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  1. Nov 21, 2014
    I originally wrote a very negative review of this game here upon release, and I still feel today that the review was both accurate and well deserved. At release this game was a tease -- offering promise but not delivering on any of it. Maddeningly simple combat mechanics, limited RNG for everything especially encounters, narrow options for progression and unlocking, and little freedom of strategic gameplay if you wanted any measure of success in the late game made it a huge headache for a lot of old pc gamers like myself. We wanted to love it -- we simply could not.

    Time has addressed most of my complaints, and I definitely love FTL today. Or perhaps to be more precise: Patches, the Advanced Edition version of the game, the Captain's Edition mod, Captain's Edition's addons, and several other key mods have addressed most of my complaints, and this combination is now what I love today -- not the game "FTL - Advanced Edition", but the gestalt that the community has created through modification. Finally, FINALLY, the game is what it should have been at release.

    First of all, FTL+AE+CE+mods is just randomly, spontaneously fun now, even when you fail, and without removing the rogue-like level of difficulty. The game is still very difficult, even incredibly so, but largely through strategy and choices rather than arbitrary "haha you died" RNG events that took no account of what had been done in that particular game up to that point. You can still get crippled or killed in RNG events, but they're MUCH less arbitrary and annoying than they were in the original release, and as you get stronger you will actually feel the power increase and be able to handle situations that previously you thought were impossible (and in the original game, 999 times out of 1000, WERE impossible).

    FTL+AE+CE is also more refined everywhere you look, with mistakes fixed, crashes addressed, and details improved, even moreso when you start piling on the mods. There are many more mods that I haven't even mentioned in this review (such as Better Planets and Backgrounds) that improve FTL tremendously, and you can (largely) mix and match the ones you want to get the experience that you want.

    Another important point: with mods the game now has a much more expansive universe, with a lot more to see, do, and discover. Now each new new game genuinely feels much more random, spontaneous, and alive. It took me over 3 complete playthroughs (that ended in winning the game -- a death is not a playthrough, and I had many of those) to actually see all of the RNG events. This is well over 200 hours of playtime alone, and I still haven't seen all the possible outcomes/choices, just the actual events themselves. The choices and strategic options you have now, from crew composition all the way down to roleplaying the metagame in RNG events, are so much more expanded that comparisons with the original game are hardly even valid anymore.

    In summary, the original release of FTL was promising, and with a lot of great ideas (and trance loops), it just wasn't a good game. FTL Advanced Edition + Captain's Edition + CE addons + your choice of further modding is INDEED the great game that FTL should have been. It's a pity that the mod community had to make FTL into a properly fun computer game, but I'm just glad that the community did it. If I could, I'd pay them instead of the developer, because they took something lacking structure, polish, features, depth, and overall quality, and made it simply fantastic. Thanks guys! You are one of the many reasons that PC will always be the #1 gaming platform.

    One last thing: Buy this game on GOG and support the DRM-free Revolution. I did.
  2. Nov 3, 2014
    Possibly the best space indie game in a long time, probably history. The game will challenge you, your nerves and logical thinking. After a few hours, the game can get a bit repetitive, but the it shows you something more and the fun is back. I saw, I played, I did not win yet, but I'll work on it. If you like space, strategies and rogue-lite challenging games, you shouldn't miss this one.
  3. Nov 3, 2014
    Soundtrack: The soundtrack in this game is quite fitting. It uses techno music to put forth a feeling of being in a spaceship. The music itself isn’t distracting and allows the player to immerse himself into the game. However, after a while the music does get quite repetitive. 7/10

    Gameplay: The gameplay for FTL is quite enjoyable as it allows the audience to feel like each decision
    matters. Each decision in the game comes with pros and cons and makes the player think about each decision they are about to make. Do I send in my crewmembers to help out another crew ship and risk them dying or do I go the safe route and get no reward though? Each decision matters in this game and eventually starts to stack up on the final stage of the game. However, the RNG (Random Number Generator) in this game can screw the player over without notice. Sometimes the game will produce scenarios where it is a lose lose situation over and over again until the player loses. Although this is rare within the game it is still very frustrating to deal with. Overall the gameplay is 8/10.
    Storyline: The storyline in the game is not very long, but is sufficient enough to portray what the game is trying to sell you. In the end though the games storyline feels irrelevant after a couple play through and is quite repetitive. 6/10

    Graphics: Graphics in this game are highly pixelated, but this does not take away from the game nor does it add depth. This time graphic section is N/A.
  4. Oct 26, 2014
    At first I really hated this game. It seems really straightforward (as far as tactics/strategy), and yet random and unfair. The tutorial is extremely basic and doesn't really prepare you for how to play.

    The biggest omission is that while the game happens in real-time, you can pause everything and coordinate multiple actions, and then un-pause to set them in motion. In fact, it's
    absolutely critical that you do. It's sort of a combination of real-time and turn-based.

    You can play the game real-time but eventually it will throw a situation with four or five things going on and you'll get rolled. You're meant to pause everything, figure out the best counter-moves and then set everything in motion. Once you "get it", the game isn't nearly so frustrating.
  5. Oct 4, 2014
    First of all, addressing the complaining (most likely) younger generation gamers: no, I haven't only played the game for 2-3 hours. I put 120+ in, and still counting. This game is what I've been waiting for, and I didn't even know it. Reminds me of the golden age (which means the '90s for me) in terms of difficulty, atmosphere and replay value. Of course if you grew up on Halo, CoD and the likes, you won't value it. If you're a save-load-abusing kid, you won't value it. Yes, this game is not for everyone. But crying for the difficulty? Go and play your twelve-a-dozen railshooters which give you an achievment for shooting your weapon the first time.

    p.s. forgot to mention the AMAZING soundtrack. Ever noticed games these days don't really have a memorable soundtrack? It's either some overused orchestral wannabe-epic background track, or just some ambient whooo-lookatme-im-event-activated foolishness.
  6. Sep 12, 2014
    FTL is the type of game that I felt a Star Trek type game should be, but never was. You have many alien races, engines, shields, weapons, teleporters, med bay, warp core systems and a crew working to maintain those systems or board enemy ships to try and complete your mission. Needless to say, it's very fun and the interface is designed very well. It's also very challenging as there are many obstacles in your way of completing the mission. The weapon designs, species of aliens, and different systems you can install in your ship, and the many kinds of encounters make each play through unique, interesting, and challenging in it's own way.
    For the aesthetics of the game, the graphics are more like 8 or 16bit era quality, but they are very well done sprites with a sound track of AAA quality. The atmosphere, sound and music make it sound like you're really commanding a ship through the star systems.
    The only reason I have to give it a 9 out of 10 is because the game experience is limited to one overall mission, and I see lots of room for expanding upon this universe that simply doesn't get explored by the developers. A multiplayer option would be nice too. I don't give the game a lesser score because it is an indie game so less should be expected, and for what it tries to do, it does very very well. I'd play this over any of the stock Star Trek games any day and that says a lot about this games quality.
  7. Sep 4, 2014
    Welcome to FTL. As a disclaimer, this game is not for everyone. This is a rogue-like game to the max. It takes a great mix of random and strategy, and throws it into the blender and hits puree.

    When you sit down to this game, it is difficult to know what to expect. I had heard great things about it for so long, but had been hesitant to try it for various reason. It looks simple. From
    the top down, there isn't much to the game. Take a crew, fly around, don't get killed. Simple, right?

    The game is addicting for those who like it, but those who push through it past the first several hours are gluts for punishment. The game is difficult, nearly brutally so, and it comes almost completely from the random encounters/missions. The game could be readily described as "The Sci-Fi Experience" but in the same breath, it is unrelenting. Minute to learn, lifetime to master game. (Not that long but you get the point)

    The game, while random, does get repetitious after the initial "THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER" shock. The game is an indie, yes, and for some reason that is a bad thing in today's mindset.

    Many people will get at least 10 hours out of this game. Those who actually enjoy it will get much more. The advanced edition definitely helped with expanding the universe.

    Those who take the time to enjoy the game for what it is, will find an experience worth enjoying. Those looking for a challenge, look no further. Those expecting 3D animation, engaging storyline and rich characters, look elsewhere.
  8. Aug 30, 2014
    FTL: Faster than light tasks the player with running a space ship as you travel through uncharted space. Along the way randomised events, usually battles against other ships, occur which can often be quite a challenge to survive. Like most rouge-likes death is quite literally the end and should your ship be destroyed or crew killed you have no other option but to start over (and trust me that will happen a lot!)

