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  1. Aug 17, 2011
    Once again a promising idea is destroyed by what I assume is publisher meddling. Ubisoft have pulled a 'Spore' with From Dust. Trailers and Interviews hinted at a powerfully beautiful return to the God game. Instead what we have is a tepid puzzle game that suffers from horrible camera, controls and lack of any reason to continue whatsoever. Altering the landscape turns out to be a haphazard affair, with the game ignoring some attempts, shifting the camera and getting in your way at every turn. The concept was solid, but what happened? Only a publisher like Ubisoft could mess something up so horribly. Jump cuts to pre-rendered cutscenes and forced camera pans jar you about, while the music cuts suddenly during transition.

    Frustration sets in when the controls fail, Villagers are willfully stupid, and an invisible puddle of water somewhere impedes the construction of another village. Could we not move the village to a safer spot? No. This is where the game has railroaded you. The only winning option is not to play.
  2. Aug 23, 2011
    An great example where the publisher **** up a game. A decent game that could have easily been a 7 or 8 out of 10, now becomes a 4 out of 10 thanks to Ubisoft's brilliant DRM (and lying).
  3. Aug 18, 2011
    A game with huge potential, absolutely spoiled by a sloppy port and tyrannical DRM. Ubisoft lying about the DRM being present is unacceptable, ESPECIALLY for a single-player game. Highly recommend against purchasing.
  4. Aug 17, 2011
    From Dust is a prime example of a great game ruined by a terrible publisher. Ubisoft has continued on their quest to show the world how little they care about PC gamers and From Dust is one of their worst showings yet. From Dust lacks any sort of graphics customization, only giving you the option of changing your resolution. Another huge flaw is the lack of mouse sensitivity option, causing you to have to manually go into your mouse settings and change your sensitivity just to be able to play the game (and of course you also have to change it back when you finish). The worst part about being a direct console port is that From Dust is locked at a maximum of 30 FPS for seemingly no reason at all. Once you get past how bad of a port it is, the game introduces you to a wide range of various bugs/crashing issues which should've been fixed while Ubisoft was delaying the PC version of the game. Not satisfied with a buggy console port, Ubisoft has also tacked on their lovely DRM/social network features, requiring a constant internet connection in order to play your single-player game. The only plus I can think of is that the game is reasonably priced ($15) though I highly suggest to not buy it, the developers have already been paid and giving Ubisoft your money only influences them to continue abusing PC gamers. Expand
  5. Aug 17, 2011
    Game won't even boot. Ubisofts launcher won't load as it says I'm not connected to the internet. I've been troubleshooting for over 8 hours, and no luck. There is a lack of Ubisoft technical support, and a bunch of people are having the same problems. I'm sick of this company, ruining the one game I was excited for.
  6. Aug 17, 2011
    This could be a very good game if Ubisoft releases a patch to correct some major issues, but as of this moment it's nearly unplayable. The controls seem to be a very, very lazy case of just slapping a control scheme obviously designed for an XBOX 360 gamepad onto a mouse--to the point that they are almost game breaking. There are no options to change any graphic settings other than screen resolution. And on top of this, the "activate once" DRM that Ubisoft promised seems to be (from what I can tell) an "activate every time you play" scheme, so you cannot play the game without an internet connection. This wouldn't be such a problem, but Ubisoft specifically advertised the game as being "activate once" so I am not sure why they changed things.

    Which is a shame as there's a very good game hidden in here, if only the interface could bring it out. So if you are at all interested in this game I think you should wait to buy it for a few months. If Ubisoft releases a patch fixing these issues, give it a go, as from what I have played of the game so far if all of these issues are fixed I'd easily rate it a 7 or an 8 (especially considering the low price tag). However, if they don't, then it's definitely not worth your money.
  7. Sep 3, 2011
    The landscape graphics and physics are amazing, rivers will evolve on it's own, carve canyons and develop river deltas, lava will create mountains. But, the problem is that the game play is nothing more than a poor showcase of the landscape engine. After you finish the campaign and tried some challenge missions (in a day or so) there is no replay value whatsoever. What I'm truly lacking is a custom game you would expect in a god game like this. But there are none since the actual game elements are not developed enough to allow for this. This game engine could be the base of an amazing god game, however, this game is not it. Expand
  8. Aug 17, 2011
    Controls for this game are AWFUL!!!! The Breath is inaccurate and sluggish and hard to get where you want, meaning that for disasters you are SCREWED because it is so difficult to act fast enough!! Graphics are poor and cannot be customised apart from the resolution! Story is rubbish. I had a strange bug where it kept minimizing my game to desktop every few clicks.

    HOWEVER, it is a
    fantastic idea and does have a very distinct style, it is just not utilized fully, instead being a very average puzzle game. Very disappointed. Expand
  9. Aug 18, 2011
    1) Game requires constant internet connection due to retarded DRM Ubisoft lately puts in every product they make ( like they really trying to tell me don't buy this its filled with garbage)

    2) Besides you buy it from steam it will also require you to install and register for this garbage called UPlay, why would I wanna do that ???

    3) Controls are simple port from xbox 360 aka you get
    that cursor that sticks to the one point on screen 0_o seriously they were so **** lazy they ported analog pad controls ?...

    4)Zero graphical settings, no AA, game is locked @ 30fps, V-sync not available

    Conclusion :

