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  1. Nov 11, 2014
    Probably the best game ever made, and I'm not even talking about the standalone game I'm talking about all the mods the community have made, No wonder valve isn't releasing hl3 yet we need that great feeling again.
  2. Nov 4, 2014
    This is simply the best game ever made. There are too many good things to say about this game, so I'll make a long review short.
    Buy it. Buy it now.
  3. Oct 29, 2014
    Greatest game in history, now in 2014 it still has decent graphics

    Amazing storyline and diverse and nice combat and physics mechanics

    it is the #1 game in history
  4. TvH
    Oct 28, 2014
    Half-Life 2 is a masterpiece that completely lives up to its predecessor, as it delivers an immersive atmosphere with beautiful graphics and a large amount of variety. It has a perfect physics engine, cool weapons, excellent shooting mechanics, and quintessential pacing. Its story could've been improved, but it's enough to make Half-Life 2 one of the best PC games ever made.
  5. Oct 27, 2014
    I know I am treading well-worn ground, here, but Half Life 2 is one of the few games I’ve played that has lived up to the hype surrounding it. I felt like I had to tip my hat, because it is perfect in every appreciable way.

    Even though HL2 is a decade old, I only recently got around to playing it thanks to a Steam sale. Absolutely fantastic. I love everything about this game. Still
    looks gorgeous, not at all dated like the first Half Life game. Voice acting is spot-on. Mechanics are good. Nice selection of weapons without having TOO many. Gravity gun is a blast. Music is used very well: long stretches of silence with appropriately creepy or intense electronic tunes depending on what’s happening.

    What pushes this over the top for me, though, is the story. It was barely there in Half Life 1. You still have no idea what’s happening in HL2 but you discover bits & pieces as you play. At one of the resistance HQs, for example, there is a bulletin board full of newspaper clippings about the alien invasion which took place while Gordon was…elsewhere. It’s a nice payoff which helps everything else happening in the game make sense. Aside from that, you may only hear certain plot points once or twice from NPC banter. Even if the banter doesn’t contain any story information, though, it’s all scripted well and fun to listen to.

    HL2 also appeals to gamers who only play shooters for the pew pew and don’t care about story. The maps may be linear (which I don’t mind in a shooter) but you have a lot of freedom and fun ways to go about solving them. There is also a nice mix of gameplay elements which keep things fresh, from turret defense moments (literally) to vehicle driving. You’re not always marching through hallways so it’s very difficult to get bored.

    The only complaint I have is that there’s no Half Life 3! Of course, I’d rather have an excellent series which rarely releases games than a series that releases a title every year and beats everything we liked about it into the ground until we can’t stand it any longer (*cough*Assassin’s Creed*ahem*). Half Life 2 is one of those amazing gems that is still as good today as it was on the day it was released. Definitely a game which everyone who considers themselves a gamer should play.
  6. Oct 18, 2014
    It is a valve game what do you expect? tight graphics for its age (I thought it was made in 2012 they were so good) it also has a great physics engine which is still better than any physics engine made to this day. awesome story, awesome characters, awesome voice acting and awesome secrets. I just urge them to make half life3
  7. Oct 17, 2014
    I now understand why people want half life 3. If you haven't played this game you really need to because it goes on sale so much on steam and it usually comes with a bundle for episode 1, 2, and lost coast.
  8. Oct 14, 2014
    im just want to play this game again, again, and again. cause this game is **** amazing in gameplay, graphics and in weapons!!! most i like in here is a Gravity gun!!! the best guns ever!!!!
  9. Oct 10, 2014
    I made an account just to review this game. Half-Life 2 is the only game in the world that I can regard as perfect. It is literally impeccable. I have played a lot of games, and it is very hard to put so many good titles behind me, but until you play this game you won't feel the atmosphere and world that it draws you into. You need to experience the game and fully complete it to realise what a wonderful journey the Half-Life series really is. The graphics are phenomenal for a game that is now ten years old; still keeping up with modern titles to this day. The storytelling is perfect, in the literal sense of the word. The gameplay is flawless, the diversity of characters, both hostile and allied is superb. The puzzles, the chill-factor, and the thing that gets me the most, the absolute and complete absorption that you'll have playing this game is something like no other. You become Gordon Freeman, you live in the world of Half-Life which has been so magnificently created you believe every minute of its being and existence. It's this reality that consumes you, and it's marvelous, incredible story. I regard this game as perfect. Expand
  10. Oct 9, 2014
    Let me just open the review by saying this is my favorite game of all time. I only finished the game last year, but it still blew me away (even though it was 9 years old!). The story is excellent, and blew me away. The game play mechanics are excellent, and the only critical thing I thing I can say about the game is that it got a bit slow on a few chapters (I'm looking at you Route Canal). All in All, its the most perfect a game can really get. Play it if you haven't already! Expand
  11. Oct 4, 2014
    Half-Life 2 is a definite 9 out of 10 for me, just because of the amazing story, physics, characters, game play, etc... But there was just one tiny flaw. it was just so grim, scary, creepy and depressing, that it created the sort of game that once you were done playing it, you'd never want to go back and play it again...
    (JK, don't
    freak out. Although, halo 2 is my favorite game of all time...) Expand
  12. Oct 3, 2014
    I didn't play this game until 2012 and it's my favourite shooter to date, probably the only shooter/FPS that I've played over and over again after I've finished. Perfect pacing, graphics that still hold up pretty well, great story that unfolds before your eyes and excellent gunplay. Love it.
  13. Sep 29, 2014
    Where to start half life is just an amazing ride, the game mechanics are near seamless along with a plot-line that not only keeps you guessing, but has love, anger, envy, revenge, dependence and ultimately you know your saving the planet. Loved it. Completed it. Played it again and again.

