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  1. Jun 17, 2012
    hugely story in a video game. the combat is a poorly-executed version of Dragon Age: Origin's, and is the major drawback here. but if you can overlook this, you'll have a lot of fun.
  2. May 16, 2012
    This game have many little defect, graphics and animation are not awesome, sometime there is issues with the camera ... But I loved this game, the story is just awesome and it was real pleasure to play it. And the most important, you can play a Water Dancer.
  3. May 20, 2012
    There are certainly issues with the game that show it was rushed. The controls are a bit clunky, the graphics are a tad outdated, and the combat is boring and repetitive. But the story IS very good, the game captures the atmosphere of the books and the tv show, and the characters introduced in the game are memorable. I'd say this game is worth a play if you are a fan of the books and/or the tv show, but not if you aren't... Expand
  4. May 17, 2012
    Game runs like a dog on a high end machine (runs skyrim maxed) while having pretty poor graphics. The controls are nonsensical. You spend more time listening to dialog which has no point then actually doing anything. The stats system is awkward. Combat is weird and hard to control. I think I spent more time looking at loading screens then actually doing anything. When I wasn't looking at a loading screen, I was listening to a character preach on about things that have no bearing on the story.

    The "tutorial" is awkward, explains nothing, and comes AFTER you've built your character. "I don't know if I want short swords or long swords, I don't know the difference yet.". Building a character starts with a base class - and the three base classes they give you leave a lot to be desired.

    Your character is already defined for you in terms of story and personality, so, it's hard to actually feel involved in any way. It's more like you're walking a character between movie segments then actually participating in the world.

    Combat is slow, tedious, and primarily involves waiting while occasionally clicking on a skill. There is no actual skill involved. Movement is slow, and fairly painful. The graphics are pretty terrible. Everything is grainy, low resolution, and the characters move like statues. I wouldn't mind poor graphics by themselves, but combined with the absolutely abysmal performance, it's just painful. Either give me good graphics or good performance (preferably both). Giving me neither just doesn't cut it.

    Controls are non-nonsensical, and you're given the controls slowly and painfully with huge game interrupting dialogs. Fights with multiple people are difficult. The controls are just sloppy, and unpredictable. For some strange reason, the developers felt a need to put in "Click to proceed" screens pretty much everywhere it was possible for them to. It's ridiculous. The game was a total disappointment. I can see why they didn't release a demo - if they had, no one would have bought it. It's most certainly not worth 50$. It might be worth 7$, but that could be a stretch.
  5. May 20, 2012
    This game is far from awesome but it will satisfy any A Song of Ice and Fire fans out there. The main thing a game with this setting has to do right is the plot, and the plot on this one is great, it basically carries you through the mediocre graphics and generic gameplay. The sound track is pretty good, it complements the setting. About the gameplay you will have a feeling of "been there" if you played Bioware games like "dragon age" before. The combat and dialogue systems are very similar altough much worse executed. It feels like a generic copy. Its not bad gameplay its just not original and it does get a bit repetitive. Summing it up, if you read or watched A Game of Thrones you will enjoy this game. If not, this is a below average RPG and I'd only recommend it if you dont have any other RPG's to play. Expand
  6. May 21, 2012
    Pay no attention to the haters. Despite its several flaws, this is a really good game with an excellent story, very memorable characters, and well designed (though admittedly poorly implemented in some ways) gameplay. If you're a fan of the books, you won't be disappointed by the game. George RR Martin worked closely with Cyanide on the story of this game, and it really shows. It is very much a worthy addition to the A Song of Ice and Fire universe, and it expertly captures the feel of that setting. This isn't some generic high fantasy world with elves and orcs, but a realistic, dark medieval setting where betrayal comes from your most trusted allies, and the good guys rarely win.

    True, the graphics aren't very good, and the game is poorly optimized, but honestly, those problems don't count for much in the face of the excellent storytelling and plot, in my opinion. If you want a pretty rpg, go play Skyrim. If you want an rpg with a great story and believable setting, play Game of Thrones.

    The gameplay isn't nearly as bad as many are making it out to be. It's very comparable to Dragon Age: Origins, with similar problems (unresponsive controls, not very immersive), but the pacing of combat is very good, and there are a lot of neat skills to unlock. In my opinion, the classes and ability trees are significantly better than those of DA:O.

    If you're a gamer who can appreciate a great story and great storytelling, you should really buy this game. If you're a gamer who is also a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, you should really buy this game. If you're a gamer who can't appreciate nice things, you should probably go back to Call of Duty or whatever other wretched hive of scum and villainy you crawled out of.
  7. May 27, 2012
    You know what... i didn't even notice the dodgy graphics.. I was far too busy fully immersing myself in a fantastic story. As a fan of the TV show I was very excited to see the pre-story unfold.. and felt like i was a part of it. The fight mechanics are different to anything I have played before, but enjoyable. I think i played for about 10 hours yesterday.. and would have played longer if time permitted. Probably better suited to a more mature gamer.. one that likes an involved story, and likes to make decisions that will effect the rest of the game as the story unravels. recommended definitely for G.O.T. fans. Expand
  8. Jun 19, 2012
    This game has a great story thanks to the George R. R. Martin but the story is found in the books where you do not have to endure lousy graphics and weird combat scenes where you find yourself completely lost at times.
  9. Jun 7, 2012
    The biggest challenge for this game to get at least some moderate reviews is that it actually one of the few ones which requers to finish it before thinking giving to it any score. I had quite a few times when I dropped the game because of bad port issues, messy camera and raging loading times, but I could't just let it unfinished because of the story. The story, fastening it's pace from chapted 10 tremedously, makes it all worth it. Witcher 2 had a great story, but it was clunky and lacked personal investment of a player in it, personal feelings. Bioware blue lesbians does't even come in comparison to GoTRPG. This is truly an exellent kind of personal, not save-the-world story, in a grim, rough world, filled with lying scum, merciless brigands and vile political intrigues, where sometimes you start to wonder if in the next chapter it would be your character who would suffer the same ugly fate you give to other just for the sake of your own survival. The game is filled with choices and consequences: from purely cosmetic to ones that would change the way your characters act, NPCs act or how the game would end. GoTRPG is an roleplaying experience that even people who are't familiar with the series would enjoy, because of good filling ins, a codes and because ultimately it's not about Westeros, but about two characters you customise, make choices with and learn what are their fates come to be.
    People who like GORGEOUS FAST PACED ACTION CINEMATIC CUTSCENES may as well go play something else: the graphics in the game is a bit outdated, but details, landscapes and mood completely make up for it; the combat is not hard, but sometimes requers preparation and at least a bit of thinking and pausing; the action is sacrificed for hours of voiced dialogue - superbly written dialogue, by the way. People also bring voice acting as issue, but I enjoyed it very much, because rough, evil and sadistic characters are quite the refreshment from hollywoodish boys and girls people's ears are used to. Mors voice acting is exellent, for example, as well as main villain and some other great characters (like infamous Spider).
    This game's story is a rare black jewel in a world of banal and boring fairytales gamers are used to. Do not miss it.
  10. Aug 23, 2012
    Combat's clunky, gameplay is repetative, and graphics are outdated. Now its obvious that this game was rushed to join in the bandwagon that was the success of the TV show. Now why did i give it a 6. Because although gameplay is crappy, it's a crappy game, that tells a good story. I was completely engrossed by the cutscenes and what was enfolding in front of me. If your a hardcore gamer looking for a fantastic gaming experience, with great combat challenging enemies and tons of action, don't go for it. But if your a casual gamer looking for a good story and a generally fun time, by all means. 6 out of 10. Expand
  11. May 18, 2012
    Pros are: story, atmosphere and attention for details, tons of equipment, interesting classes and character customization which change your gameplay significantly. Cons are: graphics, minor glitches like going through doors and strange camera. Not sure about combat, I'am OK with that. 8) Well, as an RPG it worth a try.
  12. May 21, 2012
    The game has some performance issues, thats for sure, but don't let that ruin what is a decent game. As a reader of the books and avid viewer of the television series, I've seriously enjoyed the game. The two (male only) characters have interesting story lines and fill in some interesting details around the time of J. Arryn's death.