    This is one hell of a messy port that everybody who paid for and did not like should get refund which is now available from Steam due to some kinda breach of terms, simply saying game was suppose to be constant DRM free and it is not !
  10. Aug 24, 2011
    After watching a few trailers for this one a few weeks ago, I was very curious in how this game would play. It's a cool idea to be a kind of all powerful elemental god of an ancient tribe, especially for 15 bucks, but unfortunately it seems its just not that fun. While playing though this I just felt like i didn't have all that much to do. Every level seemed to play like a tutorial where you were learning some cool ability but never getting a level where you have the power to use them as you would want to or the choice on when to use it. I guess i have been pretty hard on this game and maybe i was expecting something else but its not all bad it looks nice and the control was good enough (mouse scroll could get a bit strange) but its ok for a dumbed down version of lemmings. Expand
  11. Aug 18, 2011
    If you buy this game you're giving credit to publishers that lie about what type of DRM their game contains. They announded (right before release), that it would only require an online activation once (which was false).
  12. Aug 19, 2011
    ### PROS ### * Light revival of god-game genre * Nice altering of landscape with basic elements * Physics of fluids and materials * Big potential of idea (but Ubisoft is not able to gain from idea like Valve) * For 15 Euro only * No need for high-end hardware and GPU * You must think/strategize when you alter landscape (action will give you reaction later) * You can make game harder when you keep or reposition totems to dangerous places (especially in later levels) * Nice effects of volcanoes, water, lava, etc... * Simple take/release of basic elements (lava, water, sand) * Water tree (efficient with consequences when you place it wrongly) * Multiple game profiles * Cut scenes are real-time created, not pre-shot (except loading cut scene) * Well created sounds and stylish ancient look of the game * When people go to faraway totem/obelisk the game choose in 80% percent the correct path that you want * People can swim to the nearest land * People can die in lava (instantly) or water (after short time) with nice effect like in Populous * You can flush people by water, or kill them by lava when they stuck somewhere * Story narrated in ancient language (there should be option for English equivalent, because subtitles are sometimes quite fast) * Well balanced growing difficulty from very easy level to medium-hard * Bonus of 30 challenges unlocked in story levels ### CONS ### * Low-budget game, so don't expect miracles * Console port to PC (mouse/keyboard retardation and limitation, graphics limitations, etc.) * DRM (fortunately you don't have to be connected to internet when playing, but S/N is permanently sticked to your UPlay account that you must create) * DirectX 9 graphics only (glitches when objects and soft particles blend, low resolution textures, etc.) * No advanced graphics options (but it's not needed since the game would not start after automatic hardware check I guess... it means that it requires minimal hardware for smooth play) * Only 12 story levels and 1 open final level * Very simple story (people were talking about finding ancients like one page of A4 script, nothing more... story didn't touch me anyhow) * No random map with randomly placed disasters (consoles don't have enough buttons for totems) * No SDK for modding and creating new levels by community (well, it's a low budget game) * Mouse cursor is permanently sticked to ground landscape (annoying, but you can live with that) * Max. of 4 magic totems per map because console gamepad doesn't have more buttons, right? (check every map what magics are assigned to keys 1-4, it's not same!) * Keyboard hints cannot be disabled (Ubisoft, I'm retarded, I still don't know what to press on that object) * You can't control your tribe people * You can't control path where the people should go to totem (no waypoints) * When one tribe member stuck somewhere and is not able to get to new totem, you are doomed unless you kill him somehow (you can't choose different tribe member and the game will not do that) * Kites move affected by wind but tall palm trees not, why?? * When you pray to little obelisk or "ending" obelisk, you must always press Spacebar for confirmation, why?? I guess because of cut scenes. For totems and big obelisks it's not needed (there are no cut scenes) * Repetitive and slow cut scenes that gets boring soon, so you stop listen to simple story (low resolution textures are very visible in cut scenes) * No hotkey to cancel cut scenes like in Populous 2 * Sometimes it's difficult to take sand when a bit of water is onto it, because water is almost invisible (it may be frustrating) * It's only you and scripted nature, so you may feel alone (not much suprises, no enemy)... implementation of multiplayer idea could be difficult since it's you and nature only * Exploding and fire trees (for exploding and fire trees I would prefer instant magics, but consoles don't have more buttons, so don't expect it from Ubisoft) * Exploding trees don't work when you put them to lava, you must put lava onto it * Trees sometimes don't grow on ground * When you challenge fire it's quite difficult to get rid of it (fire is very fast and needs a lot of water) * Badly implemented map edges which may ruin gameplay in some cases, affect basic elements and give you permanent feeling that everything is in small square (even that you see that the map continues to fog) * Tsunami doesn't look so good (it's like a flat wall) Expand
  13. Aug 22, 2011
    I don't know where all the fuzz is about regarding drm, etc. Probably it is a stinker but I don't mind, not familiar with the history. What i see is that there is some harassent about the game because of the drm issue while the game itself is not central stage. -the game itself is really unique although has some minor flaws which can be traced back to the console port. In general though the creativity and nice graphics/ physics makes more than up to it.
    -the AI pathfinding is more than ok, I don't know what people expect but if you lead your "guys" the way (who can climb a cliff-face?) they do what is required by their god :-). I honestly don't understand the complaints here unless you want to see a mutiny on your subordinates.
    -I had no problem with visuals or whatever (framerates, etc). It seems some people have which is an issue if true for the publisher if no minority.
    -the pricetag was only 15 so if you can play > 20 hours easily if having fun and be in a "portal-like" engagement what the **** is the uproar about unless you really can't play it.
    A very fine game and hope they iron out the minor glices. Just to inform in case you are afraid you have a software issue. I use a vista 32 bit quad core geforce 9500gs. Gl all. -if you just uncheck the mouse scroll you get an acceptable mouse/ keyboard control.
  14. Aug 18, 2011
    This game is beautiful, the physics are the best I've ever seen and the environments are pretty, but that only gets it so far, the AI is stupid, and the men seem to be incapable of moving out of the way of water and lava coming right for them, and are confused my tiny differences in height, where I have to dump earth all over just to convince them to climb it, the game doesn't let you build a village where there is 'too much water', which is fine until you find yourself not being able to find where the water is in this tiny area, because you're not allowed to have a single drop in the place you want a village. The Ubisoft launcher really annoyed me, making me have to create an account for some thing I've never heard of nor will ever use again. Getting to the next level seemed more frustrating and tiresome than fun. I pre-ordered this on Steam and was really looking forward to it, but was ultimately disappointed. It's an okay game. Expand
  15. Aug 18, 2011
    From the console reviews and with the name Eric Chahi I expected this game to be fantastic and purchased it as soon as it launched.

    Big mistake.

    Instead of a fun God-game with great art direction and graphics I got this unplayable mess with terrible controls that runs and looks like ass on my rig (which runs Crysis 2 and every modern game maxed out by the way). The mouse controls are
    just broken and frustrating, the game runs between 15 and 30fps for seemingly no reason and there are no graphic options to speak of except for the option to change the resolution. Awful controls and performance plus a complete lack of polish show the lack of effort Ubi Soft put into this port, something they are getting a reputation for, I would have derived more enjoyment and less disappointment from just lighting the $15 this pile cost me on fire.

    Do not buy unless Ubi fixes it, which they won't, as usual.
  16. Aug 25, 2011
    This game was a total disappointment. Populos? Black & White? God game? No way. The game consists in bringing some npcs from point A to point B. And repeat over and over again. For doing that, you raise or lower terrain, remove water and a few things like those.

    That is all...
  17. Aug 18, 2011
    This game is **** console port, with Ubisoft hated DRM that forces you to be permanently online. But what would expect from ubi. Controls are really awful, camera is annoying, the game has little to no fun at all.
  18. Aug 18, 2011
    This game is absolute garbage. I bought it because I thought it would not have drm. And guess what, it does.
    ubisoft has turned into a terrible company that lies to their customers. I will not be buying anymore games from them.
  19. Aug 17, 2011
    A good idea and attempt at the God game genre, but thanks to the work of Ubisoft, this game is not one I'd recommend to anybody. The game, thanks to the DRM, requires you to have the Ubisoft launcher. In order to launch the game, you need to make an account and tie your serial key to your account. For those buying the game through Steam or some other digital distributor, you'll need to make a new account on Ubisoft's end to even play the game. For many, this Ubisoft launcher is unstable and causes more problems than it should, which if encountered, won't let you run the game at all.

    Once you load the game, you'll be greeted by a game with limited graphics options, with the only choice being to change resolutions. And once you start a new game and get into gameplay, the obvious lack of Anti Aliasing and the frame limited forcing the game to run at 30fps is noticeable, and hinders on the game graphically. Actual gameplay gets to be more disappointing, with mouse scrolling causing the cursor to spaz out, moving the camera all over the place and with mediocre camera controls overall. Luckily, the former of those two is able to be fixed, with the developers including an option to turn off mouse scrolling.

