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  1. Jul 28, 2013
    IMO there is no true 10/10 for a game. However, this is as close as it gets for anyone who is a Hardcore PvP oriented player. Understand this is not an MMORPG this is an Arena PvP Tournament game based on skill and teamwork. At first the game can be daunting by the high level of skill and the massive amounts of lvls (99). This game however slows down and feels right in all the right places once you invest a few hours into it. Combat is smooth and rewarding, and wall jumping is truly the best feature in the game IMO. I expect great things form this especially since the game will be adopting a FTP style model soon. If a game is deserving of success and you are a Hardcore PvP fan then this is Home Sweet Home. Expand
  2. Jul 26, 2013
    When it first came out it was quite a mess but now, after countless updates, it actually is a very balanced and enjoyable title that deserves a second chance.
    One of the most fun multiplayer titles to date gameplay-wise. Comparisons like tf2 and guild wars are easily made and are quite accurate. It's fast paced gameplay in a fantasy setting makes it stand out from the other contemporary titles.
  3. Jul 17, 2013
    This is a very well-executed high-concept project. Its detractors are the voices I have seen in-game--the same ones you get in any game that does not coddle the player like a newborn babe. This game ain't easy, but despite what some of these tragic user reviewers might try to tell you, it is anything BUT imbalanced and simplistic. It is simply that the depth requires a higher degree of skill to access than your average shooter or MMO.

    The cacophony of "incomplete!" is true, but not a detractor. Only a fool thinks it is, because what we have here instead is a very fine game that is continuing to evolve and improve. The critic reviews are astonishingly shallow and reflect a great deal of what is wrong with the gaming journalism industry.

    The ONLY real complaint I have is that the developers made a decent profit, then lost a lot of their playerbase because of the issues I mentioned above. Despite this, they continue producing essential content at a bit of a crawl, falling back on the "we're indie!" or "you're not a developer, you don't understand!" platform whenever their design decisions are questioned.

    I know the business better than most, and when something crucial needs to happen to a game, I have seen studios just as small and even smaller get it done exponentially quicker. I think making the money up-front may have hurt the longevity of the project in some ways, believe it or not, because with cash already in-hand, the impetus to produce results is not fueled by a promise of reward.
  4. Jul 11, 2013
    Forge is by far the best PvP game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. If you're a competitive PvPer from the WoW scene, then WoW PvP will look like childs-play in comparison to Forge. In fact, I know WoW arena players that had ~2850 arena rating who said Forge takes magnitudes of skill more than WoW ever did.

    Forge blends together the best elements of the third-person shooter and RPG
    genres into an insanely competitive atmosphere. Imagine WoW, except the PvP is ACTUALLY balanced and you have to aim every single skill/attack (NO auto-targeting). Furthermore, Forge mixes up the mundane PvP scene with unique aspects an MMORPG does not contain such as: wall-jumping (costs energy, the resource you use), blocking attacks (once again, consumes energy), no grind and did I mention balanced PvP that is ACTUALLY balanced?