    That being said, the camera needs series work when
    Alester is in King's Landing. The graphics sometimes come across as amazing, I remember a particular sun glare that seemed great, but other times it seems clunky and outdated.

    A sequel would have serious potential if consistency could be introduced, the interface was revamped, and the devs took some cues from Oblivion in terms of menus and management. That said, I would recommend fans of Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice series) play the game when it ultimately goes on sale on Steam (at some point) for at least half price. This is not a game worth the full $50.00 given other available ways to spend your money.
  13. Jun 3, 2012
    To find the greatest injustices of this year, look no further than the reviews of Cyanide's Game of Thrones. The game resembles its two protagonists great deal - a battered outer shell riddled with scars and blemishes of age hides a heart of gold that is easy to dismiss by a casual glance. The game is very much faithful to the IP - brutally difficult combat, difficult choices with no obvious right or wrong and plot that manages to keep you on your toes.

    In this game you can truly not trust the mainstream media or casual gamers. It is very much a game of the olden days, from times when you had to put up with some aesthetic limitations and face actual difficulty. I can very much see what puts off many people: slow start, brutally hard difficulty that provides little tutorial and the lack of polish.

    If you can put the small annoyances aside, you'll be rewarded by a diverse character systems that enable multiple approaches, the rare feeling of true accomplishment as you defeat more difficult foes - and most importantly a story that very much resembles G.R.R. Martin on his better days.

    If you've gone through some of the classic RPG's of the past decades and are not put off by mature themes and characters, you'll very much find this game a pleasant surprise. If you're looking for visual eye candy, mindless button mashing and infantile ego-boosting - steer away.
  14. Jun 4, 2012
    This game surprised me.. in a good way. I really didn't expect to find a good game design and interesting writing in it, but as it turned out .. I did.

    The characters are complex, the dialog is good, and the plot interesting. The only problem (s) is the technical part. The game is not optimized, is clunky, animations could use improvement, it needed 3 more months imo to be a 9 product.
    But I am grateful for it as it is.

    I recommend picking it up for 20 bucks, 35 if you're a fan of the series.
  15. May 16, 2012
    I think people may forget that story is the point in this game, and that is quite good. I do agree there are very bad textures and animations but it's a good game. Hopefully they will release a directors cut edition with better textures.
  16. Jun 9, 2012
    Aside from graphics, the game story is catchy. the combat is somewhat broken but story itself and being in the universe of G.o.T was unexpectedly felt good. if you watch the series and wanted to get insight about westeros, I definitely recommend it.
  17. Jun 13, 2012
    I have to apologize for my earlier harsh review and a rating of "4" for The Game Of Thrones RPG. This game has many flaws that makes you wish you've never bought it (especially during the first 3-4 hours of play), but it also has a terrific story, which gets better and better with each chapter and makes you turn a blind eye to many of the game's problems.

    The graphics look out-dated
    (though there are many places in Westeros, that I truly enjoyed visiting), but it's acceptable for an RPG game not to be an eye-candy. There are some _minor_ lagging issues, but other than that - the game's performance is great and there are no crashes whatsoever (hello there, Max Payne 3, I'm still waiting for the next patch;). The combat system is weak, but tolerable. What is truly disappointing is the size of the levels, there is little to explore in the game, even with Alester's R'hllor abilities. The side quests are sadly scarce. But you know what? The story still keeps the game worth playing! Expand
  18. Jul 21, 2012
    It can't be denied that this game has many flaws. The graphics are dated (they still set the mood very well and succeed in bringing the world to live, though), the camera is a complete disaster, the gameplay is VERY generic and the combat not very varied (partly due to, dictated by the setting, the fact that you almost exclusively fight humans that use no magic...) And still, of all the games that I played recently (and those include Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3) this one, despite the worst reviews, I enjoyed the most. By far. Because, simply put, this one didn't care a a bit about the bells and whistles, but it cared about telling a fantastic story. It really cared about the setting, the mood and the lore of the world. It made you immerse into the tale and get to enjoy playing as Alaster and Mors, despite all their vices and failures. And in the end. that's what really counts. No multiplayer, no auction house, but a great story that I can't wait to see unfold. In that, GOT succeeds. Still could live with a better camera, less clunky interface or shinier graphics, though :-) Expand
  19. May 22, 2012
    Great game. The story is great. The fighting is pretty good. The choices have actual consequences and the game flows from your decisions. Runs with max settings on my 3 year old laptop with no problems. There are a few minor flaws though. 5 years ago, this game would have looked great. But today the graphics are a bit dated, though why that should matter to a great gaming experience I am not entirely certain since they are not bad. There are also some very minor bugs that do not appear to affect quests but are a bit annoying, nothing as terrible as what most modern games launch with. Overall, a great gaming experience with a few minor flaws. Expand
  20. Aug 19, 2013
    Graphics and game play is not pretty good, but the story is one of the best in 2012 and if developers had enough money, this game should be one of the RPG's in 2010's
  21. Jun 8, 2012
    Outdated. Everything about this game is outdated the graphics, the sound and the combat. A great story (Personally haven't seen this great story people are raving about Has video gaming become so devoid of story that any at all thrills people to there core?) doesn't excuse how average the rest of the game is. without the game of thrones cover this game would not be worth a look. And that's the point I think if you're a fan there is some joy to playing in the world if not skip it. Expand
  22. Oct 21, 2013
    I'm really surprised this game didn't get a better review. Yes it's a bit linear, but some of the different decisions you make can have a drastic impact on that particular chapter. For instance, one chapter lets you decide between knocking out a woman or letting her free, which determines whether you'll be fighting your way through a large area or fighting through it.

