• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Jan 15, 2013
    GW2 is great for casual players. It does feel like WoW at times... a lot of the time imo. Nothing new here, and really low difficulty. I would never pay a subscription for this game, but fortunately there isn't one. This is the key imo. Since it's a one time purchase, this game is well worth it. It's a huge rpg. That's the way i think of it. leveling is a solo-fest, and the community is so-so. But for a one time purchase fee, you will get far more content than any single player rpg out there, so you can't really complain. It seems real tactical teamwork, and cohesive communities (FFXI and EQ for example) are a thing of the past in the MMO world, which begs the question, why are we playing these games online. Sometimes i think games like this (GW2, WoW, SWTOR etc) could be easily be single player games with instanced co-op, like Demon's/Dark Souls. Like i said, at least this one is free. I give it an 8/10 Expand
  2. Jan 15, 2013
    Perfect game for casual players. That doesn't mean hardcore players can't play it. But it's fun, it's not hard to lv up (everything u do, EVERYTHING gives you exp), many people complain it's hard to lv up yet they haven't played the game for more than a couple of days. You'll reach 80 even before you know it, and you'll feel like there's still so much left to do.
    Yes, some people may not
    agree or like the game, but people that give this game a 0 are just haters... Only thing that I feel it's missing is a normal pvp or duel mode on the pve environment, or even a pk mode, as the pve world is just too nice and peaceful, sometimes you feel like you need some "bad guys" that are not just npcs. But even then, the WvWvW is really fun, you don't even need to join the zergs... sometimes you can just wander around the maps and you may even find a chance to 1 on 1 or at least fight with smaller groups of people. Expand
  3. Jan 14, 2013
    GW2...really? its not even close to gw1. The story is lame, the dungons are easy pvp is dying on the vine, wvw3 and des are a zerg fest , with the additional bonus of lagging out . The classes dont even feel diffrent from one another, and its entire no-trinity system hase made it a dps fest with no skill involved. Grats anet you took a great games title and @##$ all over it. Oh yea get ready to get dinged into the cash grab trading post, pfft ..and no farming, free to play is still to expensive, it feels like SWTOR all over again with all the problems they fail to adress. Expand
  4. Jan 11, 2013
    I cant get into it. I really have tried and like the first Guild wars I've only got a character to around lvl 25 and have completely lost interest. I find it a very unsocial game, still to much of a rush to get to the end game or lvl 80. Which is my first big gripe - it takes to damn long to finish the game or reach maximum level. True it's not about the end game, it's the journey. yet I should not have to spend 100 hours or so to bloody well get there, it's ridiculous! Around 30 or so hours is more than enough time to dedicate to one character and a player should be rewarded more appropriately for their time invested.

    As for being in a guild - it's a sense of belonging to something, yet it aside from that, the game does indeed feel like a single player game with other people jumping in and out of it at times. As an older gamer (37) I play for perhaps different reasons than others. One of my main reason for playing while I'm distanced from more interesting things to do (my girlfriend for one), is the social aspect of a multiplayer game. And for me this game has very little meaningful interaction. People jump in, kill, jump out of your area. For all it was promised to be, guild wars is STILL and end level game. That for me makes it rather disappointing as I'll most likely never get there.

    Another BIG mistake they did was make the level's to high - to big of a spread. 40 levels would have been more than sufficient and make it take longer to achieve them. That way more people could have played together, with there being more characters of a similar level. Instead you have a situation where you are pretty well ALWAYS playing without your fellow guild members and by yourself to level. Hence little reason to be a part of a guild until you reach end game... my opinion. :-)

    It was fresh in many ways and combat is fun. Looks pretty and great with no monthly subscription, yet it's far from enough to get me to give in any more of my time until MAJOR changes take place... which they shall not.
  5. Jan 10, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 does a lot of things right and is an enjoyable game However, there are already other big games like RuneScape which has got it 99% right, so in conclusion forget Guild Wars 2 and play RuneScape.
  6. Jan 10, 2013
    The game doesn't have that good graphics. But I'm not playing games because of graphics. When I first tried the game in it's beta state I was like a "donut" simply, is this real? Am I playing this MMO? Simply the best MMO to date. Age of Conan still has better graphics, but hey. They just took normal quests were you read paragraphs of paragraphs of text and just go over there talk to that guy and go all the way back by putting in hearts where you put out fires, kill monsters, gather this and that. It's variety! And not to forget the event system, event chains like something happens, and you fail to stop it and now you have to take it back.
    The personal story is also amazing except the last quest. You simply spam one button. You have so many different choices which means you can play it again and have a different experience. And with this personal story you can actually tell your friends and people you met online who your character is and what they've done in order to "save" the world. The gear system is just amazing. Every peace of gear in heavy-, light- and medium armor is equally good. Nothing is better than other gear just different stats. And the fact that you can change the looks of gear to what you like it to be is great. Now let's move over to the dungeon system. first of all it's ONLY 5-man. because the classes do everything like tank, heal and dps. The class is not what you are and what you do but how you do it. If it's mor than 5-man you need a specific tank class etc. More about classes later. But the dungeons consist of one story mode and explorable one. Story mode: Well it's story based, and actually not a bad one either! It's a extra story for your personal story. It's hard if no one in the group knows the tactics but when you learn them they are fairly easy, and you get good exp if you're leveling (lvling) up. Before I start on explorable I'm just telling you that they said they will remake everything we know of the dungeons to this day :) Explorable: Consists of 3 or more paths, much harder but still not that hard, more teamwork, more skill ofc. When you finish you get emblems to use for gear/legendary(ies). Classes/Races: 5 races and 10 classes. Each race can be every class, each races has they're own story. The customization is slick and has much to it. The fact that you can get dyes and color your armor the way you want is amuses me every day and every time I do it. I've tried every race and the only races I don't like that much is Azura just because they don't have as much detail to the armor as the others. But the classes. 2 soldier classes (heavy armor) which is Warrior and Guardian. 3 adventure classes (medium armor, which is ranger, thief and egnineer. 3 scholar classes (light armor) which is elementalist, necromancer and mesmer. Read more about the classes on http://www.guildwars2.com Fun stuff to do: Jumping puzzles. I've got to say, these are fantastic! It's ridicolus how much fun it's to see how much people can fail at these. Do them with your guild or friends. It's fun!

    One shout out to ArenaNet for this amazing MMORPG. They have invented the best MMORPG to date.
  7. Jan 10, 2013
    Nothing about this game matches the quality of the rating it has accrued. These are just SOME of my main gripes and there's a lot of them. But mostly, this game is just so !@#$ing boring.
    Questing: There's a lot of detail but the lack of quantitative reward for exploring this detail or even enjoyment you get from it is minimal. Just because you don't "pick-up" a quest doesn't make it a
    ground breaking system. It is, in essence, the same as every other RPG on the market. This just makes you hate exploring the lore of the game even more because you're skipping it 90% of the time.
    Lack of incentive: There is almost no incentive for doing anything in this game. Everything is spoon-fed. There's no real need to prioritize doing anything. You could assign your skills at random and still make it 80 easily. And for that matter...
    Why even have a leveling cap if you're just going to adjust everything to begin with. There's not real satisfaction in gaining a level. You don't measurably "improve". In fact, you get progressively worse, suffering from diminishing returns on stats until you buy a new set of gear The fact that your levels are adjusted to your zone and all PvP is at 80 level makes a leveling system almost completely redundant. Sure, you gain more skills but it doesn't really make you more "powerful". I felt just as useless at level 80 as I did at 30 because you're limited to the number of skills that fit in your tiny action bar. Advancing to higher level zones is almost redundant because you can literally reach level 80 by grinding in the first zone you hit and completing random events. The fact that diminishing returns DOESN'T apply to higher level characters reduces the number of people in the mid-level zones making it incredibly hard to complete those group events you need randoms to walk by for.
    is extremely limited. You're given a set number of action bar slots for each class and are restricted to it. This pigeon holes you into the same skills, the same rotations and the same strategies for combat. Even swapping weapons seems pointless because your other set of weapons probably doesn't match the playing style you chose. Social Combat: The social nature of PvE questing in Guild Wars 2 actually detracts from its purpose. Nobody wants to join your party against a common foe, just pick up whoever walks along, kill it and they'll be on their merry way. I didn't get to talk to them, I don't even know who they are because the interface is clumsy and I'll never be able to contact them again. You just can't make friends in the world because it makes people care less about what you're doing.
    This game is just incredibly boring. It is a chore to play and offers almost no stimulation beyond visual. The interface is a horror, gameplay isn't fluid and you can't lose yourself in the game.
  8. Jan 6, 2013
    Being a long time mmo player i knew i needed to try Guild Wars 2 has they add promised to deliver a dynamic world where questing didin't felt like a shore and your actions changed the world, but did they achieve it?
    Well after playing it for hours i can safely say yes, yes they did.

    This is not you typical mmo combat system, in Guild Wars 2 you get a new set of 5 skills in
    each different type of weapon and an additional 5 skills (one of which is an elite skill) which you can customize depending on you class.
    The combat itself is a mix between action oriented(Tera Online/Raiderz) and a typical mmo (WoW/SWTOR). If you use an ability that swings your sword and you have more then one enemy around the game will recognize and you will damage all the enemies, however you dont have to aim the abilities like in Tera.
    The problem i have with most mmo's gameplay is the combat not feeling fluid and the animations of said abilities lagging behind, this however doesn't effect Guild Wars 2, all the abilities have different animation and they all sync perfectly.

    The graphics of Guild Wars 2 didin't impress me all that much but they have to take into account that the game must perform well with hundreds of players on screen like WvWvW. While the graphics aren't the strongest point the game compensates with a beautiful artstyle across all zones.

