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  1. May 30, 2013
    Horribly disappointing arcade "racing" game dumbed down to the maximum possible level. Lowest common denominator gaming at its worst, and a real let-down from Codemasters.

    The main problem is the handling. I understand this is an arcade game, but this should have been labelled as a drifting game rather than a racing game. Cars handle exactly the same as one another, so there's little
    point selecting a different vehicle, and the fastest way around any corner is always a 4-wheel drift, defying physics and common sense at any opportunity.

    I have played a great deal of racing games, including arcade games like Blur, Mario Kart and the Need for Speed series, as well as more sim-based titles like the RACE series, Forza, Gran Turismo and iRacing. I am familiar with different handling models, from arcade through to simulation, and the different characteristics and properties of the various car configurations, power levels, and drivetrains. GRID spectacularly misses all of these and applies the exact same "drift" model to every car, with small tweaks to acceleration and top speed.

    All of the aforementioned games are a great deal of fun for a variety of reasons, but GRID 2 seems to deliberately attempt to suck the fun out of the game at every turn. The AI drivers are absolutely moronic (but that's nothing new for a racing game) and regularly take corners impossibly fast, or idiotically slowly. The rubber banding is woefully obvious, and promotes no-skill driving. You can race as hard as you like in second place and watch the car in front stay in front, then ease off, relax into a few corners, and not see the car pull away. Conversely, despite picking your way through the entire pack, you can make your way into first place, only to have the second place driver somehow find some extra speed and keep up with you.

    Collision physics is also way off. Cars regularly stick to one another like glue, and only become detached when colliding with the track edges. Damage appears all over the car regardless of the place that made contact with the obstacle.

    Infuriatingly (although the first GRID also had this problem), you always start near the back of the grid, meaning that on the tighter circuits, it is a mad scramble to bash people out of the way to get to the front, because if you attempt to race cleanly, the race is over before you can get there.

    Live routes, the system by which the course changes randomly each time you play it, is an absolute disaster and only contributes to the misery of playing the game. There is no minimap in this mode, and no possibility to learn the circuit, so you are just guessing going into every corner. The best racing drivers (in the real world) are consistent and precise and spend a great deal of time getting to know each and every corner. When it's impossible to know what the corner is going to be like, the parallels to the real world disappear, as does the immersion, and this, again, might as well be a drift simulator.

    The graphics are very pretty indeed and the game does run smoothly, although far too much time has been spent on the environments, since no driver is going to be looking at those while playing. Time could have been better spent on the damage modelling instead here. The environmental sounds and the engine noises are impressive, but the announcer is highly irritating. The first time I took to a particular track, I was told I needed to improve my sector 1 times, because I was slow, despite it being my first time ever in that sector and just come off the grid.

    Gone are the large fields of cars from the original GRID, as is the co-driver system, and any concept of money. Gone is the freedom to choose an event from a decent selection; instead the game forces you down prescribed choices in order to enhance the story, which should not be the game's focus, yet manages to dominate regardless.

    All of the above is replaced by the insipid, vile "dudebroism" that insists the most important things in the world are gaining fans, 4-wheel sliding into every corner, and "rad" performances. Almost every in-game sentence is followed by "man" or "bro", which is exactly the kind of thing I imagine might appeal to teenagers, but is a long shot from the Codemasters of old, who developed genuinely excellent games like TOCA Race Driver and Colin McRae Rally.

    So, GRID 2 has been relegated to the same tragic fate as the DIRT series, where the emphasis is on doing handbrake turns in a supermarket car park in a stolen Vauxhall Nova, rather than the precise, cool -headed and skill-based mechanics of the earlier years.

    Having read all of this, if you are after a simple arcade drift racing game that is easy to pick up and play and you're not bothered about having any depth or learning any actual racing skills, this title might just be perfect for you. For anybody on the simulation side of the racing fence, or anywhere near, this is a terrible buy, so wait for the Steam sale.
  2. May 28, 2013
    Great game if you love rubberbanding AI, unrealistic casual driving physics, social media, drifting around every corner in any car, permanent traction control+abs, no in-car camera, no team management, and zero challenge.
  3. May 29, 2013
    Sorry Codemasters, but you are now only the sade of what you where before. People who like arcade racing games have better choices, like Burnout, Flatout or (sigh...) Need for Speed series. People who like simulation racing games will be very disappointed with Grid 2 and will keep playing Rfactor, the SimBin variety, Toca 3 or even (sigh...) the first Grid.

    So, this game is for...
    nobody. Oh, no, I better say this: this game is just for those impatient people who pre-ordered it and won't admit they have wasted their money. Expand
  4. May 28, 2013
    I was expecting a good game with a mature driving system but instead I got a watered down arcade racer covered up as an immersive simulator.
    Fans are your currency, cars are unlocked randomly rather than bought, no upgrades at all or tuning, all you can hope to do is change the livery which also leaves you with very few options.
    Old, boring and tiring
    drift-if-even-slightly-touched-the-brakes with what could have been a nice driving model but ultimately collapsed under the console demanded control.

    Graphics are quite good and sound is decent as well but this alone cannot save this game.
    GRID 1 wasn't that great to begin with and this feels more like a downgrade if anything.
    Not worth the time and money.
  5. May 31, 2013
    Sadly this game is mediocre at best. First GRID was best racening game, so good that I was waiting for Grid2 and passed first Grid game in anticipation last month. It was great. Now, in short my problems with Grid 2: - it feels less real, both in terms of racing meta world and racing itself - there is no money, you can't buy cars, you get them from sponsors trough events which feels weird
    - instead of money you have a fan base, and you do not manage anything about your carrier, feels like you are some attention whore who is spin by managers
    - weirdly Grid 2 looks worse then first Grid in terms of graphics o_0 especially replays and flashback key features of the game were watered down somehow, especially flashback ;(

    All in all Grid Grid 2
    I am even doubting that same team with same passions was doing this game, it feels completely different, as if different studio was asked to do it
  6. May 30, 2013
    The physics feel like this game was ported from a phone, not a console. I loved Race Driver Grid but they removed the Race and the Driver throughout the game.
    The damage is a complete joke. There is just a traction control sign when your car gets severely damaged. The cars have nothing to adjust. A gt3 race car without brake bias and full traction control.

    The cars are rendered good.
    Exteriors are the only thing you can see of course, but that wouldn't have ruined the game for me if it was rewarding to play. I don't mind that some opponents drive brashly, but I don't like getting penalized for corner cutting as a result.

    The game overall is the worst driving game I have purchased in numerous years. I own the whole codie collection and after they replaced Colin with Ken Block I should have known that they were going for a "different market".

    I actually preferred the simulation feel in need for speed the run. It's honestly that disappointing.

    Testers notes: G27 Wheel auto sequential mostly H-pattern (which is mappable). Played career until Europe, Played online until I got dnq'd because a person drove into me in a hairpin and I caused an accident.
  7. May 28, 2013
    This should have been titled GRID 2: Ultimate Drift. Despite the car you choose, its class or rating, you will have to master drifting through corners. The handling of the vehicles alone make the game unplayable. If you think that you are going to brake hard, powerslide/accelerate through a corner, think again. 9 times out of 10, you will lose control and most likely spin out. Unless Codemasters patches the controls/physics, GRID 2 will remain a disaster. No amount of cars, tracks, or DLC will change that. Expand
  8. May 28, 2013
    Very sad day. I have played two full nights now and this really feels like a step down from my much beloved original GRID. Sure the graphics are better and the interface is slightly more modern, but the game seems to be made to appeal to a younger console generation of gamers who think drifting is the way to get a car around a track quickly. You realize you might be playing the wrong game when you get an achievement for "T3XT M3SSAG1NG I5 GR8"…are you kidding me?

    The game gets 3 stars because I am still playing it after being so disappointed, so there is some fun to be had, but frankly I do well in races by bashing my way around the track…forget finding the perfect apex for a corner.

    In addition, there is immediately $23.96 worth of DLC that it seems you must buy to get all the courses/cars. $45 was too much for this game. I already feel ripped off because they put the GRID label on a game that is more like Need For Speed, no way I am spending more money on this disaster.
  9. May 28, 2013
    This game is not good. What car actually handles like this? If you are going to make an arcade style racer then do that. This in between non committal approach is simply boring. Really sad that I paid $44 for this.
  10. May 29, 2013
    GRID 2 manages to inject a nice dose of realistic physics within an arcade style racing game. The result is a game that simulator purists will surely frown upon.... (lack of view, no tuning) but everyone else will enjoy. The locations and cars look absolutely stunning. The single player is meaty and the multiplayer is absolutely worth playing.
  11. May 29, 2013
    I expected a better GRID. A game where the took in account the critics they got on the Original game. This is now a no-brain racing arcade game for kids.
  12. May 30, 2013
    Absolutely terrible game. Grid 1 is a far superior product. Graphics are the only thing worth while in this game, the rest is garbage. Save yourself some money and wait for a good sale for around $5 at tops because that's all its worth. Go back to playing Grid 1 or any other racing game, because they are definitely better than this.
  13. May 29, 2013
    I was a fan of GRID 1 but this game doesn't even earn the right to use the GRID name. It's a boring, watered down, mindless console racer. That is best avoided. The day one DLC is indication of Codemasters priorities as well as the removal of the in car view. The handling is bad handling, less cars, a small amount of fake tracks, stupid story etc. Don't buy.
  14. May 29, 2013
    I dont know what you are when you like this game, but you seriously should get yourself checked out if you do so. So let's start;
    1. The game is no challenge whatsoever, even the hardest level is too easy if you know a bit how to drive and know a thing or two about racing.
    2. The AI is too easy and stupid, the racing lines they drive are incorrect and their braking points are so early
    that you are sure to slam into the back of your opponents.
    3. The races are boring.
    4. The tracks are boring.
    5. You are 'racing' your car for a reason so stupid.
    6. You dont have to drive for anything, everything is handed for you.
    7. The career mode is even shorter than it was in Showdown and before.
    8. This LiveRoutes system has to be the most retarded thing anyone could think of. It isnt a challenge, it is an annoyance.
    9. You can only customise your car with a few ugly, dumb looking patterns.
    10. €20,- of Day 1 DLC, seriously?
    11. It is nothing more than a DiRT2/3/Showdown only with less content.

