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  1. Sep 8, 2013
    A fantastic narrative with great exploration and detail in every corner. A great indie title any exploration fan needs to play. Great graphics, atmospheric setting to the point of being unnerving exploring the house alone. Accompanied with the great voice acting make this game a winner.
  2. Dec 1, 2013
    What a mystery! I don't mean the story, I mean why some reviewers have given this game a high score.

    It's too basic, lacking action, not scary at all, very short, and the story will likely only strike a chord with teenage girls going through sexual identity issues. Perhaps this is the reason why some reviewers have been kind, because it gives you a kind of "creepy house game" with some
    "notes on young lesbian lovers". It's a strange mix, seemingly forced together, but is awkward as a result.

    There's some enjoyment to be had with exploring, but soon it becomes apparent that there's nothing much happening with this "game" and that it's basically just a boring story told via a simple "pick up this key"... "walk upstairs"...."open door"... the end.

    Anyone who describes this game as "art", either doesn't get out enough, or doesn't know what games are capable of, or has an agenda to push this game for whatever reason. This game could have been a lot more. It feels like level one. Now, where's the rest?
  3. Oct 30, 2013
    Well, the negative scores seem to be inching ahead of the positive ones, so I feel like I need to support the greens and redress the balance!
    Regardless of what others may say on here, Gone Home IS a game, and a beautiful one at that. Similar criticism was leveled at Dear Esther regarding its definition as a 'game', where it was certainly more applicable, but if you define a game as
    having to perform some kind of skilled actions to gain rewards, then Gone Home is certainly a game.
    You use your skills to find the clues around the house and piece together the events leading up to your arrival, and the reward is a skillfully told story that will either bounce right off you, or break your heart, depending on who you are. You can be any age or gender to enjoy the story, but if you only play games for action or excitement, then this game is not for you.
    It beggars belief that there are people who bought this game without doing at least a little bit of research first. Do people really just buy games without reading their description? Baffling.
    Is it worth £14.99? Will I ever play it again? I'm not sure I can answer either of those questions, but I certainly didn't feel short changed, and it was an experience I'll always treasure (besides, I bought in it the Steam sale!).
    Developers who harp on about how important stories are in games should play Gone Home to experience how good stories can be told and that they don't required feature film levels of action, special effects and dialogue to achieve it. You just need talent, and that's what the Fulbright team have in spades.
  4. Nov 6, 2013
    Gone Home is an adventure game where you play as someone coming home to a new house after spending time in Europe, only to find that nobody's home to greet you. The dark house with creaky floorboards and faulty electrical wiring makes it pretty spooky, and sets a dark tone that makes you wonder: was everyone just busy that night, or is there something happening in the shadows? As you explore the house, checking out objects and reading letters, you start to catch up on what happened in the year the protagonist missed, leading up to the secret behind the empty house.

    Maybe I'm overselling it. I certainly enjoyed exploring the house and piecing together the puzzle, but this is definitely an artsy sort of game, and it's definitely not for everyone. The game is slow, and you do little besides explore and read. But, the story is itriguing and the house is pretty realistic, so if you do enjoy exploring and reading, you may really enjoy this game.

    The controls are done well. There's generally no music, though you can listen to a few casettes you find along the way. The sound is pretty creepy between the thunderstorm and the house's noises. The entire experience is really short; I finished it in 2.5 hours.

    For such a short game, I don't think I could recommned it at all for $20, but this would be a great game to pick up on a Steam sale. I enjoyed it, and fans of exploration-based games will enjoy it, but Gone Home won't be worth it to you if you are impatient or have a short attention span.
  5. Mar 1, 2014
    Gone Home is more of an experience than a game. Much like titles such as The Stanley Parable & Dear Esther, there is no real gameplay as such, but instead you are a participant in an interactive story.
    You play as Katie, a young woman who has just retuned home after a year long trip to Europe. When she arrives in the middle of a thunderstorm she finds her family's home both extremely
    untidy & empty. As you explore the house you find notes left by your younger sister Sam, explaining what she has done in your absence, as the seemingly unconnected notes begin to link together following a story of growing up as a teenager that nobody seems to care for or understand, you are left with one question. What is in the attic?
    Gone Home first appears to be a horror game, however you will never encounter any enemies, nor should you be scared. However due to the ominous mystery of what is lurking at the top of the house and the excellent atmosphere being alone in a big house in the middle of a storm, you will regularly feel uncomfortable.
    Exploring themes such as bullying, homosexuality, the paranormal and domestic family life, Gone Home is a story we can all relate to in some way and despite being one of the less gameplay intensive items on the market, it is something that is worthy of your time.
  6. Dec 17, 2013
    Again with the walking simulators. Indie developers, take a note; WHEN MAKING A GAME, DO NOT FORGET TO IMPLEMENT GAMEPLAY. It's that simple.
    This game IS better than Dear Esther, though. At least this game has SOME form of interactivity.
  7. Dec 29, 2013
    Is there one true definition of a video game? For me, it's an entertainment piece whose medium of experiencing it is through player interaction, as opposed to experiencing a piece by listening, or reading, or viewing. Can we not go any further than that? Can we not exclude and isolate perfectly serviceable games simply because they don't fit a bracket? That way, we miss out on a lot of great games that otherwise wouldn't exist.

    In that regard, Gone Home is actually more of a game than GTA5 or The Last of Us or COD: Ghosts. It doesn't have cinematic cutscenes which feel more like a movie than a game, it doesn't have high-end motion capture with professional actors. It doesn't have elaborate set pieces with Frostbite 3 engine. It tells its story through playing; through the basic tenant of video games: interactivity. You experience the story, not by cutscenes, but by playing it. Just because it doesn't have combat or violence doesn't mean it's not a game. In fact, it's even more of a game than most triple-A games we play today; it utilises the potential of the medium. It shows what we can do with minimalistic gameplay meaning a lot. It's up to the player to decide how deep they want to dive in to Gone Home.

    With all that said, it's capable of delivering a story so powerful and unique that you can't help but be impressed with its sheer bravery. It shows what we can do with gaming, and it shows the power of gaming over other media, like film or literature. Therefore, Gone Home is as true a game as you can hope for.
  8. Aug 26, 2013
    Gone Home tells the stories of a troubled family by slowly feeding you little tidbits of information that are found throughout the house. You, the older sister who has just come home from a European adventure, are surprised to find no one home upon your arrival and you search for clues around the house as you attempt to find out more about your family's whereabouts. That pretty much sums up the game play there are some locked doors to get through but there isn't any real puzzle solving to speak of. The game is purely based on exploration and any hindrance that you encounter can be overcome simply by looking around more. But that's not the point of this title. The point here is to tell an endearing and emotional tale about a troubled family that often leads you down strange and unexpected paths. The game does an excellent job of building a creepy atmosphere but then ultimately delivers in a way that is totally unexpected but somehow still satisfying.

    I really did enjoy this experience but I wouldn't recommend it to every gamer. This game isn't so much a game as it is an experience. With the short length and $19.99 launch price tag, it's a little bit difficult to defend the value of this game if you don't end up enjoying the story. That's the tricky part here, it's a very polarizing experience. Some people will love it and some people will be left wanting more. If you are more interested in gameplay than storytelling then this title probably isn't for you.
  9. May 17, 2014
    This is a good little interactive story. The graphics are good and the single voice actor gives her character some soul. In my opinion interactive stories are a genre of gaming like RTS or RPG to first person shooters. But it is very niche. Only buy this game at under $10 because of the length per dollar you get.
  10. Mar 2, 2014
    Gone Home has everything that's great about video games. You're dropped into this certain situation given absolutely no instruction as to what you're supposed to do, and you explore. You come home from college to see that everyone is gone, and given the setting of the 90's where there is lots of physical media, you find clues around the house to try to piece together where everyone has gone. Anyone who tells you this game has no gameplay has no idea what they're talking about. The very nature of the exploration of this game has elemets from the puzzle genre. The atmosphere is great, the exploration is interesting and it's all packed into 1.5-2 hours, making it a short and sweet experience. Expand
  11. Mar 12, 2014
    Good game but definitely NOT worth 20 dollars. hour and a half worth of playtime at most so get it on sale or free even. Fairly interesting story but kind of a let down at the end, it will leave you wanting more. All in all: worth the experience but I'd never play it again.
  12. Oct 2, 2013
    I bought this game because the very good reviews all around the Internet, I was so hyped as I love this kind of games which are very story (and narrative driven). I got the game, and it is by far one of the worst games I've ever played. It does not worth my time and money.

    Let's start with the good first. I loved the first 30 minutes of the game. It was very thrilling and well
    narrative. Reading documents and trying to analyze the mystery was fun at first. But here is the real problem, the game is just too short. When I say too short I mean really really short. It took me about two hours to go through everything on the game to finish it. Which is why this game does not worth the price tag 20$, not even half of the price. My second problem with the game is the story. I said I loved the atmosphere and the narrative, but when it comes to the story, I did not like it at all. I do not want to spoil anything, but the story simply bad.

    At the end, I regret every second playing the game. I really thought I might have fun with it. I was so looking forward to spend a good night with the game, but it turns out the game does not worth my time
  13. Jul 20, 2014
    ~Please note, that I have only seen a Let's Play of Gone Home, and have not actually played it~

    STORY -
    Gone Home's story is nothing out of the ordinary, and consists of a girl called Katie coming home to see her parents after travelling the world. When she returns, they are missing, and she has to try and find out what happened to them. It sounds a bit like a plot from NCIS, even
    though it's a setup for something truly different, yet sadly becomes easy to predict what happened to Sam Greenbriar very early into the game. It's not particularly unique, but it portrays what it's trying to get through beautifully.

    Much like a lot of "Walking Simulations" (Adventure games, as we used to call them), the gameplay is extremely basic and slow-paced. It involves you finding a series on letters from your sister, as well as side-clues to help you figure out what's going on. The gameplay isn't the core focus, but it's still functional. No issues here.