    What to do?
    Like the ordinary MMO you have PvP and PvE. As for PvP there are two types, WvWvW(World vs World vs World) and sPvP (Structured PvP). You can do both of this at level 1, WvWvW is a massive battle between 3 servers with points to capture across a huge map divided into 3 zones and sPvP is the typical Battlegrounds that we are used too from others MMO which can be played competitively.
    The PvE of Guild Wars 2 consists of 5 Man Dungeons, Dynamic Events and the personal storyline.
  9. Jan 3, 2013
    In all honesty, I regret buying the game. It was now for me, and quite possibly not for some people who gave negative reviews. I saw that the good things were "Dynamic events" "Revolutionary" and I really thought that these things would make me love the game, but instead it felt very repetitive and I was unable to cling to it. I must admit though that I enjoyed it at the start, but I slowly lost it. The only quest rewards are only coins, ranging from a few copper(4 copper) to some silver(3 silver and some copper). They didn't offer anything new to the kill x collect y thing, it's essentially the same except they put a progress bar instead of say 0/10 kills. The dynamic events were good at the start but I felt that they were just self activated quests with a timer. Also the events lack in variety, its all the same. It's usually killing a champion/veteran monster, kill hordes/waves of monsters while capturing this area, collecting a certain number of plants, escorting a dolyak/person and killing of some monsters. It's all the same. The armors too lack in variety and have to be either crafter, bought(karma,AH) or looted(looted ones are generally poorer in qyuiality compared to crafted or bought. The story is nice but could've been presented MUCH better. One good this about the game is Tyria. The world looks amazing and Tyria is beautifully crafted. The sound is also amazing. WvW is fun and PvP is statistically balanced. It's not a good game in my eyes, it's not a bad one either. It's just another game in the MMO cycle. Either to be remembered or forgotten. Expand
  10. Jan 2, 2013
    this game is totally wrecked. i have not even got the chance to play it yet because of the insane registering. i missed out on the $30 dollar amazon deal, still got it for a ok price, but not worth it either way. i highly encourage you to discourage your friends and family from getting this game.. unless your on the brink of suicide, or you just like being sad and depressed. i'd rather play hexen without a monitor. Expand
  11. Jan 2, 2013
    From a PvP perspective this game is 100% fail. No comment on PvE as it's limited (no raiding) and dungeons are bugged and extremely limited w/out holy trinity. GW1 was an amazing game and we all had high hopes for the PvP in the sequel. There are only a few PvP maps and they are all capture the point. Balancing is unbelievably bad and the developers make idiotic, boneheaded class balance tweaks every month or so that satisfy nobody. No public test servers! Only TWO (yes two) developers working on class balance for the entire game, and they seem to be completely clueless about the game. This game may be more suited for casual players, but for people serious about PvP, it is a major, massive step back from GW1 and a very big disappointment. Expand
  12. Jan 1, 2013
    This game is ok, totally over hyped, the game world is huge but it is unfortunate that it is mainly just a cut and paste world. It's saving grace is that it is Buy to Play meaning you can dive in and out as you please.
  13. Dec 30, 2012
    Story: 4 ---------------- The great overarching plot from GW1 is replaced by hundreds of meaningless (but fun) mini-events and some often contrived personal quests.

    Visuals: 10 ----------- It doesn't get a whole lot better for an MMO and the ANet art team is great at creating visual interest.

    Sound: 9 --------------- Jeremy Soul is a genius. The only reason this isn't a 10 is because
    of the headache-inducing noise of necromancer spells and deafeningly cacophonous boss fights.

    Combat: 7 ------------- It's good for an MMO but if you've ever played any action RPG you know exactly what you're missing. It's not as good as TERA's combat but it's good.

    Game Design: 8 ----- In all aspects the game is well-designed but it seems that ArenaNet is not immune to problems with class balance. Certain classes suffer from crippling class-specific design issues and poor skill synergy so much that the player must master every available skill and use them in every fight (engineer, elementalist). Others need do only know how to use a few skills to win most NPC encounters (guardian, thief, warrior). Basically, it's the same situation as with every other MMORPG.

    Fun Factor: 10 ------- Yeah, it's fun. It still gets repetitive, there isn't enough end game content yet and choosing one of the inferior classes can really be a downer but compared to any other MMORPG, it's the best there is. That means it deserves a 10 even if it isn't quite perfect.

    Overall: 8 -------------- A very good game with the potential for greatness. Here's hoping ArenaNet can tap that potential in future updates and class balance patches.
  14. Dec 29, 2012
    First off I would like to say i have tried other mmos. played the wow starter edition thought it was very childish and combat was very boring. so then i bought the secret world when it became subsription less becasue i am very into all the illumanati templar stuff. was ok but the interface was kind of confusing and combat was meh but the story was pretty cool. i was at gamestop one day and a friend of a friend told me to try out guild wars 2. i bought it and have loved every minute of it. i dont rate games by anything other than fun factor becasue really thats all that matters and gw2 gets a ten. charachter creation is really neat and the world is beautiful. just the art direction and creativity is astounding. the combat is also very very fun. the cool thing is u can just be exploring and all f a sudden a random big event happens and you and a whole bunch of people just go do it gain gold and exp. overall very fun if you are thinking about getting this game you really should i cant see you not having a good time.

    prepper out
  15. Dec 28, 2012
    My, my, ArenaNet surely did it's homework in researching "things that every MMO fan seems to want". Beautiful graphics, excellent music, huge open world, no subscription fees - all of that you can find in Guild Wars 2. Too bad that in their pursuit for a perfect MMO formula, ArenaNet forgot to add one critical element to this otherwise perfect equation - fun. No argument for PvP balance can overrule the fact that restricting your class to only a handful of skillsets (as opposed to hundreds in GW1) was an absolutely horrible design choice that doomed the entire experience from the start. The new questing system is also vastly overrated. It really doesn't matter if I have to walk to the NPC or have the quest activated on the go, when it's still the same kill & fetch bullsh*t every other MMO has already done to death. Biggest disappointment of the year. Expand
  16. Dec 27, 2012
    I really wanted to like GW2, and I tried. Different classes, different races. I kept asking myself, "So many people like this game, and the reviews are great; what am I not getting, here?" The story is weak, and the voice acting is often laughably bad. The questing system is a hot mess, and it just seems as though the world is constantly throwing these objectives at you without any back-story or sense of purpose (unless you go looking for the NPC with the heart over their head, but even then, the story is usually not worth reading). The combat is extremely dull and simple. I could engage in combat, walk away from my computer for a minute or two, and return to find I'd won.

    Even when playing with friends, I could never stomach more than an hour before things got boring. In other MMOs, when I needed to break-up the monotony, I'd jump into PvP. But this is the same effect-spamming, insta-cast, running in circles and jumping all over the place crap that has become the MMO norm.

    Nothing about it felt revolutionary. In fact, some much was streamlined in the U/I and party systems that the experience felt cheapened. Coupled with the mediocre production values and lackluster visuals, I was extremely aware at all times that I was playing a free game. In the end, I decided that I'm not actually "missing" anything. GW2 is insanely overhyped and completely overrated because it's free-to-play. Would the reviews be so high if you had to pay monthly to play?
  17. Dec 25, 2012
    This game may have a lot of positive things, but for people adicted to MMORPG. My experience from this game it´s just fight the same enemys in the same place, in the same way, over and over again until I level up to go to a new place and repeat it all.
    Think before buy this game, it´s not for everyone.
  18. Dec 24, 2012
    I buy very few games usually. The hype of some friends about this made me buy it. A waste of money, for me. I got bored in the first 20 level. I simply doesn't feel part of a world. The first thing a good rpg, online or offline, should do is to have a great history/ world (Azeroth, for example) in wich you can feel part of something. I found nothing of it here. The event are something funny... for the first 3 or 4 times. Then they are really boring. Also, the fact you can group with people basically whoever they are, is something that really is against the online experience. I want to make friends and allies in an online game. This, again, is not the case. Try the game before buy it! Expand
  19. Dec 22, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is incredible. I was a huge fan of the first Guild Wars and this game definitely lived up to the hype for me. The world is vast, beautiful, and extremely detailed. The graphics are rich and vibrant. The quests, events, and puzzles are fantastic and very unique. The branching personal story lines are all very engaging, and the PvP is addicting as crack. I love these people that are saying that this is "just an average Rift clone." How is it in any way a Rift clone? Because it has public events? Guild Wars 2 took a successful concept and refined it, fleshed it out more, and made it their own. It's called innovation. They are not copying Rift, they are simply taking a page out of Rift's book and expanding upon it. That's how things make progress. I would also like to mention that several of the issues that people were complaining about and thus gave this game a "0" are all fixed. Guild Wars 2 is the most preeminent MMO to be released in a long time. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. Expand
  20. Dec 19, 2012
    So far the best MMO I have played, GREAT graphics, nice mechanics, fluid gameplay, smooth performance, updated constantly and full of pvp between servers(called world versus world)
  21. Dec 19, 2012
    Fun theme park style of game...DO not rush to the end. Sadly for the end game there really is NOT all that much to do. Worth the experience to try it though
  22. Dec 18, 2012
    GW2 is awesome ! It has a great new skill system that works really well and is enjoyable. The map is huge with tons of places to visit. And the events they have. So much fun in so many different ways. I will be playing GW2 for years to come.
    The only downside in my mind is I preferred the skill system in GW1 a little more, as the system in GW2 doesn't leave much room for expansion /
    differences at the higher levels. Expand
  23. Dec 18, 2012
    This game is horrible, the game gets interesting in the start, but it rappidly becomes boring. All of my friends quit playing after reaching about lvl 10 or so. They are hardcore mmorpg players and always get adicted to them. Many GW2 players says that the "end game" is ****
  24. Dec 16, 2012
    A highly overrated and heavily bug infested game, it started out well with Guild Wars 2 looking like a rare real jewel in an ocean of other mediocre MMOS, with the developers keeping true to their manifestos, unfortunately that didn't last long and the game has been going down hill with the developers constantly changing the feel of the game that its hardly recognizable to its original release. Its OK if you like the same of old style MMOS, but if not then you are suddenly left with a feeling of betrayal and anger that can no longer be compensated. With the companies obvious lies and attempts to hide the truth by deleting anything negative written on their official sites, they show what a vile and selfish money grabbing company they really are. Expand
  25. Dec 16, 2012
    This game is nothing like Guild Wars. There is nothing to do after lvl 80. The pvp is embarrassingly bad. They just ripped off lotro and wow and called it a sequel to guild wars. Im dead serious the pvp is a joke and they dont even have guild halls.The world is way smaller and it turns into a grindfest rather quickly. the few limited skills they give you arent very imaginative and created no chance to make creative builds, you are pretty much stuck with the 4 or 5 skills that are decent. prepare to see tons of bots grinding away. good luck reporting there you will still see the same bots there day after day. lost shores was terrible and handled very poorly. please dont buy this game if you love guild wars. Expand
  26. Dec 15, 2012
    ArenaNet gave us the game I had been waiting a long time, without a healers, tanks and stereotype invented centuries ago. Game worth playing, some will love it others postpone the ledge.
  27. Dec 15, 2012
    This game worth to be in the collection of the best games ever made ( if there is one). High quality graphics and sound help the game to be wonderfull. The gameplay is solid and the action of the game id very good. RPG elements work great and the players are nice and kind. ArenaNet helps you get better by aid you with the quests and writing GW2 Wiki Guide. The game is not so hard like LOTRO ( not Pay2Win) and the character creation is fine. This should be the GOTY of 2012. Expand
  28. Dec 15, 2012
    This game is absolute gold! The storyline is very well done and it allows you to make countless decisions as you play which will change your storyline and whilst at the end of it all you will get the same ending if you decide to play through the story with a different character you will experience huge variety from your first playthrough as the decisions you make enable you to play completely different missions. The eight classes offer up countless different strategies and dungeoneering is even more fun as you can jump in with any other people instead of having to wait for the other members of the holy trinity. The PvP is great fun but with only one game mode as of yet but with many different maps. There are whole new events out each month such as halloween christmas etc. each updte being about 1/2gb to 1gb each as so much is added Expand
  29. Dec 13, 2012
    Had a great start and tons of potential but the devs have squandered it. Storyline starts out great with your choices having impact but around halfway through it gets hijacked by a Mary Sue who saves the world for you. Graphics are marginally better than the originals and most of the music is recycled from GW. Gameplay is dull with each weapon having a locked set of skills leaving you with 1 healing skill, 3 "utility" slots, and an elite skill. Most skills are bland because the devs have killed the "trinity" (aka an actual class system) leaving everyone being tanky DPS for dungeons and glass cannons for pvp. 4 months after launch and there are still tons of gameplay bugs, elite skills are almost all garbage (so bad that you forget to use them), CC & debuffs are unbalanced and boring (stuns last 1-2 seconds but cripple can stack to over a minute easily), and class customization is non-existent with barebone traits. The world is beautiful and at first fun to explore, but if you go for map completion the hearts are very tedious and all the starting zones feel the same. Endgame consists of unevenly difficult & boring dungeons, chaotic & pointless server vs. server PvP, KOTH PvP with cosmetics-only rewards, and grinding for hundreds of hours for "legendary" weapons. Overall, this is a terrible sequel and has nothing to do with the original Guild War series apart from races and some skill names. The devs are clearly building the game for the "WoW audience" and have not only abandoned their original fans but are actively alienating them. Expand
  30. Dec 13, 2012
    Guild Wars II feels like it's heading towards a new genre that's not mmorpg. Players who hate mmorpgs but wants to play a game with multi-player options should give this game a try. Players who love mmorpgs and wants the same feelings they acquired from previous mmorpgs should avoid this game at all cost. - Unless you approach this game like how you approach a ps3/xbox console RPG.