  14. Sep 27, 2014
    The ultra responsive Source engine coupled with a great story and excellent graphics for its time. It's nothing short of a revolution. No wonder why it has universal acclaim.
  15. Sep 13, 2014
    Half Life is the birth of real FPS.
    If you were around when it came out, no matter how many years have passed, Half Life will always be top of your list in gaming masterpieces.
  16. Sep 12, 2014
    Half Life 2 is a stunning masterpiece. I played this game a long time ago on the orange box for the PS3. TBH it didn't stick back then. Years later I played the game on PC, after playing the first game, and I was shocked at how good it was.

    First the game's physics is superb. It's a lot of fun to drop enemies and watch their death throes as you take them down. It's such a simple thing
    yet Valve does such an excellent job at it thanks to the physics of the game which few games out there will ever be able to come close to. That also brings me to the gravity gun. A weapon that will become your best friend upon receiving it. It can snatch and throw objects and can be used on the fly with a simple push of a button when using any other weapon making it a handy gun for breaking and moving obstacles or busting open the many supply crates in the game.

    Now for the games story. The story is pretty straight forward. In the beginning of the game you show up at City 17, ruled over by Dr. Breen the former administrator to Black Mesa in the previous game. Dr. Breen is essentially a puppet for a transhuman race know as the Combine to ensure domination of the human race by the Combine who rule the human race with totalitarian brutality. The story's narrative is non-cinematic in nature yet it manages to tell the story with crisp clarity. Constant control over Freeman in each of the non-action story sequences deliver a great sense of immersion few games have.

    In terms of gameplay the game does an excellent job at balancing great face-paced action and slower non-action sequences to give gamer a quick breather before pushing onwards in their epic journey. The gameplay sequences are also rather superb and varied. One moment you're on a dune buggy dodging antions, another you're trying to outrun and destroy a relentless chopper, in another sequence you're fighting zombies in a dark overrun town. The variety keeps the game unpredictable and fun, and with great gameplay freedom, along with a great arsenal of weapons, you bring down the house however you see fit.

    The game moves at a great pace and its one of the few games that I'd play again just for the sheer experience of it. The superb narrative, graphics, gameplay freedom and physics make the game a true masterpiece that will stand proud among the best games the gaming industry has to offer. Few come close to the masterpiece that is Half Life 2. Long live Dr. Freeman!
  17. Sep 12, 2014
    It's old, but not dead, I can replay it several times across a long time and it still entertains me more than other more modern games. Good job Valve, waiting for Half-Life 3.
  18. Sep 11, 2014
    This game by far is one of the best of all time. Its just that simple. The story line is one of the best by far, and the graphics engine (Source) still looks great TEN YEARS after the game has been released. The weapons are creative like the gravity gun, a tool that picks up and fires any object that can move, and launch it like a projectile, making a chair the most deadly object known to man. Buy this game, buy the entire series. They are all masterpieces. Expand
  19. Sep 4, 2014
    This game takes me back to a time where graphics were just the surface of the game and the story was what mattered. The graphics quality may be outdated but it makes up for it from the indepth character design and voic acting.
  20. Sep 2, 2014
    A truly great FPS, the story, environment and level design, the music atmosphere and set pieces; they all work so well and it pays off greatly for what is one of the best games ever made.
  21. Sep 2, 2014
    Isn't it sad that this 10 year old game looks a lot better than most games that have came out in the past few months?
  22. Sep 1, 2014
    This is the best game ever made. It combines a complex and deep story with a great gameplay and good mechanics, plus the incredible graphics for the time it was released. The soundtracks are awesome, and the characters are impresive.
  23. Aug 29, 2014
    This game is unbelievably awesome. This is a must play for anybody who enjoys first person shooters. The graphics is a tad aged but still very satisfying with everything maxed at 1920x1080 144 FPS. It's fast paced, it has an awesome story taking place in a futuristic universe. Best of all, you can play it on Linux!
  24. Aug 23, 2014
    Does this game need a review? Seriously; you don't even need to READ a review to play this wonderful game made back in that period where you still loved Half life. From early betas, to the current state, I still love this master piece that will be standing forever into the ashes of old and good games. This outstanding shooter will never bored from playing it over multiple times. After all, where should I start?
    Characters are very well made, not that good graphics for that period but who needed them on that type of small monitors? The voice acting is one of the best and gives you the feeling that they're really there talking live to you! They have also a great plot into their own minds, body and flesh. Makes you wanna stick around and love them. Gordon Freeman, the main character, doesn't speak at all but that gives you the idea to think like him, for yourself, not him for you. The soundtrack should have the Pulitzer Prize for great performance and I still like the songs today. The story is one of the best one I ever met into a video game (FPS). The Half Life Trilogy is sent from 2000s all the way to 2030s. The Seven Hour War in 2012/2013, also having a great appetite for me in the idea of Half Life. Too bad they didn't release a game where you take part of it LIVE and seeing the world going to hell. Graphics aren't the best ones but for that time, they were rocking hard. The physics are GREAT and makes the game need-to-play. Facial animations are great even in beta where I noticed they looked like the same in the current game, but with no voice acting. The weapons are told to be human and Combine, some even Combineized. Adding extra attachments for their use of power.
    This game may have some little bugs over there and over here but it won't stop you from playing it as long you're not activating console cheats and exploiting the trigger on the maps! You may play the game again as you did read this review. Doesn't matter; it's all up to you, my friends.
  25. Aug 14, 2014
    Half-Life 2 is one of the best games ever and maybe the best FPS of all time. The Great and interesting story, the great gameplay and the great level design made this game one of my favorites.
  26. Aug 8, 2014
    Yeah. This is a legend game. This game has amazing graphic for old game and very good story for role playing game. This game also has gravity gun, this gun is very helpful.
  27. Aug 5, 2014
    This is one of the best games every made. The best looking game in 2004. Really deep story. Excellent physics. Many good games such as Portal, L4D, CS, TF and G-Mod is based on this game. i r8 it 8/8 :^)
  28. Aug 1, 2014
    this game, oh this game. half life 2 changed the whole fps(and gaming) industry. why? ill tell you- it introduced source, the best engine at its time and one of the best today. physix were amazing, and most games use the same physix system. level design was amazing, the only other lv design that was as good as this was half life 1 and bioshock 1. storytelling at its finest. it doesnt tell u everything, you have to piece it up together, and the story is quite awesome. the guns are great, and it just doesnt let u get bored. 10/10 Expand
  29. Jul 25, 2014
    A brilliant game and an epic sequel to one of the best shooters of all time ,BUT I STILL CAN NOT BEAT THE GAME,each and every level is unique and cool.Some Players think it is one of the Most overrated game ever made,But to them i say this ,Call of duty is when of the most overrated game ever made.
  30. Jul 22, 2014
    The best shooter and the best game ever made. Valve is one of the best video game companys and all of there games are top notch. This and team fortress 2 are there best games.
  31. Jul 15, 2014
    Awesome game with some humor, action, and awesome gameplay. Valve has done a fantastic job with Half-Life 2. It is a game that you will be talking about for years to come. Buy this game and make yourself super freakin' happy.
  32. Jul 1, 2014
    Half-Life 2 is an exhilarating game! The graphics(even though I could care less about graphics)still hold up. The water looks amazing in this game and so does everything else. This game also has one very scary chapter called "We don't go to Ravenholm." The areas are much bigger in this game compared to Half-Life. This time there are more puzzles, physics, vehicles, and a new weapon. There is sadly no gluon gun but there is a new weapon called the gravity gun. Don't worry though the tau cannon is back. Like the original, it feels like one big map instead of individual levels thanks to no cutscenes. Half-Life 2 is incredible. Expand
  33. Vas
    Jun 29, 2014
    This is pretty epic, really well done. A nice long story with plenty to do and isn't so easy that you can simply run through it. Really, there almost isn't any room for improvement in this. This game is just amazing, just get it, you won't regret it! I can't even figure out how there is a single bad review about it here. :P You simply can't hate it! That is like, successfully dividing by zero.
  34. Jun 22, 2014
    While I can't fathom to place this game higher than its predecessor, it still is an excellent game. The plot is strenghtened, the gameplay expanded and the new source engine? A marvel.
    We simply took what was good in the first game and increased its potential. I have stated Half-Life as the ancestor of FPSs; this is his rightful son.
    We now wish to have a sequel, but to maintain such a
    level of quality, the VALVe team sure must be stressed out.

