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  1. Positive: 2 out of 8
  2. Negative: 4 out of 8
  1. Harvester really does combine slick packaging, with true depth of gameplay and innovation. For those with a liking for the strange, unusual and downright revolting, or just a taste for great adventure games, I can''t hesitate to recommend it.
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  1. Apr 4, 2014
    Harvester is absolutely brilliant. Whoever gives this game a bad review simply doesn't understand what it is about. Written almost 20 years ago, it satirizes movie and video game tropes in ways that modern satires only wish they could. It's bizarre how everyone seems to be so fixated on the gore aspect, while ignoring the fact that the game cleverly utilizes it as a means to portray the subtle violence of society itself. Child abuse, incest, spousal abuse, rape, murder, adultery, racism, homophobia, corporal punishment, capital punishment, religious fundamentalism, gun culture, cannibalism, nationalism, these are all themes you come across from the very start of the game. If Harvester had been released today, it would have been deemed a masterpiece. Full Review »
  2. Jul 3, 2014
    este juego es impresionante, seguramente no le guste a mucha gente, mas bien va dirigido a un publico especifico tiene unos dialogos al mas puro estilo fallout con sus consecuencias sociales, osea puedes caerle bien o no a una persona segun lo que le digas.
    historia: 8,5/10 puede que lo sobrevalore un poco pero esta historia en su tiempo fue taaaaaan original (y lo sigue siendo) que me encanta, tiene un punto que te deja todo el juego enganchado. resumiendo: (sin spoilers) te despiertas amnesico perdido en un mundo raro de "pelotas" en el que la gente esta como el protagonista de la naranja mecanica (al principio de la pelicula) y vas descubriendo a su gente,sus costumbres y lo que hacen.... mejor no os cuento mas y lo descubriis vosotros.
    graficos: 7/10 este juego utiliza los graficos que estaban a la moda en su epoca al estilo mortal kombat (los personajes son actores)
    innovacion: 10/10 donde vas a encontrar un juego como este en otro sitio
    sonido: 6,5/10 bueno, el juego viene a españa doblado al castellano de españa no latino pero con algunas irregularidades. los efectos son muy normalitos tirando para serie de dibujos animados
    diversion: 7,1/10 puede y seguramente te vas a quedar atascado en mas de una situacion y vayas a buscar un tutorial en youtube, que te va a costar porque el juego ahora pasa MUY desapercibido y no encuentres a nadie subiendolo, pero lo demas, es dificil porque das un paso en falso y BUM la palmas
    conclusion: harvester es un juego raro, raro, raro pero mola mucho viene doblado al castellano pero con una coordinacion labios/voz muy mala y alguna actuacion no es muy buena.
    muchas gracias por haber leido este analisis :)
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  3. Jun 7, 2014
    In this game, you play as a young kidder named Steve. After waking up with no memory, you find yourself in horrifying-50s-cliche-town. I won't spoil anything, but the entire town is just wonderful in terms of enjoyability. It's an extremely well-done satire on America, with violent content in video games being the focus. This was the first game in a very, very long time I had to beat in one sitting simply due to how enjoyable it was. The story never failed to impress, and it was a blast all the way through — well... Until the final day. The game downright switches genres and becomes survival horror, which does not work at all with a point-and-click interface. As well as that, the endings are awful. Still, it comes definitely recommended for anybody looking for a disturbing, engrossing, and fascinating game.

    Though, don't forget, you always were a kidder.
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