• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 2577 Ratings

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  1. Aug 28, 2012
    just couldnt give this game a 9. my situation is...i have no reason to play other games. i dropped DoTA2, BF3, and many others cold turkey. i play GW2 as a pvper. the well-rounded pve experience is just a bonus to me. ANet is one hell of a company.
  2. Aug 28, 2012
    Great evolution of the Guild Wars story line. Quite enjoy the free-roaming sandbox nature of the game play. Minor 'fresh out of the box' bugs, but if the history of the Arenanet team is anything to go by, they'll be fixed up quickly.
  3. Aug 28, 2012
    The absolute stunning beauty in this game is alone worth a score of 10. As a friend of mine said "I've never walked around in a game for hours just looking at things, I didn't even care where I was going or why." There is so much depth to the art it's truly amazing.
  4. Aug 29, 2012
    You know it's funny. Between 2005 and 2012 the reviews haven't changed much. I still remember these tears: - waaaaa, GW1 is just instanced so it's no MMORPG! - waaaaa, i can't use all my skills at the same time, so it's **** - waaaaa, you can't jump or swim, so banal! Doesn't change the fact that I have logged several thousand hours into GW1 (the only other game I have that many hours is Starcraft) and had one of the best internet-times of my life with my Guild. Rock on, A.Net! Expand
  5. Aug 29, 2012
    This has been a great game so far and I predict hours of fun from it to come. It's a nice change from the blandness of other MMO's like WoW and the recent flop of ToR. No subscription fee is of course, always a bonus.
    Recommended to my friends? Yes!
  6. Aug 29, 2012
    Love the game. Best of all, no monthly fee. We'll see how things are 6 months from now content-wise. One small downside is the way you pick servers and how all your toons are solely on that server.
  7. Aug 29, 2012
    I've been playing MMORPGs since the days of Asheron's Call. Rarely now do I find a new title as engaging as Guild Wars 2. Everywhere I go in the game I stumble into fun, the hours roll by and never do I feel like I am grinding. The dynamic events have been a joy and the combat refreshing. The trinity is gone and I could not be happier. On top of all of that no subscription fee. My one and only complaint at this time is WVW drags down the FPS a bit, but never to unplayable levels. If you like MMOs, buy this game... Expand
  8. Aug 29, 2012
    I've been playing this since the early days of beta, and I'm happy to have played the Head Start for the last few days. There have been a few launch issues (downed trading post, unevenly matched WvW, etc.), but I'm not going to factor any of those minor quibbles into my review since they are easily fixed.

    As an grown-up gamer with a 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM job and a wife, it's been harder and
    harder to justify and maintain my love of MMOs. I cancelled my World of Warcraft account in 2010 because I didn't have time (and quite frankly got bored of the constant raiding, grinding, repeating process). Since then I've tried Rift, Tera, Lord of the Rings Online, D&D Online, and numerous other MMOs, hoping to recapture the magic I had lost with WoW, and hoping they had systems to cater to the less-than-consistent player that I am. Unfortunately, none offered what I wanted.

    Then along comes Guild Wars 2. Not only does the gameplay lend well to jumping in for an hour at a time (dynamic events, quests, etc.), but the game also provides good incentive to explore and enjoy the world (Vistas, POIs, etc.). Not feeling like grinding out a level? That's fine; try and see all the locations on the map. You get achievements, EXP, and items for exploring 100%. I've seen some reviews that indicate that the actual combat is "nothing revolutionary", but I'm not sure if they actually PLAYED the game or just wanted to complain. The dodge mechanic (which WORKS, contrary to several reviews on here) is an integral part of the experience. As an Engineer I use is constantly to avoid damage and gain distance between enemies and myself. It's not on the level of TERA in terms of active combat, but it's still a leap ahead.

    The hotbar (a staple of most MMOs) is still present and changes skills depending on the weapon you're using. For an engineer I have different abilities for pistols (dual and single wielding with shield), rifles, and any kits I might be using (flamethrower, tool kit, etc.). It's an amazing breath of fresh air to have your skills be determined by whatever weapon you're holding in your hand. That said, there are only 5 major skills (beyond utility, healing, etc.) for each weapon. You'll learn those skills VERY well over the course of 80 levels, which might irk some people.