    The graphics are
    really nice, especially the banners and crests. Some of the armor your protagonists wear is also very badass (Mors family armor especially).

    There is a ton of dialog, which is skippable. If you're a GOT geek, you get to learn a lot about some of the other families and the history leading up to the first book/season.

    The combat is not nearly as terrible as many people saying. It's basically using a series of moves that combo off each other, similar to how Baldur's Gate type games worked.

    I gave this game an 8 because it's legitimately fun. I haven't run into any bugs and the game runs great. I'm close to the end now and am bummed out it's going to be over. One thing I should mention is that this game could have been incredibly epic. It seems like it could have used a bit more time in development to flesh out some of the areas and mechanics.
  23. Jun 11, 2012
    Look I love a good RPG but this game needs to be blown up by a real RPG. I tried very hard to give this game some time but with the long drawn out dialogs and not much action during the 4 mind numbing hours I spent I could no longer take it. In all honesty I felt like I just bought a really expensive audio book. If you like story line then there is plenty of it. I will give them this it is a well written story line, but I was looking for a game. As for when you actually play I was no fan of the combat. You can feel extremely lost for a bit, it takes some time to understand. Graphics are a bit odd I was wondering if it was meant to be out dated from an artistic point or if it was just laziness. So my final thoughts to you all is if your a true fan of the books you have a great story line here as long as your not looking for a full action game as I was this maybe up your ally. Just not mine. Expand
  24. Nov 20, 2012
    This is a great game, and I don't understand why the scores are so low. It's not perfect, but the storyline is great (not as good of the books of course), the gameplay is as it should be, the characters are either straight from the book or else made to fit well into the Game of Thrones world. Anyone who loves A Song of Fire and Ice will be sure to enjoy sinking into this creative world. Game of Thrones + RPG = an amazing combination. I hope they make some more RPG styled, Song of Fire and Ice inspired games in the future, cuz anything of equal to better quality to this would satisfy my need for good pc gaming. Expand
  25. May 30, 2013
    This game is really underrated, the graphics and game mechanics are not so good, there are some issues with the camera and some textures are really awful.
    Yet the quests are not boring and the story is one of the best i have ever seen in a role playing game, i won't forget the characters i played in this awesome story.
  26. Jun 7, 2012
    An other trashgame from that masterpiece called got. This game is not even good: bad graphic but this could be acceptable, bad animations, the worst acting voice I've ever seen in a videogame, stupid gameplay (only fights are quite fun and interesting), bad locations. Full of technical issues, like freezes between two dialogues or armor set not correctly shown during cutscenes. The red priest is the character with the lower charisma I've ever met in an RPG. And it's a pity cause the storyline is pretty good, but a good story with such a low acting is not enough to buy this. Expand
  27. Jun 2, 2012
    The game's story, and use of the setting's narrative is extremely well done. The combat is different, but once I got used to it, it was adequate. The mythos and world truly shine here. I believe many reviewers came to this product wanting to a role like the machiavellian Tyrion and were let down to some degree because it's a role playing game about two men whom inhabit the world not just the power brokers. I truly enjoyed my experience with this game, and found both characters more compelling then most video game characters to date. The game deserves far more praise then scorn, even though the combat system is somewhat restrictive but fun once you let go of the need for it to be something else. The cities can also be a touch monotonous, with every street being the exact same width and brick work that doesn't scream imagination.
    Still, I am surprised and dismayed the game does not get rated higher for it's ability to draw you into such a thrilling story and setting. I would definitely recommend it for fans of George R. R. Martin's book and show. Highly recommended.
  28. May 26, 2012
    This game has interesting story and that was the main point of developers. Graphics is the worst part of the game but it could be forgiven. I think gameplay is rather interesting, but I don't know for what needs there are money. At the end I had about 100 gold dragons and I didn't know what should I buy at the stores.
  29. Jun 23, 2012
    On the other side of the war, and in keeping with the flames-reflected-in-eyeball motif, Stannis almost strangled Melisandre to death ("Where's your God now?") for what he believed to be false visions. And while he eventually became entranced by a flame, and maybe saw some visions of his own, the thing I remembered most about the scene was the regret and guilt Stannis felt, finally setting in, over killing Renly. Expand
  30. Jul 18, 2012
    I'm really enjoying this game! The plot is bar none better than anything I've seen come out in the last 5 years (Skyrim and Dragon Age included). The combat system is really interesting: it's a mix between turn based and action combat systems. You can queue up regular and special attacks and can slow down time a bit while choosing special attacks. I like action RPGs well enough but I also grew up on Baulders Gate type of combat systems and this is a perfect mix. It's not as rigid as something like Legend of Grimlock and it's not as cretin as Skyrim.
    I've seen a lot of negative reviews for the game, so I was hesitant of purchasing the game but am glad I did. I'm confident that those who complained about the combat system are Skyrim-is-the-only-RPG-I've-ever-played neanderthals.
  31. Jul 19, 2012
    Marvelous! One of the best story in many many years!! It has minor defects, graphics seems to be outdated (but only a little) but THE STORY! Its a RPG - a long one, with many secrets and mysteries, with a very well written main storyline.. Simply Fantastic!
  32. Aug 15, 2012
    It's said that the game plot is a masterpiece, I simply can't say. The game-play is so bad that I gave up playing after a hour. This game is an offence to all song of fire and ice fans and definitely my worse purchase in a long time.
  33. Jan 3, 2013
    10/10 - I'm tired of studios that put more effort into the graphics than the actual game play, It was refreshing to find that someone did it the other way around. Though, the graphics aren't bad at all. It's gritty and has an atmosphere that other brutal games can only dream about.

