• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Sep 13, 2012
    For Presentation they get a 10! There is detail in everything you encounter even the idle character animations.
    Graphics on a high end PC is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, true artistry! Not just higher polygon count or pixels.
    Sound is a perfect 10! The music and the ambient sound lures u in this fantasy world.
    Gameplay is by far the best offered in any game period! You got
    strategy, fact action clicking, responsive moves, counter moves the combat actually feels alive! Not just stand there an spam 1 2 and 3...
    Lasting Appeal receives a 9! The world is huge and u like great exploring this world on a main character as well as on an alt. having different races and classes give me many month of enjoyment
  2. Sep 3, 2012
    This is one broken piece of software. So many events and dungeons are broken, preventing you from completing areas ... but you will throw away a couple of hours before you realies you have waisted your time. No AUCTION house, well there is one but it's broken too. SHUT forums wtf? Bots, hackers and the list goes on. Worst of all, it's the same wolf just in different clothing
  3. Dec 28, 2012
    My, my, ArenaNet surely did it's homework in researching "things that every MMO fan seems to want". Beautiful graphics, excellent music, huge open world, no subscription fees - all of that you can find in Guild Wars 2. Too bad that in their pursuit for a perfect MMO formula, ArenaNet forgot to add one critical element to this otherwise perfect equation - fun. No argument for PvP balance can overrule the fact that restricting your class to only a handful of skillsets (as opposed to hundreds in GW1) was an absolutely horrible design choice that doomed the entire experience from the start. The new questing system is also vastly overrated. It really doesn't matter if I have to walk to the NPC or have the quest activated on the go, when it's still the same kill & fetch bullsh*t every other MMO has already done to death. Biggest disappointment of the year. Expand
  4. Aug 28, 2012
    In my opinion this is the best MMO ever! The soundtrack is amazing, it's very addicting and it has beautiful graphics! My friends, here we have INNOVATION, it's quite rare nowadays. You just have to pay one time, no monthly fees.
  5. Sep 21, 2012
    After some time with Guild Wars 2, I can safely say that we're not looking at anything new here. Although, there -is- an absence of annoying quest-givers, questing is still essentially a hub-to-hub grindfest of tedious errands made occasionally interesting with zerg-dependent events and world raid bosses. PvP has about the same level of depth, lots of zerging involved with WvWvW with a handful of amusing tournament-based ordeals involving fewer players. I won't lie that I keep hoping for something revolutionary and GW2 doesn't necessarily exceed (or even meet) those lofty expectations. HOWEVER, for all its shortcomings, Guild Wars 2 does set the bar a little higher in a few ways, the foremost being is that it is executed very well. Shaky start notwithstanding, great depth is incorporated into the interface mechanics. In fact, I would argue that GW2 has taken from mainstream MMO's that which we love and trimmed the fat in an effort to minimize tedium. The result is quick and easy auctioneering, fun and rewarding crafting, and great variety in terms of sorting and customization. It is very clean, easy to manage, and altogether fulfilling. Sadly, while all the streamlining may appeal to the majority, the handful of dungeons and short list of pvp options will not be adequate fodder for the hardcore audience. Flaws aside, the sheer vastness and relative splendor of Guild Wars 2 is well worth $60, and that's really all you have to pay to keep playing; the game is easily playable without having to spend a dime on the micro-transactions, which are essentially non-vital extravagances you can purchase with in-game money given a little time and effort. All things considered, this is a good start, and the fact that Arena.net has promised more and more free features as time goes by makes the one-time payment for GW2 all the more worthwhile. 8/10. Expand
  6. Aug 30, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is amazing. There is no other word for it. The art style is minimalistic and charming. The combat is fun and fast paced. And there's no tedious, addictive gameplay with the $15 sub fee. Not to say its not addicting though. Guild wars 2 has great PvP, an engaging story, and fantastic crafting. MMO player or not, GW2 is a must buy.
  7. Sep 5, 2012
    Simply put, if you give the game your time, you will get the fun the game allows. It starts you right into the action, and craving more in between. I've been excited for this game since its announcement; I was a huge GW fan. But to say the least, this game has still beaten my expectations even 72+ hours into game, and i don't see it getting boring anytime soon. Skipping the details, this game deserves a 10. The story is really well thought out, though the dialog can be a bit strange, and the combat system is fresh into the MMO scene, considering GW1 technically wasn't an MMO. That being said, this game feels like an RPG, and still sucks you in like the best of the best MMOs. So do yourself a favor by getting this game. Without a subscription fee, its impossible to pass the temptation. Expand
  8. Sep 2, 2012
    This game is amazing. i love wow and all blizzard games but this game is better than wow in almost every way. all the young kids or ignorant adults that are giving this game a 0 because there computer sucks or has no good maintenance are stupid and quickly show that they wont ever rate any game fairly. for one, they gave the game a 0 on day 1 of release. which shows they didnt even bother to check the whole game out before reviewing it. or they can just be wow fanboys. a lot of work had to go in this game from what i see and i cant disrespect the developer by giving them a 0 because the game has a few bugs or small launch issues that will be fixed. when diablo came out it was unplayable for me because i would get kicked every 30 seconds but as frustrated as i was, i didnt come in here and gave them a 0. the problem is now fixed and the game is great. metacritic needs to figure out how to get these dumb 0 score reviewers out of here soon. be fair with this game and all games and dont hate or be mad that your computer sucks and makes the game play like crap. this is the wow killer and i love wow but i admit that this is it. but now is diablo, starcraft and guildwars 2 from now on for me. Expand
  9. Sep 20, 2012
    I have been looking for a game to keep my attention since I got bored of WoW a couple years ago, but nothing really has kept me too entertained for very long... until Guild Wars 2. Within the first 2 days I had put 20 hours into the game, and I have not even scratched the surface. Tons of stuff to do, great combat system, that is very interactive and actually takes skill to do well. If you're trying to get off the WoW train, then this is where you want to go. Expand
  10. Aug 29, 2012
    I've played Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Star Trek online, Dungeons and Dragons online, Rift, Guild Wars 1 and this is by far the best MMO I've ever played. I would recommend it to everyone!
  11. Aug 28, 2012
    Overall an amazing game, visuals, the world, pvp, the RPG of it is all better than gw1 except the the weapon skills. I have no idea why they did it but its **** awful. it completely eliminates the strategy part of gw1 in favor of a more hack and slash system where any monkey with a keyboard could win.
  12. Sep 21, 2012
    Phenomenal game. It removes a lot of the things I hate about MMOs (monthly fee, gear grinds, pointless time sinks, the holy trinity of classes) and adds a bunch of great things (rewards for exploration, jumping puzzles, dynamic combat, branching story lines, "open" quests). There's a lot of value here for $60.
  13. Feb 1, 2013
    So i used to played guild wars 1 a LOT!!!! And i missed it and loved it........so i bought this and was hoping for more of the same. A game that didten focus on grinding but skill instead! A game were skill would matter more than time! But unfortunately guild wars 2 seems a bit the oppersite, only really skill based feature left fro me seems to be the dodging.......and thats only really good vs range attacks.
    The PvE seems pointless easy, click and wait more or less.

    used to be fun and challenging, picking the right skill and weapon for the right mob.
    Sure it used to suck when you got a bad team for an instance....but it also gave a rewarding feeling when you made it.
    Now i get the feeling of "what happened? Did i win? Apprently so?"
    And again the grinding...."sigh"
    In guild wars 1 a "grinder" was a noob in a fancy armor that didten do anything.

    I dont even like what they done about the grafics.......seems you get a lightshow for just for swining a sword.
    I guess thats a personal opinion but I like magic and badass creatures in a world to feel magic. and not something that comes out of my belt buckel for no particular reason.

    Didten really like the skill system in guild wars 1 but now i miss it :P

    Once this was a skill based game.
    Now its just a standard MMORPG like all the others.
  14. Aug 29, 2012
    This is honestly the game that made me remember why I'm a PC gamer and brought all my hope back to PC gaming.I give it a 10 because it deserves it. The things I noticed that were wrong were very little and they had no effect on the actual game-play so I didn't care. When you focus on the small bugs about a game and say the game sucks because of it, you should just give up right there because there is no hope for you in the video game world. Anyway, the devs pretty much thought of everything in this game. No more grinding enemies, no more loading up on quests. It's all about the dynamic events and exploration that make this game so incredible. I keep forgetting that I have a story mission to do because I keep getting caught up in doing events and exploring all the areas. When I play this, I play it for hours on end because there is so much to do and I have to force myself to stop playing. One problem I've had with other MMOs are, what I call, stand-stills, where you run out of quests for your level and you are no where near leveling and you stand there trying to figure out what to do so then are forced to grind enemies. This game doesn't have that at all because of all the events you can do. After reading what the negative users have said about this game makes me sick. This is, in my opinion, an incredibly awesome-made game. Just a few things: 1. MMOs are bound to have a few bugs at first but the ones in this game are so minimal to the actual game-play that I just carry on with the game. 2. This game doesn't have quests so what is broken? All it has is your story mission, tasks, and events and all of them are fine with me and I should know because I played a different character in all the beta events and stress tests and found very little problems and guess what, they didn't bother me. 3. The graphics in this game are awesome. It is hard to make a game look original these days so quit crying because it looks too much like WoW which, also in my opinion, it looks nothing like WoW. Also, one thing that I think is just pure genius when it comes to this game is the W v W (World vs. World). It basically takes after Dark Age of Camelot with the sieges and keep raids. I loved that game 10 years ago and this game brought back so many good memories of it. This game is so much better then WoW that words cannot describe it. So anyway, to sum it up, Guild Wars 2 was definitely worth the wait. I was excited for the release just as much as I was just to play it during a beta event for 3 days or a stress test for 3 hours. I love this game. That's all I can say. Expand
  15. Nov 5, 2012
    Good game. There is only 1 BIG BUT. Why there is now PvP over the land. I have played Lineage 2 where you could fight anyone anywhere. Guild Wars 2 is missing that point which makes it a little boring with time. Exploring new lands, tasks and all that is a great idea. Why not add free PvP, or at least duels where you can fight other players for extra points/experience or soever. Arena.net should think about that, otherwise they will start loosing players. Expand
  16. Jan 15, 2013
    GW2 is great for casual players. It does feel like WoW at times... a lot of the time imo. Nothing new here, and really low difficulty. I would never pay a subscription for this game, but fortunately there isn't one. This is the key imo. Since it's a one time purchase, this game is well worth it. It's a huge rpg. That's the way i think of it. leveling is a solo-fest, and the community is so-so. But for a one time purchase fee, you will get far more content than any single player rpg out there, so you can't really complain. It seems real tactical teamwork, and cohesive communities (FFXI and EQ for example) are a thing of the past in the MMO world, which begs the question, why are we playing these games online. Sometimes i think games like this (GW2, WoW, SWTOR etc) could be easily be single player games with instanced co-op, like Demon's/Dark Souls. Like i said, at least this one is free. I give it an 8/10 Expand
  17. Aug 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game, I leveled to 40 in the last few days and it's so fun! Instant lvl 80 PvP is great and the combat feels very smooth. I also did the first dungeon which was quite the challenge, I can't wait to to lvl 80 dungeons. The MMO tasks you do are the same like in other MMO's but the content is presented in a very unique way. Dynamic events are brilliant and really make the world seem alive. The servers were only down for 3 hours so far which is great for a such a big launch. Only downside are some bugs with the trading post but I'll forgive them for that. Expand
  18. Aug 30, 2012
    This game is beauty incarnate. When discussions involving games being works of art occur, this game will be up there with Shadows of the Colossus and ICO.

