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  1. Jan 3, 2013
    Hawken is a brilliant game. The sense of weight and scale is apparent. The combat, once you get the hang of it, is extremely fast based and reactionary. The biggest mechanic that a lot of reviewers seem to be missing is the Dodging / Boosting system.
    You have to be quick to dodge using your boosters. Read your opponents moves and play strategically while still maintaining twitch reflex
    shooting. Its very, very intense. Don't treat it like your average FPS, you aren't a humanoid, you are a mech, you have separate advantages and disadvantages, get used to them. Verticality plays a huge role in the gameplay as well. The mechs are agile in a whole different way. But if you try to run and gun like an average FPS, you're toast.

    There really isn't any other game like Hawken out right now. Its a Mech Sim FPS with an arcade game feel. There are 8 mechs to choose from, I think, each with their distinct advantages and abilities. The game also features a very robust item/ mech upgrade system, much time will be spend configuring the build that suits you best.

    As far as the F2P model, its rather well designed, if you play smart and play well, procuring ingame credits is a breeze (as is leveling up). If you lack the patience or time, real world currency can be used for unlocks.

    Did I mention the game looks incredibly stunning? No other game imo right now touts as much polish and detail visually, its remarkable that its F2P.

    Get this and decide for your self.


    PS. Its still in Beta, it will only get better from here on out.
  2. Dec 28, 2012
    Hawken is basically a gundamn style mech combat game with a western junkyard brawler look that is fast and furious. If your expecting mechwarrior with slow combat with slow moving mechs then this game is not for you, it is much closer to chromehounds or Japanese style mech games. The shooting is skilled based it is not the low time to kill bull that is plaguing other FPS games where map knowledge and spotting the enemy first is all that is required. The game has an emphases on landing skill based shots and out maneuvering opponents. Once you master dodging in and out of cover and landing skill shots you'll soon be able to rank in the top half of the scoreboard with just about any mech. The starting mech actually is one of the better mechs. It starts with the assault rifle which is the most well rounded primary gun in the game and the TOW which is hands down the best secondary weapon. The only down side to FRED starting mech is that it is an ugly mech and an eyesore but it has it's charm. Anyone who says the game is pay2win simply doesn't understand the game since you can acquire everything in the game with time. Meteor points just allow you to skip the grind and purchase paint jobs.

    Now for the bad stuff. Despite Hawken's shooting mechanics being solid the game lacks variety and customization so far. The tech tree has very little effect on how your mech plays and I think it is mostly a place holder right now. Paint jobs are very limited with no ability to change color palates or add much to make your mech unique from other players. The game modes are also horrible. Basically both objective game modes suck right now. Seige just leads to snowballing lopsided matches and missle command or what ever it is called is your run of the mill domination style game. The game could use a capture the flag style mod or some kind of better objective game mode. With that said this is just about the only game that I will play death match or team death match in. Both those modes are great but without a more objective team work orientated game like what I was use to in NS2 I can see this game growing stale. There are only a few maps with prosk being a far superior map to the others with it's mix of open and close combat. Uptown is just a horribly designed map that favors close combat only giving very little freedom to sharpshooters and rockeeters. One aspect of the maps that is great is they are all multileveled much like the quake and unreal tournament maps of what I consider to be the golden years of PC FPS games. So in conclusion Hawken is the start of great shooter with a firm bedrock of mechanics that however is undermined by a lack of customization and variety. At this time the game still feels like it is very much a beta product but it also feels like it has plenty of potential. Since the game is still in development I have high hopes for it but I'm skeptical. I'd rank the game an 89/100 right now but it could easily be 95 if the developers added more content. The gameplay is there the content is not.
  3. Jan 20, 2013
    Hawken is a mech game fast & light mechs similar to gundam mechs NOT SIMILAR TO mechwarrior mechs. Its a quick learning curve game. For a free game this game is a winner, especially because this is a beautiful graphic game. To the reviewer that says you need to pay to win, maybe he didn't play it long enough but the only thing that I can figure you can buy with money that you cant buy with play credit is aesthetics parts. YOU WILL ENJOY THIS GAME IF YOU LOVE MECHS OR FPS games. Expand
  4. Jan 12, 2013
    I think Hawken is a refreshing comeback of the deathmatch-style FPS, with a nice twist of being a hybrid FPS (you're essentially piloting a mech). As I love deathmatch, I've been thoroughly enjoying Hawken! The different mech types are very varied which makes for some interesting tactics (my favourite is the Sharpshooter, though most of the maps are difficult to snipe in). There are various different abilities available such as placing decoy mechs (that don't move, but copy you otherwise) and throwing an EMP that disables all nearby mech's weapons (including yours if you're too close).