    Overall, this is a great idea spawned from the great mind of Eric Chahi, but hindered by Ubisoft's troublesome DRM and the obvious lack of care put into this PC port.
  20. Aug 18, 2011
    Always on DRM, the ultimate Screw you to PC gamers. Not that great a game, reminiscent of god games like black and white without the features. The Ai for the tribes men is absolutely frustrating. Could have been a good game, but it feels as though you are rushed through it.
  21. Aug 22, 2011
    A fun, fantastic game. I 'would' recommend you purchase this if it wasn't for several things. This game suffers mainly because of the ubisoft actions. It's unfortunate really, because this seems like a potentially brilliant game. I love god-games (like black and white etc) and the trailers for this are amazing.

    But it really seems as if Ubisoft have done no checking of bugs or testing
    what so ever. The game was also delayed a month, for 'polishing' of the game, which makes the presence of all these bugs and glitches even more confusing. This seems like a direct and highly unmodified port of the 360 version.

    The DRM is a major concern. Many people bought this because they were told it needed a one-time activation, but found this to be untrue. The DRM and ubisoft launcher also cause problems, preventing a lot of people from playing this game. The game crashes for a lot of people after the opening ubisoft logo. There is no guarantee that if you purchase this game that you will be able to play it.

    I had preordered the game and so didn't know about any of these issues until I got it, but I was one of the lucky few who managed to get a working version. There are quite a few bugs though, which should have been found in the month this was delayed. Villagers are sometimes unable to find sensible paths or unable to change their path after deciding to do it. Sometimes entire villages of people stop moving. Villages are sometimes unable to be rebuilt and you cannot cancel the rebuilding of a village. The 'high tides' mission is bugged for many people, becoming very hard and almost unwinnable.

    The controls are very awkward. Moving the mouse from the centre of the screen moves the camera, making it very hard to pick up and place dirt. This can be slightly changed in the options to givce you a bigger space of movement but it's still annoying. And unless the mouse is in the centre of the screen, the camera wants to pan to it. Zooming out is difficult, and infact generally only changes the angle of the camera. It also occasionally gets stuck at one angle.

    There are also other bugs popping up all the time. I would love to give this a higher score, but I don't want anyone to buy a game they cannot play. So really, do not buy until this has been patched.
  22. Aug 22, 2011
    A shameful porting from the Xbox 360.
    - No AA.
    - Low res textures.
    - Limited screen res in windowed mode.
    - Frequent crashes (in my experience).
    - Horrible online connectivity DRM.
    - Shoddy mouse controls.
    - FPS capped at 30.
    - No graphics options at all.
    - Unskippable cut-scenes.
  23. Aug 20, 2011
    I have tried for hours to get this game to work on my PC via Steam, (I have no problems with any of my other Steam games) But i have now given up, this is utterly **** up. Not to mention that Ubisoft care so little about their customers that they out right lie about the DRM.

    **** you Ubisoft, **** you.
  24. Aug 22, 2011
    Great idea but terrible execution. This port reeks of consolitis with the horrible controls, limited options and locked (LOCKED!!!) at 30 fps.
    Also, there is no offline mode (offline mode was promised pre-release) as ubisoft requires you to launch the game via their own launcher, even if bought on Steam.
  25. Aug 21, 2011
    I've been looking forward to this game for a while now, I was expecting it to be a return to the old God games like Black and White. Instead when I loaded up the game it demanded I log into disruptive DRM, I thought 'fine ubisoft are **** so this is to be expected' and got on with the game. This is where I was the most disappointed, I played only for thirty minutes but in that time the game managed to completely fall apart. The graphics, gameplay, even music are all horribly ported. Then my internet cut out for a moment and the game stopped working because of the DRM. Ubisoft have insulted me as a gamer, as customer, and as an honest man. Expand
  26. Aug 18, 2011
    Simply put, this is a terrible port. Lackluster visuals (basically no display options or antialiasing), sluggish performance (frames per second capped at 30 for no conceivable reason), poorly optimized code, audio popping, wonky controls, DRM (need an internet connection everytime you play), etc. The game itself is pretty good but the presentation is so poor that it doesn't matter. Patches could help, but as it is I'm giving it a six out of ten, and 2 of those points are because I like god games. I think the reviewers that gave this a 90% should be ashamed of themselves. Expand
  27. Nov 18, 2011
    Wow. What a shame. From Dust had such potential. In fact, I had given it a review score of 7, with the promise I would change it to a 9 if the issues I had with it were ironed out (as I assume it just had a rough start, like many PC games do, and that the issues would be fixed soon). I was very angry to not only see that they weren't, but that we had also been lied to. Apparently, the game was supposed to be DRM free. Hah. Although the DRM was recently removed, it still took a few months to do so. The game is still mostly broken, too. Again, it truly is a shame. I wish I could give this a 9, but I can't bring myself to do it, not with all these wobbly controls and various other errors. Expand
  28. Oct 29, 2011
    I got my monies worth out of this game, with so many bad reviews I can only imagine that people's expectations were too high, this game was hyped up too much, but for $14 or so what do you really expect. The problem is that there is not too much depth to the game, it's a very pretty physics puzzle, the interface is a little annoying but gets the job done. I'm happy with my purchase.
  29. Aug 20, 2011
    I bought the game as I have a new PC and want to see what it can do - IGN basically said this game could only have come out now due to the excellent graphics and reliance on physics. Honestly... its on par with black and white. Dated, obviously a port, no graphics options, simple puzzles.

    Boring game, ill probably finish it but its not epic. 6/10
  30. Aug 18, 2011
    Port Alert! -- If I were reviewing this for XBOX I would be scoring it higher, but if you're going to port a console game to PC make sure to OPTIMIZE IT FOR A PC. That aside if you do happen to own a XInput controller then From Dust is actually a pretty fun sandbox game. You play as the omnipresent "Breath" and use your godlike landscaping powers to sculpt the the world to your will. Each level's objectives are much the same, guide your tribe to points of the map where they can build a new settlement while protecting them from natural calamities, once you do this enough you can move on to the new map. Expand
  31. Aug 20, 2011
    This game gets a 2 points score for video and animation only. The game is pretty much unplayable and crippled by terrible mouse keyboard control. Camera movement is clunky and annoying, click responses are not fast and not precise. The game itself is ok, maybe 70-80 points. But it is not playable on PC. To add to the fun you cannot play this game when you are not online because you have to prove to the ubi-servers that you have legally bought this shoddy console port.