    reason for the mediocore score is because this game doesn't have the pull factor after weeks or months of gameplay. Mmorpgs are supposed to make players stick for years. It's subjected to individual because everyone has different burn-outs. Among the many mmorpgs I played, this game has burned me out the fastest. It has a weak end-game that caters mainly the casual players. If you love to play mmorpgs where you can reach the max stuffs + achieved every addictive goals so that you can stop being lured into the game and only login once a month for special events, this game is just for you.

    This mmorpg punishes dedicated mmorpg'ers while awards action/skill-gamers who favors games like Tomb Raider and Ninja Gaiden. It lacks the avatar progression from traditional mmorpg. It severely lacks the rewards factor in progression. Guild Wars II seems to mainly focus towards players-to-npc interactions than players-to-players interaction. All or most of your memories are you being with npcs. A true mmorpg leds players to create memories with other players. Social interactions and character progression are the 2 weakest elements in this game. The strong points of this game is the graphic, npc to player interactions, customisable looks, side-quests and casual-friendly. If you're an action/skill gamer that came from games like Tomb Raider, street fighter, ninja gaiden and super mario, GW2 is just for you. If you're a rpg gamer that came from games like Final Fantasy, pokemon and asian rpgs, GWII is not for you. Please judge mmorpg by it's merits, not by the hype. The games that shine the most are those who spent millions of dollars into advertising than improving content.
  31. Dec 12, 2012
    I've been playing Guild Wars 2 almost everyday since release, and I love it. I don't think I've enjoyed playing a game this much, especially exploring and completing dungeons with friends. I would have to consider this my favourite game. The reason I'm not giving it 10/10 is because it still has its problems.. It was incomplete on release, several bugs which still exist now, crappy loot, the progression has left everything empty except fractal dungeons and I don't believe the classes are evenly balanced (Warrior). I haven't had much experience with MMO's to compare GW2 with anything else (quitting through the beta of SWTOR is about it). There is definitely a grind aspect to the game, however they do a decent job of covering it up and give players options and experience towards that goal. Despite its issues, Guild wars 2 is beautiful and enjoyable with unique classes and races with a variety of areas to explore. There are a number of dungeons to participate in which can challenge and frustrate players. This game is definitely worth its money for casual and experienced players giving them flexibility of how they want to play. Expand
  32. Dec 12, 2012
    I give a 10 to Guild Wars 2, not because this game is perfect, but because it's the best MMORPG in the world right now. In the years i tried a lot of MMORPG, and Guild Wars 2 is the only one that give me that feeling of "this is so fun to play!", not just that "OMG i need to grind 120345 more times to buy that sword, ARRRRRRR"
  33. Dec 11, 2012
    I've been playing this MMO with my GF now for well over 3 months. We've been taking things quite slowly, and only yesterday hit 80 on our main characters! And while it's not without some minor flaws, it scores a solid 9/10 from me.

    First off, I love eye candy in a game, and this is where GW2 shines. Its views, landscapes, details, are astounding. And even though we reached lvl 80 with
    our mains, and up to 35 with our alts, we still haven't seen vast swathes of content. It's truly MASSIVE. Gameplay is certainly entertaining, and while you don't need to be a 25-fingered alien to use all your skills, your weapon-switching and moving about certainly matter a lot. It's by no means easy!

    Add to that the detailed crafting system, the multitude of dungeons, the structured PvP gameplay, the WvW madness, the dialog humour, and so much more, and you have a very slick, stylish, polished and well-rounded gaming experience. Obviously being an MMO it gets much better when playing with a guild or friends, and there I can think of one or two improvements, but on the whole, I know I will play this for a long time. there's just so much more content I am really curious about!

    I understand some people don't like certain details, and that's fine, some of my friends have stopped playing for various reasons. I agree this game isn't perfect for everyone, that's OK, there are plenty of games that don't suit me either even though I agree they are very cool. But to be fair, I do think this game has lasting appeal, especially with all the special events being added all the time. Well done ArenaNet!
  34. Dec 6, 2012
    This game just suits me perfectly, being an MMO with a beautiful, hand-crafted world containing enjoyable PvE for smaller groups and the lack of a gear treadmill. SPvP is easy to jump into having all the necessary equipment at one's disposal, and WvWvW always interests me.
  35. Dec 5, 2012
    A fantastic and fresh take on MMO's, most notably due to the unique combat system and PVP activities. The game, however, lacks engaging end-game content. Musically and graphically the game is fantastic. The story is generic though, and not very memorable. I had a blast playing this game for about a month, well worth the price, and hey, ITS FREE TO PLAY!
  36. Dec 5, 2012
    I am a huge MMOrpg player and played Guild Wars, when the beta was announced I went to get in on that, Played the beta and am currently playing the game. There have been a lot of claims, hype, rumors, and promises from this game. My favorite promise they made was it will not be a grind... Sorry but the game is just that one huge grind, Wait let me finish, while the game is based on grinding you level so fast and things happen at a quick pace that most will not notice it. Speaking of leveling, it is so fast and easy that it might make your head spin. On average you can level once per hour with no problem all the way to 80, The problem is you want to stop and look at stuff, because the game is quite amazing to look at. The graphics are extremely tight and amazing, even on medium settings, on the lowest graphic settings thats when you kinda say ehh there ok but its very hard to tell the difference between medium and High.