    Overall I'd definitely recommend it, as it's also one of those games that will only succeed if the player-base remains a critical mass to keep the games fresh. So tell all your friends to come join the fun!
  5. Apr 10, 2013
    10 many ignoramuses giving this a bad review because they think it's a pay-to-win game. I have just started playing this game two weeks ago and had no need to spend a single penny on this game.

    The starting mech that you get for FREE, even though it's not the best looking, is one of the best in-game mechs with free internals and 700hp (more than any light mech or medium mech in
    the game). A lot of high level players are still using the starting mech.

    You can buy every other mech and all their upgrades with Hawken Points(No need to buy Meteor bucks) that you get from playing the game. It's very easy to get a lot of points. Plus, they give you 5000 starting Hawken Points when you start. With new mechs costing a little over 6400 points, you can buy any other mech you wish in no time. You can get about 200 points per game, very easy to buy ALL the mechs in a relatively short time span. To reiterate, this game is Play-to-Win not Pay-to-Win. Only visual aesthetics cost real money. This game is a AAA quality game that has people peranoid with the "Free to play" title.

    As for the game itself, it's a fun mixture of Mech Warrior, Counter Strike, and an RPG with a skill tree. The game is not perfect by any means and the only reason I gave it a 10 is to counter the incompetent lemmings. Hawken is still in beta and not a finished product, but still, it's a fun experience.
  6. Jun 19, 2013
    this game is awesome way better than mec warrior online...............................................................................................
  7. Feb 27, 2014
    I rate this a 10, even though it's not completed but soon will be, it's a great game overall. People like shakes321 would not know a good game if it hit him. The game isn't meant to be a realistic mech game, it's more arcade and made it as real as "can be". If you knew anything about early access on steam, this is something steam does for new games being published, the game will forever be free to play and the fee will be gone in a few weeks time.

    As a F2P the game quality is superb (visually) for what it is. This is by far the best shooter I have come across since last year, and I did try them all. Since finding hawken, I haven't looked elsewhere and it's been very rewarding and engaging, there's at least 15 or so mechs now and each has a different way to play with new mechs coming in the future, as well as maps, once Adhesive have time to add them in, but updates are now happening at a much faster rate than before.

    The issue with the match making is that the servers need to assertain your MMR rating, which does not happen over night and will take time to pair you up with players on your level. The better you become at playing or the longer you play, the better the chances for more quality games. Instead of being insta killed all the time. The thing is, that people have the mentality of not wanting to lose, but you will lose at some stage, even if it has to be 20 times before you win a game.