    Gameplay is brilliant. A mix between the old and the new really gives the combat its own unique flare. The leveling curve has you level up every 60-90 mins regardless of how close you are to the cap. In addition, you can level up in
    so may different ways, if you're ever bored of doing something, you can try something else.

    This game is, imo, the best MMO on the market right now. I am giving it a 9 because even after all the stress tests, it still has a buggy trading post and mailing system. However, should those get fixed in the first week post launch, I'll change my score.

    In short: buy it now, or buy it later; just make sure you make this one part of your PC library.
  19. Nov 30, 2012
    I'm going to try and make it as short as possible. I've had the game since beta but didn't get around to playing it until the start of November. PROS - dynamic events and quests. accepting and finishing these things happen automatically and its a beautiful thing. -Combat is solid. a good mix of auto attacking and action combat here. I wouldn't say the best of both but they did quite possibly the best job at bringing them together. - Graphics/Level design. you can tell they didn't intend the look of realism. Its more artsy. And they nailed it. Attention to detail is superb and the environments are captivating. CONS - There are very very few armor sets through 90% of your leveling up. You will literally wear the same thing for most if not all of those levels(appearance wise i mean of course). - The world feels like just 1 big single area because you can teleport to within 100 feet of anywhere. Because of this there is no mounts and that's why its a con. - Dungeons. There's about 8 in total. Sure you can repeat them in exploration mode for a bit more challenge. However you get caped down to the level of the dungeon and you need more then 3 people to even consider them making this part of the game useless if your a solo body or just wanna play with your game buddy. The scaling the designers talked about should have been put into dungeons. -Trinity system.. For the love of god this doesn't work at all. Certain jobs take naturally way less damage then other and other jobs deal brokenly high damage compared to others. it really needs an enmity system because of this. Most people enjoy certain job roles in a game -End game is really only World vs World and PvP. Too many games do this for all their end game now. The world vs world is great but the PvP is done better in other games. MMO's started out as PVE content rich games with very little in the way of PvP. You need a good mix of both don't just focus on one.- oh and mesmer is hyperly weak in PvE but way OP in PvP. A single Mesmer with just decent skill will wreck a entire group of 8-10 people of any other class. Doing that yourself is fun but its very unbalanced - LFG it needs a LFG system. You can go a few days (real life days) before you get a group to do a Story dungeon. Problem is mostly solved joining a large guild However you must remember that this game was advertised to cater to solo players alike.
    Conclusion - This really is a must play game. A single player or duo will get bored of this nearing level 80 probably in a few weeks for the average player. The real fun is had in a large group working together at everything and you can get months and months. Overall you getting a ton of quality game play here however you look at it only for 59.99
  20. ryn
    Oct 15, 2012
    I'll keep this short. The graphics and sound come together to form a breathtaking world. Unfortunately, this alone isn't enough to make a compelling game. The combat is fun and engaging (perhaps more so than in competing titles) for the first couple of days. But I have yet to play an MMO that manages to keep it interesting after that and GW2 is no exception. Unfortunately this hits GW2 hard, because as the developers pointed out many times: there is no "carrot" in GW2. What's supposed to keep you playing is the fun of playing the game itself (walking around killing things, exploring, doing dynamic events, etc.) and NOT loot rewards. Well, general game-play quickly becomes sleep-inducing. Crafting is a major gold-sink and feels like a waste of time, even if the interface itself isn't bad. The economy is a complete joke, with 99% of items selling at vendor price and the other 1% climbing to insane new heights every day. Unless you've played from release and speculated your way to huge profits when various recipes were changed or discovered, you are going to be dirt-poor from 1-80 and beyond. The dungeons are boring and frustrating at the same time, but to expect differently when you put 5 classes that all do everything in a dungeon that you over-tune to hell to make it "challenging" is madness. World-vs-World PvP is a zerg-fest of epic proportions and if you think that structured PvP will appeal to you, go play Dota2 or LoL instead for a much more complete and fun experience. The personal story is decent up to level 50 or so, then it looses pretty much all it's appeal and turns into another terrible, unrewarding grind. Expand
  21. Sep 10, 2012
    Game play is enjoyable, security isn't up to par though which can ruin any good game... numerous people getting hacked and account name can be changed is easier than password changes makes one question why release a game with such a huge flaw...
  22. Apr 7, 2013
    While the visuals are beautiful and the world is big the forcibly attempt of trying to revolutionize the RPG genre is not fun. Taking away the holy trinity is a good idea but brings other problems. The most important issue however is the enforced auto-scaling of your level depending on the area you are. The game takes away any sense of power in the bigger style and the dungeons feel ill balanced until you are maximum level. before that they are a stressful annoying chore. Expand
  23. May 8, 2014
    This game is a bad joke, ultra unbalanced, buggy and, behind its fake complexity, is easy as hell (easy to learn easy to master). There are multiple modes, PvP, PvE and WvW. The fighting system, the bugs, the exploits and the unbalance and many many more issues makes this game a waste of time.

    PVP is a shapeless entity, I cant call it another way. It is BROKEN and FORGOTTEN by the dev.
    Is a arcade mode of the game where all players get a gear with the same value. Hot join is HORRIBLE and frustrating (you random join against other players, like in many other games, like Counter-Strike, but here is TERRIBLE. If you want not to hot-join you can create custom servers but that will cost you and is not better). The main tactics is to exploit the huge number of bugs or to random spam spells (conditions) without any tactics and than run around or to cripple the enemy ability to play by stunning them or pushing them around and stuff like that. There are classes that can win easy against other classes so if you have the wrong class YOU ARE DEAD and that was not intended by Arena Net, they wanted to make all the classes equal but they have failed. There is a unbelievable limited number of character builds that you can make, you can make 99999 but only 3-5 that work for each character (you can find the examples on internet, just copy/paste them, you can not invent anything new and if you will make your own build the build will be the same as a build from the internet or it will not work), all the other builds are totally useless. Another huge problem are the skill cool downs, stun durations, etc. Makes the fights really slow, you will have to use skills that you dont have to use at that moment just to do something not to get bored.

    PvE is a boring farming mode for the retards. Make quests, kill mobs, wanking around, etc. Too bad that the loot was nerfed a while back and never recovered so prepare your wallet if you want to build a better gear or to wear a fancy armor (or buy gold from the 3rd party parasite bots that spam you with offers all the time). You can also complete dungeons which where interesting before I have found out so many exploits, you just have to use the known bugs to win easy. Has nothing to do with skill or team work, just know the bug - use the bug - get the prize - start over until you get old. (a totally waste of time, just play solitaire, a time well spend compared to the PvE)

    WvW is another example of how unbalanced this game can be. On this mode 3 servers will fight between each other on 4 dedicated maps. You will have to team up with others and conquer towers, keeps, etc. WvW is the most interesting part of the game but IS BROKEN AS WELL. Is totally unbalanced, all the 3 concurrent servers have a different amount of players so everything is about the number of players. If your servers play against a bigger servers all you have to do is stay in the base or die. There is nothing you can do but just wait a entire week and hope that you will fight against a lower populated server. If you are not lucky than you will have to wait another week.... and so on. But if you fight against a smaller server than, again, is not fun because you have no one to kill. WvW is a big mess as well. Usually players form a group called a "zerg" and follow a commander. The group with more players win so is all about numbers. Is not like on StarCraft where you could win against 4 other players if you played well. Here if you are outnumbered, even though you may have a group with better players, YOU LOSE. At such a huge number of players skills does not matter much. Commanding is also a mess because if you talk to much you get suppressed (you are unable to use the chat). The zerg will start to wonder why the hell you don't say anything because they expect you to say something :D. That is why I have stopped commanding. You can use 3rd party tools like Team Speak but many players don't want to install it so you have to use the official game chat. Some players prefer to roam (go into small groups) which is more fun than just following a huge group of brain dead noobs. But roaming also has issues, all the PvP issues + the unbalance between the gear. In WvW everybody can have a gear with a different value than on PvP. Usually roaming is risky because this game is full of thiefs, they can attack with huge damage while they are invisible and run and regenerate and than attack you again. Thiefs can be invisible the whole battle except 3 seconds every 15 seconds (that depends of the thief's skill, most of them are good :D).

