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  1. vpm
    Dec 10, 2013
    A complete insult to both Bugbear, the players, the publisher and the entire world! Team 6 has spent absolutely 0 effort to even let 'players' drive a car. No effort, no logic, no respect.
  2. Oct 12, 2013
    It is an utter awfulness and doesn't deserve a Flatout name badge. I have been playing games for years and this redefined the word "bad" in gaming....
  3. Sep 11, 2013
    I didn't expect that FlatOut will continue after Empire Interactive bankruptcy, but I knew that all Team6 suck immensely long before they ruined my favourite game. That was enough to make me scared of FlatOut burial, and I was totally right. This... "game" not only shows true identity of Team6, it also breaks hearts of gamers very hardly. Entire game is like swiss cheese; full of holes. The only thing that game can be praised for is holding a Guinness record for most blur in computer games history. Team6 staff keep defending themselves from getting raped by angered gamers armed with barbed wires, but resistance is futile and these morons will definitely pay sooner or later. Strategy First did noting wrong here; it was set up by Team6. Expand
  4. Jul 20, 2013
    This is a HUGE disappointment to the FlatOut franchise. I was so happy to hear about a new Flatout game. It is horrible. It is extremely cartoony and boring. The awesome flatout physics are gone and are replaced with physics like Mario cart. All the characters with their own traits are gone two!. Same with the stunt mode which was so fun during parties. Also, Flatout UC had an awesome soundtrack that actually affected the way you drive. Lets say you drove on a track listening to an upbeat song you would take all the ramps and drift round corners. While with a dark song you would drive very seriously and drive on the a pecks. Though in FO 3, it is all the same annoying trash techno music! Overall, this game is NOT focused on the same audience as the previous game and it is focused at 7-year old kids Expand
  5. Jun 17, 2013
    I thought it was a dream. The worst game of 2011.

    The FlatOut series is one of these games where vehicular slaughter is a daily entertainment. Unfortunately Empire Interactive has been resolved and rights to publish the game were given for Strategy First that made the worst mistake ever. They gave right to the game development for Team 6. Knowing how good games they make, I was already
    scared before I started playing their game.

    Gameplay is presented with great difference from previous titles. And it's difficult to call it an improvement. There's no career and instead we have 9 events that has almost nothing to do with chaos and destruction. Many are copies of each other, for instance destruction derby, that changes only the amount of opponents between events. Other are hybrids, like offroad races, monstertruck challenges or speed races where the only tactic is raping the acceleration key on your keyboard. Amount of cars and tracks is not impressive either. Customization has nothing to do with cars other than changing the colour of our vehicle to more one. Many tracks are mirrored or with changed weather conditions/time of the day.

    Graphics are failure over failures, even in this gaming generation, and the word "failure" is a very mild statement here. Textures are of a very low quality and they don't resemble even a 1% of reality. Rather everything in this game looks like a vomit combined with excrement. And strength of these ugly graphics is increased by the highest amount of blur I have ever seen in any video game. In normal racing games a hint of that effect is used to give a felling of speed for the player, but here the blur is so intense that is more obstructive than vision through 3 lenses thick glasses. Lighting leaves a lot to discussion.

    Sound is in some ways can be survived, but it does not save the game. The music is average and not many suit to the climate of racing games. This is very typical to Team 6 as they almost never find any good music. Same thing can be said about FX that is mediocre and cheap. I'm always wondering if these were made with kitchen equipment.

    Physics Engine is so up that Newton rolls in his grave. Every vehicle handles like a butter-coated paper box on ice. Drifting or taking corners is a challenge and handbrake is a joke. It's hard to get to the finish line without even a single crash. But Flatout is all about crashes right? Well, no. There is no enjoyment from destruction in this game. Damage model and hitbox are rather funny. Wrecking opponents car is more a matter of luck than skill. Stunt Man returns in this game, but it has been completely destroyed. Flight control is difficult and unresponsive and catapulting our driver through the windshield often fails.

    And now the cherry on top of the cake. Artificial intelligence. Most likely all opponents were born in the cement mixer, because they find a sense of life in randomly driving around and crashing each other until wreckage nothing else. And they can do this even without us. In races they still show the knowledge on the same level as sidewalk. They don't care how they are driving. They are hardly trying to get back on track after crash and their speeding has no relationship with any thinking.

    The game has pseudo-patch, but the way it changes the game only shows Team6's lack of effort. No music in menu, dissapearing car models, removal of the HUD and worse game performance are a price for extra racing track and even worse AI of opponents.

    The game is a game, but the behavior of Team 6 is very off-limits. In reply to numerous criticisms onto a game, The Ronnie Nellis made an attempt to shame Rich Stanton on Eurogamers saying to him: “It is clear he copy pasted the review from other reviewers, probably that German guy at Gamestar. If he would have played the game as he said he did, he would have had Update4. No way the game is too fast or has bloom enabled, since this has all be fixed long time ago. I’m calling the Eurogamer guy a liar.” He also critcised players for having cracked copies. This game on Steam costs 30 EURO, this is too much for such a crap. Additionaly, Steam does not provide cash refunds. Flatout fans feel disappointed and fooled. Team 6 thinks that they are good and the rest of the world is bad at making games.

    Overall, Flatout 3 is a crime against both gamers and fans of series. Everything in it sucks and the behavior of the developers leaves a lot to think about. It's like Team6 threw into us gamers and said: "This is your next FlatOut And that why this crap deserves lowest possible scores.