    I really looked forward to this and was hopeful that it was a fresh breath for Codies, but nope. This is probably the worst racing game ever, it is just a little more fun than doing nothing. I wanted to give it a 3, but the €20,- of Day 1 DLC Adds another black mark to this game.

    I really feel sorry for the people that actually enjoy this game...
  15. May 31, 2013
    My review is hardly any different to any one else's, they've apparently downgraded the gameplay to 'super casual' and done away with what they did brilliantly in the first GRID.
  16. May 28, 2013
    Great mix of challenge but not sim, online and off, sticks to what made Grid 1 great but put more money in and really polished. Always online mic and youtube upload fails, but somehow that seems minor and likely to be patched. The racings solid, the careers solid, the tracks are solid with some new modes like dynamic changing path keep it fresh and fun.
  17. Jun 3, 2013
    Beautifully optimized, fun stylish racer, it comes as advertised with aggressive AI and balls to the wall action, some races are a little easy and customization beyond look n feel would have been nice, but then this is an arcade racer and not a simulation.

    I love the ability to rewind and avoid those little mistakes as I do not have the time to master complex driving mechanics and
    advanced physics engine. Expand
  18. May 29, 2013
    This game is terrible compared to the first one. No money to buy cars you unlock them with challenges. BORING....... All about social media career about youtube fans and so on. What happened to the real racing simulator thru classes? Wish they went more down line of the original than this. But one thing i do hate is the terrible arcade racer fill, Car physics are terrible even for an arcade game. AI are terrible they just pit you most of the time and when you try to pit them you spin out of control. Its like you are racing against Tanks.

    For me i will be going back to the original frid as this is just a poor arcade racer with fancy graphics.

    If you like silly arcade racers that you can drift round every corner no matter what this is for you.

    I would avoid this game if you are a pc gamer its set up for a more casual console gamer.
  19. May 29, 2013
    I don't know what happened to the PC community, have a look at the PS3 users. Anyhow a great follow-up to GRID! Again it is a arcade racer with a simulation seasoning (nothing unexpected there as the low reviews might suggest). Handling and graphics are top-notch. Career mode is as fun as ever. However no helmet-cam, no tuning and a bit 2 much drifting. But nothing which is not patchable. Good job codemasters, GRID 2 is very enjoyable Expand
  20. May 29, 2013
    I just played GRID 2 and it totally sucked. Why? Well first off there's no camera for the driver's seat, no manual clutch, unrealistic handling, poor AI, low field of view (FOV) and an overall bad console-port that lags on release with current high-end generation hardware it's a poorly made arcade racer at best.
  21. May 29, 2013
    Le jeu aurait pu être bien mais il contient des bugs, des contrôles vraiment affreux et des DLC la sortie.

    Cela me dégoute!


    The game could have been great but the bugs, aweful controls and day 1 DLC just disgust me.
  22. May 30, 2013
    This has got to be one of the worst racing games made. Its actually a downgrade from the original GRID, don't expect anything good out of this game. The physics are a joke, all cars feel like the tires are glued to the road and you can fly around corners at a very unrealistic speed. A.I is very dull, has no replay value. Don't waste your money, Stick to console for racing games. This one is a complete joke. 1/10 Expand
  23. May 31, 2013
    I am pretty disappointed by this game. I was expecting a much more immerse grid with updated graphics, more cars and lots of awesome. Instead, I was given an arcade drift-style game with a super small car selection and random fan-base, that means almost nothing to me in terms of game play because it does not really matter for unlocking cars so much. Very unrealistic in my honest opinion. I suppose I will continue to play the original grid, to what I think, is perhaps one of the best car/road-track simulator games out there for PC.

    On the plus side, I think the multiplayer is in-fact better than the single player games, but not by much. This time you are given money to buy cars and upgrades with, once again, limited options and crappy cars to choose from.

    The Good:

    The Ok:
    Some Mapstyles

    The bad:
    Lack of cars
    Arcade style game
    Poor driving physics
    "Social" style
    Other things I cant think of at the moment.
  24. May 28, 2013
    Thank you for creating this amazing game. I'm loving it, the cars are incredible, the gameplay is perfect and the tracks are very well done! and what about the "Live Routes"? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
  25. May 29, 2013
    When i realized the game got rid of in car view I lost all interest; good graphics though. This would have been such a better game if they kept the same formula.
  26. Jun 2, 2013
    GRID 2. This game symbolizes everything that is wrong with gaming to me personally. So many bad design decisions. This just proves to me the game industry isn't about what you know, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW. These people make some of the most god awful design decisions. The game industry is plagued by this developer inbreeding. Live Routes? Who the f!@# want's a live route in a god d@#$ racing game? You want to learn a damn track. So you can nail every corner.

    This is Need For Speed with a GRID skin. What a joke Codemasters. I will never buy another one of your piece of s!@# games. EVERY one of Codemasters piece of games tries to infuse some type of fake pop culture elements into them. These elements come off as insulting. Granted, GRID 2 is not the worst offender of this, that title belongs to DIRT 3.

    No view, no mirrors, just arcade s@#$. It's over the top arcade. What physics? Oh the damage modeling...What the f@#$ did I buy? Is this GRID 2 or Burnout?

    The online is a nightmare, granted hey if people want to race and do nothing but wreck each other and can have fun. Hey good for them...This isn't my idea of fun on a racing game. None of the online modes cater to anyone looking for a clean driving experience.

    Online Unlocks by level...What a damn joke..Hey here is a better idea. How about you group drivers based on an actual skill level AND WHEN YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY A CAR...YOU F@#$%@! BUY IT...But no it's locked to level and Level 30's and Level 8's get grouped together. No real meaning behind that level besides "HEY LOOK AT THIS TIME SINK". The single player is crap, no reason to play it it's ultra dumb WSR league and fake pop culture BS, it would've made a little more sense to give people a reason to play through the campaign. If for example you could unlock stuff for online. Leaderboards for friends list only...Well gee not everyone has 30 friends to race with...Who made this call? HOLY F!@# what is wrong with Codemasters? Oh it's that developer inbreeding thing. Duh.

    I'm being a little harsh but this entire past generation of gaming has been a complete storm of s@#$ with hail balls of frozen piss. Every developer and publisher breaks their product down to a numbers game. Add GRID 2 to this soulless pumped out for the masses S@#$. This game has no soul in it. No passion, nothing.

    I haven't even really touched everything that is wrong with this game...I can't hate it enough.

    With that said Need for Speed and Burnout fans will love this game. ENJOY it guys. You have WON. The days of good racing games are over.

  27. May 30, 2013
    Well there is no first person camera but I think is a very good game.. Also I never use that in-car cam.. I really prefer see the cars, the models, colors, details, etc... soo I do not need that cam :P

    With the previous trailers I had no hope that this was a good game but I was wrong.

    Grid has never been a simulator, it was always arcade.... and while I was customizing my cars, the
    tires, vinyl, logos reminded me the good times with the ORIGINAL Most Wanted... this game is entertaining me a lot and if you add your favorite soudtrack and 3D vision is even better.

    Is a good game for me...

    And if someone from Codemasters read this, IN LATIN AMERICA WE HATE THE ACCENT OF SPAIN. add an option to change the text language subtitles separately. Thanks.

  28. May 31, 2013
    Codemasters are one of those devs who are cheating on Metacritic(here) to boost their game's overall user score with fake one-review-and-rating-history accounts. That makes the company even more pathetic than the fact that they were unable to decide which crowd they want to please in the very end arcade kids or sim people.

    If GRID1 was almost a perfect combination of arcade and
    simulator features and had great balanced, you can forget that in GRID2, the infamous sequel. It's overly simplified, without proper physics, camera, has terrible car interiors and... is terrible overall, except visuals (they go old very fast, as the next racing games appear and tech moves forward).

    Vote with your wallet and don't buy GRID2. This will probably help Codemasters learn form their mistakes.
  29. Jun 1, 2013
    Save your money and look elsewhere, gameplay is poor, cars are undriveable, Grid 1 was a classic, this is going in the bin, can I have a refund please? How come all the critics love it, are they on the payroll? Also I don't expect a great review score to suggest a high score but needs significant patches, get it fixed!
  30. May 31, 2013
    I didn't expect a sim but a cross between sim and arcade like GRID. Man, was I disappointed. I have spent the last few days logging massive hours into this game and its nothing but wonky AI and drift, drift, drift. I am done pre-ordering games and I expected so much more than this. The best thing it has going for it is pretty graphics but that will never make up for lousy game play. I won't even get started on the social media concept of leveling with fans, ugh. Expand
  31. May 29, 2013
    GRID 2 is finally here, and it is an insanely fun and enjoyable game. For those of you who are expecting a full car simulation game, you will be extremely dissapointed since the handling of the cars is very "arcadey". For those who not, you will have a blast playing this game through the career mode, but even more through the multiplayer, which is awesome.
    For me the worst thing about the
    game is that it has lots of dlcs on day one, but oh well, it is coinmasters... Expand
  32. May 31, 2013
    Poor. Very very poor. I loved Colin McRae Rally, also CMR 2.0 but this is terrible. The driving physics feels 10 years old at best, and the graphics are nothing to get excited about. I am very disappointed. I really feel like I am playing a bad version of an early 2000's game, which after playing great games like Forza 3, 4, Horizon and iRacing makes this nothing more but a huge kick in the face.