    Overall: Bad and cheap console port with bad controls, substandard performance and annoying DRM. 2/10.
  32. Aug 17, 2011
    A really fun game, A 9 if the camera wasn't so annoying. If they came out with an update that separated the movement of the camera and the movement of the breath I think people would be more inclined to buy it, but we can only hope that they do something about it, until then i will only be playing 30mins at a time because that's about all I can handle of the ridiculously annoying camera movements.
  33. Aug 18, 2011
    The game is certainly worth it's price. Great terraform puzzle with strong physics and graphics. The only minor flaws i've found so far is not very smart AI, unskippable CGs and awkward controls.
  34. Aug 18, 2011
    At the moment the game is unplayable on the PC. Frustrating controls, unskippable cut-scenes that you have to watch every single time you restart a level (which will be often since, as I mentioned, it is currently nearly impossible to play), bad AI pathfinding, unexpected behavior, bugs left and right. I wanted to like it, but I seriously regret buying this game.
  35. Aug 21, 2011
    Apart from all the porting and DRM issues it suffers horribly from Spore Syndrome. Great idea, Eh game. It's pretty much the Simcity terrain editor, with some awesome physics thrown in, and dumbed down Lemmings gameplay added at the last minute. There's just not enough depth, and thus gets boring pretty quickly.
  36. Aug 23, 2011
    Well, the game is obviously not on par with the average PC gamers standards, but it is a truly beautiful and well-made game in most aspects. Sure, the camera sucks (hint: use the arrow keys to adjust tilt) and the graphics aren't crazy customizable. But i've had fun with it, it is a challenging puzzler, a realistic nature simulator, and despite the standard graphics, really does stand out as one of those games that makes you say "Wow, I couldn't imagine this 10 years ago." For the $15 price tag, it is definitely worth the experience, with or without flaws. Expand
  37. Aug 21, 2011
    If you want to play a game of torture yourself, buy this!. From the installing and activating the DRM to then finally playing the game. Ported so badly to pc with difficult keyboard layouts to slow reaction time of cursor to very bad camera angles, this game could have been so good if the basics were right.
  38. Aug 22, 2011
    This game has potential but it's currently state can by considered as public beta not as final product. As I was sold product that don't want to start I cannot judge the beauty of graphics or pleasure from playing as I didn't experienced any of them. Despite forced DRM which I can live with I am very disappointed with the quality of the game and the quality of UBI support that from August 18 did not handled with my case - my hardware specs meets all requirements. Maybe this game is cheap but product from such a legendary company as UBI SOFT shouldn't be considered as product "You got what you paid for". Expand
  39. Aug 22, 2011
    As much as I'd love to give this game a decent rating, this is a horrid, mess of a port with minimal graphics settings (Resolution and that's it), bugs that stop a large amount of users from even enjoying the game, DRM that forces you to always be online to play it, even though the company stated that it would NOT be in the PC build of the game, and a big lesson in how far south Ubisoft have gone with their business morals, and attitude towards legitimate PC customers. My advice is don't buy this, and give Ubisoft the justification to continue with this disgusting practice of screwing over legitimate customers. Expand
  40. Aug 27, 2011
    The only way to play this game properly is to get yerself a crack from torrents. Then all crashes are suddenly gone! I played straight through the campaign w/o a single crash. It was last game from Ubi i bought.
  41. Aug 21, 2011
    Not a bad game, just not executed too well. everything (except the physics), is mediocre or bad. Let's talk about the good aspects: -it can be fun since it has many of different abilities that you have to use through the game -the physics are really well done, especially water, which is really good and... The negative aspects: -it gets repetitive and frustrating really soon -the controls are 5HIT! and that makes dealing with terrain and water a real pain in the ass
    -it's a goddamn console port, and not even a good one (30 fps, no video settings, nothing!)
    -ubisoft drm, once again, makes me want to download a crack instead of buying ubisoft games
    -really bad AI (this is minecraft-level ai!)
    -it would be nice to have a map in a corner of the screen to know if a part of the map is burning, or if the people are drowning in a river outside the screen
  42. Aug 21, 2011
    If you must play this game, play it on the console. The PC version is a terrible quick & dirty port, and has Ubi's failtastic DRM on top of it. Oh, Ubi also LIED about the inclusion of the DRM to try and sell the game. Avoid like the plague on PC.
  43. Aug 21, 2011
    The Steam version is non-functional at worst and horrifically buggy at best, while Ubisoft's support team still haven't responded after several games. This release has been utterly disappointing, a total waste of $15.
  44. Aug 20, 2011
    The game has a lot of potential but is ultimately ruined by horrible awful DRM from lying Ubisoft, poor porting and awful graphics options(30fps cap on a PC game, what?). It does not have a massive amount of replay value once you finish the story missions(out of which maybe five are really interesting) and challenges, since playing around with fluids gets old fairly fast due to the lack of mechanics other than the terrain stuff to keep you entertained. Additionally the controls are awful, especially the TINY scrolling box(meaning the camera moves with the cursor almost all the time) and the poor pathfinding AI that gets stuck on the tiniest edge will drive you up the wall.

    Overall the game was moderately entertaining but ultimately very shallow and the DRM absolutely ruined my overall experience of it. I have to go through TWO launchers to play it, geez.
  45. mml
    Aug 20, 2011
    The games concept is very good, but the mouse and keyboard controls are so awkward this game is nearly unplayable without an xbox controller, The graphics are locked at 30fps with no anti-aliasing which could have easily been added, Ubisoft has made there be no advantage to this game if you are playing on the pc, the xbox version is better (only because it uses the best setting possible for an xbox). The drm and game launcher whilst not truly draconian like some does reduce the enjoyment of the game as you have to wait so long for the game to start up. If the major bugs were patched then I would advise buying but till then I would not waste my money (it was a stupid idea to pre-order). Expand
  46. Aug 19, 2011
    From Dust for PC is a beautiful sign of the gaming industry apocalypse. Only on the verge of a market collapse could a concept so promising be mangled so horribly. Now, I'm not here reviewing the Xbox version, I wish I were, but this is all about the PC port. The camera is very sensitive, as is the mouse. The mouse controls your movement as well as the camera's movement. Seeing a problem yet? The refresh rate is fixed, making you wonder why it's in the options menu at all. When a disaster such as a volcanic eruption occurs, the screen cuts awkwardly back and forth between the game and a terribly angled shot of the disaster, or in some cases a flat field of color (that's when the camera view is smashed up into the disaster, I assume.) Even movement of the mouse is choppy, which is a massive disadvantage in a game calling for precise placement of elements and abilities. As I see, some reviewers are calling these "isolated incidents." Consider the positive-negative review ratio, both from users and reputable gaming sites, and I'm sure you'll disagree. All in all, this clever, original game would be a keeper if they finished porting it and began work on DLC, but for the time being it's just another crushing mountain of defied expectations. Expand
  47. Aug 28, 2011
    I am shocked the Metacritic user score is so low on this amazing game. So much so that i had to sign up to Metacritic to have my say too.
    I read the dev's are calling this the heir to populous and I would say that they are spot on with this. I loved Populous when it came out, couldn't stop playing it - same with From Dust. I love the fact that you control nature and not your men live
    every other god sim, that gives this a really fresh twist - which is exactly what the god sim genre needed. Sure there is a massive puzzle solving element to From Dust, but there always is to god sims and anyone who says otherwise would be lying or so well practiced at the same old god sim games they don't need to think about it (people who played every Age of Empires, Civ, Sim City etc. game would probably have to think a lot less than people like me who play god sims occasionally and don't want to have to watch several hours of tutorials just to be able to start playing like Civ 4).

    I found From Dust fun, pretty and addictive. Having completed the main story I am working through the challenge mode which is really cool too. The only thing I would change with From Dust is that I would make it longer in the main story - but the cheaper price reflects the shorted game so it's fair enough.