    R.I.P. FlatOut
  6. May 31, 2013
    I tried hard to be objective about this game, due to the bashing reviews. And to be honest, I think I have been.
    I've never rated a game 0 before, but this game deserves it.
    The controls, the physics and the flow of this game is just plain awful.
    If I didn't know better I'd think this was a graphic overhauled knock-off of the real FlatOut games.
    Sure, there's a lot of game modes, new
    exiting tracks, arenas and stunt courses, loads of different cars and characters.
    But everything just loses it's value due to the awful controls, physics and overall flow of the game.
    I'll advise every possible buyer to stick with FlatOut 2, which is hilarious fun.
    This game is not even worth playing for free.
  7. Jan 10, 2013
    A huge disappointment and an eternal stain in the Flatout franchise. Everything is unfinished and just plain bad. You may as well burn your money because that will make you feel better than playing this piece of garbage would.
  8. Jan 10, 2013
    I had heard that this game couldn't in anyway compare to the previous titles in the series so i didn't expect anything more than an average budget arcade racer that i could play for a few hours. But i didn't expect this game to be so terrible. The cars handle like **** the physics is terrible, its buggy and just everything about the game feels half finished. They have even managed to screw up the stunt and derby mode beyond repair. There seems to be a decent amount of content in the game but that doesnt matter when none of it plays anywhere near ok. Stay the hell away from this one. Expand
  9. Dec 29, 2012
    This game is absolutely horrible in so many ways. I bought the complete pack on steam about six months ago and enjoyed FlatOut 2 and UC for many many hours. They were magnificent racing games that looked very well on my PC and were a lot of fun to play. I already read the reviews about Flatout 3, so I knew what I was up for, but since this game was in the complete pack I decided to download it and give it a fair chance. It was a complete waste of my time and bandwidth. Apparantly, this game was patched many times, but they still didn't fix the menu's. It looks ridiculous. The graphics look like they are from 10 years ago. Even FlatOut 1 looks better. The gameplay is bad. You have no feeling whatsoever with the cars. And it all just looks so uninspired and boring. It's not even a bad game in a fun way (like Big Rigs). It's just embarrassing. I usually think that everyone should give a game a fair chance. Because if I don't like it, you might, or someone else. Here I make an exception to that rule. I can not imagine anyone liking this game. I don't understand the positive reviews on this site. Seriously. Stay away from this game. Don't buy it. Don't even download it. There are so many better and cheaper games to buy, that will run smoother and have a bigger entertainment value. Forget this game exists. Forget. Forget... Expand
  10. Oct 10, 2012
    This game totally destroys a franchise! Not only there are a problems with an AI of the opponents but also there are lots of glitches and sometimes even game crashes. But that's not all, there are a patches that were meant to help this game to fix any glitches and made gameplay a little bit better but this idiots from Team6 made this game even worse! There is no music at start, no HUD, no cars in selection screen and the biggest failure in this patches... even DUMBER AI!!! How they can break one of the best racing game for PC? This is a reason why I gave this game a 0/10 but this game even deserve a 0, it deserves -100/10 to destroy a great franchise and piss fans with those ridiculous patches.

  11. Sep 23, 2012
    The game is, as named in the title, total chaos. But trust me, it's not chaos in a fun way. The tracks are poorly done, and the game is too little about actual driving and racing, and too much about crashing. And perhaps the most important thing they have failed with, is the driving options. I have tried it with both keyboard and Thrustmaster steering wheel. With both those, it just fails to deliver. It has way too long reaction time of what you're actually pushing, and it turns way to rapidly at a certain angle of the steering wheel. Expand
  12. Sep 13, 2012
    The graphics are hidious, the menu's are VERY buggy and cheap, and the cars are undrivable. It is waste of money. Even Flatout 1 (from 2004!) is better. Do NOT buy!
  13. Aug 10, 2012
    This game at its core is fundamentally broken. The physics engine is a complete mess and the driving mechanics are terrible. I wanted to like this but there is very little about this game that was done good.
    Even the loading bar is broken, yeah it has the most cars and all that but the cars don't work properly and when you crash all that happens is sparks fly off, where is the
    destruction. I don't care that you can break fences etc if I can't even break bits of my car like in the previous Flatout's, if a game from 2005 can why can't this. Luckily I got it in the Steam sale in the Flatout Collection so I didn't waste my money but I deleted pretty soon after playing it. This game is seriously a game you must avoid. Expand
  14. May 2, 2012
    Okay, I'm not sure where to start. I LOVED Flatout 2 And Ultimate Carnage, Was SO hyped for this game, To realise it was THE WORST Ã
  15. Apr 28, 2012
    The singleplayer modes are all nicely done and the number of content is enough to keep you busy for a long while. I like the graphics, the cars, most of the tracks and cheer towards the diversity and experiments of new game modes. Despite the many critics, i also love the handling of most of the cars, except for the classics and the bus: It feels much more real than any other racing game so hooray for the development team for making at least one person happy: me.

    Why i don't give it a ten, like most others? FlatOut only gets either ten, or zero? Because only the singleplayer is good, and the multiplay is as bad as the singleplayer is good. The multiplayer mode you can forget: It's poorly programmed by someone who clearly has no idea on how to build a multiplayer game. All functionality or features that you are used to are now removed or planted full of bugs. You want to chat? Does not work. You want to kick someone? Not possible. You want to race? You hit walls you don't see, lag is bad even on lan. Forget multiplay and you have a nice singleplayer game. They should split price in half.
  16. Mar 29, 2012

    Im shocked at the system requirements. Quad core + HD 6950!. Even maxed out the game looks like a PS2 game!.