    I'm still impatient to know what VALVe has up its sleeve for us.
  35. Jun 21, 2014
    By far, the most amazing game I've ever played. The mix of intense FPS action and lateral thinking makes for one of the most fantastic video games to ever hit the shelves. Some of the most iconic video game locations in video game history spawned within Half Life 2. Such as the horrifying Ravenholm mission and the tranquil setting of Highway 17. The narrative sets the game out slowly and drip feeds you information about the elusive... G-man. A must buy for all FPS fans. 10/10. Expand
  36. Jun 19, 2014
    This game take you to a place you've never been before. One of the best game I've ever played, and i have played allot! Off course it's not 100% perfect, but not far from it. Just played through it today(2014). Still amazing! This game give you allot of different types of gameplay, and never gets boring, at least not for me. The story is also really good. Going back to other first-person shooter games after this is a bummer.
    Just play it, you'll know what i mean ;)
  37. Jun 8, 2014
    This is my most favorite game ever, I just love it. It has an amazing gameplay, amazing story, I feel like I'm with them. I just love the feel of the desura-like civil control. Also, I recommend everyone to check out the Half-Life 2 beta content! Half-Life 2 beta (alpha) was incredible. The dark-evil like story, I just loved it. The industrial locations, this game has a deep background with it.
  38. Jun 8, 2014
    Half-Life 2 is a masterpiece of gaming history. Surprising story, amazing FPS and puzzle gameplay, awesome graphic with unbelievable physic system, and great sounds. Although Gordon Freeman is still a quiet guy, but Half-Life 2 is an unforgettable title you have to say loud when someone wants to know about the best game of 2004, or maybe, of all time.
  39. Jun 6, 2014
    half-life 2 = one of the best games if not the best one i have played, with its outstanding graphics (released in 2004 so do not expect bf4 type stuff) and story this game already gets a good review but it goes even further and better, the atmosphere of the world really gets a glimpse about the alien invasion and the cities last stand, people are depresed and sad about their loss and now live in a horrible place, the combat feels free (at the time) you can grab everything you like and can and throw it at enemies and even react to it and get distracted (if you throw it at the right one) and the thing that i like more above all is the characters there is only one word i can describe them........alive, well maybe two.......alive and kicking
    this game gets my 2nd place in my favorite games of all time easily
    10/10-my crowbar approves :)
  40. Jun 5, 2014
    A really good video game. I am not really a fan of shooters, but I have to say this game really impressed me, I haven't finished it yet, but I was looking for the reviews and I decided to come, create an account and review it at this very moment. I have it with The Orange Box for Xbox 360. Good graphics, good Soundtrack, it actually fits with the environments of the game, a good AI, good story, characters and for that moment, really good and revolutionary physics. In my opinion a game that really deserves your time, and your money so... RECOMMENDED. Expand
  41. May 19, 2014
    This game is a masterpiece. Since his lauching I'm waiting for a FPS game that can provides the same experience. It's an obligatory one. You HAVE to play it. And you will get very sad after finish it, because you'll have no other good game like this to fulfill the "void" hahaha
  42. May 10, 2014
    One word for this game: AMAZING! I never was a fan of the Half-Life series, but once i bought it along with it's episodes, i could NEVER stop playing this game until i finished them all! Half-Life 2 is a great FPS with puzzle physics, it has an amazing story and great character development within it. Now, HL2: Episode 1 Was a bit slow and less action packed then the first, but it does a great job at continuing the story and it's characters backgrounds. HL2: Episode 2 was "In my opinion" even better then both Episode 1 and HL2, it has AMAZING story telling, and character development, The ending is FANTASTIC to start up HL3 which i now understand is so needed by many gamers. This game and it's Episodes will knock your sock your socks off! Expand
  43. Apr 26, 2014
    The original revolutionized gaming forever, and this sequel did the same. 10 years later I am still in love with this game. The story is incredible, the gameplay is flawless, and the source engine of course speaks for itself. This is a game that deserves every point of its perfect score.
  44. Apr 22, 2014
    Damn. That's about all I can say on this game. It's so good it left me at awe like the first one did. This is an essential to all gamers alike. The engine on this makes it a beauty visually for it's time, and the ability to intereact with items in your surroundings and such makes this all the more pleasurable as you are able to use a few guns that typically look cheesy but on Half Life these guns are just as cool as Brando. You take on the role of hero Gordon Freeman a physicist I think that is by chance a bad ass with weaponry etc. Anyways you can figure out the story yourselves. On PC this is a must have for everyone who likes to game. On steam it's almost a crime if you don't at least try to play the game demo etc. This game is probably one of my personal favorites along with the sequel/expansions that are just as good but visually better. The game is a non stop thrill and I recommend this to anyone as you encounter a lot of puzzles with your surroundings (not puzzles like Tetris mind you) and and action fps what is not to like about this game? Expand
  45. Apr 16, 2014
    The game I compare all others to. I love it! The first ever time I felt like I was playing a movie. It feels dated to look at now, but the game play and sound design are still far better than most new games. If you've not played it yet, BUY IT NOW! But get the PC version - the Xbox one was a poor port.
  46. Apr 12, 2014
    What's to say that hasn't been said already? It's a Half-Life game. It's one of the best FPS's with great game effects ever published. If you haven't played this game...well, you're missing out. Even as dated as it is the game is still unbelievably fun to play.
  47. Mar 31, 2014
    for a 2004 game, no wonder this game got high scores. very good graphics and gameplay. storyline, very good but half-life 1 is better i think. love alyx though, charming but why cant i carry her when shes down in episode 2? gordon is her to be partner right? no more to talk. this is a very good game. still play it alongside with other new crappy fps games (cods, farcrys, crysis, etc), no offence though. however, it is the biggest shame of the century though that they dont continue the half life franchise ~i dunno if they do, still waiting :) come on valve, u guys are like albert einstein in the gaming world, dont stop developing E=mc2 formulas or we wont have any nuclear warheads. if you guys publish the long-waited continuance of half-life franchise, i swear ill buy the original copy of the game, no more jack sparrow dvds or torrents. take your time, but not your fans patience

