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  1. Oct 1, 2013
    Strange but reviewers with high rates of game do not talking about some facts like:
    - Game FB (2013) and FB (1992) used principally different game-mechanics. That is why old FB looks like adventure with a tactical battles, and FB of 2013 looks like a simple arcade where always working "my life bigger that yours". In all other cases working "anyway i saw here med-block". This is normal for
    arcade, but this not enough for shoot-title like Flashback.
    - Game have no memorable Art Style. You can remember how many of gamers day by day told each other about beautiful images of levels and about gorgeous cut-scenes of original game. Here we can see good image of game, but is not enough to say "It's true! He's back! This is FB but in HD!"
    - Game have no more smooth movements of hero (that is why in old times this type of games have a name cinematic platformers). Animation looks raw, have many bugs, including the moments which can be fatal for the player (dead, freeze). Many twitches, no smooth transactions between base movements.
    - Game have a very casual balance even on hard-mode, and also game love to explain all that you will see in the game via text (even if you turn off help messages). You not need eyes, you can read. "Warning! It's electricity you can make yourself hurt!" or "Warning! This is a bird! This is no danger for you!". Messages of this type is normal for this game. Of course you can't understand that sparks can be dangerous. Sure.
    - Instead "man-in-problem" we receive daft-headed-gull which happy commented each action. This is good for comedy game, or for game with specific sense of humor, for Nathan Drake for example, but not for Conrad B. Hart.
    Maybe this game looks more fashionable than old Flashback. Maybe this type of hero with a face of Commando and brick-humor be better for sales (I don't know what think people who did this). Action of game can be explained with short "bam-boom-bam" slogan.

    But, serious, in what piece of game this is return of the legend? If game was a different name... you can recall her tomorrow, like a legend? And some people have insolence to confirm that this "our old love, but in HD"? This is a good market name. And this is just a speculation. On your love. On my love. On our feelings.

    Nevertheless. The game has some positive points. For example, moving the leaves in the jungle. And also... more honestly. I try to find positive things. But I can't. It's just a game. And in any case, not a continuation Flashback. Probably somebody made mistake and confused game boxes?

    You not need to believe me on my word. Check videos. Read hundred reviews. Hear gamers. If you not play in Flashback before... play in old game before play this game. Because otherwise you may misinterpret the term a legend.
  2. Oct 1, 2013
    As good as i expected. Critics have a lot of respect for Flashback and demand more. This game is good and you will enjoy it. But the critics wanted a swan song for the current generation.

    A polished and enjoyable title.
  3. Oct 1, 2013
    Well, it is just like the original except it's in HD. Controls here feel way better than on the console version, so far everything was clear and intuitive, seems like it was made for PC all along. The game really appeals to the nostalgia, but it has great graphics and several new cool features (like shooting while hanging or molecular glasses), so it's definitely worth buying for the Flashback fans, but if you're playing through the story for the first time don't worry, you won't be disappointed as well. It could feel rather generic, but that's arcade platformer, so cut it some slack. Expand
  4. Oct 1, 2013
    20 years ago..i played one of the best game on Megadrive..cant forget it at all
    great atmosphere and story and alot of memories its Back in HD
    ..was it good? with all these bad reviews for this game..i know it has some problems in
    Consoles weired death and buggy and animation and voice ..etc..some of bugs r
    gone already on PC version..the dialog voice is cheap and
    honestly..but i didint care alot
    i cared playing this game without knowing anything about the story..just wanted to get back
    to my old memories and fun with the original game..this remake is good ..its HD
    great visuals ..great Atmosphere..good music...yes Easy boss and buggy sometimes
    but its it
  5. Oct 2, 2013
    I don't get what the issue is with some of the reviewers, whether they're hipsters or racists. This is developed by the original Flashback development team, and they did a really good job of modernising it. It's meant to be the kind of game you can sit a kid down with, who's used to contemporary game mechanics, and show them why you liked this game as much as you did.

    The story, the
    setting, and everything important is still the same. I can't understand why people would hate the graphics unless, again, they're being racist about how admittedly French Conrad looks and sounds, but this was a game developed in France, so big surprise there. The graphics serve their purpose they're colourful, vibrant, and the enemies stand out.

    Maybe people were expecting the original Flashback in its exact form but with higher resolutions and anti-aliasing? Sort of like Another World's (Out of this World's) Anniversary Edition? Personally, I prefer the updated look of Flashback because, once again, it's a great way to introduce a younger generation to a great game, a game which feels every bit as rotoscoped and well animated as it ever did, as fun as it ever did.

    Maybe it's because they have memories of Flashback being hardcore or whatever? Well, I recently played the original Flashback and I can tell you that it's as easy as I remember it being, I guess I'm just not terrible at games. This Flashback and the old Flashback have a very similar difficulty curve, and there are difficulty settings you can choose from. I'm baffled by people who believe that Flashback was a hard game you can even pick to play the original game from the title menu. It really wasn't a hard game.

    I am inclined to call both hipster and racist though on the people who hated this. Take a look at the negative review by Weilard and tell me you don't see it.

    It's upsetting that racism and hipster angst will actually see this game hurting when it comes to reviews, and I'm not sure whether the critics themselves are immune to this, either. Yes, it's a French game with a French hero. So? It's not elite and hardcore. So? Neither was the original Flashback! Rose-tinted glasses much?

    So yeah. Please don't take the negative reviews at face value.
  6. Nov 9, 2013
    20 minutes was enough to see it's nothing like the original. It had already upset me loads by the point where you get a teleporter on the first level. The original was divided into screens, and you had to spend a few seconds at the start of each screen planning your route, and sometimes timing it so that you'd be on a certain platform when a certain guard was turned the other way. All of that is gone in the remake, as the camera follows you (in an uncomfortably close close-up) and the levels are continuous. Some new mechanics have been added for the sake of it, such as an aimable gun. Sounds like a good idea doesn't it? A little laser sight instead of automatically hitting anything at the same height on the same platform but, it's less fun.

