• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Sep 11, 2012
    As a Guild Wars fan, it truly breaks my heart to be forced to give such an amazing MMO's sequel such a poor overall score, but Guild Wars 2 might have well been made by a completely different developer as it totally missed the mark on what made its predecessor a great game.

    While Guild Wars 2 brags about its "player unique stories" (or however they phrased it), the plot totally misses
    the mark cinematically and writing wise. In Guild Wars, the story was paced quite well with only one or two minor side quests that needed completing before you got to the next mission area. Missions also contained bonus side quests that if completed could bring in oodles of xp, which is always a good thing. Unfortunately, Guild Wars 2 breaks one of writings biggest no-nos in that it butchers the pacing of the story with so much filler (grinding) that by the time you level up the three or four required levels to do the next mission, the momentum of the story has already been lost. At the same time, the story fails to deliver a memorable villain in the likes of Shiro Tagachi or Varesh Ossa. With my character at level 30 and well into the "story", I have yet to come across a villain I either cared about or thought of as memorable. At the same time, the horrible cinematics pale in comparison to their Guild Wars predecessors, going from an actual cutscene to nothing but "talking heads".

    Then you have the lack of instancing and henchmen/heros. Two of the best things that ever happened to an MMO. Gone now are the days that you can enjoy the world and the story in solitude without having to worry about fifty other people doing the same quest. Henchmen/Heroes were also an awesome part of Guild Wars, albeit slightly flawed intellectually. As one who was looking forward to improved AI and a removal of gold/item stealing, I was greatly dismayed when they announced their horrific new "Dynamic Level Adjustment", one of the worst features of an MMO since pay to win stores and player driven economies (I'm looking at you Final Fantasy).

    Another huge caveat is the lack of questing. Sure this game has "events" and "group quests" that will appear at "random" around the different zones, but with so few per area, and with them and story missions offering little xp, not only will you find yourself stuck in the same area till you are ready to blow your brains out, but that you'll be grinding the same quests over and over and OVER before you can enjoy the actual point of Guild Wars, the story.

    Finally we get to the terrible skill system and lack of armor. If Guild Wars suffered from anything, it was a massive lack in armor variants. Guild Wars 2 compounds this by having even fewer armors. And while Guild Wars offered the great benefits of dual classing and more skills than one could possibly fathom, Guild Wars 2's system is like the difference between pre and post searing Ascalon. There's no comparison.

    In the end, Guild Wars 2's biggest flaw was to sell out on everything that made it great trying to cater to 'main stream MMOers' and in doing so, completely failed to hit the target in almost every way.

    End Score 1/10

    +1 Graphics

    -3 points for lack of instancing
    -2 points for removal of henchmen/heroes
    -2 points for dynamic level adjustment
    -2 point for lack of normal quests and poor story implementation
    -1 for story missions not being repeatable, lack of armor variants
  2. Sep 20, 2012
    I am thoroughly enjoying GW2. I can jump in and play for an hour or so, or I can play for 6, it's all easy and fun. I never feel the grind, and the world is stunning. Overall, it's just a really good game.
  3. Sep 21, 2012
    Must have!!!! Change my view of MMO's
    Must have!!!! Change my view of MMO's
    Must have!!!! Change my view of MMO's
    Must have!!!! Change my view of MMO's
  4. Sep 24, 2012
    I only bought this game for the PvP which was advertised as the most balanced without forcing classes into certain play styles. However as it turns out the balancing is actually worse than in any other MMO I played before. Also the PvP content with 2 decent, 1 meh and 1 terrible map which all are of the same 'conquer and hold points' type gets boring very fast. There is not even a function which allows player to duel.

    The game was released in a premature state and suggestions as well as critic are answered by the devs with silence mostly and if one of them actually decides to answer it is some snooty l2p comment.

    Most disappointing game of the year with false adverisement that border on customer fraud.
  5. Sep 26, 2012
    GW2 is loose MMO RPG and it is likely that you will get tired of it at some point.

    GW2 fails to deliver a good story - in both content and form

    No flight paths. Just teleporting.what a disappointment.
  6. Oct 3, 2012
    Fantastic game. If you sick and tired of boring copied wow clones then this game is for you. Excellent graphics, gameplay and best of all its B2P. This game is definitely gonna give **** Mop a run for its money.
  7. Oct 2, 2012
    This is as good as any MMO has ever been. If you're still playing WoW and the Mists of Panderia daily grind, it's because you underestimated and/or misjudged GW2. This is the game to be playing, and any fan of WoW, Rift, or DAoC owes it to themselves to call GW2 their home for the foreseeable future. This is not another incremental evolution, this is an MMO revolution.

    The only thing
    you might miss are instanced raids at end-game. End-game now consists of open-world raids, 3-faction world vs. world PvP, character appearance and gear customization via dyes and dungeon systems, and legendary weapon grinds. In addition, there are still tons of places to explore, quests and events to complete, secret treasure chests to find, jumping puzzles to solve, scenario PvP, and plenty more surprises.

    The game might feel a lot like WoW at first, but that just means you're playing it wrong -- seriously. Don't worry, much like anything new, you will begin to understand it with time and effort invested.

    Ultimately, GW2 is a wholly unique experience that captures some of the magic that your favorite MMO used to have. Guild Wars 2 is as good as the genre has ever been.
  8. Oct 2, 2012
    The game is brilliant. Contains action,exploring,pvp and group events. The idea of World Events is just great. The leveling is fun and its not boring and monotonic. There are various types of quests.From gathering through killing escorting and ending on defending certain points. The mechanics of the game are great.Combo mechanism really kicks the fun up. The trading system is awesome because you can trade while questing and doin your stuff. You dont have to run to Auction house or something. You just trade as you go and then pick your money or stuff at Trade Post. Pvp is also big part of the game and is ballanced. Additionally building siege weapons and team playing really makes the pvp hot. This game is not just for solo play. Bigger fun is when you co-operate with other ppl,make events together and work in guilds.
    Awesome game
  9. Oct 3, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is a fun game. The no subscription fee method allows players to play the game at their own pace. That's another plus. Wouldn't be surprised if Guild Wars 2 won the 2012 Best PC Game Award.
  10. Oct 5, 2012
    Apart from a few niggly details mentioned by many others before me and none of which are showstoppers, the game is almost perfect. The combat system is actually quite a bit deeper than the amount of abilities, and some of the game's detractors suggest due to the dynamic weapon set swapping. As a thief sporting a sword/pistol and pistol/pistol I can shadowstep to my target, apply a venom and a high damage pistol whip attack, shadowstep back to my starting location, swap to dual pistols and strafe around the target to finish it off at range. The possible variations coupled with actively dodging incoming attacks are more than enough to keep things interesting.

    The dynamic events system is fun too although the numbers of people joining in can make things seem a bit 'zergy'. The 'heart' quests aren't that much different from MMO quests you've seen before with the main difference being that you usually get a selection of activities to do in order to complete the quest of which you can do any combination you like. I haven't yet made it in to my first instanced dungeon yet but I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out with no dedicated tank or healer classes.

    PVP and WvWvW is a hoot! Especially if you are running with a group of friends in WvWvW. No gear grinding in order to be competitive in the Battlegrounds either, everyone is given the same quality gear so it's down to individual skill and even more so team play and tactics.

    Visually and aesthetically the game is unmatched in this genre. It just looks fantastic and the soundtrack is suitably epic, written by Jeremy Soule of Elder Scrolls fame.

    There is so much more I could discuss about other aspects of the game such as crafting, personal story line quests, character customisation options etc. etc. but in all honesty I don't want to spend any more time writing about the game when I could be playing it.

    Cya ;)
  11. Oct 5, 2012
    I´ve been checking the bad reviews of the game, and mainly i read complaints of people who let themselves be fooled by all the hype around it. Just to be clear for the persons that are looking for some guidance about buying the game or not: it is a MMORPG, plain and simple, not that different from many others out there. But its the kind of game that can be released after many other games had done thousands of mistakes the guild wars developers learned from. I´m comming from playing mainly WOW (which i stop playing, i mean pandas?, give me a break!), and I´m enjoying guild wars 2 a lot. I really appreciate not having to talk to npcs for getting/delivering quests, the huge world to explore, the lack of armor grinding, and the feature that has to be a must for any other future MMORPGs: the scaling system. The fact that you dont have to explore the world in a linear way based on your character level is priceless. You get to enjoy the challenge of a 1-10 area even if you are a level 40 or whatever. The same about the fact that if i want to pvp, i don´t have to level my character, then grind countless hours for pvp armor in order to get to endgame pvp. You may now create a character just to pvp, you dont have to level it, just create, get to the pvp zone, and go kill people. If you are looking for a completely different experience from other MMORPGs: DONT LOOK HERE! If you want to play a MMORPG that is thoughtful about your time (no grinding for armor, not waiting for parties, etc) and gets you fast into action, this may be your game. One thing I have to agree with other reviewers in here is that the game is not very social. I see this as a very huge advantage because a hate having to waste my time waiting for a healer or a tank or whatever, or spamming text to find a party to do an elite quest, etc. But one thing they did right is the fact that there is not mob locking, everybody can benefit from a kill if they participated in it (same with gathering), so the sight of other players in that particular elite mob that you cant solo is great, you actually get happy about encountering others instead of seeing them as competition, although you dont even have to talk to them to work together. The players that enjoy feeling important (i´m the best healer, i keep everyone alive!), socializing too much in game or armor grinding are definitely going to be disappointed. Me?, i hate all that stuff, so i am really having a blast playing it. Concerning the critics about the combat being repetitive, with auto attack and cooldowns, well, its true. But i havent found a MMORPG that makes it that much better either, so, not much to comment on that. Expand
  12. Oct 14, 2012
    Pretty fun, but the story is pathetic, the characters all horribly uninteresting, and the endgame nonexistent. It was fun getting to 80, but everything gets boring after a few hours there. WvW is just a Numbers battle, Structured PVP isn't doable without a team, and all that's left from that is farming dungeons for cool looking armor, or farming mats for legendary e-peen weps.

    All the
    classes blend in with eachother, making every class try to do a bit of everything, and making pvp boring as all hell. There are really no counters to classes. Every class has their heal, their escape, etc. so PVP can last 4-5 minutes 1-on-1, until someone gets bored, misses a cooldown, or someone else comes along.

    To reiterate, the main story is atrocious. You're thrown onto characters who are supposed to be interesting and dynamic, but end up being annoying cardboard cutouts. The worst part is the game acts like you feel deep compassion for them, with horribly played-up dialogue and dramatic cutscenes. There were points where I would rather kill the character myself just to save the time in saving them when something bad inevitably happened to them.

    Overall fun, but not lasting more than a few weeks.
  13. Nov 28, 2012
    10/10 for me. Reason: - this is one of those few games where you don't rush to max level so you can finally have some fun, but are having fun from level one. There's no point to fit it all in one short review, so rather then doing that i'll outline the end result of all they did:

    A game where whole world is a playing field, where even starter maps can pose a challenge to max level
    player, where there's ton of stuff to do everywhere you go. All that packaged with innovative, skill-not-gear based combat wrapped around if some of the finest sceneries mmorpg has to offer. This world lives, this world breathes, this world kicks ass! And finally a world where you don't dread the appearance of another player on the horizon but are encouraged to team up with him and double the fun in a party, as there are no penalties or losses of any kind for either of you when you hunt same monster and do same quest.

    This game plays like some best singleplayer titles with mmo aspect not being subpar in the least!

