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  • Summary: Gumboy uses its rubbery characteristics – rolling, bouncing, jumping, flying and floating, which in connection with the simple controls brings you loads of fun. And even more when you realise that GUMBOY changes its size, shape and material. It joins the game in the form of a sphere, cube or star. It will be filled with rubber, air or water. Over 50 levels within a fairy-tale atmosphere. Interactive environments: water, wind, rain, teleports, boosts, sticky and slippery surfaces. Original artistic depiction of 6 various worlds (forest, field, cave, magical world). [Meridian4] Expand
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  1. From collecting stars in a Sonic-like fashion to helping Mr. Bean find his lost children, players of all ages will become enthralled with its high level of gameplay, addictive nature, and high amount of replayability- especially if you love playing with balls.
  2. Sporting a beautiful hand-painted look, and an endearingly weird lead character who communicates only in excited squeaks and gurgles like some untroubled multi-amputee baby, it's like the arthouse brother of Wik and the Fable of Souls.
  3. Gumboy: Crazy Adventures isn’t perfect and does carry with it a bit of your typical puzzle-game tedium, but this remains a solid, well-crafted game that is well worth your time.
  4. The loose control means the precise movement required to traverse even some of the most basic levels just isn't there. [Apr 2007, p.50]
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  1. Dec 8, 2013
    Good god this is horrible. I've never wanted to kill a main character in a game so much before. OO... EEEE...OOAAA... Get to f...!!! The game is a basic 2d platform-puzzler and when there are games like fez/braid/blocks that matter out there, there's no excuse for just curling one out like this. Expand