    I can't wait for From Dust 2, but I will probably replay From Dust a few times before it hopefully comes out.
  48. Aug 28, 2011
    Very disappointed by the game. Seemed a great idea but between the awful Uplay imposed on us by Ubisoft, combined with a very bad interface and hazardous controls, it's hardly worth a try as long as the price has not been divided by 4. A good idea and a bad realization.
  49. Aug 20, 2011
    Preordered the game on steam, not knowing it was associated with Ubisoft. Saw the article about Ubisoft's lies of the DRM scheme, and had no time to get a refund from steam. I'm now pursuing a refund from Ubisoft. I don't plan on ever installing the game, especially since it is a terrible console port.
  50. Sep 1, 2011
    Do not buy this game, boycott everything from Ubisoft until they get their head straight that consumers are NOT going to put up with this DRM crap. I don't mind putting in a CD code. I don't even mind a one time activation online but I REFUSE to be TOLD I MUST BE ONLINE TO PLAY A DAMN SILLY GAME when I want to play it. This comes down to FORCED INTERNET CONNECTION and MONTHLY SERVICE FEES FROM ISP's as well as buying the damn game. The game is a pile of crap anyways. It's nothing more than lemmings and Populus with fancy smancy graphics. Expand
  51. Aug 20, 2011
    I did not care much about the ugly DRM and the poor quality of the port, but even then this game has failed to meet my expectations. It is, quite literally, a sandbox game, and there is not much to do other than moving some sand around. The water physics looks pretty impressive at first, but building sand bridges with clumsy controls gets old really fast. The campaign is poorly designed in that it is not challenging but rather very annoying. Overall, a big disappointment. Expand
  52. Aug 22, 2011
    Stay away from this port. The game itself, is pretty cool. Its more of a environmental puzzle game than a "god" game, but what it does is very entertaining and the graphics are absolutely amazing for XBOX live (not so much for PC, more later). If you have XBOX live, consider that the only version of this game and get it on that.

    As for this PC port, this most definitely ranks among the
    worst console to PC ports ever made. Lets get the elephant out of the way first. Ubisoft lied about the games DRM. Originally stating you would only need to activate the game online once, you actually need to activate it online EVERY single time you play. There is no offline option, rendering the game useless on laptops. Other than the DRM, the game has no graphic settings to speak of, a fixed 30 FPS cap, and some of the most god awful mouse controls you will ever experience. To sum it up, this is an absolute garbage PC game. Dont buy it on PC, period. Expand
  53. Mar 12, 2012
    From Dust had so much potential. Early development videos showed promised something truly unique, and while there is a great concept behind the game, it was executed terribly. Ubisoft spit in PC gamers' faces with their ludicrous DRM, and absolutely horrible console porting. A little extra effort on the developers part would have resulted in an excellent game.
  54. Dec 1, 2011
    I found myself exasperated after a day or so of playing this game, but it is a great concept, fun while it lasts, and is rather beautiful. I find myself most intrigued by the physics, they are really good for such a small game. Since this is made by Ubisoft, I almost feel this is an R&D title that went retail. "Anno 2070" looks to have the exact same engine, but is like Sim City.
  55. Aug 18, 2011
    I was hoping for Black and White 2 reviewed and perhaps that was the problem. If you are thinking about buying this game for that same reason, forget it Aside the play-ability problems well described in others' reviews the main problem is that the game is just boring. As far as I can tell there is no plot, is just a bunch of task, and the lack of a storyline make the game meaningless.
    Another downside for me, is that once you finish all the given tasks, there is nothing to do, so there is no use keep playing the same map, even if you really like it, and you have to star another one all the same stuff all over again.
    The positives: the graphics are really beautiful.
  56. Aug 17, 2011
    From Dust is a fun game that plays like they sell it: you control the elements to guide your human tribe. It is simple and entertaining, but poorly ported. The key choices are a bit wonky, but you will get over it quickly. The mouse movement isn't difficult to get used to either. Unlike what many others are saying, you CAN control the mouse sensitivity in game, it's just under the wrong options menu. The biggest letdowns are that the developers didn't add graphics controls and you're stuck at 30fps, no AA, so while everything looks like it could and should be beautiful, it's simply not by today's standards. It just looks... alright. Furthermore, Ubisoft felt it necessary to bludgeon this simple $15 game with their DRM bat using their tried and tested and failed methods of antipiracy including requiring an internet connection to play at all times, despite being only single player.

    In the end, it comes down to the simple question of whether you think a poor port is enough to hold back an otherwise great game.
  57. Aug 18, 2011
    I was really excited for this game but now I feel utterly disappointed, the game frustrated me with inducing: Bad controls, stupid AI and god like powers that were hardly god like.
    I don't recommend this game to anyone except those with extreme patience.
  58. Aug 19, 2011
    Horribly intrusive DRM and abysmal controls ruin what would otherwise still only be a mediocre puzzle game slash god simulator. The AI makes you want to tear your hair out, and not being able to pan the camera and control your "breath" at the same time makes doing anything an exercise in frustration. The only reasonably entertaining thing to do in this sorry excuse for a "game" is to take a blob of water and use it to put your miserable brainless subjects to sleep. Expand
  59. Aug 19, 2011
    Bought from Ubi Store. A DRM horrorshow. Doesnt even help if you get it from Steam. Totally money wasted there. Gameplay itself is sluggish and game itself would have potential, but suffers from the abusive DRM and lack of design.
  60. Aug 20, 2011
    The graphics and physics of this game are awesome. No question about that. However, it looks like a classic "god" game and one of the challenge texts even names Molineux as an inspiration. Even the Metacritic summary calls it a god game. In reality, this game has little in common with a Populous or Magic Carpet where you always have to use some kind of strategy. From Dust is a PUZZLE in an unusually pretty package. Once you have solved the puzzle, you will always win this scenario by the exact same course of action. There is no AI and no challenge beyond that. There is no replay value. I can even understand that the console versions are rated quite favourably because there it does not have to stand up to the comparison against the GAMEPLAY of a Popolous 2.
    Unlike others I did not have a problem with the camera or controls. They were awkward at times but never a game-stopper. The DRM - well, the online activation worked fine, I started the game once played it all the way through (no crashes!), played all but one of the "challenges", then uninstalled it.
  61. Aug 22, 2011
    The visuals of From Dust, are simply stunning, with a great art style, that complements the games engine very nicely. The game play is very enjoyable, and I have already spent hours, just playing with the tools!
    The story is very deep and compelling. You can really feel how much thought, has been put into it.

    Overall one of the best games I have played this year, and I'm sad so many
    people, have not been able to look past the DRM issues, and see the beauty of From Dust. Expand
  62. Aug 23, 2011
    Well, this game had the right idea but in the end failed to give me anything more then a time killer. I really tried to get into it, boosted my stereo up and turned off the lights. Within 2 hours I found myself playing flash games on the internet. Its concept of world building with limited powers made for a cool puzzle at first. After awhile you find your powers lacking and feel like you are just wasting your time accomplishing nothing more then making a giant bulky mass of sand to save your dudes from some lava. Expand
  63. Aug 23, 2011
    This game boring and bad. Additionally DRM, that had to be only during installation and is all the time. Do not buy the games of Ubisoft !

    Game: 5/10 DRM - 5pt.
    Score: 0/10
  64. Aug 24, 2011
    Seriously, most of the negative reviewers here need to get a life. I hate the DRM stuff too, as the UBI Launcher only works 1 in 7 times. (Not only on this game, but on Settlers 7, an excellent, excellent game.) I guess this is a form of boycott, and hopefully they listen, but still... let's move on to the game.