    And the cherry on top - no hidden money drainage inside. Unlike certain "game with horns and tail v3", you don't need to pump $ to get the best out of this game. Cash shop is present here but it's very fair and not p2w one. Mostly aesthetics and some usable items that drop also from monsters, or aren't critical for your progression.

    Only people i would not recommend this game are the 1337 damage hoes that want 30x the damage of normal joe after months of grinds in highest level maps. This is not a game for you, gear counts, but skill>gear in here and GW2 is not about being the most elite on the server - it's about plain good uninhibited fun:)

    As it is now it's honest 10/10 from me and i hope arena.net will keep it that way in the future;)
  14. Nov 19, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was said by many to be the game to usher in the next generation of MMOs. In my view, it hasn't lived up to that distinction. Nevertheless, I would still commend ArenaNet on attempting to innovate rather than re-hashing same old tired generic MMO concepts.

    The PvE (Player versus Environment, i.e. player versus computer) is probably the best part of GW2. The combat system,
    scaling and dynamic events breathe new life in to open world PvE. As someone who has done questing to death in other MMOs, I actually found I was perfectly happy to run around and do a few zones without getting bored. The two big criticisms I had of open world PvE was unoriginal/boring story-lines and hearts (very close to traditional quests).

    Regarding the hearts. This was a feature announced basically at the 11th hour. Most zones were given X amount of heart quests to complete, each appearing on the world map. This encouraged people to run around doing them and move on to the next zone, hence, detracting from dynamic events (which were the real innovation with GW2). Furthermore, the hearts caused many people to wander in to the next zone under-leveled because they did not grant sufficient experience.

    To elaborate on the "unoriginal/boring story-lines", I felt the stories had pretty generic MMO/DnD fantasy type plots. I can't remember any use of writing devices such as red herrings and plot twists to mix things up a bit and make them interesting. Additionally, I wasn't impressed with the setting outside of dynamic events/hearts either. Although the races are not standard fantasy Human, Elf and Dwarf (etc.) they do use the same old stereotypes we have seem time and time again. Lastly, I found the voice acting to range from acceptable, to downright bad to completely immersion breaking. Having multiple races (sometimes in the same zone) with "funny" Jar Jar Binks-like voices really irritated me.

    The two major parts of PvE I have not mentioned are dungeons and the personal story. I would say much the same thing about personal story that I did in the last paragraph. Dungeons on the other hand were well done. However, I would liked there to have been more of them.

    WvW (World v World v World) offers good large group siege warfare style PvP (Player versus Player) if you like that sort of thing. Nevertheless, be prepared to deal with technical problems (i.e. lag). I have a monster PC and average internet connection and I was still experiencing lag (most likely some kind of server-side bug). Furthermore, you should also be prepared to deal with a system where whoever has the greatest numbers generally wins and a rather arbitrary scoring mechanism. In other words, winning is not really about playing well, winning is about getting as many people as possible to play at silly 'o' clock in the morning.

    WvW also fails to cater very well to the solo player, small group and guild. Solo players and small groups are very likely to encounter larger groups of people in their travels due to the relatively small size of the map (considering the amount of people in it). When solo players and small groups do manage to take appropriately sized objectives they will often find it is steamrolled by a larger group and taken back 5 minutes later. WvW could have potentially been a great environment for guilds, however, that was defeated by small population limits on maps and long queues; it takes a long time to get the whole guild in.

    Structured PvP is the last big part of GW2 I haven't mentioned. Teams of 1-8 compete to take and hold 3 objectives within a small map. It is intended as the more competitive PvP option. As great as the combat system is for PvE, it doesn't really seem to compliment PvP at all. The dodge system, removal of energy and abilities in general seem to make for a very frustrating style of play. Remember those extremely irritating gimmicky builds from other MMOs (e.g. early WoTLK Retri Pala, early RIFT Saboteur and SW:TOR tracer spammer)? Well, it's not the occasional person running this type of build in GW2, it's everyone.

    The dodge system is frustrating because it can add a huge element of luck in to winning and justifies the inclusion of insanely powerful dodge or die abilities. These dodge or die abilities have a disproportionately powerful considering how hard it is to dodge them. In addition, be prepare for limited field of view, excessive spell effects, lack of cast bars and an excessive amount of characters (e.g. pets/clones) on screen to make dodging these abilities even harder. The number of dodges does not scale with the number of attackers, so you can potentially get nuked down in a second, if focused by a large group.

    If you enjoy doing solo and small group PvE I would recommend GW2 wholeheartedly. The fresh take on things is well worth experiencing. However, there is a limited amount of PvE content available so don't expect it to last months and months if you play a lot.
  15. Dec 1, 2012
    I played this game for around 3 weeks from release and sold the account for $140 with a lvl 80 warrior alone. The game is fun and interesting with new mechanics for the first few weeks. The story is somewhat decent. The action is pretty linear and easy for anyone to use, so it appeals to more new players in the GW series. For the more experienced players, there is little customization of skills and weapons, so basically, everyone does the same thing. Compared to GW1, there is only single class so no adding a second, there are a small limited pool of skills for every class, there's a lot less strategy and skill involved since you can attack and use skills while moving and you can see your enemies' AOE landings before they hit the spot, and there are numerous game-breaking bugs. The PVP is very repetitive and doesn't give me any incentive to play it. Aside from these downs, the achievements systems is probably one of the best I've seen in any MMO. The graphics are pretty good even though they aren't optimized well for higher end systems yet. The quests are pretty average and mundane so yes you will do a lot of gathering wood for farmers and such. So for those of you considering the game, if you are new to MMOs and haven't played GW1, you will like this game. From the more experienced players, you will notice a lot of what made GW1 so great, has been removed and made it more geared towards new players. Interesting strategy considering it's much easier to keep your loyal customer base than trying to get new ones. They should have kept their strengths and simply tweaked and updated them. All around, some decent mechanics, but essentially, not much different from any other MMO out there. Expand
  16. Dec 19, 2012
    Fun theme park style of game...DO not rush to the end. Sadly for the end game there really is NOT all that much to do. Worth the experience to try it though
  17. Jan 1, 2013
    This game is ok, totally over hyped, the game world is huge but it is unfortunate that it is mainly just a cut and paste world. It's saving grace is that it is Buy to Play meaning you can dive in and out as you please.
  18. Jan 2, 2013
    From a PvP perspective this game is 100% fail. No comment on PvE as it's limited (no raiding) and dungeons are bugged and extremely limited w/out holy trinity. GW1 was an amazing game and we all had high hopes for the PvP in the sequel. There are only a few PvP maps and they are all capture the point. Balancing is unbelievably bad and the developers make idiotic, boneheaded class balance tweaks every month or so that satisfy nobody. No public test servers! Only TWO (yes two) developers working on class balance for the entire game, and they seem to be completely clueless about the game. This game may be more suited for casual players, but for people serious about PvP, it is a major, massive step back from GW1 and a very big disappointment. Expand
  19. Jan 2, 2013
    this game is totally wrecked. i have not even got the chance to play it yet because of the insane registering. i missed out on the $30 dollar amazon deal, still got it for a ok price, but not worth it either way. i highly encourage you to discourage your friends and family from getting this game.. unless your on the brink of suicide, or you just like being sad and depressed. i'd rather play hexen without a monitor. Expand
  20. Jan 3, 2013
    In all honesty, I regret buying the game. It was now for me, and quite possibly not for some people who gave negative reviews. I saw that the good things were "Dynamic events" "Revolutionary" and I really thought that these things would make me love the game, but instead it felt very repetitive and I was unable to cling to it. I must admit though that I enjoyed it at the start, but I slowly lost it. The only quest rewards are only coins, ranging from a few copper(4 copper) to some silver(3 silver and some copper). They didn't offer anything new to the kill x collect y thing, it's essentially the same except they put a progress bar instead of say 0/10 kills. The dynamic events were good at the start but I felt that they were just self activated quests with a timer. Also the events lack in variety, its all the same. It's usually killing a champion/veteran monster, kill hordes/waves of monsters while capturing this area, collecting a certain number of plants, escorting a dolyak/person and killing of some monsters. It's all the same. The armors too lack in variety and have to be either crafter, bought(karma,AH) or looted(looted ones are generally poorer in qyuiality compared to crafted or bought. The story is nice but could've been presented MUCH better. One good this about the game is Tyria. The world looks amazing and Tyria is beautifully crafted. The sound is also amazing. WvW is fun and PvP is statistically balanced. It's not a good game in my eyes, it's not a bad one either. It's just another game in the MMO cycle. Either to be remembered or forgotten. Expand
  21. Jan 10, 2013
    Nothing about this game matches the quality of the rating it has accrued. These are just SOME of my main gripes and there's a lot of them. But mostly, this game is just so !@#$ing boring.
    Questing: There's a lot of detail but the lack of quantitative reward for exploring this detail or even enjoyment you get from it is minimal. Just because you don't "pick-up" a quest doesn't make it a
    ground breaking system. It is, in essence, the same as every other RPG on the market. This just makes you hate exploring the lore of the game even more because you're skipping it 90% of the time.
    Lack of incentive: There is almost no incentive for doing anything in this game. Everything is spoon-fed. There's no real need to prioritize doing anything. You could assign your skills at random and still make it 80 easily. And for that matter...
    Why even have a leveling cap if you're just going to adjust everything to begin with. There's not real satisfaction in gaining a level. You don't measurably "improve". In fact, you get progressively worse, suffering from diminishing returns on stats until you buy a new set of gear The fact that your levels are adjusted to your zone and all PvP is at 80 level makes a leveling system almost completely redundant. Sure, you gain more skills but it doesn't really make you more "powerful". I felt just as useless at level 80 as I did at 30 because you're limited to the number of skills that fit in your tiny action bar. Advancing to higher level zones is almost redundant because you can literally reach level 80 by grinding in the first zone you hit and completing random events. The fact that diminishing returns DOESN'T apply to higher level characters reduces the number of people in the mid-level zones making it incredibly hard to complete those group events you need randoms to walk by for.
    is extremely limited. You're given a set number of action bar slots for each class and are restricted to it. This pigeon holes you into the same skills, the same rotations and the same strategies for combat. Even swapping weapons seems pointless because your other set of weapons probably doesn't match the playing style you chose. Social Combat: The social nature of PvE questing in Guild Wars 2 actually detracts from its purpose. Nobody wants to join your party against a common foe, just pick up whoever walks along, kill it and they'll be on their merry way. I didn't get to talk to them, I don't even know who they are because the interface is clumsy and I'll never be able to contact them again. You just can't make friends in the world because it makes people care less about what you're doing.
    This game is just incredibly boring. It is a chore to play and offers almost no stimulation beyond visual. The interface is a horror, gameplay isn't fluid and you can't lose yourself in the game.
  22. Feb 5, 2013
    I've been waiting for this game for 3 years. Guild Wars occupied me extensively in PvE and PvP. Upon release, I maxed out within 4 days, certainly over playing. Recently going back to Guild Wars 2, I realize why I anticipated it for so long. When I was younger, I played Runescape, Shaiya, then Guild Wars. The difference between the 'classic MMORPG' and Guild Wars 2 is tantalizing. One could argue, "Oh, too bad the story line only took me days". However, MMORPG's are never finished. In Guild Wars 2, you're introduced to Dynamic Events which spice up the simplest exploration. The journey from "A to "B changed to "A to C to F to G to Y and finally to B". Without knowing, you are sucked into these events, immersed by the worldly effects the cause. Unlike classic MMORPG's, you would rather party up then have someone 50 levels higher than you storm into your boss battle, hit him once, and wait the 20 minutes for the respawn. In Guild Wars 2, levels are decreased or increased, depending where you are, so that no matter who you are playing with, you both have an equal opportunity to get the same great loot and XP. Like Guild Wars there are holiday events. However, ArenaNet has expanded upon this idea, constantly adding new content every month. From killing Karkas to following an Airship, to recovering lost memories. There is also the dungeons to keep you occupied once you've peaked at 80. There are constantly new challenges after you complete your story line. Overall, Guild Wars 2 has all the aspects of one hell of a great game. Expand
  23. Jun 21, 2013
    Ah, I just wrote a five thousand character review. I reached the limit, and prepared to backspace a few times, then a few seconds later everything I wrote was gone. I don't think I'll be writing another review on this site. Nonetheless, an extremely brief summary of what I wrote:
    -Reasonably good graphics, though that's not really important
    -Arenanet lied to their fans and a lot of the
    stuff promised in the promotional content isn't true the 'dynamically changing world' is utter claptrap (all it comes down to is you being unable to teleport to certain waypoints at times and a bunch of monsters roaming around those areas, wahey) and the game was going to lack a gear treadmill 'fixed' in the Southsun Cove patch (another promise broken)
    -Abilities are not enjoyable, and you're far more limited than you think one ability is just an autoattack, elite skills are next to useless, so you're practically limited to eight abilities (with one being a mere generic heal). You'll find your preferences quickly and probably never change out again, meaning you're using the same eight abilities with very little strategy no complexity equates to no enjoyability or actual 'gameplay'
    -Events are quite literally nothing more than 'Zerg rushes'. This is an undeniable fact; the more people involved, the better spam your eight abilities and hope for victory. If repeating this over and over sounds fun to you, Guild Wars 2 has you covered
    -The game DOES have some positive points, such as four unique races not seen in any other fantasies that have some genuine lore and personality behind them; something I'm sure any fantasy fan would appreciate who's tired of the typical 'orcs and humans' format (or just humans in the case of some fiction)
    -The personal story is a joke. The first half; you'll feel like you're experiencing the outcome of those background choices you made and truly enjoying your own 'personal story'. Around half way through, you encounter a sylvari called Trahearne, and without spoiling anything (though why you'd care about spoilers for the plot devoid of quite literally... er, everything, emotion, intrigue, drama etc), the story is now about Trahearne, not you. You are his mere accomplice and sidekick; enjoy taking a back seat for the rest of what was meant to be your 'personal story did I mention Trahearne is a character without any distinguishable personality and likeability and is something most people would consider a 'Mary Sue'? That's the guy who's taking over, folks!
    -Arenanet has committed to some particularly scandalous behaviour. There have been several controversies over so-called 'exploits' that were merely poor programming on the behalf of Arenanet. The most well known of which was the case where over four thousand accounts were banned within the first month for simply purchasing items that Arenanet had mistakenly given a low price no other company to my knowledge would take such a brash action; certainly not the exemplary Blizzard of which almost all MMORPGs are compared to the infamous WoW. However, evading comparing the two, Arenanet made some ridiculous decisions that simply boggle the mind and suggest inexperience on their behalf they damaged their reputation while banning players who could potentially purchase from the real money store in the future, rather than fixing a simple error that was undeniably THEIR FAULT you should never be punished for taking advantage of an opportunity; especially when it's extremely vague that it's an 'exploit' anyhow

