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  1. Positive: 6 out of 17
  2. Negative: 1 out of 17
  1. Apr 9, 2014
    It’s almost absurdly simple. The thing I’ve always liked about twin-stick shooters is a sense of escalating chaos - the idea that you’re only just keeping a lid on waves of baddies. Spartan Assault never manages this: there just aren’t ever enough enemies on screen, nor do they ever feel particularly dangerous.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 88 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 4 out of 15
  1. Jul 21, 2013
    Please note that this review is for the PC version.

    The game's theme and visuals are fantastic and what you would expect out of 343
    Industries. At the price of $6.99, it is a good way to waste a little time (and if you're a major Halo fan like me, yet another fix of knowledge into the Halo universe).
    All things considered, I only have three minor problems with it.
    1. The in-game currency to purchase weapons and upgrades is kind of sad, but I expected no less from Microsoft.
    2. The game crashes from time to time. Maybe every couple of hours it will just close without saving progress. This is only a minor inconvenience because there's usually a maximum of five minutes between each save.
    3. If you are someone looking for Xbox LIVE achievement points, this game will disappoint you. It has a meager 200 gamerscore, and the achievements themselves are frustrating to the point you think to yourself "to hell with it, I didn't need those damn 10 points anyway". This has a lot to do with the inability to map your own controls; which are kind of awkward.

    Overall I feel a distinct lack of content, and as much as a Halo fan-boy such as myself would love to slap a 10 on it and move on, this is metacritic and people come here for real reviews. If this game would have some future DLC (preferable without additional cost) and maybe some better integration with other Halo games (Spartan Assault has an XP bonus in Halo 4, but as someone who reached max rank in just over a month, that is useless to me).

    Final verdict: Worth the buy for a Halo fan, someone with $7 to dish for fun, or someone incredibly bored. Under any other circumstances, this game is probably not going to impress you.
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  2. Jul 19, 2013
    So far I'm not too impressed with this game.

    There are some positives to this game, visually it is a good looking game and I love the
    "twin-stick" shooter twist on the Halo universe. Which leads me to the negatives of this game, the "twin-stick" style is on the touchscreen versions of this game. The PC version is stuck with using a mouse and keyboard. Which makes the gameplay feel clunky and disorganized, especially when gameplay gets frantic. Why 343 didn't add support for the 360 Controller I do not know, the gameplay would be be a lot more smoother and fluid if they had do this. It's something I am hoping comes in a very near update.

    Visually: Thumbs Up
    Controls: Thumb Down, Fart noise

    Now on to gameplay:
    The level design is ok, however the levels are too short and it's way to easy to clear the levels. Loadouts are a joke, you are limited to having either the Assault Rifle or Magnum. You can change either one out for a Sniper Rifle for a set amount of XP which you earn as you play. You can also have the Spartan Laser or a Rocket Launcher for 30CR which is only available through micro transactions. Something that isn't needed and feels like a way to milk money out of the players. I am only three missions into the game so I can't say if the loadouts change throughout the game as you get to new areas, so I can't say for sure. What about the Needler or Plasma Pistol? You do have the option to turn on Skulls for a XP bonus, which would be ok if the "Free" weapon was something other than the Sniper Rifle.

    Gameplay: Thumb Down, Fart Noise

    If 343 can put out an update and balance some things out to Loadouts and Difficulty that would be great, and add Controller support. Something that should have been there from the start.
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  3. Jul 23, 2013
    As a fan of the Halo Universe from its inception this game gives a good insight to more back-story story to dig into. I'm a little ways in and the level designs have a "Halo Wars" feel to them, the shooter element is different form anything you've done in Halo up to this point and overall it plays great.

    I don't think anyone should expect the AAA quality of Halo 4 or Reach, but for $6.99 you are getting a really great/fresh take on the Halo franchise. The only question I have is how this plays on a phone, as I have been playing on PC.

    Hopefully there are some updates DLC in the future and for those of you complaining about the Gamerscore it's essentially a version of an Xbox Arcade game so 200 points is the norm.
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