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  1. Aug 16, 2010
    This is what makes Grand Theft Auto into Grand Theft Auto, it is the basic essence of the series: Stealing cars, killing people, and doing other 'shady' activities all while in a crime infested city. Although it has next to nothing to do compared to later releases in the Grand Theft Auto series, the story is still fun to play.
  2. Mar 10, 2012
    Tune in to your favourite stations, step on the gas and run over that granny. A cop is comming to arrest you, blow his head off! More cops arrive, burn them to the ground! FBI is here, and soon thye army will join in, send them to hell! Then you die. But no problem. Get in a random car and start over. Or just go wherever you want. No limits. No preprogramed paths. No nothing. Just go wherever you want. You're free. Untill you're busted, or you pass out. Then you start it all over again, this time in a different manner. And that's why this game radically changed my view on games. I was playing Half-Life like mad. I was also playing Delta-Force: Land Warrior like mad. But i didn't realised how repetitive they were until i found GTA3. And after 10 years i still play this game. Expand
  3. Sep 29, 2011
    ALL modern sandbox games owe their very existence to this revolutionary game. It's not just the fact that it has advanced from top-down 2D to 3rd-person 3D gameplay, but the actual game in itself deserves its own merit, let alone what it has done for gaming. There's as many missions as there are on GTA IV, but there's greater variety in the missions with more variety in the difficulty too. Liberty City isn't visually impressive, and Shoreside Vale can be confusing to navigate through at the best of times. But everything else is done so well. It's fun to play in and out of missions. The only issue is that there's almost as little to do here as there is in GTA IV. You can't really spend money on anything but weapons. But a 6 star wanted level will get a tank to come after you. Hidden packages (of which there are 100) aren't difficult to find, but not too easy either. There is an incentive for getting them: for every 10 you find a weapon is delivered to your safehouse on every island. Even now this game is good. For 2001/2002, this was years ahead of its time. Expand
  4. Dec 22, 2011
    The best GTA 3 era game!!!!!!!!!!
    Why is it good, cause it's easy to mod and the story is very interesting. The radio stations are good specially the one's with commentary.
  5. Dec 6, 2011
    Awesome game. Notthing more to say here, everything in this game is good. The best graphics back then when it was released and for sure the most tr00 one of the entire serie. Vice City kept the good job on the trails, but this one is unreachable, imo.
  6. Mar 17, 2012
    The PC version, while not as good as the PS2 version, is still a lot of fun. The controls take some time to get used to however.
  7. May 13, 2012
    This is where it all started. I remember playing this game 10 years ago and my computer just couldn't handle the "high-end" graphics. Reliving the experience now, it's still an amazing score despite the blurry textures. The story is as entertaining as life expects and the mission fun are endless. Anyone who misses this title should regret having lived his/her life.
  8. Jun 5, 2012
    The best in the best game of that time ... well designed open-world ..... Well written script and nice voice over .. BEST OF best of that time !! Made a shocking debut as 3D gaming of that time ... i still have whole lot of collection of GTA including that also
  9. Dec 5, 2012
    There has been a before and after in gaming and GTA III was the ground-breaker. Its unique 3rd person perspective revolutionized and influenced, perhaps, every 3rd person action-adventure video game nowadays.
  10. Oct 28, 2014
    The missions and characters are fun.

    However, the game suffers from bad design, in that most of the sencond half missions are made on a "try again" basis. You woon't be able to complete them on the first try, because the game designers made damn sure of that. So between every mission, you have to go back home to save the game, then drive to whomever is giving you the mission. Cutscene
    (skippable, small mercies) for the mission, then drive to the mission, and fail. Try again.

    So yeah, you will get many hours out of the game, most of them driving to and from the actual action, and trying the same missions over and over again.

