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  1. AceGamez
    Football Manager 2010 like its forbearers will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours due to the wealth of options available and depth of its leagues.
  2. 93
    In short FM2010 isn’t an evolutionary step in the series. Instead it’s merely an incredibly well produced update.
  3. 91
    SI Games has made good on its promise. Football Manager 2010 is the best Football Manager ever. The depth is unrivalled and it's all much user-friendly now thanks to a new interface and many aids. Despite a few bugs and the uninspired interviews and team talks, many aspiring managers will love playing the king of manager games for many months to come.
  4. Despite some too difficult passages, Football Manager 2010 has a lot of new features to offer, solid bases and tons of hours of fun.
  5. Football Manager returns with further improvements. The new version allows us to maintain better control of our team during games, and also increase the quality of 3D visualization. FM 2010 goes deeper in the interaction with our players, media and the coaching staff, creating a great gaming experience with its fantastic artificial intelligence. Year after year, the series takes hold their place in the genre, adding new capabilities without sacrificing any of the features seen in previous versions. This sports title keeps on top of its genre, setting a benchmark for every football management simulator.
  6. Football Manager's new Touchline Shouts feature and Match Analysis Tool may not quite match the razzle-dazzle of Champ Man's new additions this year, but a streamlined new interface that invites gamers into the depths of FM's management options and a more refined match engine ensure that FM2010 keeps up the pace of improvement that we've come to expect of Sports Interactive's benchmark series.
  7. Sports Interactive has built on last year's game to produce the best version yet (we must say this every year), so it's easy to recommend FM 2010 to anyone with an interest in taking their team to league and cup glory. If you can't get into the wonder that is Football Manager Live or just prefer the more solitary experience standard FM offers, this will keep you hooked to your PC monitor for months.
  8. The best manager game on the market at the moment. With the new focus on being accessible for anyone, they broaden the target group but there is still the depth that the hardcore fans are looking for.
  9. Football Manager 2010 is an excellent game, deep and realistic as ever, with some improvement that makes the Sports Interactive title a must buy for all the fans, and set a new standard in the manager mod gameplay.
  10. There is much to love about FM2010. It is not a giant leap forward, but it does not suffer any for that. Veterans of the FM series will still love it, while newcomers will pick it up and never want to put it down.
  11. FM 2010 is indeed a good evolution over its predecessor, the various improvements have set the bar even higher, and there are few who really get there.
  12. Football Manager 2010 is the best edition in Sports Interactive's manager series so far. It’s almost perfect because of delicate improvements and perfectly weighed new additions. All that it lacks for a perfect 10 is a better 3D engine. Perhaps next year then.
  13. Football Manager 2010 provides a rare blend of accessibility and depth. The excellent foundation was laid years ago, but now the other elements can finally match up to it. This is pure pleasure for fans of football.
  14. Football Manager is ruling the genre for years, and this year it stays like that. The game has not changed much, the new tactical system and other little additions to the game are bringing an accessible control to deep gameplay mechanics, but there is still room for improvements like every year.
  15. It is an oddity in the gaming world which is mercifully free of the shallow obsession over improved graphics. Instead the focus is on fulfilling your managerial fantasies and the gaps are filled in by your own knowledge and love of the game. If you aren’t at least mildly obsessed with the results on a Saturday then you’ll never understand the appeal of this.
  16. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Wondrously detailed and polished manager game adds a lot of desirability to newcomers this year – really well-deserved title “King of the Managers” suits FM precisely. [Dec 2009]
  17. PC Gamer UK
    More accessible, still daunting for newcomers, life-swallowing for anyone with an interest in the beautiful game. [Christmas 2009, p.102]
  18. I’m against developers who churn out yearly updates with little improvement (LMA Manager, Pro Evolution Soccer), but with Football Manager 2010, it almost feels like it justifies another investment.
  19. Total PC Gaming
    Still the king of sheepskin coat and monogrammed training kit. [Issue #27, p.52]
  20. For the first time in its history, the franchise finds itself second best to Championship Manager in a number of key departments - most noticeable, training, scouting and set pieces - and while its superiority remains intact, its dominance isn't as clear cut as in previous years.
  21. Games Master UK
    A good update and return to top form. [Winter 2009, p.71]
  22. Football Manager 2010 has maintained the same structure of the past iteration, still it has managed to improve its gameplay thanks to some minor add-ons that managed to reinforce that sense of realism all its fans have grown accostumed to. The interface and the graphics engine too have been greatly improved.
  23. PC Format
    Still the most realistic version to date, but minor niggles cloud the improvements. [Christmas 2009, p.92]
  24. 85
    No matter how you look at it though, FM 2010 is the finest football management sim available today. It's not without its problems but, in the long run, these are far outweighed by new features and gameplay refinements that further the level of immersion and help make you feel more like the gaffer than ever before.
  25. 85
    Sports Interactive has achieved more depth in their game while maintaining the agility and accessibility of its gameplay.
  26. While there may be no star signings in this year's Football Manager, there are enough incremental improvements to keep it at the top of the table.
  27. Pelit (Finland)
    Football Manager 2010 brings series back to a top form. [Jan 2010]
  28. Outside of Championship Manager’s excellent scouting system then, Football Manager 2010 has left the pitch under a banner that displays yet another convincing scoreline.
  29. For a series where graphics are irrelevant concentrating on surface details makes for a below par update.
  30. Football Manager 2010 evolves just a bit, but enough to retain its crown as the best manager on the market.
  31. Edge Magazine
    Despite being all about the numbers, FM2010 rises above them to be unexpectedly cruel, kind, and even visceral at times. [Christmas 2009, p.104]
  32. PC PowerPlay
    Still the pick of the manager sims for this year, but the distance is shrinking. Reliability on match day crucial in the end. [Jan 2010, p.84]
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  1. Oct 15, 2010
    Fantastic game. It's the only one from the series where I've managed to last more than 2 seasons. I'm in the season 2016/2017 with Lazio atFantastic game. It's the only one from the series where I've managed to last more than 2 seasons. I'm in the season 2016/2017 with Lazio at the moment and I am still loving it. Well done to the creators for making such a fantastic football management simulator. Full Review »
  2. JaeK
    Jan 25, 2010
    it's one of those games that will keep you going even when you say "time to stop"
  3. JoshS
    Jan 22, 2010
    This game is great and really got my interest back into football manager. As 2009 came out I went and bought it on the day of release to be This game is great and really got my interest back into football manager. As 2009 came out I went and bought it on the day of release to be bitterly disappointed and it really did make me think twice about buying any future releases if they were gonna be similar. After installing this and playing 8 seasons so far with Leeds united i can well and truly say that this game is Brilliant!!! The changes they have made make the game so much more user friendly and all i can say is well done SI games.. My rating 10/10 Full Review »