    Overall, the main concept was brilliant but everything went terrible wrong and this game, the way it is right now, is a big mess. There are no fair fights, the skill of a player is not important only the build of your character that you can copy/paste it from the net. Bugs, glitches, exploits etc but the main problem is still the spell spam, the combat system and all the balance issues.
  24. Sep 4, 2012
    New era in MMO has begun! The main feature of the Guild Wars 2 is completely new level of quality, brand new and exciting combat system and a dynamic world, we did not know before. The game is very complex and multilayered. But oddly enough she gets a lot more exciting. The fact is that in addition to the latitude of the world, we get also the depth and breadth of the game mechanics with all its newness.
    Absolute hit, game grabs you for a long time.
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    I used to love this game, I was in all the public betas. But after a while, this game gets really boring. There's not enough content for sure. There are things I like and things I don't. I really like some of the innovative things with this game. I liked how crafting system worked and lvling up. And some of the dungeons werereally good since you had to do teamwork to do them, (but still most of the dungeons were bad). Didn't Arenanet say that there wasn't much grind in this game? The end game is actually all about grind. It's too damn repetitive and boring. Also GW2 has problem with bots. The personal story is loads of crap too, your choices doesn't really affect to the story AT ALL. All and all, it's a good game, since there isn't subscription fee. I wouldn't really recommend to buy it if you're planning to rush to max lvl. Expand
  26. Sep 12, 2012
    There are a lot of people throwing poor reviews at this game to be edgy, and it's pretty unfair. I've played dozens of MMOs, from launch, including WoW, Warhammer, City of Heroes/Villains, Rift, UO, EQ, Champions Online, SWTOR, Asheron's Call 1 & 2, and countless others. This game is better than the best parts of all of them. It polishes every mechanic, every zone, every experience to a brilliant gleaming shine. I didn't raid more than 3-4 nights, total, in the 5+ years I played WoW, through every expansion up to a month after Cataclysm's launch. I'm a PvPer at heart, and become bored if the combat is in any way unresponsive (Warhammer, Rift, SWTOR, Champions Online, etc) or if the game itself can't compel me to reach maximum level.

    This game has me enjoying leveling so much that I'm not quite maximum level yet, simply enjoying the process. I hate leveling. And I love leveling in Guild Wars 2. It's incredible. I've barely scratched World versus World and structured PvP, and those are my main goals in the long term. On top of that, the combat is responsive and unique, requiring awareness of what's going on outside your UI. There are no enemy cast bars. There is no "healer" or "tank" class, every class can do a bit of everything in different ways.

    The game world is gorgeous, the character customization is extensive, the content is refreshing and avoids being monotonous. This is the best MMO I've ever played, not because its predecessors were terrible, but because it learned from everything they did and avoided every mistake, while approaching each part of an MMORPG from a new, creative angle. I give this 10/10 without hesitation after just over two weeks of playing, over a hundred hours in total.
  27. Sep 20, 2012
    Like many others - Ive now played alot more and Ive got abit of diffrent opinions about few things. The big bad thing about the game is the dungeons. They are just bad in so many ways. The settings are underwhelming. The encounters are just boring most of the time, unbalance and now ANet devs have changed alot of things and broken ALOT and created alot of new bugs that make them even worse. FOr example - ppl are not getting rewards cause of a bug that penalies ppl that run the dungeons to quickly. THe thing is - some ppl that are not doing speed runs are still getting low or no rewards.

    SO stay away from the dungeons if you want to enjoy the game abit longer. If your like me - you would probably quit when you see how badly they are designed and implemented.
  28. Dec 29, 2012
    First off I would like to say i have tried other mmos. played the wow starter edition thought it was very childish and combat was very boring. so then i bought the secret world when it became subsription less becasue i am very into all the illumanati templar stuff. was ok but the interface was kind of confusing and combat was meh but the story was pretty cool. i was at gamestop one day and a friend of a friend told me to try out guild wars 2. i bought it and have loved every minute of it. i dont rate games by anything other than fun factor becasue really thats all that matters and gw2 gets a ten. charachter creation is really neat and the world is beautiful. just the art direction and creativity is astounding. the combat is also very very fun. the cool thing is u can just be exploring and all f a sudden a random big event happens and you and a whole bunch of people just go do it gain gold and exp. overall very fun if you are thinking about getting this game you really should i cant see you not having a good time.

    prepper out
  29. Aug 28, 2012
    Game is fantastic, support is an unholy abomination. On top of taking days to get a response, all bans are treated the same as the system and accuse you of wrongdoing. If say someone from china tries to access your account, you immediately boot them off and change your password. A few hours later they'll helpfully ban you and a message accusing you of "unacceptable behavior" pops up when you log in, but they won't even email you to let you know the real reason so you need to wait a day to get an automated response and it's probably going to be a few more days to get it fixed. Additionally you can't party up with your friends because the overflow system is broken. Gameplay is enjoyable however, and very beautiful scenery. Expand
  30. Sep 10, 2012
    Fun game play. Nice Graphics. bye trinity, good riddance. Funnest MMORPG I have played in a while. Recommended for everyone.

    See you all in game.
  31. Nov 1, 2013
    I'm not one for long, drawn-out reviews, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Every MMO I've tried in the past e.g. Star Wars: TOR and WoW, bored me tears within the first 30 minutes. I really didn't understand why people played MMOs, until I tried GW2. This game is crazy fun, and it runs really well. I'm thoroughly enjoying GW2. To me, GW2 feels like if Torchlight 2 (one of my favorite games of all-time) and Skyrim had a baby.

    I would advise to have a decent CPU and GPU for this game, and at least 8 GB of RAM. I'm running a FX-4100 (overclocked to 4.4GHz) and a EVGA GTX 560 non-Ti (overclocked to a superclocked version of my card). I get 40-60fps most places, almost maxed out, but I need to turn off shadows and reflections for boss fights or WvW. Next step, FX-8350 and maybe an AMD 7950 or GTX-670.
  32. Sep 8, 2012
    If I want to describe GW2 with one sentence, I would say: "an MMO that gets most of what it intends to do right." There are three separate worlds of the game, sPvP, WvW and PvE. sPvP features flat progression: there's build differences, but there is no vertical gear difference (you can choose different gear but it's always about trade-offs). This is imo the most important feature of GW style PvP. Newcomers shouldn't have an unfair disadvantage of having worse gear than old players. Also good players shouldn't need an artificial faceroll advantage over lesser players. sPvP should be skill based instead of gear based. Classes can build into different roles and adds more variety to PvP. WvW may seem like a zergfest, but mindless zerg will seldomly win you games. Supply control, being responsive to opponent movements and strategies are all important. Three faction is also a good thing to bring back from DAoC. While two factions can't artificially ally, when your server claims more land, there is indeed a higher chance of being attacked from both sides. The only problem I have with WvW is that some servers have heavy Asian/Russian/Oceanic population and they have different time schedule, and their rating often under/over estimate their strength. Hopefully Anet can release an Asian server to alleviate this problem. I also wish there would be more focus on open field battle rather than base offense/defense. The PvE world is, unfortunately, not that awesome, and quite a few issues needs to be fixed. Exploration reminds me of Skyrim and is a pretty good part of the PvE world; The reward system is quite nice, coin/karma segregation design is elegant: it discourages annoyances such as gold farmers (they'll have to farm a lot harder than usual), but is not so frustrating to normal players. However, a few problems: dynamic events could be a little more friendly towards solo players; right now some events take too long for solos or 2-3 players and may become an issue once the heat from release is over and newbie zones become less populated. The PvE world, especially the personal storyline, is also quite buggy unfortunately. Some dungeons are also too hard, especially Ascalonian Catacombs; it seems to have an unreasonable difficulty. Trade post was not so good for the first week. Though I heard it's a conspiracy theory to discourage gold farmers, and in that case it's not good but understandable. Overall the PvE world isn't on a smooth release. I also happen to not like the dungeon reward system that rewards you more for going to a same dungeon over and over again than going to all dungeons. Overall it is a good MMO and a pretty smooth launch, and since it doesn't have a subscription fee, I can play at any time I want and don't feel "I have to play tonight, or it's not worth my subscription". Cash shop items are also not unfair towards free players. Problems of the PvE world needs to be patched, and hope Anet adds some more varieties to PvP. Other than that, the game is pretty damn good and I have been playing it almost non-stop. Expand
  33. Sep 27, 2012
    An amazing game! I especially like the exploration part of hidden caves and dungeons spread around the world which in general reward you with loot chests or special events.
  34. Aug 30, 2012
    It is a zerg fest, fun in the first hour of play but then really boring ... loading everywhere ... queue for open rvr LOL
    This game really suck a lot!!!
  35. Sep 19, 2012
    First, as a GW VETERAN there are some things I can say as negative. Problem (or not so much) is that GW2 works, and it works very well. Could it be better with henchman? with monks? With the old currency, without damn repair and pay for map travel?? sure. But it's still a FAT 10 out of 10 to me. It's beautiful and huge and a pleasure to play.
  36. Nov 26, 2012
    After playing this game since release, ArenaNet are probably one of the most inefficient developers ever to grace the MMO industry. The game is riddled with bugs only to be riddled with more bugs every update. These bugs rarely even get fixed let alone be noticed. Take note that they have a tendency to ignore genuine player complaints and they fail to keep their promises. The fact that their PvP side of the game doesn't even have a global leaderboard is certainly troubling (yeah, e-sport, right). The PvP is a huge let down (the only mode is conquest) and the PvE side is just subpar. Class balance is totally out of whack. The actual classes have bugs from the beta to this day. The developers are slow and incompetent and It's honestly inexcusable. They'll be the ones to actually kill their own game.