    They didn't quite live up to everything they said they would but they came very close, One word of caution here there are many bugs, and they are still tweeking the game. Which are causing many of the problems players are complaining about, I bring this up since at this time the game is just about 3 to 4 months old things should level out around 5-6 months since this is the find and remove stage of when a game comes out every Big MMo that comes out has this even WoW did. So if your looking for a great MMO this is it though you may want to wait till the bugs are gone.
  37. Dec 4, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was my last MMORPG. The meaning of a MMORPG is progession, progression gets you too keep playing. soure: http://www.gamegoldfast.com/gw2/buy-guildwars2-gold.php
  38. Dec 3, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was my last MMORPG. The meaning of a MMORPG is progession, progression gets you too keep playing. I can now say, as I've had a lvl 80 for just about as long as the game has been released that progressions ends when you reach lvl 80. The Graphics: They are decent for an MMORPG, but it's very bad optimized. I've changed my old gaming desktop out for a completly new one and I see no increase of FPS. The gameplay: I love how you actually need some skill to be good in this game, it's not just about the gear, but about your skill of playing. This falls apart though, because the PVP system is not very good I'd say. SPVP is a nice addition for those WHO wants completely fairplay, but where does that leave the progression? You can't get stronger, faster or better by this. In WvWvW all your progression Means nothing, because 1 man can't make any difference. The Dungeons: Not rewarding at all, I hate how it's all bout those emblems and not about what bosses actually could be dropping. I loved in WOW how I always was so excited when we were in raids. Oh yeah, raids those doesn't exist in GW2. There is also a lack of dungeons. It's all just the same, there really isn't such big difference about them. I'm giving this a 6 because of the great idea and there is no monthly subscription. It lacks of content though. As said before, reach lvl 80 and feel the pain of nothing to do. Expand
  39. Dec 3, 2012
    Ah, Guild Wars 2. How the Internet have been waiting for you so long. What are they greeted with? A polished wow-clone. Channeling spells, lag, outdated graphics for it's time and an insane amount of bribes going to the critiques to cough out "Unique combat system" quotes whenever possible. As much as I like one-time fees, like with single-player games, it will only do harm to MMORPG's because they will need a steady stream of income to offer a continuous service. Otherwise, bankruptcy or P2W is inevitable. This fate can already be hinted towards on how they locked out the ability to purchase the game, being too cheap to have an adequate amount of availability on the servers while banning more users than Origin, clever NCsoft. In It's core, the game isn't by any means bad but it's just very, very, very average. Expand
  40. Dec 2, 2012
    I played Guild Wars 1 for 5 years. I was a huge fan and some of the memories I made there will stay with me for a long time. Conversely, Guild Wars 2 is not a game that I can really recommend. I hate to say that, but it's true. The good aspects of the game include the no-monthly-fee system Arena Net has continued, and some genuinely ambitious game-play changes. Unfortunately, even 3-months into launch, the game is incredibly buggy, the market sell/purchase system makes productive enterprise almost impossible (you're taxed 20% just to sell an item), and the controls are disappointingly clunky. On top of that, game-play gets incredibly repetitive and boring. Also, GW2 is a grind-heavy game. I appreciate the extension of the level-cap, however you spend the first 60 levels looking stupid aesthetically, with rewards in the form of items and gold only really coming from intense dungeon runs. There are ups and downs to the game, but in my opinion, and only comparing it to GW1, this game has taken a lot of the fun and a lot of the magic right out of the series. GW2 might compare more favorably to other contemporary MMO's, but I feel that Arena Net took a big step backwards in some critical areas with disappointingly executed new-content that generally detracts from the single most important question of any game: is it fun? Expand
  41. Dec 2, 2012
    I am giving a 0 to this game cause my account was just hacked , i lost everything i had , all my money , gems , karma , guild were deleted and everythign and still arena net can't do anything , they cannot give you back your gold , your items be4 your account was hacked , they can't do any rollback on their character so if you ever try going for a legendary weapon and you are almost there and get hacked , you'll have nothing left to play with and they won't give you back any compensation at all, even if you spend real money to buy their stupid gems. Expand
  42. Dec 2, 2012
    This is never going to be your primary MMO unless your a student maybe. The lack of a subscription is nice meaning that you can keep it on a back burner just in case you want to play it one day. The launch went well with less bugs than normal and the graphics are pretty enough. However, boy does this get tedious fast. For once, its not the quests that make it dull but the combat. I have tried a couple of different classes so far but they share one thing. Click target hit attack then repetetively hit one button (maybe 2 if you can be arsed) over and over. So many characters all the same as you wander around that it should be renamed clone world. This really kills the game for me. The skill tree just doesn't have diversity and the drip feeding of rewards is not satisfying enough. Compare this a game with much more diverse character development like Rift for an example of what is better. This is a new MMO. Massive Mediocrity Online. Nothing to detest here, but may as well move along because there is nothing to see here either. Expand
  43. Dec 2, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is by far the best game to date when it comes to fantasy MMO's. I've been playing since launch and I am just as addicted to GW2 as I was to regular GW. Taking away the quest grind is a real + for me. All other MMO's focused way too much on questing. In GW2 I like the way you can just go out into the world and stumble upon an event. Exploration is quite fun, you never know what you might stumble upon. I have tried my hand at PvP and I still need some work. As for WvW I have not been there yet, but from what I hear from other players it can be quite an experience. The only thing in GW2 that I find needs work is the gathering aspect of it, If your getting into crafting, starting out seems to be quite slow. Harvest nodes can take an hour to respawn while farm nodes can take up to 23 hours to respawn, this seems to be a little too restrictive, but really that is the only gripe in the game that I have. I just totally love this game, Arenanet has delivered on it's promises for sure. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for this game. Will we be able to walk the streets of Kamadan or Kaineng City again? Is the Jade Sea still going to crystallized? What new lands will we be able to explore? I'm stoked about this game, and I will be playing it as much as I possible can. Expand
  44. Dec 1, 2012
    I love this game a lot, i don't find it boring at all as many people said. Graphically it looks like more Rift than other modern MMO. I could say GW2 and Rift are playing in same sandbox! There are thousand things to do: fight, climb, discover, craft, explore,... i don't have a HL character - my main is 32, that small but i never find time so short since i play GW2. I like to play alone, without guild or anything else and this MMO is so good for this. Public fights are great, copied on those exising in Rif Expand
  45. Dec 1, 2012
    I played this game for around 3 weeks from release and sold the account for $140 with a lvl 80 warrior alone. The game is fun and interesting with new mechanics for the first few weeks. The story is somewhat decent. The action is pretty linear and easy for anyone to use, so it appeals to more new players in the GW series. For the more experienced players, there is little customization of skills and weapons, so basically, everyone does the same thing. Compared to GW1, there is only single class so no adding a second, there are a small limited pool of skills for every class, there's a lot less strategy and skill involved since you can attack and use skills while moving and you can see your enemies' AOE landings before they hit the spot, and there are numerous game-breaking bugs. The PVP is very repetitive and doesn't give me any incentive to play it. Aside from these downs, the achievements systems is probably one of the best I've seen in any MMO. The graphics are pretty good even though they aren't optimized well for higher end systems yet. The quests are pretty average and mundane so yes you will do a lot of gathering wood for farmers and such. So for those of you considering the game, if you are new to MMOs and haven't played GW1, you will like this game. From the more experienced players, you will notice a lot of what made GW1 so great, has been removed and made it more geared towards new players. Interesting strategy considering it's much easier to keep your loyal customer base than trying to get new ones. They should have kept their strengths and simply tweaked and updated them. All around, some decent mechanics, but essentially, not much different from any other MMO out there. Expand
  46. Nov 30, 2012
    Played this game for a couple of months and found that its just too buggy. Many dungeons to not work and the new fractals dungeons crash constantly (usually toward the end). The game is full of cheaters and its just a very bad game would not recommend it to anyone. Give it a year or so for them to work out the bugs and stop the blatant cheating.
  47. Nov 30, 2012
    I'm going to try and make it as short as possible. I've had the game since beta but didn't get around to playing it until the start of November. PROS - dynamic events and quests. accepting and finishing these things happen automatically and its a beautiful thing. -Combat is solid. a good mix of auto attacking and action combat here. I wouldn't say the best of both but they did quite possibly the best job at bringing them together. - Graphics/Level design. you can tell they didn't intend the look of realism. Its more artsy. And they nailed it. Attention to detail is superb and the environments are captivating. CONS - There are very very few armor sets through 90% of your leveling up. You will literally wear the same thing for most if not all of those levels(appearance wise i mean of course). - The world feels like just 1 big single area because you can teleport to within 100 feet of anywhere. Because of this there is no mounts and that's why its a con. - Dungeons. There's about 8 in total. Sure you can repeat them in exploration mode for a bit more challenge. However you get caped down to the level of the dungeon and you need more then 3 people to even consider them making this part of the game useless if your a solo body or just wanna play with your game buddy. The scaling the designers talked about should have been put into dungeons. -Trinity system.. For the love of god this doesn't work at all. Certain jobs take naturally way less damage then other and other jobs deal brokenly high damage compared to others. it really needs an enmity system because of this. Most people enjoy certain job roles in a game -End game is really only World vs World and PvP. Too many games do this for all their end game now. The world vs world is great but the PvP is done better in other games. MMO's started out as PVE content rich games with very little in the way of PvP. You need a good mix of both don't just focus on one.- oh and mesmer is hyperly weak in PvE but way OP in PvP. A single Mesmer with just decent skill will wreck a entire group of 8-10 people of any other class. Doing that yourself is fun but its very unbalanced - LFG it needs a LFG system. You can go a few days (real life days) before you get a group to do a Story dungeon. Problem is mostly solved joining a large guild However you must remember that this game was advertised to cater to solo players alike.
    Conclusion - This really is a must play game. A single player or duo will get bored of this nearing level 80 probably in a few weeks for the average player. The real fun is had in a large group working together at everything and you can get months and months. Overall you getting a ton of quality game play here however you look at it only for 59.99
  48. Nov 29, 2012
    8/10 from me. I'll start with the good. The content is overwhelming. You may say there isn't content, then I don't know what game you have been playing. Everything from WvW, to PvE, to sPvP is simply fun. I even enjoy crafting, something I never really enjoyed doing in a game. The graphics are phenomenal. I'm playing on a low spec computer and still enjoy the beauty. That is another point, I'm on a low end computer. The game plays decent on it, I'm happy about that. I really enjoy the big "group dynamic events" where 100+ people show up to take down a baddie. That is always a blast to enjoy. I'm also a World versus World versus World (WvW) nut. I enjoy fighting alongside 100+ people taking a keep or a castle while getting barraged with arrows and oil. That is fun. I enjoy it. The classes are all fun to play. And the races are equally amazing. The personal story is very well done as well. Granted, I think after a certain point it starts coming together at the end so it is the same, but that makes sense. The story of an MMO has to have the same ending point. It is very well done. My only concerns are the following. The Culling issue in WvW and the PvE side are just bad. If I am fighting people, how come I can't see them, but they can see me while I'm getting hit? This is especially bad in WvW where you do find quite a few people at the same time. Another are the bugs. The bugs are endless. Just when one gets fixed, another one pops up. It took me a month to get one map completed because of a bug where the skill point didn't show up. Kind of hard to complete content that way. Another is the "endgame". The whole game was supposed to be end game. But instead we have people "farming and grinding" gear which is the total opposite of what the game was marketed to be. There isn't any reward for going back and assisting new characters or doing lower level content. If there was some sort of reward for going back to a different map, even it is was farming, perhaps the population would spread out again. Kind of pointless to see a 30 man zerg just farming events in the end game areas. If that was what the PvE ends up being, I'll stick to my WvW. The Class balance is out of whack. Seems to be that if you want to dominate, go Mesmer or Thief. The other classes don't even matter is seems like. Re-balancing needs to be done for the classes.

    All in all, the game is very well done. The best part, if you get frustrated or bored, you can always come back when new content comes out. That's always the best part, no worries about a subscription fee. If those small issues get fixed, and slightly more content for the little guy in WvW, it'll be a 10. Till then, a 8/10 it is.
  49. Nov 28, 2012
    10/10 for me. Reason: - this is one of those few games where you don't rush to max level so you can finally have some fun, but are having fun from level one. There's no point to fit it all in one short review, so rather then doing that i'll outline the end result of all they did:

    A game where whole world is a playing field, where even starter maps can pose a challenge to max level
    player, where there's ton of stuff to do everywhere you go. All that packaged with innovative, skill-not-gear based combat wrapped around if some of the finest sceneries mmorpg has to offer. This world lives, this world breathes, this world kicks ass! And finally a world where you don't dread the appearance of another player on the horizon but are encouraged to team up with him and double the fun in a party, as there are no penalties or losses of any kind for either of you when you hunt same monster and do same quest.

    This game plays like some best singleplayer titles with mmo aspect not being subpar in the least!

    And the cherry on top - no hidden money drainage inside. Unlike certain "game with horns and tail v3", you don't need to pump $ to get the best out of this game. Cash shop is present here but it's very fair and not p2w one. Mostly aesthetics and some usable items that drop also from monsters, or aren't critical for your progression.