    Sure, some elements are fun, but I don't see why it is such a highly rated game. Saints' Row II was much, much better. So, to me, this game is the epitome of average. Some good, some bad, overall, meh.
  11. Dec 16, 2010
    I am sorry but this dog smelly game is just bad compared to GTA 3 for the PS2!The PS2 is just good, but this one is just kinda........................I don't know......But play the PS2 version!It's worth!
  12. Apr 16, 2011
    This game could have been much better. Still, the mood of liberty city and the music on the radio save the game. The missions have vague instructions and many are impossible to do on the first few attempts due to limitations put in by the game makers. Overall, the radio is great, some cars are nice, graphics not too good, and too many bad missions. The map is extremely bad and doesn't help that much. Great voice acting by the street characters of liberty city and talk show radio people. A nice game overall, even with its issues. Rockstar games is one of the worst game makers out there. The metascore is way too much. Should be around 72, not more. Expand
  13. Jan 31, 2012
    It's quite funny but I don't quite get this phenomena. I mean this game is fairly good but it's not attractive for me in any way. When I was playing it I actually felt lured more by the gameplay possibilities rather then the quests or the story and I think that this is its main problem. I wanted to steal cars, smash them, kill people, buy some guns and then kill more people, then defend from the tank... etc. :) This was fun. I wanted to have some fun and by doing those stuff I was getting what I've wanted even though that game wasn't fully designed in such a way?!

    Gameplay 8/10
    Graphics 7.5/10
    Audio 8/10
  14. Apr 22, 2013
    Excellent game. Never knew you could be in the mafia and never say a damn word. My favorite thing about this game has to be the radio shows and full blown satire of our own culture. Brilliant!
  15. Jan 17, 2012
    Played it in October of 2011. It was good fun and got 10 hours into the story. The graphics are very dated, and so is some of the gameplay variants in the missions. Much better than GTA IV in my opinion for fun factor, but I have yet to play it on my pc. Xbox graphics sucked too much for me to continue
  16. Sep 21, 2012
    Ahh GTA 3... The ultimate douchbag simulator we all know and love. This game is just a 100% classic, good and pure fun, pissing off the police, given the chance to roam around the giant well designed world, shooting people's limbs off in to a gory dust of glory and so much more in this almost-masterpiece. This game is really really fun, you get so much to do, a nice selection of cars, weapons, NPCs, the story is cool and overall it's... **** GTA 3!!!
    A few things that made me kind pull my hair out were some of the missions. ROCKSTAR! DID YOU CHECK THIS GAME?! SOME MISSIONS ARE JUST SO **** HARD AND FRUSTRATING THEY MAKE ME CLOSE THE GAME AND RUN TO MY BED CRYING! HOLY **** **** SOME MISSIONS MAN... SOME MISSIONS... But hey, this game is still awesome.
    I'd give it about... 8/10
  17. Jul 30, 2012
    Since GTA3 when the series became a 3d game, it just went downhill very fast. I dont understand why every GTA gets rated so high, its just the same EVERY_TIME. You just drive around accept a mission and turn in a mission, and then comes some silly sequence. It would be a nice game, if the dialoge wouldnt be so terribly boring.