    Overall, would I suggest you buy Guild Wars 2? Actually, yes. Because despite all these immense drawbacks, it's still an undeniably fun game. However, with its many flaws, I have to give an extremely mixed review as it feels like the game is outright broken in some regards while spectacular in other ways. As of current, I believe any future content will only improve the game although that could just me being optimistic. Good luck, Arenanet.
  24. Jul 15, 2013
    Don't be deceived. The game is grindy, has a terrible story, and ruined the Guild Wars name. The PvE is grindy and repetitive. The game has some serious balance issues with classes as well. The PVP is a joke and doesn't exist in my opinion. Most everything in the PvE and PvP is just done by zerging. It's like they buff the enemies so you have to zerg them then say "SEE? THIS GAME IS FOR THE PROS!". There is limited freedom in choosing a build which is something I loved about the original. Lastly, the community is godawful. Stay away. I regret wasting my time in this "sequel". Expand
  25. Jan 11, 2014
    a good, typical mmo. with fascinating graphics, a large open world.
    full of grinding farming and gold.

    but not what people were waiting for at the very beginning.
    not "a game for casuals". not "a game without grinding".
  26. Dec 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. GW2 feels like an extra-grindy Korean MMO. PvE, PvP, WvW everything’s a grind. Daily grind, monthly grind… They even turned world exploration into a grind. In other MMO games exploration is you wandering around the world as you like (maybe looking for a place and angle for a nice screenshot). In GW2 exploration is you watching the minimap of a YouTube zone completion video.

    The LFG tool was “beta” one year ago and it still is. Obviously, ANet doesn’t even care. I admit I haven’t been in a dungeon once because the very thought of gathering a group manually turns me off. I did that to my heart’s content in vanilla WoW but we aren’t in MMO stone age anymore, are we?

    Dynamic content is a joke. Seriously, it’s been done and it’s been done better. At least in Rift you could actually see invasion rifts on the map so you knew where to run. Just logged in and want to join the action? Sorry, you can’t take the nearest waypoint because it’s contested. Grind your way through half a zone please (it feels immensely ironic in a strictly PvE world where mindless zerg is THE solution to everything anyway).

    Combat is dumbed down and awkward. Even though you can channel some skills on the run it still feels less fluid than in other MMO. Ranged skills are mostly OK but melee is a constant pain with low FOV (tunnel vision) and camera going crazy in tight spaces.

    The promised absence of gear progression was just one big lie. Finer nuances put aside it’s still your old trusty treadmill where new gear obsoletes old (e.g. berserker’s assassin’s).

    The entire WvW is actually 2 no so large maps, ‘nuff said. Oh yeah, they promise to add another one. Hey fellow player do you feel like a dog waiting for a bone?

    I’m sure I would have some nice words to add about SPvP but I just can’t be bothered to do any serious PvP in a game where all kinds of hacks are easily available (zoom hack, speed hack, free teleport, noclip you name it).

    TL;DR: GW2 is an extremely grindy MMO that adds nothing, absolutely nothing new to the genre. Same s..t, different game.
  27. Jan 3, 2014
    The good: - good to look at - something different - dynamic events The bad : - gets old quick - grindy despite what anet tells us - you will spend a considerable amount of time in overflow or queus - If you want to join anything awesome, you have to show up 1hr ahead of time due to overflow/queu - you can get in-game cash by paying anet real money - No end game - Moderated like game for children (names containing poop, pee, puke will not be tolerated. Cussing may land you a temporary ban)

    Good/Bad depends on what you like:
    - Very casual
    - Relatively easy learning curve

    Unless you have 60$ lying around and does not have any games to spend it on. I would suggest you get a different game. It's fun at first but it will get old quick. Once you hit 80 and realize you simply do the same thing rinse and repeat everyday and the fact that you can buy in-game cash from Anet... yeah it's different than your average mmo. The saying the more they change the more they stay the same rings true in my experience. How is this not like any chinese free-to-play mmo when you can buy in game cash?
  28. Sep 22, 2012
    Very mixed in multiple respects... the first view of the game is that it is fantastic. At least a refreshing view on the MMO world, really well done and finished, with innovative quest system and fantastic innovative levelling mechanism.

    And after a while you're logging in and you don;t really know why you're accepting silly limitations like the stupidly think inventory system, the
    lacklustre crafting mechanism, the stupid "personnal story" system that for some quests is just so close to impossible that it is frustrating beyond relief (with no hope of overpowering the quest... my engineer has been stuck on a lvl 28 quest since the beginning...)

    It could have been fantastic but it is barely passable due to these limitations. It is not a hazard if blizzard has simplified the silly things in wow... guild wars should have thought about it too...

    WvW is very well thought but individual contributions are pretty much close to zero so the strategy is either zerg grouping or smaller "pro" groups which is boring after a while

    I see this game performing very well over time but will require a LOT of refining to keep players in. NC Soft does not care because there are no subscription.

    In some respect this game gave me the same feeling as TOR: an initial "Waouw" and then "but..... why did they... why didn't they....?"

  29. Sep 4, 2012
    I said prior that other titles had been the evolution of the MMORPG Genre' I am now sure that Guild Wars 2 is the start of the "Next Generation MMORPG" - Luckily it does not try to be too nudered down, something MMORPG's suffered from ever since the release of the Genre shifting (for the worse) release of World of Warcraft putting titles like Everquest, Ultima Online and Asherons Call as relics of fond memory; any game attempting to be like them would fail - and any game attempting to be too much like WoW would fail.
    I Played the original Guild Wars at release like just about every other MMORPG looking for the next thing; and I "liked" it; but hated the use of instancing outside of city hubs; felt it to be over-all poor and figured the F2P design and lack of development funding in comparison to other companies may have been the cause and never touched it again - Thus I was not expecting much from Guild Wars 2.

    What I received was an MMORPG that had Story Quests in the Vein of SWTOR but barely consume the game and feel like a "distraction" from everything else you do; The games questing system is basically endless Warhammer Online "Public Event" style quests; endless people are aiding in them and great XP is awarded - You do not have to be grouped to split XP - another feature that is so welcoming is say ORE Vein or a Tree to cut down; if 6 people rush at the same tree; the first person doesn't steal it from you - you each get your own harvest from it :) This is very convienent.

    The combat system is near flawless in an MMORPG and the Graphics are Beautiful running on an SLI Geforce 680 GTX system with 16 gigs of ram and an 8 core AMD FX unlocked CPU - Everyone helps eachother out! you don't have to ask; you'll be revived; buffed; enemies killed with you as people run by (same XP) you gain XP for basically anything you do in the game which is also very very conveinent and refreshing.

    The most NOSTALGIC and "Leap of Danger" that Guild Wars took with the game is the main PVP system; It's World versus World (3 worlds battling over 4 HUGE terriotories which feature many camps; towers; keeps and a main castle to capture, defend, retake etc along with Orbs of Power - This instantly reminded me of DARK AGE OF CAMELOT but on a LARGER SCALE!!! It's mind blowingly well done. The fighting struggle for territory never ends; and everyone scales up to level 80 still gaining XP from NPC enemies around the huge battleground; and from player kills (who also drop great loot!)

    The other PVP option we also have around is "Mists" which are 5 different Server Based 16 player max, two team PVP Warzone/Battleground's in a "first to 500 point" style Capture objecctive warzone. No Level Up XP is gained through this mode and everyone has a preset level 80 template with all abilities unlocked (unlike regular world versus world which is level 80 with your gear scaling up along with the abilities you have unlocked thus far; but are able to continue to level up as it shows both your regular level then the scaled 80) --- In these warzones you get the PVP XP and level that up every level getting a treasure chest with PVP specific gear and it is a nice competetive breather; but takes the strategic world versus world PVP away.

    Nothing like building siege weapons- or aiding in building them and controlling them to help smash down the gates of a castle and slaughter all the players coming out; with a frontal assault then a flank after they retaliate!

