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  1. Jun 13, 2014
    Same gameplay as Galcon Fusion but with an actual story this time. Not much else. Fun to play for about an hour, then you are done and probably beat the game by then. Full Review »
  2. May 31, 2014
    Galcon Legends is basically the same as it's precursor: Galcon Fusion. It uses the same game-types (1v1, 1v1v1, 1v1 with time-based events, etc.) and adds an extremely weak backstory to a handful of characters that play the certain game-types. So the campaign ends up being about 20 levels, lasting a maximum of 45 minutes, and then the game is over. The characters are very unimaginative and have no actual dialogue, aside from saying things like "Oh you're gonna' regret that!" before each level. It's embarrassingly unfunny and you can tell there was no heart put into the development of this game at all. It's the same premise as Galcon Fusion: click on your planet, click on the one you want to attack. I would say that there's strategy but despite what the Tips tell you at the beginning of every level, you can always win by not following them in the slightest, which gives me the impression that strategy is very scarce in GL; the Tips tell you to use different strategies but I'm not fooled, I think that's just a clever way to pretend the game has actual strategy, because I did the same thing every level and didn't loose once. If you want to play a game like GL but don't want to pay for it (personally I love games like this, they're very simple and a pretty fun way to kill short periods of time), search up Phage Wars (and Phage Wars 2). It's a free online Flash game that looks better, feels better, sounds better, and plays much better than GL. If that didn't give it away, then I'll just say it out-right: Don't waste your money on Galcon Legends. Full Review »