    The character creation, If compared to certain other RPG's is simple at best, But it's sufficient enough
    to tweak the standard classes you're presented with to your liking. I can't say that it's 100% worth its 40 Euro price tag, But if you manage to pick it up for less than 20 it's well worth your money. Expand
  34. Jan 3, 2014
    Ancillary/contemporaneous story line with 1st season of GOT (for those that watched the series and didn't read the books) that is quite excellent for a video game. Unfortunately the game combat is extremely clunky and badly executed.which is why I'm giving this a 6 instead of a 9 or even 10. The graphics are below average for a 2012 game, but that by itself could have easily have been forgiven. Really a great shame, the game had the potential to be a top GOTY candidate if not for its combat clumsiness, but if you're a fan of GOT then you'll "fight" through it just for the story. Expand
  35. Aug 18, 2013
    This game was so suprisingly good that i decided to create a metacritic account!

    To be honest, the combat system isnt that great, as others have said before its very similar to dragon age origins. But just as in DA:O, its not the combat that makes the game great, its the story.

    And the story of this game is by far the best i have ever seen in a videogame (the same goes for the two
    characters, Mors and Alester).
    Seriously, it really feels like game of thrones. Once you have started playing you cant wait to see what happens next. The plot plays on another path (parallel to the original game ot thrones storyline) so it adds perfectly to the GoT universe rather than messing it up.

    It took me 64 hours to complete the game, though i have to admit that i didnt rush through it and replayed a couple of scenes to see what happens when i make different choices.

    I havent played the blood bound dlc yet, but i hope it will be on sale soon.

    If you see game of thrones on sale and you like the books or tv series, buy it! You wont be disappointed.

    10/10 for some great time with the most underrated game ever
  36. Nov 14, 2013
    Absurdly underrated (mainly because it is not fun for children). Most mature storyline in a PC game since witcher 1.

    If you like the tv-series this is almost as good as you could hope for. The one drawback is the "tunnel" feeling you get and the other is the laughable avoidance of sex. But both does not really matter for the story is just that good.
  37. Jul 15, 2013
    I have wanted to buy this game for some time. I read reviews, saw YouTube and finaly I bought the game few days ago when the Steam 2013 summer sale started. I got the special edition (game all DLCs) at 14.99 EUR. And to be honest, I do not understand such low scores everywhere. The game is everything I expected. A nice RPG, with an excellent story, nice graphics and very nice combat system.
    Many people complain about the graphics. As mentioned, I really find it nice. A typical Unreal 3 engine, no worse than ME2 or 3. I also like the combat system. Intuitive with a vast variety of choices and not only skills, but also weapon types effective against different types of armor. My final score is 8/10 because sometimes there is a slight problem with the camera, but nothing too serious and some of the voiceacting could be better. But all in all, it is a perfect RPG game.
    P.S. I have not read any book and only saw 2 seasons of the TV series, so I am not a fanboy.
  38. Dec 29, 2012
    I can't understand the reason this game has so many bad reviews.

    The graphic is not so bad, dubbers are quite good, dialogs are often well scripted and the RPG features (Class abilities, Skill points, ect) seem very good, even if not many players will replay the entire game to use another class/advancement.

    Technically is not a masterpiece, but the story is amazing. Really, in my
    experience this is the only game who made me scream a loud "NO" in front of the scream. It's a violent and vulgar tale, typical of Martin's. You'll love and hate not only NPCs, but above all your own characters. The secondary missions are not really enjoyable, as they only need to increase your level and nothing else, but still the main mission plot is so great that you are forced to keep playing after the end of every chapter.

    If you love fantasy/medieval RPG, you can't miss this one.
  39. Aug 7, 2012
    The story and character development are strong, which is the most important thing. The dialogues are mostly well-written, with few "misses". The combat system is fun enough, even if maybe not very balanced, and the combat is challenging.
    While the dated graphics, unpolished interface and minor glitches detract from the experience, I believe that most RPG fans should find it enjoyable, not
    just (existing) ASoIaF fans. Expand
  40. Oct 6, 2013
    I can't understand why the average score is so low. I have read the negative reviews and I don't agree with most of them: graphics didn't bother me, I thought it looked good, might not be top of the line, but it doesn't make the game less good.
    The voice acting is really good, at least for the english version. The two main characters you play as, have great personalities and matching

    I love turn based combat, gives you the time to plan your attacks, making use of your allies abilities in a strategic way. Combat was fun, except for 1 battle which was too hard for my taste. The abilities of the characters you control are fun and give you plenty of variety. Some reviewers complained about the skill system, I don't get their complaints: You can pick abilities and skills and it is pretty straightforward.

    I spend probably 30+ hours playing this game, great value for the 7,5 euros ($10) I paid. I was hessitant to buy this game at first, but the price convinced me to try it, and it didn't disappoint.

    If you aren't into rpg's or turnbased 3rd person games, you probably won't like this game. But if you like games like The Witcher and Dragon Age, you'll probably love this game too.