    If you want sim, go for iRacing. If you want a good arcade racer, just buy an Xbox and Forza Horizon. Even at that expense the Xbox and Horizon combo is better value for money compared to this garbage. I really wish I had taken note of the reviews and not thrown my money away.
  33. May 31, 2013
    This is an insult to the original Grid. No sim at all, just some arcade crap that some stoners must have pieced together. No driving line option. No driver assists to customize. Some new kind of ‘dynamic’ track creation that disables the onscreen map. Sixty dollars for a game I should not have paid twenty for. I am so disappointed that all of the things that made Grid good are not evident in this game. Four hours into this game and I can count the minutes that have been enjoyable. Expand
  34. May 31, 2013
    Hey...there, Codemasters. This game is some hackers joke, right? There will be a legit release of this poppin up in a few days and ohhh we're all gonna have had an amazing laugh bout how you fooled us all with this...crap. Things I will love when Grid 2 finally will be released: 1. Controls menu where I actually can change my controllers sensitivity settings and alike. 2. 1st person/drivers POV.

    3. At least somewhat believable physics that don't require you to drift in order to drive fast.

    4. You're cool with 3D-modeling, now why not try and add some depth to your characters and the "story"?

    Big BIG letdown.
    3/10 purely for graphics.
  35. May 29, 2013
    I enjoyed the bump in graphical quality, and how smoothly the game runs, but all the cutscenes and the single-player mode in general is a bit annoying. I also didn't like how the game seems to focus more on 1-on-1 races a lot more than Grid 1 did. Another mild annoyance I had was that despite the game looking better than Grid 1, the replays were much more fun to watch in Grid 1, likely due to better camera placement.

    All in all, it's a good game, but they took a lot out of it that I miss from Grid 1, like having my own team, ease of selecting the events I wanted to be in instead of feeling like I am shoehorned into only a few race options, the ability to buy my own cars instead of either just having them given to me or having to win them in challenges, etc... The driving does feel better than in Grid 1, but after a while, I kept just thinking I'd rather just go back and play Grid 1 instead of this game, which I don't think is what the developers were going for.
  36. Jun 4, 2013
    This game is absolutely sucks and overrated. I hated first GRID but it has interior cam and incredible A.I. Now, why am i play GRID 2?
  37. Jun 2, 2013
    As a long term Codemasters racing fan since the Toca days, a sequel to GRID after the two new DiRT games was always my biggest wish. However, I can't believe that this is named GRID 2, as no matter how much I try to love it, I just can't look past everything that's missing to make this a proper sequel. I thought the physics might make this game the experience everyone claims to be, but sadly it just disappointed me as well, and didn't justify what content was removed for it. I usually always found myself to enjoy Codemasters racers, even the subpar DiRT2 and DiRT3, which were a joke compared to DiRT 1, but this, however, is probably the worst Codemasters racer I ever played.

    Maybe I had too high expectations of a sequel actually being bigger and better than its predecessor, but this is just a huge lackluster which doesn't deserve the GRID name at all, or if it was, it should've been called GRID Showdown or something.
  38. May 29, 2013
    Ok i tried to be fair with this after buying this game i feel somewhat let down i asked alot of questions beforehand on twitter before getting this game an i kind of feel lied to. This game to me is just not fun it does not beat the previous grid and almost feels like it was a dumbed down version of that besides having the no view to fit more in stance, The graphics to me actually look worse then a previous codemasters games im comparing this to dirt 2 dirt 2 on dx11 looks amazing to me grid 2 is all environment details and the cars are significantly less detailed, The damage system cars break away all too easy and almost feel like they are made out of paper compaired to dirt 2's damage system the cars in that game feel way more solid... i crashed several times into the wall to test it out and majority of the time the same damage happened or it just looked ridiculous and not good to look at even as being damage... Compare dirt 2 and grid 2 after about the same level impact scratches appear everywhere no matter what you hit most of the time... i duno it just looks half assed to me..

    While i wont completely rubbish this game some good things about it where live routes driving with them on made one of my races alot more interesting not getting use to the same layout and keeping things mixed up playing with the ai on hard i will give them this.

    Livery editor... yeah its there and it works but the way its designed is poor for some stupid reason by some comedic genius decided when selecting a livery it would give you the options at the bottom of the screen to go through while the camera of your car stays static zoomed into the bonnet so you cant see what the hell you are doing unless you press the view car option which takes time to load and get out of when you can see the livery changing dynamically already the view should be side on NOT zoomed into the bonnet.. its frustrating and almost made me not want to customize any of my cars. Screenshot ****

    Handling to me all cars feel the same you are either going sideways or not going sideways every corner or if you don't want to be going sideways every corner you are anyway. It is very arcade and because of this i am already sort of bored of the game and i only just got it today and have played it for about 5 hours.

    All in all the environments look nice to me the car details are severely lacking i feel like they went all out on the world detail and less on the cars a graphics option was for trees on ultra like really im barely going to notice anything besides the road in front of me i cant give this game a 9 or a 10 i cant give it a 0 either because that would be wrong codemasters will not care what i say because the main reviewers just gave them high scores anyway i have been playing Dirt 2 for the last 2 weeks and i feel it is a much better game then grid 2 even though it lacks alot of the good things from grid like customization more car verity and it is a rally game not a road racer so i shouldn't compare them to me it just looks and handles a lot better.

    With that said im giving grid 2 a 6 out of 10 yeah some things are improved but to me its just a bit of a flat meh experience driving felt dull to me for some reason i was lead to believe via twitter it was to be some amazing game i just wish i didn't pay 70$ for.
  39. Jun 1, 2013
    This is a bad console port that doesn't belong on a PC.
    It's all about drifting, never mind that drifting is a very slow way to get around a track and bears no resemblance to real racing. The cars will start drifting just by turning or tapping the brakes ever so lightly. Completely unlike real cars and real racing.
    Cutting corners slows down your car for a bit apparently the concept
    of a yellow flag is too complicated for console users.
    There's no in-car view. They killed that, claiming that only 5% used it. Well, 5% of console users, perhaps.
    Gameplay is linear to the extreme, and "damage modeling" is all about looks, not about physics and driveability.

    This is a big step down from Grid, and doesn't deserve the scores the critics have given it.

    Quite frankly, this is a mediocre arcade game. If you don't want realism anyhow, you're better off with Trackmania.. And if you for inexplicable reasons are a fan of the drift fad, you are better off with other games too.
  40. Jun 2, 2013
    This game is just bad. I've been a huge fan of the Dirt series and the first grid, but this one just feels way too arcade ish and the racing is so damn dull. Also I actually expected the graphics to be better for a next gen game. Also as mentioned by many of the other reviews, The "Drift" through the whole game experience really kills the game totally. I just felt that the modes and the lack of doing anything to your car, the lack of cam and the handling of the cars made this the worst game from codemasters yet. Huge letdown, been waiting for this one and had high hopes. Expand
  41. Jun 11, 2013
    Every since Dirt 3 code master have been going down hill F1 is like a clone each year good but not enough for once a year .Showdown was a game for little kids .And now grid2 with no cam and just pure arcade simple gameplay. And dlc threw at you on day1.Hope they wake up and make some changes in management are else they will lose most of there fans ,Go back to what you do well Dirt sim/arcade
  42. Jun 2, 2013
    This is an arcade racing game and not a simulation!!! That was known in front of release! I played this game in SP and MP and its good to very good! I have seen only less unimporteant bugs its not normal in our time. I will have fun more time in this game
  43. May 29, 2013
    This is a type of game I've been waiting for the first racing game with astonishing 3D effects! I really don't understand some people complaining that this is not a simulator it was never supposed to be! Have you played NFS series? Grid 2 is much, much better. Why? 1. Your opponents do not teleport supernaturally if they are left behind, 2. The graphics are amazing, even though hardware requirements are not very high I can easily get 40fps @Ultra settings and full hd using Nvidia GTX560. 3. Audio surround effects are amazing 4. Gameplay is decent without any unnecessary elements like 'story' (Who needs a story in a racing game?) 5. It runs perfectly smooth I haven't encountered any errors yet. Going back to graphics point if you haven't played it in 3D you haven't grasped the full capacity and beauty of the game. Seriously, this is the best looking 3D experience you can get this year (along with Tomb Raider) just awesome! As a minus I can only mention that you can hardly customize your cars (no tuning whatsoever) and the track easily become boring, but such minor drawbacks are not important to me. Do try 3D effect you won't regret! Expand
  44. Jun 6, 2013
    Mediocre. That is the word I usually use to describe gas station food or my snowboarding ability, not a massively hyped, waited-forever-to-play-it video game. But yet, this game manages to attach that word to itself in my mind.

    On the surface of things, it has all kinds of potential. A deep career mode, online racing, Facebook and YouTube-esque social settings, new cars, new adaptable
    tracks, a host of new racing schools, and those stunning graphics. How could it possibly go wrong?

    Well, the career mode is possibly the biggest part of Grid 2 that Codemasters got wrong. Compared to the first Grid, where you could select what series you wanted to race, from the beginning-of-the-game-tier to the you-have-too-much-time-on-your-hands-tier, Grid 2 hands you a select few races that you must complete before they give you another set of select few races. While the races and series in Grid 2 provide some unique variety, there isn't the same kind of variety of Grid in which one minute I could be crossing the finish line at the Nurburgring short track, and lining up at a figure-8 demolition derby track the next.

    The car selection is another pain in both the online and career modes. You no longer purchase whatever car you want from a specific race discipline. You have to finish "Car Challenges" to unlock a car that you will use in the next set of races. The first time I saw this, I thought "Ok, I'd better pick a car that I will like at the end of this, because I won't be able to pick the other one...", but as soon as I was finished, another challenge popped up. "Wait... So I just have to do two challenges for two cars? Well, that doesn't place any importance on these decisions..."