    I originally gave this a 10 but it looked so great at release. Now they've shown their true colors when it comes to how horrible of a slow and inefficient development team they are. I'm pretty much fed up with MMO's after this.
  37. Sep 10, 2012
    I agree with alot of the mid-range user reviews posted so far. After purchasing the game, i can see where all the hard work and development time went, the game looks great stylistically, and i like how they have attempted at every turn to make the game different from the mass produced MMORPG norm. Breaking the holy trintiy of Tank Heals and DPS and making it work is no easy feat in an MMORPG. but for me it doesnt work. im enjoying the game immensely dont get me wrong, and can see why people will love it. but for me its a filler game i will play out untill i get bored, it hasnt quite grabbed my attention in the same way other games in the genre have. which is no fault of the game itself, maybe thats me as a player?. in summary, the game is excellent for what it is. worth the purchase. but for me personally, i will probably put it aside when the WoW expac or similar comes out. Expand
  38. Sep 3, 2012
    Absolutely amazing game. This is the mmo that I've been waiting for. A wonderfully beautiful pve experience and a skill based meaning full pvp system! If you're an mmo fan, you are doing yourself a dis-service by not playing this game!
  39. Jun 9, 2014
    This game should have two reviews, one pre-megaserver and one post it.
    The pre-megaserver game was great. It had servers with their own communities and faces that you will most likely recognize. It also bolster the World V World population by how easy it is for guilds to recruit.
    Each server/world has their own pride, much like a nation. And it was very easy to organize guild events.

    With the advent of the megaserver, everything I mentioned above were destroyed.
    Everyone now pve in one server which feels very bad to me because it's like helping your enemies in WvW get items/gold which they will use against you in WvW. What a stupid concept. Before this patch you know at least that most of the people you're helping on events were your own server pop with a few guests, now it's just mostly strangers. It's like taking a road trip, but instead of going with friends you pickup unknown peeps.------------------------------

    Now, the only people that would like gw2 is newbies who didn't know about the pre-patch gw2. It's like Anet deliberately culled the veteran population of gw2 so they could appease the casual newbie players(newbies who will realize later on that there is now no meaningful endgame content). ------------------------

    I don't know what anet is thinking. Besides, vets are the ones most likely to spend real money in the gem store. The only money they'll get from casual/newbie players are the game initial purchase. If it is their plan to gain short term money instead of guaranteed long term then it's probably an indicator that gw2 won't last much longer, and they're trying to get as much money before bailing out.---------------------------

    This is why I'm leary of Wildstar too. The same publisher(NCSoft) in gw2 manages wildstar. It's easy for me to think that what changed the gw2 into a megaserver is a financial decision(so they would incur less bandwidth). And I have a nagging suspicion that NCsoft has a hand in that. If that's the case then what would NCsoft do in wildstar that changes game mechanics so much like the gw2 megablunder.
    I gave a 5(average) for the review because it is now just one of the one world generic mmo out there.
  40. Aug 29, 2012
    Combat; Pros - Fast paced, little downtime, reaction time oriented, utilizes action rpg mechanics such as real-time blocking and dodging, not based on stats and numbers but instead complimented by them, and higher level (10+) combat/skills is very fun. It doesn't grow stale because the PvE mobs are VERY smart as compared to traditional MMO's. They will dodge your attacks, block, knock you down, etc. This proves to be a fun combat system for PvP too, providing a more visceral experience.
    Cons - Early levels can prove to be a little slow, but discovering skills through fighting can be exciting for the first time.

    Crafting; Pros - Provides significant exp, has an interesting discovery mode that allows you to mix and match ingredients to discover new recipes, very easy to earn nodes while leveling because nodes are instanced to be personal to each player, therefore node-stealing is literally impossible. You can always farm ANY type of node as long as you have the farming equipment viable for it, even if you don't have a crafting discipline, and it ALWAYS provides exp, even if you farm something that is too high level and you get junk for it.
    Cons - Can be pricey depending on which crafting discipline you choose.

    Personal Story; Pros - Unique playthroughs; you could play the same race more than three times and have an entirely different personal story each and every time, depending on which backgrounds you choose for your character. Tons of voice acting that is for the most part high quality, with a few hiccups here and there. You get to make impacting decisions that affect your "home instance", which also screams for another playthrough.
    Cons - For those who like to completely define a unique character, it can take away from that and make you feel slightly standardized. Can't choose voice for character, either.

    Graphics; Pros - Unique and unlike most art styles I've ever seen, works well with game's design and engine, even low settings provides a very good looking game.
    Cons - My only complaints would be you can't push the graphics even farther.

    Overall - Top all of that off with a one time purchase with no subscription fee, and you've got yourself an award winning MMORPG that is fresh, unique, and provides for an experience unlike any older MMORPG can provide. The main question; is it revolutionary in making you think differently about MMO gaming? I would say yes; among the action oriented combat which resembles a console game, stylized graphics, interesting and fresh crafting mechanics, and easy to use UI topping everything off with no subscription fee, this game is a candidate for Game of the Year, hands down. You owe it to yourself to try it.
  41. Aug 29, 2012
    Pay2Win is nonexistent. Ridiculous complaint. Everything in the shop is cosmetic or "boosts", and leveling is already really short. Plus the same also accepts in-game gold, just needs to be converted. (3gold will basically buy you anything in the store plus change) Actions appear disjointed until one gets used to them. Not as flashy as TERA, but actually more indepth in terms of not just tab+attack. Incredibly huge world. Perhaps the greatest World PVP system since DAOC. Dungeons similar to WoW, Aion, and TERA. A bit harder. By far the most content of any MMO besides WoW. This is a real competitor, and a great game. Expand
  42. Aug 28, 2012
    It's hard for me to give a game a 10; perfection. With this game, yes I don't like doing some tasks like pick up stuff for 15 minutes, blah, blah, blah, so I can't give it a 10. But overall this game is addicting, more polished than GW1, fun to play, massive amount of content, smooth, nice to look out, great character builds, good weapons, good enemies, etc.... It's my favorite MMO.
  43. Sep 21, 2012
    great game, great graphics, not too happy that sPvP is seperate from the main game, I guess there is WvW for that. on that note, WvW brings back the good old memories of RvR from DAOC.
  44. Sep 9, 2012
    I recently thought this game was bad and rated it accordingly, however i felt like i had not given it a proper chance. After playing the game a bit longer I have learned it is not as basic and simple as I have thought, now it is really starting to pull me in. Great game 10/10
  45. Oct 20, 2013
    This game could have been good if it's creators had been more humble and sensible.

    Graphics are really beautiful and there are some nice ideas events instead of quests, bank accessible from any crafting location, send crafting material to the bank from anywhere, instanced mining nodes, etc.

    But the core of such a game, combat, is rotten because its creators wanted to "break the
    mold". Oh sure they've succeeded it's completely different. But it's also completely *awfull*

    It's neither target selection (wow) nor aiming (neverwinter) it's both. It's cumbersome, boring, impractical and uninteresting.
    Of course it doesn't help that the difficulty is completely off, with most encounters really easy and some randomly crazy difficult (and some other probably buggy too). Being ganked by an army of small crabs that keep repoping forever isn't really funny for example.
    You often can't help but wonder what the developers smoke when they made this game.

    So do yourself a favor and avoid this crappy game.
  46. Oct 14, 2012
    This game is well worth the box price, I've put about 60 hours into GW2 and while they have been enjoyable; I will not likely be going back to it any time soon. Although it is a fantastically crafted world with wonderful new perks to the tried any trusted MMO formula; this game still has the basic hot-key combat and repetitive actions. While giving lots of different tasks to try such as exploring for Vistas, taking part in dynamic events and more formulaic 'heart' quests; after the 50th time of doing a slight variation it does, unfortunately; get boring (at least for me). As a great piece of escapism and for those happy with the existing MMO foundations; buy it without hesitation. If you've grown bored of the likes of WoW, ToR, Rift, Tera et al. this will provide a welcome refresh but will eventually get stale. Expand
  47. Oct 26, 2012
    Mmmm game are beautiful, but need to refix and expand more.. i cant play more than 2hours, it come boring anywhere,,, pve: it have a very nice place, but have to do always the same think, annoying a lot... and havent the desert place!!!! ... pvp are Very annoying, well its good to play but... 30 minuts its my best before CLOSE computer... WvW it mu prefer but... need more interaction, more think, mount... need more object usable, more place, some WvW dungeon.. ecc... Game need to expand more and more and insert more and more feature for come to a best game ever, now.. it just a Beautifull Work in progress Expand
  48. Sep 3, 2012
    Played the betas, and read all the hype. I'm max level now, and it was even BETTER than expected. By FAR the most meaningful dynamic combat system in any MMO, despite not advertising it. Dodging and positioning actually matters in this game, unlike TERA or Mabinogi Legends where it's mostly for show. If you're not dodging in the endgame dungeons, you're gonna die. That's it. Graphics not the best but big MMOs always have toned down graphics to attract more people. GREAT armor design. Not stupidly sexy or ridiculously fantastic, but fashionable and realistic. The only game with similar amount of content is WoW. SWTOR, Aion, TERA, Secret World etc don't even come close. And best of all, NO PAY2WIN. Only pay4skins. There isn't a single item in the shop that makes you better at PvP. Like Guild Wars 1, GW2 has staying power. Games like Aion and Rift quickly dropped to a few thousand concurrent players, GW1 still has several times that amount after 7 years. GW2 will be even better. Expand
  49. Mar 10, 2013
    after months the game still has some of the initial bugs and the improvements made to the game are not really improvements but stepback´s so anet has to do better if they want to sell games because the game has stagnated and is slowly dying. and check once and for all the lag problems that are the worst of the game.
  50. Sep 4, 2012
    I've played a good amount of MMORPGs, starting way back with Everquest and Ultima Online, and this is the first MMO since then to make me so excited to take it slow and enjoy the content.