    The graphics are fine. Anyone complaining about things like 30fps and
    antialiasing issues needs to turn off the monitor and go outside. It's 60fps and max AA out there. The controls are a little fiddly but not bad... you're not trying to place things that precisely anyhow. I haven't tried using a controller with it, but that might be a little better than the mouse.

    I consider this a kids' game difficulty-wise, since it reminds me of the first 15 levels of Lemmings. I'm sure the reference will go over 90% of people's heads but for puzzle games it's the original. Maybe some expansions can offer some bigger challenges.

    The message that we have to recover the knowledge of the ancients is a good one to leave kids with... the most important one, really.

    Anyhow, this is a fun game for anyone who [never had/misses having] a sandbox. Have fun pushing around the sand, rock, and water and don't worry too much about the little people on the screen. They're just there to help out your imagination a little if you've grown up in the sterile, cartoons-and-gaming-saturated world of the 90's and 00's. The mechanic could easily be utilized in a full-budget title to great effect. I'm always hoping for an Actraiser reboot :)
  65. Sep 21, 2011
    Yeah, unfortunately I have to agree with bobreviews and most of the other reviewers: This is one of those games where it looked promising and completely failed to deliver. Moving terrain around for the sake of moving terrain around shouldn't be the entire game if it doesn't add some feasibly entertaining game-play.
  66. Nov 11, 2011
    This game is basically a terrain & fluid simulator which it does very well indeed in real time. It does however have no story, and if you took out the mind searingly boring and unskippable cutscenes the game is only an hour or 2 long. Top that with ubisoft's customary crippling DRM and this game is just a big stinking pile.
  67. Jul 15, 2012
    Do not buy, I purchased this game during the steam sale for 3.70 and even at that it was a huge let down. The best way I can explain would be something along the lines of world of goo but instead of having a new level the next level is the same map you just have a different goo ball to solve the same map with. There is no depth to this game, like others have said there is no replay value. I wouldn't even call this an RTS or even strategy related there is very very little game play to work with and well since there isn't a story that and the graphics are pretty much it. Oh I guess there is a story but some idiot decided to do it in gibberish and translate to English subtitles to save time which is really pathetic.
    The graphics that people say are so good much never have played hl2-crysis or any other major game title in the last 5 years. The physics engine isn't that spectacular and there is absolutely nothing new in my opinion. ALSO, you have to worry about Ubisoft's anti pirating software which is a paint in the butt in it self, I really wish companies would stop trying to copy valve by hindering every user in any action they take.
  68. Nov 16, 2011
    This game would be a lot more fun if it was functional. I am able to run much more resource intensive games on my computer yet this one seems to be the only one that causes crashes, even after I fully updated my drivers and such.
  69. Dec 26, 2011
    There is an important life lesson that I recieved from this game: that I will never buy from ubisoft again, no matter how promising the game looks. Their pc ports are utterly worthless (that includes prince of persia). This game had so much potential and ubisoft had to ruin it. What a shame. Here's some reasons why this game failed: it requires you to make an account just to play this game. There are no changeable graphics settings except the resolution (and it seems there is a 30fps cap, and the graphics look absolutely terrible even though my computer is capable). Worst controls I have experienced in a video game and you cannot fix it no matter how much you fiddle with the sensitivity and etc. Camera control is sudden, jerky, awkward, and requires much effort. Ubisoft is borderline criminal. I gave this a 4 because I loved the concept of this game, nothing more. Expand
  70. Jan 9, 2012
    Good idea, poorly executed. I was hoping for a lot more from this game. causes more frustration than enjoyment most of the time. Pros: the amusing sounds the "locals" make and the water animation.
  71. DX9
    Jan 26, 2012
    For a self-confessed "God-game", Ubisoft's 'From Dust' is almost anything but. The premise is promising: using your God-like powers, alter and terraform the landscape of an ever-changing island to solve logistical problems for a nomadic, faceless tribe. However, the final product proves not only tedious to play, but hypercritical of the genre it claims to be: a railroad-like story which forces you to use your powers at certain times and intervals; a notoriously, somewhat-infamously stupid AI who, although yearn to live in an island paradise, for some reason cannot seem to grasp walking through a puddle of water to another island; and a constant shift in gameplay balance which, therefore, refuses you to control the game effectively. Moreover, Ubisoft's tyrannical, dictatorial DRM proves overtly annoying, forcing you to sign up to Uplay (what the?) to play - a Steam-like digital device, without the extra features, and with more of the propaganda Ubisoft enjoys emitting. That is, in conclusion, if you can actually get the game to run at all. Expand
  72. Mar 1, 2012
    I watched a lets play of this on youtube, the guy I watched was playing it on Xbox360, it looked amazing and great! I was fascinated with it! I could deal with the horrible story line, so I thought I would buy the game as soon as I could. So I went out, got a pre-paid visa card, and bought the game (I don't buy many games at all) and I was really excited. The DRM popped up, I didn't know what those were at the time, but I know that they are really frustrating seeing as I had to download random crap I never heard of nor did I think that random crap was necessary to the game since I had installed that. So I figured, wow, this is inconvenient, but I can deal with this I guess. I didn't know at the time that it meant I had to suffer memory leaks and such from my laptop, my ACER LAPTOP! So it can't run games all that well at all, but now I have to suffer with this DRM taking up power I will need to run the damn game! Then I learned that they had no graphics options. So I am stuck with a game that cut my frames anyway with a cap, but added the insult to any gamer that doesn't have and can't afford a beast of a PC through not having any graphical options whatsoever! So I was able to finally run the game, after about 4 or 5 hours of dealing with issues from installation, the DRM, and the game launching. But, I found out that my laptop, which easily met the minimum hardware requirements, got all of 4 frames a second on the game. FOUR! When it is capped at a barley decent frame rate of 30, I am able only to view still frames of the first level which was marred by motion blur and crap.

