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  • Summary: Welcome to the world of Full Mojo Rampage where you get to control a Voodoo keeper throughout his adventures. As the player you'll need to guide him safely through each level whilst hunting for voodoo dolls and mojos. These mojos can be found throughout the game in the form of amulets and trinkets that bring him strength and luck. They also unleash an array of other powers that you can craft to your own advantage in order to truly master the terrible powers of Voodoo. Collapse
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  1. May 28, 2014
    The best thing about Full Mojo Rampage is its pleasant voodoo theme, but it also has solid mechanics that guarantee hours and hours of pure fun.
  2. Jun 30, 2014
    Short yet sweet and thoroughly enjoyable, although suffering in certain key spots.
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  1. May 28, 2014
    i love this game!Its very fun and addictive,i really love that its small enough that i can write things on the forums and actually get a reply from the people who made it . Expand
  2. Aug 22, 2014
    One of the best coop games I've ever played.
    Been playing this a few days now with two different friends and we're all just loving it. The
    rogue mechanic is more like Rogue Legacy than, let's say, Binding of Isaac, as money and medals are kept between playthroughs. To sum it up: Great randomness, great graphics and sound, great customization options, a bunch of game modes, leaderboards, a great challenge and sooo much more.
    Buy this game! Works equally well in single player as in coop.
  3. May 19, 2014
    The reason why I have rated this game a 9/10 is because it is one of the most enjoyable game, and it can also be called a family game as it is brilliantly colourful and adorable. So much for rogue. This is the game for those who want to wind down, have a blast with friends, killing adorable skeletons, adorable green blobs and whatnot with adorable warriors.

    There are many of these "Loas" where each Loa has a set of skills that if a team can choose correctly as who will heal and who will make the most damage and so forth, this game can get really intense when difficulty is set to the highest.

    Players can get what are called Mojo in the game dropped from defeated enemies or maybe loot from a chest. Every Mojo has a trait of its own and there is a secret room in almost every level or stage that the players can combine 2 Mojos together. This is one of my most favourite thing to do, apart from shooting and blowing up my enemies.

    Then, there are what are called Pins where each Pin has a trait and some of the Pins can be upgraded using the Gold looted off from completed and uncompleted missions. Masks are another thing. One gains masks by either drop, loot or completing missions (defeating strong bosses).

    The reason why it's not a full 10/10 in my personal opinion is because there is only 2 skills with each Loa, and not much you can do other than shoot your enemies. There is no combo (if going solo) and it might get boring if you keep playing solo.

    In a nutshell, this is a game worth looking forward to, and best if this game is played with friends along with voice chatting (Skype, Razer COMMS etc.) . It really makes the game fun to play and I, myself, am addicted to this game.
  4. May 30, 2014
    This is a game that has a lot of potential to become one of the greatest rogue-likes out there. The game has a very unique Rogue-like mechanic along with an RPG style with Classes and Upgrades.

    The game seems as if you are a Voodoo Doll or a Voodoo Follower. Your job is to traverse through levels and defeat each quest as it goes on. The mechanics of the game are very smooth and very dynamic in battle. Getting used to the controls as well doesn't take very long.

    Levels are randomly generated while at the same time kind very noticeable to be the same. More levels could be added with random mob spawning as well. Quests in the level aren't too difficult to complete but do make it slightly interesting and challenging in the beginning.

    As the game goes on, things tend to get harder but just like any game, you get used to the mechanics and how the game runs. It will get easier over time, but still a blast.

    To get the full experience, you need to try multiplayer. It is a lot more fun playing the game with friends or other people as teamwork is what makes the game a lot more fun.

    In conclusion, the game is great to be played solo, but overall a more amazing experience multiplayer. It is slightly rage inducive but overall a fun experience.
  5. Jul 3, 2014
    I had some good hours of fun with this game. It is really enjoyable to play especially with friends. It is a little bit short but it is rewarding and with good options to customize the stats of our character. Expand
  6. May 30, 2014
    I recommend this game; I feel that it's a well made rogue-LITE.

    How does it play?
    It plays like a twin stick shooter, you have something
    of a top-down view of the game world and control a little character with wasd by default and use the mouse to aim and shoot (when playing with a 360 pad it used the analog sticks just fine). You can use two magic spells (determined by which parent Loa you selected before starting your session) that work on a cooldown system; there is no mana management. There are randomized loot drops and randomized levels born from themed tile sets. The gameplay is real-time; the world will not pause when the player(s) stop moving. Online co-op supports up to 4 players. When creating an online session, you can choose whether loot is instanced for each player or not.