    Graphics/Art style: 10

    Beautiful landscapes and tremendous cities make this game's environment the single greatest in any MMO to date. There is no doubt that a lot of heart and soul went into the
    development of this game and it shows nowhere better than in the art.

    Music: 8

    The music is well composed and doesn't intrude on your play, but it isn't anything especially heart pumping or iconic, like some of the game's competitors.

    Gameplay: 10

    Though the combat can get repetitive, just as in any MMO, this game makes up for it with plenty of other things to do. Exploration is fun and rewarding, with many jumping puzzles and other landscape games. Crafting is rich and exciting, allowing the players to make great leaps in crafting skill with some careful planning and experimentation, rather than grinding out the same recipes until new ones become available. Mini-games are a great break from normal game-play. PvP is fantastic, fast paced at the small scale, and deep and strategic in the large scope.

    Replayability: 10

    With each race and class having a very unique playstyle and personal story, this game will easily give you hundreds of hours of new and fun content, at a bargain of a one time price.

    Ultimately Guild Wars 2 has raised the bar on what it is to be a current generation MMO. While WoW will still retain it's loyal player base with it's tried and true style, Blizzard will have to make some groundbreaking changes to pull players away from this game. A great pickup for any fan of MMOs or RPGs
  51. Sep 2, 2012
    Best game I've played in 5 years, great gameplay mechanics, decent story line, great art and the best part? no subscription fees, the Auction House system is amazing, its like actually trading stocks. I can't count all the innovative features, including the skill system, everything felt easy, like I was never grinding, quest are easy and the majority are autojoin, no more looking for groups. the fighting mechanics are amazing with lots of action fighting mechanics, much better than tera.

    Guildwars2 thanks for restoring my faith that mmos can be great again.
  52. Aug 31, 2012
    This game is by no stretch a perfect game but I would say it certainly meets its expectations in almost every way. The graphics are excellent, and anyone who doesn't think so needs to realize the difference between an FPS and an MMO. MMO graphics are notorious for being a bit outdated due to performance issues, if a software company pumped out an MMO with top tier graphics you best be ready to shell out serious cash for top tier hardware. The combat system is excellent with plenty of dynamics to vary each confrontation. Things such as skill swapping, weapon swapping and dodging make combat less linear. The quest system while not new is a bit refreshing becasue you have plenty of ways to accomplish the same common goal and you never have to return or even talk to the quest giver at all. The downlevling system is flawless and amazing in every way making every piece of content challenging and new. The crafting system although not innovative is thouroughly enjoyable and well worth the time and effort. For all of those complaining about the bans going around for the "exploit". I totaly agree that it is not fair to punish people for not knowingly or knowingly exploiting a blatant developing mistake, but it is fair for them to warn the players that doing this in the future will have consequences. Problems like this can ruin the economy of the game almost indefintley. A-net spoke on Reddit about it, not to brag but to warn: we are watching and we will punish you for your actions. For all of those saying that the launch was horrible, you clearly have never been a part of a launch of an MMO ever. The Guild Wars 2 launch was almost perfect with very small hiccups along the way. If you will all remember the Diablo 3 launch, or SWTOR launch or even WoW launch. They all had some game crippling issues out of the gate. Arena net gave us what they could with what they had and didn't compeltley kick us out. Although with all of the great things there are still aspects of the game that are left undetermined. First off the issue of the endgame. Without a gear grind or treadmill what will be left to do? Will WvWvW and PvP be enough to keep this game alive? Right now we are all acting on blind faith that Arena Net will patch in content and make end game whatever we dream it to be, well thats what they are saying anyway. But like anything there will always be a hint out doubt, we will have to wait and see. Secondly the ban hammer may be a little to liberal and Arena net needs to chose their battles, banning people for being racist is one thing but banning people for mild remarks about a player is a totally different thing.

    Through all the great aspects of this game there are some things that are still unclear and may end up becomming shortcomings.

    TL;DR: Games not perfect, but well worth $60. It is a pick up and play MMO with no monthly fees. Hopefully Arena Net will continue to support it with new content regularly. For now 8.5 (Rounded to 9 becasue of the massive amount of trash 0 reviews)
  53. Sep 4, 2012
    One of those games where you can tell the artists just sat back and enjoyed themselves. They level of detail to areas shows that the designers put their hearts into each and every little thing. I couldn't really compare the level of detail with any other mmo. I think it looks more like Dark Souls and even has the combat moves influenced by it. Each move does something distinct. Most mmos have the problem with having too much clutter. In Guild wars, you have the option. You can switch between weapons at level 11 making your combat even more unique. Ultimately the game is 60 bucks with no monthly fee. They don't ask for a credit card to keep on hold. Why is it that when a company has your credit card information they are bound to take at least one payment? I don't remember guild wars that much but it doesn't matter, Guild Wars 2 doesn't want you to. It does everything new, it's a new game with great features and an easy to get into but difficult to master atmosphere. This is no baby mmo like Wow. It has it's fair share of challenges and some stages can require some tact. Still if you have a decent PC pick this up you won't regret it. Expand
  54. Aug 28, 2012
    Fisrt, i am no fanboy and no hater, i am here to give my honest opinion, hope to help you design if this is your game or not.

    gameplay~ i was told by a friend this is an action based mmo, but it is not. it is another wow kind of point and clikcer. you hold your left mouse button to perform autoattack. the action feels very limited when i am spoiled by true action mmo like DCUO and Tera,
    it makes me feel going back in time, playing wow holding my right mouse button to get a better angle,so i can stand there and hold tight to my left mouse button. plus, i cant even lock my camera to make the game feels better.
    QUESTING~ questing is a big plus for me, it is not like other mmo that u pick up a quest from npc then returning. they have pop up live event, so suddenly everyone on the map goes to the area and do quest togethor, which is interesting as i remember when i was playing other mmo i always feel like a lone wolf when my friend is not online questing by myself.
    pvp~ still didnt get to that part but i seriously doubt it when i dont like the combat system at all.
    graphic ~ not the best but surely live upto todays standard. and detail of the world is very rich, which creates an enjoyable enviorment. sound ~ wonderful
    charactor customization~ very very limited for mmo released in 2012
    other thoughts, this game is hyped up too much and i just make another other mistake buying a game before doing enough research. and my friend has never played either dcuo or tera so he doesnt know what action mmo means. i wont play alot of it until they improve the gameply. one more thing, this game has the worst community i have ever seen. i was just asking in the map chat that if there is a way i can lock my camera. response are " omg another console gamer" " go back to your xbox" "the camera is design for having better position yourselve, u should play that way...... i am like wtf...... i was expect answer like "yes you can, go to...... or "no you can not" , but hue hue .. guess too many fanboy in game u shouldnt even ask question
  55. Feb 23, 2013
    The game tries hard and gets a lot right. And it gets a lot wrong. On the bright side there's the distinct lack of quest NPCs, but rather quest areas marked on the map that you just need to reach in order to be on the quest. Then again all these are the same. Kill waves of attackers, gather stuff off the ground, maybe even... do something else (no, not even remotely often enough). There's no reason to really care about that. Wander around the map hoping for events to pop up until you have gained enough experience to progress to the next map. Sure, there are VISTAS! Which serve no purpose, as they did in Assassin's Creed. Geez, there's a whole world around this point! Nope, no reason to care. There are a lot of fun things too, like the whole cattle launcher affair, but they're fun once only. Otherwise it's a grind and then some more grind. And tedious exploration for the sake of map completion achievements. As for the Multiplayer and Role-Playing parts... This is pretty much an anti-social MMORPG. You can resurrect others and you can work for a common goal if you are at the same event, but you don't even remotely care about others' classes or builds or whatever. This is especially bad in dungeons. You literally have no reason to bother with tactics just mash everything you have and maybe some combos will happen maybe, or maybe not, or whatever and you know, being a tank is not a good thing it's actually not a thing at all and rogues make the best tanks due to jumping around and I'm not even motivated to find flaws in this because it's BORING AND STUPID. Also you have 30-40 skills to unlock, out of which a whopping 5 (yes, FIVE) are available for use at any time and you pretty much don't even need anything beyond the five you actually like because if you want situational skill A you can't just use it anytime unless you unequip the always useful skill B beforehand. The personal story is good, somewhat personal and influenced by your character creation choices, but... After you're done with the first arc of it you are forcefully sent on an amazingly stupid and overwhelmingly boring and hugely pointless task of getting to know more of one of the lesser races of the world. WHY? WHY ON EARTH WOULD THE DESIGNERS THINK YOU WOULD EVER WANT TO DO THAT?! Oh, and as for the 8.0 user score can't help but notice the amazing amount of 10 points reviews published on 28/8/12 (the day after launch, no less). Expand
  56. Sep 1, 2012
    This game is fun and that is all.congrats to abet for making such a great game thats not such a grind like every other mmo but is concentrating on the fun factor which is what was needed in the mmo industry.
  57. Aug 29, 2012
    After playing for 5 days all I have to say is WOW. You can really tell the developers loved making this game and I personally love playing it. The world is incredible and engrossing, each of the classes are unique and have several playstyles, the pvp especially World vs. World (which gives PvE benefits) is incredibly fun. The game is full of options too if you dont like killing monsters for experience you can hop right onto PvP and level there (it transfers over to PvE) you can craft, you can simply explore, you can do the story quests, you can do achievements. Literally everything in the game rewards players in someway. The community itself is very helpful and the guild system is amazing if you have some friends (or meet new ones). All in all a must-buy. The initial product is amazing and the future is brighter than the sun. Expand
  58. Aug 28, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is notable in the MMO genre, as it is the first big budget title in at least 5 years to attempt to innovate beyond the traditional hotkey 'holy trinity' (tank/dps/healer) model popularized with Everquest years ago and carried forward by WoW.

    This review comes at the time of the end of the 3 day head start. There are a handful of problems at the moment that I presume will be
    resolved in the near future and so my review will not penalize Arenanet for this troubles -- primarily around guild administrative functionality (lag) and the trading post.

