Firefall comes equipped with an esports Tool Kit Trailer

Description: Shoutcasters rejoice as you will receive several esports tools to use while casting Firefall.

Comments (19)

  • aveson1337  

    Esports huh?. When will it be implemented? What are the rules? How do we sign up? Can i join?

  • CarbineMess  

    Let's see this game have more competitive gameplay then!

  • wkimberly425  

    Let's do this now!

  • Delinkwent1  

    E-sports? That being the specific battleframes and just wonderin' if it'll be like Quake tourneys?

  • GoutSmasherLive  

    Glad to see a lot of fans are anticipating this plan, thought it was just me and my friends.

  • bastibastimau  

    This is an interesting touch. Hopefully everything falls into place.

  • l00kintoomiize  

    I hope everything gets done for the e-sports component

  • NippleTuck  

    I'd love to watch the competitive matches on this!

  • ChampionChupa  

    this is going to be wild and epic

  • simsimsimi  

    i hope they make it, its a good shooter game for esports

  • GoutSmasherLive  

    Good luck in setting this up for e-sports, R5

  • etmatthews  

    e sports! /sweet .. are they planning something

  • ervsalazar  

    wow e-sports for this game, tool kit is also good to go with that!

  • BrilliantCojone  

    Very interested to see this 'play out'

  • T1g3rbl00dz  

    Wasn't expecting they'd target e-sports, but I can see it's a good match with the game

  • 5p33d5t3rNow  

    Oh yeah? E-Sports? I'm only enjoying the game but yeah I imagine it would take off for the brutally competitive types.

  • EclecticSkyDirt  

    matches are going to be crazy with frames buzzing about...honestly hope they push through with this.

  • CuddlyOwlBear  

    Inevitable, if you have solid gameplay, the competitive aspect does follow suit (via Battleframes? hehe sorry couldn't resist)

  • Berhodes  

    oh wow it has a future in planned ESPORTS!