    My only minor complaint with the game (and why I gave it a 9) is that while they minimized the grinding within the game, it's still present. It's a different form, but still there. In order to keep up with the zones and story quests I needed to do all the dynamic events I possibly could, explore 100% of the map, craft, and clear every "heart" (essentially quest hubs) for all the zones I've been through so far. Some may dismiss that as "part of MMOs", but does it need to be? There have been numerous forums conversations (even with the developers) to address this, and I appreciate their willingness to accept positive criticism to make the game better.

    All-in-all, I look forward to playing it for years to come. It's a solid buy for anyone who wants something new in their MMOs.
  9. Aug 29, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 gives you an amazing fantasy world to explore. Many times have i been on a mission only to get sidetracked by something at the horizon, a group of players running past me clearly onto something interesting, NPC:s chatter hinting at hidden stuff and last but not least hidden jumping puzzles with even more hidden content!
    Do Not Play This Game As Other MMO:s!
    Dont just do the
    Renown hearts and think that thats it, explore, think outside the box and you will be rewarded with hundreds of hours of pure joy.
    The engine isnt the best out there but thanks to the fantastic artists at A-net the game looks astonishing with a new sight around every corner.
    At the moment of writing this theres some problem with the Party and Trading features but thats minor issues that will be sorted quickly im sure.

    This is a Must Buy!
  10. Aug 29, 2012
    Best MMO out there for old hardcore MMO veterans that have families. Doesn't matter if you have all the time in the world or only a few hours a day, Guild Wars 2 is the most enjoyable MMO out there. The PvP is visceral and skill-based, and most of all extremely engaging.
  11. Aug 29, 2012
    I followed the development of this game for years.
    I played all betas and I can say that the game delivers what it promises.

    Some problems occurred at launch, worse than in betas, but this is normal in any launch of a massive online game. Even with these problems the servers are full and yet I had no trouble logging in, the game has no queue, when an area is full you is sent to
    overflow server to play the game while waiting for a vacancy on the real server, all what you do in the overflow is kept on your character, that's wonderful! The dynamic event system is also wonderful but not when you have over 100 people on it, when people spread the maps we can see how the events are fun with a reasonable amount of people, and how the events change the world! Many people make the events and leave the place without waiting a few minutes to see the change happening! The world seems Alive! NPCs have their tasks, they do not stand around waiting for the player, they do things without players!

    ArenaNet made no changes to spoil the game. If someone bought the game thinking that something is wrong then it should not have bought! They will not make drastic changes in their combat, PVP and quest systems to please the haters, just some tweaks that all MMOs have.

    The game delivers what it promises, then people should read up on the features before buying.
    One thing that you will only find with it on hands is that it is fun, but you need to learn how to play, do not play it thinking you know everything because you're a veteran of other MMOs
  12. Aug 29, 2012
    I don't understand the nitpicking from the reviews previously posted. This game is phenomenal. First off: this game looks amazing. Not amazing because it looks incredibly realistic, but because of the art style that the developers chose to pursue. I'm not entirely sure what some of these other authors were looking for in terms of graphics but quite honestly, either they're playing a different game or are playing on a very outdated rig. From distance, structures and landscapes look like concept art. The idea is amazing. When's the last time you played an MMO with the graphics of Crysis? I'm not trying to say that Guild Wars 2 is a leader in the category, but it certainly does NOT fall short.