    What at first glance may seem to be quite a simple game soon reveals a fair amount of depth with all aspects of the ship from the crew, to the weapons to the shields needing to be managed and, when possible, upgraded. To be honest the random nature of events, combined with the perma-death, can be a little frustrating when you see hours of hard work quite literally going up in smoke but FTLs addictive gameplay will ensure most keep coming back for just one more try.
  9. Aug 19, 2014
    I'd like this to be formally renamed to FTL: **** than XCOM.
    Now that it's out of the way, let me explain why. The game is about 95% luck based. I think the only real skill is knowing when to restart because your luck ran out. I spent about 5 hours playing consecutively, and I only made it to the 8th sector once. Most of the time, it was because I would find a ship with 3 layer shields in
    the 1st sector, or all 3 of my crew would die in a single event, etc. Games like these need to understand that relying solely on luck make a game bad. You can have something like XCOM which incorporates luck into skill-based gameplay, but when your entire game is a living random number generator, you know you have a **** game. See: FTL. I wanted to like the game. Arguably, the most fun part is boarding. But, until you unlock ships that start with the capability of boarding enemy ships (Which can only be unlocked if you get LUCKY enough to find the sector the RANDOMLY placed event is in. Emphasis on the luck part. There is NO WAY that involves the slightest amount of skill or understanding of the game.), you have to be LUCKY enough to stumble across enough scrap, and then lucky enough to find a shopkeeper who will sell the teleporter bay, letting you board. Oh yeah, and you'll need to be lucky enough to find a suitable crew for boarding.
    If you couldn't tell my by obvious subtlety, let me give you a metaphor on how you win or lose. A computer rolls a 24 sided dice. If it lands on 20, you win. Anything else, you lose. If you try to roll the dice yourself for better odds, the computer burns your house down. If you're a person with a lot of luck, and you just won the lottery, go buy a car. Don't waste your time on this game. Even at 10 dollars, it was a pathetic waste of money.
    This is the constructive part of the review. The game has a nice way of telling you what happens, albeit a lazy one. You get a text box. But, the text box is charming, and less generic than the game is. So, 1/10. Other than that, dog **** Your entire experience is based around a random number generator. It's like if a game took the worst part of a strategy game, combined it with the worst part of an mmo (grinding), and then combined it with the worst part of Dungeons and Dragons (Random, uncontrollable outcomes), an then had it brained on the wall, you'd get FTL.
    Don't pick this game up. Ever. It's abysmal. And this is coming from someone who LOVED the luck-based part of XCOM. My only hope is that I'll be able to obtain a ship that lets me board from the beginning of the game (Because boarding yields more scrap, meaning more upgrades, meaning an easier time. It also triples the chance of recovering a ship augmentation, a potential crewmate, a weapon or a quest trigger), and until the unlocks are based less around throwing a dice at a speeding train, I'm not going to bother. Even the combat, the ONLY part that requires skill comes off as half-assed and generic. The starting ship has a gaping weakness to missiles, as enemy weapons charge 50% faster than yours, meaning they ALWAYS get off a first shot. If a missile hits your shields, it takes you 50% longer to repair it than the enemy ships, meaning that you might as well restart, because you're boned.
    TL:DR; A game that is only luck, with generic combat, and NO progressive rewards. So, nothing ever gets easier. There is no progression. There is no real plot. It's 3 words. "Run from rebels". There is no GAME. Just a number generator. And that is why FTL: Rapist's Delight is one of the worst "games" of the decade. It's definitely the worst strategy game.
  10. Aug 15, 2014
    TL;DR: the "de facto" best Star Trek style spaceship commander simulator, in a "rogue-light", addictive and challenging gameplay, with undeniable charm, an impressive atmosphere, and absolutely stunning soundtrack. Multiple ships, ship systems, weapons, crew races, expanded upon with the FREE Advanced Edition, provide a variety of play styles and endless replayability.

    In FTL you
    control a medium-sized spaceship and its crew carrying vital data to the Federation fleet. You are being pursued by the Rebel fleet and must stay ahead of it by doing FTL jumps between beacons of each sector and from sector to sector until you finally reach your main fleet. Problem is, it's an hostile universe out there, and you'll never know what you'll encounter on the next beacon...

    In the beginning you can pick between multiple ship types (that you unlock as you play), each with different crew compliments and systems that will make for different play styles. The meat of the game plays as a strategy real-time (pausable) "rogue-light", where you control your ship and crew from a top-down view, managing which crew member mans which system (engines, shields, weapons, helm, etc) for a better performance, when and how to fire weapons and also the allocation of power to each system. Crew members of different races have different bonus: one repair systems quicker, one provide extra power to the room they're in, one are excellent fighters, one are immune to fire, etc. You won't have power for everything, and also depending what systems/weapons you have and your crew type, you have to adapt and optimize your strategy and approach to your encounters.

    And you'll encounter a lot: other ships, some hostile, some friendly; there's even mini-quests and mini optional "story arcs" that you can go on. Not only that but also dangerous asteroid fields, nebulas that interfere with your shields and sensors, suns that burst out flares and set your ship on fire. The real-time battles, despite being pausable, are usually pretty tense. You'll mostly be trying to damage or disable enemy shields and damaging their systems, such as shields and weapons, until you destroy their ship. Or you can beam up a boarding party, kill everyone and take control of the ship, or you can bypass their shields by hurling missiles or beaming up bombs (limited supply of these), etc. Or you can just run for it if things are too hot. And the best thing is, the enemies can do the exact same things! Battles will damage your systems, breach your hull, ignite fires, and that's where you'll need your best managing skills to keep things under control on the heat of battle. Sometimes things just happen too fast, you were not prepared, and you're blown into oblivion and have to start from the beginning. It's an unforgiving universe... After each battle you win, you can get random upgrades but you'll mostly accumulate scrap, which can be used to upgrade your ship's system and go to stores to buy consumables (like jump fuel and missiles) or weapons and systems; or even recruit more crew members. You'll need scrap badly, but how far is it reasonable to risk potentially lethal encounters on its pursuit?

    Between that and much more, like controlling blast doors and managing oxygen supply in case of a fire or breach, or also venting rooms in your ship to put out fires or choke intruders to death, FTL manages to be the most complete and realistic spaceship simulator, Star Trek style, that I've ever know, despite its 2D, top-down, pixel art style. You can only "save&quit", if you lose, you have to start from the beginning. Some "runs" will go better than others, it always depends on your ability to adapt and optimize your play style, but it also depends a bit on being fortunate enough on finding a really good upgrade or weapon after a battle or on a store. That can be a bit frustrating, but you'll learn a lot from your mistakes. And after finishing the game, you'll realize that you couldn't have done it if you hadn't learned so much. So it rewards you for your failures and efforts.

    The soundtrack is just absolutely brilliant, one of the best in my memory, being part charming old-school style 8-bit tunes, part dreamy sci-fi space sounds, it provides a unique atmosphere that immerses completely. The overall style oozes charms and tender care, despite being a very challenging and unforgiving game.

    With the addition of Advanced Edition, completely free, bringing more races, more ships, more weapons and systems, and also more encounters, the game has an impressive amount of content that can get you on it for dozens of hours. If you like space sci-fi strategy games, particularly commanding ships Star Trek style, this is for you. If you get frustrated easily with a challenge, maybe approach it carefully, but you'll be missing out.
  11. Aug 5, 2014
    141 hours in on the PC, not including all the hours spent on the iOS version.... Firstly the worst part about the game is the ship unlocks although with Advanced Edition they've partly fixed that so you don't need to do idiotic quests. Its a very compact game, each game is short enough to finish in 1 or 2 sittings. There's no waste, no needless grinding to get items. Whilst it can be said that there are only certain ways to win (boarding crews and or overwhelming firepower) plus the first few sectors are make or break. The whole experience really is a awesome rpg/strategy blend that I can't recommend enough.

    Plus the soundtrack is impressive for retro midi!
  12. Jul 21, 2014
    FTL is a Rogue-like Sci-Fi adventure places you in the Captains chair of a Star Ship managing both crew and ship systems while trying to survive the odds. FTL has substance & style with its 2D aesthetic style, various aliens races & ships and tactical depth makes FTL fun and addictive and a worthy purchase especially on the Steam sales, with the added bonus of benefiting from some decent mods.
  13. Vas
    Jun 29, 2014
    Well, it was a good game a few play throughs. I don't like how extremely difficult the end game boss is. Nearly impossible to defeat. It has so much randomness to it, yet it's almost always the same. You fly a ship multiple locations, buy things, get to the end game boss to have your arse kicked, cooked, handed to you, and forced down your throat, then you're blown up. A recent update added some new things which made the game more interesting for a while, but really, it's still pretty much the same old same old. It might be worth it though, if you like rogue like games with randomness to them. At least it wasn't terrible. I say I think it was worth getting, just isn't as fun as I had hoped it would be. Expand
  14. Jun 29, 2014
    I've circled back to this game a few times having played it clean through at least twice. It represents great value and is quite rewarding. Frustratingly so at times. Hard to get this much entertainment for under 5 bucks.
  15. Jun 28, 2014
    This 'game' is not even worth playing unless you have a thing for either A) Modding files and making things easier, B) having the luck of a dozen leprechauns or C) enjoy failure. The game is mind-blowing difficult, requiring a restart from square one. No second chances or back-up saves. The difficulty starts out well for the first few sectors, but then it jumps to near-impossibility, even on easy mode. I would have liked an option to turn the perma-death off, but until the producers add in an option to respawn at, say, the start of you current sector, I'm not wasting any more of my life on this game. Expand
  16. Jun 23, 2014
    This is a highly addicting game due to it's roguelike elements. I died so many times I lost count. You need to look up guides to be able to know how to play this game, but once you get the mechanics the game starts to be extremely fun. Even though you start over when you die the game still gives you an incentive to keep playing by being able to unlock other ships, or just playing it again to see if a different strategy will give you a different outcome. This game gives you that sense of progression due to the unlockable features. There are 3 models for each type of ships and you have to unlock each model by doing achievements. The engie and stealth ships are my all time favorites to play with. This game have tons of replay value but with mods it adds even more replay value on top of it. It's a must buy game. 10/10 Expand
  17. Jun 21, 2014
    Reposted because of steams one-sided review system.