    My name is Jroc |OP in game. I'll see you in game
  5. Jul 4, 2013
    One of my favorite PVP games of all time. Purely skill based RPG PVP is something that I enjoy a lot. Classes are balanced, there are a decent amount of maps (would like more), variety of playing types including capture the flag, team deathmatch, king of the hill, graphics are great and all of this goodness is only priced at 19$, I would recommend any PVP/RPG lover to try this game out. You will not be dissapointed. Expand
  6. May 4, 2013
    Personally, I think this game could destroy World of Warcraft and other games.. It has intense fights, great graphics and a very balanced fighting system, stunlocking someone is impossible, every class has one skill to keep someone out of combat for a short time, and also a skill to escape from a fight, every class has stacking DoT's (except for shaman's who's primary atk deals damage once and heals overtime (stacks 3 times)) the point i'm trying to make, the game is balanced, most people who repsond to this game porely are new to it and won't give it a chance, instead of instaneously complaining about a game, they should try the tutorials, and defenitly try the bot fights! These bot fights are not to be underestimated, everytime you kill every class in a difficulty it will set the difficulty level higher and higher, and truth be told, the hard bots don't go down lightly.. if you succeed in killing these bots, you know what class you prefer and what that class is capable of, you should join a real PvP battle, and if you still think the game is unbalanced, we can talk. But every class has something to counter all other classes, there is imo no class that's "OP". The only problem with forge in my opinion is not enough players who actually wanna spend time learning how the game works. If it's too hard, people complain, if it's too easy people complain, if it's a mediocre difficulty, people complain about no hard mode.. If more people would stay and give it a chance, and maybe ask the players who just creamed their asses for some advice, i think the game could be very big.. I actually buy the game for my closest friends, and i tell them if they honestly don't think it's a good game after a month of playing, then they don't have to repay me.. up till now, they've all payed me back! my summary: My favorite game so far! Expand
  7. Apr 26, 2013
    I find the game very great and well made. It has a lot of potential. It is already rumored that it will be the ESL game par excellence.
    Since the new patch lots of news have come into force, give the game a final status. I find it charming and will continue to play it.
  8. Jan 19, 2013
    This is the type of game i have been waiting for. I really love fantasy classes and combat but i do not want to spend the time getting to the highest level and getting the best gear just so i can enjoy pvp. This game is everything i could hope for, high action pvp in a fantasy setting. If there is any downside it would be the high learning curve, but in my opinion a high learning curve marks a good game and gives players a lot of room to be good based on their own personal ability and fighting tactics. Expand
  9. Jan 18, 2013
    A diamond in the rough for PvP fans:
    It's the kind of game where you can just log in, jump in a game within seconds and start to PvP!
    They have a small community so far, but already have a Mumble setup that you can find via the forums where you can chat with gamers, find teammates and even chat with the game devs!
    Once this game becomes more finished, and once more people find this game
    and the player base expands a bit more I feel it will deserve my 10/10 rating. Expand
  10. Jan 4, 2013
    I decided to check this game out, since it went on sale for steam, and the video looked promising.

    Excellent purchase, with amazing potential. This is the kind of game I want and have been looking for, and I think there are more like me. I am not disappointed, when I read the review from Escapist I almost decided against it, but I am sure glad I didn't take that feedback to heart!

    Is the game "ready for release" I think so. Is it anywhere near its full potential? No, but there is some AMAZING potential here, the premise is fantastic, the combat system and play style just feel right and the meta game that will evolve as this games development progresses could provide entertainment for players and spectators alike... it is as fun to watch as it is to play.

    It is lacking some features and polish, yes, but I am more than happy to give that a pass considering it is an indie game with a low entry cost and what I consider to be the important bits are there. The features which will appear as it moves forward will just put good meat on the bones.

    If you like fast paced, well balanced, no RNG team based PVP with an unknown potential skill cap? Well, I don't think you will be disappointed, and for the price this Dev crew is worth supporting and you will more than get your moneys worth out of this game. Buy it, play it, love it!

    I don't review things, in general I read, and just discuss things with my friends... but this game really drives me to want to spread the word and get people to jump in and give it a real play.... and I felt compelled to say something here.
  11. Dec 30, 2012
    I love the game-idea behind Forge. I don't enjoy farming at all, I don't have to in Forge :) . Also though you can earn XP and gain Levels this progress doesn't give you an increase of ability powers or healt or else. What you can do is shift around your Protection/Movement Speed/Maximum Resources points which helps you if you have already developed a strategy and arrange the points to support this.
    Also the Forum is a really nice place where you get all questions answered and can help with your feedback to bring the updates on. All in all. 10
  12. Dec 27, 2012
    If you like good PvP, with varitys of skills, and fast like an FPS, Forge is your Fix. At the moment the game is in an early stages, but it needs every support from good PVP'lers it can get.
  13. Dec 26, 2012
    Not a complete game, but its still awesome and amazingly balanced.
    Please do not listen to the critic reviews as they are idiots, for eg scoring diablo 3 (88).
  14. Dec 25, 2012
    Based solely on gameplay, Forge would be a 10/10. Its PvP is balanced, fun, exciting, and can melt the hours away. Once they put in some more features, such as a party system (and generally more group-friendly features) and a little more info on your screen (such as showing which debuffs you currently have on), the game will easily be a 10. They also have not yet implemented their leveling system fully, but based on the updates so far I do believe they will continue to flesh out these kinds of (important) features (I played the beta when I was a backer through Kickstarter, and the game has come a long way in just a couple months).