    As far as connectivity issues goes, I played all throughout the three day head start on a mediocre internet connection and had very few problems. Even such, this was the smoothest launch that I've been apart of (Cataclysm, Diablo 3, Tera, Rift). Giving this game a 1 rating because the pre-launch head start was a little rocky? That's a bit critical. You're not even paying a monthly fee to play the game and you're still complaining. I absolutely hate the idea of rating a game based off of other reviews, but unfortunately I feel the need to counter out the unneeded negative reviews given by authors who obviously have other problems with the game. I would otherwise give the game a 9.
  13. Aug 29, 2012
    This is the best mmo ive ever played, nothing can beat the awesomeness level of guild wars 2. If you're not playing this game you are missing on your mmo life. Anyway, buy it now and i need to go back to guild wars 2 because im wasting my in game time.
  14. Sep 3, 2012
    This Is The Best MMO So Far ! I usually never write reviews but this game deserves it. I played WOW from the beginning and this game actually made me stop playing WOW. SWTOR failed to do that and I thought I would never see a MMO that would change that, but it did. I know it has some problems but I'm sure they will get them fixed in the coming updates. The one thing I really don't like is the ingame store and the biggest grip I have with that is the extra bag slots you have to purchase and crafting bag slots for every new character I'm really against that or they should change it so karma points will buy bag slots. As for the rest of the items in the store there no big deal since leveling in this game is best so far it doesn't feel like it drags so you don't feel the need to purchase store XP boosts. And I like how it slows down gold farmers since you can use your gems to buy gold. I Like that idea. That would be my biggest grip with the game. But the this game has awesome gameplay you really have to try it to see how it puts to shame all the other MMOs. And one guy who reviewed this game said that he doesn't like the way you have to unlock skills. He is wrong WOW does that this too once you get to a certain level you have to buy more skills with gold. But this game uses skill points to buy more skills and it seems you can buy more skills even after you level capped but don't worry there is a limit to the skills you can get. But once you get them all it's like getting more ways to play the game. I Have to say this even with the store flaw this game. This is the Best MMO to date ! The reason I didn't give it a 10 is because nothing is perfect. Sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammar issues But I'm Limited on time I have to leave Town on a trip. All the users reviews that are low are most likely WOW fan boys and you tell by they way they compare this game to WOW. Expand
  15. Sep 5, 2012
    This game restored my faith in MMOs. It's the best thing since Ultima Online.
    Not only the best theme park ever made, but one of the greatest games ever.
  16. Dec 22, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is incredible. I was a huge fan of the first Guild Wars and this game definitely lived up to the hype for me. The world is vast, beautiful, and extremely detailed. The graphics are rich and vibrant. The quests, events, and puzzles are fantastic and very unique. The branching personal story lines are all very engaging, and the PvP is addicting as crack. I love these people that are saying that this is "just an average Rift clone." How is it in any way a Rift clone? Because it has public events? Guild Wars 2 took a successful concept and refined it, fleshed it out more, and made it their own. It's called innovation. They are not copying Rift, they are simply taking a page out of Rift's book and expanding upon it. That's how things make progress. I would also like to mention that several of the issues that people were complaining about and thus gave this game a "0" are all fixed. Guild Wars 2 is the most preeminent MMO to be released in a long time. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. Expand
  17. Jan 6, 2013
    Being a long time mmo player i knew i needed to try Guild Wars 2 has they add promised to deliver a dynamic world where questing didin't felt like a shore and your actions changed the world, but did they achieve it?
    Well after playing it for hours i can safely say yes, yes they did.

    This is not you typical mmo combat system, in Guild Wars 2 you get a new set of 5 skills in
    each different type of weapon and an additional 5 skills (one of which is an elite skill) which you can customize depending on you class.
    The combat itself is a mix between action oriented(Tera Online/Raiderz) and a typical mmo (WoW/SWTOR). If you use an ability that swings your sword and you have more then one enemy around the game will recognize and you will damage all the enemies, however you dont have to aim the abilities like in Tera.
    The problem i have with most mmo's gameplay is the combat not feeling fluid and the animations of said abilities lagging behind, this however doesn't effect Guild Wars 2, all the abilities have different animation and they all sync perfectly.

    The graphics of Guild Wars 2 didin't impress me all that much but they have to take into account that the game must perform well with hundreds of players on screen like WvWvW. While the graphics aren't the strongest point the game compensates with a beautiful artstyle across all zones.