    *my rating here is for half life 2 and its episodes games including the orange box. good job valve!
  48. Mar 29, 2014
    As this game has won over 50 awards, me personally having 1700+ hours on it, winning Game of the Year 2004 AND Game of the Decade... (By IGN) This game truly is amazing. From the story to the characters to the gravity gun, this game cannot get boring despite coming out in 2004. As Half-Life 2 is at max settings, you can easily compare this game to any of today's titles, and still think it has great graphics. Expand
  49. Mar 27, 2014
    Graphics: For a 2004 game. the graphics can't be beaten and somehow are still kinda up-to-date even in 2014

    Gameplay: Smooth, no bugs/glitches, nothing that annoys you constantly other then one or two parts where you couldn't find the exit or couldn't complete the puzzle.

    Story: Better then anything I've ever seen, total masterpiece! The game doesn't only uses dialogs to give the
    storyline but also graffiti/posts and even sounds to not only immerse the player to the world but tell the story of it. many times you can hear ingame "echos" of the past.

    There're very few games in my 10/10 games list, Half-life and Half-life 2 are ones of it.

    for all those who say the game is overrated are trying to be "out-of-the-hoard" and fight against psychology, something they don't understand is impossible.
  50. Mar 26, 2014
    The game I have been waiting for my whole life. This is the way I like FPS genre, the gameplay of this game is just so smooth you will not believe what you see. The game has got everything you would need. When I first played it in 2004 I was amazed. I couldn't believe my eyes. The graphics and animations made the game look like a movie, everything seemed almost perfect. But then I got to experience the physics. The Source engine is really a brilliant piece of work, the way everything was moving and living really made my jaw drop. And with all these beautiful and functional graphics came an immensely intense gaming experience. Half-Life 2 focused more on the story side than its predecessor, almost every G-Man speech remained in your memory and made you really take a step back and think about all the things that happened already in the Half-Life universe. Amazing gameplay from the first game stayed and got even better because of all the new features brought by the new engine. The most anticipated game in my life did not disappoint me, this is a real must-play, which gives you no other choice in rating the game. 10/10 for my second most favourite game of all time. Expand
  51. Mar 24, 2014
    This is probably one of the best games I have ever played. Just amazing. Incredible story and playability. No critics to this game at all. A masterpiece.
  52. Mar 23, 2014
    Best single player game ever. 10 years later most of these scenes are still better looking than the newest games that come out in 2014, and it deserves an 11 for that. Graphics aren't just high definition textures and more polygons, they are also the context they are put into, proportion, and sound.
  53. Mar 14, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is how every first person shooter should be!