    Only people i would not recommend this game are the 1337 damage hoes that want 30x the damage of normal joe after months of grinds in highest level maps. This is not a game for you, gear counts, but skill>gear in here and GW2 is not about being the most elite on the server - it's about plain good uninhibited fun:)

    As it is now it's honest 10/10 from me and i hope arena.net will keep it that way in the future;)
  50. Nov 27, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 progresses the MMO genre. There's no grind, there's collaboration galore, a wealth of PvP, and quite possibly the most scenic game I've ever laid eyes on. I'm constantly bewildered by its beauty, and fun. Buy this game. Get in a big guild. Play WvW, play sPvP, get in dungeons, play live events...etc, etc, etc,etc,etcet,cet,
  51. Nov 27, 2012
    Great game. So much to do for $60, and no need to ever spend any more than that. The PvE will occupy you for a long time, but when that wears off, the PvP is endlessly entertaining.
  52. Nov 26, 2012
    After playing this game since release, ArenaNet are probably one of the most inefficient developers ever to grace the MMO industry. The game is riddled with bugs only to be riddled with more bugs every update. These bugs rarely even get fixed let alone be noticed. Take note that they have a tendency to ignore genuine player complaints and they fail to keep their promises. The fact that their PvP side of the game doesn't even have a global leaderboard is certainly troubling (yeah, e-sport, right). The PvP is a huge let down (the only mode is conquest) and the PvE side is just subpar. Class balance is totally out of whack. The actual classes have bugs from the beta to this day. The developers are slow and incompetent and It's honestly inexcusable. They'll be the ones to actually kill their own game.

    I originally gave this a 10 but it looked so great at release. Now they've shown their true colors when it comes to how horrible of a slow and inefficient development team they are. I'm pretty much fed up with MMO's after this.
  53. Nov 26, 2012
    this is a great game the world events are great , the world vs world pvp is amazing and the crafting is probably the best in any mmo right now. But the questing is essentially the same thing as any other mmo whether its collecting things or killing things to complete a quest.
  54. Nov 25, 2012
    I am downgrading my score from when it first came out because of some annoying bugs. On two occasions I suffered a rollback which meant I went back to an earlier version of my character, losing all progress. Each time it cost me a day's play. I believe they are aware of the problem but chose to do nothing about it. The rest of my review still stands - the game is fantastic fun to play though I found the story a bit weak. Expand
  55. Nov 24, 2012
    I am a casual gamer, and I love this game. I can play at whatever speed I choose with no sub. There a certain amount of gamers trying to sabotage this games ratings by saying that they have introduced grind with the new armour. While this is true, the armour is not essential to progressing in the game. It is a choice. So take no heed from the people who are rating it below 5. Unless they have a truly valid point for not liking it. Expand
  56. Nov 22, 2012
    It much like WAR started off well and much like WAR was actually better in beta, however all they builds now are condition, crit builds and the maps are so small you end up in an endless and boring zerg every time. There is very little deviation or choice in specs and weaponry and the combat feels like a badly implemented 3rd person shooter, since you are all dps anyway. These are problems they could have fixed but instead they decided to betray their manifesto and introduce a gear grind without saying anything about doing it. PVP is a broken morass and now they are concentrating on Fluff and getting WOW kids. You ex WAR players know exactly what I mean, Except WAR actually has better pvp than GW2. Expand
  57. Nov 21, 2012
    All the promises that were made before release and all the selling points of this game have been thrown out the window with the latest patch.

    There was supposed to be no grind, no gear treadmills, no gated content. Before 15 Nov 2012 this game was 9/10, now it's a clear case of bait and switch. Don't be fooled by all the old reviews, and read up some current information about the
    direction the game has taken. Expand
  58. Nov 21, 2012
    edit 70 hours of gameplay one warrior lvl 48 and map completed to 25%; after the first two weeks of intense play I found myself playing GW2 really casual and even if i stop tomorrow, the price of the game is money well spent. Advice do not expect to find a WoW clone because the two games are very different in everything from PvE to PvP.
  59. Nov 20, 2012
    While I can't quite bring myself to rate this game as a zero even now, and while it is still enjoyable in many aspects, refugees from the hamster treadmill can no longer expect to find a home in Guild Wars 2. If you're a casual player or someone who enjoys large scale PvP but does not enjoy a dungeon gear grind, stay far away from this otherwise beautiful MMO.
  60. Nov 20, 2012
    Overhyped. The graphics are excellent at the time of launch, but the good features stop there. It has a disguised form of grinding that tries to fool players into thinking they are not grinding while doing exactly what grinding is: repeated kills over and over.
    The classes are a huge let down. Most have cool animations and effects but these have no impact on gameplay as the abilities are
    weak and generic. All classes can do all the functions as melee damage, ranged damage, healing and support and as such excel at none which just furthers the feeling of weak classes. Furthermore you can be up-leveled (rarely) or down-leveled (more commonly) to provide a fixed challenge level. While some people like the constant challenge, this only increases the feeling of weakness since you can never enjoy the power you accrued.
    Mobs are repeated through several areas, just leveled up and with maybe a different name (not always), which contributes to the tedium after a while.
    Add to all this that it has no demo nor trial nor the possibility to sell the game you bought (as per the aggreement) nor a money-back guarantee and we have a trap where we just sank our money. All this fear of losing money on the part of the company only reflects a lack of confidence on the tittle.

    Bottom-line: not worth it.
  61. Nov 19, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was said by many to be the game to usher in the next generation of MMOs. In my view, it hasn't lived up to that distinction. Nevertheless, I would still commend ArenaNet on attempting to innovate rather than re-hashing same old tired generic MMO concepts.

    The PvE (Player versus Environment, i.e. player versus computer) is probably the best part of GW2. The combat system,
    scaling and dynamic events breathe new life in to open world PvE. As someone who has done questing to death in other MMOs, I actually found I was perfectly happy to run around and do a few zones without getting bored. The two big criticisms I had of open world PvE was unoriginal/boring story-lines and hearts (very close to traditional quests).

    Regarding the hearts. This was a feature announced basically at the 11th hour. Most zones were given X amount of heart quests to complete, each appearing on the world map. This encouraged people to run around doing them and move on to the next zone, hence, detracting from dynamic events (which were the real innovation with GW2). Furthermore, the hearts caused many people to wander in to the next zone under-leveled because they did not grant sufficient experience.

    To elaborate on the "unoriginal/boring story-lines", I felt the stories had pretty generic MMO/DnD fantasy type plots. I can't remember any use of writing devices such as red herrings and plot twists to mix things up a bit and make them interesting. Additionally, I wasn't impressed with the setting outside of dynamic events/hearts either. Although the races are not standard fantasy Human, Elf and Dwarf (etc.) they do use the same old stereotypes we have seem time and time again. Lastly, I found the voice acting to range from acceptable, to downright bad to completely immersion breaking. Having multiple races (sometimes in the same zone) with "funny" Jar Jar Binks-like voices really irritated me.

    The two major parts of PvE I have not mentioned are dungeons and the personal story. I would say much the same thing about personal story that I did in the last paragraph. Dungeons on the other hand were well done. However, I would liked there to have been more of them.

    WvW (World v World v World) offers good large group siege warfare style PvP (Player versus Player) if you like that sort of thing. Nevertheless, be prepared to deal with technical problems (i.e. lag). I have a monster PC and average internet connection and I was still experiencing lag (most likely some kind of server-side bug). Furthermore, you should also be prepared to deal with a system where whoever has the greatest numbers generally wins and a rather arbitrary scoring mechanism. In other words, winning is not really about playing well, winning is about getting as many people as possible to play at silly 'o' clock in the morning.

    WvW also fails to cater very well to the solo player, small group and guild. Solo players and small groups are very likely to encounter larger groups of people in their travels due to the relatively small size of the map (considering the amount of people in it). When solo players and small groups do manage to take appropriately sized objectives they will often find it is steamrolled by a larger group and taken back 5 minutes later. WvW could have potentially been a great environment for guilds, however, that was defeated by small population limits on maps and long queues; it takes a long time to get the whole guild in.

    Structured PvP is the last big part of GW2 I haven't mentioned. Teams of 1-8 compete to take and hold 3 objectives within a small map. It is intended as the more competitive PvP option. As great as the combat system is for PvE, it doesn't really seem to compliment PvP at all. The dodge system, removal of energy and abilities in general seem to make for a very frustrating style of play. Remember those extremely irritating gimmicky builds from other MMOs (e.g. early WoTLK Retri Pala, early RIFT Saboteur and SW:TOR tracer spammer)? Well, it's not the occasional person running this type of build in GW2, it's everyone.

    The dodge system is frustrating because it can add a huge element of luck in to winning and justifies the inclusion of insanely powerful dodge or die abilities. These dodge or die abilities have a disproportionately powerful considering how hard it is to dodge them. In addition, be prepare for limited field of view, excessive spell effects, lack of cast bars and an excessive amount of characters (e.g. pets/clones) on screen to make dodging these abilities even harder. The number of dodges does not scale with the number of attackers, so you can potentially get nuked down in a second, if focused by a large group.

    If you enjoy doing solo and small group PvE I would recommend GW2 wholeheartedly. The fresh take on things is well worth experiencing. However, there is a limited amount of PvE content available so don't expect it to last months and months if you play a lot.
  62. Nov 19, 2012
    This game has EVERYTHING for be, in 1 year, in the MMORPG most played in the world. More played than World of Warcraft also. You only have to pay the two discs, and then you can forget the money and enjoy this huge world of Tyria. A world bigger than Azeroth, I think. So much hours of playing, but not as "drug" as is World of Warcraft I think. I don´t play this game a lot, because of the class, because of the new PS3 games... But when I get bored, I know I have an amazing game in my computer which enjoys me for hours!
    The best in this game, in my opinion, are the graphics ( Best visual desings in the MMORPG history), an amazing Soundtrack, the huge PvP *World vs World, thousands of players against thousands of players), and the different localitations of Tyria, like beaches, forrests or freezing mountains.
    The worst for me is the small characters you can have, only 5. Sometimes, the dungeons gets too long and too difficult. The level decreasing in some areas is absurd.
  63. Nov 19, 2012
    This game was originally a 9 or a 10, you could play as you liked and be rewarded for it. But with the addition of the new Ascended Gear, the game has suddenly become very limited: grind the new dungeon 1000 times or be left behind. This transition is a betrayal of the "no gear treadmill" philosophy and makes the game more like a lame version World of Warcraft.

    After playing for a
    while you start to find the classes pretty limited and kind of dull. Only a few tactics are worth taking, leaving you with like 1 or 2 builds instead of the diversity promised.

    After playing them, the dungeons are generally poorly constructed and not a lot of fun.
  64. Nov 19, 2012
    So now we are 3 months into the game and after I gave a very favourable review I'm going to have to take it all back. It seems Arenanet are now turning this game into WoW 2.0 insofar as there will now be a gear treadmill which goes completely against their manifesto which they set out whilst developing the game.

    This was a good game until Arenanet started lying to it's customers.
    Shame on you Anet, I thought better of you. Expand
  65. Nov 19, 2012
    Why Hello thar, first of all Guild Wars 2 isnt a bad Game at all, the Leveling is quite nice but htere could be more Models for the NPC enemies. The Problem with the Game is the Endgame once u hit Max Level the Game just falls a bit off, due to lack of Content. The PvP is a split Thing the WvW-PvP is quite nice and offers you options on how to play, for example you dont need to zerg around you can push the Logistics and make your team win.

