• Publisher: Aspyr
  • Release Date: Nov 14, 2006
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 396 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 83 out of 396

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  1. Jun 19, 2012
    The largely negative reviews that this game received upon its release, were largely justifiable at the time due to the bug ridden train wreck of an unfinished game which Jowood decided to release. First thing to make clear, is the game which I am awarding a 9/10 for, is not the game as it was released back in 2006, but the game as it is now thanks to the Community Patch 1.75 and the Community Mod Pack 2.4. Gothic 3, running smooth as silk on a decent 2012 gaming PC, more or less bug free, with overhauled combat mechanics, is nothing less than a stunning work of electronic art. This blows every other single player RPG right out of the water bar none. Although the graphics may not be as advanced as the graphics in more recent titles such as Skyrim, the world of Gothic 3 is somehow much more appealing to the eye than that of Skyrim, with the Gothic 3 world having a much more handcrafted quality to it, with huge attention having been paid to the tiniest of details. Whilst the world of Gothic 3 may not be quite on the same scale as the world of Skyrim, it is nontheless massive and distinguishes itself head and shoulders above the world of Skyrim due to the fact that the Gothic 3 world is immensely interesting to explore as opposed to mainly serving as a Bethesda style space/time barrier between the cordoned off towns and dungeons. Whilst the Gothic 3 towns/camps are indeed the main components of where the story unfolds, they blend seamlessly into the rest of the stunning, dark, but majestic world of Gothic 3, in which dozens of hours can be spent immersed in sheer exploration. In addition to the beautiful and captivating landscape, what Gothic 3 masters more so than any other game is providing for an interaction with the flora, fauna, and minerals of the world, in a way that the player is always on the look our for certain combinations of potentially character enhancing resources and facilities. The combination of loot driven kleptomania and danger lurking around every corner and in every nook n cranny of a masterfully crafted world, makes 'exploration' an absolute delight in this game. Indeed, due to the clever placing of some highly valuable objects in various secret and also not-so-secret, the course of the game and the decisions that are made can be hugely influenced by the fruits of exploration. One of the proclaimed weaknesses of Gothic 3 when compared with its predecessors (G1 + G2), was the simplistic nature of the quests, or in otherwords, the sheer volume of 'go there, kill them, get that' quests in the game. Whilst this may ring true when analysing the game close up, if one takes a more macroscopic view of the quests then what emerges is an epic power struggle in which the gamer must ultimately weigh up the pros and cons of some crucial decisions. Whether these decisions reflect the desires that the gamer has for particular individuals or factions in the game or the need for expediency and sacrfice of otherwise favoured characters and units in the Gothic 3 world, as the game progresses the gamer will increasingly find that no decision is to be taken lightly and will have the constant urge to postpone certain things, in the hope of alternative solutions opening up (which they often do). The whole shebang culminates in the Nameless Hero rising to the position of a demi-god, in which his will (and thus the will of the gamer) decides the fate of the entire continent upon which Gothic 3 is based. There are three possible 'Grand Finales' open to the Nameless hero depending on his actions througout the course of what is probably the most open ended RPG game ever made. With that said, the 'openess' of the Gothic 3 world also contributes to one of its potential flaws whereby if the game fails to understand the mechanics of the 'in-game poltics', then he can make the game practically incompleteable at a very early stage. This was particularly true in the unpatched version of the game where it was possible to start 'liberating' towns or 'crushing' rebel camps from the very outset of the game. However, with the CP 1.75, the stun-lock click fest combat (which made simultaneously wiping out dozens of human/ork foes possible in the unpatched version) has been completely fixed. Thus it is no longer possible for the gamer to successfully embark on such uninformed rash decisions at such an early stage of the game.

    With almost 6 years having passed since I purchased Gothic 3, I have just completed the game for the first time ever and have got to say it ranks amongst my most pleasureable gaming experiences ever.
  2. Jun 11, 2012
    Maybe it's worth 9/10 but ill give 10 just to balance negatives. Yes it was buggy in release but now all of it was resolved by patches made by community. The combat system standardised same click left in oblivion whats up with comments about combat. Huge world with beautifull scenery. Epic music ,nice atmosphere. Game lacked on actual story line though. Playing it patched with alternate AI on hardest is just enough challenge for anyone. 3rd game lacked some things what first 2 parts had , but this is definitely worthy to play game , atleast 2 times better than oblivion (unless you love to run first person around every 15 mins to sell crap and encounter bandits on same road again) . Expand
  3. Sep 2, 2010
    This game is awesome. While it's basic version 1.00 was full of bugs, and i should know, as i have been working in the industry for more then half a year, many however have been fixed with the last community patch. The graphics was mind blowing, keeping the feeling of amazement that stroked me ever since the 1st game of the series, the different ways you can solve various quest in the game that shape the outcome are welcomed giving the user the desire to replay the game in a total different way.

    The alternate AI balancing has compensated for the easiness of the gameplay in version 1.00, and also like i mentioned before many bugs were solved, including the permanent items exploit which really gave you an unbeatable advantage.