    Gameplay: You play in a top down view of your ship as you jump to different star systems to warn your Federation of a Rebel invasion fleet. From here you control your crew to man stations, you fire weapons, repair systems, manage power output, defend against boarding parties, and can even have boarding parties of your own.
    If you like
    games where the majority of the events are determine by the RNG, you'll love FTL.
    Resources, rewards, events, maps, enemy encounters, shop location, shop items for sale are all determined by the RNG. After playing for 34 hours I have determined that very little is left up to player control.
    You may have a run where you get tons of resources and upgrades gifted to you, or where you're left a pauper scrounging for scrap to repair your ship. Standard fair if you've played Binding of Isaac.
    The biggest issue I have with this game is that it takes control away from the player.
    Binding of Isaac you took direct control of Isaac and had to aim your shot manually.
    Combat in FTL is largely turn-based where you sit around waiting for your weapons to charge.
    After that you target a system on the enemy ship and fire. It's up the RNG whether your shot will hit or miss. If you have transporters you can get guarenteed shots by porting crewman into their cockpit to attack their pilot so there is a way to mitigate this.
    But the word is "IF"
    If you had the scrap, if you found the shop, if the item in question was for sale.
    That is the one thing that every "strategy guide" fails to mention is that all encounters, loot, etc is determined by the game.
    Many [strike]fanboys[/strike] fans of the game will argue it's skill based rather than luck.
    Please don't be fooled.
    Every strategy I've seen on FTL fails to mention that pulling it off is contingent on HAVING the right gear for it. If the game doesn't give it to you during an encounter or for sale in a shop, you can't do it.
    Other useful "protips" include not repairing your ship to full health, juggling power between systems rather than spending money to upgrade your reactor to save money for future upgrades.
    Both those "strategies" are going under the assumption that you will run across a mission that will result in free hull repairs, or free system upgrades. (Which can happen)
    CAN happen doesn't mean it will. If you happen to run into an enemy ship that gets a few lucky shots it could kill you. What they're doing is playing the odds, but a card-counter can still lose.

    FTL's most impressive accomplishment is the psychology based around it.
    The gameplay is tedious and repetive, but addictive. This is accomplished by rewarding the player at random intervals with scrap, weapons, new crewman. Sometimes just for jumping into a system.
    By bestowing these rewards upon the player, it encourages the player to continue pumping in hours of their life into the game. If you're having a good run you're motivated by greed and a sense of empowerment. "I want more weapons more scrap, give me MOAR!! I am invincible! HAHAHA!"
    If you're having a bad run you're motivated by hope and desperation. "Just have to make it to a shop to repair. I can do it. Maybe this the next system."
    The point being to get the player to get sooo close to victory or even die based on bad luck so you’ll run it back.
    Regardless of whether you're having the most amazing run ever, the final boss can still curb-stomp you into the dirt with just a few well placed shots.
    I had one fight where the Rebel Flagship couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and every shot that did connect would hit systemless rooms.
    On the other hand I had encounters where I couldn't hit the Rebel Flagship to save my life and everyone of their shots seemed to hit just the right system at just the right moment.
    There are intances where the boss fight will rage on and it feels like you're both on equal ground, or somethings his first volley will cripple every system you have and you'll die in mere minutes.
    FTL is a game where you can do everything right and still lose.
    That's not a game. Not a good game anyway.
    In FTL you win or lose based on the randomness of the enemy AI and everything that followed before that.
    It's not skill when you defeat an opponent who spent the entire fight teleporting bombs into systemless rooms.
    And it's not a lack of skill if you lost because you all your shots missed thanks to the RNG.
    It's luck, plain and simple.
    If this review keeps one person from buying this travesty I've done my job.
    FTL is more roulette than space simulator. Avoid.
  18. Jun 14, 2014
    Combine shallow, difficult, and (totally)random game-play with weak graphics and little to no story and you have FTL. FTL is one of the most over rated games to come out in the last few years. The game draws you in at first until you realize that sooner or later the random generator will get you and then you have to start again from the beginning. Winning or losing via a toss of a coin or roll of a dice does not make a good game. There are _many_ better made games out there that are actually fun to play. Expand
  19. Jun 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game! The graphics are simple and the fictional universe it's incredible rich, a little barely tapped, but still fun and interesting. The difficulty of the game it's very disappointing and exciting at the same time, if you are a impatient person may you be angry sometimes. Anyway, it's amazing! Expand
  20. Jun 10, 2014
    Para mí la gran aventura espacial de los últimos años, las mecánicas son interesantes y te obliga a la rejugabilidad ya que castiga pero pica. Interesante aunque corto, una experiencia de juego recomendable.
  21. May 31, 2014
    Great indie game, I played it for like 20+ hours and had a lot of fun with it.
    Crew and ship management which are the main parts of the game are very well designed and satisfying. The various encounters and quests are varied and well-written adding surprising level of immersion to the game.
    It's rouge-like nature can be a flaw sometimes. Sometimes even if you are a very good player you
    lose no matter what, for example you spec your ship into drones, and you find only 1 combat drone through entire campaign failing miserably. Sometimes it also can be too easy, it really depends more on luck than skill.
    The graphics are kinda cartoonish but this is okay in an indie game, though better graphics would make this game way more amazing.
    The music is epic, I listened to it outside of the game more than I played it I think, really immersive, you can find in on youtube and see if it suits your style.
    During the game you unlock new ships and new ships layouts which gives it a lot of replay ability. Single campaign will take you only a couple hours to complete, but it's not a problem thanks to it's rouge-like nature.
    What else...technically it's almost perfect as I did not encounter any major glitches or crashes.
    Also it's modable. There are a lot of good mods out there, mostly adding new ships but also total overhauls worth checking out.

    For it's very low price I can't give it any less than 8/10. It's one of the best indie games out there.
  22. May 28, 2014
    I like it a lot. It could use a little more depth (I haven't tried to the expansion though), seems like mostly you just try to keep their weapons disabled and the AI is pretty basic.

    But I had a whole lot of fun with this.

    Though losing a crewman in your first encounter in the first zone is kind of completely ****
  23. May 28, 2014
    What can I say that hasn't been said about this title. Incredibly addicting and well worth the money you will pay for it. Fun and witty with a large learning curve that you can only get more excited about learning about. One of the best titles I have ever played
  24. May 26, 2014
    This is a great game for skilled gamers, or for a mediocre one like me that has TONS of time (which I don't have. maybe 2-3 hrs/wk to play). This makes it nearly impossible to play. there's really no way to come back to a "saved" game if you die or get close to it. so you have to start from scratch every time. I really don't mind the randomness that many complain about, i like the difficulty it adds. however having to start completely over almost makes it very difficult to achieve much as you can put in a few hours playing only to get killed and have to start all over. This makes it monotonous fairly quickly. I've played this game for 17hrs on easy and only beaten it once (remember: I am not "skilled").

    It would be nice to at least have a "checkpoint" or something to make some recovery of the time spent playing to build up a good ship, i sorta kinda regret the money i've spent on this game now

    Other than this major flaw (for me) I think this is a fantastic game and I like the retro look and feel
  25. May 17, 2014
    Simply excellent game. If you like beautiful indie, this game is for you! FTL combines music that sticks to the game with a beautiful décor, and all this with a most excellent gameplay. This game deserves its rating, its price, it is a very good quality, although a multiplayer mode is expected by the players!
  26. May 1, 2014
    Looks like you either love or hate FTL. I love it. It's a relaxing and engaging game with infinite replayability.I have only unlocked a fraction of the ships available in the game and my enthusiasm for getting there has only grown.

    Pluses: Can play in quick bites. Replayable. Great music. Sense of humour.
    Minuses: Lots of luck involved. High level difficulty. Parts can be repetitive.

    Given the price of the game and number of hours I've gotten out of it, one of the best investments I've made.

    "I should really go to bed."
    *looks at clock*
    "One more jump won't hurt..."
  27. Apr 25, 2014
    Hard and addictive. There is a lot of possible combinations to win (and loose) the game. Great music, great pixel style, if you like it.
    A rare game that has a unique spirit, enjoyable gameplay, and you can stop and play back again anytime you want..
  28. Apr 14, 2014
    I believe FTL is one of the those games that people will keep playing for years, maybe decades, in the same way there are still people playing Nethack.

    This is a near perfect game in what it sets out to do - to survive against the odds. The more you play (and die), the more the game opens up which eventually makes you a better strategist in certain situations. It is not fully random
    as some reviewers think as each sector grows in difficulty in a predictable way. Over time, you learn what is more likely to work in one case versus another.

    Also, it doesn't get boring as you have the choice of a large number of ships and the game, from start to finish, is less than 2 hours.