    Speaking of the cars, I come to the driving physics. I have never personally driven a high performance car around a track, but if I ever get the chance to do it, I better hope that it doesn't behave like the cars in Grid 2. Every single car slides uncontrollably into the nearest immovable object. If I hadn't deliberately turned the car around and driven the wrong way around the track, I would have no choice but to think that every race was scripted, because I certainly didn't turn THAT direction. Or THAT direction. The cars are a nightmare to drive. Even if you come across one of the seemingly rare "Grip" oriented cars, if you try to trail brake into a corner, the back end tries to present itself to the nearest railing. And yes, that was an intended metaphor, since that is exactly how racing in Grid 2 feels.

    Once you finally get used to your rear bumper railings and manage to get the car around the track without totaling it, you can start to enjoy the graphics and some of the unique racing elements that have been added to Grid 2. There are race tracks that change over the course of the race, meaning you have no idea if the left turn you took last lap is still there, or has turned into a straight, or maybe it still is a left... *BANG*. Nope, it was a right. I enjoyed this particular race style the most as it keeps you on your toes, but it is not without it's flaws. Depending on the track and race length, some of the course changes will loop around, and you can still start to memorize the track. They also use Time Trial races, no doubt borrowing from Codemasters' own Dirt franchise, which is refreshing for the asphault-only drift-o-rama that Grid 2 is.

    The graphics however, are great. The reflections, shadows, and scenery are all spectacular. From rolling desert mountains, to twisting woodlands, and urban city-scapes, everything is on par to what I would expect if I drove through them at 120 MPH. Squirrels and rabbits will scamper across the road, flocks of birds will take flight as you drive past, and dirt, smoke and leaves swirl around the cars. All of this lends to create a very immersive environment which feels like you are actually driving past.

    However, once you get over the jaw dropping first impressions, the visual effects dull out and you start to notice certain things that begin to take away from the experience. The squirrel that runs past the same tree EVERY lap. Those birds fly away EVERY lap. Those bystanders are all waving their arms at the EXACT same time. The sun flare seems to be the exact same regardless of the view mode used. Some of the smoke and dust effects seem to bug up and pixelate instead of staying smooth. While not important by themselves, all of it added up breaks the environment's image.

    In the menus, things are not much more interesting than the first Grid. All of the attempted YouTube and Facebook imagery is nothing more than part of the rather shallow story. You can't watch videos of your last epic race, the social wall is nothing more than a repeating series of "Comments" from your competition that you can't respond to, and the available options are mostly zilch.

    Overall, while the game tried hard to take things to the next level, it feels unfinished. Codemasters, this game is mediocre.
  45. Jun 9, 2013
    I've enjoyed a variety of racing games from semi-realistic to arcade. Grid2 is so enamoured of "drift" driving that that's really all it has to offer. Having attempted to play with a keyboard and a controller (but not a wheel), I have to wonder if this game was playtested with any controller OTHER than a wheel. "Drift" driving is the least entertaining for me, as games of that type always seem to offer a selection of cars that cannot be driven in any other fashion, and GRID2 was no exception. Each car is eagerly awaiting the slightest opportunity to careen out of control.

    If you're over drift driving, give this one a pass.
  46. Jun 10, 2013
    GRID is my favourite racing game of this generation, foolishly pre-ordered GRID 2 and now I just feel sad. Sad, disappointed and used. Shame on you Codemasters, shame on you.
  47. Jun 2, 2013
    I have been playing it quite a bit online and offline.

    I am a little bit dissappointed, I think GRID 1 was a far superior game to this, I am usually a Sim racer but enjoy these titles every now and again and enjoyed GRID1 a lot using the controller.

    This game seems dumbed down badly, It has worse Damage modeling and physics, there seems to be a massive emphasis on drifting around
    every corner to go faster, there is always 1 AI that is miles faster ahead of anyone else and sometimes you are playing catchup for a lap or 2 because he has got a 5 second lead out of nowhere, Then once you catchup you wiull be gaining lead for no reason and always finish 5 seconds or more infront of 2nd place, I am playing on HARD, this might be changed on very hard, Im not sure. Its like Mario Kart in that sense.

    The best part is online play for sure but it needs some work, why upgrade your cars if a stock can can beat it? I have won many races with stock cars and people struggle to catchup,I could just be better but it happens far too often, I don't know what to think about that.

    The other issue I have is the constant stuttering and freezing up for no reason, I made another thread about this and no answer, I have had this problem before on other CM games and it was always related to the huge replay file that saves on my Windows Partition, When i dirlinked, It always was fixed but In this title it remains the same.

    Running on:
    i7 950'3ghz
    12gb DDR3
    SLI GTX580

    It runs well and is very easy on the hardware, My brother can run it on high with his 260.

    Overall Its a fair game but It could have been made much better, It seems rushed in some places.

  48. May 28, 2013
    Codemasters has done an excellent job into making the ultimate racing game. Eye-candy graphics, there's an actual storyline and it makes it a very personal experience. The racing is phenomenal, the drifts might take some time to master but that doesn't take away from the whole racing experience. You're going to have fun regardless. Who cares about no-in car camera no one ever used that in Grid 1. This is worth buying trust me. Expand
  49. Jun 1, 2013
    Great graphics. Everyhing else... no joy. At least not for me. It's an arcade title, and make no mistake about that. It's probably a great game for many people, but fans of sims, should probably just stay away. Besides, it has the same problems all the other Codemasters games seem to have, namely not being able to move the wheel an inch without the car spinning to oblivion. I guess I'll wait for Project CARS for the next disappointment... Expand
  50. May 29, 2013
    Don't expect a hardcore simulator nor an arcade racer. It us truly both and really shines because of this. Being a sim racing fan, I was a little concerned about the lack of in-car cam, but Codemasters did such a nice job on the rest of the game that I didn't miss it at all. The handling mechanics makes this game something truly special. It is what it's supposed to be relatively easy to get up and started, but extremely difficult to master. Game well done! The single player mode lacks a little if compared to the original Grid 1, but online multiplayer gives you thrills you surely haven't felt yet. "It's all about the race" lives up to it's hype. It is really that good! Won't give it a ten because of a few glitches here and there (stuttering in some tracks and some severe slowdowns in some races, even with a core-i7 3720M and a GTX680M), and also because of a so and so single player. Anyway, if you are an avid sim racing fan or just plainly like racing games, don't miss this one out. It is simply amazing! Expand
  51. Jun 1, 2013
    I thought this was going to be driving sim game. there is no sim in this game at all. you have no control of anything mechanical. you can change the paint on the cars that is about it. the actual driving is terrible. touch the brakes and you drift left off the gas you drift. stay on the gas you drift.

    In the end I will say it simply. I feel ripped off.
  52. May 30, 2013
    The game is exactly what it should be: a great sequel of GRID. Please ignore all the ignorant persons that bought this game thinking it was a simulator, it's pretty clear that there's something wrong with their IQ.
    Now, the game feels like a "2.0" version of the old GRID, graphics have been improved, there are way more cars to choose from and each one feels and drive differently. The AI
    in single player is fairly good, even though i think that it was a little bit better in grid 1, there's a lack of aggressiveness here, but if you play in the highest difficulty (pro) you can expect a nice challenge, and you'll have to deal with the fact that you'll not win every single race. I'm not going to talk a lot about multiplayer, because i just started it, but i've got to say that for me it's one of the best looking multiplayer experiences ever (for a racing game), and definitely the most fun.
    The lack of view is a big deal for me, but it didn't ruin the experience at all.
  53. May 31, 2013
    Grid 2 has some nice Graphics, nice Sound-effects, really good Performance (even on older systems) and very minor to no issues or Bugs in gameplay, BUT, Grid 2 isn´t Grid anymore. Why don´t the call it "Grid Driftdown" or something? Grid2 has nothing to do with realistic driving anymore because you have to drift every corner the whole race long. For sure, grid 1 was no pure racing simulation, but grid 2 has simply nothing do to with that. So if you are looking for a second Grid, you really shouldn´t buy Grid 2, you surely will be disappointed, if you´re looking for an aracde racer it could be for you, BUT games like burnout, flatout, split second etc. have way more to offer then grid 2. I have to agree with many others it´s just an arcade drifting racing thing. Expand
  54. Jun 3, 2013
    If you are a PC Gamer, stay away from this title. SO many issues with graphics, gameplay and slowdown in singleplayer and Hack central in multiplayer. There is no anticheat system in place so people are racing around at 3 and a half times the speed of light. Codemasters have taken their last cash from me. If you are not going to support a PC version 100%, DONT BOTHER with one.
  55. Jun 4, 2013
    Codemasters have been making great driving games for decades. I still remember the TOCA and Colin McCrae Rally series with great fondness, and the relatively recent Dirt 3 remains a firm favourite. For me, being neither a casual nor a sim racer, I still love tinkering with Dirt 3 suspensions, brake bias and downforces. While Codemasters have always made driving games that sim drivers like to scoff at, they had a gift in pleasing both the most casual players and those who wanted the middle ground: realistic handling without requiring a wheel and clutch (stick shift) to play.

    So I am very disappointed with Grid 2. I assumed arcade Dirt Showdown was an aberration. But I find the similarities between Showdown and Grid 2 deeply unsettling. Are Codemasters determined to market their games now to only the most casual of drivers?

    It seems so.

    You no longer have the option of turning driving assists on or off. Shamefully there are NO options to set up your car handling before each race. Nor are there even options to adjust sensitivity/deadzone etc of a Xbox 360 controller. At one point the in Grid 2 mechanic had the gall the say "I have set up the car just the way you like it"! No Codemasters, I was NOT given any option and this is absolutely NOT the way I like it.

    The handling is so simple it feels to me like all assists are permanently on. The car suspension and crash physics also seem dumbed down. Even on "realistic" damage settings it is quite possible to ricochet down a track, losing little or no time with each wall impact, and with marginal effect upon a car. It was several hours into the game before I noticed it was still possible to write a car off (with Grid 2's "realistic damage" settings and only in single player). Even then, the catastrophic damage seems quite arbitrary. High speed impacts with walls at ninety degrees generally won't do much damage in Grid 2.