    All in all the Game is solid but the Motivation after you hit Max Level is just fallin off a bit too quickly.
  66. Nov 16, 2012
    Whichever class you play, wherever you go, whatever you do, Guild Wars 2 feels the same. In making all choices equally valid and rewarding, they've made a game in which nothing is special. There is nothing much to find out, few tips or tricks to share, little player skill to develop. Just do anything and make progress. It doesn't matter. Press any key to continue.
  67. Nov 16, 2012
    First of all, I am not a fanboy of World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, this review is based only on my overall opinion on Guild Wars 2.
    Overall: excellent game, ArenaNet really showed everyone else how a true MMO must be made. If you have money for it and you like MMO's (and even if you don't, but you want to try something new), buy it! 10/10. Brilliant.
    This game is hilarious,
    whether you play alone or with your friends. High fantasy setting can be felt actually, with so many things happening around you. Roleplaying part of the game is also great, as you can even write personal story to your character! Yes, yes, your own personal story! If you wish, you can complete plot missions to advance your character in the world, he is the part of it. Not a player's puppet, but a character with his own characteristics which can be set by you! Combat is great, also. Making combinations with players is also a nice way to make the game more social-specialized. However, there are few things that I don't like in the game: for example lack of trading option. There's much more to tell about this game, like no unholy-trinity system in dungeons and interesting crafting system, but it's way too hard to describe everything about Guild Wars 2, as it's too massive and great! Expand
  68. Nov 14, 2012
    Why the hate, haters? I haven't played Guild Wars 1 before, but I've played Guild Wars 2! Gameplay is amazing and there is NO monthly fee! Money well spent!
  69. Nov 13, 2012
    I used to love this game, I was in all the public betas. But after a while, this game gets really boring. There's not enough content for sure. There are things I like and things I don't. I really like some of the innovative things with this game. I liked how crafting system worked and lvling up. And some of the dungeons werereally good since you had to do teamwork to do them, (but still most of the dungeons were bad). Didn't Arenanet say that there wasn't much grind in this game? The end game is actually all about grind. It's too damn repetitive and boring. Also GW2 has problem with bots. The personal story is loads of crap too, your choices doesn't really affect to the story AT ALL. All and all, it's a good game, since there isn't subscription fee. I wouldn't really recommend to buy it if you're planning to rush to max lvl. Expand
  70. Nov 11, 2012
    I tried really hard to like this game, seeing how I played the first Guild Wars for 7 years. I'm mainly here to score the game because 8.1 is a farce. It was a huge let down for myself. However, i would highly recommend the game to people who may not be familiar with the first or don't want to pay subscription fees. The Graphics aren't that much of an improvement over the first... If you have a high end gaming machine like I do... you'll notice very little difference... you can tell they catered to the low to mid level gamer machine. Not that that's bad or anything but come on people... time to upgrade your computers, you're ruining it for the rest of us who do upgrade. It was said that the grind would be gone... no, the grind is still there, except now it has a dress on and its not that pretty. You're still going to grind. I was very very disappointed in the skill system, skills are now bound to weapons instead of having a choice. There are no longer dual professions and no way to create uber builds. You no longer have to use your brain to calculate a build. They've dumbed it down to make balancing the game easier for the company and the mediocre players. You now pay a fee to portal, which isn't so much a gripe if the wait time wasn't so ridiculous (and no, it's not my connection, I'm on a T3 line). There are many bugs within game play, sometimes I wonder if they didn't pay attention to the beta trials or if they even played the game themselves. The story line... is okay. Puzzles and W-v-W is okay. The dungeons are where its at... but again, here comes the grind. I give this a 3 because its a three for me... but for someone else... I would say a 5 or 6. Expand
  71. Nov 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. GW2 is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Visually it's good, but not fantastic, and the game play animation has a strange feel to it. Some call it floaty, some call it bloaty. The game play itself is also average. Some interesting combat mechancis in that different weapon combinations open up different skills, and the crafting mechanics shared across all your characters, are welcome features i've not seem on the other mmo's, but as will all mmo's its go here kill that go here collect this. Not quite on red snapper levels but it's still there. The game heavily promotes the 'personal story' making out that its all about you creating your own legend. In this Anet has completely failed. Sorry Anet. It's a linear story line with poor voice acting. It doesnt even have real world animation, just odd cut scenes that detach you from the game. Most of the story isnt about what you do, its about you following instructions like a good little peon. The game lacks depth to a newcomer unfamiliar with the GW world and background. Very little draws you in to the world. For a one of price its a reasonable game with some interesting new touches but nothing to really get excited over. However, zones feel empty, servers are already struggling to attract new players, and there are the usual requests to merge servers or transfer to better ones. If this was pay to play it would be worrying. Expand
  72. Nov 10, 2012
    Best MMO I have played ever. It is really good. WoW fanbois dont like it, because it isnt reliant on a gear treadmill and requires skill. This game is REALLY good. I love it.
  73. Nov 10, 2012
    I personally like the game, however I can see why some people don't. The game can get a little repetitive, especially with spells and abilities. There's a cash shop but it's not necessary as you already have full access to everything ingame. I never felt pressured to buy anything from the cash shop. The price for the game is a little steep as all new games are. It's not a $60 game. Not worth that price. Maybe for $40. Expand
  74. Nov 9, 2012
    Y U NO AWESOME? The game tries so hard to do everything right but does a lot of things worse than any other game in this genre. The combat system was announced to be action oriented, what did we got? Wow combined with tera but its neither as accurate as WoW's nor as good as teras'. The questsystem is nice but the levelflow is too confusing and a more indepth tutorial would have been great. The jobsystem is well done but rather confusing for a beginner because you have to produce so much trash to advance in the skills. In the end 3 charakter between 18-36 and los my interest after 2 weeks :/ disappointing Expand
  75. Nov 7, 2012
    This is a title that has something for everyone...well everyone except grief players. For the grief player, you are not invited. The game is more like an artists canvas that you manipulate. The graphics are simply beautiful, the races are very well done complete with histories, and the classes are perfect. When I say perfect, I truly mean that. You can play whatever you choose and not have to worry about waiting forever to find a pick up group that will let you in. If you want to group you can, or you can just adventure and help out where ever your ADD takes you. No monthly subscription nonsense, no grief players, and you have the freedom to play whomever you want and can still bring value to any group you happen to meet. There are so many more positives about the game it would be impossible to name them all. Suffice to say, If I could score this game higher than a 10, I would. Expand
  76. Nov 6, 2012
    Certainly the best MMO launch of 2012. While I had a blast playing TERA and The Secret World, they can't compete with the fun I'm having with Guild Wars 2. While I must admit that the so-called PvE in the game is more or less just an "alibi" feature of the game it is still fun. It's really stimulating to finish the small tasks ("Hearts") for different people and stumble from event to event. There are many things to collect that add up to daily and monthly tasks which, in the end, reward you with even more XP, Karma and other things.
    The only thing I'm missing is more PvE content (yes, I know, GW is supposed to be about PvP ;) )...but it's okay so far.
    Up until this, I would've given 10/10 nonetheless, but...here comes the stuff that I actually really don't like about GW2: The PvP. So far (11/06/12) the PvP is pretty much broken. Balancing is basically non-existent (Thieves and Mesmer kill everything using just two to three skills. One-hit-kills happen as well.) and there are certain class builds that are so ridiculously powerful that you barely see anything different. Plus, certain character combinations are more or less "indestructible" so if you're not playing one of the two "awesome" classes, you're gonna have a bad time.
    I hope they'll fix this soon. 8/10
  77. Nov 5, 2012
    Good game. There is only 1 BIG BUT. Why there is now PvP over the land. I have played Lineage 2 where you could fight anyone anywhere. Guild Wars 2 is missing that point which makes it a little boring with time. Exploring new lands, tasks and all that is a great idea. Why not add free PvP, or at least duels where you can fight other players for extra points/experience or soever. Arena.net should think about that, otherwise they will start loosing players. Expand
  78. Nov 3, 2012
    This game is worth the money, if only to go through the content once. I was a hard core WoW player for 4 years before giving it up. Guild Wars 2 makes it clear it is going head-to-head with WoW as evidenced by this "encrypted" saying that was on one of the tombstones outside of Divinity's Reach: "I played WoW and look at me now. If only I had been like you and stuck to playing GW2". It has since been removed, but it makes it clear what audience ArenaNet is going after. + Better than WoW
    = Equal to WoW
    - Worse than WoW

    + Dynamic quests keeps things fresh and exciting and making grouping up with people in the same area painless
    + Every class gets a self heal
    + Every class can rez another player
    + Access to trading post from anywhere in the world
    + Shared resource nodes (unlike WoW's every man for himself model)
    + No monthly subscription fee = Graphics: Pretty equal to WoW, although the text in GW2 is a bit weird/dated.
    = Environment: World is alive and detailed with leaves flying around and visually stunning landscapes
    = Sound/Music: Music is good; the sounds come from real life recordings for realism
    = Holiday events and rewards on par with WoW's

    - Different areas are instanced leading to "breaks" between traveling between them
    - No LFG tool. Every modern MMO has this. This game needs a serious LFG tool like WoW
    - No addon support
    - Lack of content. I found myself trying to hunt all over for quests to level up with. WoW doesn't have this problem
    - Dungeons can be frustrating
    - Lack of a decent tutorial or guide system for crafting, travel and gameplay (Blizzard now gives you a PDF manual with everything you ever wanted to know and more about WoW)
    - Lack of mounts

