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  • Summary: Inspired by classic games like TV Sports Football, Front Page Sports Football, and Fairway Solitaire, Gridiron Solitaire combines football strategy with a solitaire-style card game for a new sports game experience. Lead your team to the Gridiron Bowl Championship.
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  1. Jan 25, 2014
    Great card strategy game with an American football theme attached. Very addicting as you attempt to improve with each game. Results are realistic from a score and stat standpoint. Games can be completed in about 15 minutes and season stats are tracked to monitor your progress. Developer is very engaged in the forums and willing to listen to input. Well done! Collapse
  2. Jan 25, 2014
    As someone already stated, this is truly a hidden gem of a game.

    The depth of it is surprising for a solitaire game.

    The basic idea of
    this game is to match cards to gain yards on offense and also match cards to prevent yards on defense.

    Each game lasts around 15-20 minutes.

    There are plenty of stats for us stat freaks.

    You can play up to 30 seasons, including playoffs and a championship game.

    There is an offseason where you can try to improve your team.

    The sim engine in this game is nothing short of amazing. I edited all of the team ratings(very easily done by editing a text file), colors and names and simmed a full season. I was amazed at how well the final stats came out. Denver leading the league in passing, Seattle leading the league in defense, Philly leading the league in rushing, etc.

    Amazingly deep game for just $10.

    The dev for this game is also heavily involved in the community on Steam and there are already plans for an expansion!
  3. Jan 25, 2014
    Who would have thought solitaire and football would go together so well.

    Very deep and as others have said, Bill the developer is quite
    involved with the players on the forums at Steam. Expand
  4. Jan 21, 2014
    What a hidden gem. Single player solitaire with the theme of big time football. I love it! I had no idea that solitaire could be so compelling...trying to stop the AI from scoring a touchdown in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter was heart-stopping. Highly, highly recommended!

    I put it right up there with Fairway Solitaire, but with the football theme it is even more compelling for this sports fan!
  5. Jan 22, 2014
    Surprisingly strategic, deep, and engaging for a solitaire game. Much more a football game with a card-play mechanic. Wonderful risk/reward with the potentially drive extending (or ending!) big play button. Haven't had this many shout out loud, fist-pumping moments in a game in ages. So many great moments of tension throughout each game and a full post-season team building franchise mode to boot.

    Summed up well by the ending of a recent game:

    6 minutes to go, down 18-21, CPU driving and on 3rd down I blaze through my last 6 big play presses to keep them out of FG range and force a punt. I'm not going to need those anymore since it's a 1-possession game at this point, right?

    Ball on my own 35... All I have to do is get within FG range myself and at worst it's a tie, and maybe I'll even get a TD out of it. 1st down, no matches. With all the restraint I can muster, I don't hit the big play button because I'm the Maine Lobsters, and I suck at pretty much everything. End play, 2nd down, 1 match then dead. Uh oh. That's okay, 4-down territory here at the end of the game, so I bravely end play again. 3rd down, good run, 4 yards to go, good tableau, let's risk a big play press... Fumble. $&@#. Turnover of course. CPU merrily marches down the field without a damn thing I can do about it.

    Perhaps I should have let the potential field goal go and saved a few big play presses? Perhaps I'm just the Maine Lobsters and it's my destiny to lose for most of the near future while we angle for good draft picks? Whatever. Next game. On any given Sunday, right? :-)