    The story just sucks you in, and in my opinion the story is almost as good as Dragon Age's story (a bioware game which is amazing)
    I would score this game a 9 out of 10 if not for the camera problems I sometimes encountered in indoor environments: The camera would suddenly change direction, causing your character to walk in the wrong direction (though it was only a nuisance: it didn't affect the combat).
  41. Oct 17, 2013
    I have no idea what Game of Thrones is. I will only rate this as a PC game. Graphic are very poorly made, they all seem to be pretty basic, there are no effects, or anything to please my eyes while playing. Entire world seem to be weird, like a person who made Game of Thrones was trippin, the in game characters, are completely weird, they are either skinny, and look like skeletons covered with skin, or fat as hippopotamus in clotches. I just uninstalled the game, because I die to often. I have been playing on medium difficulty. Its ridiculous. The combat system is a disaster, you have your character, and an enemy standing in front, and thats it. Just like in plenty of F2P MMORPGs, you get to choose skills, you dont attact, you press 1/2/3 etc. The entire world seem to be caricature. Its uttery disgusting. I heard there is some TV series named Game of Thrones, but after playing this crap, I will stay away from it, from the book too, just heard it exist. This game must have been done by some beginner programmers, or home learner, because its thats poor. The controls, are bad, cant say anything good about it. Tried to liked it, forced myself to play for 5 hours, but I cant stand it. Expand
  42. May 26, 2012
    Realy lowsy graphics. My character has a helmet but in the cinamatics he has no helmet. The developers took shortcuts in this game and it is distracting. I love the show and I am very disappointed in this rpg. The fighting style is rather weak too.
  43. Jun 22, 2012
    This game has an excellent plot. Yeah it has nor the graphic or the perfection of these days games, but it is humble with a great heart. I don't suggest it to people who don't know the series or the book, even if it has a gameplay who shares many characteristics with Bioware games (the dialogue wheel, the combat system, the choices along the storytelling). But it is a game with great potential, with a new story, original, well written and very emotional. The fightings are a challange, there is a lot of strategy and timing, the side quests are many and all damnt interesting, not as useness optional quests, you should do them all if you want to live the complete game. The characters are great, all deep and perfectly builded. I've given it an 8 just because, yeah graphic is quite importan and for 2012 this game looks pretty old and there are some glitches and it is difficult to set controls on the pc version, but it could've deserved a 10. Skyrim has a good graphic, physic and all, but it has no story and it has more bugs than this, so screw you fanboys! Expand
  44. Jul 18, 2012
    This game easily boasts the best storyline since the Witcher 2 with a plot full of twists and 'painful' surprises. All characters are very well constructed, all the quests are exciting, diverse and absolutely fed-ex-free. Combat takes long to get into, but when you really get into, it will be 'annoyingly' addictive (I am starting my 3rd playthrough with different Mors and Alester again). Yes, there are some camera issues, especially when you move underground and the obvious outdatedness of the graphic. But in no way would I ever trade this graphically mediocre but story-immersing game with soullest but shining garbage such as Skyrim. I believe we are witnessing a real cult hit, on par with Gothic 2, that is so trashed by the critics but captures the heart of gamers who appreciate the art of excellent story-telling. Expand
  45. Aug 16, 2012
    I don't understand why this game is so underrated. It has some flaws, like the boring combat system and some graphical issues (some bad animations, a good graphics with some horrible elements), but it has also one of the best plot ever seen on an RPG, with two coherent and meticulously crafted character and a lot of surprises. This game is capable of perfectly recreates the atmosphere of ASOIAF and to let the player travel around the world of Martin, letting him to make choices that changes his fate. As i said before, this game is really underrated, and is pathetic to see some bad blockbusters receive a totally different reception, like the horrible Dragon Age 2. Expand
  46. Dec 30, 2013
    Easily among the most underrated games of the past few years. If it was based on a more modern graphics engine and was more polished in some aspects (animations, some rather amateurish voice acting) we would be talking about an absolutely classic RPG title. But even as it is, it is more than solid as an RPG (certainly more of an "RPG" than a lot other critically acclaimed titles of recent years) and a Must Buy for fans of GRRM's work. Expand
  47. Mar 22, 2013
    If you are a fan of the Westeros lore, then you should check this game out. I have read all 5 novels and enjoyed the HBO series. I'm at Chapter 5 of the game, and I'm impressed how they've inserted this narrative without harming the existing canon. This game deserves a much higher score, but I won't be a dirtbag and give a 10 just to manipulate votes. Go into this expecting something unique and heavy on narrative. It's not an open-world game. It's not an action RPG really. The hybrid combat system is interesting, but that shouldn't be what's bringing you to the game.

    The story is great. The minmaxer in me gets some joy out of my character build, but ultimately it's not loot-heavy or anything like that. I'm glad I got it on a steam sale. I expect to finish the game.
  48. Aug 28, 2013
    In all honesty, this game is one of the best RPG's I have played of late. Yes the graphics are dated and the combat is clunky, but it has a great story, with characters you care about and twists that are actually twists. Although strictly speaking it is not classified as cannon, it is still a very well written game. If you like the more Western approach to RPG's such as the Dragon Age series, then do play this Expand
  49. Dec 15, 2013
    As RPGs go this one is very underrated. If you liked games that were dialog/story/character drive, such as Dragon Age: Origins and the Knights of the Old Republic series, you should really take a look at this game. It plays in very similar fashion to those games, and provides a story that runs nicely alongside the main story of the Game of Thrones novel without ever crossing over into territory where it might contradict the 'real' story of the books/show. The main characters are great, with motivations, depth, and character flaws we come to expect from characters in the GoT/ASoIaF series. The voice acting really lets the writing down, unfortunately.

    The combat is where the game isn't overly exciting, but veterans of those games I've mentioned above won't have any issue of it. People looking for a fast-paced hack and slash button-mashed combat game will be severely disappointed. The story should make the combat worth getting through, though.

    The graphics are kind of all over the place, with some characters looking like their model was spent a good deal of time on, and others looking like they were hastily thrown together. I found the armors and weapons pretty good in most cases.

    Overall, this is a vintage RPG offering. It relies on a compelling story with lots compelling characters and many twists and turns to keep you involved rather than depending on a lot of splashy quick time events or glitzy but hollow characters.