    This game is the complete opposite of games like Diablo 3 where D3 makes you feel incredibly powerful almost from the very start. In FTL, you feel very humbled and at odds with the Universe FTL has created. Only when you beat this game will you feel powerful and sense that you've accomplished something more than almost any other game out there.
  29. Apr 13, 2014
    This review includes the Advanced Edition. This game is SUPPOSED to be hard. Yes, it is random but that is part of the fun, every play-through is different. Way too many people are addicted to the hold-your-hand mash one button to get through an interactive cut scene type of game these days. Sure I have died a lot in FTL, but if you actually stop to think about what you were doing you can figure out a way to deal with that type of situation when you run into it in the future. One of the negative reviews complains that "I ran into a ship with FOUR SHIELDS but I had run out of missiles so it was impossible to win THIS GAME IS BAD". It's not the game's fault for players not being creative or having a slight bit of foresight. I got the game for 10 dollars and have spent more time with it than I have with some 60 dollar titles. It will be in my library for a very long time and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi games. Also, it was just released for tablets so my time on the toilet is going to be increasing. With the regular edition I would have given the game a 7.5 or 8 because the number of events was rather low but with the new advanced edition I really feel like the game has enough variety to warrant a 9. Expand
  30. Apr 12, 2014
    A very boring game that is difficult to enjoy. It is filled with many circumstances that ruin your game, simply to force you to keep playing their game as it is near impossible to beat. I would recommend not wasting your time with this "indie" piece of garbage.
  31. Apr 11, 2014
    First I want to begin by saying that I really wanted to love this game, however after playing though for many many hours I can say with confidence that this game is completely luck based. If you wanted a space exploration game based on skill and cunning look elsewhere. I was able to beat the game on one of my first five playthroughs, ever since then I have not been able to beat the game once! I have been playing the game for months now and I just give up. I hope they patch the game to make it more fair soon, because I like the mechanics of the game and would love to play a fair version of it. Expand
  32. Apr 11, 2014
    I wish FTL was around when I was a kid. To be honest, I feel like this game was designed with nostalgia in mind. The glorious low res music soundtrack is phenomenal. The graphics are beautifully simplistic. The pause-able game play meshes RTS and Turn-based strategy perfectly.

    You have a ship which is represented on screen as a cross section of the rooms within. You start with ~3 crew
    who you deliver orders to in real time or while paused. Your goal is to reach the main Federation fleet on the right side of the galaxy as you flee from the wave of Rebels converging from the left side. Each planet you stop at has a randomly generated encounter with an enemy ship, or any other of the many possible events. Usually you need to make a decision based on the event you encounter, which can end favorably, disastrously, or mysteriously neutral. You'll encounter shops, ships, and planets which provide you with modules to upgrade your ship in almost every conceivable way; from weapons to shields, to drones and cloaking devices. You'll also recruit more crew, and lose many on the way. This is a rogue-like so when you get blown up, its game over! The combat can be paused and orders delivered. Your decision to target a certain system on board the enemy ship will mean the difference between winning and perma-death.

    Subset Games just released a free expansion. Let me repeat myself if you suddenly became stunned by those words. A FREE EXPANSION. Its awesome. The core game is left unchanged and there is the addition of more content. Seems simple right? Absolutely worth $10. I cannot recommend this game enough. Prepare to die a lot. This is hard, unforgiving, and very, very fun.
  33. Apr 8, 2014
    An interesting game, but the final boss is really, whatever ship u'll have at the end, an unbalanced "pita".

    Another point is the fact that luck (a lil less with last patch) is a too important part : it brings tactics and strategy to a secondary level, and doesnt reward ur carefully assembled setups...

    Lets hope FTL2 will erase those defaults.
  34. Apr 6, 2014
    This game doesn't look all that, but play for 20 minutes and you'll be hooked. I keep coming back to it and finding new things in the game or strategies I should use and with a free DLC added, hours more adventure have been added. That is the sign of a studio that cares for their fans. Great game to get your hands onto.
  35. Apr 5, 2014
    This game's addicting. Simple SNES graphics and great game mechanics. Its only $9.99 (got it on Steam sale for about $4.99) and I spent about 100 hours total playing it. Wow. Its now available on iPad and as soon as the come out with it on Android, I'm buying it for my Android devices (all of them). Ship to ship combat never felt so cool until FTL.
  36. Apr 5, 2014
    A small and simple game.
    Yet sometimes it felt so complex and sometimes just great...

    Simple yet somewhat alluring.
    Nice concept, nice idea. just nice!
  37. Mar 23, 2014
    For those among us who enjoy pain and suffering, sci fi themed tactical games with a bit of RP elements thrown in, FTL is an ideal game. A constant barrage of bad luck and impossible situations means you`re likely to spend a lot of time restarting the game, cursing loudly to the annoyance of family members or even crying.
    This skillfully constructed tool for selling more nerve medication
    will include things like hitting your weapons 1 second after you enter stealth mode to reload your weapon in safety, forcing you to spend stealth putting out fires instead of reloading, which means you`ll be reloading later when the enemy is firing on you. Or killing off your crew with random events and not generating any way to shanghai more crew, leading to death by abandoned ship. Or it may refuse to provide you with a suitable weapon upgrade for level after level, until you can`t break the shields of any enemy and die. Once in a while it will even make dead ends for you, forcing you right back into the pursuing fleet which is what provides the time pressure in the game, preventing free exploration.
    And I could list about 20 similar conspiracies hatched by the makers of FTL without effort; all with the express purpose of driving me insane. Having said this you might think the game is no fun. But it is! Unlocking ships, finding rare events and quests and the interminable difficulty of getting your ship to the last zone in an appropriate condition to fight the last battle is irresistible to all roguelike fans and should not be missed. Although much of the game is random, practice does make things easier to a certain extent. Things like venting the ship into space to deal with boarders while putting all your crew in the medbay for example has apparently not occurred to many of the negative reviewers here. But this simple response makes it easy to deal with boarding parties, and fires from solar activity I might add, since the enemy cannot beam back to the other ship because there is a CD and are forced to fight in your medbay where they will die every time.
    Obviously the easily frustrated should perhaps look elsewhere. Unless you understand the genre concepts of randomness and perma death, and like them, you will not have much fun. For the rest of us though we can only hope that a sequel will appear at some point in the future. Until then, FTL will have to do:)
  38. Mar 20, 2014
    You cannot realise how funny is FTL until you really start playing it. It is just addictive, it is hard to tell yourself to quit playing and go to bed.
    The game itself seems very simple: you are in charge of micro-managing a single space ship (power, weapons, crew). It does not sound fun, does it? Well, it is! The difficulty levels are tuned perfectly, the beginner can start with easy and
    beat the game in a tenth of attempts, then switch to normal and,... well, the game really becomes challenging.
    Despite the fact that the technical realisation is all but awesome (seriously, a game stick to 1280x720 is not something of this millennium), it is impossible not to give this game a chance.

    Of course, if you are searching for a "shoot-everything-that-moves" game, look elsewhere.
  39. Mar 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game will leave you screaming when it decides to annihilate your tenderly developed and loved ship and crew, but it is so much fun that you will come back for more. The only issue I have with the game is the amount of luck needed. Luck isn't a huge factor, but it is certainly a factor. (Ex. Suicide Mantis and AI ships orbiting suns, asteroid fields in the first sector, Giant Alien Spiders, Hobos you decide to bring aboard your space ship, etc.) After playing for 34 hours and finally beating the game, I love it. Expand
  40. Mar 9, 2014
    Simply put: The Star Trek game they never made. A great little indie title with so much character and heart, it's hard not to get lost in it. It's a real challenge, but not unfair. It encourages replay like no other game I've played, and truly caters to the hardcore sci-fi fan. Worth every penny.
  41. Mar 1, 2014
    Ths game was recommended to me by a friend and im glad he did. This game does not look great or worth money but it has one feature which nearly no game has anymore, difficulty and replayability. I have replayed this game over 40 times in a few weeks on easy and have still not finished the game, yes people may argue that should be easier or less randomly generated and frustrating but on the other hand if you can master the techniques of the game such as how to channel oxygen throughout the ship or which species are better in different rooms.

    The only few criticisms I have are that the game could be extended slightly not by much but one or two more sectors so that the player can build more resources although it is doable as it is. Good Luck
  42. Feb 21, 2014
    Money vs. entertainment value - It's hard to beat this game. It's not flashy and almost could've been done on a NES, but it's challenging, strategic, and there's lots of replay value with the things to unlock. Kudos to the guys who made this one! Oh, and it will inevitably be on sale on Steam if you don't want to pay too much. The summer and winter sales will probably have it down to just a few bucks, though the designers probably do deserve a full price, so do what you will. Expand
  43. Feb 20, 2014
    I felt compelled to write a review because of all the people saying that the game is "too hard." It is a hard game and you will die a lot in the beginning. And that's OK as long as you try to learn something every time. I can beat it about 90% of the time on Normal and have beat it at least once with all the different ship types. I'm actually looking forward to the Hard mode that will be available in the upcoming "Advanced Edition." I give it a 9 rather than a 10 because there is SOME luck and that can be frustrating at times. People who say it's totally dependent on finding a good weapon early or some other random element either haven't played enough or haven't learned enough from their previous losses. Expand
  44. Feb 19, 2014
    I enjoyed the game well enough the danger is very real in some play throughs as all you have is luck and your wits. The challenge of using what cards your dealt with and planning ahead kept me hooked

    my favorite tactic was to board enemy ships, tear apart the crew and loot the place. the game gave me a very satisfying sense of accomplishment when I managed to take down a superior ship
    with some planning

    but, my boarding strategy which works great throughout the game then totally flops on the boss (the only boss)
    where if you kill the crew the boss instantly gets 10x harder thanks to its "A.I." repairing everything

    if the ship is that good on its own, why have a crew? why does a strategy that works everywhere not work here? seemed pretty lazy to me
    regardless I managed to beat the boss 2-3 play throughs later by leaving 1 crew member alive
    because that makes sense

    like I said I liked the game just wish there was more to it, but with the free expansion coming out soon
    I'll probably be playing it religiously once again
  45. Feb 19, 2014
    This is definitely a game for tactical/strategy aficionados. If you don't like challenging tactical games, thsi game is not for you. If you enjoyed playing X-Com on Superhuman or getting through FFT with 2 or 3 characters, this game is right up your alley.