    People need to realise that most of the game modes require team effort and co-operation, being a solo bandit killing mechs as if you were rambo does not always work out, especially if you keep dying. One thing about hawken is, it's not just fast paced, but you literally have to think on your feet and use good thinking, not only to get kills but to avoid being killed and living another skirmish.
  8. Sep 17, 2013
    The latest patch has made this game much better, enjoying it much more now! Easily the best mech combat game out there, has some good action to it....
  9. Mar 15, 2014
    This game is amazing. Ignore the meta score. All these reviews are outdated an no longer relevant. The F2P model has been improved to perfection, there's still incentive to purchase (so the game can generate revenue and servers can stay online) but I've only played 10 hours and already have bought 4 mechs as well as tons of upgrades. The combat is innovative, with abilities, internals, 2 weapons and dodge mechanics all making for fluid and fresh combat not seen in other games. The learning curve is perfect and the matchmaking is shockingly accurate and matches you with players of your skill level. And it's a beta! If you ever had a hint of doubt in your mind as to whether this game was worth it, you should cast it aside and give this free and amazing game a shot! Expand
  10. Feb 16, 2014
    Fun, hardcore and beautiful multiplayer. And it's not "pay-to-win" — u can earn all the useful upgrades by playing in matchmaking. I like this game quite much. 10/10
  11. Feb 13, 2014
    Flat out, one of the best F2P games ever made. The learning curve is rough only if you jump straight in to ranked matches (namely free-for-all death match) without doing the tutorials and running a few games of the offline practice or online co-op bot mode. That said, the game tries to place you in games with people of similar pilot rank but that doesn't mean you can't get smoked occasionally; It's a squad based shooter, not a sim. There are bound to be some elite players who practice night and day... The controls are really easy to learn and master if you play basically any FPS games, and the sound, graphics, & physics are really good. Mech balance has been very thorough, as you'd know if you played all through the beta. There are internal components you can earn to customize your mech a bit, and you can unlock every single one via normal game play, and it doesn't take eons which is nice. You can pay real money to unlock cosmetics like paint, and body parts from the other mechs of the same class. You can also pay to unlock internal parts sooner, and buy bots faster than you'd earn them, but it really doesn't give any real advantage since all the bots are equally capable if played right. Anyone who thinks the game is pay-to-win hasn't played it enough to know that is nonsense. A lot of players stay with the starting bot long after they've unlocked everything else because its just good all around. I do wish there was a single player or co-op campaign mode but that's not what the game is really about. One thing I really love is the online community for Hawken, The devs can regularly be found in higher ranked games and the response the player critiques/requests is better than any online game I've seen. Patches are on-point, and somewhat frequent without being annoying. My only real gripe is that if you play at non peak hours, sometimes the only games active aren't what you really want. Overall, Hawken is pretty incredible. I honestly can't figure out why anyone would give it a negative review unless they've been emotionally compromised, coming off the heels of repeated beat downs. Expand
  12. Feb 15, 2014
    Hawken is astonishingly fast paced and action packed and it deserves better than the current critic score. The fast paced battles and customization make the game fun for hours and hours. I did not play it as much before in alpha, but now I have hours and hours into the game on steam. I hope that you will get past the lame critic score and see the game for how it really is: awesome.
  13. Feb 20, 2014
    Hawken is a fast paced FPS-game. The gameplay is wonderful once you get the hang of it. It's F2P so it's is well worth a try. The interface can be a bit hard to understand but it doesn't take much time to get used to how it works.

    NOTICE! Even though it's free to play it's not pay to win. Many people wants to think it is but it's not. Sure you can pay money to get mechs faster but every
    mech is available to everyone . It's just a matter of how much time you want to spend on the game. Anyways what's the deal with buying mechs that you can get for free anyways?

    Many people who say it's a bad game usually doesn't like the genre or doesn't know how to play the game properly. The gameplay is fast paced and can be quite complicated when it comes to movement. The boost and dodging is what makes the game challenging but also fun. You need to dodge often to avoid enemy fire.

    Hawken is really worth a try but don't hate on it if you don't really get the movement no one does in the beginning.
  14. Feb 23, 2014
    A wonderful F2P, fast-paced FPS experience with much more in common with Armored Core than MechWarrior. If you want to win your matches simply by stacking the biggest guns on the biggest frame, this isn't for you. If you want to have to seriously consider your options when choosing between the lighter, burst-damage capable mech and the heavier, more-sustainable mech, then this is right up your alley. Expand
  15. Mar 12, 2014
    Hawken is a new outstanding free-to-play game. I think this game shows how the 3rd world war will look like. People will fight using huge powerful mechs. Thanks to this game is made on the unreal engine, both graphics and gameplay are on extremely high level. Sounds effects fit to the game setting. Hawken is awesome game. I really recommend it.
  16. Mar 12, 2014
    To rate this game below a 5 is perverse. I can only guess that those who've rated in a 0/10 do so for one of several reasons: 1) they work for the competition 2) they really *love* their run-and-gun Unreal-style chaos that rewards twitchy shooting without strategy 3) they seek opportunities to make themselves feel better through mean-spirited reviews * I started playing the game about a week ago because it's free. Free! I thought, "Why not give it a try? Nothing else grabs me right now and since I still play on Windows XP, I can't try XCOMM yet. I played L4D2 for a couple years, but there's only so much zombie apocalypse a man can take.