    Graphically Gone Home is quite nice. It looks fairly cartoony for the most part, and has a nice amount of detail on everything. The lighting effects are basic, but atmospheric, and it all looks very clean and well done, with a couple of badly textured areas.

    Gone home isn't for everyone, but if you like Adventure games, you'll be right at home here. Don't be fooled by thinking it's a horror game (Which may have been why some were disappointed, looking through Metacritic), it's actually a very heartfelt and beautiful game, that I strongly recommend, however, I understand that this game isn't for everyone.

    -Functional Gameplay
    -Nice graphical style
    -Great story
    -Fairly good detail
    -Voice acting is really good

    -Some poorly textured areas
    -A little too short.
  14. Nov 9, 2013
    I'm so happy I bought this at a steam sale with 50 percent off because this was quite frankly, very boring. A video game should always focus on what sets video games apart from other mediums, which is solid gameplay. This is the strong foundation of a good game, so it doesn't matter how good the story is or how many spot on 90's references there are if the game is not engrossing to play. It is NOT engrossing to go around and read notes for two hours. Expand
  15. Aug 30, 2013
    It was short, expensive but definitely more worth it than a movie ticket these days. I love the voice acting, the atmospheric tone of the whole house. Being 39, this was an awesome journey in the mind of teen that I once was. It reminded me of a lot of old memories. I've been a gamer for 30 years and I've shot way too many zombies, bad guys and collected way too many chests, spells, ammos and this movie really appealed to me as an older gamer. I am hopeful that there's going to be a lot more games like this (and better) for the aging gamer group. Expand
  16. Sep 3, 2013
    This game is an intense story-telling experience. If you are interested in story based games rather than shoot'em up games then it is definitely for you. My rating is just 7 because i was expecting even more from this game after i reached the end.
  17. Oct 23, 2013
    Gone Home is a difficult experience to describe, especially when it comes to recommending it to someone else. It's an interactive short story, and I do mean short. The script for the written notes and spoken dialog probably wouldn't amount to more than 10 pages. The characters are very broadly sketched with only the smallest hints of depth and complexity. The focus of the narrative is a really pretty mundane love story which presents little in the way of surprise.

    What Gone Home does well though is provide a powerful injection of 100% pure, high grade nostalgia directly into the bloodstream. Nostalgia both for childhood and adolescence in general and the 1990s in particular. A story for the ages this is not. A story for people who were teenagers in 1995? Yes. Maybe.

    The writing is good and the voice actor who played Sam did an excellent job. That, coupled with the introspective and tender mood, is enough to carry you through at least one playthrough (80 minutes for me). That said, there's certainly no reason to play again. In fact, when you start looking back over the experience you begin to resent the numerous red herrings whose sole purpose seemed to be to obscure the real focus of the story for as long as possible.

    In the end I found Gone Home to be atmospheric and touching in a simplistic way, but also fundamentally shallow. The asking price of $19.99 on Steam is way, way too high. I'd recommend purchasing only when a big sale comes along, and then only if you're a fan of this genre of entertainment.
  18. Oct 5, 2013
    Gone Home is primarily an exploration/discover game that features more interactivity than Dear Esther, and is shorter than To The Moon. Most of the puzzles relate to following the content to make sure locked areas of the map can be opened. The game is narrated through audio and visual clues, and pays a great deal of attention to small details which must be examined to understand the full story. I can guess that many negative reviews are due to players expecting something more of a "game" you must be advised that this is more of a story but a very well executed one. Expand
  19. Oct 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, Gone Home isn't the usual game you'd expect. It's mainly about exploration and even that part is fairly limited. The further you explore the house you will unfold the events that led to the "abandoned" house. But it still manages to give you a good ending where you rethink your playing experience and how the game was able to play with our expectations. I liked that and that's why it stayed in my mind. It also manages to deliver a strong statement because despite the media tolerance for gays and lesbians it is still a huge problem in a lot of families when your offspring isn't developing the way you expect them to be. Expand
  20. Sep 3, 2013
    First of all, this is a "reactive" review, and i'll explain what I mean shortly. After seeing so high praise for this game, I decided it was time to play it myself. Is 1 out of 10 justified..? No but giving this a 10 out of 10 is just as bad.

    This game is very interesting and I think a lot of people hating it, are not admitting they actually liked playing it, because arguably this is a
    very enjoyable game if you like story-focused games. The problem however, is that when everything in Gone Home is said and done, you'll leave house of the Greenbriar family with a feeling of emptiness. It offers what ends up being a very cut and dry, completely ordinary and nowhere near thought-provoking story.

    If someone spoiled the story for you, you've already heard what there is to experience in this game. It offers nothing more and for a 1-3 hour game I don't think the price-point it launched with was justified.

    Don't let this game fool you. It's not deeper than it seems. There is nothing to learn from this game aside from observing the way it tells its story. That's the true meal of Gone Home. It has a lot of great ideas to tell its story, because it uses red herrings as a means to distract the player from the main story and in the middle of the game the player might be unsure of whether it's actually a tragic tale or just an ordinary day for the protagonist.

    I think all the 2s out of 10s this game is getting by the user base is a reaction on all the praise it gets from the bigger video-game reviewers. There's nothing particularly special about the story in this game, and in the end it feels like you've been cheated.

    I'm letting Fullbright off the hook with my review. It was interesting to play Gone Home, and I enjoyed it a lot. But when I finally pieced everything together I realised I might actually have been wasting my time. This is a definitive "hipster-game"
  21. Aug 23, 2013
    As someone who honestly enjoys a good playable story, this hits relatively high. The gameplay is smooth, the sound is smooth, everything regarding the game is smooth. Unfortunately, the game is quite short and on top of that, the story is a bit lacking at points.
  22. Aug 24, 2013
    The best way to describe this is as a virtual easter egg hunt. Instead of easter eggs you find story fragments, you assemble them together in your head to paint a picture, like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Sure, you don't need every jigsaw puzzle piece in order to understand what the big picture is but some are more vital than others.

    What will determine how much you like
    this game is how much you like the stories. Two of the stories are delivered very well. You have to put the pieces together on your own which makes them very intriguing. The other story is the one the game dedicates itself to most. It is pretty heavy handed and is the most poorly delivered and the least interesting. This is where the game failed with me. If you are annoyed by teenage infatuation then this isn't for you. If you love the 90s and lifetime dramas then you'll be all over this.

    6/10 for an interesting idea that could have communicated an interesting story but failed
  23. Aug 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a game, or explorable, interactive environment if the word "game" doesn't quite fit, Gone Home seems to work hard to tell a story, use a voice, that is not commonly, if ever, heard in games. There are laudable intentions and good ideas here, but, for all the critical praise it has been given, even if you enjoy or appreciate some or all elements, it's not something that is without flaw or fault. No creative endeavour ever is.

    So, under the hyperbole, what is Gone Home? It's an interesting and valid way to tell the story of a white teenager, Sam Greenbriar, in her own voice, expressing her experiences and sexual identity. The player as her older sister, Katie, gets to discover not just what has been happening in Sam's life during twelve months away in Europe, but also what has been happening in the lives of Terry and Jan, their parents.

    It's a great premise; if you have the opportunity to find out about the details and secrets of the people closest to you, do you actually want to know what you discover about them? This is where Gone Home is at its strongest. It treats most of the characters as complex, realistic people and regardless of whether you like or empathise with them personally, you get to know them through the material aspects that surround them.

    Unfortunately, it can also highlight the weakness of narrative technique. Sam's story and personality dominates with the voice over work (although the English-speaking voice actress is good) to the point that it leaves the other characters feeling a bit flatter and lacking in dimension by comparison. Although it is definitely Sam's story it doesn't have to be told to the detriment of an ensemble cast.

    There's also story pacing problems and this is where the technical limitations, like re-use of assets, can become noticeable. It's an understandable problem, but when you're beginning to notice that there seem to be a lot of the same pizza boxes, piles of scrap paper and envelopes or that Jan seems to really, really love the same three types of house plant, it's rather like when your attention is on the over-acting extras in the background of a film than the scene that is happening with the actors in the foreground. The scene becomes broken.

    One of my biggest issues with the game is the misdirection of the 'haunted house' themes that play out. There's a couple of jump scares and a consistently heightened atmosphere for the player, but if you're a fan of supernatural horror it's probably going to be a disappointment at the lack of pay-off you receive and that the game also consistently points out that the supernatural elements all have completely logical and in-game context reasons for happening.

    If you're not a fan and don't buy into the sometimes creaky deployment (e.g the looping lightning storm that stays at the same exact intensity no matter how long you take to reach the end of the game or where you are in the house) then it can seem an unnecessary use of tropes. It doesn't add anything in particular to the story that couldn't have been included by different means. The worst part of its use has to be with how it factors into Terry Greenbriar's backstory.

    This is the literal 'dark secret in the basement' which the player has to mentally piece together with evidence found elsewhere in the house. It's a piece of stereotypical genre writing that portrays something that absolutely doesn't need a re-telling for the nth time in this way, either through the imagery used or the basic awfulness of who it is that has the greater role in revealing it to the player. The Fullbright Company, in this case, you can do better, much better.

    Overall, it's a take on the exploration and discovery experience that is very much needed and has some good ideas and execution, if bound by technical limitations. If it's going to come down to the handing out of laurels; I'd say this is a company to watch from this point on rather than piling fulsome praise on what is a first full game that has its own particular growing pains.
  24. Nov 30, 2013

    BUY ONLY AT 75% OFF.

    Gone home is a first person exploration game. Well maybe it’s not a game but more of an experience. There are no puzzles, no challenge and nothing to put your game skills to test here. This “game” is all about exploring a house, looking at items and basically learning more about the people who live in the house and their
    background. Without spoiling the story because this is the meat” of the game I will have to say that it tries to create an emotional connection with the user but the problem here is that THIS connection is hard to be established on all people who play the game and it depends on their own norms/values. That is also the reason that some people like the game and others dont. Furthermore this game is full of Easter eggs. If you were born in the 80’s just like me you will find a lot of references here. Some items will bring back memories from your childhood. The “game” is all about creating nostalgia but nonetheless it covers a very sensitive topic.