    If you like games such as Dragon Age: Origins, Knights of the Old Republic, Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate, then you'll be right at home with this game.
  50. Jan 16, 2014
    An RPG taking place in George R.R. Martin’s rich fantasy world. The story takes place just before
    the events that happen in the First Book and HBO’s T.V. Show Season 1. The graphics are pretty good as are the recreations of the scenes from the T.V. show. The games camera or FOV are too close and feel very cramped and claustrophobic however with a few simple tweaks the game improves
    immensely.(See Below for instructions on how to tweak your game) The epic musical soundtrack from the T.V. show is great throughout the entire game. The voice acting is also done nicely. The gameplay combat is clunky, you set up actions in a three-slot queue, then watch your commands get carried out in sequence. Apart from your basic attack, no abilities are mapped to any face buttons, so you frequently need to pause (though the action doesn’t stop entirely) and pull up an ability wheel to issue new orders. George R.R. Martin collaborated with Cyanide to create the story and I got say it is as good as the books and will keep you coming back to see what is going to happen next? I feel the game has a good replay value with all the choices you make throughout the entire game which effect how people react to you and of course the end game. Also replaying with different classes adds to a new experience. There are five different endings based on what you do in the last chapter, but the bigger changes occur throughout the adventure as characters are either present or absent based on how you treated them earlier. Game of Thrones is split into chapters, and control alternates between two protagonists. Alester is a red priest returned from a 15-year exile in the east, and Mors is a skinchanger in the Night’s Watch. Though the two plotlines are initially unconnected, each story arc is full of interesting developments and surprising twists, making their eventual convergence quite satisfying. Mor’s is a skinchanger so he can inhabit the body of his lovable dog and scare attackers with his mighty bark, or lunge at their throats with its chopping teeth. You can control your dog outside of combat as well, to track the scent of a fleeing coward or squeeze through a hole in the wall, and this adds some diversity to the exploration. The dog also has a skill tree to level up with Mors. Certain animations for the kill scenes are quite entertaining. In many RPGs, good loot can make some long fought battles worth the wait but that doesn’t happen in Game of Thrones. Nearly all of the good items from shops are unattainably expensive until the game is practically over, leaving you to scavenge for gear suited to your particular armor and weapon specialties. Overall I feel Game of Thrones is purely story fleshed out through its two characters as you delve deeper into all its lore. If you enjoy great story telling with a lack of good game mechanics than you cant go wrong with Game of Thrones.
    2 Tweaks I found that greatly improved the game for me are:
    **Turn on Vsync**
    Edit configuration file
    Go to %USERPROFILE%My DocumentsGame of ThronesUnrealEngine3AGOTGameConfig
    Open AGOTEngine.ini with a text editor.
    Find a line: UseVsync=False.
    And change it to: UseVsync=True to enable Vsync.

    **Adjust the Field of View**
    Edit input configuration file
    Go to %USERPROFILE%My DocumentsGame of ThronesUnrealEngine3AGOTGameConfig
    Open AGOTInput.ini with a text editor.
    Find the section [Engine.PlayerInput]
    At the end of it, add the following lines:
    Bindings=(Name="F1",Command="FOV 75",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="F2",Command="FOV 90",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="FOV 120",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Modifiy FOV values to your preference if needed and save.
    Launch a game.
    While in game, press F1, F2 or F3 to change FOV.

    Hope this helps as I found both work and make the game alot better.
    Here's a link to a video showing the effects!
  51. Sep 9, 2012
    I liked the books a lot, but even that can't save this game from being boring. The constant cut scenes, about 70% of the time you are watching cut scenes, and the constant running around not doing anything make this game...............BORING. Sorry, gave it 12 hours of my time and just couldn't keep going.............. maybe if you are an absolute total diehard fan...............other than that save your money. Expand
  52. Mar 17, 2013
    If you can get past the awkward voice acting, combat system, and somewhat dated graphics, the storyline of Game of Thrones is surprisingly good. You play as two separate characters who eventually team up, and run into characters from the books/TV show. A word of warning; the game expects you to be familiar with the setting, so if you haven't read the books (maybe there are a few of you out there) you might feel a bit lost. Still, for all it's flaws, Game of Thrones is a decent game. Expand
  53. Nov 13, 2013
    You know what, this isn't too bad. The text is a bit blah blah, I mean, why say one sentence and allow the game and story to move on by itself when 20 sentences will do, and the combat is a bad version of Dragon age, and also I could live the rest of my life without seeing that same death animation again but hey, other than that (and there's a lot other than that) this isn't bad at all. Far from great but worth a punt when cheap. Expand
  54. Feb 16, 2013
    First of all. This games something from your computer. On mine i can run it smooth while some have issues with loading times, graphics and so forth. Storywise this game does not disappoint. G.R.R Martin handwork is very visible and captured well into the game. Camera is ok, not bad for my taste but could use some improvement. Graphics in general are good, combat is wierd but once you get used to it, it´s nice. Voice acting is in grey area. Not best work but certainly not bad either. You can regonize old characters. :)

    All in all. This game is good and i judge it by the element it should be judged...Story. Sadly all hate towards this delayed me from getting it.
  55. Oct 6, 2012
    It was nice to see the "Game of Thrones" in a really decent RPG game, caught up in her world, the story. It is a pity that this edition of the RPG saga .... is probably not the best idea. Game of Thrones can pull a climate known from the show, or book. It can involve as interesting storyline (which still can not compete with other RPG games, or reading a book or series). Save this game just yet that this year there were not a lot of role-playing games so the game is not specifically what to compete. Many discouraged once the fight, which consists of selecting one of several special attacks. Everything builds to the embrace these attacks, and we have his tactics / strategy. It is a pity that it is so limited, and we are just too small possibility in this fight, and so that is already a little outdated. This game is hard .. when we surprise a few opponents and we do not have a companion, you can restart the moment with up to 10 times. It is a pity that the next attempt to move the book / series to the game was not so successful, you may just let developers do forgive the game based on the novel. My rating -5/10 Expand
  56. Apr 25, 2014
    Game of Thrones is a hugely flawed game. Almost everything about it falls short, yet i still relatively enjoyed myself due to the spectacular story. It takes a while to get going, and honestly, it's hard to get in to at the beginning. The voice acting is bad, the animations are bad, the cutscenes are boring, and there is little to no background lore. But once you get about half way through the long story (it took me 20 hours to play through, including side missions), it really starts picking up and the ending is fantastic. The game is however brought down my just about everything else. In addition to what I've already mentioned, the gameplay is dull, uninspired, and nonsensical. The controls are clunky and confusing. The inventory system is a pain to manage and so is the plethora of skills you are flushed with. You start the game by making a character and choosing a class and skills. Even though there are decent descriptions, you'll have little idea of what your character will actually perform like. the graphics are below average and the sounds quality and effects are just average. You are constantly given multiple chat options throughout the numerous and lengthy chats you'll have with other characters. However, up until the end of the game these options will have little to no actual effect on the game. Make no mistake, there are 2 endings, one for each character, that you cannot change. However, despite all these flaws, I strangely enjoyed the game. I must admit I am a huge proponent of good stories in video games. If you are like me and really enjoy a good story and are willing to put aside the lackluster gameplay to enjoy it, then you can give this game a go. If you're looking for addicting gameplay in a GoT universe, you'll be sorely disappointed. Expand
  57. Dec 8, 2012
    This is probably one of the most unfairly criticized games I've ever played. Right off the back, don't expect an AAA platinium hit whatever you want to call it modern action RPG. This game isn't perfect by any means. That being said, it is still a very SOLID rpg, with combat that is very reminiscent of what I experienced in Knights of the Old Republic. The character progression is surprisingly good, and they stay true to the source material. I'm a huge ASOIAF fan and it is evident that te people who made this are too. The only reason why this game is rated so low is because kiddies who play Skyrim and Call of Duty or whatever are judging it on it's graphics and strategy-oriented gameplay. This is...a very decent game. Not perfect, not a 10/10 hidden gem like Demon's Souls was when it first came out, but it is far from deserving a negative review. Expand
  58. Mar 24, 2014
    This game definitely suffers from carrying the title of a hugely successful book / TV series. Apart from the disappointing console port of the menus and controls, the actual game play is solid enough and it has a fantastic story.

