• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Aug 29, 2012
    Really good game. I played GW1 a lot, and my first impression on GW2 was not so good I was expecting. But in a couple of hour, all my doubts disappear. Musics are just magic. The game is fun and dynamic. Pve and Pvp are both really good. The only thing who didn't convince me is the story because some dialogs are bad (but not awful). It take a lot of pleasure with this game, and no technical problem, so a great game for me. Expand
  2. Aug 29, 2012
    realy realy realy beautifull! i havn't had this feeling since vanilla/tbc WoW. and i'm serious! have been waiting on diablo 3 since WOTLK and i got very dissapointed after all those years waiting, and i must say that i havn't felt this feeling that i have in GW 2 in YEARS. this game rocks, it looks nice, combat is cool, environment rocks!, custumization is nice, most important it plays fluid en cool! and heck it has no subscribtion!

    I thought i was going to play diablo3 for 5/10 years, but i havn't seen this fun since the release of it!
    Guild wars took my heart within the beta's and now when it is released it swallowed me even more.

    Can't wait to get home and continue the pvp tournament i started yesterday :D

    i'm on my work right now and i realy miss it to play my character, well if that occurs i really know the game is good!
  3. Feb 2, 2013
    Guildwars 2 is a decent game, is supported well but the game is pretty overhyped. The game is also arguable "pay2win"(Even though people might disagree with it).
  4. Oct 1, 2012
    Arenanet made a number of improvements to MMO design with Guild Wars 2, but also made a significant number of questionable design decisions, effectively repeating the mistakes of the products they should have learned from. Positives: mob tapping is gone, grouping works automatically in the open world, the trinity is gone, graphics are very good, events help the world seem not-so-static.

    There are some heavy negatives to consider though. The boosting system in WvW doesn't do much as level 80 characters can drop lower level players in literally 1 second flat. Crafting is yet again something of an afterthought, but does bring significant XP gains, without many sellable products. Some drops required to craft seem broken, as the rarity makes them non-viable for production. Not much of an endgame is available. The game still has significant bugs as of 10/1/2012, such as trait point NPCs disappearing. Character classes are wildly unbalanced, with some being orders of magnitude more powerful than others. Personal story quest difficulty is largely broken, with mobs wiping out players pretty quickly, leading to repair bills.

    One last item to consider is the combat design. It is a bit..odd. Players have an active dodge, which can be used twice and then wait for recharge. Mobs tend to hit extremely hard, even on their plain vanilla attacks, and even from trash mobs. Mobs also are spawned on top of players already in combat quite frequently. Overall, the combat seems somewhat clunky. Defensive abilities tend to be weak, healing abilities almost not worth using, and both are usually on very long cooldowns. There are a number of other abilities than don't seem to have much to offer, and yet again, on long cooldowns. Range attacks are usually more advantageous then melee, mostly due to the damage mobs toss out to melee characters.
  5. Nov 9, 2012
    Y U NO AWESOME? The game tries so hard to do everything right but does a lot of things worse than any other game in this genre. The combat system was announced to be action oriented, what did we got? Wow combined with tera but its neither as accurate as WoW's nor as good as teras'. The questsystem is nice but the levelflow is too confusing and a more indepth tutorial would have been great. The jobsystem is well done but rather confusing for a beginner because you have to produce so much trash to advance in the skills. In the end 3 charakter between 18-36 and los my interest after 2 weeks :/ disappointing Expand
  6. Aug 28, 2012
    The next evolution in MMO gaming. It may not be revolutionary as an entire package, though there are some revolutionary ideas like the Overflow servers. GW2 will easily become the next touchstone for all MMO games to follow as WoW was before it. GW2 takes the same approach WoW took when it revolutionized the MMORPG genre - take what works, make it better, throw out what doesn't work and do something better. PvE via Dynamic Events, structured PvP, World vs. World and a host of other game elements like crafting, exploration, and community friendly open world interaction make this MMO a gem the likes of which we haven't seen in ages.

    GW2 brings back that sense of wanderlust and adventure and just plain FUN many of us MMO veterans have felt the genre has been lacking for far too long.

    Best of all, there is no subscription fee and despite a few launch hiccups Anet has delivered a AAA quality title at a F2P price point. If you are a fan of RPGs and/or MMORPG's you need to buy GW2. Period.
  7. Sep 27, 2012
    This game is definitely one of the best games I have ever played, and THE best MMORPG out there at this, and a much longer, time. Everything from graphics to storyline are beautifully done. The game can pleasure your needs as a gamer by being able to level up multiple ways (and if you are tired or in the mood for a change, it's easy!), anywhere from watering flowers, to exploring, to bashing people with beer kegs, and even to intense fast-paced huge scale battles in World Versus World Versus World. Even though it is a bit buggy (still one of the most bug-free MMO releases to date though), a bit slow game support, and missing a few things, it is nice to know that the amazing game developers are always working on a fix 24/7. The game really allows you to play how YOU want, alone, with a party, or even in a giant group. The personal story line mixed with the originality of the races, and professions, really makes you feel different from the crowd. There is always something more to do in GW2, all with no subscription fee! I definitely recommend this game to any gamers library. See you in-game! Expand
  8. Nov 20, 2012
    While I can't quite bring myself to rate this game as a zero even now, and while it is still enjoyable in many aspects, refugees from the hamster treadmill can no longer expect to find a home in Guild Wars 2. If you're a casual player or someone who enjoys large scale PvP but does not enjoy a dungeon gear grind, stay far away from this otherwise beautiful MMO.
  9. Feb 12, 2013
    Sure, GW2 was a fun game for a while, I enjoyed it, but after playing World of Warcraft for years before this, despite wanting to, I couldn't quite get into it and I stopped playing after reaching only level 16.
  10. Aug 28, 2012
    I have played mmos since everyquest back in the days. Everything from ragnarok online, ffxi, wow, matrix online lol, guild wars 1, eve, aion, archlord... you name it. I spend my college years deep loving mmos. Now im an adult with a full time job and family and not as much time to play mmos.

    Guild wars 2 allows me to play mmos again and live my life!!!. Finally an mmo suited for me. An
    mmo hardcore enough to suit my needs for challenge and casual enough to allow me to play at my own pace! The dream.

    Guild wars 2 has amazing graphics. Beautiful animations and an epic soundtrack. The client is amazingly stable and smooth. Classes are fun and engaging and waaay different than most mmos. Races are beautiful too.

    The game makes you want to explore all the huge world and if you are a completionist.. hell, you will have a ton to complete here. The game was made to play with others, not to compete and fight with people. there is no silly kill steals or node steals, everyone fights to achieve a common goal and it works!

    So far the game has exceeded all my expectations. The mmo innovates on every angle. Dont believe people who say the game is good... or bad. I say go play it and make your own judgement, you wont regret it. Also no monthly fee is awesome!
  11. Aug 28, 2012
    I don't like rating games with a 10 until it's a true winner. Also I haven't played long enough for it to have reasons to rate it "perfect". I'll make it short and simple for you, though:

    Buy it. Own it. Play it. Enjoy!
  12. Sep 1, 2012
    Short version: Nice, but nothing(literally nothing) special. Sound fx are hit and miss, at the worst annoying as hell. Some of them forced me to turn off sound. Too much particle effects kill any enjoyment from combat. Graphics go from good characters to bad textures. World is pleasant too look at only from a distance. Did I mention overblown particle effects? The world is big but the size feels like forced. Story can described in one word: filler. It has good parts, mind you. But too far apart to call it good as a whole. Whole dynamic event thing is glorified filler. Only thing that makes this game is combat. It is too "spam the same button" for my taste but still good. In summary: It is worth the box price but doesn't ask for a sub fee because it isn't worth a sub fee. Expand
  13. Sep 6, 2012
    I highly recommend that you try this game out on a friend's account or wait until there is a free trial available before you buy this game because it is very different than other MMOs and also very different than what all the hype says about it. Many of the ones who rated this game 10 seem to be "yes men" drinking the Guild Wars 2 "kool-aid" without critical thinking. I get the impression that many of them have played only the original Guild Wars but have never played another MMO, or have only played World of Warcraft around 2004-2005 before all the major improvements that improved WoW over the years such as phasing, etc. After reading an aritcle where ArenaNet Founder Mike O'Brien said "We were number two to World of Warcraft with Guild Wars, now we want to beat them" and over-hype such as how the Guild Wars 2 web site currently says "Join the MMO Revolution..." I got suckered into thinking this game was going to be something great and pre-purchased it. I soon learned after 60 minutes of gameplay that I had been duped. I kept playing it to see if it would grow on me, but after every two hours of trying to get myself to enjoy the game I just would have to log off out of sheer boredom. This is the first time I have bought a game and been so dissapointed that I regretted the purchase. The reasons I don't like the game are: 1) The combat system is horrible. When you press one of your action bar keys, it does not feel like your character is responding, It is hard to see what you are hitting with your abilitie what hitting you. The combat is very similar to WoW vehicle fights where you just spam buttons 1-5 on cooldown. Add running in a circle to dodge stuff and you've pretty much mastered the game.. Due to lack of mob tagging all of the dynamic events involving bosses or waves of NPC foes seem to be zergfests where a dozen or so players are attacking the same boss/foes and really you feel like your part is so minimal that you are insignificant. 2) Poor story telling: The personal story NPC cut-scenes where you see two badly voice-acted NPCs standing at the left and the right of the screen in front of a painted backdrop are lame.What was extremely annoying for me for the personal story was the way that every time you completed one or two simple steps in the personal story you would have to leave the personal story and go and grind your level up doing other things because your weren't high enough level for the next personal story step. They need to either make the personal story scale with your level or just get rid of the personal story all together imo, the personal story does not seem to be connected to the outside world anyway.3) World Questing: WoW-clone quests just without the middle-man: If you've played WoW or any WoW-clone you've done these types of quests before, fetch a number of these things, kill a number of these things, place a number of these things over there, etc. Guild Wars 2 presents them a little differently however. Instead of list of fetch 0/10 things, kill 0/10 things, put 0/10 things there, you get a bar that says something equivalent to "Help Bob by fetching things, killing things and putting things there" and you can do any or all of the things repeatedly until the bar fills up at which point you get mail from "Bob" saying something like "Thanks for the help! here's some coins and a piece of armor!", you don't even have to go to a mailbox. For me personally, it feels like I am just doing a bunch of random tasks. I prefer the old way where you talk to an NPC and listen to him speak and/or read his test giving you a back story to why you are doing what you are doing and return to him when you are done because it gives you a sense of purpose for doing stuff, without that it really just feels like just a grind, when according to the hype, Guild Wars 2 was supposed to be less grindy than other MMOs.I originally gave Guild Wars 2 a 3/10 I've lowered it to 0/10 for a few reasons. a) Someone seems to be gaming the metacritic system to remove negative reviews (including b) there are way to many guild wars fans just giving the game a 10/10 without any critical thinking c) a large number of accounts have been hacked, d) Guild Wars 2 policies to ban players for 72 hours for swearing when they have a profanity filter build into the game makes no sense, e) Banning players for 72 hours for minor naming offenses when it is a first offense is extreme. I think some cases such as names that contain swear words or making racist remarks are indeed worthy of a 72-hour ban, but being banned for 72 hours for naming yourself something "Adolf Critler" is a little excessive for a first offense, a forced name change and a warning would've sufficed. I'm also not clear if a parodied name like "Spruce Willis" for a Sylvari would get me a 72 hour ban or not. I also had a few nice things to say but had to remove them due to 5000 char limit, but they cannot make up for the bad things. Expand
  14. Sep 12, 2012
    Boring enough to not care to write an entire review on.

    Do yourself a favor and pass it up for something more interesting and engaging like The Secret World.
  15. Aug 28, 2012
    I played the Original and This sequel fit the bill PERFECTLY on gameplay fun and bring back all the fuzzy memories of the original!

    PvP is a lot of fun and OMG complex in the best of ways! The lack of level grinding is a HUGE Plus for me Yes cap is 80 but you dont get to lvl 80 through conventional means of killing 20 or so boars its about exploration of the world and exploring your
    character and making fun yet interesting decisions on your way though the story!

    if you havent already i recommend buying this game if your a fan or Guild wars 1 or your fresh eyes on this Product!
  16. Aug 28, 2012
    This game is really impressive and for a person that plays games lightly...I truly do appreciate the effort in making this a very magical experience-dynamic events and personalizing characters as needed makes this a really great game. I have not been bored with this game and have only seen 5% of the world after a good 20+ hours of gaming.
  17. Sep 17, 2012
    I will preface this with a caveat - I tried very hard to like the original GW and just never got into it. I am also very picky about my games right now and fantasy games are a bit stale to say least.

    I much prefer a more recent game that I will not go into but it lacks any sort of decent end game. To me that is where GW2 shines with the open world events, sidekick level system (so you
    can't face roll content lower than you) and the dynamic events that alter the world - but what really shines is the PvP, both structured and WvWvW - Especially the WvWvW. I can lose days in that setting.

    The instances are decent and the lack of a trinity is AWESOME. However there are things that drive me nuts:

    - the game gets repetitious and leveling an alt is tedious at best
    - the dynamic events follow about 3 or maybe 4 templates and get old
    - there are some unresolved bugs that seem to continue to evade the devs
    - Its another -ANOTHER - fantasy game
    - Asura are annoyingly cutesy and should be exterminated like the rats that they are
    - The setup for the cash shop makes it seem like ArenaNet constantly has its hand out
    - There are parts of the game that should just be totally reworked (the abysmal writing and voice acting in places - especially the Norn area)

    So its a decent game and for $60, assuming you don't go CE or use the cash shop, is better than most single player games - and it has no sub fee so you can come and go guilt free.

    So its a decent game - but is it revolutionary? Not really. Its a very VERY safe game compared to other recent games and in the end will be a nice diversion from things that are truly revolutionary that I consume like a rabid animal.
  18. Sep 24, 2012
    This game is the best mmo out there, my biggest problem is my credit card got hacked shortly after buying it. Thus it is a great game without safe purchase methods
  19. Sep 2, 2012
    This is the pinnacle of visual video game artwork. The questing system is ingenious and eliminates errand running and quest spam/quest grind. Armors look good, characters look good, and are customizeable. Animations are a step ahead as well. Voice acting is excellent, music is excellent. Races are slightly odd, but very distinct, and you can always fall back to Human. Skills are vast and varied, relying mostly on weapons for types of utility. The caveat is that you can only have 5 weapon skills and 5 character skills active at once, and they are mostly the same types of skills. Want to build a pure healer? You can't. Only one heal skill per player, and typically one heal skill per weapon. Each character will be 80% damage and 20% support, leaving huge gaps in teamwork and group play. If there were more utility, or a choice to go all utility or all damage, the game would be 10/10. It is, after all, the best MMO world ever made. Expand
  20. Aug 28, 2012
    Smoothest MMO launch in the history of the genre and one of the most innovative MMOs in the industry, as well as just plainly fun.
    Take everything that you thought you knew about MMORPGs and throw it out the window, this game isn't anything like what you've played in the past. All of the boring, and dull things that run rampant in the MMO genre like a disease are absent in this game.

    Skills, attacks and combat are dynamic and everything matters. For once standing behind a pillar when something attacks you will actually save you, and sometimes the pillar may even crumble under a brutal attack, leaving you exposed to another attack. You can dodge out of the way of attacks, avoiding damage all together. You can actually move while attacking. If you like to explore virtual worlds then are you in for a treat, there are tons of areas to explore and a very large chunk of experience to reward you for exploring regions of the map.
    The sidekick system keeps you from drastically out leveling content, by scaling down your character to at most of 2 levels above the content of the area the character is in. You can actually go play with your friends and/or family without having to waste time or feel generally unrewarded for doing so, because guess what you'll still gain all the relevant rewards as if you were out and about in an area more appropriate to your character's actual level. When armor or weapon loot drops the item level is in a very close range of what you're character's actual level is, sometimes even above, so yes you can kill a level 1 centaur and get a level 80 2 handed axe while helping out someone new to the game.
    Speaking of helping people out, this game removes any form of penalty MMORPG's usually place on playing with other people. Mobs don't get tagged, if you do damage to it, you are rewarded xp and loot. People working on the same quests or events in your area doesn't slow down your progression, it actually speeds it up. Loot is always dropped on a personal basis, no loot roles or fights.
    Speaking of loots and fights, the game has truly epic fights, the scale of which has not been seen in the genre for a long time. The game by design has zero raiding, as set up by EQ and WoW. There is no instance of a dungeon where you need to gather a large number of people in order to then decide who gets what on boss drops. Instead there are these huge outdoor dynamic events that players can trigger and participate in. Then when all is said and done, everyone gets their own loot, with at least once piece (usually get anywhere from 3 to 5) being an upgrade of some sort.

    The pvp in the game is awesome. The game was built nearly from the ground up to support PvP rather than have PvE built first with PvP then added on later, hence why the combat for the game is so amazing. There are two general forms, there is the Structured pvp, and the World vs World pvp.
    Structured pvp are capture the area to accumulate point races.
    Then World vs World is an insanely large map where servers are pitted against one another with keeps, castles, siege weapons, varried terrain, npc mercenaries, basically everything needed to make huge epic battles. To top it all off it's not just one server against another, it's three servers in a free for all, and the fight is always going on. Various landmarks such as towers, farms, lumber camps, keeps and castles are tallied up every hour or so and the servers holding them are awarded points, with a final point count made at the end of a week. Then servers are ranked and then everything starts over again with evenly ranked servers fighting against one another.

    Going back to PvE the personal story and level of customization for characters is amazing and blows away anything done in the past. The personal story you set up puts a lot of emphasis on your choices, make poor choices, or choose things that you don't have your heart set and you'll probably end up with a crummy story. On the other hand if you pick your choices carefully you can end up with a truly awesome story, like a 007 pirate (yes that is a real option, pick carefully!).