    My winning odds on normal nowadays is probably about 2/3 runs. If you really feel this game is too hard or all up to randomness,
    you either have much to learn or maybe it's just too hard for you. I think the difficulty level is excellent. Expand
  46. Feb 14, 2014
    Fantastic game. Have put over a hundred hours into it already. How many times I have I finished the game, maybe twice. It is a challenging game, but those frustrated with not being able to make it through to the end each time are missing the point. FTL is about the journey through space, the agony of loosing a character you have ranked up, the thrill of hiding in a nebula making repairs, the joy of taking down a hardened foe with new upgrades and the sense of actually traversing a dangerous galaxy. I am conrfused by reviews that argue the game is both random and lacks replayability. The random nature of each adventure is what makes the game replayable. Each trip through the game brings different side-quests, random events and enemy vessels. After all the time I have put into the game, I have yet to unlock much of the content or finish many of the side quests. This is the brilliance of the game. While the concept is simple, the designers have maxed the core ideas of the game. I am very eager to see the new content for FTL advanced. Expand
  47. Feb 13, 2014
    This indie game combines strategy and micromanagement. Similar to the IOS title "Star Command" the player is in charge of a spaceship with a big amount of equipment. Ranging from missiles to Drones. But he also controls the crew which can contain six different races with different abilities.

    You navigate your space vessel from one sector to the next where each sector contains a bunch of
    randomly generated waypoints. The path through the sector is the player's decision. It is most likely that you will encounter a hostile ship though.

    As many other indie titles FTL has a retro pixel-graphics design, which in my opinion perfectly fits into the overall game design. Very worth mentioning is the impressive soundtrack of the game!

    The gameplay mechanics are very focused on management. You have to decide whether you want to use your ship's energy for a stronger shield or maybe invest it in your medical bay where you can heal your crew members. Will you power your drones which can be very helpful in combat or will you just avoid confrontation?

    At the end of the day FTL is a very consistent title where gameplay sound design and graphics all fit perfectly. What I liked about this game personally was the amount of luck which is involved here. You very much depend on the encounters that occur and the amount of scrap (game currency) you earn. You could lose the game by simply running out of fuel. This said I found FTL a very difficult game especially in the beginning but this isn't a problem at all as the random world generation and the new ship types one can unlock Faster than light has a very high replay value.
  48. Feb 6, 2014
    This game is fantastic. The combat is fun, the different choices makes it re playable and the ship design is gorgeous. But the best thing about this game is the music! It is the best pixel music ever made! You can also get different ships, explore, buy and sell. It's fun to upgrade your ship as well. Best. Game. Of. 2012. I am very excited for iPad release.
  49. Feb 6, 2014
    Is it a perfect game? No. Some things are buggy, some things are just troll-y. Is it very good? Yes. I can't really think of a reason not to like this game, all of its flaws are easily overcome by other pros for it.
  50. Jan 20, 2014
    I love these kinds of games, but there is always a certain amount of respect for the user when it comes to the production of a product like this. First the cons
    The difficulty being stuck at what arguably could be called hard, and wtf am I doing with my life shows a massive lack of respect for the user. The point of a game is to be enjoyable, and allow a certain amount of freedom for
    the user to branch out in the game.
    2.) User restrictions on power usage, event generation, or allowing the user any kind of sector preplanning being used as leverage for a higher difficulty are my biggest concerns. because they constrict your ability to play to the point that as both a software engineer, and gamer. Some of these details aren't really big details , and they will make the game easier. if included However, they're also the small details that,from the outside, make a game look polished, and the lack there of makes me wish i had a hard copy to return.

    Alright now that i had a chance to point that out I'll point out the pros.

    Overall, I have spent some time to master this game, and get past the first boss stage. This game is beat-able, and I have found that the premise, construction, and function of the game enjoyable. The constrictive play is obnoxious, but easily avoidable like all early games from my childhood that have a random number generator as the focus of the players outcome "spam restart."

    CONCLUSION: Other than the pile of small details I'd love to backhand someone for... This is a good game, and could be an awesome game for me if I didn't feel like the kings virgin daughter with a chastity belt on all the time... I would love to say this game is worth the cost, but at 20$ not on sale from steam and I'm still the virgin princess throughout? Then I'd have to say to me this games is a low five. Fix some things, and polish a few more this is an easy 9.2.
  51. Jan 11, 2014
    Humans are stupid. Giving a game a low score because you can't beat it is stupid. That's not the game, it's you. You can blame bad luck all you want, but using 90% of the ships available I can reach the Last Stand on normal almost every time. At start you will perish, no doubt about it. Spending a lot of time on easy is key; try unlocking all available ships (type A and B) on easy so that you have a decent arsenal to choose from and you get some game experience. 55 hours in and I'm currently trying to unlock all achievements. It can get repetitive at times but given a few days you'll be coming back for more. Could do with more content, but with the upcoming Advanced Edition update (free of charge) I'll have to return to this review. For the ridiculous prices of the Steam sales, this is a no-brainer. Expand
  52. Dec 30, 2013
    Really refreshing and new.I look forward to the free expansion pack coming sometime in 2014. What can I say, it's cool and fun when you try different tactics. It was meant that it should have 8/10, but since the news about the free expansion pack, I give it 9/10

    I really like companies, that renew their products, especially when the game, gets older, then instead making a sequence

    GGWP Subset!
  53. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is very much like poker: if you're a beginner, casual or just not into it, it's completely based on luck. But if you give it a little time, slowly get the hang of it and evaluate your decision making, it's pure skill.

    The story is pretty straightforward, you're captain of a federation ship and there are rebels trying to overthrow the federation. Your job is to make sure it
    doesn't happen. Along your jorney, many random events occur: pirates attack, you run into asteroid belts, aliens make contact, you encounter merchants... the list is giant.
    Music is simply good; it's pleasant even trough hours of playing and it fits the atmosphere, not much to talk about.
    Gameplay is simple enough, you micromanage your ship in combat and go around systems. The thing is, scrutinizing possibilities is essential. You have to decide wether it's worth exploring the system you're in, or it's better just to find a merchant and move on. Many times, you're given choices, and deciding what's best, wich risks are worth taking is at the same time a difficult and gratifying experience.
    What really appeals to me in this game is the overall feeling you get playing. That raw sense of discovery, encountering new alien races, ships, weapons, random events, it's all about exploration. And well, yeah, you'll die a lot. Like, Dark Souls a lot. And game over means a game over for real. But every gameplay is new, every gameplay is more discovery, it just shows how failure is not necessarely something bad, it teaches you a lot, and opens space for new experiences.
  54. Dec 25, 2013
    If you want to control a ship, and the crew of it, putting out fires, repairing stuff, and beaming on board enemy ships and taking on their crew, then this is the game for you. On PC, via Steam the game is dirt cheap! It is coming to IPAD, and they are going to release an update for free! Great game. Go buy this game.
  55. Dec 24, 2013
    FTL is a well polished roguelike-inspired masterpiece. Each time through you pray for a good run, and each failure teaches you a valuable lesson. The combat is very interesting and challenging, the dialogue is fun and interesting, and the graphics are simple yet pleasing. There is a modding community if you get bored, and the developers have stated they will soon release a version with additional features. My only issue with the game is that there aren't more like it. Expand
  56. Dec 24, 2013
    Warning do not play this game if you don't have some serious time to kill. Once you get the game mechanics down, the "just one more game" syndrome kicks in, and before you know it, its 2 a.m. and you've got to go to work the next day!
    If you are a sci-fi fan and enjoy PC strategy games of any type, this game is definitely for you. It is worth full price, but catch it on a Steam sale
    and you'd be a fool not to pick it up. Frustrating, thoughtful, exciting, extremely challenging, even on 'easy' level definitely one of the best games I've played this year. Expand
  57. Dec 21, 2013
    Epic game!, challenging game play, addictive, retro type graphics do suite it well, customizable ships, this game just does so many things right exploring the galaxy is fun and the game has great re playability. All around great game.
  58. Dec 21, 2013
    Lovely game and for $10 I strongly recommend buying it. Its fun but unforgiving and will not hesitate to kill you at any time only gets harder. While there isn't much customization each crew member feel special and a part of your actual team making the game more fun and makes you care about the crew members and bases it around game play not stunning visuals. It'll take awhile to get a hold of and you'll die quite a bit I give this game an 8/10 Expand
  59. Dec 16, 2013
    I am not an indie gamer. I typically cannot stand games that have or 2d graphics because I grew up around xbox 360s and PS2 or PS3 systems. That however did not stop me from absolutely falling in love with FTL. FTL has great music, gameplay, and is strangely addicting. It is simple enough to be understood by most people and if you read the tips on the wiki page you will find easy mode of the game quite enjoyable. The normal mode is quite difficult and is often frustrating but I feel that the game is well balanced. Anyways, play the game on easy mode if your ego can handle it and you might actually become as addicted to it as I did. As a closing thought: Great value for a great game. I bought FTL for 10 bucks or less on steam and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made online. Support indie gamers! Expand
  60. Dec 12, 2013
    Very mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand it's a great example of what indie games can achieve with just 2 developers. The general idea is good. GFX are "old school", but that's certainly not a problem in itself (I like retro gaming in general) and has zero bearing on my score.