    Personally the story for ME was not very touching and to tell the truth I enjoyed exploring the house and finding those 80’s and early 90’s easter eggs more. The main story was average and predictable to say the least.

    Pros: beautiful environment that looks and feels like a real house, lots of Easter eggs, 80’s nostalgia is everywhere, good voice work, the soundtrack is excellent and the music fits with the tone of the game

    Cons: main story it’s predictable and boring, there is no real gameplay here, no replayability, the game is only 2 hours long and it’s also very expensive for its duration.

    FINAL SCORE: 6.5/10
  25. Sep 22, 2013
    This "game" is hard to rate. Because although it fits the definition of a game, it isnt really. Its more of an interactive book played out through a house. Its only 2 hours but its meant to immerse you and learn the family only through look around the house. The problem is, it doesnt even do that very well. I like the story and the ending but it presence itself in a weird way. It reads you journal entries from absolutely nowhere, serious where did it come from? There a notes scattered which are pretty interesting but there just isnt enough of them and they are so easy to find. Not to mention they are place in very stupid locations. Such as Sam's private diary being in Kat's room on a bedside table. The story about the haunted house is totally underdeveloped and leads to nothing.

    The house is very interesting and well designed for most of the time. I actually really enjoyed myself and the ending warmed my heart, but it was afterwards I realised the faults. Its fun just unfinished and underdone. Add more notes and make it longer and this would be with the absolutely ridiculous price. This game should not have been worth more than $5.
  26. Sep 9, 2013
    It's just not my adventure. The love story was nice, and it looked fairly good, but it's lacking substance for the price. This should be a $10.00 USD game for the two hours it took to complete it. I liked it, yet it needs another year of making it into a full game.
  27. Feb 16, 2014
    There will be a lot of people that complain that there isn't much to this game, it's just a 1st person, interactive story and that is where it, like Beyond: Two Souls, beats a lot of games and divides a lot opinions, it's story is so deep and compelling it doesn't need to do anything but be told, it is so simplistic that it is almost perfect there are no enemies to defeat, no puzzles to solve you just play through and discover the story is an incredibly emotional and real you can't help but to become near obsessed with putting all the little pieces together to figure out the stories behind the characters Expand
  28. Oct 28, 2013
    I picked up Gone Home cheap after seeing rave reviews of the game and despite such a respectable price; it is apparent that such write-ups are inflated. The game is incredibly bland despite an intriguing and engrossing story. The atmosphere is tense and the setting superb but the overlay gameplay is extremely linear and most exploration is meaningless or pointless. The lack of depth really shows as you steadily progress to the finish in just a couple of hours. The latter part of the game feels extremely rushed as the intrigue declines and the narrative speeds up to a mediocre conclusion.

    It's a real shame as the potential here could've lead to a very broad and gripping story but many gamers will be disappointed that the final product is lacklustre at best. It's still a cheap indie game at best but I think the critics have been extremely generous in their scoring as Gone Home lacks in so many areas which could've been developed more in-depth to give a longer and more absorbing game. It's worth a fiver for a rainy weekend but don't expect too much in longevity or drama. A wasted opportunity of what was a promising concept.
  29. Oct 26, 2013
    This story-telling game has an interesting story, and the theme is rarely seen in video-games. The tone, atmosphere and style are good and bring a new approach to this genre.

    But for 20 dollars, I expected to play more than 2 hours, and the technical realization was not satisfactory (mostly because of lags). On top of that, the game system becomes repetitive at the end of the two hours
    of playing. The right price would be around 5 dollars.

    Last thing, even if the subject of this game is interesting and challenging, it could have been developed more, and could have avoided some clichés. I hope that this game will encourage such "serious" subjects to be developed.
  30. Nov 1, 2013
    The game is well done from the voice acting to the graphics. It is very original and is able to keep you hooked until the very end. However, is it a very short game. I had 1.6 hours of game play. Personally I feel this is over priced for a game that is this short. I would give this game a better score if it was longer or cheaper.
    I cannot say I was mislead when purchasing this game,
    because they did not really give any direction. However, it was not what I expected. Without giving away spoilers, they cannot do a better job describing this game. Expand
  31. Nov 10, 2013
    Pretend yourself in a situation where you are left to be alone at your friend's house and they gave permission to "Do whatever you want, anything at all" and you thought of exploring the house. While you are at it, will you get disturbances like in horror movies? Find a secret passageway that leads you to new chain of adventures and secrets? Discover the mysteries of the family of your friends that can be life changing to yourself?

    None whatsoever. and that is exactly what Gone Home is. a realistic own home exploration game that only focus on telling you family stories on top of putting nostalgic items from the 90 's for display.

    For myself, the main story are not as interesting. In fact, it gets predictable the further you go so there's not much surprises. Game-wise, it's very casual which could easily bore you. If you care about the game play, and storyline means nothing much to you, I won't suggest this game.

    I like the game as it is, but I'm not sure I enjoy it enough.
  32. Nov 27, 2013
    I am not against games as an art form or turning the world into the narrative, for example I was a fan of Dear Esther but this game just isn't really worth it. It accomplishes what it set out to do but it's ambitions aren't all that high. It's difficult to criticize it for what it is and what it meant to be. To put it very simply, it is Dear Esther in an enclosed game world and essentially without any of the mystery or intrigue. I just didn't find the story to be that remarkable and the ending of the game just left me asking "So...?" The game seems like it's trying to imply that you will eventually find something really interesting or shocking or something but it just doesn't happen. But again, it is difficult to criticize it when it seems to clearly have achieved what it set out to do. But really, it's not that remarkable at all. I'd say save your money. Expand
  33. Dec 8, 2013
    Gone home has a very short story but it doesn't mean that the it isn't good, in the game you just have to go through the story without trouble there isn't guns or something like that, Gone Home is boring sometimes it hasn't amazing graphics, just some persons will like this game, but if story is just what you are looking for in a game you will enjoy it.
  34. Dec 2, 2013
    I liked this game for the most part. It makes you piece together the story yourself, through searching your house and discovering clues as to where your sister and parents have gone. It's a form of storytelling that I think should be in more games. I thought the story was superb... until I got to the end. I left my ninety minute experience angry and disappointed, because this game tricks you into believing something interesting is going on... But it's not... seriously at the end it was a huge let down, and the game tricks you like this on purpose. It's also too expensive, don't pay more than a couple of dollars for this game it's way too short. Expand
  35. Dec 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've been looking for a game to play in-between my regular Sims/Skyrim sessions, and this looked like a decent one. I'm a 90's kid (born late 80's actually) and a sucker for "exploration/mystery" type games, plus the 50% Cyber Monday sale didn't hurt either. I played for 2 or so hours first day, and finally got the chance to get back in on Thursday, only to realize I was literally 10 minutes away from completing the whole thing. What a bummer! Seriously, if this game cost 2£ then great. But it was a whopping 8£ with a 50% sale. I have never paid that much for any game that is completable in under 3 hours.. The story was ridiculously predictable as well, I could already predict what was going to the main narrator and her secret friend 20 minutes into playing. I also don't know if it's just me and my machine, but in most rooms I'd get annoying neon-coloured glitchy flashing patches on objects and walls. 4/10 Expand
  36. Dec 11, 2013
    I can appreciate why the story of this game resonates with some people. Not just LBGT it's a story that can resonate with most any teenager.

    That said, the game is terrible. The story is delivered almost exclusively through audio diaries and a couple souvenirs that reinforce what the diary entries were about. There is no game here. It's a static environment that the player
    navigates, poking around for diary entries. There are no puzzles. There are no enemies to defeat. No skill challenges. No choices to be made. It barely qualifies as an interactive fiction, since most entries into that genre involve the player in the story with dialog choices or action decisions.

    It won game of the year based entirely on the social content it took on. That's laudable, but not worthy of a best game award.

    Oh, and it's very short.
  37. Dec 12, 2013
    I agree with most of the people on here that say Gone Home is conceptually brilliant and essential, and I also agree with those that think the story is somewhat bland. I appreciate the unique perspective, and the game really drips with nostalgia for the 1990's Portland underground. It really does feel like it really understands time and place. However, there's actually little story, it's more of a short interactive fiction work.

    It's also too expensive. If I had paid $20 for this like some on here, I'd be furious with the length and lack of interaction. At $10 it's still a bit pricey. I'm not sure if the high cost is due to a custom engine, but if that's the case, they should have likely got something off the shelf and made the game cheaper. Unless you can get this for $10 or less, I unfortunately cannot recommend it despite the fact that it's something everyone should play once.
  38. Dec 16, 2013
    It’s refreshing to play a game like Gone Home, where the entire game is non-violent yet still intriguing, and draws attention from all types of gamers. The game plays like a movie that only focuses on character development, and the relationships between many of the characters. Being that I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, the game still appealed to me because it really is different from many other games I have played in the past. This game appeals to a whole new gaming audience as well as the general gaming public.

    Gone Home truly is an exploration game. It is different from the plethora of exploration games that have preceded it in the sense that it explores something that many people would consider not worth exploring. It’s the subtleness of everything in the house building up and slowly becoming apparent to you as a gamer that really makes this interesting. From the second the game starts you’re left wondering where you are, why you’re there, and where everyone else is. Once inside you have to do your best to piece together the mystery that is this house and your family. Each character in the game has their own completely unique storyline, and as a gamer you can follow certain storylines or all at once. It’s the different storylines that continuously become more and more interesting as you go on that keeps players wanting more.