    F**K you ruining such an awesome game series
  17. Mar 25, 2012
    amazing how almost every positive review was written on Dec 20, 2011
    don't get fooled, those ratings are from the devs.
    FlatOut 3 is a joke. The best thing about it, are the graphics and those are mediocre.
    The AI is really bad, the tracks are unimaginative, the car physics are a mess (in both settings), the sound makes your ears bleed, and the devs are a bunch of self absorbed smegheads.

    Oh yes, the developers...know for real classics like "Monster Trucks: ULTRA MEGA EXTREME", "Motorbike Challenge", "Ultimate Monster Trucks", "Downtown Challenge", "Scooter War3z" , "Pizza Dude", "Taxi Raser" and "Copy-Paste (German, French, European, Shanghai) Street Racer".
    If you know any of those games, you know what you are in for.
    And don't believe those patch rumors. A: patch #7 will most likely never be released, since the publisher gave up on the game after 1 month...and i really can't blame them, because B: you can't patch fun into a game that is broken on so many levels.
    Trivia: FO3 is made with the same engine as the above mentioned games, a 11 year old in-house engine of a shovelware developer. This is probably one of the reasons, why this game drops
  18. Feb 22, 2012
    One of the worst racing games I've ever experienced, only to be outdone by the likes of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing although not by much I'm afraid.

    I went into the game expecting something like older titles in the series. My standards were too high. The overall look of the game doesn't resemble the older titles at all; there's a very cheap feel to the look and sound of the game that I
    can't quite describe. It's an odd aura of "Why did I spend money on this?"

    Starting with the truly awful "menu music," which may well be the only music in the game (not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing), the main menu gives you about 8 different modes to play with. None of them are fun.

    There are generic races and a variety of "special" races which pose no challenge whatsoever, as there are no penalties for driving off of the track. The tracks themselves are completely uninspired and boring, not to mention downright ugly.

    The derby events come down to driving around in a circle with wonky physics which occasional make your car flip out of control for no apparent reason, while your cars percentage of health pops up in the top left corner. Demotion derbys are usually kind of fun, but the awful car physics make it dreadfully boring.

    I truly cannot believe that they're charging $29.99 for this game. What's worse is there are probably people out there that are giving them that money. If you're considering it, please don't. If you see it on sale, don't buy it. I don't care how cheap it is, trust me, it's not worth your money.

    I truly hope that this is a nail in the coffin for this once-great series.
  19. Feb 12, 2012
    I have never been this much disappointed bij a sequel. Instead of a fun racing game with an almost rpg buildup (like the other Flatouts are), you get this arcade 'un-controllable superspeed' game that spits in your eyes as soon as it starts up. Bwaark!
  20. Feb 9, 2012
    whatever i can say about this game,this game is bloody awful.The AI is like old-fart,the graphics makes me sick,the controller handling is bad,the game is stupidly hard,the trailer is poorly made and burns your $30 completely......And oh yes,the developer saying us a trolls? Well tell me developer,if you saying us a troll,why don`t you try your game and play it? This game destroys Flatout Series COMPLETELY! Not recommended if you are fans of Flatout,Stay the **** away! Its suck and extremely disgusting. Expand
  21. Feb 9, 2012
    Flat out 3?

    What can I say, Iâ
  22. Feb 5, 2012
    Ok... I have never seen a game this worse to be ever released on whatever platform it even can fit. I have played the FlatOut series from the beginnig and I know perfectly how it all feels, rides and crashes! Bugbear knew what it all was about. Team6 Studios have literally took this game for them and rubbed it in the dirt. It deserves a 1 just because there is a game. I am ashamed, truly.
  23. Jan 20, 2012
    This game is a f*** joke! Don't waste your hard earned money for this piece of s**t !
    A racing arcade game from 1998 is better than that crap! Don't even think about buy this ...! Team6 should be sued for use the title "Flatout"!
  24. Jan 18, 2012
    This game is horrible, it is not the Flatout we know and love (if you are a fan). I was a fan of all of the previous flatout games, but this is trash with my reasons for calling this below. 1. The physics of the car feels like youre driving on ice, and the cars dont respond as expected at all.
    2.The menu system is horrible.
    3.It looks like they picked random models online ad gave tem names
    and a random bio.
    4.The game is no-longer made by bugbear interactive, this is probably why its completely different. Its still Published by the same company however.
    5.This game doesnt feel like a member of the flatout series at all, i wish they would have released it as something else.

    Things they got right?:
    1. Integrated music player, its nice having your own music.

    I really wanted to like this and i was genuinely excited to see it appear, but now i'm just pissed off one ofm y favourite racing game series has been ruined complely.
    Stick to flatout 1 & 2, they are FAR superior games!!!

    I'm also glad i picked this game up as a part of a steam bundle sale on the entire flatout series, otherwise i'd definitely be asking for my money back.
  25. Jan 17, 2012
    Team6, I hate you. First I was laughing hard at the "windows score not found" stuff, than I set everything to maximum quality, on graphics, and it was totally fine, and my PC isn't what you can call mindblowing. I fell ashamed of myself for paying 10 bucks on this piece of crap. The graphics are terrible, the gameplay is a piece of **** and even the menu designs and huds are a total mess. As a Flatout fan for long years, i refuse to recognize this as a Flatout franchise title, as I refuse to do with the terrible Flatout Wii port, made by this very Team6. What the hell are you guys doing? This game poped up from total nothingness and it shouldn't be arount anyhow! Bugbear must take back this franchise and work with passion and care, like they did with Flatout 1, 2 and the not that awesome Ultimate Carnage.