    The crafting system is awesome and I've run into a lot of people that have gotten just absorbed into it, people who normally don't like crafting systems. To start off with, crafting supplies don't take room in your inventory for the most part, you pick them up, and you can then send them to a personal stash from anywhere in the world, and then when you go to a crafting table inside a major city or town you then have access to that stash, and you can begin crafting. You can either stick with recipes trainers will give you, or you can try to experiment with various pieces and if you discover something new you are rewarded with lots of skill points in that craft.
  21. Aug 30, 2012
    There is much to like in GW2, and much to dislike as well. I had high hopes for great gameplay and a long lasting home in GW2, but I fear that is not to be the case. My review is of the game AS IT IS NOW, not of some 'future' GW2 after it has had months and months of refinement. That sort of refinement should have been done before launching. *Player Market is broken. * WvWvW is broken. * Cross-Server Guesting is Broken. * Dungeon group management is broken. * Many World Bosses are broken. * Game Stability (crashes & lockups) is broken. * Game Balance scaling is broken (Solo challenges are to hard, and Group challenges are to easy). * Overflow Server mechanics are broken. * Crafting scaling and balance is broken. **** Overall, GW2 needed another 6 months to 12 months 'in the oven', so to speak. I do not know why it was rushed out in this condition, but there were indications of known issues at the Beta Weekend Event 2. At that time, they had 100 servers online. That must have led to empty worlds, as they very quickly cut that down to 15ish for the next beta. That led to a host of stability and overflow issues that persist to this day; not fun. GW2 is worth a look, but one needs to play a character to Lvl 30ish or so to get a real feal as to how the game plays, and what to look forward to. Or not, as the case may be. Expand
  22. Aug 29, 2012
    Playing this game feels like taking a aspirin, after the disappointing game releases of 2012. Unlike other games of this genera out on the market, this is the first one that encourages open world exploration, teamwork, and also encourages people into being friendly because they are rewarded for such a feat. If you see a other player in peril you are rewarded for helping him, The open world pvp is balanced, (believe it or not) with every class using their special trait in massively open world pvp. Guardians taking the vanguard, with warriors on the flanks, rangers, and engineers behind them ready to unleash a sea of arrows upon the enemy horde. And spell casters to protect the armies with barriers and enchantments. Expand
  23. Aug 28, 2012
    The game is good, world vs world is a lot of fun, structured pvp is also just as fun, questing is not as tedious as in most mmo's and has dynamic events which are fun to take part in, some of which can end up being tonnes of people taking part in. It is not without its flawes, overflow servers which you get put in when your server is full can become a pain as it makes it hard to group with friends. There is however a couple ways to join the same overflow server as your friends, like right clicking their portrait and clicking join them.. This sometimes does not work at this time in which case what u can do is exit the area and enter again until you join the same overflow, this method does NOT taking very long. The "auction house" has been down for 4 days now which is a big pain considering the small bank sizes.
    Although i mentioned the structured pvp is fun, it is rather limited at this time with only 1 type of match (base control) with 2 maps. More variety in this area would be a great improvement. Customization is also sub par as from what ive seen so far all gear obtained while leveling is very similar, basically my character has barely changed aspect since i began, at least i can change the colour on the items when i get bored of the look.

    Getting to some of the points of interest, vista points can be a challenge, and some of the jump puzzles are also a good challenge, nice way to pass some time when u get tired of the pvp or the pve and need a break.

    Ive read some of the negative reviews, and most seem to be angry because they either didnt know how things worked or are not aware of the fact that ALL newly released games have bugs..
    Others simply expected to gain an advantage over other players in pvp by spending more hours and getting better gear like usually happens in other MMO's. They dont seem to enjoy a level playing field.

    All in all a very good MMORPG which has no monthly subscription, equal playing field for everyone in pvp and dynamic questing. The game does have its flaws, however the official release date is today, meaning there is plenty of room for it to improve in the future.
  24. Oct 15, 2012
    A revolution in MMORPG design. Guild Wars 2 presents an amazing amount of positive disruptive changes to the status quo that it corrects so many of the problems the MMO industry has with existing game templates. Artfully designed and wisely thought game mechanics make this game a must-have for MMORPG fans the world over.
  25. Aug 28, 2012
    Awesome game and awesome value. The game is well designed and highly refined. The graphics and the world they created are incredible. This game is so deep, there is so much to do and so much to learn, and every thing is well thought out and balanced. It definitely has a different feel from any other MMO I've played, in a good way. There are a lot of good ideas here that have been executed well. The PvP is blast. I have experienced no server issues, no bugs nothing.
    I will be playing this game for years to come because there is so much here. This game is highly recommended.
  26. Feb 1, 2013
    This game requires skill, the story is fairly flat (little people who make the engineers but that something new in short, you want to spend your money do not take well GW2.
  27. Sep 7, 2012
    PVP is the only part i care abut and it was ok but needs some work, specifically WvW play. Over half the time is spent running back to the fight that got boring fast. The other half was spent getting one shot by ranged and arrows from siege weapons.

    The game may be good in a few month to a year when they iron out some of its flaws but for now as a pvp it just didn't hold up to my expectations.
  28. Aug 28, 2012
    I've been playing MMOs since the text-based MUD days, and this is the most immersive and amazing world that I've come across in all of that time. If you are a MMO player who loves to explore, then it is a must buy. There is simply no other game out there which comes close to the level of detail and fun built into the world. That said, it is not an easy mmo -- the combat once you hit about level 20 is very challenging and you must learn your class mechanics well. Even that is a refreshing thing though, as it makes me realize how dumbed down every other MMO has become lately. Expand
  29. Aug 28, 2012
    It's an absolutely incredible mmorpg. Not only is it very fun and addicting, it also has a huge explorable world, amazing world verse world pvp, and a unique, hand painted look... almost oil painting style. The ui is clean and blends perfectly into the world while maintaining a very minimalistic style.

    The attention to detail is amazing. The little details are all over the place, and
    really add to the world to make this a special game. Expand
  30. Aug 28, 2012
    This game is exactly what the MMO world needed. It is a breath of fresh air into a genre that has recently become very stale. This is a great MMO for anyone that has a life as you can very seemlessly hop in and out of the action. It's not about chasing a carrot on a stick it's about having fun and I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into developing it.
  31. Aug 29, 2012
    We'll start with the dated graphics. once again an MMO designer makes a game to run in the lowest systems making a mediocre graphics experience for everyone. Then we continue with the character controls. Floaty and disconnected. You start an attack and your character takes over - you don't have real control over it.. Just like a dog you tell "attack" and "stop" and lead by a leash. Auto-attacks and tab target, once more. Not even SWTOR relied on auto-attacks and they criticized its combat as WoW clone. This is far more clonish to WoW than anything else I've played in the genre. In fact, Ranger plays the exact same as Hunter. Their in game Cash Store is ever present like any F2P title, hounding you to conveniently purchase with cash things that will take you more work to get online. People already simply purchase advantages in PvP and save themselves the time. Finally its players are very much like a cult - they'll hound anyone not sharing a perfect opinion of GW like a pariah. Death threats have been lobbed on personal emails, that's how fanatical they get. Between the mediocre gameplay, dated graphics, and mindless- aggressive cult core of players it's something to stay away from. Expand
  32. Aug 31, 2012
    Awesome game, no subscriptions. This game is perfect for what you want in an mmo. Arena net set a standard here folks. Don't be shy come join in on the fun and no more subscription based games!
  33. Aug 30, 2012
    I did not attend any beta events for Guild Wars 2, but after all the hype surrounding this game I took the chance and purchased it. I was really disappointed I did. The animations are horrible, and the controls/combat feel very clunky. As do quest mechanics, and interface. I am not too keen on the character models either. Performance wise, I have an Intel i5 3570k and nVidia GTX 680 but my FPS still dips to 30 FPS regularly. The environments and ambient music are both nice, but that is about all. I paid 75 Euro for this and I expected much more from ArenaNET. Expand
  34. Aug 28, 2012
    WOW... and not world of warcraft, this game is amazing. i cant belive this game is so good the way it is. i also have come to the conclusion that why the **** did i have to pay for wow when this game is better than it??? in a nutshell this game is GREAT dont think about it, just buy it. im happy that i actualy bought a game that is actualy fun.

    diablo 3 sucks so bad, im very thankful
    for this game to come as i felt we were doomed!! Expand
  35. Aug 29, 2012
    BEST GAME EVER! Definately a great sequel to the legendary Guild Wars. I am very excited to max to max out all of my characters. They mastered every aspect of MMO's
  36. Sep 1, 2012
    Why are people so hyped for Guild Wars 2? This game is So medicore.Dated graphics & Repetitive and boring combat. also have Limited character developement and customization.Don't waste your time playing this game.
  37. Aug 28, 2012
    The game is amazing. Beatufil, skill based mechanics, best PvP ever!