    Overall, this game seems like WoW in a simpler time, like 2004/2005. Sit in a map or a city and spam the chat channels LFG. That's what I did years ago and don't feel like doing that anymore.
  79. Nov 3, 2012
    • There is a long standing a gap between the action present in modern RPGs and MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 is the next step in bridging that gap.
    • The dodge mechanic present in the game helps to add to that "action" feel, requiring the player to keep moving while concentrating on their positioning in the combat at all times.
    • Though the combat system is a great improvement
    over more traditional MMORPGs, the game still bears many of the trappings that are a given part of any MMORPG.
    • Containing both a traditional arena based PVP and more open area mass battle grounds offers a wide range of PVP options where though not always competing on equal grounds, even new players are given a chance by being boosted to max level.
    • Though grinding is not required, population levels in certain parts of the game may cause certain dynamic events to either not trigger or be impossible for an individual to complete thus throwing off the expected leveling path. Otherwise the quest system is great.
  80. Nov 2, 2012
    I'm an avid fan of MMORPG and this game fall short of my expectations and many others by the looks of it. Yet I still recommend fans of this genre pick up this game as unlike most, it's none subscription based and will be a game I will come back to every now and again for years to come.
    The games PvP, from what I've seen is pretty unbalanced but it's not a game breaker. The PvE is very
    different to any other MMORPG I've played. Each instance has a limit of 5 players which I found slightly disappointing yet they are very challenging and requires a lot more cooperation than any other multi player PvE experience, like World Of Warcraft for instance. What I found very interesting is the fact ArenaNet based the game on giving the player a choice of how to level. For example, one could level to 80 with just World PvP (A new feature which involves a server VS server VS server system. Which takes place in a huge battleground). Or Structured PvP (A smaller PVP environment). Or even just questing. The game hasn't got a compelling storyline but this can easily be avoided.
    The game play varies greatly from profession to profession, depending on what type of profession you're playing. The thief and most melee classes consist of more button mashing then skillful play with ranged classes mostly bound to a powerful rotation.
    Personally I recommend picking this up even if you don't plan on playing for a considerable amount of time. The soul fact that this game isn't a subscription is a must buy for me.
  81. Nov 2, 2012
    Just pros and cons.
    < > Pros: < 1 > Stunningly effective design (visual, graphics and music) < 2 > Innovative and convinient gameplay (anyone should try it) < 3 > Playstyles of different classes are really different < 4 > Wide character customization < 5 > Live world with continuous events
    < > Cons: < 1 > Inexpressive storyline (especially the ending) < 2 > Annoying
    last locations (both design and mobs' behaviour) < 3 > Turmoil in dungeons due to "no tank, random aggro" mechanics < 4 > Lack of end-game motivation (after some level of familiarization the game becomes boring even without full progress achieved) Expand
  82. Nov 1, 2012
    The game, doesn't hold up to what I thought it would be from GW1. It annoys me how many bugs there are in the game, one of the level 45 story mode quests has been broken, since the game was released it is the second quest for Order of the whispers for the Skritt. I bought it while knowing there wouldn't be any tank or healer in the game, even through you can be semi, it is still not the same. My biggest complaint is how useless it makes you feel with crafting. On other MMOs, you could at least sell what you made through the leveling up of it, even if you don't break even you can still sell it, while GW2 everything you make until max level is practically trash. I witnessed so many times I tried to do a skill quest and there was no npc there or the same with a event, that they are gone because of a bug. Only reason I didn't give it a 0, but a 5 because it at least does show me a little bit of joy trying to reach max level. The dodge feature is another thing, that shouldn't of been introduced to mmos, at least it should of been, where you don't dodge everything, it makes why should I do a aoe, when people can just dodge out of it. I am still going give the game a chance to max level, but after I reach it not sure, if I want to continue due to no end game content other then dungeons that i have to sometimes wait 1 hour to find something or WVW where unless you are on a good server you can actually have fun, while it doesn't matter what server you are on, because eventually it will drop and another server will be better and make WVW suck for your server. I have played around 14 mmos and I plan to jump ship to FFXIV Realm reborn, as soon as it comes out it will give me more of a mmo experience and not a single player one, with multi-player. Expand
  83. Oct 31, 2012
    I've been playing since release and everything I have to say about this game is good - I recommend it to my friends and get lost and immersed in Tyria for hours at a time. In GW2 you are dropped into the world without much of a hint as to what you are supposed to be doing. That's because the point in the game is just to go explore and have fun. There is a massive and immersive world out there to enjoy and it's all breathtakingly beautiful. There are points of interest to visit, which when explored can often lead to secret jumping puzzles or hidden chests. There are breathtaking vistas to view and skill challenges to earn. All of these things can be challenging and puzzling at times. Levelling and gearing in this game almost seems secondary and you'll barely notice your levels flying up. There are two PvP modes, WvW and structured PvP (5v5 - 8v8 games). Both are very different things and I have found a lot of enjoyment in both. I recommend giving GW2 a chance because you just might LOVE it. Expand
  84. Oct 29, 2012
    I reviewed this game previously a 10 after playing since headstart. After this time I am rereviewing and have come to the conclusion this prince of a game has more warts than a frog in a swamp. The main game is fine except for 2 core mechanics that have been exploited. Instanced nodes and a game wide Trading Post. Goldsellers have hacked into the game and botted in the form of what I refer to as the Naked Ranger Conga Line. All nodes can be harvested by each player or bot with impunity. A line of 5 ormore bots hits all the best areas before legit players can have a shot. They tag mobs and take drops and then all these basic mats glut the Trading Post. You would think this would bottom the price to nothing, but the forums cried for and got a barrier keeping the price from dropping below a sell price to an NPC vendor. They said that would keep new players from getting cheated on the Post. Instead it allows a set ROI for all the goldsellers and the armchair Economy experts in the forums never noticed. They are more bent on calling anyone expressing the desire for a free market chance a power mad moneygrubber. So this version of Trading post keeps the goldsellers in business while choking the playablity out of the TP. After spending time trying to handle this within the forums and being accused of
    trying to gain an unfair advantage by players and having mods and John Smith "you guys got this thread handled" of ANET shout me down as trying to make a ton of money i give up handling this on the inside. The top tier items cost 400g .... who is trying to make a ton of money? almost RMAH-like. The goldsellers illegal influx of money generated from a stable ROI on basic mats has sent gems values up and gold from gems down. Example - I bought one character slot with in-game gold for under 3g shortly after the game got the TP up. Fair and nice...... that same slot would take over 8g now. Crafting is worhtless and a money sink ... like its needed.. with only xp having any value. I can farm mats and gain equal exp and more money. anyone who is looking for an enjoyable market experience with free enterprise and the ability to succeed or fail on your own... run fast and far the other direction. This is not your game. The game environment is good. The dyanmic events, POI, heart quests etc ... are wonderful. thats the 6 ... the rest is a zero. sorry to say any who thought GUILD WARS 2 was the no sub solution and successorto WoW will be disappointed. It's only slightly better in the quest and loses by a landslide in the rest... damn shame too. I had high hopes.
  85. Oct 29, 2012
    This game is really amazing considering that it features a 60$ price tag and no monthly subs. The world is huge and is clearly designed for casual player. Hard-Core players may find the game disappointing because its pretty easy to level up and the lack of the end game content. The soundtrack is also amazing and is composed by Jeremy Soule who made the skyrim soundtrack. Overall the game is amazing and different from other games such as WoW and the WoW clones. Expand
  86. Oct 29, 2012
    not an mmo revolution, but still as wow's getting older and older, this is it's best alternative (also sub free!). i don't care about pve in general but there's very of it little even to my liking. pvp-wise it's much better, still there's no incentive in the long run (i mean spvp, which lacks ranked teams, arena ladders), also pvp feels like just burning all your skills asap and waiting on cooldowns. WvWvW is too hectic with too may people that makes the frame rate drop to single digit number (4 core cpu, 560ti, 8gig ram). i would be really interested in statistics about the active players as a function of time, i have a feeling that its a small fraction of the peak value. graphics are great, story and crafting and pve are well below swtor. level grindig is horrible, despite of or partially because of this "everything is a dynamic event" craze Expand
  87. Oct 28, 2012
    This is a shockingly good game, fully enjoyable either as a massive RPG campaign across a sprawling world, or as a highly challenging MMO with enough content and almost unachievable endgame goals (getting legendary gear or 100% dungeon completion is a worthy challenge). PvP offers an absolutely unforgiving environment to E-sport geeks, while World v World offers environment to fight enemy players that is easily accessible to everyone including newcomers. The world is rich, graphics amazing, engine flawless, character development has a distinctly fresh touch to it. If you have ever at all enjoyed the MMORPG genre, you absolutely owe it to yourself to try this one. There are people everywhere, whether to group up for PvE, or to compete with in PvP. No lag, no waiting time. Oh, and, you know... no subscription. Amazing. After a 100 hours, this game remains a source of ever-fresh enjoyment, and a lasting credit to its creators. Expand
  88. Oct 28, 2012
    The lack of clear character roles such as a clear tank, healer, damagers, crowd controllers and so on unfortunately reduces the teamwork in the game to beating up monsters and dodging their attacks... in group! As opposed to beating up monsters and dodging their attack alone!

    Unfortunately everyone basically just runs their own race, and aside of "combo fields" it typically works
    better that way. Working together alongside strangers is obviously even more devoid of sophisticated teamwork.

    Next problem is the attack numbers, and this is something almost every bad review mentions. There are only 5 attacks per weapon and a few support abilities used more rarely. This in turn means that you'll be using the same tricks again and again and again until you start getting bored.

    The World versus World is very well done though, and some features such as jumping puzzles can be a fun diversion.

    Overall this is not a bad game, but the non-dedicated character classes don't quite work out, and it drags down the entire game.
  89. Oct 27, 2012
    To sum up - GW2 is a fantastic and fun game that I have truly enjoyed in an exploratory and exciting way, something I haven't done in ~7 years.

    I spent a good part of 6 years playing WoW after first playing Guild Wars original for a year or so, then on and off after that point. I've played several other MMOs but none of them ever really came close to WoW or original Guild Wars as far as
    I'm concerned.

    GW2 has fresh and exciting ways of exploring and traversing the deep and detailed world. For once, an MMO has left the decision "How should I play the game" to the player, rather than boxing them in to stale and linear PvE experiences. As I'm still leveling, I don't know what end game will be like but GW2 definitely deserves a 9 even if end game is crap, considering just how awesome the leveling experience is.
  90. Oct 26, 2012
    Mmmm game are beautiful, but need to refix and expand more.. i cant play more than 2hours, it come boring anywhere,,, pve: it have a very nice place, but have to do always the same think, annoying a lot... and havent the desert place!!!! ... pvp are Very annoying, well its good to play but... 30 minuts its my best before CLOSE computer... WvW it mu prefer but... need more interaction, more think, mount... need more object usable, more place, some WvW dungeon.. ecc... Game need to expand more and more and insert more and more feature for come to a best game ever, now.. it just a Beautifull Work in progress Expand
  91. Oct 20, 2012
    I failed to see what all the hype was about. This game is by no means special.
    HOWEVER: having said that, it is a very good Online RPG. Many characters to play, tons of items, skills, spells, etc. But for me - what's important in an online RPG is to play with someone i know. Otherwise - it's just no fun - even less fun if there was a single player campaign.
  92. Oct 20, 2012
    Haven't played the game in a little while, but will write a few thoughts about it anyways.

    First of all it has a gigantic, beautiful world to explore, something I appreciate a lot. Exploring the world in full is rewarded in forms of xp and gear. The quest system is great, as well as the occasional event system. The trading system is very good, although getting materials for making
    something can take some grinding. The combat system is good, and I like how they implement a few action elements to it, so you don't feel like you're just clicking on something, and engaging you more into the fight. That if you participate in killing something, all the loot and experience is shared, so there isn't some manical battle for the item drops like in for example Runescape. The only PvP mode I played reminded me a bit of League of Legends, something that I find good. Overall - the game is very good. I liked it a lot the first three weeks I played it. Then...

