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  1. The tone of the story is, after all, quite a departure from the franchise's previous two outings. However, the amusing dialogue, fun gameplay, and delightfully absurd missions make this a must-buy for everyone, whether by download (in which case it requires a copy of GTA IV to run) or on disc with The Lost and Damned.
  2. GTA returns to its utmost craziness through a great and charming story.
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  1. Mar 13, 2013
    Rockstar have nailed it again. Finally, it's out of the testing grounds for the generation upgrade and into the real core of Grand Theft Auto. TBoGT is in every sense a true GTA game. In terms of mechanics, this is by far the best GTA game. The game engine is not only well-utilised in every sense, but the game design is also very intuitive. In terms of context, the characters are good, the story is definitely Grand Theft Auto and reflects the time it was released (2010) in its radio stations and dialogue. Controls are very solid (both keyboard-mouse and controller), shooting mechanics are fantastic, with the best ragdoll physics around. Driving mechanics are not realistic, but they are very fun and quite advanced for an open-world game. The new cars handle exactly how they should, given the real-life vehicles they're based on. "Trip skip", as known in San Andreas, is utilised to the max; checkpoints are placed sensibly and cutscenes are shown when you fail, rather than ending the level immediately. Graphics are actually improved on GTA IV (which already was one of the best looking open world games). They look sharper, more detailed from distance and much more colourful. But what really makes this game a big "wow" is that it adopts the modern convention of scoring you on each level, giving you benchmark challenges to beat for a high score (which go towards an achievement and leaderboard positions). Given the rich variety in level design for Grand Theft Auto games, this is an excellent addition which adds a lot of replay value to what would otherwise be an ordinary expansion (such as TLAD a five hour game at most). Criticisms? Given that it's an expansion, there's not much that isn't perfect. Compared to the original game, it's probably the best "additional content" ever conceived in gaming history. If you're a GTA fan, you will not be disappointed, regardless of how much you enjoyed GTA IV (unless you dislike the game mechanics & controls). The only thing you should watch out for is that some of the levels have annoying objectives which can be buggy at times. It feels different to GTA IV yet adopts its core gameplay. The whole scoring thing does seem odd in a GTA game if you're used to exploring at a leisurely pace and listening to all the dialogue etc. rather than trying to do it fast; but then again it does mean you can have two playthroughs and be satisfied. Don't get me wrong, this is definitely not San Andreas; don't be expecting godlike levels of variety or anything. There are side missions, but they're generally more focused on the context of the game's setting (as in GTA IV and TLAD) rather than a vast expanse to explore. The game feels like a more modern Scarface; kinda like Vice City but with a focus on nightclubs. TBoGT is very much focused on what's shown in the trailer. But if this is what Rockstar has to offer as a DLC rather than a full title, they really have outdone themselves. Full Review »
  2. Dec 9, 2012
    It's like GTA4 with extra spice. The colorful and lively night club setting in this expansion could not have been done any better. To no surprise, Rockstar games doesn't skimp out on interesting characters, dialogue and missions. Easily the best expansion for any GTA game ever, even over The Lost and Damned. Full Review »
  3. Jun 9, 2012
    A weird occasion, but it is that case when DLC is actually better than the main game. tBoGT goes from strict realism to crazy fun with stealing train cars, racing with nitro and jumping to a taking off plane from a motorbike. This one somewhy reminded me of Vice City, with it's gloss, sunshine and one particularly eccentric person. Yusuf Amir, son of a wealthy Arab businessman, very much reminded me of Diaz. The plot is great and fun, with lots of new interesting characters, as well as cameos from the original game. The relations between Lois (the main character) and Gay Tony (his boss) are a very well-presented story of a friendship. If you own a GTA IV, or you just consider yourself a GTA fan, this one is a must-buy. Full Review »