    There are many artifacts made by the game creators that help to reference and further establish a setting that I've never experienced before. The game is set in 1995. As you walk around the house you will find posters, video games, albums, and other historical references found in notes and letters. This too adds another dimension to the game. Whether it be the reference to a Pulp Fiction movie screening in a nearby theatre or the many references to the Riot Grrrl movement that was very prominent in that part of the U.S. at that time.

    Overall, I would rate this game an 8 out of a possible 10. Having said that, it wouldn’t necessarily be a game I would play again and I think this is where the game experiences its major fault. It really is a one-time deal with this game, with only few players venturing on for a second go. I would recommend this game to many of my friends because it is very interesting.
  39. Dec 19, 2013
    I am so glad that I did not pay $20 for this game or I would have been pissed. If this was a $3 ios app, then Id think it is worth buying, otherwise save your money. The game starts off with a lot of potential and I was getting really into it. After a (short) while though that excitement wore off and I was waiting for something to actually happen in the game. Well right when I thought something was going to happen, the game ends! This is a super super short game. Set your expectations very low otherwise you will be disappointed. Expand
  40. Dec 19, 2013
    The only thing this game is actually selling is the story, and it is a highly predictable one. How could this be "the greatest video game love story"? Just because it has the homosexuality with a bit 90s nostalgia theme? Really? Maybe the story IS THAT GOOD and I simply couldn't understand, but the rest parts of the game is basically non-existent. There is minor exploration content, misleading atmosphere that doesn't fit the story properly and that's pretty much it. The voice acting is not bad, other than that, I can't see what makes the game great.

    How this game was able to beat BF4, Papers please, The Stanley Parable in VGX is a true mystery for me.
  41. Dec 20, 2013
    Maybe I was not in the mood for this kind of game or that my terrible OCD's keep me off from these games
    The "game" was cheesy, with a predictable story, overly annoying and too much open stuff up, read and proceed. It felt like an exploration grind for nothing quest, with a story that wouldn't get us closer to the character's emotionally.
    To turn the game experience a better one I did
    one thing: I picked everything I could and would pile it in floor hall as I proceeded (well I turned this to a 5 hour game), then I had a scale of how this game was.
    To finish, I believe that this hype has started from a review from gamespot that lacks rationality, and spotlights the politic views from the reviewer and the necessity "she" has to stand ground on this business.
  42. Dec 22, 2013
    Story is not that bad and the (only) voice is good, but it's hard to even consider this as a "game". You do nothing else apart from picking up letters and books, and hear what happened. No puzzles, an empty house full of useless stuff that you can pick up for no reason. That's it. It lasts 1,5-2 hours max, so no-one should pay it more than $2-3.

    The only reason this game is getting
    awarded is because of the "politically correct" theme of the story (that I won't spoil, but will be clear pretty soon), so the entire game it's just a slimy operation to gain easy consensus, thing proven by the fact that developers themselves tend to delete any thread on the Steam forum and ban users that dares to move even the slightiest complaint about their perfect game and don't treat it like a GOTY. Expand
  43. Dec 29, 2013
    Here's the thing, when I first watched a friend of mine play through Gone Home from start to finish, it hit me it a very tender spot. I adored it. I cried. But after purchasing it myself and playing through it again, I realized how shallow it is.

    While it is debatable whether Gone Home is truly a "game", it is well know it is fully story based. I enjoy story games. I love more "artsy"
    games. However, I feel this one just is not as good as most make it out to be. Yes, it is very good with hitting one with nostalgia. Yes, it good with hitting you in the feels. Honestly though, that's it. And after the second time though it, I just couldn't connect as easily as I could before. I knew the entire story, I knew how it was executed, so there wasn't much left for me to do. There is little to no replay value. And for $20 as an original asking price for a 2 hour experience, it just truly isn't that worth it. I waited until it was on sale which I am grateful for.

    Don't get me wrong. The story is really good for it only being told through notes and journal's left for you to find, but I just wish there was more to justify it.

    I'm in a love/hate relationship with Gone Home. But in the end I just can't recommend it.
  44. Jan 5, 2014
    If you are going to build a game that pushes the definition of the medium through the wholesale elimination of things like combat and problem solving, and focus entirely on atmosphere, exploration and story, you'd better do a damn good job of it. And Gone Home does a damn good job of it.

    In Gone Home you are Kaitlin Greenbriar, 20-year-old white female, and you have come home from a
    year abroad, and no one is home. But you are greeted by a disconcerting note on the front door and so you find the key, enter the house, and explore, trying to find what, if anything, happened to your loved ones.

    You will open cabinets and rummage through drawers and play cassette tapes full of rock and roll songs. You'll search upstairs and downstairs and behind hidden passageways. And in the process you'll learn more about your mother and your father and your long-dead great-uncle than you probably ever wanted to know. But most of all you'll learn about your sister, and the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl in rural Oregon in the summer of 1995.

    I know something about being a teenager in the summer of 1995 because I was one. Granted, I was a boy (still am) and I lived in Northern California, not Oregon, but let me say that this is one of the most pleasantly nostalgic experiences I've ever had. Everything from the cabinet full of pre-recorded X-files VHS tapes to the SNES cartridges to the late 80's holdover furniture to the handmade zines and concert posters is spot on. Nothing felt out of place or inaccurate at all, which goes to show the level of care and detail that went into crafting gone home.

    That dedication to creating an authentic experience is also reflected in the voice acting, the writing and even the penmanship. Everything feels that it was written by a teenage girl or a well meaning parent and not just a writer trying to sound like one. At no point is your immersion broken at every point you feel like a young woman exploring her empty childhood home who just wants to make sure that everyone she cares about is okay. Maybe they will be. Maybe they won't be. You're never sure until the end.

    The only flaw of the game that stands out and is worth mentioning is that there is a mild paranormal component hinted at during exploration that is completely unnecessary, adds nothing to the ambiance or the gameplay or the storytelling. Perhaps answering the "does the spirit of a long-dead relative haunt these halls?" question could have been another sidequest of sorts. As is, it feels tacked on and is distraction to the main story. It should have been played up or eliminated completely.

    8/10. A good story well told in a complete if smallish world. Roughly 2 hours of gameplay with little to no replay value. Quality realistic art and graphics that lend to believability and immersion. Excellent voice acting and music completes the package. Great feels. Highly recommended.
  45. Jan 14, 2014
    A clear cut 10, and here's why:

    I approached the game knowing nothing of it, aside that it had gotten good reviews from critics I respect. If anything that makes it harder for a game to fly by well for me. Well the moment the game started I was mostly curious to see where it would lead. I'd try go through every bit of content for clues...

    The sound effects in this game makes out
    atleast 40% of why it scores so well with me, its a frightening lonesome experience at first, but as you grow used to your enviroment you are more at home.

    The fact that the game never gives you your goal, but the fact that it lets you realize yourself as the game progresses makes it so much more believable in the kind of story-setting it provides.

    I think the story in itself in this matter is irrellevant, it could just as easily have been a story about something completely different, but presented in a similar matter the game would still have been as good.

    As a challenge to the production company, I'd like to see the complete opposite of this story for their next game.
  46. Jan 18, 2014
    Gone Home is an absolute masterpiece. Mix excellent atmosphere with an engrossing story and intuitive gameplay, and that is Gone Home. You play as Kaitlin, a girl who just arrived home from traveling abroad. Instead of coming home to see her sister and parents, she finds the house inexplicably empty. You proceed to spend the next two hours or so digging around the house to figure out what's going on. Along the way you get to hear audio diaries by your sister, Sam. These are the main structure of the story in Gone Home and by far my favorite element. The voice acting is superb, the music is beautiful and Sam's story had me in tears by the end of the game.

    The gameplay in Gone Home is very simple. There is no combat. There are no interactions with other people, and hell, you can't even jump in this game. However, this makes for a very compelling game. There are many people who say the gameplay is too basic for Gone Home to be a game, and that this story is better suited for a short film. I don't think those people could be any more wrong. Playing the game and exploring on your own makes it so that you see what you want to see, and you learn what you want to learn about the story. You feel as if you are finding out what happens as opposed to someone telling you what happens.

    All in all, Gone Home was a fantastic example of an indie game. I've never spent $20 in a better way than buying this game. If you love good, simple stories and want to be enveloped in a game for two hours or so, I highly recommend that you buy this game.
  47. Mar 11, 2014
    Over all was interesting. I like how the story of it unraveled. Seemed to have just enough clues to help solve what ever simple puzzle was going on, and, or on where to go next.
    It really kept me glued to it most of the time for the few hours it took to play/walk the game.

    I think they are on to something here, but in the end I was a bit cheated and disappointed.
    I was starting to
    feel let down when it was obvious where the story was headed. What was the main story I thought was just a side story.

    Either at one time, or, it's just to throw you off, you play because you hope there is something supernatural in the house. For a while I suspected that maybe I would find "Sam" hanging to death in
    some secret passage.

    Instead I am forced to hear some homosexuality story. Not that I have some hatred towards homosexuals, but then at the same time I don't really need to know all the details of it.
    I don't really care if you want to have sex with animals or inanimate objects, etc., for the most part I'd be like okay, yea, please don't tell me about it, I'm not asking.
    But like a lot of homosexuality in the media, etc., as in this game you are forced to know about it, and it ends up being the story.

    I don't like all the "haha you thought you would see ghosts, or something (interesting)". Yea I'd rather see those things then rather have it all be about homosexuality.

    I don't see how people gave this the "game of the year" last year.
    Other then like Hollywood it seems obligatory for like minded people to give such subject matter high praises. Like it was no big surprise that "brokeback mtn" got so many Oscars et al.

