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  • Summary: You manage the Kestrel and its crew as you explore the galaxy. Strategic, real-time combat involves managing power between essential systems and choosing which enemy systems to target. Meanwhile, you control your crew to keep the ship functioning and fight off intruders. The combat is difficult but, being a "roguelike-like" game, frequent permadeath is at the core of the experience.

    While exploring the galaxy you will encounter a variety of situations requiring decision making that can result in many outcomes. Since all events are randomly generated, each play-through will be significantly different.
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  1. Oct 9, 2012
    It's amazing and you should definitely check it out.
  2. Sep 21, 2012
    Most playthroughs of FTL end the same way, but this pulse-poundingly vital, consistently surprising game manages to make death feel like merely the beginning of another great adventure.
  3. Oct 4, 2012
    Faster Than Light is kid's dream becoming a video game. On the deck of a piece of metal, at the helm of its crew, you will start by sticking out your chest like a 10 years old boy, shooting on sight. Then the harsh truth of the reality of a boundless space will come to bite you in the ass, your decisions will cost lives, and you will end up being the chief of your own demise. But his is why you will love offering, once more, your innocence to FTL.
  4. Sep 21, 2012
    If they can keep updating FTL with new scenarios, new spaceships and new stories with the same intelligence and restraint, we could well be seeing the birth of a future classic.
  5. Oct 24, 2012
    In terms of gameplay design, difficulty level and visuals it's a true indie game. But once you get over this fact, it's a great mix of spaceship simulation and a roguelike. [12/2012, p.83]
  6. Oct 3, 2012
    FTL is a small game with a huge tactical soul, and above all it's the only game that puts you in control of a spaceship and its crew against all the odds of a dangerous journey.
  7. Sep 21, 2012
    Like Spelunky before it, survival often depends on what you're carrying, and when you happen across life-prolonging shops and lucky weapon drops. But FTL is a less masterful game than Derek Yu's cave diver, throwing more chance into the mix.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 48 out of 306
  1. Dec 24, 2013
    FTL is a well polished roguelike-inspired masterpiece. Each time through you pray for a good run, and each failure teaches you a valuable lesson. The combat is very interesting and challenging, the dialogue is fun and interesting, and the graphics are simple yet pleasing. There is a modding community if you get bored, and the developers have stated they will soon release a version with additional features. My only issue with the game is that there aren't more like it. Expand
  2. Sep 19, 2012
    I write this review 45 hours later... Wait, what? 45 hours?!?

    This game sucked me in extremely fast. I didn't buy it until a friend started
    playing it, and after watching him, I had to try it myself. The game has a very high replay value, but that might be due to the game's quite short playthrough.

    To start, the game is brutal and unforgiving. Making mistakes will quickly lead to a game over, and sometimes the RNG plays dirty by giving you time and time again the negative side of every random event. The enemies scale quickly, so you'll need to find a way to keep the pace. The first 10, maybe even 20 times you're going to lose. On easy.

    However, once you've got an understanding of how the game works, it's not as random and luck based as people make it out to be. Being tactical about your movements and not taking needless risks will take you consistently to the end of the game. Using resource management for your ship can save you tons of cash that you can use to upgrade other things or purchase more weapons at stores. Playing smart will almost always win, except for the very worst generated maps.

    No matter what type of gamer you are, I highly recommend this game. For $10, it's well worth the money.
  3. Feb 26, 2013
    I played about 40 hours of it the first week i got it. It's a very elegantly designed game, and massively addictive. Setting is a combo of star trek/battlestar galatica/firefly. You play the 2min tutorial and can pretty much understand all the basics.
    The game has a high difficulty, but that’s part of the fun. So many ways to defeat enemy ships. You can fire bomb the hell out of the interior, send a boarding party, fire missiles (they go through shields), fire lasers, fire beams (they do damage to multiple rooms, but damage is reduced when they have to go through shields), send robot drones to board or shoot the ship, etc.
    It puts you in a command position, so you micromanage a crew of 1-7 peeps, prioritize power distribution. Very cool.
    You'll get your money's worth. Guaranteed. Also cool that it was made by only 2 guys.
  4. Sep 17, 2012
    If you like maddeningly difficult old school games then this one is for you. The graphics are primitive, but I feel like that just adds to the old school feel of the game. The game play is simple enough to pick up quickly, yet complicated enough to keep you thinking and coming back for more.