    What to do?
    Like the ordinary MMO you have PvP and PvE. As for PvP there are two types, WvWvW(World vs World vs World) and sPvP (Structured PvP). You can do both of this at level 1, WvWvW is a massive battle between 3 servers with points to capture across a huge map divided into 3 zones and sPvP is the typical Battlegrounds that we are used too from others MMO which can be played competitively.
    The PvE of Guild Wars 2 consists of 5 Man Dungeons, Dynamic Events and the personal storyline.
  18. Apr 13, 2013
    A fantastic game worth every penny. A game everyone should try playing. Fabulous graphics along with great original new ideas in game play make this game great. Story of Guild Wars 2 is decent, but having tons of variations in a story depending on ones selections is very cool and adds a whole another layer to this great game. I have to admit that not everything is perfect about this game, thats why I gave it a 9. Unfortunately the end game of the game is underwhelming. Your character doesn't feel that strong and generally game becomes boring by the end. Hopefully Arenanet will be able to improve on their shortcomings in the addon for Guild Wars 2. Expand
  19. Sep 7, 2012
    I played and enjoyed the first Guild Wars for years. When Guild Wars 2 came out I wasn't sure what to expect, I tried the beta and I loved it immediately. Everything that annoyed me in Guild Wars is fixed in Guild Wars 2. The only thing that worried me at first glance was the absence of the dual profession mechanic which I loved in the first Guild Wars; it offered so many possibilities! But the weapon swapping in GW2 is probably even more interesting simply because it gives you access to a larger bank of skills; skills are defined by the weapon you are holding. You can switch weapons dynamically during combat which is awesome and you can even change your skills any time during the game, no need to go to an outpost to reorganise your skill bar. Elementalists don't have the weapon swapping ability but they can switch between four attunements(air, fire, water and earth) anytime during combat... awesome! What sets GW2 apart from other games of the genre is the dynamic events which can occur anywhere, anytime in the world, and they require cooperation between players; downed allies can be revived eliminating the frustration of being teleported to a resurection shrine and having to walk all the way back. Areas are no longer instanced except for dungeons and story line missions. There is no tedious fetching quests anymore. Instead quests occur in specific locations on the map and you don't have to stray too far to complete them. You can now choose between five different races: Human, Charr, Asura and Silvari. They all have the same stats and abilities but they add a nice flavor to the game. Crafting disciplines were added which opens up a whole new dimension to Guild Wars. The trading post (the equivalent of the auction house in WoW or Diablo) is a nice addition. Item stats are more varied and make more sense than before. Graphics are amazing for MMO standards and the areas are breathtaking. I cannot comment on the PvP aspect of the game as I haven't tried it yet. The only annoying thing I can find is the constant pop-ups telling you that you are in an overflow because the instance is full but that will hopefully be fixed soon. So if you love MMOs or RPGs Guild Wars 2 is a must! Expand
  20. Sep 2, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is the new revolution from the brilliant minds over at Arena Net. Playing GW2 for the first time is one of those exceptional feelings you experience only a certain number of times in you're gaming career. Incredible ideas converge with intense, masterfully crafted combat, and the most beautiful visuals ever seen in an MMO to create a mind-blowing masterpiece. The world is alive in GW2 and exploring it on you're own or with friends really is astounding. There are times when you will have to just stop and slowly pan you're camera around you to take in the absolutely stunning sites you will see throughout the gameworld, combined with a rediculous amount of attention to detail. The dynamic events are perfectly placed throughout the world and calling out for help in "Map" chat to see 20 people rushing into a hidden underwater cave to team up against the mean Blood Witch really is one of those wow moments that shows how well GW2 brings players together without forcing them to party up. If you aren't playing GW2 already(which you should), please do yourself a favor and checkout what is MMO's best chance of knocking off the reigning MMO titan....lookout WoW, GW2 is here. Expand
  21. Sep 21, 2012
    Having played almost every MMO since the dawn of the genre (right back to MUDs) I've been jaded for a very long time and was almost hesitant to try yet another - the fact it was Subs-Free helped me overcome that reticence.
    I love it. While I've yet to reach the "Endgame" I can certainly say that so far it appears to be the best MMO ever - to the point that I've got 7 characters already
    and regularly playing 5 of them without feeling bored or feel like I'm wasting time I should be spending on my "Main" (the fact that a lot of the game is Account-shared helps). Dynamic Events are fun without being annoying like Rift's Rifts, the Hearts revolutionize questing and deliver on the promises WAR made about questing but absolutely failed to deliver.
    It's almost a no-brainer this one: once you've bought the box it's free forever. You'll probably find you do spend money on increasing the stingy Bank space and you might want more than 5 characters but otherwise the rest of the opportunities to spend money look easy to ignore/resist.
  22. Sep 1, 2012
    What a game. Better than any MMO before it, for someone who likes a hardcore game, but doesn't want the 'life investment' that comes with WoW. Caters to all types, quick PVP, perfect MMO world, big battles, easy grouping, fun combat. Truly the next big MMO, no doubt.
  23. Sep 4, 2012
    I am hooked. What an impressive MMO. You are fed the feeling of "raid" from other MMOs CONSTANTLY through simply doing tasks. Events happen nearby and everyone rushes there to get a huge amount of XP. You're left with HUGE battles that are extremely satisfying.