    Graphics. Its the first game in years that has such a strongly realised art design; perhaps since the Mass Effect franchise, and its the first fantasy title in years that compares to Blizzard's in house design team. Running an ATI 7750 on a first gen i5 quad core, I can maintain ~50-60 fps for 1650x1080 at high settings. There are people with performance problems today, though, but both drivers are continually being updated and Arenanet is constantly tweaking and tuning performance. Tom's Hardware has a good review of GW2 performance, to give you a sense of what works well and what is still problematic. Gameplay. Innovative. Core mechanics are almost entirely unlocked by level 10, the game is very responsive (tight controls) and content is immediately challenging in the starting zone -- this is very refreshing after 'collect 10 boar hides' with rudimentary abilities in other MMOs. The world feels much more alive than other MMOs with static quests or staged events. Crafting is deep and nuanced. There's a personal storyline for your character, that behaves similarly to SW:TOR's core class stories. There is quite a large amount of voice acting too.

    The best thing about guild wars 2, is that its a one time purchase. You get a persistent world, with modern graphics and several innovations on traditional MMO mechanics... without a recurring subscription. GW2 looks to put new downward pressure on the cost of MMOs, while simultaneously raising the bar for group play and quality of execution (graphics, music, gameplay). Definitely a top 10 of the year title, and potentially a #1.
  59. Nov 13, 2013
    I really liked Guild Wars (1). It wasn't the best of games but it had something in it.
    GW2 while improved and looking nice (not great, it could have been better) is missing that something that GW had.

    I like what they did with skills and how they change according to what weapon type character is wealding but in a longer run the game was just boring.
  60. Aug 28, 2012
    A true gem, and perhaps what the MMO genre needs so badly. GW2 is an awful lot of fun, as it takes a different route from most mmo's. Gone are the endless 'go here, kill , go there, bring back ' but rather, their quests are more like the public events of Warhammer Online. Plus, skills are no longer slowly fed to you via trainers, but unlocked through a talent system. You start with 5 skills, which are subject to change with different weapons - for instance, a sword will grant you 3 moves, and your offhand item the other two. So, there is a large amount of combinations to be had. There is also an overlapping 'main' storyline, which you'll slowly go through as a sort of backbone to the other quests.

    Bottom line, it's just plain old fun in an amazingly well put together game. The only issues I have encountered thus far have been technical - as can be expected so close to launch-, but those are sure to be fixed in future patches/
  61. Sep 30, 2012
    Well I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since release,
    It just wasn't the game they made it out to be, and it quickly loses it's magic after a month. First it's just another game that has no real social value. Can't say i didn't love the challenge of the puzzles and the events, it's just the game hasn't captured my attention like it should have I don't feel anything when playing it anymore.
    It's just another of those games run to this spot and do this, run to the next spot and do it over again. Then after hit 80 should I expect to do grinds for gear or what is there for me to do other then go and gather all the map locations and point of interests that I haven't found yet? Just another leveling game that slows down to a crawl once you hit 80 with no hope other then doing PvP if you're a person that likes that sort of thing. Expand
  62. Sep 10, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is a revolution. The way how it all works together is amazing. You gain experience almost from everything you do, so you no longer need to play it for 20 000 hours to reach the best equip and to enjoy high level instances. I am playing a norn ranger and it is so much fun, with all the pets you can tame and all the skillsets you can use. Another thing is the enviroment, it is stunning. Despite the problems with the trading post I must say it is a game that really deserves the 10/10 Expand
  63. May 18, 2013
    3rd review all in all this game was meh and i wish I hadn't wasted my money on it tbh. the first few months of when it came out was good because you had people all over the starting zones etc. they're now dead graveyards with noone in them. all the casual gamers have left the game and u hv a load of people at end game wondering what to do. its lost its edge for me as a casual gamer. i think the thing is mmorpgs get good when u devote a lot of time to them. i hate running around a map getting somewhere for ages, and u hv to do that quite a bit in gw2 but if ur willing to put the time in the game is hella awesome and im sure ull hv a blast. i just find the events hv dried up now, noone does them in the starting zones. Expand
  64. Sep 1, 2012
    I give my mark without testing pvp but still that what i played give me enough fun to say its great game. We get almost evrything what WoW couldnt give us + even more.
  65. Dec 1, 2012
    I love this game a lot, i don't find it boring at all as many people said. Graphically it looks like more Rift than other modern MMO. I could say GW2 and Rift are playing in same sandbox! There are thousand things to do: fight, climb, discover, craft, explore,... i don't have a HL character - my main is 32, that small but i never find time so short since i play GW2. I like to play alone, without guild or anything else and this MMO is so good for this. Public fights are great, copied on those exising in Rif Expand
  66. Sep 29, 2012
    Guild Bores 2 would have been a more appropriate title. Bland character design, bland questing, dull, repetitive combat, no end game, bland voice acting. Couldn't play for more than two hours before getting tired of it and quitting. Story is completely forgettable, as well, and things like 'dynamic events' are little more than gimmicks. I had no fun what so ever with this over-hyped game.
  67. Aug 28, 2012
    Visually stunning, extreme fun gameplay, the game never stops surprising with Dynamic Events. The world changes but not just for me - everyone's actions affect the game itself. Exploration is amazing with hidden caves behind waterfalls, jump puzzles, vistas. Incredible range of choice in character creation and customization. Everyone is playing GW2 - most fun in an MMO that I've had in years.
  68. Oct 13, 2012
    With the Combat Mode you can turn Guild Wars 2 into a true action experience. It displays a centered crosshair and moving the mouse now turns your character and camera. When ever you cast a spell or action it will temporarily lock on and perform on whatever is underneath the crosshair. Left Click auto attacks, Right Click dodges & Mouse Scroll can be assigned to whatever you want. all can be changed Your movement and targeting will be as intuitive, fluid and accurate as an FPS Bringing up panels such as Inventory, Map, Hero, etc will toggle you out of combat mode and give you your cursor back. Expand
  69. Aug 31, 2012
    10/10 damn it! This game is amazing. Not by any means, a average mmo. In fact it blows all others out of the park. There is absolutely no grinding for levels, (unless you of course wan't to get to lvl 80 fast) no annoying unresponsive combat, and is a beautiful game graphically. Separate pvp is a seamless addition to the game and is fun when you want to take a break. Best part no subscription fee. Expand
  70. Aug 28, 2012
    An absolutely gorgeous and polished game that does away with the irksome game systems (grinding, holy trinity, constant time-sinks, filler content) of MMOs while reiterating the best ones. The love and passion ArenaNet has put into this game truly shows and it's worth every penny.
  71. Aug 31, 2012
    This game got old mechanics, improved them and put them all together into an awesome fantastic world. Quests have been replaced by dynamic event chains, that react to player actions (success/failure will lead to different events). World versus world is a three faction world pvp mode with towers, castles, siege weapons, and lots of strategy... going zergway will lead you to disaster, cooperation is a must. Structured PvP is very competitive and demands ability. The personal story lines are fantastic, served with the perfect dose of fun and drama. Expand
  72. Sep 3, 2012
    First off, i don't see how people can say the graphics aren't good in this game. Turn all the settings to max and turn on supersampling and the textures are awesome .. that mixed with the art style and the world looks fantastic along the lines of AOC.. way better textures than skyrim.. (not hating on skyrim just proving a point). Hear people saying the dynamic events aren't realling dynamic they are static and repeating, while that may be true they do a fantastic job in making the world feel alive and making it way easy to end up playing with other live people.. Loved it in Rift but the problem was they were always the same.. rift events.. no variety.. in GW2 they are different.. maybe repeating at the same area but as you explore they are varied.

    I think the real seller though is the convienence factor.. everything that was a waste of time or annoying in other mmos they have made super easy.. Mail from anywhere, fast travel everywhere but only after you've explored it. No incredible grind. Quest rewards are mailed directly to you. Ways to gain xp are so varied. Head to unlock a vista encounter a dynamic event on the way back complete with 20 others.. do a heart find a point of interest.. etc etc. VS with other mmos -> Go to hub collect 10 quests on a list of tasks such as... collect 20 rat hides and vice versa .. go out and grind them down .. run back turn them in.. rinse and repeat. Armor customization is a breeze . Pvp is so easy to get into. Combat is Awesome for one reason really.. u can freakin move while channeling spells and abilites .. no stand in one spot for a 3 second channel .. Your constantly moving positioning.. casting channeling all at the same time. People say customization is limited.. only because it appears that way at the beginning.. throught traits , race abilites .. weapon skills and utility and healing skills and elite skills.. and 2 swapping weapons .. you actually have more options in the long run of interesting abilities than in other mmos.
    Take for example .. i'm and elemental norn.. i can equip dual daggers ... and have 5 skills x 4 elements for 20 skills at one time just on that weapon loadout.. then u have sceptor / focus.. staves rods all with 5 skills x 4 elements.. on top of that is the utility skills unlocked and healing slot.. then transform into a bear or other creature with the norn race.. thats alot of thinks to do imo. Bottom line... Other mmo's is akin to clocking in and grinding... GW2 is akin to logging in and playing..
    puts the fun back in this genre
  73. Sep 2, 2012
    This is the first next generation mmorpg un post wow era. Maybe you dont like the game per se, but in an honest view this game is by far a tecnical superior that all morpg games in actual market (yes, including WoW).
    A really MUST buy.
  74. Oct 9, 2012
    Great artwork, clean combat, and a VERY nice PvP system. However, the game simply couldn't hold my attention for more than a month. Definitely worth trying out though.
  75. Sep 2, 2012
    I rather dislike a lot in this game. For all the hype, I expected a lot. However, the graphics are nothing to write home about, the story is not that enjoyable, and the combat system simply isn't engaging. I cannot recommend it enough that you try this game for 6-8 hours before buying it. Be sure to play it for a while, you'll notice many people are adjusting their reviews as time goes on.
  76. Sep 19, 2012
    Most fun I've had in an MMO. The game is beautiful, tons of fun and addicting for all! The pve, pvp, and WvWvW is all amazing and really well done. Finally a game where you can do whatever you want.. Explore, do dungeons, pvp, WvW, and more! Also, this game is harder than your average MMO. Which is good! Who doesn't like a challenge?
  77. Sep 4, 2012
    GW2 is a groundbreaking, genre busting MMO. It introduces so many new gameplay concepts in the areas of combat, questing, crafting, travel, and more. The gameplay in GW2 emphasises minimal downtime and maximises fun activities. No grouping is required and there is no such thing as kill stealing. It naturally funnels players together to cooperate to complete quests, explore, and take down world bosses. The combat system is active and direction based. There is no holy trinity and any player can fulfill many roles.