    On the other, as others have said, the mechanics are more about luck or "dice throwing" than skill
    or strategy. It's not "hard" in the positive sense of "if you make a mistake you can learn from it and improve", it's hard in the tedious sense of "what a random number generator decides no matter how well you play". When you get "dealt a bad hand" something like 14 times in a row (happened to me) right from the start and there's no manual save, the game gets very tedious very quickly. And playing games should be about enjoying them, not killing off all enthusiasm during the first couple of hours.

    The game also crashed twice, which further underlies the need for a manual save/load, as after the second crash, I just couldn't be bothered to replay it all after losing all progress through no fault of my own. If the game had a better balance between skill & luck (say 75% skill, 25% luck) it would be really good, but right now it's almost 10% skill, 90% luck, which greatly detracts from the gameplay.
  61. Dec 10, 2013
    The first time I played the video game, FTL (Faster Than Light,) I was a bit of a skeptic. It didn’t really draw me in. Probably because the game isn’t displayed in 3D and doesn’t have all the visual stimulation that comes with many of the high priced games now-a-days. After my first two hours I was hooked. Now somehow I’ve logged 43 hours of game play and in those 43 hours I’ve beaten the game once on the easiest setting. The game is incredibly challenging, but rewarding as well. I enjoy the fact that you have to think fast on your feet to keep your crew alive, and it is not just mindless shooting. It requires thought and logic. The artwork and style reminds me of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game, but with a great deal more complexity. In any given battle you may find you’ll have to send crew to repair different systems (note: oxygen is very important), you’ll have to fire weapons, power up the med bay to heal your injured crew, cloak your ship, teleport your crew to the enemy ship to engage in combat, or manage your different ships systems like drone control. Drone control can be used to attack, heal, defend, and repair your ship. The price of the game is extremely reasonable at $9.99 USD on STEAM, the FTL site, or GOG site. This game has won quite a few awards and was developed by a two person Indie team who are still active with the product. A new downloadable content (DLC) is schedule to come out in early 2014. I’m sure I’ll be logging even more hours after the DLC drops. Expand
  62. Dec 10, 2013
    A simple idea, simple graphics but great playability. I played this game over and over again for countless hours. The absence of saving/loading (if you do not want to quit the game and copy the files to a different location before each space jump) was a great choice. Losing is part of the fun as the game itself states. I recommend starting with the easy game though...beside oldchool graphics this game has also oldschool difficulty:) Expand
  63. Dec 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. FTL is essentially a ship management game with a strong battle minigame and a weak set of non-combat encounters. All the non-combats are either "choice adventures" with 2 or 3 choices, or something simply happens automatically in some cases. Compared to the difficulty of writing a paragraph of text and putting it into a data file, there aren't too many non-combat encounters, and you'll start to see many of the same ones after playing through the game a few times (which you will, since this is a permadeath game). The combats are pretty well done, but the final boss requires such specific tactics to beat that you have to build your ship as you go towards just beating the final boss, so you end up drifting towards the same tactics even though the game claims to have several paths to victory.

    The real killer to this game is that the final boss just comes out of nowhere, has 3 super hard stages to it, and it kills you quickly unless you're specifically planning for it. Even then, you need a little luck to find the right setup, and to have gotten enough scrap to level up your ship enough. Perhaps the expansion will add enough to this game to bring it higher, but until then the game is just kinda average on the whole.
  64. Dec 3, 2013
    The random frantic evilness of FTL leads to a punishing and facepalm experience sometimes. Though this game is still a lot of fun. The crux of the game is in the crew management, upgrades, resources and having a streak of luck helps too.
  65. Nov 30, 2013
    Awesome fun RPG. Very fun and, hard. Great especially if you like star trek! I love how the game doesn't focus on whats outside the ship, but whats going on inside the ship and controlling the crew.
  66. Nov 23, 2013
    FTL is a strange game. It is most certainly not for everyone, yet I'd recommend it to everyone reading this just the same. It can't really fit into a genre, yet the gameplay feels smooth and refined like it's a polished machine that's been put into play for countless generations of gaming. The music is PHENOMENAL, setting the mood for every zone in a way that can't be done by simply loving music or video games in general; composer Ben Prunty's passion and love for this game can be felt through the soundtrack. The story of your crew's saga is minimal and subtle overall, but for good reason. Each jump and following landing feels like an episode of Star Trek with it's own story devices, choices and dialogues, and of course benefits and consequences. Detracting from each of this individual experiences would make this less of an episodic adventure and more of a summer action blockbuster.

    It is brutally difficult, and you are in no way guaranteed success at any point. You warp out of a bad fight and end up in an asteroid field with Mantis pirates boarding you before you even can repair the holes into the vacuum from the last fight. You could lose crew members to random events that could have just as easily rewarded you. Yet, the game is made for this crushing defeats. As is often said, "Losing is Fun".

    That said, if you can't get past it's brutal difficulty curve, it might not be worth playing. Additionally, the game is rather short if you don't want to do multiple playthroughs. Some sort of never ending "sandbox" mode would have been appreciated.
  67. Nov 22, 2013
    very good game. Not feeling like writing a detailed review, you can just read what others have said already So i am filling this text to reach the 150 character mark!
  68. Nov 19, 2013
    Game is too linear and lacks a lot of options. The game is extremely linear, the ONLY thing you do in the game is fight (you go from one fight to another) and it's a PC game that does not allow for rolling saves.

    How "good" you are at the game is really based purely on luck. If you are lucky, you'll hit a bunch of weak enemies and you'll be able to roll through to the end of the game.
    If you are unlucky you'll die in the 2nd fight. Expand
  69. Nov 17, 2013
    A very good game. If you like space, aliens, epic fights, events, and more, buy FTL: Faster Than Light and you will support the developers and maybe they can make multiplayer! This game is 10/10 BUY IT! :D
  70. Nov 16, 2013
    After reading so many unfavorable reviews being rated as most helpful, I actually find the game far beyond my expectation. I understand people's claim about the random difficulty, but otherwise the game is a near-perfect indie game, with a lot of story events and achievements quite attractive. Definitely worth many times of re-playingthrough, unlike some comments claim.(Don't know whether they actually added more elements in later versions, but as long as my experience goes it's really nice). If you really feel some issues about its difficulty, go and use a game editor, now that most of them are already really mature. Then you can enjoy the immersive game world without a gripe. Expand
  71. Nov 16, 2013
    These game developers. They play coy, pretending like they aren't going to make DLC at some point. And as soon as I've finally weaned myself off this wonderful game, as soon as I'm no longer tempted to double-click it in Steam when I'm downloading a big file to pass time, they announce a damn DLC.

    This game is rewarding and enriching when you beat it; the rest of the time it's an
    alcoholic stepfather who just got back from the bar. You gon git it. Real good. Your ship all tricked out and you feel like the kid with the biggest nuts on the block? I bet you do! Here, remember that time that they disabled your oxygen systems and threw four mantis boarders at you in a random event? Bet you stocked up on Zoltans because you like that power boost. How cute. Good luck having them survive while they repair the oxygen systems.

    Look, it's hard. "Easy" in this game is "normal" everywhere else. Now don't take my word for it, test your pride and start out on "Normal" in this game and see how far you get. You'll go back to "easy". It's okay, we've all done it. Just don't get attached to your ship, crew, equipment, or anything really.

    Except the game. Get attached to the game.
  72. Nov 13, 2013
    THE..... BEST.... ROGUELIKE.... EVER.... BAR.... NONE.... Amazingly well thought out game where you command a spaceship and given the way roguelikes work it doesn't appear to suffer from feeling horribly repetitive unlike the lions share of this genre.
  73. Nov 10, 2013
    It's been said by the top reviews: game starts out a lot of fun, you feel that if you'd just got that shield upgrade in time you'd take on the entire galaxy, so you try again, and again, and again..

    Then it hits you: winning has very little to do with you and more to do with a RNG decreeing whether or not you get that upgrade, or the store sells the weapons you want need.

    are always the same: target weapons, disable them. Then shields. Accept surrender, proceed.

    The difficulty curve is non existent: it's not a curve, it's a series of grades you are forced to climb.
    First level, ok getting the gist of this.
    Second level: well this is getting heavy.
    Third level: "holy where did THAT come from?".
    Fourth level: "oh COME ON, how am i even supposed to fight that? Time to run away"
    AND I'm not mentioning the completely cheap three stage final boss (well, I kind of am, aren't I?)

    I ended up feeling cheated.
  74. Nov 8, 2013
    If you get easily frustrated, do not play this game. You very well may punch your monitor.

    As other reviews have said, it's a RTS ship management rogue-like game. Chances are, you're going to die. You may even do everything perfectly and still die.

    The random elements get frustrating, but it's kinda like poker. You make the best of your hands whether it's good or bad. You play a good
    hand badly, you're gonna die. You play a bad hand good, well you still might die, but you'll give it a helluva fight before you do.

    It's challenging and unique, haven't played a game quite like this one which is always a plus when the market is so full of stale copies of one another.