    One last thing: Stop with the absurd non carismathic carachters, please!
  26. Jan 13, 2012
    Utterly disappointed. I dreamt about a sequel to one of the best racing games on PC ever, but this is a kick in the balls. Never buy it, stay away from it and go play Ultimate Carnage or Flatout 2 instead.
  27. Jan 13, 2012
    This game is shame for whole series. Terrible graphic, car behavior, zero or less car deformation. Less fun, stupid developer behavior. Absolutely worthless.
  28. Jan 11, 2012
    This game is great should be awarded GOTY 2011 its very done and Team 6 make much better games than Bugbear, they also did much better in terms of quality than the guys at IW with Modern Warfare 3 which plays like a beta Of course anyone that says this game is bad is clearly using alpha software but dont sweat because Team 6 have your IP address and will contact the cyber police
  29. Jan 11, 2012
    This game has to be some sort of joke, it doesn't resemble any of the previous Flatout games, the lack of physics, handling and the toyish looking graphics makes this game the worst game I have ever bought. Even after 4 patches the game is close to unplayable and the multiplayer part is completely dead, actually to be more correct it never came alive at all, you can be happy if you see 5 different people there in a period of 24 hours, so whatever you do don't waste your money on this poor amateur replica of Flatout. Expand
  30. Jan 4, 2012
    I really like this game, even though it's so different from Flatout 2, which I played for a long time. The developers added much contect like race cars and monster trucks, and I really like it that you can also for example race in a normal track with a monstertruck. (or with normal cars in monstertruck tracks, which really makes them easy :) One of the best things is that the developers still patch the game, it already has 4 patches by now which fixed most problems and they listen to the community, for example they added more modes like classic mode that makes the cars slower like in flatout 2. Of course there are also things I don't like. One of them is that there is no career mode, instead you have challenge mode. Unfortunately you can't upgrade cars in this mode and I finished the 50 challenges way faster then flatout 2's career mode. Another thing that really sucks is that there is no one in multiplayer.. I really hope that after 4 patches more people will enjoy the game so that I can do multiplayer matches. Oh and I think the opponents are too easy most of the time, especially in speed mode. Expand
  31. Jan 2, 2012
    I tend to disagree with some of the ratings, although I understand the usual disappointment that always occurs when a new game with a familiar title comes out. People, after all, favor a game for those elements that were most appealing to them.

    Chaos And Destruction appears to have its main focus put on the other elements of the franchise. If you like stunt, race and battle modes, all
    together with the element of destruction, then it certainly will not disappoint. Along with a new sense of velocity and lots of cool cars and levels certainly makes it worth the price! Expand
  32. Dec 30, 2011
    At first, i was shocked. It was so different from FO2:UC, a game i played really a lot on X360. The most obvious difference is that the developers have made FO3 insanely much faster, more difficult, and going over the top with way too extreme destruction and crashes. But since i paid for it, i decided to at least play for one hour. At first, i had a really hard time not shutting the game down. But I kept playing, and after 20 minutes or so i really started to appreciate what the developers have done. I don't know why the developers decided to make it this different, meanwhile part 1 and 2 were so much alike, but i started to really like it.