    Along with bad frame rate, I got horrible game lag as well! It took me at least 15 to 20 minutes to get through the birth of the breath cutscene which, if memory serves, should take all of 3 minutes maximum! My laptop isn't the best, but it isn't that crap. From the lets play of From Dust I saw on youtube I recommend getting it on Xbox360, it looks great and plays well on there, if you have anything less than a stellar PC or a really expensive gaming laptop, don't bother with this, you won't be able to run it.
  73. Jul 15, 2012
    Terrible villager pathfinding and AI. Subpar camera controls. There are no graphics customization options besides resolution. But the most damning of all is the lack of a sandbox mode. It is this last fact that makes this game almost completely worthless. Do not buy for more than 10$, and only if you want a mediocre, but somewhat pretty looking puzzle game with no replay value. The outright refusal to simply patch in a blank map is pretty unforgivable. A single content patch could make this game a solid 7-8/10. Expand
  74. Jan 26, 2012
    "A game with huge potential, absolutely spoiled by a sloppy port and tyrannical DRM. Ubisoft lying about the DRM being present is unacceptable, ESPECIALLY for a single-player game. Highly recommend against purchasing".- CheatIsNotDead But other than that the Game is extremely short and the controls are sloppy as hell. so opportunity wasted there.
  75. Nov 21, 2011
    Poor port, and the Steam version of the game requires third party DRM in the form of Ubisoft game launcher. Isn't Steam DRM enough!? Sick and tired of having to register for online activation, give my contact details and sign my privacy away by agreeing to allow a 3rd party to track information about the games I play and when I play them, just to play a game I legally bought. Wasted my money on this, I am never buying another Ubisoft game for PC... Expand
  76. Jan 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An interesting game, unfortunately it is designed for a console not a pc, the mouse feels drunk and once you get to the tide is high level, your game comes to an end because its not possible to finish that level on the PC. I watched some youtube videos of xbox users doing it and it looks like a far easier level than what we get on the PC. I wonder if Ubisoft has tested this on the PC at all, it certainly does not look like it. Take tip, stay clear, it is a nice small game but its just not worth when you can only get half way through this short game anyway. Expand
  77. Sep 11, 2011
    I had heard a bunch of good things about this game from various sources, and that made me buy the game.
    However I was extremely disappointed when I saw what it actually was.
    there are many problems with this game,
    The AI of the tribesmen is extremely frustrating, and really hard to work around.
    The controls for the game were clearly made for a controller and not a mouse, and form the looks
    of it, nothing has changed there when they ported it over.
    The graphics are OK, to put it generously.
    The Ubi soft launcher is a curse, And is really freaking annoying to deal with. this is by far the worst part of the game as you can not bypass it. The DRM ruins the game completely.

    While no single part of the game with the possible exception of the DRM/launcher shenanigans is worth a bottom score, when you take a look on the game as a whole, everything about it is way below what you would expect, it doesn't have a redeeming feature, Which is the reason for my low score.
    The game is not very expensive, but for what it is, it is too expensive by a large margin.
  78. Jan 1, 2013
    A wonderful atmosphere, art and physics and although there seems to be a lot of fuss about this and that I don't see any issues. I like the game. If only you could ESC the cut scenes before a level. This, by itself, ruined the game for me. I can't watch those cut scenes over and over and over because I failed a level. Such a simple problem that would have a simple fix.

    Fix that one
    thing for me and I will give it an 8. Expand
  79. Aug 21, 2011
    Art, sound and physics 10 Publisher -3 Overall 7 Majority of extremely low scores mention DRM. Its understandable but not to the point to give this game 0 ,1,2 or 3. People, please rate the game (including your DRM frustration) but dont bash it so hard. This game is another example reflecting the world we are living in. Great idea gets drained, suffocated and simplified for the sake of "pleasing the market" by a bunch of Stasi, ignorant, greedy, filthy, idiotic, criminal marketeers (pleonasm?). They too, as many others, do not allow ideas to come on top of their short term profit. Result is this twilight market of anemic and failing titles.
    As some other reviewers, I had none of mentioned problems (beside annoying and intelligence insulting DRM). I had to "fix" DRM problem. Game run flawlessly, physics were simply jaw dropping and control, although novel, was not giving me headache. Sounds and music were great.
  80. Aug 20, 2011
    From Dust is an excellent god/puzzle game, and one of the few games that I've been excited about this year. It has a few flaws, like the DRM requiring you to be online, and the controls are not perfect but certainly usable. People need to chill out and think about gameplay, not politics! We play video games for escapism :)
  81. Oct 1, 2011
    Those villagers are stupid as ****
  82. Aug 18, 2011
    If you want a awesome God game, this is it. For 15$ your practically ripping off the producers for it and it is the best God game on the market, if there is even another one out there. There is endless re-playability and generally a solid game with good graphics and sound gameplay. The physics in itself is fantastic . The controls are absolutely fine, and can be changed in the options. Never had a single issue with the mouse or any problems with the DRM (although that does not mean I support it). Looks like too many people are raging about Ubisoft rather than the game and need to stop being so butthurt that it came out of Xbox first and not PC. Expand
  83. Aug 18, 2011
    I think From Dust is a great game after Populous, coz im a big fanatic of that game. The only sad thing is the mouse controlling on PC. Bought the game after the game released and yes i so much like it! I Hope the developers will give patches and also a Multiplayer option!
  84. Aug 18, 2011
    The concept of From Dust is one of the better ideas in recent history. You help a tribe settle along several landscapes by forming their environment. All of this is accomplished visually rich with wonderful dynamic physics. The game in itself does not seem to be particularly long, but it certainly does offer value for money.
    Ubisoft however does deserve some heavy criticism for delivering
    a heartless port of the Xbox version. Therefore, the game is best played with the Xbox gamepad for windows. Controlling it with mouse and keyboard certainly is a pain in the a**. Expand
  85. Aug 21, 2011
    From Dust is worth a play-through. The engine is really fun to mess around with and it's a great idea. For $15 and about 10 hours of story you get what you pay for. This is not Black & White III. The game suffers from default awkward camera coding (which there IS on option for!!), terrible AI, un-skippable CG sequences, and some very boring songs from the tribe, in my opinion. Listening to the repel-water spell over and over becomes very monotonous. Less horn and a lot more drums, I think, would make for better songs. 7/10 in the current state, but if the AI was updated I'd give it an 8/10. Expand
  86. Aug 25, 2011
    this game is a bad port of a bad game. let me explain points by points why you should avoid from dust like the plague. 1. bad port : it does not support well normal computer and cant exploit the pc potential as such you get: a.choppy graphic b.low fps (30 on a nvidia GTX 570) c.memory leak d.processing leak lack's mouse capture witch make it impossible to play if you have more than one screen (witch is my case)

    3.crappy redundant DRM (yes you herd me) make's it even worse

    4. lastly if you played the MUCH better game Black & White you well this is a downgrade if the tutorial level repeated again and again throughout the game.

    you're much better off playing minecraft or terraria as a Gog-game than this
  87. Aug 29, 2011
    There are not enough ways to say garbage. The ONLY thing it has going for it is the graphics. Its super short, super easy, horrid support of the "story" and oh! Did I mention QQsoft lied about the DRM? Granted its a $15 dollar game, that I did get a refund for from Steam thank you, but i expect that what you paid for was to test the acceptance of the DRM and you get a **** game along with it.
  88. Sep 2, 2011
    people said that the controls in this game were terrible, but i disagree. they're different but it's not like you cant find the cursor or it's unplayable, the game's controls are just a bit harder to use. and not harder as in buggy, i mean like it's part of the design if that makes sense. and the drm isnt bad, ubisoft just made a bad decision with adding a launcher when they could have just used steam to manage that stuff. otherwise, lots of bugs have been fixed from a patch ubisoft gave out and the graphics & physics look almost flawless.