    Okay, just over hyped and shallow in the end.
  48. Feb 5, 2014
    This game is something else, than the mainstream out there. Its game mechanics are minimalistic. You 'just' search the house for clues what happened to your family, nothing more.
    Its emotional story telling is great. As with every emotional story you have to be in the mood for the experience. The story captured me like few games before. I wanted to know what happened at first. But as I
    got more information, I also got a bad feeling about the possible endings.
    In the end this 'game' entertained me more than 'you regular shooter'. Its something special. Don't expect the game of the year. Don't play it just because of the high score. Do it because you want a slow, tense, atmospheric, frightening, funny and emotional story about the difficult life as a teenager.
  49. Feb 10, 2014
    There are a lot of negative reviews suggesting Gone Home would do better in another medium, but it's definitely where it belongs. It's a fairly straight-forward interactive short story and while it has its limitations, it is the sort of game that needs to exist. It's easy to say the story is predictable but most are in the medium. It's a game for people who think games can be more than they are artistically.

    I'd recommend it for anyone with a soul.
  50. Feb 17, 2014
    This is a game that probably won't feel like a game for most. The voice acting was great and the story itself is one that I've never encountered in another game. While it was quite short (I beat the game with 101 minutes played on steam), it managed to have a few points where I wish there would have been less walking or backtracking, but this is really a minor complaint. The writing pulls you in with several side stories, some of which you have to infer their meaning on your own. Even the main story may require some interpretation. I'll just say that everything isn't directly given to you, story-wise, if you don't pay attention to detail.

    The game play consists of traveling through the house and examining letters and other items. These things trigger audio messages of the player's sister and each one builds upon the last. By the end, I felt a series of emotions and had a few questions that the game just won't directly answer. But now I'm thinking about it and looking for other people's opinions. If a story having that kind of effect on someone doesn't make it a good story, then I don't know what does.

    That being said, there was probably ways that this could have been wrapped up tighter to my liking, but I'm sure that's not what the creators were going for anyway. All in all, it was a good use of 101 minutes.
  51. Feb 17, 2014
    You need to be willing to step away from the thinking that good games require violence (e.g. guns, zombies) or a supernatural plot to be compelling. I would recommend that players be at least in their teens because of the subject matter. (I cringed when my eight-year-old nephew uncovered some of the narrator's very personal letters.)

    Good story-telling is my #1 requirement for me to
    stay engaged with a game. Gone Home accomplishes that. It's game in that you have to work out the plot-as-a-puzzle via an exploration vehicle, and the area of exploration is her parents' house. You see, Kaitlin has just returned from an overseas trip, and her family is mysteriously missing... Expand
  52. Mar 14, 2014
    Gone Home is original, and magical. You are the eldest daughter of a family with problems and secrets. The family has recently inherited a big mansion in the Pacific Northwest, and you arrive home after a year travelling through Europe to find the house empty. Where is everyone? What happened to your mother, father, and sister? The house is fun to explore, and the music and sound effects are top-notch. The endless rainstorm outside the house just adds to the creepiness.

    This game was successful because I felt I WAS the daughter coming home. I wanted to know what happened to my sister. I wanted to explore this old house, and got the thrill of discovery as I opened drawers and desks to find clues and notes as to what happened while I was away. I was worried, I was uneasy, I was scared. Just like in real life, the scariest things are not zombies or running out of ammo. It's the worries we have for the health and safety of our families and friends.

    The end of the game was a little disjointed for me though, so I award this game an 8. I ended up finishing the game by seeming mistake, clicking on things before (I suppose) I was meant to. It ended rather abruptly and pulled me out of the magic, which is a shame since I fully enjoyed the one hour to 1.5 hour journey I had in getting there.
  53. May 5, 2014
    After all the rave reviews praising the story, voice acting, etc, I was hoping for something special. Gone Home turned out to be a big disappointment. I'm a big supporter of the LGBT community, and I'm glad someone tried to make a story that incorporates that, but this game feels like it was hastily written to placate Anita Sarkeesian so she'll shut up for a few minutes.

    I was hoping
    for some big mystery--a story that keeps you guessing what happened to your younger sister, with a big reveal at the end--but the story lacks any real depth. I figured out how the story was going to end about 10 minutes in: nothing more than the melodramatic actions of an angsty teenage girl. The quasi-creepy atmosphere was meant to instill a sense of unease and mystery (old creaky house, flickering lights, a nice thunderstorm outside), but with such a predictable story it was just silly. The ancillary family members are given almost no development and are completely irrelevant to the story, making the game horribly one-dimensional. They might as well have handed you Samantha's diary and told you to read it.

    I gave the game points for a little 90's nostalgia and a few tracks from some riot-grrrl indie bands. Other than that the game is just a 90-minute Lifetime movie.
  54. Jun 17, 2014
    This game is not a game, and it is a game. But it is not a game. But it is.

    You have to look at the "User Score distribution" here in Metacritic to understand why critics are praising this game. Half the users love this game, half the users hate it. I think there are different type of positive and negative reviewers posting here, and studying their love and hate IS an interesting way of
    reviewing this game for me.

    Some of them are praising or hating the game because of the context of the story told, and their love/hate is conscious regarding the "topic", because they feel, wether for love or hate, the main "issue" in the story is what matters most in order to love or hate this game. In case of haters, they dont have any problem on saying things like "gone homo" and so on. In case of said lovers, they express their feelings on how much they relate to the girl´s suffering in this story because of their personal experience, other peoples love was centred on how much they felt "back in the 90´s". This people wouldnt care much about gameplay or graphics, or at least not that much.

    Others are loving or (mostly) hating this game also because of same story context, but rather in a more or less UNCONSCIOUS way. They start their review talking about graphics and "sound issues" (yah, I swear I saw someone complaining about the quality of the sound in THIS game) but more or less at some point they start going VERY aggresively towards the thing that they really care about regarding the storyline. This people wont be openly hateful, but you can "feel" it in their review (wether they are trying to hide it by complaining about "graphics", or they are totally unconscious about the truly source of their dislike or like, they concentrate their fire on the "this is propaganda!" issue.

    And at last we have a group of gamers who dont care about the storyline, or have mixed feelings, but they complain about the "this is no game!" issue. And they say things like "There is no plot twist!". One of them says "there is nothing wrong in the house! I thought i was about to find something but there was NOTHING!"

    I have nothing to say to the first group or the second group of reviewers (the ones who consciously or unconsciously centered their review on the sexual orientation of the characters) But I WANT to say something to those who complain in the third group

    This is a game that is not meant to be played again and again, if you play it thoroughly from start to finish. If you rush through the house finding the way to the end of the road, concentrating on finding "the doors" and opening them all till you see the credits rolling, you will get to what may call "the end" of this game very quickly, but you will not have "finished" the game. You didnt "play" the game.

    A game like Skyrim, for example, how many people can say they have really get to "the end" of it? Yes, there is a main quest, and it takes a finite amount of hours to finish it, but to really "finish" the game, it would take months I presume. Most people probably didnt walk through ALL the possible roads of that game. But is it a matter just of "lenght" what defines the quality of an experience in front of a computer?

    Is it a 2 hours movie inherently better than a short film then? just because it has "much more minutes to watch"? Couldnt we say that there are good and bad movies, and good and bad short films? Gone Home is an amazing short-game, but the thing is, as same as it happens with many short films, it doesnt appeal to every audience. You dont eat pop corn during short-films.

    The word that comes to my mind when I think about this game is HONESTY. No tricks, no aliens kidnapping people, no ghosts attacking us from behind, no matter how much x-files or JFK references, we finally understand that this 90´s house was....a 90´s house. And that teens play with ouijas.

    The thing is MANY people don´t like honesty in their media. They want to KNOW what they are "consuming" before getting it, even from the trailer itself, they want to know what they are up against.

    This is the kind of people that RAGED against HBO at the end of the first season of Game of Thrones. Because the people running that show TRICKED them into watching something and then BETRAYED them by not doing a magic trick to save a character that was CLEARLY on the path to his own demise. Seeing any similarities?

    That is why I give this game a score of 10. Because for me it should be a 7.5. But I HAVE to say 10, because I have to take part in this "clash of reviews" to fight for "the balance", against the haters in the "user score distribution" of Metacritic. Because haters have been too much vocal against this game, and it doesnt deserve so much hate. Because this game is DIFFERENT, and ironically, being hated for being different has a lot to do with this game, and I fear, with many of these reviews

    I dont know winter, but the oculus rift is coming, and this "not-games!" are here to stay.
  55. Jul 1, 2014
    The bad thing about reviewing this game is that the game is not very depth mechanics wise. This review is basically hindered on the fact of how well I liked the story and the few characters that are in it.

    I enjoyed the story quite a bit, I did find myself really enjoying the character development and recording. It really let you into the life of you (Kaitlin) and your sister you hear
    through recordings (Sam).

    The audio was pretty great. The voice acting was solid, not that this was an extremely difficult job but great nonetheless. The music was pretty solid queuing in when needed and the song at the ending makes a nice parallel to something you hear from your sister earlier on it hit home with the song at the end.

    Graphics... I am not one to talk about graphics too much because I do not care about them unless they take you out of the experience the game is going for. For this game I think they are okay, nothing spectacular in the sense the textures are a little messy which take you out of the "zone" but for what it is it's okay. Period.

    The length of the game is very short. Even with someone like me who read every document and what not, it only took me ~2 hours. That is good and bad... Good because the story could only really a hold a 1-3 hour length. Bad because some people have paid $10-$20 for this game and it is not worth that price at all. I picked it up today on the steam sale for $2.99. Yes it was worth that price tag and maybe a $5-7 price range but nothing more.

    For those saying this shouldn't be a game, I disagree wholeheartedly. The reason being this game could not exist as is in another medium. It is far too short and lacks depth to be a book or a movie.

    Overall, it is a good game, with a huge emphasis on story so don't expect anymore mechanics from a interactive story. Should you pick it up? Yes, if you enjoy JUST a story and ONLY if you can find it from a $0-5 price range. I feel very bad for the people who spent $20 on the game so I do understand where there frustrations come from.
  56. Aug 1, 2014
    15 minutes or less is enough to crack the mystery of the plot in this game. Remaining time is for getting a feeling of self satisfaction from each clue proving that you were right. Good job, Fullbright, if that's what you were aiming for.

