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  1. 100
    Single player has a great story line with lots of twists and turns that keeps you interested.
  2. 100
    The way scientists and guards talk to you and each other, the huge stages that you can make a little bit more progress in each time you play, the absolutely amazing all adds up to a totally immersive gaming experience that makes everything else look quite shoddy in comparison.
  3. 100
    A masterpiece of epic proportions, the "Saving Private Ryan" of first-person shooters.
  4. If you want an incredible 3D experience that will cause you to lose sleep, meals, PTA meetings, and romantic rendezvous, this is the game.
  5. Everything about Half-Life smacks of quality: the storyline, the gameplay, the graphics, the sound effects and last, but not least, the obvious level of committment Sierra and Valve have invested in it. Half-Life is, without doubt, the best PC game I have ever played. Ever.
  6. It isn't everyday that you come across a game that totally revolutionizes an entire genre, but Half-Life has done just that.
  7. I have yet to play a more immersive game period. From the word "go", I found myself completely engulfed into the pseudo world that is unfolded before your eyes. [6 "drips"]
  8. It features a fully interactive environment that's a blast to play through. It's really like an interactive movie because it's so immersive. It's easily the most revolutionary shooter since "System Shock."
  9. A fantastic single player experience, with reliable and customizable multiplayer support...what more could a FPS fan ask for.
  10. It is, without a doubt, the best single-player first-person shooter ever. Period. It is so good for so many reasons. But most importantly, it is fun. I mean really fun.
  11. Half-Life is brilliant in every respect with huge monsters appearing later on, Half-Life gets so spooky it hurts, so frightening people simply watching jump!
  12. This is The Big One, and it's even better than we could've hoped. [Jan 1999, p.166]
  13. It combines a balance of tense action, puzzle solving, story, and fun that has yet to be equaled on in the FPS arena.
  14. The best FPS ever created. Makes everything else pale in comparison. It's everything you always wanted in a FPS.
  15. Everything in this game is perfect, including the excellent characters and graphics, and the realistic sound effects. Half-Life is not a game, it is an adventure.
  16. 95
    It constantly presents you with variety, surprises, and new challenges to keep you hooked. It is a tour de force in game design, the definitive single player game in a first person shooter.
  17. The closest thing to a revolutionary step the genre has ever taken. Through a series of subtle and artistic design decisions, Half-Life creates a reality that is self-contained, believable, and thoroughly engaging.
  18. It's atmosphere and unique style have changed the face of PC gaming.
  19. The storyline runs in perfect harmony with the action and acts as a conduit not a stopgap, or a padding device. Each gaming element compliments the next and the entire presentation is nothing short of, well…dare we say it…revolutionary.
  20. Call in sick at work, unplug the phone, cancel all your plans, and prepare yourself for one of the most intense, exciting, and downright brilliant gaming experiences of your life.
  21. Once you have dominated the death match realm, you can truly call yourself either an expert gamer, or an obsessive stinking nerd.
  22. Realism aside, Half-Life provides some of the best unrealistic opponents seen to date as well. The creature design here is outstanding.
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  1. mikeg
    Jul 13, 2009
    THIS game has Extraordinary Graphics,Very Beautiful Gameplay,Movie like Sequences, and Awesome Sound! I hope people who play this game will last a life time in there hearts because this game still ROCKs all others ever made for the PC Valve i love your Work! please keep kickin ass on the best game series you have made in the Years and in the years to come! Full Review »
  2. Sep 16, 2010
    Gaming perfection, resulting in the quality of gaming we know today. Map design was genius for the time, when most games lacked puzzle elements, weapon design and a.i. was also top notch. Everything from the safe feeling the start had until the ending on xen was a joy ride with constant new equipment and weapons. Full Review »
  3. Dec 1, 2011
    One of the best games ever made - great story plot, one of the best introduction cut scenes to ever be in a game, well balanced weapons, variety of weapons is just right. The graphics might look dated 10+ years later, but eye candy does not make a game great. Full Review »