    The basic mechanics of shields, weapon systems, drones, and boarding parties make me feel like I'm the captain of a Star Trek vessel in a way that previous Star Trek and other Sci-Fi games have failed to do so well.

    For an inexpensive indie game with such a small team the design is nearly perfect. Aside from having not quite enough different random encounters (expect to play through the same encounters over and over again) I don't think I have any complaints for this title. I hope a AAA studio decides to make something like FTL, or picks up these guys and makes FTL2.
  5. Sep 30, 2012
    In this game you control a spaceship on the run from the rebel fleet. Your goal is to get to the 8th sector with the information you're carrying but to do that you'll need to outfit your ship for combat along the way. The game is luck driven but once you have a feeling for the game and its mechanics than you can make do with what you have.
    The mechanics are the real highlight of this game. Much of the game will be spent in combat with other spaceships of different alien races and they are all outfitted differently. There are a wide variety of weapons you can buy or find and each have their own tradeoffs. You can blow up the other ship or you can board it and wreck havoc or you can kill the crew with anti-personnel weapons; and you have to remember they will be trying to do all these things to you. Another large part of this game is upgrading your ships systems and subsystems. You can opt for heavy shields, powerful engines for manoeuvring, or a bit of both. This greatly affects how you play the game since scrap(the money of the game) is in limited supply and scrap used on upgrading your medical bay can't be used for the **** In this way ships become very specifically skilled or jacks of all trades. For the above mentioned reasons, this is why the game is tough and gets your adrenaline pumping. You'' often notice a critical shortcoming far to late or have incredibly bad luck. You can easily dispatch another ship only for your own to be engulfed in flame leaving you with one crew member and a wrecked ship that needs to be repaired.
    With all that being said, it does have its shortcomings. In between fighting the game has random events that occur when you jump to a location and these cycle too frequently;although with different ship layout and crew members you may have different options. The sprites for the crew are quite small and it's easy to open a door instead of selecting them and they end up killed by their enemy's hand or some other danger. Opening doors and hatches is also similarly difficult in the heat of battle. There is however a pause function that should be used often to avoid just these sorts of difficulties. You can also be infuriatingly unlucky no matter how much skill you have. Overall, this a very fun game with excellent mechanics. Anyone who as ever wanted to command their own starship is in goods hands with this game.
  6. Sep 24, 2012
    When I heard that FTL had achieved it's kickstarter goals and been released I was actually thinking of another kickstarter project with a similar focus that I had donated to months earlier. I hadn't heard of FTL before this point, but I'm glad I bought it. The game is basically Nethack in space, although while I find nethack frustrating to the point of wanting to throw my computer out the window, FTL, while still being hard as nails doesn't frustrate in the same way. Yes it's going to take you a while to have a game where you make it to the final sector. Yes it's going to take you even longer to beat the game, but each and every journey you find yourself telling the stories of your crew, living through their little pixelated lives and it really tears at your heart to lose your captain to a pack of killer spiders, or that engi slave you freed to a pirate boarding party. Deep under all the repetitive scenarios and mechanics there is this tiny little random heart beating life into the game in a way that even big-name titles seem to fall short of, and if you're a perfectionist, or a completionist there are some difficult unlockables to catch but even though I've basically seen all the game has to offer I keep going back, because it's easy to get into and hard as hell to master. Expand
  7. Jun 28, 2014
    This 'game' is not even worth playing unless you have a thing for either A) Modding files and making things easier, B) having the luck of a dozen leprechauns or C) enjoy failure. The game is mind-blowing difficult, requiring a restart from square one. No second chances or back-up saves. The difficulty starts out well for the first few sectors, but then it jumps to near-impossibility, even on easy mode. I would have liked an option to turn the perma-death off, but until the producers add in an option to respawn at, say, the start of you current sector, I'm not wasting any more of my life on this game. Expand

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