    overall, this game is fun and once you get past the launcher (which isnt too bad, so stop your whining you trolls) the games deserves a 9/10
  89. Aug 31, 2011
    Game relies on a connection to Ubisoft's unreliable server to play. In other words, the game is made unplayable by Ubisoft's inability to keep their servers running.
  90. Sep 2, 2011
    Same as others, great potential, terrible result. Even as a puzzle game/strategy game alone, this game fails. All levels for the first 90% of the game could be solved by a lobotomized monkey, but then the game throws you a curveball level that has more a twitch minigame than a puzzle. Honestly, I would recommend trying before buying.
  91. Sep 3, 2011
    The game never worked on my PC. Good support system, though. Currently Ubisoft support is dodging the question how I get back the money I paid for my pre-order by suggesting I should play the game on a friend's computer, if I can find one where it runs.
  92. Sep 5, 2011
    Broken AI, lazy porting to pc, incredibly hard, frustrating, and not at all rewarding gameplay... From Dust was a major disappointment. The graphics are amazing, and the style it was made in was also. But this ended up just like Spore: Hype was built up, developers got lazy, and the game crashed and burned. This is a kind of game with extreme potential, but I don't think even the sandbox mode they're promising it enough to make it better. Expand
  93. Oct 11, 2011
    Absolutely disappointing! A fabulous concept destroyed by some amateur producers from Ubisoft. God game? Yeah, sure, in your dreams!
    Obsolete cinematix, pathetic narrative line. Actually, it's one of the worst games of this year! Score: 1
  94. Oct 28, 2011
    What looks like fun soon turns out to be extremely boring. While the game does look nice, that's about it, and with an obvious console port, this game is absolute rubbish. Ubisoft as a publisher has completely lost my support with their stupid anti pirate protection requiring internet connection.
  95. Dec 27, 2011
    EDIT!!! : Very sad... Great game... mouse pointer very sluggish and inaccurate, but liveable.. THE MAIN and SEVERE POINT IS... level 7 "High Tides" is broken on the PC version... you can not finish it in 1 out of 100 attempts and if you do it was by pure chance. The XBOX version will show you the difference between it and the PC version, essentially there is a submerged land bridge that becomes dry and passable on the XBOX, but never becomes dry or "walk-able" in the PC version. This makes the game impossible to finish, even if you do pass to the island, the water-flood problem prohibits you from completing the final stage of this level. Other than that, it is a brilliant game... just that you can not finish it :( Expand
  96. Jan 1, 2012
    This game was a surprise for me. Is a little diamond with very nice gameplay and some excellent ideas. I have read to the internet about a crappy buggy game but i didn't see anything like that. The only negative is that you need only 6-7 hours to complete this game
  97. Feb 28, 2012
    I sensed a lot of novelty from this game. I haven't played many games from this genre, so it seemed quite unique at first. But before long, it started to feel much less 'game' and much more 'sandbox.' I started rolling my eyes when it felt like I was seeing the same cinematic between each level. Then I reached a point where the game said 'build a wall,' so I built a wall....but the game just said 'c'mon, build a wall.' I thought 'I just did.' Long story short, that's as far as I went with From Dust. I wouldn't recommend it, and I kinda wish I hadn't spend money on it. Expand
  98. Mar 3, 2012
    A short but cheap game for the puzzle fans and megalomaniacs. I haven't had this much fun since Populous II although most puzzles are somewhat easy and the villager pathing AI can be annoying at times.
  99. Dec 18, 2012
    I bought this game during the steam sale for 75% off at $3.75... After playing the game, I realize I paid too much. The game has stunning graphics, but as another reviewer mentioned, this 'From Dust' is simply a showcase for the landscape engine. No replay value, Frustrating Pathfinder AI, No real point to the game... Save your money. Ubisoft has been dissapointing as of late.
  100. Jan 2, 2012
    From Dust (Steam PC version) Rating 10 / 10

    Released 2011.08 (Ubisoft Montpellier) Played 2011.12 Simulation / Adventure (4-12 hrs)

    [Playthrough] Play as a Deity protecting a small tribe from cyclical tides, tsunamis, and volcanoes; move earth, water, lava, and use magical powers to shape the world they live in. Help them found new colonies, discover knowledge, and adapt to changing
    conditions of their environment. This game was a breath of fresh air, really fun and hard to put down. I play very few simulation games. For me this was a diversion from my usual fare - see below. This game can be picked up and learned very quickly and plays out with tremendous satisfaction. A must buy for avid gamers.

    [Challenges] Play just over a dozen scenarios. Each scenario has multiple goals - some linear, others not, and some optional. Timed challenges within each scenario are fun and abundant. There are few actual skills to be developed however observation, timing and innovation are required to use each one optimally. I was pleased with my progression throughout the game keeping the enjoyment high. Anytime I found myself not easily accomplishing a task I was able to sit back and experiment with success. Great physics make for believable gravity, water, lava, earth simulation. [Audience and Skill level] This game will appeal to a wide audience with any skill level. There is only one difficulty setting, and the game is not difficult. [Children] There is no offensive language, nudity, sex, smoking, drug use, or abusive personalities. There is mild violence in that villagers can be washed away by the ocean or may be smoked by the lava. Proficient use of a mouse to zoom around a 3D world is required.

    [PC] E6600 3.0GHz / ASUS P5W Deluxe / 2Gig RAM / Radeon 6770 / 1920x1200 / XP SP3
    [Graphics] I played this on the highest quality settings and experienced no problems. The environment was beautiful. [Sound] I really enjoyed the sounds of drums and and chanting as I zoomed in on the villages, the sound of running water when near rivers and the ocean. Add to that wind, volcanoes, and tsunamis; it is a feast for the ears. [Controls] I played with a keyboard and trackball. The controls were easy to remap but the game did not retain my preferences; fortunately there were less than a dozen controls to remap each time. [Bugs] The game never crashed and never hiccuped. Sweet ! It was possible to build very high volcanoes that created shallow camera angles.

    [Replay and alternative modes] You will replay this at least once. My first replay was most enjoyable when I hit the more challenging maps. The game permits you to replay each map individually. The hard maps I replayed many times. Every replay is different because it depends on how you build the world. The game also features a challenge mode. These are fun and short. [Lost points] I could not deduct any points for this game. [Wish list] The game is short at 4-12 hrs, but this is probably a blessing. I would have liked more maps - or even better - a level editor to create and trade maps with other players. At times during the game I imagined myself as the main character in Myst that created worlds by writing in books, each world with all of the success and failings consequential to my actions. Wouldnâ
  101. Aug 18, 2011
    From the console reviews and with the name Eric Chahi I expected this game to be fantastic and purchased it as soon as it launched.

    Big mistake.

    Instead of a fun God-game with great art direction and graphics I got this unplayable mess with terrible controls that runs and looks like ass on my rig (which runs Crysis 2 and every modern game maxed out by the way). The mouse controls are
    just broken and frustrating, the game runs between 15 and 30fps for seemingly no reason and there are no graphic options to speak of except for the option to change the resolution. Awful controls and performance plus a complete lack of polish show the lack of effort Ubi Soft put into this port, something they are getting a reputation for, I would have derived more enjoyment and less disappointment from just lighting the $15 this pile cost me on fire.

    Do not buy unless Ubi fixes it, which they won't, as usual.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. 50
    To truly enjoy playing God you have to beat a few obstacles – technical issues, arguable DRM and user-unfriendly controls. Console-to-PC conversion took its price this time. [Oct 2011]
  2. Oct 19, 2011
    From Dust feels like a demo of Populous 4. Tutorial parts (with too much hand helding) ran too long, but couple of levels display the possibilities what From Dust could have been. Still worth the price, though. [Sept 2011]
  3. Sep 15, 2011
    From Dusk is a very interesting title to play, but could have been a great game if the controls and difficulty were more polished.