    The endgame of WoW is amazing.. but the problem is that in some way you feel that if you doesn't rush your leveling you are.. wasting time. Here i found that everything you do, you will be rewarded(exploring, crafting, farming, doing old Events, etc).. so, there is no rush. Besides, you have a lot of new player going
    around with you... is priceless... Expand
  38. Aug 28, 2012
    This game is amazing, you will see reviews giving this game extremely low scores for petty reasons mostly server overloads and issues with certain features that when fixed will make this game what it should be. I will not reduce my rating due to issues that always plague the first few weeks of launch of any large MMO, they are expected and not a representation of the full game. The game itself is fantastic; large, well-designed and interesting areas that always give a sense of accomplishment, well balanced interesting PvP and contrary to most peoples opinions a huge variety of build options. People claiming the game to have little in the way of build options are completely missing how it works or perhaps have not spent long enough at it. Traits, weapon swapping, combos and gear set up all radically change how you play in PvP and it is NOT just generic skills shoved together in your bar. I can't stand people who will base this game on opening day problems when they are not going to be present in very long but they do inhibit this game achieving a 10. If you have any doubts about buying this game due to the very low ratings from some people; ignore them, and buy it! Expand
  39. Aug 28, 2012
    This is a really fun game. I'm not a stickler for graphics and I usually love games for gameplay, but this game really looks good. The main storyline is surprisingly good, and the quests flow smooth like butter. I've chalked up about twenty hours in three days (give or take a few hours) and I am a level 49 thief. I can tell that every single event has been meticulously polished to perfection. Only encountered one bugged quest and it was no big deal. Combat is good too, its fast paced and sometimes can get very difficult. Every single class is fun to play, loving the thief. Expand
  40. Aug 28, 2012
    Just a heads up to those of you who are seriously considering not purchasing this game based on early negative reviews, I feel that I need to point out that those reviewers were likely banned for using hate speech in a chat channel or in their name, an offence that is made very clear to users in the rules. I'd also like to make it clear that using profanity like the F-word is absolutely acceptable and not a banable offence.
    I've played this game from beta weekend 1 and I can honestly say, Guild Wars 2 is a nearly flawless MMO. Stunning visuals, personal story lines and, most importantly, incredible game play. Areanet has accomplished what was once though to be almost impossible: they have eliminated the "grindy" feeling that you might experience in the traditional MMO. I have personally found that I'm not leveling in an effort to make it to level cap and endgame content, I'm legitimately enjoying the scenery, the lore, and exploration objectives on the map. I often find myself looking down at the corner of the screen to realize that I've gained a few levels, this coming from a 4 year veteran of WoW, I never thought I wouldn't be paying much attention to a character level, but it's really happening here and it's awesome! I could go into extensive detail as to how detailed and amazing this game is, but I don't believe I can convey that experience in a text review, look up one of thousands of YouTube videos on the game, you won't be disappointed.
    However, I, and many others, have found the elimination of trade between two people to be... inconvenient. Arenanet has come out to say that this was a decision made by devs to cut down chat spam and reduce instances of scamming. But I'm not buying it. The least they could do is implement a cash on delivery system through mail, which I do believe will come quickly, likely within the next month or so. I simply cannot fathom why such a simple feature would be eliminated. I could mention overflow issues that other reviewers have based their reviews on, but it has already been announced by the Arenanet staff that the issues with the party system are being worked on and that those issues are a top priority (Honestly guys, the games only been public for a few days now, give the devs a break), I simply don't feel that I can criticize a game that has only been available to the public for a little over 10 days for minor bugs. I do however still believe trade is an issue, though one that will likely be resolved in time. I don't believe it is a big enough issue to knock a point off of an otherwise brilliant game. This game is a true deviation from what we accept as the MMO standard that definitely deserves your consideration.
  41. Aug 28, 2012
    It's a fantastic game with tons of areas to explore each with interesting quests, collectibles, and puzzles to explore. Adventuring through Tyria is a truly memorable endeavor. It is not a revolutionary mmo as people were hyping, but it is the next step in MMOs and is easily the best one on the market. Exciting pvp, enormous pve and without a sub fee to boot. Highly Recommended!
  42. Aug 28, 2012
    Seriously the best game I have ever played in every way. The art direction is truly astounding and is the best. I love running around killing and looting and winning. If you are wondering about all those people saying its too ban happy, they are just trolls and jerks who got banned.
  43. Aug 28, 2012
    Addictively and impressing. The best MMO yet, for me personally! It's a great adventure and is haveing a pretty good release, you should try it! No monthly fees ;)!
  44. Aug 28, 2012
    If you like mmos , this is one of the best. Really great world design, lots of things to do, high skill cap for dungeons, good crafting, a lot of optional fun things to do, puzzles, mini games etc.
  45. Aug 28, 2012
    Beautiful game. Shows off a great art style. Quests are fun and not a grind. The only problem that I have is that the skills are quite unresponsive so it drags down the pvp a bit. But overall a very fun game. I would recommend it to anyone that was thinking about joining some kind of mmo.
  46. Aug 28, 2012
    I didn't give this game a perfect ten because it's in no way perfect. What is? I've seen lots of little bugs, lots of stuff that is dynamic, but not really that different from other MMOs. The "Go here, kill 10_ to progress" is still present, but it's done in an engaging way. The events around the world you can pick up on and take part in on the fly are extremely fun. There is some "zerging" that happens in the more populated areas. (I just learned that term.) Honestly, more often than not your glad to have the help. The jumping puzzles are fun too. I will also be spending the next few days crafting. I'm...oddly attached to the gathering/crafting process. The 8 is a high mark from me for an MMO. I played World of Warcraft for 34 levels, (over maybe 3 months) on one character before I got bored altogether. I'm no expert on MMOs. I actually bought the game because a friend told me it would be a bit different. He was right. It's a bit different than what I'm used to. I really like it a lot. It's free to play so you really have nothing to lose. I highly recommend this game to anyone. Expand
  47. Aug 28, 2012
    Great game! awesome PvP, intense PvE, personal story is intriguing... The few bugs you can enconter I'm sure will be fixed with patch! No need to give a bad score just for this.. the overall game is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
  48. Aug 28, 2012
    Really superb game. Don't let the few negative reviews sway you as they are all based on minor teething issues that are tiny compared to any other MMO I have played.

    EG trading post not working for 4 days? - Not really a game breaker :P

    The game is beautiful, engaging, the PVP element is great fun and there is endless room for future add ins. I for one want can't wait to see what the
    next few years holds for this game. Expand
  49. Aug 28, 2012
    Imagine the best looking and playing single player RPG... Now add true cooperative play with DAoC PVP and a huge world. Also add a responsive developer staff and you have an awesome game for years to come!
  50. Aug 28, 2012
    this game is everything Arenanet promised and even more, I have to say I was one of the skeptics but 2 days into the headstart I had really to change my "tune", the artistic direction is astonishing, I knew it was good but still it surprised me very much offering a powerful gameplay and a deep immersive scenery. the dynamic events are perfect for one like me that needs to do something meaningful and fun even in the days when I can log for 40 minutes or less. GW2 is definitely a keeper and i consider it worth every penny. Expand
  51. Aug 28, 2012
    Being a fan of the original Guild Wars I decided to buy the second one. I was very pleased, the gameplay is smooth, has a lot of customization and the story (in my experience) was entertaining. Also the graphical quality is very nice for an MMO. The game was however streamlined to be more like other MMO's which might turn off a few of the original Guild Wars fans. However it is well executed and well done. Expand
  52. Apr 14, 2013
    A few weeks into Guild Wars 2's launch, I wrote a review and gave the game 9 stars for it's leveling experience. A few months later and I haven't touched the game in weeks. Once you hit max level, complete the entire world, run every instance, jump every puzzle, score big trading deals and attempt to make a legendary, you will have no urge to play the game. Zero. Yet, I have put 400 hours into the game and loved every second of it. Enjoy the time you have with it, it doesn't last forever. Expand
  53. Aug 28, 2012
    I'm quite unsure with my feelings on Guildwars 2. First of graphically it's not a terrible game, how ever it feels a bit dated in terms of it. Textures for anything other than armour and weapons is rather "meh" nothing special about them, they all appear somewhat blurry and lacking in detail. Water reflections are beautiful as well as shadows, but the water does lack allot of tessellation. Its just seems to be an animated texture. They need more options for those with higher end systems, I understand this is an MMO and they target a broad market of people and systems, but it's quite disappointing to have system that could do so much more.

    In terms of gameplay, it feels lackluster. Yes it's a completely new system to Guildwars 1, but I feel the new improvements have no place. Even though you can roll to try get away from opponents, it does nothing they still with out fail deal damage to you. So the rolling system is just pointless to have. When It comes to questing its all the things we are familiar to. They do throw in a few quests where you get to control a giant cannon etc etc they still feeling kinda boring.

    The way point and point of interests are just repetitive and will drain hours of time trying to reach all of them in areas. You will find the majority of the game is just doing these anyway, they "Help quests" (The gold heart ones) Are pretty much all the same "Clear an area of X monster and fix X or collect X"

    PVP is a large chunk of the game (as was Guildwars 1) But Guildwars 2 pvp is pretty much the same as Guildwars 2 except Guildwars 2 introduces the concept of World vs World. Which is quite addictive, but the large amount of players on causes a fair amount of lag. If you loved PVP in the first you will love it in the second.

    I personally am not attached to the game as I was with the first. The first Guildwars I could play for 6 hours+ straight easily. Everything I did had a charm to it, which made the game more enjoyable. I fail to have this connection with Guildwars 2, It's NOT a bad game by all means. I'm sure there are plenty who will love it. I just believe it lacks something to it, I can't play for more than 2 hours with being bored or over it, everything I do seems all the same and quite bland.