    * Hawken provides the action of FPS in spades as other reviewers have said, yet it does so in ways that still encourage strategic play - not twitchy 12 year olds. Combat rewards maneuvering around the apocalyptic landscape, careful use of thrusters to leap into vantage points or dodge incoming fire, and playing the field to your strengths. If you play a light mech, you're better off darting in and out of cover, or even running up behind enemies. Heavy mechs rely on armor and heavy barrages.

    * There's also a great collaborative mechanic to the game. It pays to work with your team. That's something that L4D2 players would enjoy. But I'd say it's more complex than the team tactics in L4D2. In Hawken, one often has to re-adjust on the fly, run away from a pair of mechs so that your team can back you, and rely on other smart players to innovatively flank or distract the other team. At the same time, I don't like to rely on such precision coordination in FPS games because it's hard to find really good players like that, and it cuts out spontaneity. So I've actually had a tremendous amount of fun leading by example, and seeing my teammates come together in the ways above.

    * As far as graphics and beauty. It's just criminally wrong to call this game lackluster. I play it on low setting on Windows XP and it's stunning. I can play it for short periods of time on high settings (an hour) and it's even more stunning, but the difference is slight enough that I don't mind the low-settings.

    * My connection has been great. And I've felt like I could jump into the game after its 15 minute tutorial. Again, I'm by no means a FPS pro, so it's quite accessible. Also, the starting mech has plenty to learn and experiment with, and with games you get free in-game money to spend on minor upgrades. They're minor enough that other players don't wipe the floor with you if they have them and you don't, but they lend a significant advantage, especially when coupled together intelligently. And again, in case, it's not clear, these upgrades are free of real dollars, but earned over time through playing.

    * Which leads me to my final thoughts: How do they make money when the game is so good and it's good when I haven't put a cent into it? Real money is used primarily for cosmetic upgrades, fancy emblems, and other stylistic choices. One could also get the strategic upgrades early, but why? It's plenty fun just playing the game and receiving the occasional bonus by playing your games! I will say, I am beginning to get tempted to put some real money into the game just for some slight stylistic additions. I'm a sucker for customization, and the game gives it in spades. For those that want more options of their free-to-pay games, keep in mind the game is in Beta. I have no doubt that's the first, and easiest thing to add.

    * I have one criticism. Only one. I don't like the hotkey for flipping your mech, and there appears to be no way to change that. (It's bound with the boost key, which can be changed, but the boost key doesn't bother me.)

    * So... free-to-play, amazing graphics, fantastic strategy and action, customization, style, good mechanics and fresh gameplay, good team-play...but one hot-key needs fixing. You decide.
  17. Feb 21, 2014
    Okay, first things first: I've read a lot of reviews below that somehow claim that this is a P2W game, and you cannot win if you haven't bought a mech, etc. etc.

    This is very far from the truth.

    It IS a free to play game, and the pay scheme is a refreshing one, especially for a player like me who was IMMENSELY disappointed by the cash-grabbing, lie-to-the-community cesspool that
    Mechwarrior Online has unfortunately become.
    Simply put, you have to pay for cosmetic options. Period. Everything else in the game, including any options you might consider necessary for having an edge over other players, can be purchased by credits earned in game, which you earn by playing. You get one free mech at the beginning, and you unlock other mechs by leveling this mech, the progression is very simple to understand. You can of course pay to unlock any mech early, again, with real money, or, and for me this is very important, in game credits. An average match will net you around 250 credits, and an average mech unlock is around 10K credits, so do the math. The most expensive mechs will cost you 40-50 matches, or if you don't have the time, about 10 USD in real world money.
    The game seems to be making most of its money on cosmetic options. You can get paint schemes, new plumes for your rocket exhaust, legs, arms, body, etc. These are the only options that require you to pay real money. I myself only bought a couple of these, mainly because I thought they looked good, and partly to support the devs.
    Gameplay used to be MWO-like at the beginning, with the weapons, mech armor and speed balanced towards long engagement times. It has fluctuated between MWO and extra-twitchy shooter for some time since then, but with the last update I find that it has settled somewhere in the happy medium between. There are around 8 maps, I believe, with 4 game modes, not including the newly-implemented co-op mode played against bots.