    The atmosphere is gone too, everything feels extremely chirpy for some reason the character modelling and voiceovers feel like a 2002 remake, not in terms of actual graphical quality but in terms of the design aesthetic. I can't believe they got rid of the old intro, which was one of the best intros of its day.

    And it's a console port (not a port exactly, but the menus and everything else are clearly designed for them). Well of course, the original played on consoles didn't it? But differences have emerged an OLD console could port quite happily to PC with W,A,S,D and three buttons, and a logical options menu at the start. New consoles have been evolving in a different direction for 20+ years, and the Flashback remake is for a new console.

    Having shelled out $15 on this, I like to think of the developers, who are largely the ones from the original game, going out and having one last hurrah before they all die of Alzheimer's. This thought consoles me.
  7. Oct 2, 2013
    Having played the original version on my Amiga have to say it. The game managed to re-capture that essence which made the original worthy of praise, I realize it may take some time getting used to at first, but remember so did the original game, I don't feel the game mechanic have been changed much although it does feel so because of the fluidity by which these are executed. As a person who puts a great of stress about the quality of the soundtrack I must say I've been left a bit disappointed in this regard, I loved the original soundtrack & although it is somewhat present in the game, it comes through much less and this felt disheartening. All around though it's a very good remake which lives up to the original when it comes to it's atmosphere. Also very worth mentioning at the price that it's being offered at. Expand
  8. Oct 19, 2013
    Game started ok and it looked interesting enough but after a while it just got boring and repetitive. The graphics is great but the story is kinda lame and the enemies too annoying. I haven't played the original game so I have no idea whether this is better or worse but this is just an average platformer with some rpg elements (you get xp and collect upgrades).
  9. Dec 19, 2013
    Was mesmerized and amazed by the original on Nintendo. This one hits the spot! Really great revamp! Worth the $4.99! Great job! It looks like it did in my imagination when I was younger
  10. Sep 21, 2014
    If you don't mind setting up a UPlay account and playing through two levels of DRM, Flashback is not a bad platformer. The game has good graphics and some entertaining segments but a meaningless plot, hammy voice acting and an unlikeable protagonist. To me, this means it'll never be anything more than an "okay" game.
  11. Nov 22, 2013
    I love just about everything about this remake. It runs smooth, has the same enemies, and the story stays intact with some filling in between. However, I am a little bit disappointed in the voice acting and the music change.

    The music change isn't all that bad but I really liked the bass lines in the original and how mysterious it felt entering a new area. It was such a wondrous
    feeling. The voice acting.... if you remember, it was all text in the first one and you basically decide on how the character sounds with your own imagination. When it comes to Conrad... they made him sound like a kid who doesn't take anything seriously and brags too much. I mean... he's supposed to be a hardcore special agent!

    Anyway, the basic mechanics of the game are still intact and I just can't get over how much more beautiful the game looks and feels.
  12. Nov 14, 2013
    To start with, there are control issues (even with the latest update) aiming with the right thumbstick is inaccurate, for example (in one place I had to use the mouse instead), and Conrad has a penchant to go into crouch mode for no reason.

    It should be noted that I have played many incarnations of the original version Amiga, Archimedes and if I remember correctly, a PC version too.
    The story-line and general layout of the original is kept (especially for the first level), but of course other areas have been improved The graphics are very nice with a 2D parallax scrolling display.

    Whilst there is some music like the original, it doesn't sound as good unfortunately rather a muted affair in that regard.

    Puzzles consist mainly of working out how to open doors, and usually involved trying to through a grenade through a small hole.

    Later levels do get a bit tricky the aliens take a lot of hits to kill, and unfortunately, like the original, spend far too much time in their slime state, so you can spend a fair while rolling around waiting for one to take a humanoid shape.

    Another problem is that the alien world's platforms aren't always easy make out whilst you can have an indicator of where it is, you need to know that approximately where it is. The thumbstick inaccuracy really showed itself here, when you have to try and throw your teleporter through a small hole, which the stick's movement step wasn't small enough to find.

    There is a chance to upgrade Conrad's skils, although, with the exception of the health level, doesn't really affect anything.

    There are also some mini-games, which are exceedingly difficult (and could well be bordering on the impossible).

    Lastly a port (or rather an emulation possibly the SNES version) of the original is included (once you have enough points to earn it). Unfortunately, the emulation is very poor you view it through a flickering arcade machine (and not full screen), nor do you have any music, which makes it a rather disappointing experience.

    Overall, it is worth getting in addition, it is very, very cheap!
  13. Dec 3, 2013
    I'm one of those who loved the original Flashback. It was a game that brought to 1992 a great art concept, with interesting narrative and an enigmatic main character. It wasn't simply a "video game" per se. It was rich in so many aspects. So, years passed and the same team redesigned the game to our days, with present technology and resources. Even with most game reboots being rubbish, I gave it a try. I really wanted to see something fresh, well-thought. Sadly, didn't happen. Poorly implemented controls, so-so visuals, and a horribly annoying Conrad, with C-movie quotes and that typical male-main-character-from-Unreal-Engine face. I stopped playing the game in the middle because it was ruining my fond memories from the original one. And what bugs me the most is that was made from THE SAME GUYS. Expand

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  1. Oct 31, 2013
    By packaging the original Flashback: The Quest for Identity, the developers made a huge mistake – because it makes the remake look even worse than it is.