappointed. The gameplay is really simplistic and neither particularly interesting or fun. You are driving a car on a road and need to avoid obstacles on the road by steering away from them or using a limited flight power. There is also enemies on the road which you can take out or ignore and in the end of the map there is a boss battle.

    You might recognize this format from mobile games and it just happens that this game is also released on mobiles. The problem is that they have implemented the quite basic and uninteresting gameplay mechanics to the pc version in a not so perfect way. The steering is quite clunky and the combat consists of the player holding down a button. The visuals might look decent on a mobile device but they are unimpressive at best at a pc.

    The reason that i am being so critical to this game is that they are trying to sell it for 10 euro at the moment and the game is just not worth that kind of money on pc. The point that i am trying to make is that you probably wont have any problem finding a better racing game for a similar price. But hey if you find it for a silly low price and only need something new to keep you busy for a half a hour then it might be worth picking this game up.