    No world beater by any means but a very enjoyable RPG adventure none the less and even more so for fans of the series.
  59. Oct 22, 2013
    I honestly couldn't play it. I don't give it a 0 because I don't know the storyline, neither the combat mechanics or anything else. The only thing I know, is that I couldn't get the amount of bugs and glitches fixed. It's depressing and deceiving.
  60. Feb 27, 2013
    Such a terrible game is not worth such a great licence.
    The graphics are completly outdated, the combat is terrible, the story is the thing that keeps this game out of a negative review, so 0/10.
  61. Apr 17, 2014
    Game of Thrones, an RPG produced by Cyanide Games and published by Focus Home Interactive , is not a new game, nor was a great sales success, not critical acclaimed as the best of the year, nor completely despised. So why am I talking about it now? Two reasons, one because only now did I got it with the intention of playing it, and because another season of Game of Thrones, the TV series, debuted recently. As a game it's quite average, and it just surpasses the two "portents" that inspired it - the collection of books by George RR Martin and the HBO series - in one (sad) way: The game ends (as expected) when of the two protagonists die... Of course, as it is a game, if death occurs somewhere in the middle of the plot you can always load the last save. Okay, that was it. Collapse
  62. Aug 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. You wonder what goes through someones mind when they give a game such as this 10/10 or 8-9/10. Some of these people may even be Cyanide themselves. It doesn't help the fact that most of the 10/10 reviews are short paragraphs. Seriously, how can anyone take their reviews for granted?

    Anyhow, this is neither here or there. Time to review the game!

    Cyanide has once again graced us with a Game of Thrones game, this time an RPG. Set just prior the first book of the series, and before the show, the story centers around two characters; Mors Westford and Alester Sarwyck. Each character has a chapter devoted to his story, after you finish one chapter, your transported over to the other character. This continues until eventually each characters destiny collides.

    The problem with this is it can quickly become disjointed. One minute, your playing as Mors Westford, and without warning, your transported into the heels of another character, Alester Sarwyck. The problem with this is the story can often get bogged down with needless mechanics such as the borefest that is combat. If this wasn't the case, the switching between chapters wouldn't be so painful.

    The games main strong point is its story. At the start your introduced to your first character, Mors Westford. A Nights Watchman, a high ranking ranger within the Nights Watch. Mors is a bitter man, clearly aged but one whose fighting spirit is fierce, and whose honor seems to be intact. Mors is a great character to play, and fun too.
    He's easily one of the most likable characters and a joy to play. He's not very GRRM like, because he's 'far' too likable, but in the end that doesn't matter. Playing Mors is quite fun and it helps the fact that his voice actor isn't too bad either; gruff and mean.

    Your second character, Alester Sarwyck, is a red priest whose returning home after spending time away in the Free Cities. It turns out he's actually a powerful noble lord, under the liege of Tywin Lannister. Alester Sarwyck is also another honorable man, but it takes a bit longer to get a feel for his character, but eventually he grows on you.

    Both characters are well drawn out, crafted to a fine degree. It's just a shame the other characters you meet on the way haven't been given the same treatment. The game's immersion does suffer however when you hear certain characters speak in a strong scottish or irish accent and in a lot of cases, horrendous voice acting that brings you down a notch.

    The main flaw within its story is the dialogue; GRRM would be rolling about with rage if he saw the scripts. Most of the characters come across as one dimensional villains or heroes, with little character depth. The main antagonist in Alester Sarwyck chapters, his brother, comes across as your typical comic book villain. Very plain and obvious that he's the 'bad guy'. If we learn anything from GRRM, is that this isn't always the case with his characters. It's just a shame the writing is poorly done. On the other hand, the plot overall, while not fantastic, does lend itself well to the games overall premise; Playing The Game of Thrones.

    It's sad to see so much potential wasted. This could have become a great story driven game, but its constantly slowed down by needless unsatisfying combat that goes nowhere. Mass Effect 2 is prime example of a story driven game that knew how to pace itself. This game sadly fails on that lesson, throwing combat your way just for the sake of combat. Players who pick up this game aren't interested in the RPG aspects of the game. They want story. They want A Game of Thrones, they want to experience the schemes, the plots and the overall backstabbing that goes on constantly. They want to experience the adult themes that are in the books and in the shows.

    Sadly none of this comes across, and we are left with a rather dull experience that doesn't capture much essence of the show, or the books. I found myself not interested where I put my skill points. I found myself bored to death with the prospect of exploring for loot, so I didn't bother. Wasted mechanics. The god awful horrendous camera angle doesn't help matters either. The only positive point that this game shines across is when the actual story comes out to play. It could have been better if they focused less on the rpg parts and more on the story.

    The maps, or rather, levels that you roam about on are also another failing point. They are badly designed, often confusing the player with linear routes that make no sense. Having a fog-filled map serves no purposes whatsoever other than to annoy the player.

    There is a great demon within this game; its called Plot. And Plot is chained down by bad design. If only bad design would release the demon and let it roam free...