    I can't believe how imaginative this game is! Its graphics are top notch for an MMO. The controls feels very natural and I keep
    wondering how it could be any better. World vs World PVP?!? I mean come on, you can't beat that. Loads of fun to be had in this addictive game.

    Great job ArenaNet! I'm officially hooked.
  24. Sep 8, 2012
    I am stunned. Truly stunned.
    There has been a long line of MMORPGs ever since World of Warcraft designed the genre. Many were predicted to be "WoW killers" or "Revolutionary", but many lost their subscribers or switched to a free-to-play model a few months later. It's only been a few weeks for Guild Wars 2, but the content I have experiences so far is so breathtaking that I see no way
    now, or any time in the future, that this game will die out. This game adds so much depth, creativity, and fun to the MMORPG genre that I can see it becoming a new home for the MMO players who have been looking for a new one. This game IS revolutionary, and it IS going to last a long time. I don't have to go into detail about the game to prove my point, just go out and buy it. No subscription fee makes this an extremely worthy investment. Expand
  25. Sep 17, 2012
    There is something fishy about the ratings, I aggregated the critic scores and it was a 97, I think someone fiddled with the review, or was poorly aggregated. Mistake or not, this needs to be fixed. Also, don't consider loisho's review, he/she seems to hate everything, giving Dead Space 2 a 0/10, Skyrim a 0/10, GW2 a 4/10 (his/her highest score!) and DD (not D&D) a 1/10.
  26. Sep 10, 2012
    A nice mix of single-player RPG and MMORPG. Lots of character customization (face, hair, body, etc.). A branching personal story for each race and profession chosen. Cooperative gameplay is encouraged and rewarded. Dynamic Events are engaging and some can change the map depending on whether you win or lose. Game mechanics prevent ninja-looting, mob camping, and resource node contention. Lots of NPC to NPC dialog that can be quite funny. PvP that's actually skill-based and not gear-based. IMHO, GW2 is better than UO, EQ, and WoW. Your mileage may vary. Expand
  27. Sep 4, 2012
    Let me start of by saying two things first of all I do NOT give high scores for the sake of giving them and I usually only take time to write reviews if I really like the game. Second of all, all I have seen from the lower to mid ratings is complete jealousy that it beat out their favorite MMO. I'm sorry, but AN did so many things right and so little wrong.

    I would like to go over some
    things that I felt were not touched upon in several of these other reviews that are just so brilliant. First off the story, music, atmosphere, combat, pvp, and events are perfectly done and incredibly engaging anyone who says otherwise; it's just not their cup of tea or again they are jealous that it really is done this well. Arenanet's attention to detail is unfathomable, the amount of work that went into their puzzles and mazes and keeping it varied consistently is nothing short of extraordinary, you always feel like you are doing something new or different when you come upon these. Then their are skill challenges and if you are lucky enough to solo of these it really does give you a sense of difficulty and what you still need to master, whether it be timing, precision, or just combos. I really enjoy a particular one where the guy kept you laughing the entire time. Next, the group events these are not so much engaging as game changing literally. If you fail to stop a Giant attack on a city for example, then you will not be able to use any merchant or events in this area until that Giant has been taken down. Likewise whole areas can shift from control to NPC to enemies based on if you succeed or fail an event. There is alot more to touch up on, but I feel these few should give players an idea just what makes Guild Wars 2 so enticing.