    I realized how redundant and repetitive the game became. While you get different areas to explore, you're just doing the same quests over and over and over again. Either it's kill this, or fetch a lot of this, and this goes on for EVERY area in the game. I've never really been a gigantic fan of MMORPG's, and this shows why. After a while you'll just get so bored with the game that you won't play it again for a long time. Maybe after a while I'll go back to playing it, but after a while I'll grow bored of doing the same things over and over. This pulls down my score of the game a lot, something that could've been a perfect ten. When I play games I need a bit of variety, and Guild Wars 2 sadly doesn't provide that.
  93. Oct 19, 2012
    I often wonder whether people who give this game a negative review really put the time in the appreciate the mechanics of GW2. One person says there is no end game content and is infuriated. The other says there is end game content...and he is infuriated. I myself along with my group am enjoying this game thoroughly. I find the waypoint mechanic essential to getting around since there are no mounts, but being able to stay in the field longer means more gameplay, which in turns means time not wasted.

    The combat is fluid enough for a MMORPG, the dodge mechanic especially useful for the larger bosses, and a sense of thrill as you feel the narrow escape of a lethal attack. The races and classes have fun diversities from other games of this setting and style. Fans of Skyrim may enjoy the Norn class, a Norse like people standing at 9 feet tall and following the ways of the mountain. In other parts of the world technology, nobility and nature may rule in place. It's steampunk at times without the self aware humor that sometimes comes along with it.

    Ascetically the game has plenty to offer. Being able to change color patterns on the fly means never being bored of feeling mixed match unless you want that. Even items can be found that will combine the look of one item with the stats of another. Making a friendly PVE world has opened up the potential for this game. Taking down a monster with dozens of people gives a thrill as a complete stranger will lend you a buff, or even pick you up if you're knocked over.

    PVP has great potential allowing anyone to dive in from the character screen, and leveling has been so much fun I'm working on three characters!
  94. Oct 17, 2012
    I normally hate MMOs and their formulas but a friend suggested GW2 and I can't stop playing it. Truly a game changer in the MMO market. A very smart take on the questing systems of old that keep you busy and never feels like a chore or a grind to play.Not only that but it looks incredible too. Fantastic game.
  95. Oct 16, 2012
    /age : You have played 242 hours played across all characters.

    My first "mmo" was the original Guild Wars, I loved it from the first moment I started playing and I continued to play it for almost 5 years. When I started to loose interest in GW I tried out other mmo's but none could capture my interest long enough to warrant a subscription beyond the second month. Among them: WoW, Lotro,
    Conan, Tabula Rasa, Rift.
    I came to a decision then to ignore subscription based mmo's as I really hated the feeling that I was wasting my money when I was not playing.

    I tried GW2 first during the beta weekends, I was shocked to see how different it felt from the original GW and I must admit it did not convince me at first, it felt more like the other "classic" mmo's and I felt overwhelmed by all the content and lost, unsure what to do or what was happening.
    Still, I put my trust in the dev team that brought me the original GW which I loved so much, closed my eyes and pushed that prepurchase button.
    When the game launched I took 2 weeks off from work to indulge in some good old gaming marathon (much more modest now since the wife and the baby ;-) ).

    It took me about 3-4 days learning to play the game, starting from running around like a headless chicken, rolling from one event to the next. Once I understood the basics of the game and the various reward systems it all fell in place for me, my trust in the dev team paid off. Now I am completely hooked, for the first time in 5 years I am again completely hooked to a game.

    things I like
    - the distinct pve areas, each with it's own setting (forest, snowy, desert,..) it's own story and special events
    - the downleveling makes it possible to enjoy lower level area's as they were meant to be played
    - dynamic events encourages players to fight together, a nice change in pace for someone like me who normally plays solo
    - trading post/auction house, gem system, you never need to buy gems with real money because you can buy it with ingame earned gold, buying and selling is simplicity - ingame goals: maxing out titles, level, crafting skills, daily achievements, monthly achievements, exploring (vista's, points of interests)
    - WvWvW, still a noob here but very thrilling, it's is basically the same as the pve areas, only there are enemy players of 2 other servers fighting in the same map, the maps are almost as big as the pve area's filled with all the same challenges (vista's, poi's, harvesting, quests and events,..) but also towers and keeps controlled by player factions that can be fortified and repaired and of course captured. You enter with your own gear but your level is boosted to max level in order to give you a fighting chance. - crafting and discovering new recipes (you will have to buy ingredients from the trading post if you don't want to grind harvesting jute, copper,...), the chef makes consumables that can be used to give time limited buffs, the tailor (and others) can make bigger bags...
    - personal story: changes by race and choices made ingame, plenty of variety to make each story different things I haven't tried yet
    - dungeons
    - guilds
    - structured PvP
    - high level (70+) areas

    My current main is a level 67 guardian with 62% map completion.
    My ranger is played to become a survivor, currently level 22 and going (slowly)
    My mesmer is played to become max crafter in everything (and so also become a survivor) and sits permanently in Lion's Arch next to the mystic forge
    My engineer was the first character I made and is currently waiting for my attention stuck at level 42.
    My warrior, elementalist, necromancer and thief are still in their starting area's neglected for the moment.

    Seeing how Arenanet supported the original GW, the enhancements that were added over the years, the special holiday events, I expect the same support for GW2 and I see myself enjoying at least the next 5 years playing GW2.
  96. Oct 15, 2012
    A revolution in MMORPG design. Guild Wars 2 presents an amazing amount of positive disruptive changes to the status quo that it corrects so many of the problems the MMO industry has with existing game templates. Artfully designed and wisely thought game mechanics make this game a must-have for MMORPG fans the world over.
  97. ryn
    Oct 15, 2012
    I'll keep this short. The graphics and sound come together to form a breathtaking world. Unfortunately, this alone isn't enough to make a compelling game. The combat is fun and engaging (perhaps more so than in competing titles) for the first couple of days. But I have yet to play an MMO that manages to keep it interesting after that and GW2 is no exception. Unfortunately this hits GW2 hard, because as the developers pointed out many times: there is no "carrot" in GW2. What's supposed to keep you playing is the fun of playing the game itself (walking around killing things, exploring, doing dynamic events, etc.) and NOT loot rewards. Well, general game-play quickly becomes sleep-inducing. Crafting is a major gold-sink and feels like a waste of time, even if the interface itself isn't bad. The economy is a complete joke, with 99% of items selling at vendor price and the other 1% climbing to insane new heights every day. Unless you've played from release and speculated your way to huge profits when various recipes were changed or discovered, you are going to be dirt-poor from 1-80 and beyond. The dungeons are boring and frustrating at the same time, but to expect differently when you put 5 classes that all do everything in a dungeon that you over-tune to hell to make it "challenging" is madness. World-vs-World PvP is a zerg-fest of epic proportions and if you think that structured PvP will appeal to you, go play Dota2 or LoL instead for a much more complete and fun experience. The personal story is decent up to level 50 or so, then it looses pretty much all it's appeal and turns into another terrible, unrewarding grind. Expand
  98. Oct 15, 2012
    This game loses it's luster VERY fast. I had no reason to get to the end game (Which is 80 levels of doing "Grind Free" questing). I got a character to level 58. I started losing interest around level 50. My character has around 30 moves, all on short cool down, but they all generally do the same thing. Apply an effect, knock back, increase attack speed. Boring. Also, the whole gimmick on how there's no grinding is complete bull. The only thing end game is, is grinding to get cooler looking gear. You have to run dungeons THOUSANDS of times to get full dungeon sets, and don't get me even started on the ridiculous difficulty of dungeons. Also, Arenanet advertising heavily on a "role-less" game is a complete lie as well. You HAVE to have a tank, a designated healer, etc. in order to survive in these stupidly difficult dungeons. The story is rather lame, and the quests all start feeling the same. The world is nice looking, but I noticed repeats in designs and looks, the areas aren't varied very well and I got bored very fast of the style pretty fast as well. Also, anyone who thinks this game revolutionized questing is delusional, they just cover up the questing by making it an area where you can quest instead of having to turn it in. W v W is alright, but you can only do well if you have a solid in take of money, since the seige equipment costs lots of currency. This game was fun for about a month, which is all it needs to get a good review from most people (most people stop playing after that long anyways....) while you need to put in a LOT more time than that to get to the "end game". Expand
  99. Oct 14, 2012
    Pretty fun, but the story is pathetic, the characters all horribly uninteresting, and the endgame nonexistent. It was fun getting to 80, but everything gets boring after a few hours there. WvW is just a Numbers battle, Structured PVP isn't doable without a team, and all that's left from that is farming dungeons for cool looking armor, or farming mats for legendary e-peen weps.

    All the
    classes blend in with eachother, making every class try to do a bit of everything, and making pvp boring as all hell. There are really no counters to classes. Every class has their heal, their escape, etc. so PVP can last 4-5 minutes 1-on-1, until someone gets bored, misses a cooldown, or someone else comes along.

    To reiterate, the main story is atrocious. You're thrown onto characters who are supposed to be interesting and dynamic, but end up being annoying cardboard cutouts. The worst part is the game acts like you feel deep compassion for them, with horribly played-up dialogue and dramatic cutscenes. There were points where I would rather kill the character myself just to save the time in saving them when something bad inevitably happened to them.

    Overall fun, but not lasting more than a few weeks.
  100. Oct 14, 2012
    If you were to chart an exciting quest, it might start out slow, and then ramp up and up, until the climax at which point you would face some thrilling final challenge, after which you would feel a flood of endorphins for having accomplished something. This is not how GW2 works. Instead, you wander around, and a little message says, "Go kill those things to save the farm or whatever." So you go kill whatever for a while with a hundred other people, and then the things are all killed, and you get a letter that says, "Hey, thanks for killing those things. Here's some gold." It doesn't lead anywhere, no story is built, it's not the start of some greater mission to work towards, and you don't feel more powerful or accomplished. Frankly, Guild Wars 2 is boring. I only feel compelled to play this game because I spent money on it. The story, lore, and dialog are paper thin, which would be forgivable if the gameplay was at all interesting.

    The worst sin of this game, though? They've built a beautiful world, and given you a difficult to control, buggy, awful camera with which to view it. Super narrow FOV with no way to change it, collides with random objects and jerks around wildly (especially indoors), shows you more of the ground than the scenery, and always prefers to stick your character front and center, blocking whatever you actually want to look at. All of this makes exploring the world, which should be a fun diversion, a headache.

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.