    How ever this is all JUST my opinion. Which I am sharing to you all.
  54. Aug 28, 2012
    Best MMORPG since WoW,don't let a few negative reviews change your mind,those are mostly people who can't stand a bad launch,the game itself is awesome.
  55. Aug 28, 2012
    A lot of things to do in a non really well done play style. The way you skip been hit by pressing two times an arrow key is silly and the characters move kinda slow. Also the game gets confusing because there is too much to do and not many explanations about what will you get by doing something specific. Also the design is really bad, while some races are really nice looking some others are relly ugly. Also the game copied many of the features that made Warhammer Online be a failure, like dynamic events, which is a good idea but has never been successfully put in practice. Is good that you don't need to hurry and invite others to your party to not steal them EXP and loot, but it also makes you feel like playing with NPCs around instead of players because there is not much interaction with them. If you like role playing maybe this is your MMORPG but if you expect some action, it is not for sure. Better than LOTRO and Warhammer Online and kinda the same game style. I also don't like the fact that all the professions (clases) can heal themselves and there is no healing class. In some way, when you play a role game, you want to do that, play a specific role! But without some specific roles and letting everybody DPS and heal, the feeling that you need to fill a role in your party is gone... Expand
  56. Aug 28, 2012
    The best thing about the Game:
    Non-linear progression

    Overview: Excellent game focused on exploration and promoting a do what you like attitude towards progression. Throw in two PVP settings that do not impact on one another, (WvW and SPvP) and you get a game with enough variety to keep me gaming for a long time. Additional pluses, no sub. Classes that feel different. Active engaging
    combat with hidden depth. Excellent Environments. Graphics: Excellent artwork that makes the game and its NPC's/PC's all feel part of the same world. The Norn suffer somewhat in the animation department but this is made up for in the excellent Asura who are amazing to behold in their weird whacky excentric movements. The locales are breath taking and the depth of view is good. The animation holds up in WvW. The biggest criticism would be the "AOE Soup" created when their are a mass of people attacking one enemy.

    The non linear progression is what trumps the gameplay category. Want to craft great get some exp. how about doing some dynamic events sure that works too. Whatever you do you get experience (with the exception of SPvP. I have mostly played with an exploration focus so far and even doing jumping puzzles nets some good xp so you are always having fun, being varied and progressing. Add into this the nature of SPvP giving an esports dynamic to the game and you have no reason on to purchase it.

    For the price this game costs there is no title to date that offers more re playability for the amount of money (NO SUB). The world is filled with rich dynamic events that are exceptionally fun and scale well. The de-leveling system allows exploration into zones you may have missed. The ongoing WvW fights will suck up any serious PvP players. You could even play this as sole pvp arena style game and still get your money's worth.

    10, 10 10!! Closing Comment:
    It has some flaws but these are outweighed by the sheer volume of content for the box price. a must buy!
  57. Aug 28, 2012
    Welcome to Metacritic....if you scan all the negative reviews above this one, you'll notice that better than 75% are giving the game a 0-2 rating based on GW2 being over-hyped, issues with the overflow queue, or issues with lag/login. And this is within hours of the official launch. Judging the game strictly on what t brings to the table, I do find that this game is much more entertaining than WoW, Tera, Secret World, and Star Wars... and yes, I've played them all extensively and am still subscribed to 2 of the 4. If Diablo 3 with its DRM and other issues is an 8.8, this easily qualifies as a 10. Expand
  58. Sep 12, 2012
    GW2 starts off very strong in the first 20 levels but most players quickly realize how poor the quest(dynamic event/heart) variety is. I can't even count how many times I had to defend a camp from X waves of enemies, or collect objects on the ground for an NPC. Entering a new zone doesn't feel new at all. Dynamic events become trivial when the players make a zerg, and most are impossible when solo/duo.

    The game makes it difficult and not fun to group with friends. If you get 20 meters away from someone in your group, they disappear both on the screen and on the map. Doing hearts pretty much forces group members to solo, and ignoring hearts doesn't feel right as you are skipping a lot of content.

    The PvE endgame is mediocre at best. The level 80 zone requires absolutely no skill, only a big enough zerg, time and patience.

    PvP combat is plagued by poor class balance and unnecessary new features like the downed state, which creates frustration whether you kill or die. sPvP is completely cut off from the rest of the game, and its progression is only cosmetic, which only a small minority of players will find interesting.

    WvW has poor performance on most computers (for example my PC gets 60+ fps in PvE but only 15 in large battles in WvW), lacks any progression which will turn off most PvPers, and only allows one and only one playstyle if you want to be effective: Zerging. Arena.net tried to imitate DAoC's brilliant RvR, but they decided not to copy important features like realm ranks/realm points, long duration crowd control and 8-man groups (to allow more playstyles like group vs group, small group, soloing) and a huge PvP dungeon like the amazing Darkness Falls.

    The positives are that the game is buy to play and doesn't require a subscription, and that the developers seem to have ambition, which gives me hope that the game might improve over the next years.
  59. Aug 28, 2012
    Definitely one of the least generic and most satisfying MMOs out there. For the first time in a MMO I couldn't care less about the XP bar filling up, was just so busy doing other stuff and exploring! Dynamic events and the beautiful world add even more to the experience....everything is so so polished, a must have if you are even slightly interested in MMOs. Not to mention that GW2 will get even better with updates and further expansions! Expand
  60. Aug 28, 2012
    Its the best gaming experience I had since the start of wow in 2005. Since then I tried them all. I mean all the other competitors on the mmo market. Age of Conan, Warhammer, LotR ,Rift, Champions Online,Star Trek, Swtor

    Found myself getting back to Wow over and over again. It is far too soon to give any real critics because i havent seen the endcontent of this game yet. But I have to
    say that I enjoy this game very much.
    Thats all.
    I like this game, its beautiful and rewarding.
  61. Aug 28, 2012
    I don't have mmo experience, so this goes from a newcomer. GW2 gives you some very nice possibilities to play with your friends, while making possible to play with other unknown fellas, since there is a really coop scenario around. PVE is great, the maps are big enough and have a lot of actions. There are quests, but in a new fashion, much more interesting since in many ways they are free to go around, not having to grab up 80 items and run back to the city. Crafting is awesome, really challenges you to go forward in those maps that you already know.

    The WvW is awesome too, since PvE is connected to it, so there is a huge sense of progress. And even my friend who was a PvP-only guys is already hooked in blasting our way through those pesky invaders!!!

    PvP is very very good, those tournaments are asking to be e-sport. But laggy servers can be sensed in this beginning (to be fair, these complaints are being filed in the launch day). All in all, the game shines while having some minor bugs or uncomfortable traits (like joining friends in overflow areas are still catchy).
  62. Aug 28, 2012
    This is really quite an unbelievable game. There is just so much to do that you will find yourself occupied not for hours or days, but for months at a time.

    The planet of Tyria feels so alive with its large bustling cities, dynamic events, and interesting NPC's. It simply oozes charm and detail. Anyone waffling on this purchase should not hesitate. If you find yourself a fan of the
    MMORPG genre or have in the past, GW2 is a fresh new take on the scene. Great value, and and exceptional game overall. 10/10. Expand
  63. Aug 28, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is a sequel to the lore of the Original Guild Wars. If you are looking for a game that is same game play wise as the first one look else where but this is not necessarily a bad thing. GW2 is a game that takes a wile to get used to the new mechanics and game play style if your coming right off the original. I have ran across a few areas that were bugged but it did not take away from the feel of the game Expand
  64. Aug 28, 2012
    NOTE: Take reviews both bad and good with a pinch of salt for they are only opinions and not gospel. Fanboys and Haters would have scored the game 0 or 10 before it was even released. By all means read, but check out vid's as well and make an informed decision.

    MY OPINION: Another fantasy MMORPG *sighs* , So much hype, so much potential wasted. One thing this game isn't and that is a
    revolution of the MMO genre. It's more of and evolution making the game more accessible for the casual market. It does nothing new just adds it's only twist to systems seen before and sometimes better in other games. But that evolution comes at a price, the game has a very Xbox feel, offering little challenge. GRAPHICS: Are good, a bit to cartoony for my taste but they do the job but are not groundbreaking in anyway. PVE: GW1 was a mainly PvP game and it shows, GW2's PvE is the standard mix of kill x quests and Dynamic Events set on a repeat cycle , quickly becoming boring and degenerating into a zerg train.
    PVP: So much potential with the WvW but not fully realised yet by Anet, when the player strategies come to the for it wil be much better but at the moment is just another zerg. The long queues are to be expected but adding PvE elements to the maps has only added to the problem. To many slots are filled by those just doing the said PvE and not PvP .
    COMBAT: Is very limited and brings nothing new to the standard key sequence button mash of other games. Hit 1, Hit 1 again, Hit 2 then Hit 1 again . Same old same old system thats seen before. Active dodge and LoS mechanics add a small tactical element but don't save it from being mundane
    GENERAL: Badly voiced and scripted NPC's that drifts from mediorce > to cheesey > to downright bad.
    Certain bugs and Missing features such as the Trading house are to be expected for a new launch and will be addressed in due time and do not effect my score.
    SUMMARY: GW2 is marmite, it will be loved or loathed based on your own personal taste, but any potential buyer should inform themselves fully before a purchase and do not just follow the hype generated by the fans
  65. Aug 28, 2012
    Although Guild wars 2 is not perfect, it is the closest an MMO has been able to get so far. The graphics are absolutely incredible and make the world a joy to explore, though occasional texture bug do occur. The combat is movement based, and heavily reliant on quick reactions and timing. Players will often be able to kill enemies several levels above them through the use of careful dodging and skill use. The skill system is more simplistic than Guild wars 1, that is most certainly true. For me, this is a good thing; the complex builds and amount of skills in guild wars 1 were often overwhelming. The Guild wars 2 system trades amount of builds for skilled usage of said builds. However, there are still a surprising amount of builds when you factor in traits and gear. The dynamic event system is truly one of the best things about this game. Events take the place of quests and work to assure that there is always something new and interesting happening in old areas. As for pvp: World vs World is one of the most fun you can have in a game even when you're losing. In the past few days I've seen flanking maneuvers, ambushes, baiting, distraction, and day long sieges. The most disappointing thing about WvW is that it is almost always full on high population servers. The only real negatives of GW2 at the moment is that joining in with friends is sometimes difficult due to the intense server stress over launch. I have no doubt that this will be fixed in the coming days. So, why do I give it a ten? Three reasons: 1. Its the funnest game I have played to date. I have never played a game for more than six hours straight before, but this one had more going on twelve. 2. Because I believe that the small issues that it currently has will be taken care of as the game becomes stable. Arenanet is an awesome company that sincerely listens to its feedback. Expand
  66. Aug 28, 2012
    A solid game that is absolutely worth playing. A few launch hiccups and still waiting for the trading post, but for a new MMO launch it's really pretty amazing that it went as smoothly as it did.