    GW2 is the MMORPG TO GET!
  30. Oct 7, 2012
    This MMORPG has it all.
    Good combat system, good loot system, good crafting system with a bank implemented so you don't have to run around grabbing everything and the coming to the conclusion you took the wrong items.
    It's colorful warm graphics and cutscenes are just so well done. And the good part is: No monthly subs. You pay one time and bang you can play it without paying 12 euros
    every month.
    By the way... Why are you still reading this? Go buy the game it is better then your average grab a quest or go to bank, craft and fail etc MMORPG.
    Do it now!
  31. Oct 2, 2012
    This game is something new. I love that the questing system is not really there, and you have so much freedom to do whatever you want! The Event System is also genious. Despite all the bugs that has been since the early launch, I find this game to be very addicting, and is the best MMO I've played since WoW
  32. Nov 25, 2012
    I am downgrading my score from when it first came out because of some annoying bugs. On two occasions I suffered a rollback which meant I went back to an earlier version of my character, losing all progress. Each time it cost me a day's play. I believe they are aware of the problem but chose to do nothing about it. The rest of my review still stands - the game is fantastic fun to play though I found the story a bit weak. Expand
  33. Oct 20, 2012
    I failed to see what all the hype was about. This game is by no means special.
    HOWEVER: having said that, it is a very good Online RPG. Many characters to play, tons of items, skills, spells, etc. But for me - what's important in an online RPG is to play with someone i know. Otherwise - it's just no fun - even less fun if there was a single player campaign.
  34. Oct 29, 2012
    This game is really amazing considering that it features a 60$ price tag and no monthly subs. The world is huge and is clearly designed for casual player. Hard-Core players may find the game disappointing because its pretty easy to level up and the lack of the end game content. The soundtrack is also amazing and is composed by Jeremy Soule who made the skyrim soundtrack. Overall the game is amazing and different from other games such as WoW and the WoW clones. Expand
  35. Apr 18, 2013
    This game is average at its best. But when you ding level 80, the game start to be boring real quick with lack of content. There's no progression or any reason to do PvE or PvP.

    I had so high hopes.
  36. Sep 8, 2012
    Gameplay: 4/10 Why so? Because It's always fun to do some stuff with people around. But harvesting eggs and washing cows is no fun after 80+ hours of playing is no fun at all. Maybe some people enjoy it. Not me. And I also take X and bring it to Y kind of stuff is annoying (90% of quests I've done). There are many games around which makes you to do so.

    Graphics: 5/10. (Textures) Well
    it's 2012. And if you ask full price for a game, you must at least try to be good at everything.

    Locations: 9/10 Fact is a fact. Locations are beautiful. They did a good job on this one.

    PvP/PvE: 3/10
    PvP require skill. Because in MOST cases you will be able to take down 1 or 2 enemies and die immediately after. Because of skill system, which is terrible. It just forces you to spam everything what's out of cooldown. If you are not doing so, you're doing it wrong.
    PvE is another weak point of this game. Let's start with "events". In most cases you see a mob, random spells flying everywhere. You don't even feel like you're doing everything. Not a challenge at all. Just be there, make sure to press 1, 2, 1, 3, 1 ,4. And your work is done.

    Audio: 4/10
    Well I don't feel the music. Voice actors are TERRIBLE(!). Spell sounds are fine.

    Also ingame shop? Really? After paying 60
  37. Oct 20, 2012
    Haven't played the game in a little while, but will write a few thoughts about it anyways.

    First of all it has a gigantic, beautiful world to explore, something I appreciate a lot. Exploring the world in full is rewarded in forms of xp and gear. The quest system is great, as well as the occasional event system. The trading system is very good, although getting materials for making
    something can take some grinding. The combat system is good, and I like how they implement a few action elements to it, so you don't feel like you're just clicking on something, and engaging you more into the fight. That if you participate in killing something, all the loot and experience is shared, so there isn't some manical battle for the item drops like in for example Runescape. The only PvP mode I played reminded me a bit of League of Legends, something that I find good. Overall - the game is very good. I liked it a lot the first three weeks I played it. Then...

    I realized how redundant and repetitive the game became. While you get different areas to explore, you're just doing the same quests over and over and over again. Either it's kill this, or fetch a lot of this, and this goes on for EVERY area in the game. I've never really been a gigantic fan of MMORPG's, and this shows why. After a while you'll just get so bored with the game that you won't play it again for a long time. Maybe after a while I'll go back to playing it, but after a while I'll grow bored of doing the same things over and over. This pulls down my score of the game a lot, something that could've been a perfect ten. When I play games I need a bit of variety, and Guild Wars 2 sadly doesn't provide that.
  38. May 26, 2013
    The game is not great, that is for sure. Its not that bad if you are only looking for weeks worth of gaming. But as a lasting MMO it leaves much to be desired.

    First of all GW2 is nothing like GW1. The PVP in GW2 is very generic, and pretty much crap. They made it so you can get to max level in a very short amount of time.. You can probably do it in 2 3 days if you really try, but
    will take the average player about a week maybe two.

    The dungeons are all broken with all the players just exploiting their way to bosses that they kill for useless loot. For the amount of time this game has been out they should have fixed a lot of the exploits that allow players to complete dungeons in 5 10 minutes.

    You can obtain the best gear in the game in a very short amount of time, (less than a month of game time), and whats left to do is basically repeating the same mindless content every day so you can get loot that looks different. It wont improve your character or change your stats, but you can make yourself look different. You basically continue playing so you can earn different skins.

    The world bosses are very mindless. 10 50 players just chaotically attacking a giant mobs foot. No strategy is required, and no skill in using your generic weapon based skills.

    So after you do basically everything this game has to offer in 3 weeks of playing all you are left with is World vs World. WvW is the large server vs server PvP. Its ok, but not great, and definitely doesn't give a reason to continue playing. Its no Esport that's for sure.

    All in all, the game isnt horrible, but its not good either. Its a meh. Play it for a month, and you are pretty much done.
  39. Oct 7, 2012
    This game is basically an evolution to a higher standard of what has been done before. If you have played an MMO in the last 12 years you will see the similarities. The major areas of failure include open world player versus player and endgame progression. I guess I can summarize the game saying it is like RIFT without the raid element, and with massive unbalanced world PvP. DAOC and Warhammer Online had a better PvP system. If you enjoy a VERY casual game then this is your pick. I was hoping for a REVOLUTION in MMO gaming, but sadly this is more of a "been there done that" experience. Expand
  40. Nov 14, 2012
    Why the hate, haters? I haven't played Guild Wars 1 before, but I've played Guild Wars 2! Gameplay is amazing and there is NO monthly fee! Money well spent!
  41. Oct 28, 2012
    This is a shockingly good game, fully enjoyable either as a massive RPG campaign across a sprawling world, or as a highly challenging MMO with enough content and almost unachievable endgame goals (getting legendary gear or 100% dungeon completion is a worthy challenge). PvP offers an absolutely unforgiving environment to E-sport geeks, while World v World offers environment to fight enemy players that is easily accessible to everyone including newcomers. The world is rich, graphics amazing, engine flawless, character development has a distinctly fresh touch to it. If you have ever at all enjoyed the MMORPG genre, you absolutely owe it to yourself to try this one. There are people everywhere, whether to group up for PvE, or to compete with in PvP. No lag, no waiting time. Oh, and, you know... no subscription. Amazing. After a 100 hours, this game remains a source of ever-fresh enjoyment, and a lasting credit to its creators. Expand
  42. Sep 14, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMO's to be released in many years, its skill based mechanics is superb creating a really fun and addictive PvE PvP and WvWvW content and environment. ArenaNet has crafted their game very well, the aesthetics have been carefully crafted and fitted together, coupled with Jeremy Soule score it makes Guild Wars 2 look, sound and feel amazing while still setting its grim yet beautiful tone within the Guild Wars lore. Guild Wars 2 innovates the genre with very simple and yet very effective innovations and sets new high standards and mile stones for future MMO and all this with no subscription fees, ArenaNet as just not only put everything else in the genre to shame, but most of the MMO developers and their publishers too deep shame. Expand
  43. Oct 2, 2012
    Good game, good graphics, but nothing too amazing. After about 15 levels of leveling it starts to feel very much like WaR. Very boring after level 15 or so.. I'm still playing to try to keep a feel for the game and hopefully something will peak my interest.

    Experience: I've been playing MMOs ever since Meridian 59.
  44. Nov 10, 2012
    I personally like the game, however I can see why some people don't. The game can get a little repetitive, especially with spells and abilities. There's a cash shop but it's not necessary as you already have full access to everything ingame. I never felt pressured to buy anything from the cash shop. The price for the game is a little steep as all new games are. It's not a $60 game. Not worth that price. Maybe for $40. Expand
  45. Sep 21, 2012
    After some time with Guild Wars 2, I can safely say that we're not looking at anything new here. Although, there -is- an absence of annoying quest-givers, questing is still essentially a hub-to-hub grindfest of tedious errands made occasionally interesting with zerg-dependent events and world raid bosses. PvP has about the same level of depth, lots of zerging involved with WvWvW with a handful of amusing tournament-based ordeals involving fewer players. I won't lie that I keep hoping for something revolutionary and GW2 doesn't necessarily exceed (or even meet) those lofty expectations. HOWEVER, for all its shortcomings, Guild Wars 2 does set the bar a little higher in a few ways, the foremost being is that it is executed very well. Shaky start notwithstanding, great depth is incorporated into the interface mechanics. In fact, I would argue that GW2 has taken from mainstream MMO's that which we love and trimmed the fat in an effort to minimize tedium. The result is quick and easy auctioneering, fun and rewarding crafting, and great variety in terms of sorting and customization. It is very clean, easy to manage, and altogether fulfilling. Sadly, while all the streamlining may appeal to the majority, the handful of dungeons and short list of pvp options will not be adequate fodder for the hardcore audience. Flaws aside, the sheer vastness and relative splendor of Guild Wars 2 is well worth $60, and that's really all you have to pay to keep playing; the game is easily playable without having to spend a dime on the micro-transactions, which are essentially non-vital extravagances you can purchase with in-game money given a little time and effort. All things considered, this is a good start, and the fact that Arena.net has promised more and more free features as time goes by makes the one-time payment for GW2 all the more worthwhile. 8/10. Expand
  46. Nov 5, 2012
    Good game. There is only 1 BIG BUT. Why there is now PvP over the land. I have played Lineage 2 where you could fight anyone anywhere. Guild Wars 2 is missing that point which makes it a little boring with time. Exploring new lands, tasks and all that is a great idea. Why not add free PvP, or at least duels where you can fight other players for extra points/experience or soever. Arena.net should think about that, otherwise they will start loosing players. Expand
  47. Nov 30, 2012
    I'm going to try and make it as short as possible. I've had the game since beta but didn't get around to playing it until the start of November. PROS - dynamic events and quests. accepting and finishing these things happen automatically and its a beautiful thing. -Combat is solid. a good mix of auto attacking and action combat here. I wouldn't say the best of both but they did quite possibly the best job at bringing them together. - Graphics/Level design. you can tell they didn't intend the look of realism. Its more artsy. And they nailed it. Attention to detail is superb and the environments are captivating. CONS - There are very very few armor sets through 90% of your leveling up. You will literally wear the same thing for most if not all of those levels(appearance wise i mean of course). - The world feels like just 1 big single area because you can teleport to within 100 feet of anywhere. Because of this there is no mounts and that's why its a con. - Dungeons. There's about 8 in total. Sure you can repeat them in exploration mode for a bit more challenge. However you get caped down to the level of the dungeon and you need more then 3 people to even consider them making this part of the game useless if your a solo body or just wanna play with your game buddy. The scaling the designers talked about should have been put into dungeons. -Trinity system.. For the love of god this doesn't work at all. Certain jobs take naturally way less damage then other and other jobs deal brokenly high damage compared to others. it really needs an enmity system because of this. Most people enjoy certain job roles in a game -End game is really only World vs World and PvP. Too many games do this for all their end game now. The world vs world is great but the PvP is done better in other games. MMO's started out as PVE content rich games with very little in the way of PvP. You need a good mix of both don't just focus on one.- oh and mesmer is hyperly weak in PvE but way OP in PvP. A single Mesmer with just decent skill will wreck a entire group of 8-10 people of any other class. Doing that yourself is fun but its very unbalanced - LFG it needs a LFG system. You can go a few days (real life days) before you get a group to do a Story dungeon. Problem is mostly solved joining a large guild However you must remember that this game was advertised to cater to solo players alike.
    Conclusion - This really is a must play game. A single player or duo will get bored of this nearing level 80 probably in a few weeks for the average player. The real fun is had in a large group working together at everything and you can get months and months. Overall you getting a ton of quality game play here however you look at it only for 59.99
  48. Oct 20, 2013
    This game could have been good if it's creators had been more humble and sensible.