    Much has been made by Codemasters of "Truefeel"; their new car handling system. I would suggest "DriftAssist" would be a more appropriate term. In theory each tier of cars are divided into handling categories of "Drift", "Balanced" and "Grip". In reality the engine rewards drifting left, right and center. Only the Grip cars felt remotely balanced to me, and even then I could still successfully compete with a "Grip" car in the dedicated drift events. That should paint a picture of the emphasis this game places on power sliding.

    Another area I feel has gone backwards since Dirt 3 is the AI drivers intelligence. AI drivers seems either showed no awareness of my car, or sought to cut it off in a collision, almost without fail. In Grid 2 I never saw an AI car give way to my driver, which was a nice occasional touch in previous Codemasters titles. Neither do the AI cars seem to hold a consistent racing line, leaving many races to feel like a demolition derby, or a bobsled demolition derby with everyone careering off the walls of the track. The recklessness of AI drivers can be so bad, to give yourself the best chance of avoiding them, you almost have to use a third person view. I wonder if it is part of a secret Codemasters conspiracy to force everyone into using behind the car views.

    Sadly the TV style replays, once a highlight of Codemasters racers, have gone backwards. Frequently there are transitions away from the action, even to static shots of the scenery where not a car is to be seen!

    In a review it would be unfair of me not mention some of the good things I saw in Grid 2. Firstly, the teen style American commentary has been toned down slightly from previous games, but still not enough I feel for a mature audience. In custom events there is now the option to race any car on any track a welcome addition that previously was only available via mods.

    Further, the Ego graphic engine in Grid 2 is handsome and wonderfully optimized for PC. Brands Hatch and the Red Bull Ring are beautifully realised. Tire smoke and dust look fantastic and the detail in the environments is impressive, so at least I can see where they have spent the system resources made available when they removed the cam. (PC users can thank the 512MB RAM of the Xbox 360 for the loss of cam.)

    Grid 2 also features a wealth of advanced Dx11 graphic options to play with, as well as doing a fine job with auto-settings and presets for those who don't want to tinker. Again it staggers and disappoints me that Codemasters cater to every audience with graphic options, both those who want no fuss before playing and those who wish to tinker to their hearts content, but when it comes to car handling everyone is forced into the one over-simplified boat This is my single biggest disappointment with Grid 2, a game that has sadly been rife with them.

    In fairness, despite my many misgivings, I know some people will enjoy Grid 2. But I can only hope Codemasters get back to where they belong, catering to both casual drivers and those, like me, who a
  56. Jun 5, 2013
    Let me start by saying this, anyone who reviewed this game lower than a five is a child, plain and simple. There is a level common decency that people lack nowadays when they take to this forum to bash their games without considering how their childish action impacts peoples lives, as is now the case when metacritic reviews impact pay for game developers and bonus's they may or may not get.

    Lets be clear, this game is not now, or never has been a Sim, so when you give the game a negative rating based on that, your wasting both your own time, and your negatively impacting other people who may not know that this game is not meant to be a sim.

    Lets look back at Grid 1, where you could get into a race where your going around a figure eight and desperately trying to avoid crashing into the other racers, was this a sim? How about the races where you have ramps and jump your car over others, while the next turn has you wrecking into your competition, was that a sim? No, the game was never a sim, so all the childish babies that are giving negative reviews are sad, infantile and sad.

    As a near forty year old gamer who understands the number system, 10 is supposed to be perfect, one is so broken and filled with bugs that it should not have been released. Five stood for average. Anything below a five was bad, but three and lower were reserved for abysmal failures. Yet here we are, people giving this fun game a 3, what a joke.

    I know what sim racing feels like, I have played every racing game since RC Pro Am. I know what arcade racing feels like, and I sure as hell know what rubber band AI is all about. Mario kart 7 is a great example of a game ruined by rubber bane AI, but not ruined into being a 3, its just not a ten. So rating this game as anything below seven or eight is flat out a simple minded, inconsiderate and truly childish attempt at skewing peoples opinions into avoiding a game that should be considered a great amount of fun for most people.

    Yes, it definitely does require you to use drifting, A Lot!, but as an arcade racer, I don't mind this and really enjoyed it because what they did was focus their tuning on the drifting and nailed it perfectly. The game is heads above most recent arcade racers, except for NFS Most Wanted. That will be the only game that I can honestly say is more fun.

    The game is challenging, there is no doubt. You are rarely going to race each event only one time. If you are a great racer, sure, its possible, but with little errors, you will usually place second, and want to try again. The events are way more fun when you have to play them using the hood view, as it gave me the sensation of playing out a movie like The Fast and the Furious. If you try to imagine that type racing, then you fully understand what your buying in this game. If you were thinking Gran Tourismo or perhaps Forza, then you are wasting your time.

    You will find a great mix of cars, both old and new. There are some classics such as the much loved Mustang, to the Charger used in the Dukes of Hazard. Of course you will find some hot hatchbacks, and older model Mercedes and BMW's, but you are also going to find newer supercars such as the Ariel Atom, a car which defies all logic by placing a small v8 into a tube frame car which has the power to weight ratio of a jet plane. lol

    The graphics are definitely nice. I have been playing the PS3 version, but just got the Steam key for the PC version. The game looks great. If you are looking for a fun arcade game, give this game a try.

    P.S. Ebay currently has a deal for 20 dollars per steam key, so at that price, if you don't buy it, your really missing out.
  57. Jun 9, 2013
    This game is Anti Racing. it's rare that you will have a good clean race with other people. The game uses flashbacks online to reset crashes back into full speed. This creates moments where a car will magical spawn and then crash into other players that are behind them. The physics suck because you can use walls and run off track and cut corners to make up more time. and if you cut a corner you can get away with it. but your car could stall out in the middle of the track for a couple seconds so if anyone was behind you they will most likely end up ramming into you from behind making you have to reset again. Another thing I hate is Drifting with 95% of the cars is the fastest way around a turn. When you drift it goes into a slight automatic drift mode where you are able to keep a faster speed around a corner easily. This makes it impossible to have lots of overtakes because everyone is sideways and carrying so much corner entry speed. The graphics are console ported with high rest textures. The effects are cool, but the multiplayer is lacking in different tracks. I'm already bored with all of the tracks some of them are nice and others are easily forgettable. Not to mention you can't see lap times or see Record leaderboards for tracks in game. Don't waste money on this game instead you could buy Project Gothem 2 or 3 they are much better arcade racers then Grid 2. Expand
  58. Jun 9, 2013
    GRID 2 is a simply game that you do not want to play. I have played Dirt 2 and Dirt 3, they were both average games, not too good, not too bad, but average. I was really excited to play GRID 2 as I heard good words about it.

    When it was finally released, first few levels were cool. Drifting with old muscle car, great graphics, great optimization, challenging AI. I really liked that
    Mustang and after it that Dodge. But then, when i have finished first WSR and past to second league, everything started to become really bad.

    AI is so stupid, but the worst part is: This is not an "Racing" game, this is more like arcade action "Drifting" game with lots of crap put into it. Every car, from Ford Mustang to Nissan GT-R is drifting in corners. And that's the only way to make a turn. Later it becomes more boring, races become longer and everything makes less sense.

    Only thing that I really like in this game is optimization. Graphics is awesome, as well is optimization of the game.

    Seriously, I don't know what market were Codemasters targeting on. This game could be fun only to little 5 10 year old children, but I think that drifting is too complex for them. HUGE disappointment from Codemasters.
  59. Jun 12, 2013
    I loved Grid, played it till my fingers bled Grid 2 No view Codemasters has made the wrong decision not adding view and to make the excuse that only 5% of players used it, online server stats, processing power can be used else where blah blah blah, PC users don't worry about this problem, We can run ARMA3 at ULTRA with a 12000m view distance. Here are some better racing games for PC users: Almost any SIMBIN game, SIMRACEWAY (which is completely free and so are all the cars, technically speaking) Netkar Pro, AssettoCorsa (Preview only- but awesome), Live For Speed, rFactor 1 or 2, BMW M3 Challenge (free), Volvo-The Game (Free), iRacing (pretty expensive)

    They have lost my money on this game and I think more than 5% of the Grid players

