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  • Summary: Under the Overlord's ruthless control, Harbinger's shadow has fallen across countless worlds. Ravaged by endless conflict, the lumbering war machine carries her scars like trophies. Where lesser ships have fallen, Harbinger stands: a monument to her master's destructive appetites. But within her cold walls the old alliances are fracturing. Today, the Overlord's dominance is threatened from all corners. The corruptive Vantir, first and oldest aboard Harbinger, continue to spread like a rampant infection throughout the ship. The tribal Scintilla, placated for decades with false promises and half-truths, are once again rising to take the blood oaths of their ancestors. But it's the newcomers that pose the greatest threat here. The bug-like Cimicidae have arrived and with them a wave of change that threatens to rip this ship apart. That is where you come in. A member of a small raider community, these corridors are the only home you've known. You've been living on scraps with enemies on all sides. Death is always a misstep behind. Sometimes you do the Overlord's dirty work. Sometimes you do your own. We live by unspoken laws down here and the bloodhungry are never far behind. This is your destiny. The choices you make now will affect everything from here on. Choose wisely. [DreamCatcher] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 21
  2. Negative: 6 out of 21
  1. Most action/RPG enthusiasts will enjoy this title as a reminder of how much they enjoy this type of “dungeon crawl,” but will eventually shelve this title after a few hours.
  2. This game should tickle the hell out of most "Diablo" fans. [May 2003, p.78]
  3. It breaks the mold with its setting and manages to stay traditional in gameplay.
  4. 63
    Due to the game being a budget title, I am willing to overlook the bad voice-overs, weak character animation and technical problems. However, the game fails when it comes to balance.
  5. 60
    For players who have had their fill taking on the dark lords of the underworld, or are simply hankering for some science fiction, Harbinger brings plenty to the table.
  6. 58
    A barely passable "Diablo" mod with all the weaknesses of the original game and few of the strengths.
  7. The leveling system includes only the bare essentials, which takes the thrill out of leveling up. Worst of all, there's no multiplayer!

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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 2
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  1. Sep 28, 2010
    Good game for its kind.Has a good aspiration to intelligence.Pretty adictive for me.the gameplay is long but nice.At some point you might get bored by killing endless bugs.Overall nice.7 Expand
  2. Dec 10, 2011
    I need to do something with this game that I haven't done before: and that is reconsider my rating of a bad game. Originally I gave this game a 1. Which, on the basis of stealing Diablo I's game play, ambiance, and design, it deserves. For more than even Never Winter Nights I, it is obvious how much this game is "borrowing" from Blizzard's game, and that is something that simply annoys me. The lack of LAN play was something that made me immediately hate the game, because this is what I bought it for. But then I realized that this was an old hatred based on preconceived notions that were extremely disappointed. I wanted a new RPG, and it did not deliver. I wanted to play with my friends and my brother on a network, and I could not. _____ This game lacks variety. The bartering system lacks balance. Even the storyline is mediocre, at best. I had to replay the game recently to see this. And when I did, I saw that the game was actually fun to a degree. In this -- it is challenging. Which is more than I could say for Diablo except on Hell or Nightmare difficulty (in reference to DI, not DII which is a more advanced game and thus is on another level). I would never, however, recommend you to play it simply because it is repetitive. Extremely repetitive. There is SOME variety, granted. But it is Diablo I without the firewalls and lightning. It's lasers, which is neat until you realize the different abilities differ in color and damage but not in effect or actual physics. Mines and "CAMS" are there, but only depending on the race. Which, is really limited. And believe me, you are probably not going to enjoy this game enough to want to play through the exact same story twice. ____ I had fun playing this game when I was drunk. So based on that, I increase my score 1 point. I detract that it is the worst game I ever played, but I also detract that it had a good story. It is a sci-fi scrap book story really. I am not going to "spoil" it, however. How "Harbinger" is symbolized in so many ways in the game is in fact the coolest, and deepest thing about it. But this is where depth begins and ends, I am afraid. I recommend avoiding this game. However, if you come into contact with it I recommend buying it as an artifact due to its rarity, if it is cheap that is. Expand