    GW2 has a high level of polish and the artwork and music are sublime. The achievement system is extensive and there is also a guild achievement system. Everything you do in the game will earn you achievements, money, and experience. If you are tired of the same old MMO gameplay then you must try GW2. Leave what you know about "traditional" MMO's at the door and embrace the new gameplay concepts GW2 offers. This is the best MMO I have played in almost 8 years and has rejuvenated my interest in the genre. You won't be disappointed!
  78. Dec 12, 2012
    I give a 10 to Guild Wars 2, not because this game is perfect, but because it's the best MMORPG in the world right now. In the years i tried a lot of MMORPG, and Guild Wars 2 is the only one that give me that feeling of "this is so fun to play!", not just that "OMG i need to grind 120345 more times to buy that sword, ARRRRRRR"
  79. Sep 9, 2012
    Great game. Graphics are amazing. The events are a nice replacement to one-time quests. Waypoints make travel easy. Combat is very fluid, and with limited hotkeys very easy to learn.
  80. Sep 8, 2012
    Fresh, innovative, social... Guild Wars 2 has it all and a lot more. Beautiful Art and Graphics, wonderful Soundtrack by the messiah of the Games Industry Jeremy Soule, 3 Worlds in glorious and ever changing Battles, structured Team PvP, etc. the list goes on and on and on. No Subscription Fee, No Pay-to-Win, No **** To quote a famous Youtube Critic: Bad-Ass Seal of Approval 10/10, Legendary Status.

    This is the first MMO of the next Generation. Not a revolution, but a huge step of evolution. And a call to to arms for the entire Industry.
  81. Sep 11, 2012
    Unfortunately, I fell for the overwhelming amount of great reviews for this game. After seeing that the game had "sold out" of digital download copies, I thought, "maybe this is the mmo to end all mmos." So I rush down to a brick and mortar store to pick up a hard copy, install, create an account. Within 8 hours I get an email telling me that some clown in China is trying to access my account....great! Anyhow, I launch the game expecting pure awesomeness. What I see is a graphical amalgamation of Wow and Aion, which works out pretty well, because if you average out the years in which those engines were put into play, then you come up with graphics circa 2007...that's generous. Everything else is completely predictable - kill this, collect that, don't worry about the story. This is what killed SWTOR in my opinion; you can't try to polish up the things you like about various MMOs, slap them together and expect a miracle. And that's what you see here - a little bit of WoW, Aion, Rift, SWTOR, and a few of the legacy items that made the first GW successful, but ultimately the game is devoid of any revolutionary mechanics. On the other hand, I've been playing The Secret World for a little over 2 months now, and besides the very few bugs remaining, it has captivated me from day one! Fantastic gfx, engrossing storyline, challenging skill system, the ability to be absolutely anything with the mere swapping of skills that are available to everyone. While it may not be for everyone, at least it advanced the genre so that people can see where we could and should be with these games. How fans tolerate the same mediocre fodder is beyond me. Expand
  82. Aug 31, 2012
    Remember all those MMO's that were supposed to take world of craft down? Well... GW2 might be the messiah we were hoping for!

    The put it in one word, GW2 is "dynamic"! You walk around the world and random events occur, and player all gather to fight back what ever threath is coming. No grouping, no kill still. Everyone fight together and get's rewards. Seriously, you will NEVER need to
    call for help or search a group in this game. You never fell alone as you do quest. Arenanet did a perfect job to encourage players to work together and make it FUN at the same time.

    The game is also very beautifull, and things like points of interests and views encourage you to explore.

    The combat system can be confusing at time, and the camera dosn't allow you to zoom out enough. As range class it's ok but as a melee you often don't see what's going on behind you and finding your next target can be a bit challenging. Still, the combat is very FUN!

    The story : I am going to have to compare with SWTOR, as the story is THE factor that was suppose to make TOR better than GW2. Well... In a way, story in TOR play a much more important part than in GW2, and i really loved the fact that all side quests in starwars add dialogues options. Still GW2 as a main story quest arc that is interesting enough to keep you interested and unlike TOR, you will make decisions that will trully affect the outcome.

    PvP is not an afterthough in this game, the WvW maps are hudge and still it's easy to find something to do on them. The game really succeds in making you believe that you are taking part in a war. It's not as simple as capturing a flag and getting points. You must fight off enemy invaders, gather ressources to repair the door, construct siege weapons... But because those battles are so massive, it will put your rig to the test.

    Crafting is also interesting in this game. I can't say much about it yet but i really enjoy experimenting with materials to get new reciepes.

    Dungeons are nice but i have yet to try the end game content on that part. Overall, GW 2 is by far the best MMO that came out since WoW, and the fact that it has no subcription fee makes it the biggest threath that WoW ever faced.
  83. Dec 5, 2012
    I am a huge MMOrpg player and played Guild Wars, when the beta was announced I went to get in on that, Played the beta and am currently playing the game. There have been a lot of claims, hype, rumors, and promises from this game. My favorite promise they made was it will not be a grind... Sorry but the game is just that one huge grind, Wait let me finish, while the game is based on grinding you level so fast and things happen at a quick pace that most will not notice it. Speaking of leveling, it is so fast and easy that it might make your head spin. On average you can level once per hour with no problem all the way to 80, The problem is you want to stop and look at stuff, because the game is quite amazing to look at. The graphics are extremely tight and amazing, even on medium settings, on the lowest graphic settings thats when you kinda say ehh there ok but its very hard to tell the difference between medium and High.

    They didn't quite live up to everything they said they would but they came very close, One word of caution here there are many bugs, and they are still tweeking the game. Which are causing many of the problems players are complaining about, I bring this up since at this time the game is just about 3 to 4 months old things should level out around 5-6 months since this is the find and remove stage of when a game comes out every Big MMo that comes out has this even WoW did. So if your looking for a great MMO this is it though you may want to wait till the bugs are gone.
  84. Sep 3, 2012
    Fun, if predictable and uneven. I have played all the major MMOs and have had the most fun with this one. It is well designed, accessible, and yet with depth and detail. My only issues have been minor and largely have to do with this being a new game (no auction house yet, etc). I can see this having the most playability and longevity of any game I have played in years.
  85. Nov 19, 2012
    Why Hello thar, first of all Guild Wars 2 isnt a bad Game at all, the Leveling is quite nice but htere could be more Models for the NPC enemies. The Problem with the Game is the Endgame once u hit Max Level the Game just falls a bit off, due to lack of Content. The PvP is a split Thing the WvW-PvP is quite nice and offers you options on how to play, for example you dont need to zerg around you can push the Logistics and make your team win.

    All in all the Game is solid but the Motivation after you hit Max Level is just fallin off a bit too quickly.
  86. Sep 5, 2012
    Looks great, feels great, sounds great, plays great, runs great. PvP is perfectly balanced, PvE is dynamic and interesting, World vs World is always changing and has such an epic scale. The Music is by Jeremy Soule. The achievements system rewards you for every aspect of the game, which is good, because this is the best MMORPG ever created.
  87. Sep 25, 2012
    This game is the culmination of the evolution of both free to play, and subscription MMOs. The game design and art are superb, and the microtransaction/auction system is amazing. Cant say enough good things about this game. p.s. Also, lots of replayability between races in terms of story.
  88. Aug 28, 2012
    There is not that much to say about this game.

    It's a masterpiece, a living and breathing piece of wonderful art.

    Thank you, ArenaNet, for creating one of the most beautiful MMORPG's ever.
  89. Aug 28, 2012
    Is it a good game? Well, it's not a bad one... however you should know that the hype has painted an unrealistic picture of how good the game really is. On the surface its a solid, well crafted game with few technical flaws and a good eye for details that shines through in things like the crafting. It's certainly among the better MMO's to have been released in recent years. But... at the end of the day it's really not much more fun than it's fantasy MMO contemporaries. At least where PvE is concerned.

    Sure it mixes things up somewhat, and the dynamic events that temporarily changes the "lay of the land" are interesting. However it is still very much like the questing in all the other MMO's you have played. Same old, different wrapping. Grind X or collect Y, often longer and with less variety than other games due to the open nature of the events. I guess my main gripe is that GW2 is almost to streamlined, most of the time there is little challenge to be had, all while moving at a really fast pace. And that may be one reason why I found it difficult to get attached to several aspects of the game. While the graphical design is good and certainly doesn't bother me, it does however look dated in places if that should be a concern.

    Many will find pleasure in GW2, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them. GW2 simply doesn't bring anything profound to the table. So if like me, you are tired of the same old easy cookie cutter fantasy MMO's, chances are your time in Tyria would be short lived as well.