    Fantastic Graphics
    Excellent Enemy AI
    Facial and all body animations
    Thrilling gameplay and levels

    Ravenholm Level (Spoiler for level)

    Besides only one of the chapters, this FPS is pure as it can get!
  54. Mar 8, 2014
    El juego es simplemente espectacular, ambientes, sus detalles, historia, personajes en especial G-man y Gordon que son mis favoritos de la saga, ni hablar de las fisicas, el unico problema es el doblaje al español XD debieron haber sacado una version en español latino.
  55. Mar 7, 2014
    This game is FPS at its best! No matter how many times you play it, youll either crap your pants or have your mind explode out of the sheer awesomeness of this havnt lived yet.
  56. Mar 6, 2014
    Half life 2: Best first-person shooter

    Graphics 10
    Characters 10
    Storyline 10
    Weapons 10
    AI Enemies 10
    Atmosphere 10
    Length 10

    Half life 2 is Awesome
  57. Mar 1, 2014
    This game is just wonderful. It has a great story, great atmosphere and most of all characters which you won't forget quickly. I think it's more an adventure FPS, where you can discover a world with interesting enemies and places (even if it's linear). The physics engine and graphics are also revolutionary and changed the FPS!
    PS: Do yourself a favour and DON'T DOWNLOAD THE CINEMATIC MOD!
    It destroys the atmosphere, characters and gameplay of Half-Life 2! Expand
  58. Feb 24, 2014
    It is a amazing game i have finished it 3 times so i feel i have a pretty good understanding of what the game is sure there is a few small bugs. That's the only thing i found wrong where the small bugs.
  59. Feb 14, 2014
    A true memorable game with great mechanics and story. This is one of my favorite games and I really hope that it'll have a sequell with the same or better quality.
  60. Feb 5, 2014
    Only two games ever I can say that the second I finished playing, that I just started over immediately, being this and Super Metroid. Half Life 2 is just one of those games that gets everything right. To find fault, one must look pretty hard. Valve brilliantly incorporated it's source engine in their true masterpiece.

    When you find truly good games, you of ten find things put in by
    the developers to enhance the realism. For example, in Metroid Prime, Samus's reflection can be seen during flashes of light and certain events. She also interacts with her arm cannon if you wait around long enough, creating the whole image that Samus isn't just what you tell her to do. This is evident in HL2 in spades. Explosions deafen you, guns wield realistically, and infinite amounts of care went into character's expressions and tone of voice.

    This game is truly an instant classic that has an amazing story, well developed characters, awesome gameplay, and truly impressive depth. This game is good to the core.
  61. Feb 3, 2014
    Story: 8 out of 10, Graphics: 9 out of 10, Fun: 9 out of 10, Controls: 9 out of 10, Ease to Learn: 8 out of 10, Length: 10 out of 10, Re-play: 7 out of 10, Value: 10 out of 10
  62. Jan 28, 2014
    This is one of my favourites. It's long and has nice traps that you can use. Even enemies were cool. Sometimes the AI annoys me but usually it's fine. The welcome to Ravenholm was my favourite part of the game.
  63. Jan 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Half Life 2 is the best game ever!!! Even though multiplayer is not that popular, we really need to look at the story. I can't stop playing Half Life 2!!! So much mystery and Half Life 2 has the best gameplay. Half Life 2 has a really good weapon's sounds and you can kind of feel the weapon like it's in your hands. There are really great characters like Alyx, Barney and other people you meet, and there are some characters that you want to beat up like Dr. Breen and G-Man. Guns are awesome too. I can't believe that in the end of the game they also take your normal Gravity Gun and make it a Super Gravity Gun. And The only thing I might not really like is that you don't have a sniper rifle, but it's good that Valve at least put a crossbow in the game. I also like the physics. Source made this game awesome and the graphics are still better than some games we play today!!! Expand
  64. NLS
    Jan 21, 2014
    There is a reason I review this 10 years after its release. Even today, this game is a MONUMENT to gaming. So many things done so right. It stands well (actually great) even today. We see many of the concepts other games used after HL2, here in their original form. Actually some things in HL2 are still not implemented (properly) in other games of the genre. Pity Valve is weird about the release of sequels (Portal/Portal 2 another example). This game REALLY REALLY deserves a fantastic HL3 (which is possibly what Valve is afraid of).
    This is the other game from Valve that needs to be (and actually is, topping some) in EVERY "best games of all times" list.
    Who ever doesn't have this, yes 10 years after release go and get it.
  65. Jan 20, 2014
    Half Life 2 has reached such a level of the story, the characters, the atmosphere that it can not be called just a game. Everything about this game is amazing it is a must buy, you will know what I mean if you play this game. I would give it an 11/10 if I could.
  66. Jan 19, 2014
    This is the game of the games.YOU might think it is bad now because of the graphics, but back in the day, it was simply out of this world. So not judge it with games like BF3, or ARMA or COD. If you look at the games released back then, most of them were **** If you want to compare Half-Life with others games, then wait for Half-Life 3.
  67. Jwv
    Jan 18, 2014
    Probably the best single-player game I have ever played on PC. The Source engine has a great eye for detail; portrays a realistic picture of a totalitarian regime, which kindles a real sense of sympathy with the rebels; a squad-system (although not the best); likeable, unique and realistic characters; varied gameplay and locations with some particularly epic parts like Ravenholm (which even now, 10 years later, still gives me the creeps), the hovercraft and buggy scenes, and your first Strider-confrontation; cool weapons; smart AI; an enormous amount of different enemies to shoot; a great story; a great momentum in the game (action-packed and serene scenes alternate nicely); an enjoyable soundtrack adapted to every moment (cf. combat, Ravenholm, etc.), good voice-acting and great sound-effects (anyone not creeped out by the zombie-dogs?); smart puzzles (but just some really stand out), great use of physics; and one of the best first hours of gameplay ever (with a great sense of dependence, realism and adrenaline). Expand
  68. Jan 12, 2014
    G-Man: Rise and shine, Mister Freeman. Rise and... shine. Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has... come again.
    G-Man: The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mister Freeman. Wake up
    and... *smell the ashes*... The game is just amazing. Expand
  69. Jan 8, 2014
    Half life 2:
    +Amazing Graphics+
    +Nice Characters+
    +Nice Storyline+
    +Nice Weapons+
    +Great Enemies+
    +Strong AI+