    So i kept playing and playing. One hour became 3-4 hours every day, as from the beginning till now. I still enjoy the game, and find new cool things. The variety of game modes and possibilities remind me of sandbox games. Every week there seems to be a major upgrade of the game, including new stuff to play but also cool new features and bug fixes. I really enjoy the game. There is still room for improvement (more off road maps, better tweaking of the wrecking mode, smoother frame rate, some more effects, some more polishing?) but i really appreciate the developers making the new features like the "classic" mode which switches entirely to FO2:UC physics again, which is fun to play some times, but not all the time.
  33. Dec 29, 2011
    This game is a horrible followup to two great games. Let's start off with the game modes - no season mode to speak of which were in previous games, and the stunt challenges have been replaced with a simple bullseye-type challenge in different game locations. No Ring of Fire, High Jump, or any other stunt challenges that were iconic in the previous two games. Next, let's talk about the handling - well, we can't, it's nonexistent! When trying to turn, you car flies all over the place. And if you do try to brake at turns, the AI opponents completely run past you like they can handle perfectly. This makes it extremely difficult to win races, even on the easy setting. The various modes in the game are completely pointless - they make it seem like it's completely different, but in fact, it's just races with a night setting or races with monster trucks. The game is far too fast-paced to get into - they make it feel like it's some sort of simulation game instead of a fun, crazy racer. I could go on but I'm sure you understand by now that this is a horrible game, and an insult to the first two games which were great. Team 6 should be ashamed as this is one of the worst games, if not the worst, released this year. Expand
  34. Dec 28, 2011
    Background on my review, I loved Flatout 2, simply the funnest LAN party game made. The single player was enjoyable but the multiplayer is what it excelled at. Unfortunately the gameplay in the new game is waaaay to fast, its like all cars are on permaboost and boost is unmanageable. There was no way that I could see to select multiple car options for multiplayer from the get go. My assumption is you may have to unlock them? The environments were a little too cluttered for racing making it a stream of constant environment crashes, rather than with other players which is where the fun is. I have about 75 hours playing Flatout 2, about 1.5 playing this. I would stick with Flatout 2. Expand
  35. Dec 28, 2011
    This game is still garbage.... Even if they release a patch and lower the price down to 2.50 This is still a slap to the face to all flatout fans. Team6 is the worst game develepors for racing games, they can't even make a derby racer...
  36. z0r
    Dec 28, 2011
    It's not flatout, but if you look at the game if it was just a new race game it's actually fun to play. At least I had a good laugh with it! It's over the top, fast, has lots of content and lots of game modes (monster trucks, speed, racing, stunt man, night races (with nice and heavy rain with most games suck in), derby etc.
    Tracks also look nice, not as the flatout standard, but still
    enough eye candy to keep you happy.
    All with all I like the game as a nice race game.
  37. Dec 28, 2011
    Great over the top arcade racing game. There are too much realistic racing games these days. Racing, Destruction Derby, Stunts and Monster Trucks missions in one game for a small price, great!. No regrets at all I bought this game. I recommend this game if you like over the top racing games.
  38. Dec 26, 2011
    This is a horrible game in all aspects, anyone who like the previous Flatout games will not like this at all. Buggy amateur work from a shovelware developer. Even the old Flatout 1 from 2004 has better graphics. It basically feels like your driving a shoebox on a railway, even if they lower the price to 5 bucks you stay clear from it at all times.
  39. Dec 26, 2011
    Ok I'm going to fill you guys in on the details here so you know exactly what the problems are. There's a lot of problems that I'm listing so I'm going to really apologize for the length of this. But before you buy this game FLATOUT FANS PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS, HOLD YOUR WALLETS FOR A MOMENT AND THINK!! ......... There are few good points here and there but mostly bad points. The 2 good points about this game (which is why I'm giving it at least 2 points) is that at least the graphics are pretty decent and there are more variety of vehicles but truthfully thats about it!! ........ I own and have played all the original Flatout games, but this one is far from the originals that were made by Bugbear. The problems with this game is that you do not have your own garage and cannot do custom upgrades as you win money. You can choose more automatic PRESET upgrades as you progress in the game or keep your car stock. Sorry but thats not like Flatout at all and I personally dont like it!! .......... Another Issue is that it is virtually impossible to even get through the first race on challenge mode because your car wants to go anywhere but straight (even with turning down the steering sensitivity all the way) you car will spin out from absolutely nowhere and for absolutely no reason AT ALL!! Therefor NEVER even so much as getting in the 7/8 position. Your car will NEVER stay straight because the steering is WAY WAY WAY TOO OVER SENSITIVE!! Its like driving a corvette with a supercharged big block that pulls over 800HP and driving on sheer ice with bald tires!! While the laws of physics OVERLY apply to YOU, and DO NOT apply to your AI opponents!! Leaving you FOREVER in LAST PLACE!! ......... I truly just about s**t myself playing nightshift mode!! FORGET even playing that one!! In this mode its just you and one AI opponent. In this mode it does not matter how you set up your car or what car you drive, the AI opponent's car handles 10 times better than yours and goes 10 times faster than yours. You have absolutely a snow balls chance in HELL of beating that one!! You AI opponent can take a square 90 degree turn at full speed and is off the map in seconds flat, you on the other hand CANNOT and you're WAY behind in seconds flat!!! ....... Once again the laws of physics only apply to YOU and DO NOT APPLY to your AI opponents!! Sorry but thats BULLS**T!!! .......... Lastly when it comes to the way the cars wreck, the physics by far ARE NOT THE SAME!! When bugbear made the game, if you got hit in the tail, not only would the body bend but the tail lights also broke. In this games case lets say for example: You have round tail lights, and you get hit on the tail. Your tail light will take the shape of whatever the damage is (maybe oval shape) but the lens wont break and also takes the oval shape. NOT REALISTIC!!! Bugbear made the damage and other physics more realistic!! This game is FAR from realistic and MANY things will happen in this game that does not make ANY SENSE in SO MANY WAYS POSSIBLE!!! .......... The whole time while playing this game, my facial expression was ........ O_o .........or........(O)_(O) WTF!!.......... It really is not the original Flatout!! It just looks like it, thats all! Its still in some ways fun to play on certain modes and tracks but most of it is pretty sadistic and will piss you off horribly, and make you want to quit the game enraged!! I can only play this game for about 15-30 minutes before I end the game in utter disappointment because I cant get ANYWHERE in some of the races and leaves me very confused!! .......... I have always been very good and a pro at most race games and I even beat ALL of the Gran Turismo's on PS3 (which is one of the most advanced and customized racing games on today's market) and I honestly cant even get 7/8 place in this game ........... So truthfully that says alot right there!! ......... I'm glad I got this game at a discount because I truly dont even feel it was worth even the discounted price I paid. I am truly and utterly disappointed!! .......... Once again I'm sorry for the length of this but FLATOUT FANS, consider yourselves WARNED!! Expand
  40. Dec 25, 2011
    To sum this up in one word... ASS This game should never have been released to the public. It is broken in so many ways, it is difficult to list them all without using up the 5000 character limit here. DO NOT BUT THIS GAME. Also, to the shameless b*st*rds at Team6 -- stop giving this abortion favourable reviews -- it is blatantly obvious what you are doing, and you should be embarrassed that you tried that stunt!

  41. Dec 24, 2011
    Steer clear of this game at all costs, its has nothing in common with any previous flatout game.

    I pity anybody else who spent money on this unplayable mess even after 3 patches its still a mess.

    Team6 should be ashamed of themselves.