    If you like challenges, like management, and can tolerate some WTF moments, you'll enjoy this game.
  75. Nov 4, 2013
    Space based rouge like with a bit of combat tactics. Music is incredible. Game can be very challenging at first. Start on easy and take your time to learn when to make what choices and what setups are the best. It sucks you in with your desire to get further each run and once beating the boss the pursuit of unlocking more ships provides many hours of entertainment.
  76. Oct 28, 2013
    Amazing game. Best space simulator I've played, and a ton of fun. Hours and hours of playtime to be had. It could use some more content and further expansion, because its a marvelous base. A warning, though, its a killer to people who don't like to think or who can't learn (as witnessed by the few negative comments saying "this is impossible").

    It might help to watch a YouTube Let's
    Play of it before you jump in. Expand
  77. Oct 26, 2013
    Fantastic little game. Best value ever. The strategy-oriented gameplay is very straightforward but also deep and new to my experience. It is a very challenging game, and you could get frustrated. The only bad point is that the story gets repetitive after some point. Well, I played already 150h, so it's not bad at all.
  78. Oct 21, 2013
    If you like them, go buy this ASAP.
    If you don't, I'll give you some critical reviews on this game:
    The game is fun if you enjoy the process of creating something, not the end of it that means that I had more fun trying to figure what would be the most efficient way to solve a problem launch that Hermes Missile right into their weapons or try to set their shields down with
    a Ion Beam and a Burst Laser MkII? than I had actually winning the fights. It also raises some morality questions while getting a slave free is certainly the best option, you must spend quite some scrap on it perhaps you could force the slaver into giving on for free for you if you damage his ship enough then again, this won't stop his activities, so you may as well destroy his ship. Also, there are several other options do I upgrade my shields or try to upgrade my weapons? And then again, how am I gonna get the scrap? By killing people?
    The entire game runs on randomness, so it is quite similar to RPG games, and I mean the ones with actual Roleplay, where you throw dice and this makes the entire point of the game. I've never had a single equal game yet. It's fun to see what you can do in the situation. Sure, your skills and your choices matter a lot. They are the main things that you'd expect to be used. Your knowledge. I've gone through over 200 games now, all of them ended up differently. My knowledge mattered. What I did, mattered. It's the fact that your captain may die right now if he doesn't stop fighting the mantises and you'll lose someone with two stars on driving a starship, but, at the same time, the mantises may be able to take down your weapons and you won't be able to fire again until you've cleared them out.
    It's a game where you need to think "maybe I could have done X right here... I should do Y now to counter that and allow me to do Z."
    Not one where you can say "I'll do X and then Y".
  79. Oct 20, 2013
    A perfect game doesn't exist, but FTL: Faster Than Light is the closest thing to it I saw in recent years. Graphics may not look amazing, but they don't have to. They're clean, they allow you to both get an accurate view on what's going on on the screen and leave enough for your imagination to roam. Sounds and most importantly, music is amazing. Nothing short of art. It creates the proper atmosphere and fits thematically to the game. It's great. Gameplay is quite possibly the best feature of FTL. It's simple to understand and hard to master. Never will this game allow you to be the best at everything, and the real time tactical battles with an active pause wirks in advantage for this title. It's a hard game, it will kick your ass, but it's also very addictive. And the story... Some people might say that this game has no story and that the text in the game is not a good script, if any... I treat FTL as a story generator. Just name your ship and crew, turn on your imagination and make a story for yourself! It's great deal of fun!

    This is easly one of the best games in recent years. It's a must play. It will kick your ass and you're going to love every second of it. It's been years since the last time I couldn't leave the game until I completely unlocked everything and got every achievement in the game... Give it a chance, you won't regret it.
  80. Oct 18, 2013
    When I first booted this game up, I didn't get what all the fuss was about. It's low tech, with very simple graphics. But after I played a while, upgraded my ship, found new crew members, and journeyed deeper into the galaxy, I got it.

    Different weapons work against different shield types. You can upgrade your ship with drones which can ward off missiles or attack an enemy ship.
    This is all presented in a simple manner, but the gameplay is very addicting. The game is perma-death, which keeps you on the edge of your seat. Expand
  81. Oct 10, 2013
    You choose what weapons to fire, what enemies to engage, what weapons to buy for your ship. Lots of choices like that. I like the big boss at the last level. He is very hard so the rest of the game is in some ways a preparation in the sense that you accumulate credit by defeating enemies and use that credit to buy weapons you need to defeat the boss.

    I really liked this game. The only
    reason I've sworn off this game is that you have little control over what weapons you can buy at the store. There are only certain items available at the store each time and so you have to keep checking and hope that they have what you want. This sounds nice but in practice this means you can play the whole game and not see that one sweet item you need to defeat the boss and then you'll lose at the end. I didn't like that element, I wish I'd had more control over whether I win or not (such as did I make a mistake here or there, or perhaps I will try some new strategy next time) rather than depend on lady luck to be there for me when I go to the stores. Expand
  82. Oct 9, 2013
    YES!! Finally, this is pure genius. A light in the dark.. take this modern uber hyped crap games!
    The proof that a good game is based on a good concept, passion, love for your work.
    No need for super graphics and 2gb cutscenes, no need for a 2000$ rig to run this gem.
    All those multimillion developers/corporations should be ASHAMED, faster than light is simply perfect. And it is
    unbelievable how much fun you'll have playing it. Expand
  83. Oct 7, 2013
    I've always skipped FTL because of the 8-bit graphics look and sounds, but when I got it in a bundle I thought to give it a try. Damn, was I sad that I judged this game on it's looks & sounds the movie gave me. Yeah, as expected, it's not much to look at and sounds are really mediocre, but you forget all about it when you start to play FTL! It's the addictive gameplay that compensates it's look and I can't stop playing it whenever I have a few minutes to kill behind my PC I'm playing FTL. Expand
  84. Oct 4, 2013
    The best rogue-like game I've played I'm not usually a fan of them( and stop playing after a couple of deaths), but FTL is an enjoyable and highly challenging blast. The difficulty is very random and I'm convinced the vast majority of seeds are not 'winnable', but hey, all part of the fun.
  85. Oct 4, 2013
    This was a huge surprise to me when I first played this game. Faster Tan Light was never boring, there were so many adventures I had that my friends didn't have. Each time you board your ship a whole new adventure is about to began. I was always nervous to go through the purple clouds that were almost always in my way, regardless of that this game was pretty challenging but in the best way. I never fought a death because they are always justified. If my ship blow up it was because I used to much power on my weapons and not enough on my shields. Maybe I was trying to save up for a cool weapon and I choice not to fix my ship and ran into a pirate ship. I always caused my own death and because of that I never raged over this game. FTL was so simple yet technical, the upgrades were very useful and none of them were money pits. The idea of having other alien species is really cool and I could never get all of them on my ship at once. In the end I couldn't ask for a better experience, the only issue I have is that there are the same quest and enemies no matter what, if there were more options It would be a nine out of ten but the squeal will get that score. This however is still pretty great and a solid eight out of ten is more than enough for one of the best game I played this year. Expand
  86. Oct 2, 2013
    Very fun. I love the different scenarios implemented to give it more of an "adventurous" feel as if you were actually on an adventure with this crew you created. The combat is just as amazing. Its exciting because while your fighting an enemy ship, you are also maintaining all of ships different functions and you're always doing something to the point where its almost exhausting. In a good way. The reason I did not give this game an 8 is because although it had a lot of situations implemented, I didn't feel there was enough to keep me interested for a super long time. But for a $10 price tag, it's definitely a steal. Expand
  87. Sep 30, 2013
    This is easily the worst game I've played in recent memory. Imagine fetch missions, a la WoW, set in the Space Quest universe, and lacking the tongue-in-cheek humor of that universe. This game tries to appeal to our nostalgia, but it fails on a visceral and basic level. Should you choose to waste your money, take this very basic primer on "advanced" tactics: buy a second tier weapon ASAP, target weapons first, then shields--often this is enough. In case of boarders, move your little 8 pixel crew around into a secure room, pretend that one of the pixels is Mal, and vent your 2D Firefly class ship into space.

    See? I summarized a "tactically challenging" and "textually deep" game in about 100 words, and saved you $10 to find that out. There is no challenge and no replay value. There are better games on Facebook, and you don't have to pay for them. Save your money.
  88. Sep 30, 2013
    I adore this game, enjoyed every minute of it, loved the originality, and loved that the gameplay was exactly what they said it was, there was no trickery. So to decide if you want to play this just read the description and watch the video, easy peasy no way to coq it up. Yes this is a Roguelike game which means yes once you die you die, it also means is random, so if you read that in the description, then saw it in the video, then bought the game and said WTF THIS IS RANDOM AND HARD, then got on here to talk trash about it, then its your fault and go die. Expand
  89. Sep 29, 2013
    Its a fun space game, but you will get stuck on something, like for example; they ships running out of oxygen and there is a drone in the "O2" chamber, and the doors are open for killing alien reasons.

    That's the fun part, figure it out find out a way to save them.
  90. upi
    Sep 25, 2013
    It is my fault, really, for picking up this game. I guess the "running the spaceship" and "saving the galaxy" part got me confused. Or perhaps the "strategy" and "simulation" categories made me think that the actual gameplay would involve either of these. I must admit, that I missed the "rogue-like" part mentioned in passing on the steam store page. (BTW "saving the galaxy" part is the galaxy is never in peril throughout the game. It's there in all its randomness, and it's feeling just fine.)