    The only thing that was fairly disappointing was that the end "movies" consist of only a slide show with pictures and voice over, which is less than the average user would expect after the intro video.
  4. Aug 5, 2011
    The effort and ambition put into this game is seen in every corner of it's world. Too bad Piranha Bytes didn't have time to polish it. When playing the game I recommend to ignore little bugs and shuttering, and enjoy the art. My favourite Gothic title, and favourite RPG.
  5. Jul 27, 2011
    After having teamed up with JoWood, Piranha-Bytes set out to create the next title in the Gothic series. Gothic III. Unlike its predecessors, Gothic III brought numerous improvements that players had wanted since the first game. Piranha started from scrap creating an entirely new engine with incredibly immerse and WONDERFULLY realistic graphics. The forging system has been overhauled, as well as alchemy, hunting and others, what's even better is the new options to cook certain foods and recipes as well as PROSPECTING, YES you can now MINE minerals instead of endlessly hunting for them. The new lands present in this game are HUGE in content and the continent itself is GIGANTIC. Piranha went out on an arm and a leg for this one.
    Unfortunately, JoWood; interested only in their numbers forced Piranha-Bytes to GOLD the game before they had time to iron it out and perform a decent amount of QA (Quality Assurance), although the main quests and most of the side quests, as well as content, story and NPC's were ready, the game was RIDDLED with hundreds if not THOUSANDS of bugs that most players had to wait for the Enhanced Edition Community Patch to fix.
    It's worth the time and money to play, but you are DEFINITELY going to need to download the latest community patch to play this game.
    Fact: After JoWood forced the release. Piranha-Bytes left JoWood. JoWood still retaining the rights to Gothic, sold them to DreamCatcher, who released the Gothic Universe Boxset (Gothic 1, Gothic II Gold and Gothic 3). Dreamcatcher released Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods and it was horrible. To date, no Gothic game after Gothic 3 has ever been released by Piranha-Bytes.
    Now, I'm going to go play Gothic IV: Arcania to see if it's any good, will write a review on it later.
  6. Sep 10, 2011
    I picked up this game very recently, about six years after it's release date. For reference, I played and enjoyed Gothic 1 and am a generally big fan of the RPG genre; Fallout 1 and 2 are my alltime faves. Gothic 3 ultimately turned out to be one of the most memorable RPG experiences of my life. You're faced with deep moral dilemmas; often, helping the obviously "good" faction will run counter to your overall goals. You're also faced with some serious exploration challenges. The world is rich and well constructed and overwhelmingly immersive and beautiful. I'm still haunted by visions of wandering around half-covered desert ruins during a sandstorm. There are multiple paths and ways to finish the game. The questing and stories are very very open ended, as in you can follow several different paths in any order you like, which does have it's downsides; without a linear path in a game, you can often miss out on crucial character/skill development steps or alternatively jump way ahead to end-game level items at a very early stage. Such is the price of freedom. For example, my path led to very early acquisition of top of the line sword and bow very early on while completely being ignorant of the existence of learnable magic skills until it was too late in the game for me to care. This is a good thing in my opinion (kind of like being stuck with your initial attributes in a D&D game and having to make the best of it). Many players won't like this of course. If you want to make a "mage" or a "druid", you're going to have to bypass any immersion and jump straight to meta-gaming, walkthroughs, and faqs. On to the combat. Combat is perhaps the most criticized aspect of the game. Two reasons; first, you can get very far by randomly swinging. This is true and unfortunate though possibly remedied by playing on hard mode. That being said, as I started to actually learn how combat worked, I learned that swing spamming made kills take a very very long time compared to use of calculated precise heavy blows or combos. For example, it might take 10 light spammed attacks to take down a human guard, while a well-timed poisoned thrust followed by a single strong attack can take the same guy down in seconds. Learning how to sidestep enemy attacks and how to take down enemies fast is a challenge and ultimately fun and rewarding. Second, combat is often criticized for being too hard! the "stun lock" combos are often mentioned. Let's make this clear; if you let a wolf past your guard and into your face, yes you are screwed. It's going to tear your throat out and can be very dangerous no matter what stage of the game you're at. And this is considered a bad thing? A wolf pack remains throughout the game one of the most dangerous things to engage, and I personally think that is great. With practice and patience you can learn to take out these "stun lock" beasts using, you got it, skill and quick attacks to keep them away from your throat. Another complaint about combat that I see people mentioning is how quickly you can be taken down... the leveling system in this game is unique in that when you level, you get absolutely nothing other than "learning points" which you can use however you see fit. If you are dying in a couple of hits, maybe invest in some more health. Overall one of the best "true" hard core RPG experiences available in the current world of illusory freedom and the substitution of bells and whistles for truly morally engaging situations. My only remaining complains a few days after completing the game? Save game and load game times are terrible, but given the high difficulty of the game, you will be doing both often. There can be a frustrating lack of information regarding where quest objectives are located; I don't expect to be hand held, but when a quest giver tells me to look for a missing person on a mountain, I expect to find them on the mountain. I think that more should have been explained to players outright, such as "this is not a typical RPG, you can and will get your ass kicked at every stage of the game if you get at all careless." Gothic 3 is indeed still rough around the edges but a must-have for any true fans of the RPS genre. Expand
  7. Feb 4, 2014
    Gothic 3 - best game i ever played. Awesome story, awesome environments, awesome fight system. I liked it from first to last minute of gameplay. 10/10.
  8. Jan 26, 2014
    Patched, awesome. Not everything is perfect, but Gothic 3 is a fu*king good game with a huge and beautiful world, where killing an animal or completing a quest still matters. Music, atmosphere, graphics, old friends from gothic 1 and 2, quests, replayability, this is how a game should look. Nowadays you dont need to level up to finish a game, you just smash everything that comes in your way, never feeling any satisfaction. Gothic is one of the few games that make you feel like you´ve achieved something after long hours of playing. May lack some things its predecessors had, but Gothic 3 is still one of the best RPGs ever created. I would rate it 9/10, because of the slightly weaker main story, 9.5 maybe, cause I loved it and didn´t mind those bugs that came with the release. 10/10 to balance all da haters, who played the game with bugs right after the (forced) release and gave it 0/10 because of the frustration. Expand
  9. Jun 30, 2014
    Anyone looking to get this game will not be upset after applying the patches. The game was rough when it first came out, that's no lie. It really is one of the best.
  10. Sep 28, 2010
    Nice game with the typically feeling of gothic like the one before or like Risen :)
    A bit bugged without patches but works really nice with the newest.
  11. Oct 13, 2014
    This is an absolutely amazing game, but like others have said, it really needs the community patches. If you don't mind going through the (minor) trouble of patching it after installation, you'll be treated with a deep and engaging story, a huge explorable world, and tons of choices that actually impact things. I can only assume the negative reviews are without the patch, and yes, it's really that important. Make sure to get community patch 1.75, and use alternative balancing, to enjoy one of the best RPGs ever made the way it was meant to be played. Expand
  12. Dec 13, 2012
    It is one of the fascinating game! I did not play this kind of game that was full of sorrows. This game is teaching about the humanity. In addition to that it is adventurers. But the only thing it was lacing was that the duration of the game was short and some real challenges was missing. In addition to that some of the objects were unable pick up by the hero in the game. So I rate this game as 9 out of 10 Expand
  13. May 18, 2013
    Even if this is one of the baddest Gothics it still is very good. When you patched it up, there are no more errors and the gameplay is awesome. It has a very big open world and the story is still very good.
  14. Jul 10, 2013
    Long time passed, played many rpg game such as, gothic 4 arcania (parody of gothic, i hope Jowood will burn in hell for that), dragonage1-2, rising 1-2, skyrim and many other...
    Who thinks like me than all say to those donkeys that we need Gothic 2-3 ideas and crew who worked with this project, these series was best games ever played, it sucks you in 100 percent, only non-gamers like
    corrupted donkeys from Jowood can tell to me and others that Gothic 3 sucks and 4 is good...
    ill try my best to tell angry joe about this bullsh.... maby he will check this out....
  15. Ogr
    Jan 27, 2014
    When I first played this game in 2006, I was disappointed. I loved Gothic 1 & 2 and Gothic 3 was full of bugs and way too hungry for hardware.