    Why is Forge PvP so much fun? There is no grinding (it literally doesn't exist in the game, as leveling only gives you sidegrades, rather than a definitive advantage). There is no currency. Each class feels balanced and unique, with a relatively small number of skills each. You also don't need to worry about out-playing someone else, only to lose because they have better gear. Gameplay feels tight and balanced: the UI is responsive (ie, healing shows an instant effect on others' health - not always the case with other MMO's I've tried), cooldowns are appropriate and don't feel overpowered or useless. Players have good feedback about whether their abilities have landed properly. Sounds and effects feel pretty polished. Each class has a defined role and is good at what it's intended to do. And the fundamental idea behind Forge - that you need to aim each ability (except a few AoE abilities) - is good in concept and in execution. The two weaknesses of the game are its semi-unfinished features (which I do have confidence will be changed) - such as the leveling system, giving players just a little more info about the game mechanics, and more group-friendly features - and its somewhat small player base (but obviously the game just came out). I do hope more players will continue to pick up this game. At $20, it's a steal, and I can't think of any game I've played that has PvP that I would describe as being more fun (including MMO's, FPS's, RPG's).
  15. Dec 24, 2012
    If you love PVP, you will love Forge. It makes GW2 pvp looks silly. Just didnt have 10 because it lacks skill customization, which is planned for the future btw.
  16. Dec 20, 2012
    Forge is an amazing concept with a lot of potential. As it stands currently, the game does in fact lack certain features, however I don't feel that this outweighs its strengths. The combat system in Forge breathes fresh air into the genre while also allowing for more exciting styles of play not possible with the conventional tab target system. Levels are designed with a lot of verticality due to original mechanics such as wall jumping and the Pyromancer's "rocket jump", adding a skill factor in movement itself. Forge is very visually appealing. All in all, with new features coming soon along with several classes and gamemodes, I think Forge presents a very strong experience for anyone who enjoys Guild Wars, Wow arena or role based competitive pvp in general. Expand
  17. Dec 19, 2012
    The game is fantastic, hands down. If you're looking for competitive PvP in an MMO style setting, this game is for you. It has a "bit" of a learning curve, as in to do well, you need to memorize different abilities and other classes abilities and learn when to use them, but in any MMO who doesn't? It has smooth and appealing graphics and it's very fast paced. You won't go wrong with this game.
  18. Dec 16, 2012
    I liked the PVP in World of Warcraft and enjoyed hours and hours competing against other teams. I think Forge is on the right way, the developers are doing a good job and the community is very friendly. I´ve been looking for a game like this since i quit World of Warcraft and well.... here it is ;). This game completely relies on skill. Get it on Steam or on their homepage ;)
  19. Dec 14, 2012
    Great graphics,great gameplay and generally great mass PvP game!This is the game for all the PvP lovers.i just hope for more classes,maps and people to join...
  20. Dec 12, 2012
    One of the greatest games ever. If you have ever been a WoW or a CS nerd, you will love this. Pure skill based PvP. Arena battles, stats and balanced classes. I would recommend you to try!
  21. Dec 10, 2012
    Forge is a beautiful PvP game and you should all play it right now. The game is filled with potential and doesn't require any of the grind of an MMO while preserving a similar feel of gameplay. It's the perfect blend of MMO and the MOBA genres.
  22. Dec 9, 2012
    Ok first off i like to say that i LOVE THE LOOK OF THIS GAME. It look beautiful and sounds like it has a solid fell of combat from many sources on YouTube. I am so eager to play this game because its a hybrid between wow and a fps which is a gamers dream. It also has that exciting combat system that makes it interesting and fresh. I love the fantasy aspect to the game as well because that is my style. I hear great things and see videos about how the combat flows as well as everyone is very diverse (class-wise). I saw someones tweet saying they were amazed by how great the game was so early since release. i highly recommend that everyone try this game especially at the great price they offer and help the underground video game scene out a little bit. I'm looking very forward to playing this game. Expand
  23. Dec 9, 2012
    Since I randomly saw this on Youtube so long ago, I have been wanting to play this game for so long. After I saw they didn't make the Kickstart, I thought it was all over just to see them pop-up on Greenlight. It was awesome, As for the gameplay, it is fantastic, fast based, and skill based. The fact that there is no power gap due to gear makes PvP all the more fun. It is all skillbased. And with the lack of "Blowing Cooldowns", fights are epic and you actually have to think instead of pressing a seven line macro and then one-shotting someone. It is definitely a must play. Can't wait to see what they have in the future. Expand
  24. Dec 9, 2012
    For those who really like a good pvp game based on player skills more than you´ll definitly want to take a shot on Forge !! It has nice graphics and fun for pvp most then all !
    Take ur try, you will have fun for sure !
  25. Dec 9, 2012
    I've been looking for this type of game for a long time. I loved WoW PvP and loved the Arenas. This gives me the best of not having a lot of time anymore to grind through the game and gear. There is still a lot of things that need to be added to the game but if all your looking for is that solid game play Forge is where you want to be. I also am grateful to see that there are Oceanic servers there as well so you actually get a good ping compared to many MMO's out there as I live in New Zealand. Expand
  26. Dec 9, 2012
    This game has everything to beat Darkfall on it's own terrain. Very nice classes, extreme fantasy world PVP, light MMO features, no need to farm/grind like beasts to enjoy the game.
  27. Dec 9, 2012
    Forge is a great mix between many MMO and FPS concepts. The energy/mana system along with a lot of the powers reflect many MMO's, while the aiming, action and gamemodes borrow many elements from FPS games. It has a bit of a learning curve at first with the multitude of different abilities and powers, but once you get it down all the different powers becomes one of it's best parts.