    The community is very active and quite loud in its critique, but not caustic. You can usually find people who can help you get better at playing. There is a simple, but adequate training simulation for beginners.

    Overall, I have found Hawken to be quite a satisfactory experience. But hey, it's free to play on steam. Go try it, it's not like you have anything to lose.
  18. Oct 8, 2013
    If you're a fan of Armored Core, Unreal Tournament, Chromehounds, or FPS games in general, then Hawken is for you.

    In Hawken, your skill matters most. Games like CoD, Battlefield, and Halo give players immense advantages for spotting their enemies first, whereby being spotted first means instant death. In Hawken, it's all about reaction time, accuracy, and out-maneuvering your
    opponents. Some fights last for multiple minutes at a time, which is insane for an FPS. Unlike the typical FPS, Hawken has a large emphasis on movement and big health pools. Expand
  19. Feb 13, 2014
    Il gioco metita ...e parecchio! Ottimi combattimenti in mappe ben disegnate, una bella grafica e modalità di gioco variegate. Oltre al gioco in se cio che mi ha stupito è stato il vedere così tanta qualità in un gioco free to play e lo store interno, per nulla invasivo e del tutto evitabile per chi non è intenzionato a spendere, consente si sbloccare in anticipo l'equipaggiamento più avanzato (tutte cose sbloccabili anche solo giocando, non c'è nulla di esclusivo) e personalizzare l'aspetto (e ribadisco "aspetto", è solo una questione estetica) del proprio mech ...questo si, la personalizzazione ESTETICA del mech è solo per chi vuole spendere 2 soldi (e mi pare anche giusto, nessuno lavora gratis).
    Il mech base, l'unico accessibile inizialmente (che permette comunque di fare i primi combattimenti in modo più che dignitoso ho fatto un buon numero di kill prima di passare ad altro) consentirà in breve tempo di sbloccare altre classi che permetteranno di scegliere l'approccio agli scontri che più si preferisce per proseguire via via verso le rivisitazioni più avanzate (e variegate) degli stessi. Che altro dire... pur essendo ancora una beta (ma non per molto ancora) non ho mai avuto un solo problema ed il gioco promette molto bene e con gli aggiornamenti previsti nel prossimo futuro avrà tutte le carte in regola per essere uno dei migliori fps online ...PROVATELO!!!
  20. Dec 29, 2012
    As Hawken is currently in beta, a lot is subject to change, and not available or accessible yet. But so far Hawken is shaping up to be a great western take on a gundam style mech shooter.

    Don't let the first 15 minutes in game get you down, there is a semi-steep learning curve, and you have to adjust your fps-skills and tactics before you get work done in Hawken.
  21. Nov 6, 2013
    I started playing this game with no idea of what to expect and came out amazed. It's F2P, but the only thing you can exclusively buy with real money is customization options that don't affect gameplay in any way. I haven't found the game to be much of a grind; it only took me an hour or so to unlock the Rocketeer mech and around two hours to unlock the Berserker mech. The gameplay is fast and frantic and is really enjoyable. The only fault I have with the game is that there's a really steep learning curve and the tutorial isn't helpful. Expand
  22. Feb 22, 2013
    First off, this is not a Pay to Win game. The most significant advantage you get is from skill points obtained through experience and leveling up, both of which you can't buy (although you can buy a exp-booster to temporarily increase the rate of exp gain). You also get to choose how these skill points are distributed in a skill tree for each mech. With a good distribution, you can get a noticeable advantage in close matches if the other mech is 10 or so levels less than you (max lvl is 25). The starter mech is the absolute best mech to learn on (one of my favorites in general), and you can buy a new mech right off the bat with free credits. Most mechs are balanced and the balance is only getting better as the open beta continues. You can also buy internal upgrades that are mostly useless, additional items to equip (you can only equip 1 offensive and 1 support), and aesthetic items.