    Then we have to cons these range from miniscule bugs to the very simplistic crafting. The bugs from what I have seen so far are few and far between whether it's getting stuck in the map, creates that just give up, or NPCs that don't want to advance the story. There is always a workaround and they never bring you out of the experience. Then there is the crafting, which is mainly build up resources, refine said resources, use special materials to make inscriptions or insignias and repeat. I do like the discovery tab, but they give you almost zero recipes that are not common sense, really taking away the feeling of making something special to just the next thing on the list to get your bar higher. I feel if they added more mystery and adventure to their recipe making that people would have alot more fun crafting.

    This is just a small slice of what GW2 have and the PROS well outweigh the CONS, do yourself a favor and give it a try for yourself with no subscription fee you never locked into anything and can quit anytime and pick it back up later. I feel that my purchased was well justified and I hope you will feel the same. I did want to say one more thing the WvW feels exactly like the brilliant mode from DAoC and can be jumped in at anytime, which offers its own rewards and xp towards PvE. There simply is too many thing to about, I just hope people who read this actually see a better reason to pick it up, as for me I am back to enjoying this game 100 fold.
  28. Sep 4, 2012
    The Best MMORPG on the market today, no.. the best MMORPG on the market since Ultima Online. This is close to perfection and Arenanet have delivered everything they said they would, a near flawless release and an experience unsurpassed in its genre.
  29. Sep 6, 2012
    My experience with Guild Wars 2 has been exceptional. There are some minor flaws but the good qualities far outweigh the bad in Guild Wars 2. I'll start with the flaws: 1. I have come across one or two skill challenges and events are broken. 2. The way in which quests and events are presented does encourage players to work together towards something but I feel like it almost discourages social player interaction because in many cases, nothing needs to be said to accomplish a goal. 3. Many of the utility skills seem useless to me for PVP or PVE. However, this could just be due to my lack of experience with my profession or the game in general. 4. Lack of tutorial. This is actually a plus for me because I like figuring things out, but I can see how this would frustrate some people.

    The good points in Guild Wars 2 result in a much longer list for me, so I will just stick to the major points: 1. Doing arbitrary redundant tasks (such as traveling back to a city to free up inventory space) are nearly eliminated. 2. With the character creation options, armor dyes, utility skills, trait points, transmutation, and weapon selection - character customization is on par, if not better, than any MMO out there. I have yet to see another Charr Necromancer that looks like me, so finding one that does look like me and has the same weapons/traits/skills seems highly unlikely. 3. Questing/exploration structure is very well thought out and dynamic events prevent the boredom from setting in. 4. Compared to other MMOs and similar games, the launch of GW2 went VERY smooth. There are minimal bugs and plenty of content at launch 5. Doing lower level content is still challenging and rewarding. To my knowledge, this is the first MMO to accomplish this and it opens up a staggering amount of additional content to play through. 6. Any race/profession combo is allowed 7. Players are encouraged to work together. You get good rewards for participating in an event, you get exp for reviving another player, exp and rewards are given to all players that participate, and resource nodes cannot be "stolen" by another player. 8. Graphics are really good. I have a very nice gaming computer and I still can get 95-100% use out of both my GPUs on high settings. Not many games on PC do that for me. 9. PVP is well balanced at launch! Making everybody level 80 for PvP is a brilliant idea too.
  30. Sep 8, 2012
    You've heard all the pros, and some cons that are actually constructive... It's an awesome game, It's so much fun, I'd give it a 9, but it's a 10 to off set the spamming trolling fan boiedom that is trying to drag the deserved score down. Get it, play it, and I'll see you out there!!

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.