    Oh and a nod to the 10 team6 employees who have left then positve reviews on this site. LOL
  42. Dec 23, 2011
    It's completely unbelievable. They've destroyed Flat Out!!! This game reminds me Russian less budget games. It's also terrible and idiotic. I'll prefer to buy another copy of Flat Out: Ultimate Carnage than but this crap. I'll hope Team 6 will never be given another big project.
  43. Dec 22, 2011
    I actually really enjoy playing Flat out 3 chaos and destruction, above my expectations. I love that there is so much content in the game. So much modes and cars and I think the game is more challenging because of the higher speed. Also the special cars are just awesome, I mean, how cool is it you can drive around in a london bus! :D
  44. Dec 22, 2011
    I loved Flatout 1 und Flatout 2 - Im a real fan of the series. But with the 3rd part they I felt that this game is a bad joke! It has terrible graphics, no real physic and nothing to do with a story or something like that which made the other titles so much fun. Tuning has no real effect on the car. Indycars are running 200mph on dirt in a eaz.... hope that they crush some people for that bad thing of software! Expand
  45. Dec 21, 2011
    It's like they took everything good about the previous Flatout games and then removed it. In fact it's really weird that they seem to have removed parts of the physics engine, made the car-colliders square boxes, and so on. Apart from that, they've also changed the speed of the game, it's now so fast that you can't see anything. Although there's different looking cars to choose between, they all handle the same.
    So as a conclusion: Don't buy this game. Ever.
  46. Dec 21, 2011
    Definitely the worst racing game I've ever played. The developers/publisher should be sued for false advertising for calling this garbage a Flatout game.
  47. Dec 21, 2011
    I had a blast playing this game, it was good fun and I didn't get bored a single time. Graphics aren't the most important in a game, as long as the gameplay is good. I'm all ready looking forward to the next part, whoohooo :)
  48. Dec 20, 2011
    Flatout 3 is a racing game for the people who enjoy a great amount of speed, over the top action and lots of destruction. So far i'm having a good time with this game.
  49. Dec 20, 2011
    Not the sequel I hoped for (after Flatout 1 and 2), but nevertheless after playing a few hours and I controlled the car better is much fun.
    The overall speed is a bit fast but this is not a big problem. I prefer the speed in Flatout 1 and 2 and also the crashes are better in the previous Flatout titles, but hey what do you expect, BugBear rulez!
    The graphics also could be better, but on
    my powerful PC system is looks very very nice. In some points even better then the previous Flatout games.
    For 29 Euro is a nice game to have in my Steam collection.
  50. Dec 20, 2011
    Awful! A shame they pull the Flatout name in the dirt like this. Avoid at all cost. 7 year old FlatOut is a way better game, get that at a discount instead.
  51. Dec 20, 2011
    Flatout3 is way better than Flatout 1&2. More cars, 10 different classes! 60 different tracks, so you can create a lot of chaos and destruction. Race any kind of vehicle you want. A london bus, bulldozer, sport cars, monstertrucks or classic cars. Team6 added so much more to this game. You donâ
  52. Dec 20, 2011
    Okay, where to begin. First of all, i played this game using a 360 gamepad.
    I jumped right into the game and did a couple of normal races. At first, it took me quite some time to get familier with the mechanics(and get used to the amazing amounts of speed), but as soon as i got the knack of it, these races were very enjoyable.
    The graphic style is nice, nothing to extraordinary, but very

    Following the couple of races i've done, i decided to check out Stuntman mode. Now this was a real treat. I always enjoyed the stuntman mode of UC, and therefor spent alot of time playing this gamemode. I came to conclude that i enjoyed the stuntman mode more than i did in UC.

    Next i checked out the menu again, and was astonished by the amount of gamemodes that they had built in, simply amazing. To write something about every single game mode would simply take me too much time, so i'll say a little something about the other game modes that i enjoyed most while playing.

    Offroad is a very nice gamemode, lot's of destruction going on, ramming other cars and total chaos all around you. Some of the cars do feel a little bit "bouncy", but nothing that you won't get used to after playing one or two races.

    Speed is a gamemode that literrally involves loads of speed. Yet again, the handling is something that requires some getting used to, but once that is done, this too is a good game mode.

    And the last gamemode i'm going to talk about is Big Battle. This is a classic derby mode, with 24 players total going head on and this is the gamemode i enjoyed the most. The mechanics just feel right, the cars feel as though they have weight to them but still manage to pump out loads of speed to ram the other players with maximum velocity.

    Overall i very much enjoyed Flatout 3. I do think that the learning curve for the mechanics is a bit too steep for most players that just dive into this game, thinking that it will be as easy as the previous flatout games, but it isn't. It requires some getting used to, but once you do there is an awesome game waiting for you. With loads of customization available in each game mode, varying from different cars, to different car settings and different difficulties. So in short, put some time into getting used to the mechanics and you have yourself a very good racing game, with loads of content to be raced.
  53. Dec 20, 2011
    This game has a lot of potential, and I read on the message boards that there are some patches coming that will address a lot of the concerns spoken about in these reviews. As is, i am enjoying the game and am generally pleased with my purchase. When the patches are released that will be a bonus!
  54. Dec 20, 2011
    I don't understand all these comments. I played this Flatout this morning but it's not so bad as everybody says. I had a great time while playing this game.
  55. Dec 20, 2011
    Not better then part 2. But I had some real fun with it. Especially some stunt modes are very hilarious like falling your character on a very long stairway. Hopefully the patch is there soon to get the last issues back on track
  56. Dec 20, 2011
    Good arcade game with nice graphics. Have a lot of fun, almost got all the achievements :-) Only too bad there are not many players online for the Multiplayer.
  57. Dec 20, 2011
    Even if you're a big Flatout fan: do NOT buy this. It's a waste of money, disk space and has nothing to do with the previous releases. The physics are bad, the car handling sucks, the graphics hurts the eye. Even the menus are a pain to navigate. I repeat -- DO NOT BUY.
  58. Dec 19, 2011
    OMG are these 10 out of 10s for real, im sorry but they are blatantly employees of team6 trying to boost the score.
    This sort of thing has to stop, its deception!!!
  59. Dec 19, 2011
    Big like!