    The Visuals are great and the quest system does an awesome job at making leveling less of a chore and more of a game, crafting is a blast too.
  67. Aug 28, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is without a doubt the best mmo I have ever played, I'm not going to say its the best game i have ever played but definatly the best mmo. It is so diffrent and fresh there are at least 8 different ways to level up and the events are always fun, personal story quests are just amazing and you can basically guide your way through because you get to choose so many different things.. I never had so much fun crafting and just wandering around for hours in this beautiful world. People are giving terrible reviews for some bugs here and there but dont listen to them every single game has bugs even single player games. And for servers being full they have a very smart way of letting people still play without a que like some other games have. But honestly this game will give you your money's worth. Expand
  68. Aug 28, 2012
    Beautiful game, a welcomed change for people who are sick of collecting 10 wolves noses. The game hasn't been out long enough to pass TRUE judgement on it, but I believe every MMO player should give it a shot and come to their own conclusion.
  69. Aug 28, 2012
    Best MMORPG I have ever played.Great PVP system,the background story and the unique races are fantastic ,good diversity and great graphics,crazy soundtrack.The exploration is just addictive
    Better than GW1.Just beautiful!
  70. Aug 28, 2012
    While I could rant on and on about why I think this game is amazing, I will say that unlike other recent MMORPGs (that feel like single player), Guild Wars 2 brings back the Massive Multiplayer Online in MMORPGs. And I wouln't want it any other ways in the MMORPGs I play.
  71. Aug 28, 2012
    As excited as I was, disappointment soon set in. No tanks, no aggro, that is disappointing. But the most disappointing aspect of the game is the broken trading post whit is basically missing since pre-purchase. That is what MMO is all about. Overall, the game is not bad, but it is certainly missing a few things to make the game more exciting. Is it PvP factions, is it the character simplicity, is it missing true MMO soul? I don't know, as I progress, I hope to find something making the game more entertaining. Expand
  72. Aug 28, 2012
    Have been playing through the head start with my wife. The game has been immensely fun. The choice of weapon directly affects what skills you have available. Equip a dagger and you have one set of attack skills. Equip a sword and you get something completely different. A very different way to give people the ability to customize their character. The ability to cooperatively play with others without having to group is wonderful. It might be cribbed from Rift and Warhammer, but it seems much better implemented than when I played in Warhammer. The removal of the quest log goes a long way toward making the game less of a grind. Don't want to do something? Skip it and do something else. Your options are very open as to how you want to progress. During the course of the head start we did encounter some annoyances. The party functions weren't working correctly, and we couldn't participate in each others stories. A patch yesterday appeared to have fixed that issue. Arenanet appears to be working quickly to patch the errors people are running into. In a few weeks I'm betting the bugs will be largely absent, and honestly nothing we experienced was game breaking. As far as people getting banned for stupid names and cursing in chat? Good. I'd like to be able to play a game where I'm not constantly inundated with morons spamming the channels and generally acting like idiots. I'm sure there are a few folks that are legitimately not trying to do anything wrong, but the vast majority appear to be folks that can't act civilly and being banned for legitimate reasons. All in all, a very fun game with a solid developer still working on it. Expand
  73. Aug 28, 2012
    This isn't the best game on the market, but it is far and away the best MMO on the market. And unlike GW1, it's a true MMO. It was worth the wait. If sculpture is cutting out things that shouldn't be there, GW2 is a work of art.
  74. Aug 28, 2012
    I will say the one thing that needs to be said first and all anyone really needs to know before buying this game, this game is FUN. There is something to do for everyone and this game is well worth that $60 + no subscription fee! Like I said everything about this game is fun and you SHOULD give it try at the very least. I'm not a fanboy or anything, I've noly been aware of "Guild Wars 2's existence for a few months and I played GW1 for even less time than that and didn't really enjoy that game much. So when I saw its fun and you should try it, its because its so much fun and the gamer in me wants everyone to experience this awesome game. Some reviewers are angry because there is glitches, bugs, crashes, maintenance, etc etc. These things are always going to happen at the launch of an MMO and if you're unfortunate enough to experience these things than I am sorry but it doesn't make the game less fun, it just means you have to wait a little bit longer for them to fix bugs. Developers can never make perfect MMOs at launch because it doesn't make sense financially to run Betas and stress tests for 10 years until its perfect, and EVEN THEN its hard to predict the sheer amount of stress at launch. And for those saying "get a better graphics card!" "these graphics suck" whatever. The graphics are great and they allow everyone to run the game well, and most importantly ITS AN MMO and its the GAMEPLAY that matters, not the graphics. If you love graphics so much go play heavy rain or some other stupid game for how pretty it is. So in closing I encourage everyone to try this game, its fun and you you don't need a subscription :) Expand
  75. Apr 7, 2013
    click the button which is not on cooldown combat is dumbed down its just stupid, the different skills are so bad designed at the beginning you will may enjoy the game but after 2-3 hours you will see how boring this game actually is i am not a fanboy of any mmo but this game was a big let down for me
  76. Aug 28, 2012
    As I've been toying around with the pre-purchased head start, I've been enjoying myself in the universe of Guild Wars 2. Let me be fair by saying that I'm not a big MMO player (Tried several, and tend to get bored easily), and that I did play the original Guild Wars for a bit...

    The quick n dirty: B. World feels alive. Fresh take on standard MMO quests. Fun classes. Excellent PvP.
    No monthly subscription - lots of content.

    I think the game is pretty. It doesn't quite have the WoW cartoon style, but still sticks itself in a fantasy look. Easily scale-able to fit different machine configurations. Sure, if you've got a solid gaming PC - you'll not have any problem and you've probably seen tons better in different games before. But I feel that they work and fit the environment / atmosphere ArenaNet wants.

    You do get 5 character slots (additional cost real world money). There are 5 different races and 8 classes. The races each have a fair amount of customization (some prebuild heads, hair, sliders to then adjust) to tweak your looks. Character classes, so far, all have a fairly unique design behind them. They feel fresh when you decide to branch out and try something else.

    The environment is littered with random things to do. Dynamic Events replace the exclamation points. Sometimes they take a little while, as you could be one of three people doing a group collection quest. Other times, a whole raid worth of people will be there to utterly destroy whatever is happening. Random "boss style" encounters, defend X position, and other events appear as well just while you're out exploring. I prefer this to randomly running to a town, loading up on quests and setting out. Just feels like I'm out in the world and things are happening around me.

    PvP and their W v W v W are pretty solid. Interesting. Dynamic. Definite team oriented combat slug fests. PvP you're boosted to max level, given appropiate leveled gear, and access to skills / talents for your level. Creates a fairly even playing field for you to go toe to toe against others in. Realm Fighting I haven't dove into much yet - but ganking is going to happen. Once again, Boosted to max level, but not with the gear (I think..) and skills I'm unsure of. With a team / guild, however, it'll be lots of fun.

    I have yet to really get involved in crafting. Its more complex than other MMOs I've seen. Something that you could really loose yourself in for awhile. And it gives experience.... so those super crafty people may just harvest and build for their levels.

    Lastly, price point. This is what sells it for me. The game costs as much as most new boxed games (and same price when MMOs first come out too). There isn't any monthly cost afterword. Sure, there are some item shop things (costumes, particular looks, extra character slots, boost potions), but I can go at my pace and leisure. I'm not a big fan of paying per month. And there is quite a bit of content.
  77. Aug 28, 2012
    I personally find the graphics to be quite beautiful without killing your card. The questing itself is extremely fun as long as you don't try to play it like a grind, although there is plenty to grind if you so desire. Dynamic missions change things up and crafting is interesting but takes time. I prefer this skill system to Guild Wars 1 because it provides the player with more freedom in building a character, not so much a flavor of the month build anymore. Also cool that weapons effect your skills. Over a very fun game with interesting pvp that can be extremely strategic if you try to do more than just zerg the other team. In my opinion it is much more varied than WoW pvp. Expand
  78. Aug 29, 2012
    While I worry that it might still be too early to make any lasting judgments, through my time in beta and playing live GW2 is one of the best MMO experiences I've had to date. The game shines as much for its innovations and new ideas as it does for the decision not to include some of what has become standard fare in MMOs over the last decade. The level of polish and detail in the game is deeply impressive, visuals are wonderful and the creative approach to flexible play is a breath of fresh air.