    Half life 2 is Awesome, still playing it!
  70. Jan 6, 2014
    Truly, Half life 2 was one of the most polished games ever. Its refreshing to see a linear game that focuses on level design and not multiplayer. I have played the game several times, and it never fails to satisfy. there is a superb job on voice acting and story telling. Moreover, the graphics were unheard of at the time. the physics were sublime, and the game could be scary at parts. In the beginning, its more sneaking around and trying to get from place to place, then it becomes scary, then it becomes an all out battle. I love the way the game progresses. Expand
  71. Jan 3, 2014
    Half-Life 2... Where do I start. Even now I am still in awe by just how amazing this game is. I wish I could rate this something like 9.9/10; if it weren't for a few minor things than it would have gotten my full appraisal.

    The gameplay is varied, you could either be trying to avoid walking on sand to attract antlions, driving around in different vehicles, or shooting through hoards of
    zombies/combine. Along with this, the game uses a physics engine to make gameplay varied, either in puzzles or in combat.
    The story is immersive, well paced, and interesting. Superb dialogue. Along with all of this, the game looks and runs very well.

    The game had minor faults. Some areas would feel a little too long, i found myself really only using the shotgun and SMG, the other weapons I would use only once my ammo ran out. The rocket launcher I used basically when I absolutely needed to e.g when trying to take down a helicopter. The ending was great, but left more questions than answers.

    Overall, the game was just astounding and surprisingly good. If you are a fan of first person shooters you need to play Half-Life 2.
  72. Jan 3, 2014
    Quite possibly the best FPS ever made. People below and above this who have rated it 5 to 0 have either been influenced by how bad Steam used to be (which I can really understand, 3-5 hours installation time is really going to change your overall opinion of a game) and have not remebered that this game was made in 2004. For the time it was released, the story, AI, graphics and physics engine were exceptional and such quality in a game was unheard of. If you want more up-to-date versions of this game that continue the storyline and improve texture quality (and a good chance to see what Steam as it was then turned into; a brilliant idea that other publishers then took up, such as Uplay [Ubisoft], Origin [EA] and the XBOX LIVE Marketplace [Microsoft]) then get Steam and knock yourself out with Half Life: Episode 1 and Half Life: Episode 2. Expand
  73. Jan 1, 2014
    Absolutely, unquestionably one of the greatest games to hit the surface of our fair planet. Still, to this day amazing. I have lost count of the amount of times I have played through this game. The elegance of the leve design is unbelievable. introduce a concept.... let you use it.... then challenge you with it and make you feel really clever for working it out. Stunning story.
  74. Dec 31, 2013
    The Game That Started it all for me, and got me On to steam. Love This game over and over again. I can play this game, but it is frustrating at moments, just when I think I cant pass a part I figure it out no problem.
  75. Dec 30, 2013
    A heavily anticipated sequel to the seminally influential Half-Life, Half-Life 2 is an indubitably well-executed and enthralling media experience. The game artfully exemplifies a precipiced human race beset with the horror of a xenocratic dystopia whilst also providing interaction and levity with relatable characters, both central and minor. From the very outset, I was immersed in the eerie mystique of the opening characters and the ostensibly artificial setting. The player's character, Gordon Freeman, never speaks, nor does he need to; his humanity and heroism become progressively apparent as the player completes the game, despite the perennial air of mystery he conveys.

    The immersive realism of the game is brilliantly augmented by precise and complex game physics, impressive facial animation, and the perpetual necessity for the player to utilise his environment to complete chapters, rather than the gameplay being excessively linear and unchallenging.
    The dark, tyrannical undertones of the game stir the player to empathise with the plight of the fledgling resistance movement and become further psychologically involved in the plot. Half-Life 2 is gripping, stimulating and revolutionary. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  76. Dec 25, 2013
    Half-Life doesn't do a whole lot differently than other games in the shooter genre in terms of pure gameplay innovation, but it takes existing styles, then mixes, matches and makes them better. Another triumph.
  77. Dec 23, 2013
    It's just amazing game. Physics looks really realistic and shooting system is great. My jaw has dropped after playing this for 30 minutes. Valve's done a great work. Graphics looks nice for 2004 and story is really addictive. I want to see next episode, Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode Three. No words, the best game EVER.
  78. Dec 21, 2013
    Wow, was amazed. The first game I played was the first half life, and it was amazing, accept the old graphics. Half life 2 was even more amazing, the combination of the action and the puzzles were awesome, I have played many modern first person shooter games, but even if it's 10 years old, this is the best. And about the graphics, you can always play cinematic mod.
  79. Dec 16, 2013
    Half Life 2 is pure gaming high school at its best. Since the release of the first episode, Half Life put itself as a model of excellence for all other FPS (and not only FPS...). This second episode not only absolutely confirms the unique values of its predecessor, but also introduces new, incredible features to the first masterpiece. Incredible physics engine and physics puzzles above all.