    Lets see how quick the next racing release is from Codemasters
  60. Jun 14, 2013
    I would have rated it higher if it weren't supposed to be the sequel to an actually good racing game. No money, no upgrading, no buying cars of your choice, no choosing what types of races to enter, it's all bad. The "liveroute" races? Awful. Take a normal race, but do it on a track that you'll have no chance to practice on, where the route changes mid race, and then take away the track map so you're racing blind. Who thought that would be fun? If, at the very least, the track-side signage gave some indication of the sharpness or angle of the upcoming turn it could have worked. The racing is so much to the arcade side it's silly. Such a departure from the first game, which had so much depth. Forget about upgrading your car with performance parts, the game doesn't even award money because you'd have no use for it. You don't choose your cars to purchase, you just race and they're given to you. No choices whatsoever. Really bummed, loved the original, it was one of the best racing games on PC, but this is just a cheap arcade-ish racer. I want to race laps around a course with competitive AI, but most of the time you're doing endurance races (just racing til time expires), knockout races (racing til time expires), and these silly overtaking events that have you passing trucks on the race course to earn points (oh and you have to come in first too). Not worth your time if you liked Grid 1 because it's completely dissimilar. Expand
  61. Jul 4, 2013
    This is not "grid". It's Need for speed parody. Great graphics but this is other game.
    Disappointment of the year for all fans of racing games and dissapointment of last few years for all "Racedriver: Grid" fans
  62. Jun 1, 2013
    All bad rewiews are from pirates, don`t even read them. Game is great! Multiplayer is fantastic! But pirates will never know this, so they are leaving hate-ratings... (Sorry for bad english)
  63. Jun 8, 2013
    Drift-obsessed arcade nonsense that is poorly ported to the pc. Game freezes or crashes to desktop. Multiplayer is awful with nothing more than collisions and ramming. To avoid this, the player must create a custom room and wait for others to join only to discover that leveling up in custom rooms is next to impossible since Codemasters (how dare they use that name!) has set XP in custom rooms to miniscule amounts. Far too many menus (typical of Codemasters) and a whole bunch time spent NOT racing. If you use a gaming wheel, you're at a huge disadvantage as the game's physics are clearly expecting the player to be flicking their thumbs across sticks and not turning a wheel. Skip this one if you care even the slightest about simulation. Expand
  64. Jul 13, 2013
    Firstly, almost all games are bought with DLCs, and GRID 2 sells DLC as well as. I just checked its Steam page out, and i saw, there are really many DLCs that is not really worth to buy! Because they sell a car for 7 dollars! What is that? When i saw DLCs i thought they included some kind of EXTRA things like new racing strips or something like that. Really DISAPPOINTING GAME for me...
  65. Jun 7, 2013
    Very nice graphics and it is only positive aspect in this game. I paid for pre-order and I was really looked forward thus my disappointment is bigger. I have played couple of hours, I did 100 online races and finally I give up. Game is not promoting good driving but pure aggression and destruction. If you care about racing line or precise driving it is a mistake. Hitting the wall with full speed is the best way or breaking, hitting others best way of overtaking.
    Driving physics is ridiculous, sliding and drifting is faster than clean driving line. Game should be named as 'Mario Grid2'...
  66. Jun 9, 2013
    Really Ok, fancy graphisms. Ok, cool sound. But Un-drivable cars, stuttering sound, cheating AI, no possibility to deactivate the driving assistance. Big disappointment. Huge disappointment when considering that this is the next episode of the Grid series....
  67. Ndi
    Jun 23, 2013
    I would forgive it anything if a car drove like that. That isn't drifting, that's strafing. Sound is poor, I can hear the engine winding down when downshifting. I hear the engine go down to 3000 RPM when the rev shows 5000.

    This game is what the imagination of a 7 year old thinks of car racing. I've watched gameplay online so I could focus on the game without being distracted. I
    recommend it. It's just a kid on the sidewalk going vrrrrrrrooooo!

    Cars don't strafe. Cars are not parallel to the road, not even racing cars, because the wight causes roll. Cars have weight distribution, they go up when accelerating, down on braking, sideways on curves. Cars have tires with temperature. Cars have inertia, and you don't see the hood moving like Counter Strike moving the weapon. In fact, that's the whole thing about driving, subtle and precise motion. Jerk the controls and you're in the river.

    Cut a zero from the speedometer and rename it Bumper cars 2.
  68. May 31, 2013
    This game may not be an arcade game, maybe not a sim either. But guess what, it's fun tries to make racing feel fast and intense the way it should. People who are saying this game is worth a zero rating are borderline retards, couldn't be more wrong about video games. Codemasters should be praised for simplifying the race driver games to make them appeal to a different audience than the Forza crowd. Way to go Codemasters, now I have a great racing game rotation between Horizon and this one! Expand
  69. Jun 2, 2013
    Found negative review whilst waiting for midnight release to be able to play and I was gutted....
    But it's certainly a good game as was the 1st grid....
    It teaches you how to drive in a clever as you race way to suit the game...
    2 days of playing it and I like it the same as grid 1
    One tip for pc gamers is to get the game running optimally for your pc as you will struggle to race
    accurately if you have bad frame rates.....
    Everybody will have different opinions on this game for sure but I love the graphics the cars and as grid 1 the thrill of ai cars crashing out and messing up and in grid 2 bigger races and I've already speeded head on into a pile up which I couldn't see because of the cool smoke well spent for hours of racing and I personally don't care about the drifting the lack of engine tweaking the no view or the menus Not a racing sim but defo a racing game
  70. Jun 17, 2013
    No View in Grid 2??!! Are you completely nuts codemasters?? What the??? Can't believe this... waited so many years for the sequel to GRID which in my mind was simply the best racing game ever! And Why was it the best racing game ever?...well because it had realistic in car view which made the game streets ahead of any other arcade racing game. Most new racing games have followed GRIDs example and implemented incar views because of how great it was..

    And what have you done Codemasters...? I tell you what you have done... You have ruined it... completely

    I shall not be buying this for PC now.
  71. Jun 25, 2013
    Fantastic graphics that's all that's good about the game.
    The worst thing about this game is the A.I they are absolute bell ends when going around corners they P.I.T me every time it's so annoying and when you hit them they stay on track without budging. This always seems to happen right at the of races so that you can lose.
    I absolutely hate games like this unless they sort it out I
    won't be playing it again. Expand
  72. Jul 15, 2013
    If you have Grid 1, do not spend any money on this piece of There is nothing new in this game, but everything fun has been taken away. If you do not have Grid 1 and try to play some CM racing game, you have a better change on F1, Dirt 1,2 and Grid 1 compare to this.

    I am not sure how much they paid the game critics to reviews it to make it 8.0, those so called "critics", I think, never
    played any decent game on PC before~~~~ Maybe they only play console for their entire life and think it looks nice and that is good enough..........

    The thing I hate the most is that they even try to find excuses to not include the view. How the hell they can claim that we are not able to run it if they include the CPV?!!!! It is a PC release on steam, we have real computers that has real graphic card in it!! How do you call it unable to run??!! I have tri-monitor with 1080P each. I set the game level to ultra for everything. I even put my video card TDP limited to 78%. I can still get 120 FPS out of it. How the you can not even fit a in car camera in this game since most of people only play it at 60 FPS with one screen!!!!!!!

    Just because you saved all the money to buy off critics on Metacritic does not make your game good!!!! This game just turn your biggest fan into biggest hater. Hope you are happy with my money CM cause this is the last penny you will see in my pocket.
  73. Aug 31, 2013
    This isn't like the original GRID at all. The graphics have not at all improved since the original, and no special effort seems to have been made in improving the graphics on PC. Buildings are blocky, textures aren't high-res and there is too much texture repetition. Perhaps the game has been limited by the static console platforms, but as a PC user it's disappointing to see that little has changed. In actual fact, it seems like a step-down when you consider that the view was removed from the game. The new handling system seems even more arcadey, which is another disappointment as this is what differentiated GRID from other arcade racing games. The actual racing experience is incredibly boring. There doesn't seem to be any background music during racing and the menu music is incredibly dull. It does nothing to excite the user, leading to a very boring experience. The driver AI is also very robotic, and pales in comparison to the AI seen in other games, like the Need for Speed SHIFT series.
    They've also introduced this ridiculous concept whereby winning events will garner 'fans' and likes on social media sites. I really don't want to see some made-up YouTube comments written in txtspeak. Boring. The in-game menu system is also boring, and is too similar to other Codemasters games. The whole game just reeks of staleness, there is nothing fresh here, just tired concepts re-done. About the only thing I think has improved in this game is the lighting system, but it seems that in order to do that other aspects of the game suffered (such as the lack of a view). Even the track locations are stale many of the cities have been done before in other racing games, and again the amount of tracks is minuscule compared to the likes of NFS Shift. All in all, the game is turning out to be a big disappointment and will make a regrettable purchase. In fairness, I'm basing this on around 1-2 hours of gameplay, but I struggle to see how things will get better. Perhaps things will get better, but it will be a chore to get there.
  74. Jul 19, 2013
    Quite possibly the worst racing game ever made. Based on reviews I was expecting somewhat arcadey physics, but this takes it to a whole new level and makes "Need for Speed" feel like a professional F1 simulator.

    You pretty much just plant your foot on the accelerator and vaguely steer. Come in to a corner to quick? No problem! Your car can pull up from 200mph in about 30 meters. But who
    needs to brake anyway just drift your way around ithe corner. Failed that? You'll just bounce off the railing and keep going.

    *** you can win this game by simply planting your foot on the accelerator and not touching the steering wheel ***

    There's no redeeming qualities. No upgrade path you're simply a car and a track and told to go by an annoying voiceover.

    Don't make the same mistake I did avoid this game. There's no fun to be had.

    This is a low point for racing games, and a perfect example of what's wrong with the Genre today.
  75. Jul 2, 2013
    Após 2 Semanas jogando o Grid 2 fiquei com saudade do Grid 1. Jogabilidade foi piorada tornando os carros muito, mas digo muito mesmo, mais faceis de serem dirigidos. Graficamente o jogo bonito e relativamente leve. Multiplayer, sempre destaque da Codemasters, pois apresenta uma latencia (PING) baixo, frente a maioria dos adversarios. Algo terrivel do multiplayer, que torna o jogo extremamente desanimador a maioria dos adversarios, jogam sujo, batendo propositalmente e praticamente nao existe regras para punição, transformando o jogo num Carrinho de Bate-bate. Se voce fan de Simulação de Corridas, Fique Longe! Será extremamente decepcionante! Eu desinstalei!! Expand
  76. Aug 24, 2013
    With the expectation Grid 2 would give an even better experience than the first Grid, I was totally disappointed. The aspects that made Grid 1 the great game it is were taken out of Grid 2. Handling is now overly focussed on drifting, damage model is taken out, overview of which races are to come is taken out. For me this has been a mistake in buying this game. After Grid 1 I was excited having read some great reviews on Grid 2, but after playing I must say it's gives a bad taste in my mouth. If you have played Grid 1 don't play Grid 2. If you haven't played Grid 1 buy Grid 1 instead of Grid 2 and save yourself some money. Expand
  77. Feb 17, 2014
    When I played the demo for the first game, I knew I was buying that game. Since then I dumped over 100 hours into it. Grid2 is completely and utterly boring. I put about 3 hours into the game and I immediately uninstalled. The AI wasn't challenging, you no longer buy cars, the main menu takes atrociously long to load (and it reloads after every race). The game just became linear. Graphics are still good, but even those fell short of my expectations because they're identical to the graphics in the first game.

