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  • Summary: Galactic Civilizations: Altarian Prophecy is an expansion pack to Stardock's award winning space strategy game, Galactic Civilizations. The expansion pack adds a host of new features, content, and other enhancements to the game to add depth and much greater replayability. In the late 22nd century, humanity came into contact with 5 major alien civilizations. These civilizations were called, the Drengin Empire, the Torian Confederation, the Arcean Empire, the Yor Collective and the Altarian Republic. Of these 5, the Altarians were the most curious to us. Not for their cultural traits or their technology but because they happened to look human. How was this possible? The "Altarian Prophecy" is a campaign that takes the player on a multi-game journey to solve the mystery alluded to in Galactic Civilizations. In doing so, it introduces two new civilizations: The Dominion of the Korx and the Drath. These two civilizations hold the secret to Altaria's past, but worse, they know the Altarian Prophecy that for tells the destruction of the galaxy that is connected to Altaria's past. [Strategy First] Expand
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  1. A gem of an expansion for a jewel of a game. It improves upon the original without rethinking it too much. The basic mechanics are maintained and the improvements serve to make the game more playable.
  2. Until the sequel arrives, however, we now have even more GalCiv goodness, adding more addictiveness and content to an already insanely addictive game.
  3. The replay on this game, much like other games of this ilk, is huge.
  4. If you buy Altarian Prophecy to play the new campaign you’ll be happy with it, but otherwise don’t expect major enhancements to Galactic Civilizations from this expansion.
  5. 80
    For twenty bucks, this is a great deal for fans of Galactic Civilizations. It doesn't really add much to the game mechanic, but the added content definitely extends the live of the original and makes a nice way to pass the time until "Galactic Civilizations II" is released.
  6. 79
    You’ll find yourself playing involved games over a period of months rather than days, as you come and go from the computer. On more than one occasion, my wife has asked me why the GalCiv icon is always displayed on my task bar.
  7. True multiplayer support could've nudged this expansion over the top, but as it is, it's mostly a tinker tool and not for those seeking substantial new content. [March 2005, p.71]

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  1. Jc
    Jul 11, 2004
    This game rocks hardcore.
  2. Raff
    Dec 10, 2004
    Excelent add-on.