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  • Summary: Based on the immensely popular arcade game, Galaga now features exciting new gameplay in a 3-D universe with new power-ups, sub-games, and special weapons. As the lone space fighter pilot to survive a devastating alien attack, it's up to you to stop the advancing alien force before they reach Earth. [Hasbro Interactive] Expand
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  1. Even though it resembles old Galaga, it doesn't have a chance against modern action games.
  2. 62
    It'll have you smiling in nostalgic bliss... for about twenty minutes. Then you'll begin to feel a little tired, then sleepy, then a little hungry, then tired.
  3. The developers tried to enhance the new version, but took away from the original.
  4. This game could be improved 3000% just by allowing me to skip stages I've already completed when I start a new game. As it stands, the later stages are fun, but not worth the tedium of the earlier stages to get there.
  5. Multi-game shooters always seemed more like a way for arcades to collect quarters than games to satisfy the gamer. I just can't get into "the zone" long enough for such a shooter to satisfy me.
  6. If "Frogger 2" raised the bar for remakes, Galaga's the one that'll have deranged 30-somethings firebombing Hasbro headquarters.
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