    Gameplay 3/10
    Sounds 5/10
    Graphics 4/10
    Story 6/10
  63. Jul 30, 2014
    In all honesty, this game is a solid 7/10 but alas I have to give a 10 thanks to idiotic the idiotic 0/10 reviews. This game has an awkward combat system that can be confusing to learn, but has an excellent story to tell once you get past that.
  64. Jul 21, 2013
    Bought this game after watching the HBO TV series. This game story line is fantastic. With that being said, graphics are not great and not horrible, they are ok. The fighting style is a horrible version of Dragon Age. If it was more like The Witcher 2 style this game would of been almost flawless. Another down is the camera angle. Its not that great, you have to hold the right mouse button down to turn when you run and also with having a high powered pc the game lagged while in buildings no matter what the settings were set at. In my opinion the games worth the money, it took me about 30 hours to beat the 15 chapters. Over all I rate this a 7 out of 10 only because the story was very good. I have over 400 games on steam and its one of the top 3 best story games I have played. This game literally had huge potential to be a top selling game if the graphics and fighting were a lot better and on a different engine rather than Unreal Engine. You can tell this game was rushed in the making while the HBO series was hot. Like I said if you love good story games that depend on your decisions and have different endings this game will be ok for you but if you are into graphics and fighting more than story this game is not for you. Only thing that kept me playing this game to the end was because of the story. Hopefully they can make another game with better fighting and graphics and I would definitely have no problem paying 60 bucks for the game. Expand
  65. Oct 14, 2014
    this game is rich in story and I love the gameplay, The combat system reminds me of dragon age the original style I truly hope to see more of this franchise in the gaming community.
  66. Aug 7, 2013
    The game has quite a few voice talents, but the combat system I just can't get behind. It's all based on your armour and weapons for example, those in heavy armour are weak to bludgeoning weapons, those in medium armour are weak to cutting perferating weapons and those with light or no armour, weak to light armour and the difficulty spikes in this game for combat jump all over the place.

    It is cool to hear the voices from the characters from the series...despite many of them not looking anything like their actors and the story is engaging, but there are times that it is just far too hard to deal with.
  67. Oct 26, 2013
    As often said, the combar system is horrible.
    Also it's my first RPG for PC I prefered playing with a controller... and I really dislike that. For my personal well-roleplaying-gaming, I need keyboard and mouse.

    What makes me rate this game so high is the story. I just love the story. It completly feels 'game-of-throney'. It's dark and mean and sad and beautiful (if you want it to be)
  68. Sep 16, 2013
    No... don't even bother on this. I suggest you simple reread the entire book series over again because this won't suppress your desire for more Game of Thrones material.
  69. Sep 18, 2013
    truly, this is a great game. i love the excessive dialogues, the interesting story and its twists. i haven´t played such a great rpg in years now. so if you can overlook horrible graphics, clunky but challenging gameplay and the missing of comfort options, give it a try. you will not be disappointed.
  70. Oct 27, 2013
    Now i know that this game is highly hated and i will even admit that it was disappointing but it wasn't a bad game by any means. The story was excellent and offers the player a better experience than other games currently on the market. The textures were nice and well suited for current technology but some character models are sometimes hard to look at (Alester mainly) and some were even used more than 10 times. The combat is quite enjoyable except from characters missing their target non-stop and die because of it. In all the game is disappointing but is better than divinity 2 by a long shot and that game deserves to be rated Expand
  71. Jun 8, 2014
    An RPG must be judged for its story first and afterwards for its game mechanics..This game's story rocks!

    P.S. As the developers claim, Martin himself was behind the story this game!
  72. Sep 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A somewhat underrated game that revolves around a convoluted story involving the two primary characters, Mors, a former knight who is now a member of the Night's Watch, and Alester, a nobleman who left his ancestral home in Riverspring to become a priest of the fire god Rh'Llor, but has since returned looking to reclaim his lands. The game begins with you playing as Mors in the first chapter and Alester in the next, then alternating between the two. Eventually you will play both of them at the same time later in the game, but otherwise you play one or the other, with 1 other character usually accompanying you, depending on the chapter. A fairly thorough playthrough of the game should take around 40 hours, so it has a decent gameplay length. At the beginning, you choose a class (from a choice of 3) for Mors and Alester, and this determines what combat skills, abilities and fighting styles they can use. Points are then gained each level and these can be used to buy new abilities in your ability tree, similar to Dragon Age. Mors and Alester additionally gain points in their unique special ability trees (Mors can control his dog directly out of combat or issue it special commands in combat while Alester has a number of special fire-related abilities granted by his god). Finally, a number of points can also be spent to improve their skill ratings with specific weapon and armour types (which range from 1 to 100), based on their class chosen. Combat is also fairly similar to Dragon Age, with the biggest hindrance being the lack of an option to zoom the camera. Bringing up your skills wheel to choose specific moves to use in combat slows down the action a great deal instead of pausing it completely, so it can sometimes be confusing to choose your moves quickly and properly while your opponents are still slowly swinging away at you. You can choose up to 3 combat moves at a time which are then executed in sequence, and this uses up your available energy, which replenishes slowly unless you spend a move to use the recover ability. Combat is pretty tough even on the normal difficulty level as you frequently find yourself outnumbered and your health bar depletes pretty quickly, even on higher levels. You can carry healing potions to drink, but the flasks are limited in the game, so you have to conserve your supply until you can get back to a town to refill your flasks. The game's graphics are OK but look probably 2 or 3 years out of date, with low-res textures evident on characters and objects when seen up close. Where the game really shines though is with its compelling (if somewhat depressing) storyline and excellent voice acting (particularly from Mors and Alester), though some of the dialogue scenes can be quite lengthy. Game of Thrones fans should not be bothered by this, however. Other players would doubtless appreciate this game a lot more after some prior exposure to the Song of Ice and Fire books or TV series. Expand
  73. Apr 17, 2014
    Game of Thrones, an RPG produced by Cyanide Games and published by Focus Home Interactive , is not a new game, nor was a great sales success, not critical acclaimed as the best of the year, nor completely despised. So why am I talking about it now? Two reasons, one because only now did I got it with the intention of playing it, and because another season of Game of Thrones, the TV series, debuted recently. As a game it's quite average, and it just surpasses the two "portents" that inspired it - the collection of books by George RR Martin and the HBO series - in one (sad) way: The game ends (as expected) when of the two protagonists die... Of course, as it is a game, if death occurs somewhere in the middle of the plot you can always load the last save. Okay, that was it. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 23
  2. Negative: 5 out of 23
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    Fans of the books and the series will be thrilled, as all the classic features are here: multi-faceted characters, schemes, betrayals, incest, twists and genuine anti-heroes that seek redemption desperately, but in vain. [July 2012]
  2. Jul 28, 2012
    If not for its poor technical execution, Game of Thrones would have taken its rightful place in the 80+ range.
  3. Jul 12, 2012
    Far from the RPG that Game of Thrones deserves, but still better than its components have the right to be. [Sept 2012, p.58]