    GTA2 still stands as my favorite Gran Theft Auto, simply
    because you just got points for Killing People and Setting Cars on Fire. Sadly that got removed from GTA, i would enjoy the game again if it had that in there, just because everything else is simply boring Expand
  18. Jan 6, 2014
    Foi a partir daí que a revolução na industria dos games mudou radicalmente.
  19. Apr 25, 2013
    Quite frankly the greatest game of the series, and the game that changed all over games into free-roaming clones set in New York City. A plus point and a negative point ofcourse, but with no Grand Theft Auto 3, there would be no Saints Row, Prototype or countless other games.
  20. AWG
    Jul 27, 2013
    All the goodies of the new GTA games (3D graphics, unfailable missions, witty-but-not-edgy humour, perfect gameplay) without all the downsides. GTA III still is the perfect GTA game to me (waiting for V).
  21. Jun 24, 2013
    Well... This game was a pretty big thing back at it's days but now it's just a mediocre game to play. If you want to play something better play Vice City or San Andreas.
  22. Aug 4, 2013
    ta reći, prvi puta otvoreni svijet, i to nije nimalo loše urađeno, štaviše bolje od Vice citya, odlična grafika, ponašanje likova i automobilutomobila, priča također.
  23. Jul 15, 2013
    In 2009, I played it for the first time. At the time, it was a great experience for a small town for a ride, but after I discovered that the game includes missions, the gameplay has become boring. I saw 1-2 fun mission, but could not really tie the game. In fact, there was no patience to play through GTA III, but was 1-2 on the experience side missions.
    - Let me also add that the PS2
    console to control three times better than the PC Expand
  24. Mar 20, 2014
    GTA is probably one of the most iconic series in video game history, therefore, doesn’t need any introduction.
    Although, for those who lived under a rock for the past few years, I think it would be adequate to describe the GTA series as a Crime Simulator.
    So how does GTA 3 fit into the series? Is it still relevant? Is it worth the time and money? Or is it just a mere historical
    In terms of the graphics presentation, it has not aged well. Moreover, even for the time, GTA 3 was already a bit dated on the visuals department compared to other AAA PC games of the time. So expect pixilated textures, blocky models and robotic and clunky animations.
    Sound :
    In the sound department, GTA 3 is only satisfactory, the sound effects of vehicles and weapons are acceptable, and the soundtrack is what you would expect, but the voice-overs, despite above average, are on a lower quality format, which makes understanding people really difficult sometimes.
    The player starts as a small bandit climbing thought the crime ranks selling its services to various mobster groups in an attempt to reach the American dream. Mix that with a bunch of "colorful" characters, and the compulsory revenge story, and you have the recipe for any other GTA game ever made. In other words, a bland and cheesy action flick full of clichés, stereotypes and dark "humor ".
    Ok, let's be honest , Rockstar can’t write anything good, just look at what they did to the Max Payne series.
    However, no one plays GTA for its “fantastic” narrative qualities anyway…
    If you played the sequels, you will know what to expect here. It’s the same basic mechanics but done poorly.
    The controls are surprisingly acceptable for keyboard and mouse, although the fixed camera when driving was a bit annoying.
    Also particularly annoying was the lack of a global map and the lack of permanent “locations hints” for Ammu-Nation and Pay 'n' Spray on the mini-map.
    In conclusion: GTA 3 might have been innovative for its time, but as it stands today, I cannot recommend it, since the sequels have done it bigger and better than what is presented here.
    But don’t get me wrong, GTA 3 is not a bad game; it’s just not a “unique enough” experience to justify its purchase anymore.
    So unless you’re a GTA fanatic, you’ll be better off keeping you’re GTA 4 installation, or try GTA San Andreas (the best GTA game for the PC in my opinion) as an alternative.
  25. Jan 3, 2014
    Really great game nice story awesome soundtrack and nice graphics
    Optimization on PC is bad because on a 64mb card even on 640x480 it was a bit laggy
    Despite that the game is worth playing it
  26. Feb 19, 2014
    Though I am a fan of the franchise, I think this game deserves a 5 at best. Quite lacks stuff to do when you beat the short 4-5 hour long storyline. Though I like how hard and challenging this game is, I wouldn't recommend this. I really hate the soundtrack as we'll but don't worry because of the MP3 Player.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Fun: 7/10
    Soundtrack: 2/10
    Gameplay: 7/10

    Average: 6/10
  27. Jan 13, 2014
    were talking about the same game here? well i disagree.
    imo this thing shouldnt be rated so high...
    i cant remember the release very well, but it musthv been before san andreas and vice city...obv..
    to those it is inferior in every point(not talking graphics): music- worse even than gta1/2(ok thats just me), story...well the guy doesnt even fing talk...controls are not very
    accurate at all, not with a pad, not in any other way...
    missions felt repetitive to me, and often unfair(not challenging)
    id even prefer the horrible gta4 if only...well maybe not, the writing in 3 was better

  28. Mar 8, 2014
    There is one problem with this game... the fighting. You'd think the fighting would be ok in a game about being a criminal, which involves fighting but no. Half the punches miss. However, the rest of the game is great.
  29. May 17, 2014
    Arguably the best in his time, unfortunately we are no longer in that time. Today, GTA III goes any more. The graphics are unsuitable for computers now, the story is too short. Vehicles and weapons are far too limited. While the price of the GTA is not high, and fortunately, but if you want to buy a GTA today, buy a newest.
  30. Oct 9, 2014
    The first time I played in the computer room ... somewhere in 2004 I was so amazed, that I began to stand for hours just to get it done. But, my young age and my experience in gaming, barely able to cope. In a few days only managed to finish 2-3 missions. It is the first GTA in 3D. It is simply amazing.

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  1. There’s more senseless violence in GTA3 than there are bleeps in an episode of "The Osbournes."
  2. 98
    The interaction between player and environment sets the bar so high for other games, that it is nearly inaccessible.
  3. 94
    It's a game you could play for weeks -- maybe even months -- and still discover something new every day.