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  1. 100
    I've selected these examples at near-random to avoid spoiling truly standout showpieces. Episode Two's entire five-hour experience -- vivid, emotionally engaging, and virtually unsurpassed -- is full of them.
  2. Episode Two is an absolute must-purchase for any FPS fan. It’s an amazing experience from beginning to end. I truly cannot think of a way to improve this game.
  3. 95
    Half Life 2 Episode Two equals Half-Life 2's achievements and in many cases vaults over the high bar which it created. Brimming with great story telling and excellent action it is almost a must play for anybody even remotely interested.
  4. Episode 2 is an awesome example of packing various kinds of gameplay into a compressed time span without the whole thing descending into a discombobulated mess.
  5. 94
    Any way you look at it, Episode Two stands out, even among the Half-Life series, as something special. It may be shorter than the original, but it's a burly experience packed into roughly six hours or so that offers up all the diversity, level design, and thoughtful gameplay we've known while making sure to propel the story forward and leave us wanting more.
  6. Episode Two is the most sumptuous chapter of the Half-Life saga, and by a country mile. It's as if Valve's tech and art teams are trying to outdo each other: the Source engine has had a striking technical overhaul that renders textures, materials and curves uncannily well, and the artists clearly relish having a fresh palette to work with.
  7. On its own, Episode Two might not seem like much for its price tag, but as part of the Orange Box package, it becomes an excellent value that's packaged alongside two very different first-person games.
  8. More great story blended with improved AI and better firefights. It's starting to retread old ground though.
  9. A happy medium between the mind-blowing excess of its parent game and its somewhat compact Episode One offspring. While initially lacking in gameplay novelty or many truly 'new' elements that fans always hanker for, it more than makes up for this with its consistently engaging narrative tricks, refined set-pieces and a staggering climax.
  10. The emotion, presentation, story and overall action-packed gameplay cements Episode 2 as an excellent addition in the Half-Life 2 series and PC gaming in general. While playing Episode 2, I never felt detached or alienated from the game.
  11. In fact, though a good bit shorter than the original Half-Life 2, Episode 2 quite possibly rivals it in terms of memorable sequences. These include some lengthy vehicle sections, some stunning scenery, some stand-out plotlines and a good few damned enjoyable fight sequences.
  12. Half-Life fans are going to flip out over what Episode Two has to offer and FPS fans in general should find a finely crafted, lean experience.
  13. AceGamez
    By staying true to the already exceptional foundation of the series and adding meaningful changes that enhance the player's experience even further, Valve have demonstrated yet again that in this ever-competitive genre they still have the ability to impress and excel.
  14. Play (Poland)
    A really solid add-on, as long as some full games and made like a good science fiction movie. At last the combat isn’t confined to city streets and cellars, so one can breathe freely. The only problem is the lack of new guns. But it’s an excellent sequel anyway. It has a megaton of mood, believable characters, sensible story motivating the hero and the old American clunker of a car switching gears with a wonderful grinding sound. It’s hard not to like it - and the Episode Two as well. [Dec 2007]
  15. Fine addition to the overall storyline of Gordon Freeman. Fails to stand alone, but I guess that's episodic gaming. Bit on the short side and the weakest link of The Orange Box, but good fun as long as it lasts.
  16. I was less impressed by Episode 2’s story. While it sows a few seeds for the final episode of the trilogy, the game lacks the driving force of the previous episode.
  17. As the game progresses, the initial familiar sensation disappears and we get caught up in the story again, there are many open spaces and we’ll be able to drive another car (a modified Dodge Charger) on more types of terrain.
  18. PC Zone UK
    Episode Two contains some of the series' greatest moments, and it's still every bit as charming as its predecessors, but it's so similar to Half-Life 2 that despite what Valve might believe, we're really left wanting something a bit fresher. [Dec 2007, p.60]
  19. 80
    A worthy, entertaining addition to the Half-Life saga, even if it's a little more inconsistent than its predecessors. It's got plenty of the action, puzzles and set pieces that's made the series so successful to date, and that formula hasn't been tampered with.
  20. Despite its lackluster first act, Episode 2 ends up showing more of the kind of progressive gameplay I have been wanting to see from the series.
  21. For the first time in its history, Valve has produced other than a superlative product. That's more disorienting than disappointing, as though the sky had suddenly changed color or cats started speaking. I don't dislike Episode Two. I just wish I liked it more.
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  1. BrandonJ
    Jan 21, 2010
    Excellent! the drama between magnus and kliener was fun to watch. the puzzle to killing ratio was about the same as the rest, so its another Excellent! the drama between magnus and kliener was fun to watch. the puzzle to killing ratio was about the same as the rest, so its another masterpiece. although the crush every antlion grub achievement on steam has got to be the hardest one out there. also, someone commented on repetition of game play, well its not like a few weeks are going to change the complete game play just for this one game. And as a last comment i can't believe i predicted the ending withing a few minutes of playing it. Full Review »
  2. Oct 9, 2010
    Much better than the first episode and that is saying a lot, considering this is an expansion it provides a lot of content and if you are aMuch better than the first episode and that is saying a lot, considering this is an expansion it provides a lot of content and if you are a fan of the original you already own and beat this haha, but if you are not consider getting the original and both addons, you won't regret it. Full Review »
  3. MichaelR.
    Nov 3, 2007
    Great game! But too short for money!