    The game looks like a triple-A title, it's easy to forget that this is a relatively small indie team behind it. There are 4 stages currently, and I think the game could do with more diversity on this front. Hawken differs from a normal FPS mostly in how you maneuver. The mechs can feel very slow before you learn how to move effectively and manage fuel and boosting. The gameplay is like many other FPS titles: movement, positioning, and awareness primarily decide who win fights, while reflexes and aim are crucial. It is balanced rather well in that the most skillful player will nearly always win the match, and most mech types offer similar overall combat ability despite difference in combat style. There is still more balancing to do among the mechs, but the current state of the game is very good for open beta. Faster smaller mechs seem to be winning more often in free-for-all deathmatch, but the balance is better in team game modes.

    Current Negatives: Matchmaking can take a long time, and the results are sometimes very one-sided. Teams are not auto-adjusted during a match if a player quits. Gaining hawken credits takes a bit too long for a guy with a full-time job, but the weekly rotation of free mechs helps a lot in this regard.

    Overall, Hawken is a very fun, fast paced shooter where you get the feeling of piloting a mech with a more FPS style of piloting and gameplay. There's a lot to learn and skill decides winners at the end of the day. I've been having the time of my life with this game and I would recommend it to anyone who likes FPS titles, but is looking for something different from the standard crop of war shooters.
  23. Mar 5, 2013
    Definitely one of the best games ever, deserve a 10 out of 10, it doesn't deserve all its negative scores as the game feature great mechanics and gameplay and also one of the best graphics I have ever in a free to play. The idea of pay to win is definitely not in hawken, the game can be harsh on newbies but even for a fps newbie like me, I can still enjoy the game
  24. Jun 28, 2013
    Just a blast to play. Now this is my first mech game i have ever played so Im obviously not basing this game off any others of the Mech Fighting genre. But its well balanced, being that even a higher ranked player with a nicer mech can still get schooled by a level one starter mech, and incredibly fun. Everything can be earned in a reasonable amount of time unlike many other free to play games, making this something i would be more than happy to play for a long time. Also it is not pay to win. The only things that you pay for are cosmetic and dont effect gamplay. So there's none of this Blacksite BS where a guy can just wreck people because he payed $20 for armor that puts him at an unfair advantage over FTP players, or like in TF2 where classes can purchase OP weapons and hats. Overall the game is very well handled. It is very fun to play and since it seems the Devs hearts are in the right place (making a good game over making money) i will be more than happy to spend money on this game unlike other games like Blacksite that seems more like a CoD money grab. (PS i love TF2, just using that as an example.) Expand
  25. Sep 17, 2013
    Hawken has been in development for a long time, and the quality of the game has really shifted between good and very stale, but as of the September 2013 ascension patch, the game is a solid rompy stompy robot game, it's half mechwarrior and half unreal tournament and it blends nicely. The game's accessibility has been greatly improved in this patch, adding in a tutorial that introduces you to all the important ideas of combat and movement, as well as letting you train against bots. The meta of the game itself is still slightly unapproachable for new players due to it's heavy utilization of teamwork with mechs that can turn into turrets and healing mechs and mechs that excel in invisiblity and flanking, all of these factors mesh together well in the team-play factor but new players are thrown to the dogs in terms of figuring them out, it's a real learning curve. My only concern about the game's success at this point is matchmaking pitting random pubs against premades for crushing consequences pushing players away from the game. Other than that though, it's a really well done game, it looks amazing, sounds amazing, has good music and gameplay, it's new interface is incredibly easy to navigate and intuitive as well. I'm speaking of hawken as of september in 2013 however, I do not really know how the game was before that. Expand
  26. Oct 8, 2013
    The most fun FPS game on the market as at October 2013. The mech movement is arcade style rather than simulation and it's awesome amongst other things you can shoot, sprint ("boost"), jump, fly and dodge (a quick sidestep to avoid rockets, etc), and it all looks and sounds excellent. The gameplay is awesome and since the Ascension patch there is lots of mech customisation. The game is NOT pay to win, the only exclusive thing money can buy you is cosmetics, but it's fair to say you can spend money to "grind" less (although there is not much grind, compared to most free to play games). The only downside to Hawken is that so far there are only 4 game modes and about 6 maps I think. With time and more content pure win. Expand
  27. Oct 25, 2013
    Mech fans should love it. Unhappy people that are used to getting instant gratification will be frustrated. This game is very much still under developement. New patches come out all the time that give people cause to troll the developers. These are the same people that have never made anything in their life. 30 years old, still attending community college, kinds of people. Games like this live and die by their community. Unfortunately, for all the dev's hard work, the community currently leaves something to be desired. Expand
  28. Jan 14, 2014
    I really like this game! At first you may be discouraged at first when you just keep on dying over and over but there IS a learning curve in the game. Eventually you learn that a certain mech should attack the enemy like this and this mech like that. When this is finally learned the game gets so much more enjoyable.
  29. Feb 12, 2014
    Great game, great community. If you enjoyed arena shooters like Quake or Unreal Tournament, you will most definitely enjoy Hawken. It is something more than just arena shooter. The game looks great, the combat is fast paced, controls are responsive. It's not pay to win, and the devs actually listen to their community. It's well balanced, and just simply fun to play.
  30. Feb 12, 2014
    The greatest FPS I've ever played!!! Fast and tenced combat, very atmospheric maps, unique and fierce mechs it all makes me want to play it again and again!
  31. Feb 16, 2014
    J'aime bien jouer a hawken. Un free-to-play. La sortie sur steam aideras surement à se que les matchs soient mieux balancé.
    C'est un jeux très bien construit et bien pensé, chaque mechs a ses points forts mais ses points faibles et il faut avoir joué de nombreuse heures parfois avec un seul pour se dire en maitrise de la machine. J'aime bien qu'il est répartie les classes.
    Mais le jeux
    est parfois frustant d'ou le 9/10!!! Car certain joueur otiste sont vraiment meilleur que les gars normal comme moi meme ayant jouer plusieurs dizaine d'heure. Les modes sont bien construit, et avec les nouveaux patchs les graphiques sont vraiment mieux qu'avant bien que le jeux est désormais beaucoup plus difficile a apprendre.