    Finally, I spent a lot of money on pre-ordering this game and that didn't get me access to all of the cars (sectioned out into various expensive DLC). Code masters has become EA.
  78. Jun 10, 2013
    I've been playing Codemaster's racing games since the first TOCA games and each iteration is generally better than the last, where things are starting to get a little unstuck is the push towards DLC and workman-like ports to PC that don't fully use the resources available hardly. It's not hard to find problems in the newest game GRID2 :- WHAT WRONG: 1. Low end textures, even ultra settings use less than 1gb video ram! that just shouts low end port.

    2. Day zero DLC and likely more overpriced DLC down the line... a feature PC shouldn't be charged for as we don't have a used market for our games unlike consoles.

    3. Bugs galore such as crashing to desktop, framerate issues, controller lockups etc.

    4. No view, although modders have strived to fix that already.

    5. Lacking many famous tracks that previous titles all had.

    6. Weak dreary soundtrack that quickly gets turned off.

    BUT.... here's the thing... even with that taking all that into consideration, it's still one hell of a good online racing game, and here's why.

    1. Shedloads of cars to buy and upgrade (notice many whingers say that it doesn't have it must have pirate copies since they all failed to mention that you CAN modify and customise cars in the multiplayer half of the game).

    2. Handling of the cars IS arcadey... but so was GRID1, anyone that says GRID1 was a sim racing is talking utter it never was close to being one and still isn't now. Even the older TOCA games were not really sim racing level, have a look at games due later in the year like project CARS or i-racing etc if you want sim racing you utter morons.

    3. Having no view is annoying maybe but who really gave a crap using it anyway? looked good on replays but even on sim racing games I play, I find having virtual wheels in front of my real wheel looks stupid, not to mention the field of view is always set for some short arse hobbit, I'm quite tall and in a real car I don't see the bloody wheel in front of my nose EVER!

    4. There are plenty of racing modes to offset the lack of tracks, many are new to the series.

    5. Want stock cars? go play Dirt Showdown.

    Overall I'm giving this a solid 80% because the game is great online, pirates moaning about lacking single player probably missing the point entirely... thats a training mode for multiplayer.
  79. Jul 16, 2013
    There is some fun to be had with this casual arcade drifting racer but if you expect serious racing then you should stay away from it. Even as an arcade game this is less interesting than say, Shift 2 Unleashed.
  80. May 31, 2013
    I can live with the graphics: It's pretty if you like excessive bloom and lense flares.
    I can live with the new menu: if you have a life online with twitter, youtube and facebook.
    I can live with the story: if you're into taking all this stuff very seriously.

    What I can't live with is the fact that as soon as you turn your car around and drive against the flow, your "opponents" are
    not even there. They don't exist. They are just dots on your radar. You are not racing against anyone. It's really sad. But what's even sadder is that your manager tries to keep on telling you that the "race" is happening the other way around the track.

    It totally breaks any immersion I would have had otherwise. And it immediately explains why Codemasters have opted to drop any "rear-view" camera or other tool to let you know where you are in the field of racers. And that's just plain lazy.

    Any racing game that does not simulate the 11 other cars you are supposed to race against and opts for simply cheating by throwing "an ace driver" at you just before the last turn in the race, is not worth it's salt. Dirt Showdown cheated. Infuriatingly so. And Grid 2 cheats much in the same way.

    Think long and hard about spending your dollars on this one.
  81. Jun 2, 2013
    When I got to know, there won't be view, I was very very disappointed already. However, the trailers, gameplays made me interested in the game again. I bought it and what I got is a weird, mixed experience, that sometimes I can enjoy it, and sometimes it makes me said if I think about my expectations and the first GRID.

    The graphics are pretty good in this game. Cars are highly
    detailed, the tracks are beautiful, Everything looks alright! There are some really nice existing circuits perfectly presentated. Yas Marina circuit is beautiful, it has the nice, color changing building, the background has fireworks, it feels it "lives". It is true to the other tracks too. Nicely animated crowd, airplanes in the background. Sun also looks realistic, also you can see some dust patches on the camera. So the environment, the effects are cool. As I wrote, cars are nice too, but the damage model is far from what we got from GRID. It's just not good enough. Very disappointing.

    Sounds are good, but not excellent. They're better than average. All the cars have nice sound. Can't tell more about, it's right in overall.

    Handling and AI... oh god... Handling is SO arcade-ish... It is so simple compared to GRID. Basically, you can't turn in a corner without burning your tyre. You drift all the time, doesn't matter, what car do you drive. Sometimes, you are drifting even with an Indycar... meh... Also, driving assists are gone!
    Also, what GRID also had, this game doesn't have: view! So disappointing. The "hood" camera is somewhat OK, but that's the only really usable camera in the game. For me, external views were unforgivable. Not useful at all.

    The AI is not that bad, but interesting, the leader always builds up a higher gap to the others. There are patterns that you can see about the AI. It's not right, but can be challenging.

    The career mode is OK, simple, but fun. There are wide variety of game modes (also playable in custom event mode which the typical single player mode). You can unlock new cars. Basically... it's so basic, but fun.

    Well, in overall it's a huge disappointment. Good physics: gone. Great damage model: gone. view: gone. that little fun for simulator fans: GONE! Codemasters, what were you thinking?!

    I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. It's not good enough. It can be enjoyable, but the game mechanics are so simple compared to GRID. It's just an average racing game. Sorry to say that. There are good points that makes the game somewhat playable and enjoyable, but it doesn't deserve more than a 6 of 10.
  82. Jun 20, 2013
    GRID 2 has a new concept that is uninteresting and not at any point of the game are you interested in this Racing League you're participating in. Unlike the original GRID you have no Team, no co-driver/partner, no goal and no season ending marathon race i.e. the 24-hour Le Mans, which was one of the most intense experiences I've ever had in a racing game. The original GRID somehow managed to create a personality for all the faceless drivers and teams, BECAUSE they were real drivers and real teams. The guy who guided you is annoying and juvenile, compared to the man in the original game, who was not only helpful, but positive and encouraging. As you can tell, the original Racedriver: GRID is much better than it's sequel, which is a half-assed attempt to please fans for never making a proper expansion of their 2008 racing game icon. The many flaws in GRID 2 and lack of goal, excitement and overall personality and attachment disappointed me immensely. Not worth the 60 bucks I payed for it. To this day, the first game is still my all time favorite racing game, GRID 2 is mediocre at best and lacks so many features that made the first game so immersive, that it actually feels older. Expand
  83. Oct 31, 2013
    Most of the things good about Grid 2 are gone, you don't earn money, sponsors etc doesn't have the ''Racing Team'' feel to it, just a game where you race cars. Rather play the newer NFS titles than this.
  84. May 31, 2013
    The best driving game I've ever played. Amazing controls, beautiful interface (one of the best I've seen in ANY game), extremely fun and intuitive drifting. Overall, an extremely great game.
  85. Jul 24, 2013
    I just cant handle the car. It drift all the time!
    Is more easy to play with a joystick then play with a steering wheel.

    The graphics are great, the scenarios looks good but is very hard to control the car.
  86. Jun 4, 2013
    I cant believe how many dislikes this game gets right here. I didnt play the first GRID but of course, a lot of other Racing Games. I will put this Simple: Great Graphics, Great Controls, Great Tracks and a very intensive feel for the Race and the Car. I never felt so much in a Car like in this Game. Sure its not perfect, but it may be will be.
  87. Jul 29, 2013
    One of the worst games Codemasters has ever released. It really lacks imagination. Cars and races are dull and utterly simple. This game is no match for the Dirt franchise.
  88. Aug 31, 2013
    i dont understand how codemaster made this game without the inside camera, it´s an unreal game, a child game. I thought it would be like grid1 which I like a lot but codemaster seems to have forgotten the most important aspect about racing games nowadays, without that feature the game becomes arcade and boring. It is a shame that codemaster instead of making better job they are making just garbage just to make kids happy. Grid 2 is a total No view. therefore it sucks. Expand
  89. Mar 14, 2014
    Worst racing game I bought in a long time. They took everything that was good in grid and put the opposite of that in this game.

    You can take corners full speed, the driving is to arcade it looks like the piece of sh*t EA is putting out year after year with NFS.

    Yet another franchise butchered thanks codebasterds.
  90. Jul 17, 2013
    It's certainly more arcade-y than its predecessor, but if you can get past that it's a solid game. Graphics are good, racing's decent fun, controls are solid, decent presentation, etc. Only real disappointment I have with it is the removal of Le Mans Series style racing (including Le Mans itself).

    I'd say pick it up if you don't mind the physics change.
  91. Mar 9, 2014
    A disgrace for the grid franchise and Codemaster name, it's the worst game you released in the last 10 years, what happened to the great driving model in grid 1? you chose a drift 2 win model ,and it isn't as great as other drift 2 win games, the car lineup is great, graphics are great, so are the sounds but the gameplay is a miss, so i can't even give it a 5, an abysmall release from once my favourite publisher. Expand
  92. Jun 4, 2013
    I think that a user score of 5.3 is much too low for this game.

    The game doesn't try to be a simulator, many people don't get this. Yes, compared to grid 1 the game is less realistic...some people already pointed it out. It's the drifting that concerns me and many others. Drifting around corners is in most cases the way to go, and in my opinion that's rather a bad thing. In real races
    you don't see any drifts, unless it's a drift contest.
    The rest of the handling however isn't that bad at all, and despite some guys claiming otherwise, each car has its own feeling. Sure, there are similar cars that will handle similar, like in real life too, but not a single carhandles the same. Also, you can't turn the assists on/off. The assist that prevents you from losing control by accelerating is always on. The AI is actually good. It's not predictable, they make errors and setting the difficulty appropriately affects the challenge of the game. To me, no headcam isn't really a throwback, since I used it rarely in grid 1.