    action in Forge is truly chaotic, which at first is a bit confusing, but once again becomes after some getting used to, the chaos becomes pure fun. Since the developers had to release early to get more funds the game is pretty lean right now, but a lot more content is on the way with patches and updates, which will be frequent. Even so the game is still totally worth it, and will only get better. Expand
  28. Dec 9, 2012
    If you are looking for a fast-paced PvP based game, try out Forge. With a competitive gameplay, you can choose among 5 classes, each one with a unique variety of skills. Use them along with your own strategies to outplay your enemy and win the game. Having his own mechanic, Forge can surpass all your expectations with a new and improved system including Wall Jump, Camouflage Swap and a delightful Spectate Mode. Don't forget to buy your own Forge available on Steam. Expand
  29. Dec 9, 2012
    The Good: The game is very well put together. From what I have seen that the game looks like it's Taken TF2, WoW BG/RBG/Arena systems (let alone the ability system), Guild Wars 1 & 2 PvP elements, and then had a ingenious child named Forge. Spells are unique from what I've seen in many class based shooters such as Vindictus for example. I enjoy the fact that every class has their damaging abilities, as well as their survivability abilities (Movement speed increase, Defense increase, Flying into the air and shooting yourself rather far away from the fray). And let alone the graphics are just stunning. I was highly impressed when I found out that this game was running the Unreal 3 engine. I've only gotten to witness the engine myself and that was on Hawken. The Bad: From what I've seen from forum posts, and videos is that it's highly team dependent. I understand that this is how the game was created for that general intention is to stay with your team, and conquer the opposing team, but the fact that I can't stray off from the group and attempt a flank to weaken their defenses as an assassin per say, and I run into a group of 3, pick one off, and do a slight amount of damage to the other too foes, then begin to run away. Yes, I've made my escape and I've killed one of their enemies but my only way to regenerate my HP by myself is to grab the HP shrines. There's a total of 3 in each map and I understand one of them will respawn by the you pick up your second shrine, but I personally feel as if that each class should have its own form of health regeneration. I would be completely okay with a 10% health regeneration abilities. I do like the game a lot, and I'm highly impressed. It has its flaws but it's a recent release and I've seen that the game has been booming on the internet. I will buy it, and I will play it regularly. Not that it's popular, just for the sole fact that it's what I've been waiting for. A SOLID class based shooter that is being ran on a wonderful engine to make the gameplay beautiful, and smooth as butter. I do recommend this game to whomever is interested. I do say it's worth it, and I'd advise you to prepare for an extreme amount of PvP fun! Expand
  30. Dec 8, 2012
    If you like some PVP game with great dynamics and non-stop action and fun, then Forge is your game!
    For the things i saw in videos, Forge has a simple and functional matchmaking that allows you to to save a lot of time in queues (which is really annoying in other games), the characters are balanced (no OP characters :D ) and above all, they have > 9 < skills each, which make them really
    versatile.(btw, I just love the fact that you can make wall jumps *0*). If you want more information about Forge, check it out at steam website!! Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. Mar 12, 2013
    Forge is an ambitious mixture of genres--PVP and team FPS--but it's not polished enough and doesn't have quite enough content to work completely yet. Dark Vale has their work cut out for them making Forge a complete and intuitive experience, but the potential is there.
  2. Feb 28, 2013
    Forge is an orphan of a game, with lonely players stalking its empty servers. It is, in fact, not even a game, but just a prototype of one.
  3. Feb 6, 2013
    Forge left me with mixed feelings. It has considerable potential but until developers fulfill their promises players will have to deal with an unfinished product. [CD-Action 02/2013, p.59]