  32. Feb 24, 2014
    I've spent the past few days on this game, and I feel at this point that I can now share my thoughts on it. First off, if you are concerned by some of the more negative reviews and their complaints that this game is pay to win, don't be. There is nothing pay to win about this game. The only aspect of this game that is locked by real world money are purely cosmetic features that effect the way your mech looks. every thing else can be unlocked with playtime and the natural in-game currency (earned through matches). Hawken itself is a very fun mechanized combat shooter and is very well balanced, so even a new player should be able to handle themselves once they get a grasp on how the game plays. It burrows a lot from Mech Warrior Online, but removes most of the clunkier aspects while speeding up the gameplay. There are both cons and pluses to be garnered from that. As a result, the game is much easier to get into, control, and come back to. However they have also sacrificed some of the more dynamic aspects like component durability and destruction, and the start up sequence proves to be just a bit less interesting. As of right now the game is still in early development, so there's no real telling what might change between now and it's actual full release, but they game is still a lot of fun and very much worth checking out. Expand
  33. May 6, 2014
    Mechs in Hawken operate somewhere between those found in Mechwarrior and those found in Armored Core. It is brilliant, really. You get the feel that these machines are large and hulking, yet they have a certain degree of finesse that makes combat feel like a dance. Frequent updates by the developers show they really care about Hawken, and want it to succeed. Nitpicks to the game are all minor, and include things like the high skill ceiling (steep learning curve) to really get the most performance out of your mech. However, the game's tutorial is fantastic, and it is very easy for new players to jump right in. I highly recommend giving the game a try. The default mech available to everyone, the CR-T Recruit, is incredibly powerful and very capable in the hands of a skilled pilot. Three additional, fully kitted out, mechs are available for free each week. Plus, if you enjoy the game and wish to support the developers, you can purchase one of many very reasonably priced game packs, which include mechs and in-game currency, and play like the game was a regular release title. Expand
  34. Mar 27, 2014
    What an amazing FP2 game!
    I have not had this much fun since Halo2 multi-player (was my first online FPS expeirence) and my Unreal Tournemant days.
    I and my RL friend logged in last night Qued up for a match and it was ON after that! :-). We actually lost track of time because we were having so much fun.