    Some say it's not even a video game. I disagree. It is a game, and not one of the kind. Do you remember Scratches (2006) by Nucleosys? I see a lot of
    similarities, except that Scratches 'did it right', so to speak.

    You are alone in big and scary mansion, your objective is to get to know other inhabitants by digging through their things. However, in Scratches, the atmosphere is better, the story cannot be made obsolete in such ridiculously short time, and the overall setting is more interesting. You can't play with lights and grab all the garbage lying around in Scratches, but would you even want to? You can do that in other games (like Resident Evil or Skyrim).

    Enough about the old, this review is about Gone Home. I give it 3 out of 10, because of it's good voice acting (+), because it made me feel very smart (+), and because it reminded me of better games (+) with same features. I DO NOT recommend this game to anyone, unless it's the only thing available.
  57. Aug 6, 2014
    I dont know, what is going on. I played this game and when I looked for the metacritic score I thought:, well this is going to have a 4 or 3 or whatever. But 86? 86 dammit???
    I dont get this. This game is an example for a good Story and good ideas, but horrible execution. I mean, you already probably know that this game ist only an hour Long, but also the gameplay is really boring. The
    only good Thing going on, is the Story. I wont spoil anything, but it is very good. But for 15€ or $20 I dont get why this game gets that good of a score. There are more games out there worth buying for that Price. Expand
  58. Sep 2, 2014
    I can't begin to express how amazing this game is. By the end I was so wrapped up in the narrative that I had a physical emotional reaction. While playing a game. That's some Walking Dead stuff right there.

    Sure, this could be redone as a short story, or a podcast, or whatever, but it is so incredible as a video game. You get to be a part of the narrative in a way you couldn't in any
    other medium.

    This game deserves your time for so many reasons, you'd be a fool to skip it.
  59. Sep 4, 2014
    Extraordinarily mediocre game that is priced about seven times too high for the content the gamer plays. This is a game that can be completed in three hours at most with an emphasis on story. Unfortunately, the story leaves a lot to be desired, full of cliches and guessable outcomes. There are about three different side stories within the game that are far more interesting than the story Fullbright decided to highlight, and that is a shame, because these stories are never followed to a resolution or any true outcome. While it can be interesting to follow along to the story and go through the most private possessions of your character's family's belongings, it ultimately leads to disappointment and does not justify any interest that the gamer ever held in the game at all.

    In summary, this overpriced and cliched game is interesting enough to stick with for its incredibly short play time, but any interest in the story falters when one gets to the disappointing and lackluster conclusion.
  60. Sep 12, 2014
    If i ever get asked to demonstrate what a anti-climax is, i'll glady point to this game. Everything it could have been, it failed miserably at.
    It was 20 minutes long for me, so, it's incredebly short. There is no carachter development, actually, there are no caracthers, the main protagonist could be a man, a women, a goat or an alien and the game would have been the same. The rest could
    be same or the other "caracthers" who are only present through messages "ex: notes".
    I get that it tries to send a message of oppresed love wich drove the girls to run away, but because off the lack of emotional development, it fails at that too.
    It does create a horror like mood, but doesn't act on it.
    I guess were supposed to feel bad or emphathyze with Sam, but that doesn't happen either, not because she's a lesbian, or because she's a women, not only because she was not present, but because the story did not change due to her influence. Furthermore, between games with an absolutely amazing capabilyty of playing with the emotions of the one playing it (Ex: The Walking Dead series, ...), games with amazing storylines and worlds, worth exploring and diving into (Ex: TWD, Shadow of the Colossus, TES ...), Gone Home felt like it didn't even try to make it worth while, it didn't try to compete.

    TL;DR - 20 minutes of boring yet eerie gameplay that leads to no character development, no climax, only the revelation that two girls ran away together because of social stygma.

    PS: How did paid critics give this an average score of 86? I mean, i would get a 50 or even go as far as a 60, but a 86? How can this get a 86 while Alan Wake, a game much better crafted and tailored, with a much more interesting story and a much more lore friendly world, gets a 8.3?
  61. Sep 16, 2014
    The game is extremely boring and linear. It's expensive as **** for what it offers, and the only people that stand by it are hipsters.

    Wouldn't even recommend if someone offered it.
  62. Sep 28, 2014
    This is not a game, it's an insult. The 'story' is simple, linear, cliched and soulless. The visuals are barren. Where is the tension? Where are the textures? Why would anyone pay any money for what could just as easily be experienced by means of a YouTube "Let's Play" installment?
  63. Oct 8, 2014
    I've seen many a poor game in my day; none as poor as this.

    I gave this "adventure" the benefit of the doubt and played it through. Needless to say, the banal experience I received is near impossible to put into words.

    The best part is the fact that it cost me 19,99€.
  64. Aug 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not going to get into a discussion of "what is" or "is not" a video game. I think that is a silly conversation.

    Gone Home is a great story, that had me right from the beginning to the very end. I checked every bit of that house, no Kleenex box was left unturned. It captured how I felt when I was alone at home with a storm outside. Everything was creepy, shadows looked sinister, etc, etc.

    The story also hits really close to home (pun intended), and for that.. for that I thank the developers. I honestly didn't think I would play a game that told a queer story, and told it so simply, and so well.
  65. Sep 8, 2013
    Not sure why there are so many negative user reviews on this game. But I found this game to be absolutely brilliant. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, discovering clues and piecing together what happened to everyone. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something a little different and unique.
  66. Feb 3, 2014
    Terrific experience and quite memorable. Holds your attention by keeping what happens next uncertain and since you care about the characters this holds the tension, espacially towards the end. Probably is a new genre, not quite a game and yet is a game, an interactive story where you do not determine the outcome... we need a new category. The great voice acting and emotional honesty bump up the score for me. Expand
  67. Dec 28, 2013
    This is less of a game than it is an interactive story, but it is a very compelling and intriguing one and very well constructed.
    I'm not sure where all of the hate is coming from. Perhaps from gamers that have been conditioned to have a very narrow view of what games are, or can be. Perhaps from religious fundamentalists that can't deal with the context of the story, or perhaps just
    people that are so unused to character empathy and well constructed story in a video game medium that they simply can't comprehend it.

    As someone that grew up and reached adulthood in the time period where the story is set (1995), I found all of the references very nostalgic. I went in not knowing what to expect, just that it was highly recommended, and I don't regret spending the money on it.

    If you are a more mature gamer in your late 20s or 30s, you will likely really enjoy this experience. If you have no attention span, imagination, or ability to empathise or be thoughtful and take things in, this will most likely not be the game for you.
  68. Dec 27, 2013
    A lovely quiet story that stands your expectations on their heads.... come now, when you go to a home to find stuff scattered around and the place empty when it shouldn't be, you expect to find the former residents dead or worse, don't you? Especially when you find that the house has a past..... Not to spoil it, let's just say if you go in with those ideas in your mind, you'll be disappointed. If you simply start exploring and putting pieces together, you won't. And if you are one of those people who runs around in online games calling everyone else a f*g, then you'll REALLY hate it. It has a protagonist who seems carefully designed to elicit hatred from the more despicable of the gaming crowd, so I'm not entirely surprised to see the number of negative reviews from users. Disappointed, though. I like blowing brains out as much as the next guy or making a run through something like Borderlands 1 melting people's faces off, but that isn't ALL of gaming. Part of it is individual taste, of course but some of those who authored the more incoherent of the negative reviews would benefit from professional help. Expand
  69. Jan 1, 2014
    This is one of those few "believe the hype" games. A unique and interesting way to tell a story but... As the mixed reviews on here show, if you're not willing to immerse yourself in a gentle story of discovery then this isn't for you. I found it touching, satisfying and bold. A turning point for what games can be.
  70. Sep 16, 2014
    Gone Home is a game that touches on "sensitive" issues and has a political agenda which is the only reason why this game has been praised by "critics." For $20 you'll get 1-2 hours worth of gameplay. You'll walk around your house searching for what happened to your sister and parents. You'll open doors, search drawers, and shuffle through socks to find notes and other items that will lead your on your journey. It's actually fairly linear since you're basically set to "Find X key to open X" And then you find the key, move to the next area and repeat until the game is over. The twist is that the story deals with a (spoiler!) oppressed lesbian. Honestly, the story itself sucked. I was never given a reason to care about this girl and she never seemed interesting in the first place. Yet, I enjoyed my time with the game. It was fun to roam through the house learning new things and I never got annoyed trying to find a specific item so it was quite casual. However there really wasn't anything great about it. The only possible reason i can see people giving this such a high score is because for some reason if you don't agree with a feminist or LGBT you'll be deemed intolerant or some other crap. This game only seeks to put fuel to the fire which is quite disappointing. Expand
  71. Sep 12, 2013
    it's cool experiment about environment story telling. not worth 19€ but you should buy it anyway if you interested in games that are more than button smashers.
  72. Feb 3, 2014
    Probably the best "non-game" I've played yet with a comprehensible plot, fitting music and decent graphics. Just make sure you don't go in expecting any puzzles as this is another of those games where discovering the narrative is the sole focus.
  73. Sep 11, 2014
    I had no idea what to expect from the game, other than that I knew it was a "figure out what happened using evidence" type game. At first, I was confused and didn't really see the point, but as small portions of the story popped up, my interested spiked. I wanted to find out more and what exactly was going on. I noticed things and began to understand. I had "Ahhhh yes, now I get it" moments, and the story grew. I kept playing, kept going; just to find out more. Played it from start to finish all at once.

    Top Notch!
  74. Aug 11, 2014
    I disagree. 9 or 10 is too much. Gone home is just a good game nothing more. It feels real, but I think it still lacks many things to be that perfect.
  75. Aug 25, 2013
    Gone Home tells its story in a unique way, and that alongside the fact that it's willing to tackle a subject that often either gets shied away from or treated fairly awkwardly (I'm looking at you, Dragon Age 2) should be commended. However, there's barely anything to do, and the game was made in Unity and REALLY reflects it in a lot of areas. With more polish or a different engine, and maybe some more significant interaction here and there, the game has potential to be pretty fantastic. Expand
  76. Nov 23, 2013
    It's reasonable to say this is not a game. It's a short story in game form. I loved it. The environment set the mood well, the music was right up my alley, and the story was emotionally involving.