    Any gamer that calls himself a gamer should play this artwork at least once. This is gaming history at its most glorious peaks. No one should miss it.
  80. Dec 3, 2013
    Il miglior gioco che ho mai giocato trama fantastica,personaggi fantastici,gameplay vario e buono,molte armi molto fighe e non penso di aver trovato qualche errore
  81. Nov 30, 2013
    This is truly the best game i've ever played in my whole entire half life. *Pun* I can play it over and over again without getting bored. The storytelling, characters, music and physics is amazing and it's probably the best FPS of all time. (Including the Portal series)
  82. Nov 29, 2013
    An all time classic. Even after playing through Half-Life 2 many times, I still get alot of fun out of the playing it. Almost everything about the game is top notch: the levels, characters, music, sound and graphical style. The game's physics were at the time unheard of and still even today are quite good in how you can use the gravity gun to pick up and throw objects at enemies and to solve puzzles. As you play, you will see the characters develop and you will start to care about them and how they interact. The whole game being a long continuous level is also really cool as you can clearly see how the whole game links together. If I were to nitpick the game, the vehicle sections are a little too long, especially the car levels, but this is just a minor complaint really. If you haven't played this where have you been?!?!? Expand
  83. Nov 27, 2013
    This game is a legend at the time of 2004, she produced a blast, and not only in graphics, ease of management, charismatic characters, cool music and interesting oruzhiem.Kompaniya in this game is incredibly diverse, it has car chases, shootouts, horror, atmosphere humor, scale, coop with bots and of course G-man, maybe now on the background of modern games and you will not experience

    Это 2004-года 2004-ом
  84. Nov 27, 2013
    If you have not played this game yet, you are missing out! This could probably be Valve's best game yet! But that's just my opinion. Now I have one more question, can we please have HL3 now? Please, Gabe?
  85. Nov 21, 2013
    This game is one of those scarce ones that could survive the years to come. Hell, if the planet would be destroyed I want this piece of art to be saved along with couple of other great paintings, movies and books. If you haven't played Half-Life 2 yet, then go ahead, and don't get discouraged by the graphics, which are in my opinion still pretty good. This masterpiece provides much more. The Atmosphere, the story, the voice acting, the humor, environments, revolutionary gameplay, that many titles copy to this day. There is nothing else to say. Half-Life 2 is worth more than those 7 euro that it is now on Steam. Dont forget the DLCs, Happy shooting! Expand
  86. Nov 18, 2013
    Half-Life 2. There is so much to say, and the true greatness of this game cannot be expressed in a simple review. After playing through this game, you look back and just want to play it again, to experience it all over again. Even today, Half-Life 2 still holds up in the 'looks' department, running on Valve's truly amazing Source engine. What makes Half-Life 2 so great, you might ask? What makes this game from 2004 still one of the best games ever made? Let me indulge you.

    As a preface to this review, I implore you to play the original Half-Life. Otherwise, this review may be a little confusing. Although playing Half-Life is not needed to understand Half-Life 2, it certainly helps in terms of the story line.

    The game begins with a greeting from 'G-Man', a familiar face from the previous Half-Life games that can be seen wandering throughout Black Mesa in Half-Life. After G-Man ends his tidings, you awaken on a tram headed for 'City 17'.You have no idea why you are on the tram, or what you are doing, but you know that something is afoot. You are Gordon Freeman, a bearded scientist that used to work at Black Mesa as a physicist. This brings me to 'point one', of what makes this game truly great. Instead of being a burly super-human bullet sponge trooper with the 'generic rifle 9000' strapped to your back, you play a mute physicist. Yes, a mute physicist. This makes it a lot easier to get immersed into the game and feel like you are Gordon Freeman. This is enhanced by the fact that Freeman does not speak throughout the course of the game, allowing you, the player, to think what you wish and not be told what you are thinking by your character bursting out in song.

    The story line of Half-Life 2 is a wonder to play. I won't spoil any of it for you, you'll have to experience it for yourself. A myriad of characters help Freeman on his way, fleshing out the world and making the places Freeman explores seem alive... or dead, as the case may be. Brilliant voice acting from all of the cast puts the cherry on the cake and does wonders to immerse you in the story of Gordon Freeman.

    But what about gameplay? Surely gameplay is the most important thing in a GAME. Don't fret Half-Life 2's gameplay is some of the best in any game. Ever. Forget lousy 2 gun limits and boring AK-47s Freeman can carry a whole truckload of weapons and grenades; all tuned to fit in with the setting and the world. From the early pistol to the RPG and the combine weaponry, the guns in Half-Life 2 do not disappoint. The weapons feel good too they have a nice oomph to them and feel like they should as well as the animations being great across the board. Even by today's standards. And we're talking about a game that's almost 10 years old. But, it's not just guns. Oh no. Ohhhhh no. A bit into the game, you get the Gravity Gun the star of the show. With this beauty, you can lift and throw physics objects. This may seem boring at first, but wait until you pick up a buzzsaw and shoot it at that headcrab, splitting it in two. That feels awesome. But, it's not just a one-gun show. Throughout different levels, you get different, cool weapons to try. At one point, your Gravity Gun even becomes supercharged, letting you throw PEOPLE. Yes, you pick up enemies and throw them at each other.