    It's simple, mindless fun, no more, no less.
  90. Sep 19, 2012
    In the longer portion of this review I'll try to address some of the common complaints I see leveled against the game, but, in short, my opinion thus far is that It is an enjoyable improvement over every other MMO I've ever played, though it has some weak points and takes some getting used to. The most common complaint I see is that the graphics aren't that great. I haven't played The Secret World or Tera so I can't make a real comparison, but I can say the graphics don't look bad and I'm even impressed every once in a while when I turn around or look up to see a view like a landscape painting and realize I just travelled over that. Besides that, I've been playing games since the SNES and Genesis and I have to say, I haven't seen any major graphical improvements in the past 5 or 6 years, so saying it looks like a game from 2006 really doesn't strike me as a big insult. Guild Wars: EotN came out about then though, and GW2 does look significantly better than that. Secondly, there is the zerg-rush style combat people have complained of. To be absolutely honest, yeah, combat in big groups does feel pretty disorganized and I haven't been in a party since I started the damn game. Despite never joining a party though, I have to say that I've fought alongside other players multiple times every single time I logged on to GW2, unlike the solo grindathons I encountered in other MMOs, and if most of that group combat was a glorified zerg-fest, I don't really see too much wrong with that. It's a side-efect of making each player able to fight independently because you are never able to count on having a group in any MMO without AI partners. In other MMO's I've played, I can't remember being in a party most of the time anyway. In Phantasy Star Universe, I believe I partied up with someone else exactly once in the 6 or 7 months I played. This is the first MMO I've played that really felt like a multi-player experience through and through, and if we had to turn it into a glorified zerg-fest to do it, it doesn't take away too much from the enjoyment. As to the content of the events, it is basically the same as quests in other MMOs. Renown Heart quests are generally a little more complex but most of the dynamic events either involve killing bosses, escorting NPCs, or defending locations. All I can say is that, while you're basically doing the same sot of things you might have done in other MMOs, at least dynamic events generally bring players together so you won't be working alone. If you're in a big group and you don't know how to fight in a group, your role can feel insignificant. You fight differently in a group, shifting between support capabilities and ranged attacks and if you try the same tactics as when you fight alone you'll be ineffective. I haven't played WvW yet so I can't say anything to defend it. My own criticism of GW2 would be that it does a horrendous job of explaining itself. It is very easy to start thinking of it in terms of other MMOs and get frustrated. It's not a revolution, but neither is it quite cookie-cutter enough that you can't just pick it up and play like any other MMO. The professions work differently, the events work differently, even the way you acquire items works differently. Not a ninety-degree turn, but still, enough to through you off, even if you come to the table expecting something different. Also, I think I liked GW1's solo-oriented play-style better, but that's only after having played it for like six or seven years before putting it down. I also have several other minor complaints like the insane respawn rate and that the settlements on the map generally are not labelled, the early human storyline was so boring I just decided to forget about it for a while and enjoy leveling my character and exploring foreign lands. Events tend to cycle in rapid succession meaning that the effects of your actions last about 20 seconds, but that's mostly due to the massive number of players constantly triggering new events. It would be unfair to them to make your achievements last twenty minutes and force them to wait around that long to play the event themselves. This will probable change over time as concurrency rates go down. There are also several bugs, but that's what it means to be an MMO at launch. I give it a 9/10 because so far I haven't found any glaring issues I can identify and I've really started enjoying the game now that I realized there's a lot more depth to the professions than I'd previously thought. There are, however, several improvements I see they could make in the future updates, and if they don't address these issues my opinion will likely drop to a 7or 8. Expand
  91. Sep 3, 2012
    The game brought everything that was promised. It's an excellent example of an mmo that tries something different successfully. A purchase is definitely recommended.
  92. Sep 11, 2012
    Amazing Game, unlike any other mmo when it come to leveling.
    Experience is gained from almost doing anything, from crafting to exploring and all things in between.
    There is something for every type of player, no need to play 500 hours to feel your character is getting some wear.

    Anet's very strict enforcement of the rules is making the play experience that much better, I am sure many
    casual players are familiar with the "rage" that follows when 1 mistake is made.
    NO such thing in Guild Wars 2, unlike some other MMO's where abuse of fellow players is ignored
    Suspensions and bans are handed out to the abusive players.

    No need to be afraid to try something new because you don't know if some other player is going to start harassing you for not knowing how to play your first time.
  93. Sep 3, 2012
    For me this game looks quite unattractive because of high fantasy setting that is so popular in MMO genre in our days. Visuals are also not so great, world design is quite childish and of course tons of too colorful SFX in more or less large combat. CPvP is the only thing that can save this MMO since there is no other end-game content because mass PvP seems to be random zerg based by design (due to long queries all serious guild coordinated action is usually impossible). Expand
  94. Sep 12, 2014
    Awesome MMO with Gorgeous art work worth every cent, the only thing that bother's me about the game is lack of pvp content and laggy World vs World. The content they add is always just dungeons which is a bore for me i'm a PvP fan all the way. They mix up the way you quest which is nice instead of pick up here return here its just go to area kill and completed.The fighting mechanics are the best of any MMO I have played and I have played a lot unlike wow you don't fall asleep doing low lvl dungeons. The cash shop is also pretty sweet you can buy everything with in game gold so you dont half to waste a penny if you love the game and play enough.

    Worth $50
  95. Aug 31, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is without a doubt the best MMO on the market today and it is only 3 days old as I write this. After playing the game since Beta it has ruined every other MMO out there for me. No game available today can touch it. There are pieces of other games that when added up could be as good as this game is but not one MMO has as much awesome as this one does. While waiting for Guild Wars 2 to be released I played a few of the "top" MMOs out to kill time. Let me tell you this, I didn't last more than one hour in any of them. After getting a taste of what Guild Wars 2 had to offer every one I tried seemed stale, tired or just plain boring. Expand
  96. Aug 31, 2012
    This game impressed me in closed beta both in quality and amount of things to keep me busy. The map flow is impressive given the event locations are nonlinear. It's the first time I've played an MMO in years that has offered me a challenge, looked beautiful, and kept me wanting more. I also am impressed with the fact that the dev team made leveling a bit of a challenge and seemed to want it to be an important part of the game rather than a quick grind to max level/endgame content... and looking at the amount of leveling content and the quality of it, I can see why. This game makes me want to explore every corner of every map, tame as many creatures as I can, and learn as much about the lore of the world as I can absorb. Also, the crafting system is fun, allowing you to discover new recipes and enhancement items rather than just serving you up the recipes and making you sit and grind out a hundred of one item.

    Congratulations to the ArenaNet team on an amazing accomplishment. You've taken a bitter old hardcore MMO gamer and made her a believer in the genre again.
  97. Aug 28, 2012
    This game can definitely stand on its own against behemoths like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic (if that even counts anymore since it is going free to play). It's a good game that doesn't even need to go against its competitors simply because it has no momthly fee (a huge plus in my book) and doesn't really clone any games (think Rift and SWTOR cloning WoW). In that way it is truly innovative as it is its own game in its own right. Now, I do think this game is NOT the second coming of Jesus, nor does it live up to all the hype. Why? First of all, I think one of the most hyped up aspects of the game, World vs World (realm vs realm) is probably one of the more boring aspects of the game. You'll spend at least 5 minutes simply running around trying to find the action and when you die, and you will, you'll spend another 5-10 minutes running around looking for action. It's almost as if Anet designed it to be a time sink, but why they would I don't know, again there's no monthly fee. If you don't mind it the fights are really fun (always make sure to carry supplies around with you!!!) and the charm of it all is simply inescapable. My biggest pet peeve of the game, which is a good game mind you, is leveling in PvE. I'm a level 14 elementalist as I write this and I've had to grind on dynamic events several times just to catch up to my story quest, which can jump from level 10 to 15 easily. There aren't enough heart missions (area quests) and unique dynamic events to get you through, so you either have to repeat dynamic events or gain levels through World vs World. Not a favourable aspect of the game for me. I will end this review on one note though...the exploration in this game is simply amazing, fantastic, wonderful. If you like to explore you'll love this game. I didn't like exploring before but now I'm getting addicted to it. Anyways, it's a 7.5 to 8 game out of 10 in my humble opinion, I don't think this game deserves a 10 or anything less than 6. Expand
  98. Oct 5, 2012
    A great well rounded and well polished new MMO. 8 distinctive classes that all have their own feel and play style. Some great improvements to the MMORPG genre without trying to change what isn't broken.
    Just like GW1, there is no subscription. Unlike many other MMOs out there where you're paying a monthly fee and getting very little for that fee, GW2 gives excellent value for the box
    price. I really don't think I could go back to standard MMO static combat that other titles in the genre seem content to offer. Combat in GW2 is a lot more fluid and active. Broker/AH/Trade Post is also the best I've seen in an MMO to date, not without flaws, but it's game wide, not limited by listing durations and you can set buy prices for items you're looking for.
    Only thing I personally miss is raiding, some challenge PVE wise to bring players together to overcome. WvW just doesn't do it for me, fun sure, but not in the same routine way that raiding was in the older generation MMOs.
  99. Apr 5, 2014
    16 months and 3000 ours spent: this is still the best MMORPG on the market and this year, with more competition, it's really going to stand out.


    Putting 10/10 in an effort to slow down haters and people who clearly didn't play it :P
  100. Sep 10, 2012
    Game is great.
    People who complain about dated graphics aren't playing on high settings. Turn settings way high and you'll see its a great visual game. (requires as pretty decent rig)

    PvE and storyline is actually engaging. Most MMOs (IE FF11) you're wandering around having no clue what the point of your adventure is... not the case here. Definitely a good story line with plenty room
    for expansion.

    PvP takes the cake. Very awesome. Try it to see what I mean. World vs World is awesome.

    I give it a 9 because we're two weeks after release and still the trading post (AH) is up and down.
    I also give it a 9 because leveling is almost too easy. People are maxed out at lvl 80 already! thats obnoxious.
    I give it a 9 also because of the GEM STORE. Understand this is a free to play game, and they need to make money somehow. But I truly dislike games that add a store where players can pay to be the best at the game with little skill. Gem store allows you to buy gems where you can spend them on super equipment and timed exp boosters etc... laaaaaaame.

    Overall great game though - very very well done.

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  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.