    Those giving this low scores seem to just be unable to tolerate a short story presented in the shape of a game. Ok, fine. So if you feel like anything that involves walking around in a
    first-person perspective while manipulating your environment *must* have danger or shooting or at least some put-tab-A-in-slot-B puzzles, then Gone Home is not for you. If you require that your short stories be presented in linearly ordered paragraphs of printed text on paper, then Gone Home is not for you.

    If, on the other hand, you think it might be kind of cool to experience a short story presented as a first-person adventure game, then Gone Home is for you. (I'll call it a game now, because we have no other word for exactly what it is.) You'll do some reading and some listening, and put together what happened over the past year. It took me 3-4 hours to finish the game. (I can only imagine that the people who got through it in an hour were just blowing through it as fast as they could, trying to "beat" the game. Hell, they were probably hoping for a boss fight.)

    I don't regret spending money on this at all.
  77. Dec 27, 2013
    A remarkable experience. This is one of the most intimate stories I've ever seen in any game. The atypical style of delivery, letting you wander freely through the house as you choose and uncover the story at your own pace offers a unique way to experience the story. Differentiating itself from similar games like Dear Esther which take you on a guided tour through a pretty landscape, Gone Home is able to drop you into a strange environment and unravel the story out of it like a tangled ball of yarn.

    It's certainly not a game for everyone. It's very quiet, and the narrative is very discreet. But beyond the people enthusing about it being a 90s time-capsule, or whining that it's not "scary," you have a stark, gorgeous, and solemn game that offers a touching, conflicted coming-of-age story that is worth appreciating for its subtlety and honesty in a way that few other games are able to capture.
  78. Sep 17, 2013
    I always wanted a game with realistic environment for me to explore without having to gun down a monster at the next corner, so I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time, this game is not about shooting or high scores or winning, it's about a experience and to tell a good story.

    Many people argue this is not a game, or say something like "just read a novel or watch a
    movie", I disagree, the experience of finding out the story behind each object is very different from a novels or films, because as a game it makes you feel like you are really there, in that big house trying to find out what happened (which is a bit of creepy at times, another good point of this game.) as a video game developer can convey many things that other medium can't express, like the little touch to the 90's style in the game, it resonates with a lot of people, but it doesn't feel the same if you see in a movie, it's a totally different experience.

    This game alone proves that video game CAN and IS an art form, it can tell a good narrative story, but also offers the feeling of involvement as a video game, it's the perfect combination in my opinion.
  79. Sep 29, 2013
    Its got alot of hidden secrets but not as many as i expected.. I expected it to be the game itself to be a whole lot longer and with more storyline to it but i guess this is it! It's a nice game, dont get me wrong but i could'nt have hurt to put in more to make the story go deeper and the game be alot longer.

    When i started playing it.. I could already tell within just an hour of play
    that the game could be ran through but i don't run through things. I go back and pick up the peaces like the stuff that i have'nt yet discovered or had a glance at yet. The creators were aiming towards a good direction, should'v kept going.. Still good however and with some interest. 7/10 since my experience in gameplay and the fun i had exploring was pleased. Expand
  80. Sep 28, 2013
    It's a neat little game with a cute story, and a cool way of delivering it. There's no monsters that jump out at you, no scary parts, not even any puzzles just pure exploration and story-telling. I don't think it deserves all the praise it's getting from critics, but it definitely doesn't deserve all the negative user-votes, either. I think most people just take issue with the price which, I agree, is hefty ($20) for a 90-minute game. I think this game would be worth the price at $5, though. Expand
  81. Aug 20, 2014
    Unconventional is the word; its not a game but rather a display of an interactive short story. There are no game mechanics, no puzzles, nothing, just progression through unlocking sections of the house, and a beautiful story, with great music and voice acting. But it would not be fair to give it a higher score, yes its artistic, but I was expecting some kind of involvement through play, puzzles would have been nice.

    I wish this level of writing could be achieved by real games, but in the meantime, you've got "Gone Home".
  82. Jan 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What an amazing game! This game has me at 50/50. On one hand, I was relieved that it wasn't a typical scare-in-your-face kind of game with cheap scare tactics or ghosts or anything. The game keeps you guessing whether it's a horror or not, but as you play more and more you get the feeling it doesn't take itself seriously and isn't forcing you to fear anything, it's simply what it is. An empty house with many nooks and crannies to explore at your own pace. There is no amount of time you have to do anything, the game even gives you an option to start with all lights on, or all doors unlocked so you can just wander around and explore at your own leisure. However I would highly recommend your first playthrough with the default settings to feel the game as the designers intended. I was a little disappointed that the end came so quickly without any aftermath/alternate scenes/endings. I was hoping for at least a stats sheet at the end showing amount of time played, room most visited, combinations not yet found etc but understandable seeing as it is an indie game :) Really refreshing game however if you just in the mood to spend a couple of hours discovering the unknown at your own pace without the stress of other horrors like Amnesia etc. Expand
  83. Nov 12, 2013
    Another game that excels in it's own narrative stands out, although Gone Home presents itself at first sight as a game with no direct focus or much entertaining gameplay it's core is completely centered at the script, and how any player would follow it, since it's in general very consuming. From the moment you begin the game you are as clueless as the character, you feel what she feels, you're scared, curious, and thus starting the game experience itself.

    It flows greatly despite it's 2 hour gameplay, and although it's not very wide or abroad, or uniquely fun to play, it is made so artistically that really stands out a potential that many companies fail to see in games, it is wonderfully made in it's own way and should be recognized as a step forward for game creators to look up to,not by making a story a must have in every game, but to show how well you can tell a story or involve a player.
  84. Jan 28, 2014
    There are many games in our time that are story-driven and offer perfect emotional journeys and payoffs. Take The Walking Dead, The Last Of Us, Bioshock Infinite. Those games have something in common, besides being fricking awesome: They have pitch-perfect narration, and Gone Home does not only has some of the best pacing in video games, but is a completely revolutionary tool to tell a story.
    Never thought I would play this game, as I thought it was a horror game. But the praise started coming and I said to myself "This must be a very good horror game, in fact, one of the best of this generation" and I had to play it as I am totally hooked when reviewers said "The Story is absolutely amazing".
    So I went into Gone Home, half-scared, half-having-high-expectations. The result was surprising. This is not a horror game, in fact, it is barely a video game. You arrive at your house and find it alone, with your family missing. You start collecting cards, audio logs and diaries to get to know what happened.
    You probably expect everything to be video game clichés: Someone died probably, and everything gone to hell, and you will find a body, blah blah blah. But Gone Home's story isn't a Video Game Story. It's a human story, something completely normal, familiar and devastating. The Love for a family or for our lover. Once you discover the secret behind the disappearance of your family, you will not be astonishingly shocked Bioshock-style, but begin to think how what happened was what had to happened. Don't want to get into spoilers, but let's say there is barely a "twist" here. It's just a family story, from beginning to end.
    The 2 hour campaign finishes, and the game is immediately a decoration. A book. You can read it again, although it will never be as good as the first time. Gone Home is meant to be played once, stress-free and with little knowledge as possible. It is one of the most interesting games of this generation.
  85. Oct 20, 2013
    i dunno what the bad reviews are for. I had a lot of fun with this game. Granted its short you can do it in a couple of hours. But if you've ever been home in a bigish home all by your self... you'll understand real fast.

    every things well polished and setup nicely lots to interact with, some parts of the game and objects require you to use your brain, please don't rush online and waste
    it. remember your home alone theres no one there but you... or is there??? dun dun duhh!

    You have to explore and find things to get more of the story, the setting reminded me of being a kid snes cartridges ect..

    Give it a shot its different.
  86. Oct 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Wow

    Its been a good two months since I first played this game the day it was released, and let me just tell you I was surprised the community was so divisive over it. I decided to wait for the hype to wear off before I wrote anything.
    I paid 18 dollars for this game. I did not get my money worth. Do not get me wrong, the actual game (if you still want to call it that) is incredible. Engaging story, well-rounded characters, and a sense of discovery that rarely comes in games anymore. However, this whole "adventure" took me only 90 minutes. That's it. 18 bucks for 90 minutes. I don't care what I am playing, that is an absurd asking price. My advice to potential consumers? Wait for the price to drop. Or even better, wait for a steam sale. I just saw it go for 5 bucks last weekend and that my friend is a steal.
    I think everyone should try out this fresh take on storytelling from the people behind Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den. Just wait for the right price.
  87. Jan 30, 2014
    You either love it or hate it . For me , the game contains a beautiful story ... the price is unreasonable though ... just buy it on sale , like i did . Its about 45 minutes long , and you explore a house uncovering the life of your smaller sister ... Just this...and its sooo beautiful... .
  88. Dec 27, 2013
    This game deserves a much higher score! Its has a simple gameplay, but man the atmosphere and story is fantastic! Buy this game if you love at good story!
  89. Dec 3, 2013
    I will start off by saying I am 26 years old. I honestly think if you were born after 1990, this game probably won't do much for you. But if you were... this game will be a revelatory masterpiece, that will provide you with two hours that couldn't be more well spent.

    I purchased this on the Autumn Steam sale, for mac, and let it download while I went out for the day. When I came home, I
    dropped the groceries on the counter and went to see if it was done.

    After everything booted OK, I planned on finishing up bringing things in, but after the first couple of seconds I was drawn in. Three intense hours later, I looked over and my girlfriend was crying, who I had no idea had been watching the entire time, the front door was still open and my ice cream on the counter was all melty.

    This game is one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had, not in a video game, but in any medium.