    Graphics are really beautiful and there are some nice ideas events instead of quests, bank accessible from any crafting location, send crafting material to the bank from anywhere, instanced mining nodes, etc.

    But the core of such a game, combat, is rotten because its creators wanted to "break the
    mold". Oh sure they've succeeded it's completely different. But it's also completely *awfull*

    It's neither target selection (wow) nor aiming (neverwinter) it's both. It's cumbersome, boring, impractical and uninteresting.
    Of course it doesn't help that the difficulty is completely off, with most encounters really easy and some randomly crazy difficult (and some other probably buggy too). Being ganked by an army of small crabs that keep repoping forever isn't really funny for example.
    You often can't help but wonder what the developers smoke when they made this game.

    So do yourself a favor and avoid this crappy game.
  49. Oct 14, 2012
    This game is well worth the box price, I've put about 60 hours into GW2 and while they have been enjoyable; I will not likely be going back to it any time soon. Although it is a fantastically crafted world with wonderful new perks to the tried any trusted MMO formula; this game still has the basic hot-key combat and repetitive actions. While giving lots of different tasks to try such as exploring for Vistas, taking part in dynamic events and more formulaic 'heart' quests; after the 50th time of doing a slight variation it does, unfortunately; get boring (at least for me). As a great piece of escapism and for those happy with the existing MMO foundations; buy it without hesitation. If you've grown bored of the likes of WoW, ToR, Rift, Tera et al. this will provide a welcome refresh but will eventually get stale. Expand
  50. Dec 12, 2012
    I give a 10 to Guild Wars 2, not because this game is perfect, but because it's the best MMORPG in the world right now. In the years i tried a lot of MMORPG, and Guild Wars 2 is the only one that give me that feeling of "this is so fun to play!", not just that "OMG i need to grind 120345 more times to buy that sword, ARRRRRRR"
  51. Dec 5, 2012
    I am a huge MMOrpg player and played Guild Wars, when the beta was announced I went to get in on that, Played the beta and am currently playing the game. There have been a lot of claims, hype, rumors, and promises from this game. My favorite promise they made was it will not be a grind... Sorry but the game is just that one huge grind, Wait let me finish, while the game is based on grinding you level so fast and things happen at a quick pace that most will not notice it. Speaking of leveling, it is so fast and easy that it might make your head spin. On average you can level once per hour with no problem all the way to 80, The problem is you want to stop and look at stuff, because the game is quite amazing to look at. The graphics are extremely tight and amazing, even on medium settings, on the lowest graphic settings thats when you kinda say ehh there ok but its very hard to tell the difference between medium and High.

    They didn't quite live up to everything they said they would but they came very close, One word of caution here there are many bugs, and they are still tweeking the game. Which are causing many of the problems players are complaining about, I bring this up since at this time the game is just about 3 to 4 months old things should level out around 5-6 months since this is the find and remove stage of when a game comes out every Big MMo that comes out has this even WoW did. So if your looking for a great MMO this is it though you may want to wait till the bugs are gone.
  52. Oct 1, 2012
    Arenanet made a number of improvements to MMO design with Guild Wars 2, but also made a significant number of questionable design decisions, effectively repeating the mistakes of the products they should have learned from. Positives: mob tapping is gone, grouping works automatically in the open world, the trinity is gone, graphics are very good, events help the world seem not-so-static.

    There are some heavy negatives to consider though. The boosting system in WvW doesn't do much as level 80 characters can drop lower level players in literally 1 second flat. Crafting is yet again something of an afterthought, but does bring significant XP gains, without many sellable products. Some drops required to craft seem broken, as the rarity makes them non-viable for production. Not much of an endgame is available. The game still has significant bugs as of 10/1/2012, such as trait point NPCs disappearing. Character classes are wildly unbalanced, with some being orders of magnitude more powerful than others. Personal story quest difficulty is largely broken, with mobs wiping out players pretty quickly, leading to repair bills.

    One last item to consider is the combat design. It is a bit..odd. Players have an active dodge, which can be used twice and then wait for recharge. Mobs tend to hit extremely hard, even on their plain vanilla attacks, and even from trash mobs. Mobs also are spawned on top of players already in combat quite frequently. Overall, the combat seems somewhat clunky. Defensive abilities tend to be weak, healing abilities almost not worth using, and both are usually on very long cooldowns. There are a number of other abilities than don't seem to have much to offer, and yet again, on long cooldowns. Range attacks are usually more advantageous then melee, mostly due to the damage mobs toss out to melee characters.
  53. Sep 17, 2012
    I will preface this with a caveat - I tried very hard to like the original GW and just never got into it. I am also very picky about my games right now and fantasy games are a bit stale to say least.

    I much prefer a more recent game that I will not go into but it lacks any sort of decent end game. To me that is where GW2 shines with the open world events, sidekick level system (so you
    can't face roll content lower than you) and the dynamic events that alter the world - but what really shines is the PvP, both structured and WvWvW - Especially the WvWvW. I can lose days in that setting.

    The instances are decent and the lack of a trinity is AWESOME. However there are things that drive me nuts:

    - the game gets repetitious and leveling an alt is tedious at best
    - the dynamic events follow about 3 or maybe 4 templates and get old
    - there are some unresolved bugs that seem to continue to evade the devs
    - Its another -ANOTHER - fantasy game
    - Asura are annoyingly cutesy and should be exterminated like the rats that they are
    - The setup for the cash shop makes it seem like ArenaNet constantly has its hand out
    - There are parts of the game that should just be totally reworked (the abysmal writing and voice acting in places - especially the Norn area)

    So its a decent game and for $60, assuming you don't go CE or use the cash shop, is better than most single player games - and it has no sub fee so you can come and go guilt free.

    So its a decent game - but is it revolutionary? Not really. Its a very VERY safe game compared to other recent games and in the end will be a nice diversion from things that are truly revolutionary that I consume like a rabid animal.
  54. Oct 15, 2012
    A revolution in MMORPG design. Guild Wars 2 presents an amazing amount of positive disruptive changes to the status quo that it corrects so many of the problems the MMO industry has with existing game templates. Artfully designed and wisely thought game mechanics make this game a must-have for MMORPG fans the world over.
  55. Feb 1, 2013
    This game requires skill, the story is fairly flat (little people who make the engineers but that something new in short, you want to spend your money do not take well GW2.
  56. Sep 7, 2012
    PVP is the only part i care abut and it was ok but needs some work, specifically WvW play. Over half the time is spent running back to the fight that got boring fast. The other half was spent getting one shot by ranged and arrows from siege weapons.

    The game may be good in a few month to a year when they iron out some of its flaws but for now as a pvp it just didn't hold up to my expectations.
  57. Sep 2, 2012
    Dynamic events
    Dynamic events are an in game realization of In Media Res (see Wikipedia). They are events (tied to a local) whose initiation and progression triggers automatically. The player can shape the outcome, but the event will progress whether players participate or not. This helps establishes the context of what you are doing through action rather than cut scenes or quest text.
    I say helps because you still get quest text telling you what the objectives are and there is still a progress bar that advances as you complete quest objectives.
    This has some plusses and minuses. On the plus side the world feels more alive and active, there are several possible outcomes for each stage of an event, and at least until the event recycles (anywhere from 10 min to perhaps a couple of weeks for rare triggers), it gives a sense of having impacted the world (although this feeling is pretty dang ephemeral for the events with short re-trigger timers (which understandably is most of them). On the negative, until you acclimate to the system, players used to quest hub mechanics are going to feel a bit lost. You also lose a sense of connection to the characters in the world. Yes they send you a happy e-mail and you can buy karma gear from them, but the mechanic honestly doesn
  58. Sep 7, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 looked to be a very hopeful game for me, a game I thought I would be playing for a decent 6 months or more, around the same timeframe I played WoW a few years back. The way the game was advertised was very well done, they made the game looks so clean and crisp, the graphics looked amazing. What they did was professionally iced a crummy cake. The game is very deceiving at first. The diverse character creation draws you in, and you choose what your characters going to be like, before you even experience them playing the game. I played human mostly, and made a guardian and engineer. After killing a few centaurs from some random town attack, I'm called in to help fight some massive rock hand that emerged from the ground. After joining the 10 other players that are smacking the rock with their daggers and bullets, the boss dies with like 5 minutes, and then my character passed out. I'm then told to help the town out with their daily chores, watering corn, feeding cows and destroying wasp nests. Wtf? What happend to all the centaurs, why did they even attack. To be honest, I think the storyline and moral behind all this is very generic and didn't really interest me at all. The skills are very limited, and get very tedious after a while. The skill/trait system is very dry, and didn't inspire me to go further at all. The instanced city ruined the whole 'epicness' and the teleportation system isn't a very creative way of travelling. WvW consisted of attacking a gate for 15mins before it was destroyed, and showed little potential for melee clases, as they got destroyed if they ran into a 20 man pack of players, all AoEing the ground and using their root abilities to pretty much ruin melee potential. The last stand skill ruined pvp, as it always felt I had to kill the player twice, instead of a nice clean one shot. It was way too balanced as well, giving every class ability ranged and heal abilitys, there is no special "individuality" among the classes as they could all do similar things. The biggest reason I didn't continue though was the lack of potential. What was the point of hitting level 80, when you get the same benefits at any point of the game. They wanted to make the game balanced and fair, and they did. I got my money back on the game after playing the 3-day head start and a few days after that. If you've played WoW and loved it, don't play this game. This is all my opinion guys, many of you probably like the style of the game, but I guarantee you, after 6 months, this game will barely be heard of. Expand
  59. May 1, 2014
    They'd receive a stellar rating except for one glaring problem at the moment, they are supporting the hackers and not the players.

    As we speak, there are hundreds and probably borderline thousands of accounts that have recently been hacked. To be clear, ArenaNet had a security problem towards the end of 2012 which caused thousands upon thousands of compromised accounts, which caused
    hackers to get a hold of players personal info. Fast forward to the past 2 weeks, there has been a mass breach again where the offenders obtained countless e-mails and passwords of players thus compromising a tidal wave of accounts. This has now been confirmed to be on ArenaNet's end though they won't admit it.

    Here is the problem, ArenaNet only allows 1 rollback per account even if the security problem is on their end, you basically lose all your stuff the 2nd time your hacked. So today, thousands of people (so far) have lost their stuff. Now it's up to the individual whether they want to completely start anew and possibly lose their stuff again as ArenaNet can't keep their servers secure. I'm guessing all these people will end up walking away from the game.