    Many will write on the quality of dynamic events, the A+ PvP and other popular aspects of GW2 but one of the aspects I've most appreciated is the subtle rewarding of exploration. Progression in GW2 is easy if one is a progression-minded player, but for those of us who like to search around and relax throughout the game there are a host of treats and surprises that might otherwise go easily overlooked.
  79. Aug 28, 2012
    The game is a near perfect mmo. There is no subscription fee to make you feel that any time spent not playing is money wasted. The right combination of instanced loot and shared experience make this the most socially appealing game in a long time. The World vs World PVP gives casual PVPer's somewhere to blow off a little steam, meanwhile the Structured PvP matches and tournaments give hardcore and professional gamers a place to play. Overall I would say that this is honestly a game that has appealing factors for every type of gamer. I thoroughly enjoy this game. Expand
  80. Aug 28, 2012
    In most aspects, it's revolutionary, not evolutionary. The graphics are beautiful; the combat is action-oriented and not a targeted button-mashing fest like WOW; the questing and discovery aspects of the game are NOT grindy (despite one review). When I describe this game to my friends, I say "you can literally do whatever you want and progress through the game." Also, FYI, the micro-transactions are not "pay-2-win." Yes, you can buy gems and trade them for gold, but PvP and WvW are normalized by the game and you will NOT have any huge advantage from buying tons of gear, especially the 5v5 PVP. Most of the micro-transactions are vanity items, karma boosters, xp boosters, etc. They have no real impact on the game. Expand
  81. Aug 28, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is an evolutionary milestone for the MMO genre. At times it feels more like a single player RPG like Skyrim or The Witcher, than your usual MMORPG. You can play the way you want. Between personal Stories, World v. World, and structured PvP (which puts everyone on an equal playing field) there is a lot of variety. Crafting gives XP, World vs. World gives XP, Harvesting gives XP, Exploring gives XP, even rezzing players (which everyone can do in this game) gives XP. Long gone are the annoyances of most MMOs. Every player in the game is working together. So no stealing mobs, loot, or resource nodes. You access the bank from crafting stations. No trinity of tank, dps, and healer. Any combination of classes can complete any content if they bring the right skills. No more waiting around for a certain class, or forcing one of your friends to play a class they don't want to.

    Combat is dynamic and intricate in both PvE and PvP. While it does lose some of its intricacies when more than ~20-30 players are involved, it is still insanely fun. If this game fails, it will be because people don't want something new. At the end of the day, it's worth a shot. For $60 you have lifetime access to the game. No subscription fees. Easy choice. Try it for yourself.
  82. Aug 28, 2012
    When video games first came out, they were social activities. You went to the arcade and laughed with your friends. Once we started playing at home, it began to lose the social aspect. MMORPG's were invented to re-capture social gaming. Too many aspects of them actually became anti-social: obscene hours required to succeed, outdoor missions that penalized groups, kill stealing, ninja looting, etc. Guild Wars 2 cures these ailments and adds flavors that hearken back to those Pac Man days when you just logged in and had fun playing. This game is built for friends to hang out and play together. But it's also built for strangers to have confidence in meeting new players. You're not going to do anything to hinder another's experience. Help is welcomed in this gorgeous and innovative MMORPG. Regardless of past MMO experience, this game is worth the buy! Expand
  83. Aug 28, 2012
    It's pretty damn awesome. With the personal quests, dynamic events, spvp, WvWvW and rewarding exploration, you are up for the best mmorpg you have tried in a long time. Leave the mindset of all the other mmorpgs and embrace this as what it truly is: something unique and amazing.
  84. Aug 28, 2012
    Really enjoying the game! So far the game mechanics really let you help out others without worrying you're hurting their progress. Very few MMO's can say that. Events popup regularly and so far don't seem too repeat as often as they might. Heck you can even revive fallen NPC's! My game time has been in head start so there may be more issues popping in live than I've seen so far. I have a fairly highend system so the graphics really look fantastic. Also as a GW1 veteran this is a great extension to the franchise. Overflow is a great way of handling queues IMHO. Not giving a 10 due to so little detail info in the online "manual". Where are the storage chests for example? (Having found out where they are I've yet to actually reach one! %-) Good Job Devs! Expand
  85. Aug 28, 2012
    I don't understand the people who give the game a 0 just because it has some bugs and stuff. I think that the bugs should be expected from any MMORPG of this size. Overall i think that the game is excellent and very fun to play and the graphics are great as well.
  86. Aug 28, 2012
    Please not I have not played GW 1, but I have played WoW in the past.
    There were many things about this game that I really enjoyed, and a few things that I wish were done differently, but so far I have enjoyed all my time playing this game.

    Let's start with the things that I enjoyed. World questing events are really fun, and definitely add a feeling of being part of a bigger community.
    You can just be running around doing another quest when you suddenly get a notification that an event is going on nearby. Sometimes it can be something small, like protecting a wagon from attackers, and will have 8-10 people with it depending on who is nearby. Other times this can mean a massive assault on an enemy stronghold with 40+ people fighting mobs and a boss. Really cool.

    Second, I really like the fact that your level scales down when you go to lower zones, but experience scales to your actual level, so even doing questing in low level areas is a viable way to level up, if you want to play with your noobie friends. You can also still receive upgrades to your current gear in low level areas. And exploring the map actually gains you a significant amount of experience, making it not just another thing to do for achievements.

    The graphics are great. Coming from WoW, which to me feels very cartoonish, this game is a breath of fresh air. I know there are other MMO's on the market with realism, , but this is the first one I have played since WoW so I can't comment on other games comparing. A lot of the locations have a very unique and cool feeling to them as well as looking good graphically.

    Not paying a subscription is great. I was tired of dishing out $15 a month to play a game I was only mildly interested. Now I don't feel bad if I can't play GW 2 every night because it was a one time thing. There are places that you can spend money to get various aesthetic items, but they aren't pushing the pay options in your face, and people who pay don't have an intrinsic advantage over those who don't.

    As for things that I wish were different, or that I at least missed from WoW.

    No world pvp. Yes you have the PVP zone where you combat against other servers, but you can't do PVP on your server while questing. I really miss the thrill of having to watch out for people trying to kill me while I am just doing normal stuff. Although without factions in this game, I don't really thing world PVP is a possibility.

    Another thing is that once you choose a server, all your 5 characters have to stay on that server. If you transfer servers, all your 5 characters transfer. You can't have characters spread over multiple servers. So if you and your friend created characters on different servers by accident, one of you is going to have to pay to transfer.

    Overall I find this game really enjoyable, and there were other things I liked that I didn't mention, such as changing your weapon changes your skills, having a separate weapon for underwater combat, and finding secret hard to get to places. I would definitely suggest buying this game if you are looking for a new MMO to play.
  87. Sep 25, 2012
    I have strong mixed feelings about this game. TL;DR, this game isn't as good of a story-driven single player game as The Witcher, and it's not as good of a MMO as WoW. Whether taking great elements from both of these games made something better than either is up to you. If you're worried about spending money on this game, I'd say definitely buy it... fantastic entertainment per dollar. If you're worried about spending time on this game, I'd say perhaps skip this one... doesn't have *great* story progression like Witcher and Bioware's games and doesn't build toward any coherent complex endgame like other MMOs.

    Good things include: 1. A bunch of changes combine to make it so that you spend much less time staring at things that are not the main game (such as item inventory and quest text windows). 2. The game is the perfect mix of high fantasy and realism in enemies and scenery (for me). 3. The story and world is internally consistent and engrossing. 4. Music wasn't annoying if that's your thing (yes, I think this is unusual). 5. Dynamic events exists in many games like this, but GWII uses them extensively and to great effect.

    Bad things include: 1. Dynamic events are very buggy and poorly tuned (for now)... 30% will be nonfunctional, 20% will be over by the time you find them, and the remaining ones are either impossible to solo or just a mind-numbingly easy group spam (tested it, and yes, most times you can switch to rdps, hit auto-attack, afk, and get a gold rating)... still more fun than traditional questing for now though. 2. There are cripplingly-few powers available at a given time. I appreciate their bold move in making so many powers linked to weapons (and all of the good things this does for balance), but right now my warrior has five powers that are just a consequence of using the best weapon for me, four powers that are passive buffs that are greatly incentivized, and only one power that I chose because I LIKE it (I'd swap out passive buffs for other powers I enjoy if there were any). 3. With the removal of the holy trinity, the only group synergy is spammed aoe buffs/debuffs... combo fields are cute (but silly) and not really engaging since you're using all of your powers on cooldown anyway, and chances are your combo field will just override someone else's... even in a small group. 4. for all of their effort to make a compelling underwater combat, they've failed to fix the fact that humans are bad at seeing things on a z-axis... their failure to recognize this as the MAIN problem for underwater combat has lead them to put much too much of it into their game.