    So please, if you do not have a deep love for the rogue-like genre, do NOT pick up this game. Being at the mercy of the random-number god for scraps (literally) will not be fun for you as it was not fun for me. The game goes out of its way to make running your starship feel static and lifeless. The scenery never changes: there's your ship on the left, there's a smaller enemy ship on the right. You wait for some bars to fill, and occasionally pause to ponder where to shoot next. The interface follows the "hover over icon if you want to understand this" principle. (Except when it doesn't, in case you want to know the systems or weapons of an enemy ship, you have to look for a similar icon on *your* ship. In case of weapons, just forget it.)

    The soundtrack starts feeling repetitive about 10 minutes in and is basically the same two tunes over and over. Ugh.

    Gameplay 2/10 (ymmv, more if you enjoy a Random Events Plot)
    Sound: 5/10 (decent quality, but very repetitive and gets boring quickly)
    Design: 3/10 (see above)
    Visuals: 3/20 (very 90's)
  91. Sep 25, 2013
    Pros: + Very fun and addictive + Gameplay is simple but very tactical + Can be extremely challenging + Randomness factor coupled with interesting achievements and unlockables add a degree of replayability + Music is absolutely perfect + Makes you feel like a captain of a spaceship Can't really think of any big cons off the top of my head. Just a fun, little game that will rid you of sleep for a couple days/weeks. Expand
  92. Sep 23, 2013
    FLT is a perma-death game based on living the Star Trek life you've always wanted to live, being the captain of the vessel. To clarify, FLT being a perma-death game completely changes the way people play the game and how the game is made in general (Not necessarily for the worst). It makes people think twice before making a decision, which is mostly what FLT is based upon, making decisions. This is a great approach on a perma-death game rather than it just be 60% luck..... well, it would be if that weren't true for this game.
    All of the decisions you make are based on luck, where you end up teleporting is based on luck, how strong the enemy is luck, but these aren't bad things. These are necessary for a game that has random-generating levels, though, they come with the consequence of needed luck. This would be fine for FLT, but FLT is, as said before, based upon making decisions, which are based upon luck. So, while you have quite some control over how your fate ends, the decisions you make are more like rolling the dice, and choosing which dice to roll, the 6-sided dice, or the 8-sided dice.
    Now on to the part of the game that bothered me the most, the ending, ending boss in particular. Final bosses in games are typically grand, massive, exciting, and the climax of the game. FLT covers all of these factors, however, they overdid one aspect of a final boss that isn't always thought of. The difficulty. The FLT final boss is VERY difficult to defeat, and by VERY difficult, I mean, it makes Ghosts N' Goblins bosses seem like a joke. The difference between FTL and most other games, as said before, is that it's perma-death, and if you can't save at a checkpoint of any sort, you're going to fight that final boss and lose and not be able to fight him again for a while... because the rest of the game is pretty hard too. You can't learn from your mistakes or learns a strategy for the final boss. While you could argue that it's a perma-death game and isn't meant to be memorized, you can't say that beating the final boss the first time around is possible either. The thing is that the boss comes as a surprise. While the hardest ships you may be fighting with may have 3 shields and 2 weapons, the final boss has 5 shields, 4 weapons (including a freaking tri-rocket-launcher thingy that wrecks havoc) with massive health and a cloaking device...... see where the difficulty spike is here?
    Now despite the problems mentioned here, FLT is still a really good game. It puts your strategy to the test is a unique space commanding adventure. It challenges you with thought-provoking problems and and many different situations to deal with. While some situations may be dealt with luck, you will know that you are making your own decisions for the majority of the game..... at least until you reach the final boss.
  93. Sep 22, 2013
    EPICLY AWESOME GAME! For 10€ I have had 100+ hours of fun. T
    The game is hard, very hard. Its unforgiving and brutal but that makes it awesome. You will have such an epic feeling when you beat the game. Replay value is high since the game has alot of randomness in it.

    The setting and music is also great. Will make you feel like you're truely flying trough space.
  94. Sep 21, 2013
    This game is very reliant on strategy, and it does it well. Unlike other games, which jam skills and devices down your throat making the game hard to comprehend. In games like DOTA 2, you have nowhere to start and feel clueless (not that DOTA 2 is bad, just really complicated). FTL manages to keep it simple, with a clear, clean cut design. The way you manage your systems through power bars is easy to understand. It makes the game easier to pick up and play without much tutorial. But late in the game when you cap your power bars you need to strategize which systems are more important. Like, should I use it towards engines or an extra beam weapon? This form of simplicity on the outside and strategy on the inside leaves a very fun game. The one downside (and this is bound to come with rogue-likes and the such) is that when you die from something stupid, like an intruder, or a ship with much better weapons than you, it's hard to not be frustrated. Overall: 9/10 great game, suggest you pick it up especially if it's on sale. Expand
  95. Sep 18, 2013
    A decent fun game with an average game duration of about an hour, very addictive for a couple days. Also very hard, out of a over a dozen attempts I managed to win once using a stealth cruiser.
  96. Sep 13, 2013
    FTL is proof that gameplay--not graphics--make a game fun. A reasonably-priced indie gem, FTL offers surprising depth in a little package. It is a "rogue-like" game, and that has some pros and cons (brutal difficulty at times due to randomness and permanent death, but a level of satisfaction upon winning that feels like an accomplishment). I eagerly look forward to an even deeper sequel (let us hope!). Expand
  97. Sep 11, 2013
    One of the best hour/dollar ratios in gaming. This game is hard as balls though, not that there's anything wrong with that. As far as roguelikes go this is one of my favorites.

    I love this game.
  98. Sep 11, 2013
    FTL is fun, despite the fact that most of the time you die a horrible death as your ship breaks apart and explodes. You play the Captain or Commander of a small starship with an important mission essentially save the galaxy from the enemy fleet.

    On the rare occasion your ship isn’t destroyed prepare to see your roguish crew eviscerated in front of your eyes by praying mantises,
    suffocate in the airless corridors of your ship, or test the old adage that in space no one can here you scream.

    Your neighbours will here you scream though as the ship and crew you’ve navigated star systems with and grown attached to are subjected to all sorts of interstellar bad luck.

    That is where the game shines. It's a simple premise, you select a ship, choose and name your crew and set off into the galaxy. The entire galaxy is randomly generated so you will get a different experience each play through you could get very lucky and have a breezy first couple of systems and luck out and find some great weapon systems and tech, or you could have a tough time of it as you are forced to fight your way out of system after system. Your crew give life to the galaxy, you really do grow attached as they do their stuff, as your engineer makes a life saving fix on the damaged engines allowing you the few precious seconds dodging enemy fire and missiles to charge your jump drive then making a dramatic escape! That was just one example of the things that could happen in your run!

    The simple retro-stylings of the graphic make the game feel light hearted and fun despite the threat of your crew being ejected into the void of space at any moment.

    Staying ahead of the encroaching enemy fleet leaves you little time to explore star systems at your leisure. At the same time, this tension forces you to make sure the route you plot through systems is filled with difficult choices. Do I head into a nebula to slow enemy sensors? Blast through a ring of pirates? Or slide my way around enemy ships to make it to the end of the level? This combination of choice and danger makes FTL a gripping experience that is surprisingly nuanced for such a simple premise.
  99. Sep 7, 2013
    I was looking on steam for some cheap games to buy. I found this and Reus, but I chose this, and as soon as I started playing, I couldn't stop. I spent 4 hours straight just messing around and failing. The game always has something new in store and is your always thinking "should I sent my crew in to find survivors? Or will they get killed by an alien spider" meaning you always need to be careful of your choices. The incredible amount of content is this game is just wow. All the different ships to unlock, and their multiple layouts, the achievements, the different species of aliens to hire, the enemies, everything is just so entertaining and addictive. Its not too difficult if you play on easy, which is nice for people who want to try the game but do not want to be challenged. The game is very fun, very addicting and very replayable. This is an INCREDIBLE value for just $10 and Its Definitely worth it.

    With the great value, replayability, and addictiveness this definitely deserves a 9.5. One of the best
    indie games you can get for really cheap. I really suggest you go buy it RIGHT NOW! Stop reading this. Buy it. If you already bought it, PLAY IT! What are you waiting for, this game is great!
  100. Sep 6, 2013
    This game could be very frustrating. I ve raged when i died because Little mistakes everytime. But one time i won it and the feeling was great FTL is a very nice indie game. 10 Points for it.
  101. Sep 16, 2012
    This is a great roguelike, but not a fun game by any stretch. You win or lose by the flip of a coin you have no control over - you might run into a (literally) unbeatable enemy, you may or may not find the upgrades you need, etc. It is incredibly unfair and this is exactly what they were trying for - it's a great gambling sim and addictive as heck because of that. The music's nice and the graphics are decent. Once you get past the (again, intentional) unfairness, the biggest problem is that almost all combat is a tedious "click same keys over and over" thing. However, if you get boarded - and you will, a LOT if the coin flips go against you - it turns into intensive micromanagement with a UI that is not very responsive - not fun. Collapse

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. May 27, 2013
    Fulfill a sci-fi fantasy by becoming the Captain of your own starship! Don't expect great graphics, but do except to lose many hours to FTL and expect to lose your ship ... a lot.
  2. 85
    Kickstarter has accomplished its mission in this one, giving the opportunity to an original, non-mainstream title to go public and meet its well-deserved success. Especially for sci-fi fans, it’s a no-brainer; buy this game at once and live the life of a courageous pilot that only has one mission: survival. [November 2012]
  3. Nov 24, 2012
    Quotation forthcoming.