    This was a great game, but sadly it's gone completely down the drain and gone in favor of the hackers. My advice, do not pick up this game, at least not until they have fortified their servers somehow.
  60. Sep 7, 2012
    This is a very enjoyable game. I have been playing MMO's for several years and i would say this is my favourite. Nice look, sound and gameplay is very active. Some hiccups to the launch but everything seems to be settling down and from my Arenanet experience gamer support is awesome. Security was a concern but new email verification has kept me from getting hacked. Come join the fun don't miss out on a new style MMO. Expand
  61. Sep 10, 2012
    I have to say when i first downloaded this game i had such high hopes because i was a big fan of guild wars 1 but after a week of playing its let me down bad .. first i have to say i dislike the weapon skill bar it gets soooo boring fast and i feel like rerolling another class just to change the skills, you can change weapons around for different skills but god 80 levels of the same few weapons is just not fun.
    The pve is fun at the start but is more or less the same till end game gets a little harder but you can go from level 1 - 80 without talking to another person...
    The lac of skills is just silly you find yourself running around waiting for cd's on 5 skills while spamming the same 5 weapon skills. sorry but give me 30 keybinds any day.
    Pvp is fun and i do like the battle ground system as you can just jump on in at any level ,also the WvWvW is fun but needs work all in all pvp is whats best about GW2.
  62. Sep 11, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was hyped as a revolutionary breath of fresh air in the MMO genre, so what did we get? Let's take a look.

    Gameplay mechanics: combat was a big disappointment, with fixed weapon skills creating some of the most shallow combat mechanics I've ever seen. My Guardian deals with every enemy in the game in the same way: 4, 2, 3, 1-1-1. It gets dull after 3,000th enemy. Events and
    champion fights turn into a huge zergfest where the much-vaunted inter-player combo system gets lost amidst a hail of skill FX and isn't required anyway. +Power/+Precision/+Critical Damage (PPCD) items are the only thing of any importance, since you take so much damage from enemies (sometimes up to 75% of your max HP in a single hit from some standard enemies) that any pretense of boosting your defence is a joke. As a result, PPCD equipment costs 10x as much as other equipment on the trading system (which is thankfully now up). However, balance issues are to be expected on a new MMO release and so I'll give ArenaNet some leeway on this.

    Crafting is done better than in most MMOs, with little things like speeding up crafting of large numbers of items and the deposit all collectibles being welcome additions to a feature that can be a painful experience in other MMOs. The amount of EXP that can be gleaned from crafting, however, is in my opinion far too high and I reckon I got at least 1/3 of my levels from crafting (Lv.80 max, so 25-ish levels).

    Story: since this game is a true persistent-world MMO, the story takes a back seat, unlike the original Guild Wars where instancing (whatever you thought about it) did allow for an unusually good story-driven experience in PvE. Guild Wars 2 lacks the suspense and intrigue of the original story, since you know who the big bad is right from the start, and plays out largely forgettably and predictably. Discussion and cutscenes have been relegated to little conversations on a background, which is disappointing, lacking the cinematic story-driven experience of Guild Wars. My advice: do not play GW2 for the story.

    World PvE: The Renown Heart system and Dynamic Events were pedalled as the best thing since sliced bread by both ArenaNet's marketing division and various professional reviewers. Obviously these people had not done their research, as Warhammer Online had done this sort of public quest system back in 2008, to quite considerable success. GW2 lifted it, divided it, and gave us Renown Hearts, which are fetch/kill quests under any other name, but they work okay; and dynamic events, which can be fun but often suffer through having either too many players (zerg) or too few (impossible to complete). The Vistas and Skill Point Challenges are a nice touch, but the whole game feels very meta as a result and it ruins immersion somewhat.

    PvP: I have personally found PvP to be a mixed bag in this game. sPvP with teams of randomly assigned players going up against each other is quite fun and requires some degree of tactical skill. Lobbing trebuchets at your guildmates (who happened to be assigned to other team) is great fun. The WvW unfortunately is not so good at the moment as, like the major PvE events, it degenerates into a monstrous zergfest where the server with the most players (usually the French in my case) online always controls everything and everyone else gets diddly-squat. ANet needs to balance this, perhaps by limiting the number of players on each battlefield to an amount equal to that of the smallest actively represented server, but we shall see.

    Graphics: this game is beautiful, boasting the highest graphical fidelity I have ever seen in an MMO, and it is impressive. On the other hand, the game's engine optimisation and netcode are poor at the moment to say the least, but hopefully there will be some patches that address my 3 frames per second in a zerg against a champion boss. With regards to the art style, some people will like the new, more vibrant art style, while others (especially some fans of the original Guild Wars) will lament the move to a world that is more like WoW in both colour and feel, including the cheesiness of the NPCs.

    Music/SFX: The music is almost entirely ripped from the first Guild Wars, so it's a bit of a cop-out frankly. Otherwise sound effects are solid, but unspectacular. There really is not much more to say about it.

    Verdict: ArenaNet took everything that was great about Guild Wars...and threw it into a fire. Instead, they made a WoW clone and stole WAR's public quest/event system as its driver. In fairness, the aspects that have been borrowed are well implemented. But there is nothing innovative about Guild Wars 2. Shallow combat and lack of high-end content mean you will probably drop this game after a couple of months. If ANet can get balance updates and new content in my opinion may improve, but right now this game is a rough diamond at best.
  63. Sep 12, 2012
    My character r was engineer, and it was ridiciusly underpowered!
    I leveled till 35 and entered first dungeon, and my skills SUCKED in there.
    All i could do is practically auto attack from further away on bosses, becouse i dont have any other ranged skill, Seriosly? Im **** engineer, i got a rifle and bullets, Why does it sucks and doesnt have any skills?

    Was disappointed in that.
    Otherwise its good solid game, Just skills on engineer sucks, thats why im not playing it. Expand
  64. Sep 14, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is awesome, it was more than I could expect. The game is fantastic and I really love all the beautiful details... the quality is way above any other MMO I've played. The personal story is intriguing and you can't stop playing.
  65. Sep 21, 2012
    Guild wars 2 is the most bizarre MMO of all times, it is a MMO made for people who doesn't like MMOs, it's pve is horrible, monsters doesn't give xp so you can't grind, you're forced to keep running around the world searching for boring events that, at first sight, looks awesome, unltil you note that there is no difference between the other players and a bunch of bots, there are no interactions between players, the event starts, they come, the event ends, they disappear, there is no talking, no grouping, you really think that you're just playing a single player RPG with a ridiculous story line and a bunch of NPCs.

    The SPvP is good, thanks to the simplified gameplay, the problem is the lack of many support systems like "Look for group", more statistics and a better glory distribution, today playing on pubs is really annoying because most players just want to duel and farm glory, playing on tournaments solve this problem but is too hard to find a group.

    So i do not recommend this game, the PVE is not a MMO and paying 60 dollars for a PVP is not worth, there are better options.
  66. Sep 23, 2012
    Another overhyped MMORPG that doesn't have nothing especial. Not better than TOR, The Secret World, and TERA, all things considered. The same "kill X and Y" with another face. Lack of progression. No endgame.
  67. Sep 24, 2012
    i bought this game because of the great review it had gotten, but i found the gameplay to be so slow and sluggish. I didn't feel compelled at all to play it, so now it is just collecting dust on my harddrive (so to speak). I regret buying it, since i feel Star Wars TOR is a better overall experience.
  68. Sep 27, 2012
    I had been waiting a longtime for GW 2, and I have been pleased with the game until this week when the developers introduced code limiting the amount of time you can spend farming for materials, loot - whatever. They claim this diminishing return code that they have injected into the game is to help stem off botters, however it negatively affects the regular player.

    On my server events
    are now dead, bots still run rampant and overall quality of the game has already degraded. The entire economy is an out of whack mess.

    Visually the game is beautiful, combat is okay and I do enjoy the puzzle aspects of the game...but those things alone are not enough to keep me interested.

    Anets communication is poor at best. Threads and topics on their official forums are moderated heavily to diminish the negativity that is floating around, or threads are disappearing alltogether without reason or explanation.
  69. Jan 31, 2014
    Don't get me wrong, the game is good, but the way people were speaking and writing about it you would expect it to be the next huge evolution in the MMORPG genre. It is not.
    There are a few great improvements, such as "dynamic events" which let you join in on any world event regardless of your level (won't scale you up though). But if I am being honest this is more of a convenience than
    a major game changer, it simply makes it faster to run around and engage in the world rather than having to find a party/guild, etc.
    The gameplay/battle is standard cookie-cutter MMORPG fare from 2006. If you enjoy pressing tab to target, then your character auto attacks or you use a few skills till its dead, then this game will live up to your expectations. I will say the dodge system is a nice small change, but it only goes so far.
    sPvP is your standard capture points, etc. While the game brings a few new welcome changes to the genre, it in no way redefines MMOs. Dull target/autoattack engine from WoW 2006.

    I spent about a month thinking over whether to buy this game, looking at gameplay, reviews, etc. I finally bought it on sale for $40. I was sorely mistaken. I had more fun with Terraria and I bought it for $2.50.
    Simply put, do NOT buy into the hyped up reviews from 2012 who reviewed it the day after it was released and use all sorts of nice words like "fantastic, amazing, beautiful, game-changer".
  70. Sep 27, 2012
    Not a bad launch for an MMO but it had several issues like the trading post. They trying something innovative with classes being a jack of all trades. No specific tank, control, healer, dps classes. Each class is a little of each all rolled into one, its just they each do it a little different. This makes teamwork more difficult later on when people team up for dungeons causing several frustrating wipes. There are alot of pluses here but the class system is innovative but your either a like or hate it. I'm just too ingrained from other MMO's I have played like FF XI, DCUO, and SWTOR. If your willing to take a walk out of the MMO comfort zone, I suggest trying it. You may like it. I unfortunately did not. Expand
  71. Oct 5, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is a wonderful game as it incorporates an innovative and completely new style to MMORPGs. The game has beautifully crafted environments and characters, an easy to pick up insanely hard to master combat style, fascinating lore with an intriguing storyline and an immersive, constantly changing world, there is never a time when you have nothing to do in Tyria. The community also feels generally friendly, there aren't as many trolls and flamers compared to many other MMORPGs, although the massive number of gold sellers spamming chat is quite irritating. That being said Arenanet has taken a rather anti-gold-seller approach to Guild Wars 2 by making it so that in-game currency can be traded for paid currency. In Guild Wars 2 finding groups for dungeons is fairly quick even without a feature similar to WoW's dungeon finder because there is no 'holy trinity' in the game, most combinations of any 5 professions will work, I've even once run a hard mode dungeon as 5 necromancers. There have been a lot of worries about the lack of an endgame in Guild Wars 2 but many of these worries are unfounded, there is PLENTY of endgame content and it's pretty fun as well. In every boss fight it's never the lack of gear that kills you, it's the incredibly difficult mechanics or lack of a player's skill that kills you. Guild Wars 2 PvE endgame consists mostly of explorable mode or hard mode dungeons. The bosses in the dungeons themselves tend to drop pretty crappy gear, but when a player finishes a dungeon they are rewarded with tokens which are specific to that dungeon, these tokens are used to buy better gear that has looks that are based on the dungeon which the tokens were acquired from. Most explorable mode dungeons have 1 very challenging boss and the rest aren't too bad, but the challenging boss has the tendency to be REALLY DAMN CHALLENGING. That being said, all of these bosses can be overcome without too much difficulty as long as everyone in the team contributes and covers each others mistakes. It's not about being perfect so much as it is about minimizing the number of mistakes you make and helping teammates out when they screw up. Getting enough tokens to complete a full set of gear is quite a grind as each piece of gear requires quite a lot of tokens, some may argue that it's a bit too much of a grind, I'm inclined to agree especially since it can take up to 2 hours to complete an explorable mode dungeon on a PUG and you don't get an awful lot of tokens per run. Overall Guild Wars 2 may not be a perfect game but it is certainly an amazing game and it is the next step in the evolution of MMORPGs. Expand
  72. Oct 9, 2012
    Repetitive is something u should have expected. I'd play so many games, all looks repetitive, if u blame u need to push the same button in a game, please rethink noobs. I'd play COD and most of the time i clicked Left Mouse button for hours dude, opss kids. I'd played Starcraft 2, RE series, all using Left Mouse button mostly so stop blame repetitive on button. LoL
  73. Oct 12, 2012
    I liked GW2 but i was disappointed that I did not LOVE GW2. While not a huge fan of MMO's i thought this would be the game that brought me into this genre. However, i was bored by the time i reached level 60 with my necromancer and i couldn't take how slow my character moved and how the camera had a little sway to it.. I alo hated how immersion breaking the story was. As a necromancer I would have not made the decisions my character was making. I wish there were more voice choices and speech options. Overall well polished game with fun PVP.....but just not for me. Expand
  74. Nov 3, 2012
    This game is worth the money, if only to go through the content once. I was a hard core WoW player for 4 years before giving it up. Guild Wars 2 makes it clear it is going head-to-head with WoW as evidenced by this "encrypted" saying that was on one of the tombstones outside of Divinity's Reach: "I played WoW and look at me now. If only I had been like you and stuck to playing GW2". It has since been removed, but it makes it clear what audience ArenaNet is going after. + Better than WoW
    = Equal to WoW
    - Worse than WoW