    I like how they combined all racing games into one big game: from monstertrucks to indy500, from drifters to muscles: it's all in there. The different gamemodes give me great fun and keep me entertained for a long time.

    Also, i like the speed very much and hope Team6 won't wreck this great game with this fan-based "classic gamemode". If you like FO1 and FO2 better, just get
    back to those and don't complain about FO3 for being different. It's a very good, underestimated racing game!

    If you like FO1 and really slow games: Don't buy it.
    If you like racing games in general, this game is a MUST HAVE and is, for me, the best racing game of 2011. Hell, it's the best racing game of the last 15 years for me!
  60. Dec 18, 2011
    If you enjoyed FlatOut 1 and FlatOut2 like me, please stay away from this game. Is NOT the same great thing like we get from previous game. Is NOT FlatOut game from BugBear, but from bad developer who just want quick money from FlatOut titles.
    This game so ugly, so unresponsive, bad menu, bad gameplay!
  61. Dec 18, 2011
    This game is parody of flatout franchise and its not even funny.
    Lets get one thing straight people, this is not game from Bugbear, this is made by team6.
    Why i want to point this out is because bugbear is Finnish studio and it brings me a great shame to see Flatout name being ruined this way.
    Team 6 should be ASHAMED for this.
  62. Dec 18, 2011
    What a worthless piece of crap. I wouldn't recommend that even to my worst enemy. The graphics are Ps One level, the AI is stupid, the controls are terrible. This game is totally crap. Only trolls or Team6 employees would score a positive review for this junk.
  63. Dec 17, 2011
    This is not Flatout, that name was stolen by profiteering butt pirates. Just read the reviews, the only people who enjoy this game are the people who took the publisher's money, partied for the majority of the development time, and slapped some code from there other crappy shovelware into 11gb of garbage.
    The delivery model is a vulture praying off from the title. This game is worth less
    than 10% of what they are asking for it. My overall assessment of the game is there needs to be a class action lawsuit that stops this company from doing more speed and insulting a license they don't deserve to destroy. Expand
  64. Dec 17, 2011
    Not recomended for those new and accustomed to the older flatouts Flatout 3 shows High speed in races, a lot of variety and good graphics, but that's the only good thing. The physics are soooooo broken even the first flatout had awesome physics. The cars feel too light almost as if you could fly, and battling with oponents in this game is a bad ideia because you end up flying away while they stay the same. Car Damage is also unrealistic, reminds me of the older need for speeds. This should have been called "Bumper Cars chaos and destruction" because that's what it looks like, and even playing with bumper cars or riding them is a lot better than this.
    I strongly recomend to wait for "Ridge Racer Unbounded" which is being developed by the ones who made Flatout 1, 2 and ultimate Carnage (Bugbear) and it promises better graphics, better gameplay and the most important, better Physics.

    Overral: This game should have never been released. It's a TOTAL disapointment
  65. Dec 16, 2011
    I was very let down by FO3C&D, if you are thinking of getting this because you enjoyed the previous' flatout's
    then you will be very disapointed.
    The cars feel like they are go-karts, with no feeling of weight or speed to them.
    No sense of speed, eg; 150 mph feels like 50 mph and the cars appear to handle the same regardless of speed.
    Watered down physics compared to the previous FO's,
    cars try very hard not to roll over as if they have a magnet under them holding them to the ground.
    The previous FO's, cars crumpled and deformed realistically, but here they lose the doors, bumpers, the hood and that's about it as far as the damage system goes.
    Sound is very generic with many public domain sound effects for the crashes and bangs.
    No career mode to be found, instead its simply different race modes in which you unlock other tracks by winning events.
    The game pace is far too fast, it feels like about x2.5 the speed of the previous FO games.
    I feel if they changed the title of the game to remove FlatOut from it, and sold it as something else with a cheap price like $10, it would be more well received, because as it stands it is not worthy of the FlatOut title.
    The good: frame-rate seems smooth, graphics while medicore are passable, seems to be a good amount of content such as vehicles and tracks.