    Now, nearly 8 years later, I played it again with all the important patches (community patch, content mod), enb and the best ini tweak that I found.

    Wow. It still looks beautiful and it's pretty free of bugs now, I could enjoy this game how it
    was meant to be. I think it's one of the best 3D-Open-World RPGs out there, it's not as good as Gothic 2 or Skyrim, but still better than Oblivion. The world is huge, the atmosphere is dirty and it's up to you how you go through this game.

    The Bad: The Battlesystem is poor. While you can decide for who you do a quest, there are not many options on how you will complete the quests, you can't lie etc.

    All in all I would give it 8,5 points for playing it in 2014.
  16. Aug 14, 2014
    Am very disliked this game in few hours of playing from many reasons, but my interest to it increase constantly to even become one of best game. Where for example Oblivion give me feeling of perfect game just from the beginning, unless make me losing interest or even boring later. Am buy both games in one day because wasn't sure which is better. After first look I thought that Oblivion is definitely winner but now am not sure, both are equal good in my opinion. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 39
  2. Negative: 7 out of 39
  1. The game manages to blend just the right amounts of combat, NPC interaction, character development, exploration, and epic save-the-world storytelling into the sort of potion that your typical beardie will gulp down with wild-eyed abandon. [Dec 2006, p.94]
  2. At times gorgeous, at other times frustrating, it's worth persevering with just to bask in its snug atmosphere.
  3. Ditch your standards and enjoy shaping a mediocre world to your will. [Dec 2006, p.105]