    + Dynamic quests keeps things fresh and exciting and making grouping up with people in the same area painless
    + Every class gets a self heal
    + Every class can rez another player
    + Access to trading post from anywhere in the world
    + Shared resource nodes (unlike WoW's every man for himself model)
    + No monthly subscription fee = Graphics: Pretty equal to WoW, although the text in GW2 is a bit weird/dated.
    = Environment: World is alive and detailed with leaves flying around and visually stunning landscapes
    = Sound/Music: Music is good; the sounds come from real life recordings for realism
    = Holiday events and rewards on par with WoW's

    - Different areas are instanced leading to "breaks" between traveling between them
    - No LFG tool. Every modern MMO has this. This game needs a serious LFG tool like WoW
    - No addon support
    - Lack of content. I found myself trying to hunt all over for quests to level up with. WoW doesn't have this problem
    - Dungeons can be frustrating
    - Lack of a decent tutorial or guide system for crafting, travel and gameplay (Blizzard now gives you a PDF manual with everything you ever wanted to know and more about WoW)
    - Lack of mounts

    Overall, this game seems like WoW in a simpler time, like 2004/2005. Sit in a map or a city and spam the chat channels LFG. That's what I did years ago and don't feel like doing that anymore.
  75. Nov 24, 2012
    I am a casual gamer, and I love this game. I can play at whatever speed I choose with no sub. There a certain amount of gamers trying to sabotage this games ratings by saying that they have introduced grind with the new armour. While this is true, the armour is not essential to progressing in the game. It is a choice. So take no heed from the people who are rating it below 5. Unless they have a truly valid point for not liking it. Expand
  76. Nov 26, 2012
    this is a great game the world events are great , the world vs world pvp is amazing and the crafting is probably the best in any mmo right now. But the questing is essentially the same thing as any other mmo whether its collecting things or killing things to complete a quest.
  77. Dec 4, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was my last MMORPG. The meaning of a MMORPG is progession, progression gets you too keep playing. soure: http://www.gamegoldfast.com/gw2/buy-guildwars2-gold.php
  78. Dec 11, 2012
    I've been playing this MMO with my GF now for well over 3 months. We've been taking things quite slowly, and only yesterday hit 80 on our main characters! And while it's not without some minor flaws, it scores a solid 9/10 from me.

    First off, I love eye candy in a game, and this is where GW2 shines. Its views, landscapes, details, are astounding. And even though we reached lvl 80 with
    our mains, and up to 35 with our alts, we still haven't seen vast swathes of content. It's truly MASSIVE. Gameplay is certainly entertaining, and while you don't need to be a 25-fingered alien to use all your skills, your weapon-switching and moving about certainly matter a lot. It's by no means easy!

    Add to that the detailed crafting system, the multitude of dungeons, the structured PvP gameplay, the WvW madness, the dialog humour, and so much more, and you have a very slick, stylish, polished and well-rounded gaming experience. Obviously being an MMO it gets much better when playing with a guild or friends, and there I can think of one or two improvements, but on the whole, I know I will play this for a long time. there's just so much more content I am really curious about!

    I understand some people don't like certain details, and that's fine, some of my friends have stopped playing for various reasons. I agree this game isn't perfect for everyone, that's OK, there are plenty of games that don't suit me either even though I agree they are very cool. But to be fair, I do think this game has lasting appeal, especially with all the special events being added all the time. Well done ArenaNet!
  79. Dec 15, 2012
    This game worth to be in the collection of the best games ever made ( if there is one). High quality graphics and sound help the game to be wonderfull. The gameplay is solid and the action of the game id very good. RPG elements work great and the players are nice and kind. ArenaNet helps you get better by aid you with the quests and writing GW2 Wiki Guide. The game is not so hard like LOTRO ( not Pay2Win) and the character creation is fine. This should be the GOTY of 2012. Expand
  80. Dec 18, 2012
    GW2 is awesome ! It has a great new skill system that works really well and is enjoyable. The map is huge with tons of places to visit. And the events they have. So much fun in so many different ways. I will be playing GW2 for years to come.
    The only downside in my mind is I preferred the skill system in GW1 a little more, as the system in GW2 doesn't leave much room for expansion /
    differences at the higher levels. Expand
  81. Dec 19, 2012
    So far the best MMO I have played, GREAT graphics, nice mechanics, fluid gameplay, smooth performance, updated constantly and full of pvp between servers(called world versus world)
  82. Dec 27, 2012
    I really wanted to like GW2, and I tried. Different classes, different races. I kept asking myself, "So many people like this game, and the reviews are great; what am I not getting, here?" The story is weak, and the voice acting is often laughably bad. The questing system is a hot mess, and it just seems as though the world is constantly throwing these objectives at you without any back-story or sense of purpose (unless you go looking for the NPC with the heart over their head, but even then, the story is usually not worth reading). The combat is extremely dull and simple. I could engage in combat, walk away from my computer for a minute or two, and return to find I'd won.

    Even when playing with friends, I could never stomach more than an hour before things got boring. In other MMOs, when I needed to break-up the monotony, I'd jump into PvP. But this is the same effect-spamming, insta-cast, running in circles and jumping all over the place crap that has become the MMO norm.

    Nothing about it felt revolutionary. In fact, some much was streamlined in the U/I and party systems that the experience felt cheapened. Coupled with the mediocre production values and lackluster visuals, I was extremely aware at all times that I was playing a free game. In the end, I decided that I'm not actually "missing" anything. GW2 is insanely overhyped and completely overrated because it's free-to-play. Would the reviews be so high if you had to pay monthly to play?
  83. Jan 25, 2014
    Very good looking game. Great quest system, doesn't feel like a grind to get to 80. Mechanics are well-polished. Good sound effects and ambience.

    Crafting is a complete and total waste of time.

    Very very very few customization options for your toon. You can dye your armor. That's it. There are only about 3 different "skins" for gear for each class for about every 20 lvls. As
    you lvl you look like everyone else. When you hit 80, you look like you did when you were 20 and still like everyone else. Sure sure you can run 9000000000000 raid instances and maybe get something different. No thanks.

    There's not even anything in the in game cash shop worth buying. Total waste of a cash shop IMO.

    PVP.... game is supposed to be built around it. Q up, only 1 of 2 things happens. You wander around with NOTHING to do, and NOONE else in the zone.... OR you get insta zerg raped. Hooray.
  84. Oct 15, 2014
    For the record my rating is -- i like (10) or i don't like (0), this 0-10 system is a joke, what exactly is a 5? Not sure if i like or not? I'm sorry? Seriously, anyway.

    I'd give this game a 10 if it was 1 Year ago.

    This game used to be wonderful, however 2 years doing the same is a joke. LS content never worked and never will, a game doesn't survive with casuals, it survives with
    Hardcore players who keep it active by playing it a good amount of hours, and actually spend money on the Gem Store to support the game.

    To make things worse Anet sold some of their servers causing even more lag than already existed, having even 10 seconds of lags sometimes, which doesn't happen on any other game, meaning it's this game's servers.

    To make things worse, people that Stream the game have these lags as well, making the game look like a joke to outsiders and potentially future buyers.
  85. Jan 23, 2013
    ArenaNet's Core Dev team thought up a wonderful change for the MMO genre. But the game was so big to develop, that they had to bring in more employees. And as with any big company, leadership needs to be strong en directive. This is not a cosy and warm enthusiast project. This is a real gargantuan challenge. And sorry to say: it fails for me. It is judged by the criterium that all games are judged by: engagement. Remember the 8-bit games? Visually prehistoric, but by times excellent to keep you interested due to the mechanics of the game-design. Fast-forward to GW2. It does not commit you to your character development, role or affairs in the GW2 world. The player does not matter to the world, and the game mechanics autonomously does its thing. This is not a MMORPG, it's a MMO. I know that over time it will enhance on its features and get more polished. But will not change in its core design that sins on the first rule of successful gaming: engagement. Expand
  86. Feb 2, 2013
    This game keeps being praised as the best thing since sliced bread and is not even up to par with current MMORPGs; you could say is only an online game and not an RPG. Over a decade ago, games like Ever Quest were able to create a sense of immersion and atmosphere, you could role play your character and every role had it's own play style and strategy. You where invaluable to your team and it felt rewarding. Now, almost 15 years later, this game is just a common button smasher, every character is the same but with a different paint coat. No "trinity" means that there is no strategy and everyone is a DPS class. Everyone looks the same, feels the same and you can reach the maximum level in 2-4 weeks. After that, all the exotic gear is the same thing for everyone. If you like exploration and discovering the maps then this game will have some temporary appeal to you, but the combat is horrible, dungeons are unrewarding and brutal, PVP is a Zerg fest and crafting is the worst I've seen. I am disappointed that this game can't compare to games 15 years old and is just some pretty graphics with no substance. Expand
  87. Oct 13, 2013
    This game is so different than Guild Wars Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and EotN. It is a massively multi-player game that feels so so singleplayer. There are no more Cooperative missions and every explorable area has dynamic quests that can be done with anyone. Despite this, there is little player to player interaction in the PvE mode and it has nothing compared to the thrills of Cooperative Missions in the first Guild Wars games. I don't like the graphics as much either and I prefer the art direction in Guild Wars 1. It's really too bad Guild Wars 1 is a dying game because it was such a great game and much better than Guild Wars 2. Expand
  88. Apr 11, 2013
    Being a gamer, I have to admit that I have not play a mmo game before this game. But when Angry Joe gave it a 10/10 I decided to give it a try. I took a gamble and bought three copies for my friends and I, $180, to try. This Game was amazing. The Story and the game play was good. Then only problem I had was the PvP aspect of this game. The pvp suck. At least the world vs world vs world (WvWvW) is fun. I love spamming my toon into the "zerg", killing some "ppl", player, and running safely away.