    But to be honest, the cars, tracks and the damage model look great, although the damage indicator is missing. Really, there was no reason to cut it, it's still there and you'll notice it or your partner will tell you. All in all, it's actually a mixture of arcade and realism, though rather a arcade.

    Still, if you like arcade racing games, be sure to check this game out! Whether it's the single or multiplayer, this game will deliver you fun and a arcadey racing experience. Since there are things that could've been done better, but at the same time I like the fun and challenge in this game, I'll give it a 8.
  93. May 31, 2013
    Grid 2 Arcade Racer.

    If you want real simulation racing either take up iracing and their outdated software and silly price structure or wait for something else. Grid 2 is not terrible but it's geared towards the Arcade crowd, and not towards serious racers.
  94. Jun 5, 2013
    Grid 2 looks fantastic. The cars look pixel perfect, the tracks are stunning and the lighting is gorgeous.
    Unlike a lot of racing game's you can really tell the difference between the difficulty settings.
    I like racing games but I'm no expert racer. On medium setting every race is winnable first time round but with a bit of a challenge, hard is quite a big step up and makes for a
    challenging game without being so annoying you have to restart every event 20 times and extra hard is very challenging.

    The game's handling is a bit on the drift racing side, but that makes it a different experience from the first GRID, if it had the same handling we'd all be complaining that it's the same game but with better graphics! There's no point making the same game over and over.

    The damage system I feel works really well on a visual level and it's ok how it effects the car's performance but it could be more punishing.

    There's a great selection of cars and tracks and the variety is great. A lot of racing game's have the same old car's and there's some fairly unusual choices in GRID 2.

    The multiplayer is fun and more challenging than the single player campaign and it's nice that it's completely seperate ie you have to unlock all the cars separately in single player and multiplayer and they use different systems to do so. There is a problem with pile ups on the first corner, but if you back off and keep your racing clean for a few races then you'll soon be grouped with much cleaner drivers thanks to the great matchmaking system.

    I used to be a massive need for speed fan, but now can't stand them, they are far too arcade and offer no challenge whatsoever and shift 2 was just unplayable on the pc.
    GRID 1 is more challenging and more original but GRID 2 is possible more "fun".
    In my opinion GRID 1 is probably the better of the two games considering when it was released but this isn't far behind and is a completely different beast.

    The amount of content in GRID 2, the excellent multiplayer and the new liveroutes system should keep players interested for quite some time and at around £22 on steam this is a bargain when compared to some games.
  95. Jun 6, 2013
    How important are french fries?
    There are experiences we can have that, while not nourishing to every atom of our being, are still enjoyable for what they are. Having said that, there are good fries and bad fries. Grid 2 is like an order of very good french fries. Grid 2 has weaknesses, and it panders to god knows who.. generation 'next' or whatever they are called these days. But
    personally I do not use Grid 2 as the role playing game it was designed to be. Neither do I judge a game on its AI. Having the courage to get in a car of my choosing and drive some tracks of my choosing, I evaluate Grid 2 on the personal driving experience(s) I can have with it.
    I am not a fan of silly arcade racers. Neither do I enjoy mining my tire pressures in increments of half a pound for a thousandth of a second or needing to understand the intricacies of toe in, camber, caster, etc. etc. There are those that do. Grid 2 is not a simulation. Everyone knows this. Grid 2 may or may not be a silly arcade racer depending on the use its put to. Its possible to use the game, rather than it using you, and in that sense it is an enjoyable and very pleasing to look at and listen to racing game.
    If you could remove the mammoth drama of those who are hurt by Grid 2 not being more like Grid 1 (something possible only as a concept) and just enjoy Grid 2 for what it can do, well, we would have a much more boring review section, that's for sure. Some of the negative reviews are quite cleverly written. Some are bitter to an astounding degree. Oh well. That's show business
  96. Jul 17, 2013
    Driving physics are excellent as are the graphics. A racing game which provides a real sensation of speed and car handling. The 'campaign' mode offers several different race types and challenges and keeps things varied. In the longer term, after the campaign is completed it is still a game I'd return to for the odd high speed bash.

    A strong 7/10, pleased I bought it.
  97. Jul 26, 2013
    -this review is only about competitive multiplayer-

    I bought this game because GRiD 1 was fun online. This is garbage. Firstly, cars are separated by level but matchmaking isn't. Enjoy trying to keep your junk starter car on the road while everyone else has overpowered endgame cars.

    I get it, the cars are supposed to be balanced. LOL. Here's the secret: tier 1 Golf/Giulietta, tier 2
    Nismo Skyline (being a realistic racing sim, the Skyline handles exactly like the one in Need for Speed Underground), tier 3 Atom or Caterham, tier 4 Veyron, other cars aren't viable 90% of the time. All of them except the first two are of course all the way at the end of their class and reserved for level 10-20-30 players. But it's okay, you can BUY THE UNLOCK DLC if you want to be competitive. This is literally paying to win.

    This is supposed to be a sim game, or at least a racing game. You know, a game about driving properly. I won't get into the complaints about drifting, even though every single one of them is true. Casual drifting can be fun, unless of course you were expecting a realistic racing sim.

    The problem is drifting AND the horrible (fake) track design. Literally every single track is a series of long narrow straights connected by hairpins. They did include a few licensed circuits, carefully cherrypicked to follow this exact template. Why? Because you can drift more easily that way! Duh! Unfortunately it is also impossible to overtake people legitimately unless they crash because the roads are too narrow to accomodate two drifting cars and there is no such thing as braking points, only handbrake taps. The higher level your account, the further towards the back you start, meaning past a certain point you cannot possibly win races without playing rough (unless you're a level 2 newbie who spent €5 on the Veyron and get rewarded by starting in pole position).

    At first some people regretted the lack of GRiD 1's demolition derby. Let's just say every online race is demolition derby whether you want to or not. Even if you don't play rough, someone else will, or a noob will crash in front of you and take you out in the process. There's an "impact rating" system which supposedly penalises dirty drivers. In reality, everyone knows by now how to hit people in such a way that the victim gets the penalty instead. Driving properly only to get blatantly (or even accidentally) plowed off the road and take a time penalty for corner cutting and a hit to your impact rating is so enjoyable. How to win touge events: get a fast accelerating car, get ahead before the first corner, then mash the brakes and intentionally crash into your opponent at the corner, he gets DQ'd for rough driving because you braked and he didn't. That's it.

    To further demonstrate CM's priorities, there is no text chat on PC (console port), instead everyone's mic is always on and you can only mute them between races; however there are detailed leaderboards... for your friends list only. Because social gaming and Facebook YO DUUUUDE.

    What a waste. Thanks, Ken Block.
  98. Nov 30, 2013
    Looks pretty, that is about it. The game at the start is real easy, but steps over challenging to frustrating. It ramps up the fake difficulty to insane heights, because they can't be bothered to actually work on the AI.

    You always start at the back of the pack. ALWAYS. The AI will rubber band up to you and lick your bumper to the finish if you get in front. The AI is more concerned
    with blocking you then beating the guy ahead of them. If you don't get into first quickly, it is impossible, just restart the race and try again, and again, and again... Expand
  99. Dec 3, 2013
    i love the original..
    but I would not of got this if I knew that it didn't have a in car view!
    Especially for widescreen gaming with Nvidia surround
    such a shame but not everyone has multi monitor setups to use the in car view I guess :(
    Also what's with all the over the top smoke when you go around corners too, this is not a serious driving game it's more of a silly arcade game more
    for a bit of a laugh with silly over the top crashing into other cars to win, not really for the serious racers. Expand
  100. Dec 30, 2013
    No camera. Developer claims it is due to some usage data. This simply means they underestimate the intelligence of the average target audience member. This made me realize they are catering for people who care little about the detail and just want to "Driftzzzz" around "trackzzz". For currency you gain fans (or iz it "fanzz"?)

    Sorry Codemasters, this title does not cut it. You are
    clearly going after a different demographic. Hey, it is your IP, your project and you can do with it as you see fit. I will miss you and always remember the good days with TOCA and even Grid 1. After reading that stupid reasons for not including camera, I realized they honestly believe all buyers are totally stupid.

    So long Codemasters, take your reasons for dumbed down game, and your 50 obviously fake reviews somewhere else. TOCA will make me remember you fondly though, thanks for that and shame on you for Grid 2.
  101. Ndi
    Jun 23, 2013
    I would forgive it anything if a car drove like that. That isn't drifting, that's strafing. Sound is poor, I can hear the engine winding down when downshifting. I hear the engine go down to 3000 RPM when the rev shows 5000.

    This game is what the imagination of a 7 year old thinks of car racing. I've watched gameplay online so I could focus on the game without being distracted. I
    recommend it. It's just a kid on the sidewalk going vrrrrrrrooooo!

    Cars don't strafe. Cars are not parallel to the road, not even racing cars, because the wight causes roll. Cars have weight distribution, they go up when accelerating, down on braking, sideways on curves. Cars have tires with temperature. Cars have inertia, and you don't see the hood moving like Counter Strike moving the weapon. In fact, that's the whole thing about driving, subtle and precise motion. Jerk the controls and you're in the river.

    Cut a zero from the speedometer and rename it Bumper cars 2.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Jul 8, 2013
    Grid 2 is an accomplished and visually strong racer let down only by a bafflingly lame Career mode narrative.
  2. Jul 2, 2013
    Every situation in GRID 2 feels the same, and there is a reason. Having collected more than 50 cars in my virtual garage, I can’t point out my favorite ones – they all behave the same way, without any distinctive quirks of ‘character’. And locations that repeat ad nauseum only make this feeling worse.
  3. Jun 18, 2013
    GRID 2 is an action-packed and intense experience, where the cars behave like in a Hollywood movie. It is an entertaining arcade racer, but there are a few flaws. The AI is weak, the number of tracks should be higher and the game is too simplified in a few areas.