    While death is assured, your little character will keep experience points that allow them to increase their stats upon leveling up. Gold is also kept, and is mainly used to upgrade your voodoo pins (think of them as traits you can select before each quest; these can include increased health, damage, starting off with an extra inventory space, chance to slow on hit, etc.). Gold can also be used to buy things should you come across a shop while playing. You will become innately stronger as you continue playing, which means that progression is essentially repeating the quest until it becomes easy enough to complete. Don't mistake this for boring grind though, I feel that the randomization in stage layout and treasure drops works quite well in varying up each playthrough.

    Once a quest has been completed, you will unlock the next quest as well as an elevated difficulty version of the recently completed quest. There are multiple difficulties to beat; these arent just stat increases for the enemies, but also a variation in the types of enemies that spawn and unique modifiers such as enemies dropping bombs on death or having golden bullets that kill in one hit. I think there is plenty of replayability.

    I quite liked the visuals and aesthetics for the different levels; it's a somewhat warpy looking cartoony style (imagine a slightly gloomier Tak & the Power of Juju vibe). The enemies look decent enough, but I feel they aren't as inspired as they could have been. Most of your time is spent fighting either zombies, skeletons, giant spiders, or evil shamans. Yes, they are fitting, this is a game themed around voodoo after all, but more imaginative enemies would have been fun to encounter. The mobs you'll be spending the most time with either run straight at you, or spit out projectiles in your general direction. There is some enemy variation though, some hop around and send out a spiral of harmful bolts each time they land, and one is a train of common mobs that conga-line their way off walls like an old school dvd splash screen, but overall they're just 'okay'. Boss encounter are pretty much upsized trash mob encounters; they'll spit out projectiles for some bullet-hell type gameplay, bounce around the stage, or just move at you to hurt you.

    There is a wave survival gamemode of the endless or 30-round variety, and a pvp mode with deathmatch, team deathmatch, koth or ctf. There is also a watered-down local co-op mode. The 3 joining players will play as ghosts of the main character without the magic spells or inventories; they cannot equip their own loot. Lastly, there are daily quests with online leaderboards.

    I think picking up Full Mojo Rampage is very much 'worth it.' There's plenty of solid content with the devs stating their totally into adding more.

    I dig this game, and if the info & opinions I've shared don't put you off, I think you would too.
  7. May 19, 2014
    I found this in the rogue-like section of Steam. After reading up on it and watching videos it really didn't seem like a rogue-like. I figured it would probably be similar to torchlight (which I really enjoyed) so I purchased it anyway.

    The levels are random but very generic at times. The randomized dungeon levels are probably the best as they have various traps and obstacles. You can't backtrack through levels, so if there's a shop or a synthesizing room in a previous level that would benefit you after you find some items in a later level, you won't get to use it. You can equip various "mojo" items as stat boosters and they also have other interesting effects such as they reveal the map or causes double damage when a mob is below a certain % HP, but the variety doesn't anywhere near as nice as torchlight or the majority of rogues. The only weapons you can get are wands which decay over time (typically last only for a handful of mobs unless you're using the upgraded pin [will get to that in a bit.])

    The game's camera angle is the worst part about it. Mobs don't spawn until you're a short distance from them, causing them to pop up on you randomly. Several times I've been walking along only to have a bomb mob (explodes on contact) spawn directly in my path and there's little I can do to avoid it. Also, ranged mobs will often spawn just outside of the camera to the bottom (since the camera is slightly angled) and lead to cheap deaths. You also are unable to rotate the camera.

    The game is somewhat difficult at first, you'll have to essentially farm the first few levels a few times to earn enough medals to purchase a new playable character. You'll also have to farm to get the pins (which supposedly add only a minor buff, but for instance the health buff is something like a 20%+ boost at low levels.)

    Once you farm enough, everything is kind of redundant and left me feeling bored easily. There are no cool armor items, or weapons. The items you equip do not show up on your character. The items you do find really determine how successful a run will be, but isn't implemented as good as other games and I often felt discouraged after the third or so level because the random number generator wasn't in my favor.

    The LAN coop is also broken at the time of this writing, which is a shame.

    Overall, the game is just ok. It's definitely not great by any means, but not absolutely horrid. The camera angle is keeping me from playing it further (currently have 4.5 hours in the game.) I feel the might have been too hasty on releasing this as a 1.0 game.

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