    Some people say this isn't a game, but who gives a it's 1994.
  90. Dec 17, 2013
    I’ve been pondering on how to review Gone Home for a long time since I played it, because in general I’ve been thinking a lot about it. And I’ve been thinking so much about it because this game is beautiful and I have never had such a raw emotional reaction to a videogame ever. So there might never be a time when I stop thinking about it…

    About when I first opened the game to play it in
    the middle of the night and then I was just so creeped out by the atmosphere and the strange noises that the house was making I just decided to leave it for the next day when the sun was up. That’s how perfectly this game grasps that feeling about being scared of your own house at night when your own imagination begins to playing tricks on you. I would even say it rivals most horror games out there, despite not being one. Subtlety is something many videogames lack today and the gentle attention to detail in this game refreshing. Every objects has it's purpose. Whether it's a large plot point, or a small nail polish bottle with a witty label, they all come together to make this large, almost mansion like building, into a home.

    About how Sam reminded me of myself, so much so that at the end of the game I was crying. Crying because I was happy that Sam got to do what I was so afraid of doing, and because she was so lucky to even find someone she could be with, and that someone actually made a videogame about my demographic, and not your typical straight white male protagonist with little to no personality. Yes I am a queer woman who grew up in the 90’s, who’s a big X-files fan (Finally Gillian Anderson!), grew up with Lisa Frank products, and day dreamed about being a pirate. And yes there are other games with female protagonists, but not a single one of them I could relate to like this. They’re all incredible woman with amazing powers, but how many of them are just… normal? This is a story about two normal girls doing normal freaking things that isn’t a Barbie adventure game, and it’s revolutionary for that alone and that is beautiful, but also a horrible reflection of what is seriously lacking in this industry, and that made me cry.

    After playing games for as long as I can remember I finally found one that I truly relate to.

    But you don’t have to be a girl or a lesbian to enjoy this (as some close minded people would like to proclaim). This is a game that exposes a family. We’re finding their porn stashes, dirty diary entries, letters of hopeful marital affairs, discovering the wonder and consumption of first love and exposing a dark family secret. This is an awesome point and click adventure and anyone who calls this game a clickateverythingfestwalkinglesbiansimulator has never had the pleasure of truly enjoying the genre. If they can’t enjoy this game I don’t think they could ever have the patience for classics like The Longest Journey and the Monkey Island series. This is a game that creates an amazing living environment. This is a game that creates dynamic unique characters. This a game where the narrative didn’t settle for the mediocre. This is a game that tackled real discriminatory issues. This is a game that dared to be different, and it deserves every bit of praise it’s getting.

    And we need more games like this. More games that represent other cultures, races, genders, and people so everyone can have this wonder feeling of inclusion and immersion that’s just… awesome.

    I WANT TO BELIEVE that we can get more games like this.
  91. Nov 11, 2013
    Gone Home is an amazing feat by the gaming industry: a game in an empty house where you aren't constantly scared The home of the Greenbriars is a surprisingly warm environment, where you really feel like you're in your own house as you walk around.
    As for the story, it's okay. Typical story of a rebellious '90s teenager turned into a punk chick and discovering she's a lesbian, then
    meeting her true love. Kinda meh sounding on paper. But what really brings Gone Home to life is the way the story is told. As you wander your home, you find different things that cue a short audio clip where Sam tells you about her endeavors in a new town and a new school. The way she talks to you as her sister makes the game very intimate. Not to mention some stellar voice acting. Unfortunately the ending was a bit of a let down and was very predictable.
    As for the gameplay, the only complaints I have were the unbelievably slow walking speed got very tedious very quickly and the fact that there were a lot of drawers in the house with nothing important in them. I felt like I was promised a game jam packed with stuff to play with, while the only interactable objects seemed to be cassette tapes and papers to read (unless you count throwing dishes across the room).
    The graphics were not great but not unbearable. About what I expected from an indie game.
    All in all. Gone Home was pretty good. Maybe worth the $20 price tag, but i would probably wait for a sale.
  92. Sep 13, 2013
    The people saying Gone Home is not a game failed to describe what "is" a "game". When Cinema began it has no sound and color, and then it has no computer generated content and so one. Now Cinema is a whole different thing than it was in the beginning of the 20th century. Video game is a new medium and no one know what will be a game tomorow. I need to applause to this studio to bringing us a non-violent experience. I myself dont like the LGBT agenda being put everywhere but still i liked the story, it remind me of my teen years. Expand
  93. Aug 28, 2013
    This game is a beautiful experience, but not really a game in the sense of the word. You explore and discover the story. There are no real puzzles nor challenge, but I think that's okay. I found exploring and uncovering the story so enjoyable that it's lack of gamey features didn't bother me.

    the main issue with this game is the price to length ratio. It's £15 for a 1.5 hour experience,
    which is damn expensive, I could see a 2 hour long summer blockbuster in IMAX for that. I think the price is kind of justified based on the sheer amount of detail in this game (I mean you can read the ingredients on the back of a carton of milk for heavens sake), but it's still pricey.

    This game is a must play if you want a fantastic and engrossing story and interesting world to explore. But I'd wait till it's on sale due to the high price to length ratio.
  94. Dec 25, 2013
    I've never played anything like Gone Home. Every second seems like something terrible is going to happen, but that moment is postponed until the end of the game. The game is about exploration, and while we explore a deserted house in a scary scenario we discover what is really happening. We found the house littered, and the player can interact with what he finds throughout the game, allowing the player to put the story together. Which brings us to a heartbreaking conclusion, in a game that tells a better story in just two hours than most games in 20. Expand
  95. Jan 5, 2014
    Gone home is a game with simple mechanics, but an incredibly deep and engaging story. Gone Home does a masterful job of detailing it's characters. Through notes and well placed objects, each character's personality and story absolutely come to life through the course of the game. The house is almost a supporting character in itself whose rooms are very delicately crafted and add very observable details to the main characters of our story, and might even hold some secrets of it's own. A strong mysterious mood is crafted through the storm outside and the very warm soundtrack underneath. The lone voice actor is magnificent and delivers a very believable performance.

    Don't let the spooky atmosphere or light game mechanics deter you though, what lies deep within Gone Home are many story threads weaved into a beautifully delivered drama, you just have to do some digging and observing.
  96. Aug 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gone Home is a game which will divide opinion on if it is actually a game, however there is no denying that it is an excellent experience which should be embraced.

    Do I consider it a game? Yes, I do. It just not a game we're used to, it has a huge emphasis on atmosphere and story and emotions.

    The game is set in the 90's, Ands as the player you're lead around a beautiful yet creepy large American house looking for clues to where your family are after returning to a new home from traveling around Europe for 2 years, during your journey around your new house you pick audio logs from your sister who "guides" to various places.

    You get a real sense of what the family is like and feelings towards your sister truly develop as she tells you about her life as you've been away.

    I really enjoyed my 3 hours and have recommend this game to my friends, even ones who don
    't play games have enjoyed it.

    Well worth the money.
  97. Oct 25, 2013
    Again I have to say in a game review that people by default try to rate a game as if it was made by the big game companies that produce big series. However, The Fullbright Company is a team that tries to bring their fresh view onto gaming from a virtually unknown reputation.
    The comments about it being a slightly repetitive, short game with little action are definitely true and if you
    really need to have this in a game you better can skip this one.
    However, I personally found the narrative to be of such a quality that I kept on looking for new rooms and items, all the way until the end.
    Granted... it is not the best game by far and to say that it is good is already a heavy statement, but for the 10 euros I paid for it, it was well well worth the spending and I'll be keeping a sharp eye onto this fledgling company!
  98. Aug 26, 2013
    At the center of this game is a beautiful coming of age story, a story about young love. The emotional resonance this game left me was astonishingly profound. By the end, I was in tears. There are many other side stories in this game, but the main story is what left the largest emotional impact. Its games like The Last of Us and Gone Home that really show how the video game medium is maturing. They prove that you don't have to rely on exhausted game mechanics like 'point and shoot' to produce a satisfactory game experience. Instead, tell a compelling story. In a way, stories can be more impact in video games do to the interactivity of the medium. You as the player feel a part of the story. In Gone Home, I felt as if I was piecing the story together myself. Things I uncovered in the beginning finally made sense at the end, and that made the ending all the more moving. If you are looking for a first person shooter this is not your game. If, however, you want something with more substance, I could not recommend this game highly enough. Expand
  99. Aug 27, 2013
    There are 4 things that make a game, the graphics, the story, the gameplay and how they all come together. In the case of Gone Home, the graphics are modern, the gameplay is fitting for the story they are trying to tell and the story is exemplary. For those who are tired of the same cheesy played out story line that most games spit out from time to time and are looking for something a bit more heart warming and fresh that doesn't involve killing zombies, ghouls or human npcs, this is the game for you.

    As one user said who rated this low a combatless detective mystery solving the mysterious disappearance of your family. But what it essentially boils down to is an hour and a half or two of reading notes."

    The irony of this statement is, how many detectives do you know go around killing, gunning and running? Most in fact do.... read notes and clues... And this game offers that, better than any mystery/detective game I've played (that wasn't point and click) and via First Person.
  100. Aug 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i give this game a 5 cause i just played a whole game about lesbians and didn't see one tit or growler in the whole game, lame. there is a letter in the basement where she is taking about some steamy sex and when you read it you get cut off saying i don't want to read that, you game i wanted to read it!! lol story is good though keeps you locked in but is too short 20 bucks is a little steep for this. Expand

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 55
  1. Jan 5, 2014
    A beautiful, emotionally engaging, artfully crafted game, completely centered around exploration and telling a mature story through interaction.
  2. Dec 2, 2013
    A story that will move some and alienate others.
  3. Nov 10, 2013
    Gone home is a beautiful story told with talent. The total immersion and storytelling brings a sense of renewal in the world of video games. Unfortunately, lifespan is too short: 2 hours are enough to see the end.