    For all of my criticisms, I'm giving this game a high rating. I've been entertained enough to keep going for awhile now, and the passion and vision of the developers for the game is clearly evident. I'd like to see more power options (both slots and possibilities for those slots) and less bugs, and then I'd really fall in love with the game.
  88. Aug 28, 2012
    Amazing! More content that you will know what to do with, all in a gorgeous environment with active, FUN combat. Much love to Arenanet for releasing such an awesome game. Granted it's not perfect, but for every one scuff mark, there are 10 things that will blow your mind.
  89. Aug 28, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is the long awaited sequel and it's been worth every day of the wait. Fun dynamic events that chain together, In-depth personal story, engaging combat. Guild Wars 2 is a well polished MMO. Worth every penny.
  90. Aug 28, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is a fun time. There is obviously room for improvement and they are patching it constantly. This headstart weekend there were 3? patches that improved stability and fixed some issues. I have not dabbled in the PvP because between the PvE and WvW I have my hands full. To address some of the lower reviews. If you hit a wall where you have run out of quests to do in your area you can simply go to any other area in the game and GW2 will "equalize" you to that areas level. If you get banned from the game for 3 days it is in the TOS - that is your warning. Again the game is missing some things - like a functioning Trading Post, along with some other things from your typical MMO that are missed - such as an inspect function and a trade function; everything is via mail. On a completely unrelated note - the dyes are awesome. Expand
  91. Aug 28, 2012
    An excellent MMO that while following the usual tropes of a themepark MMO, significantly improves and expands them. While combat may take some getting used to, it is a far richer experience than most alternatives. Unlike the traditional MMO combat system, player movement and tactical finesse is a critical part of success. Progression through the game's 80 levels is a joy and a multitude of options are available for gathering experience, from crafting and PvE to PvP combat in both massive cross server fights, or tactical battleground settings of 10-16 players. Expand
  92. Aug 28, 2012
    The game is absolutely stunning. Although it is lacking some dx11 features, the graphic artists created a beautiful world, the presentation and the art direction as simply spectacular. The old boring quest system has been replaced with an intuitive and unique mechanic called Dynamic Events. These change the landscape considerably and offer a variety of ways to progress them, there are events that spawn after a failure. NPCs don't just stand still waiting to give quests to players, they interract with each other and then environment. The NPCs tell a story, and it is a mistake not to stay awhile and listen and to that story unfold in front of your eyes (and ears) and instead run for the exp. This creates a living breathing world that responds to player action, the game feels alive like no other and your actions actually have a meaning, they change the surroundings and offer new posibilities.
    Exploring is key in the game, there is just so much to be found in the world of Tyria, coupled with the amazing scenery and art direction, you are never bored of looking to the vast landscape and exploring to your heart's content. There are well hidden places to be found, jumping puzzles and hidden treasures that are there to be found by expert explorers.
    Combat is very well done, active and up-close and personal. There is no aggro mechanic or any kind of passive block and to-hit mechanisms, it's all up to the player to either hit or be hit by enemies. The game has distinct professions that offer variable abilities for every situation. Each one can perform control damage and support tasks, to a certain extend, marking the end of the holy trinity that plagued RPGs for so long.
  93. Aug 28, 2012
    I think lots of the 0-3 reviews here are extremely biased. Problems on launch day, really? Doesn't play like WoW or whereever you come from? go figure. I love the game so far, it's better than every other MMORPG I played so far in almost every aspect.
  94. Aug 28, 2012
    What is there not to like? The amount of depth in ArenaNet's new MMO Guild Wars 2 is simply astounding. While the graphics are relatively average the attention detail makes up for it. Everything from players leaving footprint trails and idly toying with their weapons while out of combat to the sheer volume and depth of the dynamic event system is mind blowing. The action based combat brings a whole new level to the MMO experience and the dodge mechanic feels natural and responsive. Emphasis is placed on well timed dodges and skill usage instead of mindlessly spamming ability rotations.

    The map completion mechanic combined with gathering nodes being individual player based along with the dynamic events really makes the leveling fun and rewards exploration. While no single mechanic is revolutionary the combination of many great ideas and how well they all flow together really just makes this game work.

    P.S. I have been dropping the F bomb in general chat all day for 3 days and not been banned. Those others must have been really abusive. There is a profanity filter for a reason.
  95. Aug 28, 2012
    One of the best mmorpgs of this generation.Well let me say that apart from being innovative,it is fun to progress in the game.The game itself is different from other mmos as it takes a different approach to the mmorpg genre.There is no trinity,no grind for gear,no trinity and last but not least smooth leveling.These elements are implemented excellently to make the game more fun than other mmorpgs.It is buy to play so you need to pay a one time fee to access the full game with an optional cash shop containing no pay to win items.The most important part is the fun of the game.No mmorpg has been this fun to level all the way to max level.Quests are not a chore but an exciting experience that are easy to complete.Apart from quests there are Dynamic events which pits you in an event to make a certain objective with other players,these involve centaurs attacking a village,aiding npc to cross a certain ground,defending a fort,killing an epic boss and much more.Thats not only that make Guild Wras 2 excellent but the World vs World is a nice addition to the game.You can at anyime hop into this mode where you are against 2 other servers(worlds) to take territory.You will siege castles,towers,camps,raid supplys and even take a single road.Keep in mind doing this solo is not going to work,teaming up with 60+ players is required to siege a tower and maybe 6 for a supply camp but it is very easy to find a group so you can venture with.You can also upgrade your buildings to make them more defensive,buy siege equipment and make guild claiming.You can also level up by killing players and npcs that defend the territory.Apart from WvW, there is also structured pvp where matches will be held for competitive play.In pvp you are geared in endgame gear and maxed to level 80.This method is so efficient because some mmorpgs are usually gear requiring making the pvp less skillful.Others are pay to win where you pay to increase your stats and armor to own players.In both WvW and PvP you are maxed to level 80 but in WvW you remain in your pve gear.This does not affect you in any other way because as I said before gear isn't the main thing.All in all Guild Wars 2 is an excellent game that any mmorpg lover should play.Even singleplayer rpg gamers should play this because it caters an overall experience that appeals to a large audience. Expand
  96. Aug 28, 2012
    Without the game's problems, it would be a 10/10. Anyone that has rated this game as a 10 is a **** brand loyal marketing drone who can't see past his own hype and post purchase rationalization that they are unable to think for themselves. Here lies the problem, Guild Wars 2 starts out with a 10/10 but then loses points for various things. The major problem with GW2 is its community. Not only is it the worse community online that you will ever find, including Biodrones and Furries and Bronies, but they are unable to actually comprehend any form of criticism against GW2. For example, if you say how there is no such feature in the design of GW2 such as dueling (which lets be honest, people expect in a 2012 AAA MMO), they don't actually read your criticism properly, they skip read it and assume that you're "a troll". Or if you mention how you'd like something to be different you are met with a torrent of filth, logical fallacies and attacks on your character from people that want you to stop "saying bad things" about GW2. As for the actual features that are missing from GW2, they include; dueling, gear inspection, capes (they are too lazy to fix armor clipping), guild halls, skill customization (you are limited to 2 weapon sets and skills that you can't choose simply because they are too lazy to implement class balance or dual professions), interesting achievements and skill hunting like GW1, larger amounts of skills available for support slots, no account tied dye system (it was removed thanks to the Nexon employee removing them and making you more likely to use the Korean F2P cash shop). It also has 8 professions and only 5 character slots. The cash shop is strange, like they didn't think it through properly - i.e. there are craftable boosts that do the same things as the cash shop boosts except cost 10 copper coins where as the cash shop ones cost like $1.50. Why? Oh and there is too much grind required (if I'm not mistaken) for cosmetic sets of dungeon gear, requiring around 60 runs to collect a full set - which is clearly stupid. If these features were patched in, it would be an 9/10 game. It's brought down 1 point so far by the stupidity of its community who would be happy enough to send you death threats for negative reviews of their christ savior MMO. But to end on a happy note, this game is so much better than World of Warcraft or its clones, and is very beautiful to look at. It's just missing some of the things that made GW1 beautiful, which they dumped. Expand
  97. Aug 28, 2012
    Game is superb. I've been playing MMO's since they first started appearing. This one is highly polished, the dev team is highly responsive in community forums. Music is excellent, visuals are excellent, story is excellent. 10/10 for me!
  98. Aug 28, 2012
    If you like themepark based MMOs, there really is no better game out right now than GW2. The level of detail and polish just in the NPC chatter alone really helps shape the lore and world. Combat is extremely fluid with weapon swapping, dodging and combo fields this game is one of the more visceral MMOs out there. If you like to explore, this is the game for you, if you like to only Raid, you may find it lacking. Expand
  99. Aug 28, 2012
    Game is amazing. Sad to see people giving it negative reviews due to bugs and errors in a pre launch head start that can easily be fixed by a simple patch....
  100. Aug 28, 2012
    The game has stepped one hundred feet in the right direction for the genre and this is something that the genre has been awaiting for a long time.

    The inclusion of actual, dynamic dodging and attacking. The combo system that allows you to combo with your friends... its all amazing.

    People who are claiming no end game need to realize that this is and always has been a pvp driven
    universe. The fact that you can jump in at max level and pvp with your friends is amazing as is the WvW system where you fight other servers.

    The combo system and dynamic ability to switch weapon sets during combat, along with the co-op style combo system makes PVP VERY skill based, rather than other MMO's face-smash style of fighting.

    If you are a fan of PVP, get the game. NOW.

    The story still has flare and is fun to go through when learning how to play your class and the mechanics of the game.

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.