    Should you play it or not? if you are looking to play it because its a FlatOut game then i would heavily recommend you to avoid it, as it looks and plays NOTHING like the previous games.
    If you want to play an arcade racer then possibly it might be worth your time as a fun diversion, however its current price still does not warrant a purchase IMO.
  66. Dec 15, 2011
    Playing in the first and the second part I played very well,
    what made â
  67. Dec 15, 2011
    Team 6? Who are these clowns? WTF have they done to this franchise?
    This game is a joke. A bad one at that:
    The graphics look as if they came straight out of Team 6's arse. They tried to cover it with ample amounts of bloom. But you can't polish a turd. Cars have no weight. Physics are 1 of 2 things: On rails - or flying through the air in a straight line and into the next pole, ending
    your game. Keyboard and controller support is swapped, hence not allowing for any keys to be remapped. Then there is a 'The game did not find your Windows performance index...' message and sets everything to low at screen resolution. This can be adjusted manually, but the annoying message remains. Plus it doesn't make a difference anyway. No career mode. No damage model. THIS GAME IS UTTER RUBBISH!
    Do yourself a favour and buy any of the other Flatout games instead...
    One point for conning me into buying this $30 turd on steam - but even that would be too generous...
  68. Dec 15, 2011
    well, im against doing a review of future content, so AS THE GAME STANDS it should be avoided like aids. it has no redeeming features and is nothing like the original games. the controls, graphics, physics, menus, gameplay modes are all FILTH! AND they got rid of the career mode!! i have never seen a worse sequel to any game in over 30 years of gaming! team 6 should all be rounded up and shot!
  69. Dec 14, 2011
    Being a fan of the flatout series I have been waiting for a very long time for a new flatout game.
    Well I hafto say to any fans of the game, this isnt a Flatout game, AT ALL... Flatout was all about the Physics of the car, and the destructibility of the vehicles, and neither of thoes things exist in this game. its a HUGE joke of a game, With all the better games on the market dont waist
    your time on this crap, if you liked the other flatouts and want to play something like it try the DIRT series. Expand
  70. Dec 14, 2011
    This game is just awful. It is worse than FlatOut 2 in every way: models, textures, solo gameplay, multiplayer, soundtrack etc. It does not deserve "FlatOut" name.
  71. Dec 14, 2011
    One way it is surely the fastest game i ever played.
    I never stopped playing a game so fast before. It was about an engine start, then a right turn, and I felt this game is an stupid, non-responsive, ugly, and lobotomized relative of the former Flatout games. Anyone who dares to give this game more then 2 points, is clearly never played any other Flatout before, high on drugs, payed buy
    somebody, or the mom of the makers, and should be sentenced to play with this mess, till the end of times. Expand
  72. Dec 14, 2011
    Should this garbage be a bad joke ? I WANT MY MONEY BACK this game is horrible!! All messed up graphics, performance, cars, menu, NO carrier .. I mean WTF? What is this ??
  73. Dec 14, 2011
    First, I cried over the **** menu, then i manned up, and decided to start a race to let the game shows what it has. Well... oh hell yeah it showed me.... I puked in my mouth, and cried again.
    How can you pull a game like that out of your ass on pc... It's not even good enough for smart phones... Everything is made of **** Speed feeling, graphics (LOL), everything.... I can't even say what
    kind of car I was driving... It looked like a big fridge. This game is a pathetic excuse for an emo to cut his veins or anything that hit rock bottom in this world. Expand
  74. Dec 14, 2011
    If you like previous games of the series (Flatout 1 & 2), avoid this game like the plague. The previous games were most fun car games I've played, with great handling on cars and imaginative racing environments. This seems like completely different series. At the very least, try a demo before you buy (if there is one), and don't buy it straight away like I did... Bugbear is great company for car games, but this is made by some other, less competent group. You have been warned. This is my disappointment of the year. Expand
  75. Dec 14, 2011
    You can sum this game up in a couple words; Supreme garbage.
    Not only do the graphics look worse than its predecessor, the drakish, overblown bloom, non-AA/AF elements are physically hurting my eyes.
    The controlls are nearly worse, oversensitive, can't even properly edit your controls.
    Furthermore the stunt & racing maps are dull & recycled, no innovation what so ever.
    They are
    actually really boring.

    This game is an insult to the series, genre & the gaming industry.
  76. Dec 14, 2011
    What a troll are you Ears14U? You are the same retard that gives Metro 2033 a zero?
    I waste no time writing a review about this disastrous piece of junk nor will I even consider propperly rating this game. This game is a shame and a total humiliation for the FlatOut series.
  77. Dec 14, 2011
    This is really really sad when you know Flatout 1+2 . Not only we had to w8 one day longer for the steam download.... the game is really poor programmed! Im really disappointed and i wont buy any Flatout Title from now on.... dont spend your money on this game !
  78. Dec 13, 2011
    This is a poor man's Flatout. Made by the same team that made the horrible port Wii port of Flatout and not the original dev house Bugbear. Graphically, this is very close to Wii level. They try to mask it by using very heavy bloom & motion blur but all for naught. The car models are poor and do not break in a fashion that was expected from a PC version of Flatout. As far as gameplay is concerned there aren't many redeeming qualities. The player car gets destroyed much easier than the CPU cars, the environments are nowhere near as creative as the previous games and the car handling is HORRIBLE. The cars feel the same, no matter what car you choose. Oh, there's no career mode either. As an added insult to the fans on earlier Flatout games and their great handling of car physics, these cars bounce around like crazy after hitting obstacles. There's nothing that reminds me of reality when it comes to the physics in this game.

    All in all, this is a very poor attempt at using a well know name for a quick cash grab. If you want a REAL Flatout experience with polished graphics, sounds and gameplay, you'd do well to buy Flatout: Ultimate Carnage or Flatout 2 instead.

    This game's a joke. A bad one at that.
  79. Dec 13, 2011
    This game sucks big time!

    The overall speed of the game seems too fast compared to Flatout 1+2, the controlls and the handling is so messed up (even worst then Ridge Racer), the graphics look terrible (it's DX9 but no FXAA??? AA or AF????), heavy performance problems, no deforming cars, the menu looks so cheap on 1080p and above, no carrier, no actual tournaments, the cars all look like
    alien ships, no localisation not even the menu.

    29,99 for this piece of s***? Better hire some guys from Bugbear and do it right! I will stick with Flatout 2.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 22
  2. Negative: 20 out of 22
  1. 30
    Despite to first two enjoyable episodes FlatOut 3 sets out its own way – unfortunately, what a way to a waste container. A.I., driving model, boring races… almost everything is as bad as it gets. [Jan 2012]
  2. Feb 23, 2012
    Avoid this game at all cost! Don't even think about buying this it. FlatOut 3: Chaos and Destruction is pure garbage!
  3. Feb 23, 2012
    This is an immense disservice to the Flatout franchise, and one that makes Flatout 2 look like a vehicular ballet. [Apr 2012, p.72]