    What sold me about this game was the pay model. Buy it once and play it with no monthly fee. Hours of fun.
  89. Jul 18, 2013
    Two of the biggest problem of this game is the poor history and weakly content in max. lvl.
    But is the best mmorpg after world of warcraft, better than Tera, Rift, or Aion.
  90. May 5, 2013
    Now I want to start of saying 10/10 does not mean a perfect game. It simply means it is worth every penny you spend on it. Now on the the review

    GW2 (short to save characters) is an amazing MMO. While other MMOs have your teams compete for loot and the reward for killing something, GW2 rewards everyone, and better yet, you get even more rewarded for helping each other. So MMO camping is
    eliminated. The combat and skills are amazing, since all professions and weapons are balanced, and there is no "best weapon". Truth is, it's based on your skill and your preference. This also applies to professions.

    The bosses are also spectacular. They are usually massive battles, spawning amazing loot everyone can get. This accompanied by the beautiful environments and music create the perfect atmosphere for this game. You can do small things as well, like cook food or break up fights in a bar, which I love to do in this game whenever I do not feel like exploring, which is also recommended. Exploring gives exp, and if you explore a whole area, you get a huge exp boost plus some items as a reward.

    Social interaction is recommended, as they keep you playing the game. This is why when you first play, I recommend you quickly ask the map for an open guild. PVP is also fun and requires strategy to it, so definitely check that out.

    A game is not a game without flaws, and there are plentiful.
    First dungeons feel a bit overpowering, especially for new players. Also some low level equipment do not look to special, and skins can only be used once. However these are just some nit picky problems, and are not to bothersome.

    Again, BUY THIS GAME!
  91. Dec 18, 2013
    Dynamic events? Epic quests? Evolving world? Revolutionary mechanics? A crafting system to die for? Exciting WvW? If all that sounds familiar, then you might've heard it once before as it was all part of the marketing hype for Guild Wars 2.

    Sadly it seems it was just that, hype, and nothing more. We are now close to entering 2013, and a reflective look upon GW2 shows that it has
    certainly not revolutionised the mmo market. At best it serves to provide the best F2P mmo on the market, but that isn't saying much since the F2P mmo competition is mostly subpar.

    Lets start with the quest system. How dynamic are they exactly? Well, if you consider repeating timed quests as dynamic then clearly a new definition for its meaning needs to be invented. But it isn't the lacking dynamic part that is the issue here, it's the content. GW quests and the writing involved has never been engaging. GW2 takes this to a whole new level. One can only imagine the content writers must all be hello kitty fans because thats exactly the direction in which GW2 takes the player.
    Got a mighty big burly warrior? Well, how mighty will he be helping some poor farmer feed her piglets? Or how about the mighty adventurer helping to build snowmen or throw snowballs at kids for some strange obscure reason about lack of parenting.

    Yes, boys and girls, the quests in GW2 are simply lame. Not much effort seems to have gone into even giving the player some sense of self-worth. It's as if the content writers made up half of the stuff as they went along. How about the personal storyline in general? Well, at first its not bad, but it ain't great. But the big letdown comes at the end which I can't say otherwise this becomes a spoiler. Lets just say its a bit of a cop-out for a final confrontation.

    If the goody heavenly mundane quests are not enough to deter you, perhaps the crafting system might. Every mmo has a crafting system of some kind, GW2 ain't no different. But expect no surprises here. The crafting system is absolutely pointless and only serves as an extra grind for players to commit to. Low-level crafting serves no purpose, while high level crafting involves a lot of grinding for gear with very slim profitable margins which leaves the entire crafting system solely geared towards end-game content. There is really nothing for the low-level, mid-level player here. The system has been designed to accommodate the end-game user which in itself is also lacking.

    The loot system is another issue since its flooded with useless gear that serves nothing but to bog the player down with endless inventory management that can take its toll trying to weed out whats useful and whats not. Granted this mostly only effects new players, a veteran will easily start learning to distinguish from whats worth and whats not but the whole system still remains what it is, an overbloated loot mechanic with worthless junk.

    When GW2 first came out, I was enjoying it. I was playing it along with my clan and we had a decent guild going. I was actually having fun, for a time, in an mmo. But it didn't take long for the rose-tinted glasses to disappear and reality to seep in. GW2 is lacking in almost every department and it shows with its current server population.

    If you enjoy epic adventures such as feeding piglets, helping children across the road, completing extremely mundane quests that you would rather just skip (but can't because the whole reward system/leveling up is based around doing them and not avoiding them) then you might just feel right at home here.

    But for me, I woke up to what GW2 is and I hope others do as well. We are still a long way away from a revolutionary MMO and sadly GW2 isn't it and its a safe bet that GW3 will not be it either.
  92. May 28, 2013
    Really a poor game and disappointing if you were expecting a game somewhat similar to the earlier Guild Wars installments. I was expecting a game that would at least somewhat resemble Guild Wars 1 but this game was entirely different, missing all the traits that made Guild Wars 1 such an addicting game. I missed the cooperative elements such as the co-op missions even more. This game is just another WOW clone, and the graphics are the same if not worse than the earlier Guild Wars games. Expand
  93. Jun 8, 2013
    Taking everything what made the original Guild Wars so unqiue and tossing it the trash can. The whole game concept is solely focussed on commercial success.
  94. Sep 28, 2013
    I wanted to try the free account offered by Guild wars 2, because I've heard of it many good things. Now I'm confused: the first thing was when I tried to download the installation file (25 gb) the net failed, and I had to try again from the begining I mean it's 2013, for God's sake. No pause, no nothing?
    After finally downloading it, I made an account, verified, and played a bit. Next
    day when I wanted to get on the servers, it asked me for authentication, an email that didn't arrive. I tried a few times, then tried logging into my account from a browser still no authentication email... I went to support, but I couldn't get a ticket, because I have no serial... So that was about it. Try it its free, but you won't get anything.
    About the game (to be correct, about the hour I could play with the game): This was my 1st MMO, I was always interested to play one, but I never had (or wanted to pay) the money for a subscription or the time. Now I think I didn't lose anything... Soulless NPCs walking around, I know that there would be PvP and stuff, with real gamers, but if I revive, heal or help someone a 'thank' would be a minimal effort. They get up and walk by like nothing happened.
    I have to climb up somewhere on a rock to get some egg, but the model is soo blocky. Quake 1 was way better. So it 'jumps', falls of course, and dies of course. Revive on resurrection point and walk back to try again. Gave up after 2 tries.
    It's like playing Gears of war after Skyrim or Assassins Creed, feels like you're a tank, not a human.
    If a baddie monster kills me I should do something to survive, but no indication what. What should I do, which button to press, etc, nothing. A little help would be great, but no. Although there's place enough to nag me to buy the full version. No, sir no!

    The controls are dumb. Holding the right mouse all the time. Maybe I could get used to it, if it was worth it... But given the fact that I couldn't go back AND won't buy full after these experiences, I will never know...

    Many user says here that this is the best MMO of all times. If this is true, then MMO as a game genre is just not for me.
  95. Sep 30, 2013
    There are big risks associated with buying this game in terms of account security. If you buy the game you may never be able to play it. if you play there are few guarantees your account won't be hacked or the game won't become unplayable if you had an old Guild Wars account and you forgot that password after a few years of doing other things. In short this fails the vital test of safety and security in a modern internet environment. Buy at your own risk. You have been warned.

  96. Sep 29, 2013
    This is the first review i have ever written for a game having read many to help me decide upon whether a game is worth purchasing. GW2 offers fun game play has a great payment model and offers great value for money. However after not playing for several months I have returned to find that my account has been deleted due to accusations of altering game files. I have no way now of contacting support regarding this and find that I am unable to even find out when this apparently took place. I will not be purchasing any future games by Arena Net.

    Use caution when purchasing any of their products as they will not inform you of the ban or reasons for it.
  97. Nov 21, 2013
    In my opinion, this is the best MMORPG ever. Better than the first Guild Wars, better than WoW and better than Lineage. Awesome graphics (artistic style), fantastic world, interesting story, balanced PvP, awesome soundtrack, good gameplay, monthly events, no monthly fee and more!
  98. Nov 27, 2013
    Best mmorpg out there to date. Graphics are stellar the gameplay is smooth and entertaining the old boring questing system is done. There is 0 reasons to pay monthly for a game when something like this is out there.
  99. Jan 9, 2014
    Over my three accounts in this game, I have easily spent over 1,500 hours and I don't regret it a bit. This game is absolutely charming and wonderful.
  100. Sep 13, 2014
    So at release I would have given that game a 8/10 - 9/10, but today I can give it no more than 4/10. Why is that, you may ask? On one hand several bugs are still in the game after 2 years. But thats not the problem. The Problem is the content. PVE: As for normal dungeons there is ONE new path in one dungeon and fractals. Fractals have been added as a vicious grind circle were you repeat the same instances over and over again on different difficultiy levels in order to get items to play the same instance on a higher "difficulty" level.
    The other thing you can do in endgame is either casually strolling around or farming for your "endgame gear", because the old ingame gear was pretty easy to get (what they promised), they added a new time-gated money grind tier of gear in order to keep ppl playing.
    But that new tier doesnt have to do anything with skill or archieving something, it is just a time-gated money grind. Money grind cause you cant even farm specific items, so you have to farm money in order to buy what you need.
    Overall the game is driving into the direction of a very repetitve asia grinder (especially since china release)
    Since the last feature patch now a big button is placed inside the tradingpost (the gw2 form of an auction house) it states "Need some Gold?", and is a concrete statement:
    "You want ingame money?
    Buy it from us!"

    The last Feature Patch even ruined the part of the game that distinguished it from every other one in the best way: The leveling. Now its time-gated and annoying as well.

    Has many issues, balance, 4vs5 match-ups just to name a few.

    2 Maps have been added one removed (cause they couldnt balance it).
    One of the added maps is even more unbalanced than the one that got removed and is thus being hated by a majority of the forum community (Id say 70-80%).
    Hated that much that some ppl even willingly go AFK in rated queues, accepting defeat, just in order not to play on it. (leaderboards are not trustworthy anyway, thats quite another topic)

    Anets response on this is silence, okay when one of the "top players" asked them about it on their overhyped tournament of legends(which's final was watched live by only 1500 ppl)
    they stated that forum community wouldnt at all represent player community, which might be true, but I ask myself how they know that if they didnt make a ingame poll about it.

    Due to the lack of love for PvP , PvP has become pretty much dead, even though a lot of ppl got attracted to it first, especially because of the greatness of GW1 in that regard.

    My advice , if you want a good game , buy Guild Wars 1 (all 4 parts), you cant jump there but in almost every other aspect it is superior.
  101. Dec 5, 2012
    I am a huge MMOrpg player and played Guild Wars, when the beta was announced I went to get in on that, Played the beta and am currently playing the game. There have been a lot of claims, hype, rumors, and promises from this game. My favorite promise they made was it will not be a grind... Sorry but the game is just that one huge grind, Wait let me finish, while the game is based on grinding you level so fast and things happen at a quick pace that most will not notice it. Speaking of leveling, it is so fast and easy that it might make your head spin. On average you can level once per hour with no problem all the way to 80, The problem is you want to stop and look at stuff, because the game is quite amazing to look at. The graphics are extremely tight and amazing, even on medium settings, on the lowest graphic settings thats when you kinda say ehh there ok but its very hard to tell the difference between medium and High.

    They didn't quite live up to everything they said they would but they came very close, One word of caution here there are many bugs, and they are still tweeking the game. Which are causing many of the problems players are complaining about, I bring this up since at this time the game is just about 3 to 4 months old things should level out around 5-6 months since this is the find and remove stage of when a game comes out every Big MMo that comes out has this even WoW did. So if your looking for a great MMO this is it though you may want to wait till the bugs are gone.

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.