    What more can I say about this game? You owe it to yourself to play this if you haven't already. Log on to, or get Steam, and go buy it now. You'll thank me later. Trust me. This game is truly worthy of its legendary status in the hearts of many gamers. You don't even need a beast PC to play it either. As I said, 2004. You can run it. Trust me.

    10/10. From the heart. One of the best games ever made.

    "Wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up, and smell the ashes."
  87. Nov 17, 2013
    There is only 4 games that I would give a 10/10 Half Life 2 is one of them. My favoraite mission is in Ravenholm. Very very jumpy from the zombies. The best thing about Half Life 2 is the Gravity gun and the voice acting. They are great. Th voice acting is great in my opinion. The best character has got to be DOG. It's in caps for a reason. DOG is amazing you can play fetch with him and I made him spaz out. I mean like I was not playing with DOG. I was playing with Alex. DOG was on the barrel and Alex was throwing rock at me. Funniest glitch ever! If you have never played this game I suggest you do. You are missing out on a lot.

    -Funny Glitches
    -Amazing voice acting
    -Gravity Gun
    Score 100/100
  88. Nov 17, 2013
    Just a perfect game of the legendary franchise. A golden example of FPS.Everything in this game is great- plot, gameplay, characters. Also can't forget the Zombie level, it was really interesting experience.
  89. Nov 13, 2013
    The Half-Life series in general is the best set of games I've played ever! Worth whatever amount anybody throws at you, even today it's an amazing game with one of the best story lines ever!
  90. Nov 10, 2013
    If I could describe this game in one word, there would be no words to even begin to give a definition of this game, because it took every aspect of what a good game should be and sprinkled just enough of each to make it such a Masterpiece of games, but there was one downside... AI, Valve hasn't really grasped the good AI programming they need to give this game 100/100, Although; it won't effect my score since it was just so damn Great. Expand
  91. Nov 8, 2013
    Supernatural, I have no other adjective to rate this game, sensational story, great gameplay, one of the greatest inspirations in current games and father of great games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress
  92. Nov 6, 2013
    Once again Valve raised the bar for the shooter genre and created a blueprint that others would follow for years in its wake. Beautiful visuals that still hold up to this day, immersive and interactive storytelling, creative never-seen-before physics puzzles, and one of the most innovative weapons(Gravity Gun) ever created.
  93. Nov 3, 2013
    One word: AMAZING. Improving upon the original while keeping the atmosphere and feel of the game the same, albeit with upgraded visuals and effects of course. Love it. Definitely one of my favorites.
  94. Nov 3, 2013
    Half-Life 2 is one of the best FPS games, but i just liked HL1 (Half-Life 1) much more. I really miss Xen in HL 2, i know its because of story, but i really hoped on revisiting that weird dimension. I think that original half-life had more enemy types and more interesting weapons. On the other hand, the story and characters are some of the best. The only reason i do not give it 10 is because of parts where you drive vehicle (some of the worst driving experience i ever seen). Expand
  95. Nov 3, 2013
    This is probaly the BEST first person shooter that i have ever played. I have played the whole half life serie, and i'm still amazing by how perfectly everything fits together. If you like shooters, YOU MUST PLAY THIS.
  96. Nov 1, 2013
    Half Life 2:Best Game Ever 10/10

    DOTA2: -322/10 Give DIRETIDE
    ༼ Give DIRETIDE
    ༼ Give DIRETIDE
    ༼ Give DIRETIDE
    ༼ Give DIRETIDE
    ༼ Give DIRETIDE
  97. Oct 31, 2013
    I played a lots of game in my life. It begins in the second part of the eighty's. I felt sick after a playing this game for a few hours. My neck start to ake and I had a strange feeling that I got to throw up. Never before and never again in my long history of playing I didn't experience such a thing.
    It is a mystery to me. Why???
    But the game is just amazing. I couldn't finish it
    because of those problems which I had. But if I could I surely would. Masterpiece. Expand
  98. Oct 31, 2013
    This is the only game that I've ever played that I would grant the honor of having a 10. I've played the campaign so often that I know every single trick, every single shortcut, every single hidden item, etcetera. Yet, it remains so intruiging and mindboggling as if it was the first time I started hl2.exe. The characters, settings, weapons and enemies are quite diverse but also feel so perfectly connected throughout the game. Because of this I prefer it over the original Half Life, which did not differentiate as much between locations.

    I hope we will hear about HL2:EP3/ HL3 soon. This is truly the only game I am looking forward to and I, unfortunately, cannot wait to end this epic series of games.
  99. Oct 25, 2013
    This is one of my favourite games! Great story, awesome gameplay... It´s just awesome! If you haven´t played this yet, you have missed a lot! SCORE: 10/10!
  100. Oct 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The second game in the Half Life series is also the best game in the series. The game starts off by pitting you in City 17 around 20 years after the first game. After watching and experiencing the main enemies (The Combine) harshness, you spend the rest of your time demolishing them with the gravity gun. Well made, well designed, an all round perfect game. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 81
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 81
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  1. 100
    Nothing less than a revolution in the gaming industry that will keep gamers busy for years to come, just as the original did.
  2. 95
    An ephemeral and controversial ending, along with the few issues described above, means that for me, Half-Life 2, while a compelling and highly enjoyable game, falls short of the size of impact that the first title had on the gaming world.
  3. 100
    A graphics overhaul delivers detailed facial animations and sophisticated physics that leave battle zones strewn with debris after intense shootouts with shuffling corpses, overfed curstaceans and other assorted foes. [October, p.37]