    I have read a few reviews saying it has a P2W model, I dont see it my self. Sure
    Players can get gear/items/mechs quicker by buying Meteor Credit/MC, but you can earn enough Hawken Credits/HC(free in game currency by playing) at a decent rate that playing a handful of matches will net you your first mech in no time.

    And like any other online match making game you can come across different level of skilled players across the board, so ya at times you mite get your a$$ handed to you and visa versa.
    So what are you waiting for DL Hawken and come join the Fun! its FREE! :-)

    I also love that they put in Training:Team Death Match (AI bots and you), to get accustomed to the controls scheme(s) of piloting. That way when ya hit a live match you have a decent understanding of them...instead of the "Oh S**t"what buttons do what in the middle of a fire fight.
  35. Apr 6, 2014
    Overall a great game for free. On the surface it may seem chaotic but once you get used to strafe, flying and avoiding fire you get a very fun game. The health : damage ratio is similar to that of league of legends. In a game of 8 players it is important to play with your team otherwise you will be pretty much insta killed by 3 mechs vs one.

    For anyone whom claims that it is P2P. The
    initial mech is perhaps one of the better ones in the game. It has good mobility, good damage, a great side weapon and the cooldown works to protect from the punishing mechanic of overheating (If you still overheat again within 30 seconds you really have a problem) Expand
  36. Mar 20, 2014
    Extremely good mech game for being free to play. Very good visuals, fair customization, a bit of grinding; however, the game is not pay to win as it does come down to skill: I was pwning face with my unaltered starter mech. The combat is a lot of fun and there are many little nuances and tricks that make close combat quite exciting and interesting indeed.
  37. Mar 14, 2014
    Great gameplay, fun maps, what more could you ask from a free to play? The gameplay is very enjoyable. XP is easy to gain. If your not a person who enjoys very fast paced gameplay, then I woulden't suggest this. Otherwise, its an amazing game and I would suggest it to anyone!
  38. Mar 16, 2014
    Hawken is good game !
  39. Mar 20, 2014
    This game is everything you could want from a f2p mech game. It is not perfect, but it is terrific considering the cost. A lot of the negativity of it being expensive or grind-heavy is not completely true. To earn the most expensive mechs it could take a while, but earning the 3 or 4 which are only 3800~ Hawken Credits is pretty quick. I earned 3 of them in a week, and they are very competitive. Compared to League of Legends, that was very quick indeed. I think some people might have trouble adjusting to the gameplay quickly, but that is part of the appeal to me: mechanically, it is incredibly unique for an fps. The mechs in general are quite tanky, so extended skirmishes and epic strafing battles are the name of the game. You have to get used to having the endurance to fight a 30+ second duel, all the while carefully managing your weapon heat, your cooldowns and your gas tank. In games such as CoD or CS:GO, if you position poorly you can get headshotted from across the map and be dead instantly. I like that in Hawken you really have to work to get every kill. This might be a personal preference, but I find it a refreshing change from the tried and true fps model. The one criticism I can agree with is that the replay value of the game does suffer from the lack of maps and modes. Siege mode is not balanced very well, with brutal stomps happening in probably 60-70% of all games. Missile assault usually ends up in pretty close games, but is honestly pretty annoying as it is a sort of musical chairs of capturing and losing points over and over. Team deathmatch is very balanced and is of course good old-fashioned fun, but it does get old after awhile. I wish they had a more subtle and teamwork-heavy objective oriented game, similar to the awesomeness that is the de series of maps in Counter-Strike. It would be even more enjoyable if they instituted some sort of rank queue or leader-board, to encourage you to improve your skills in the game. I do get better all the time, but stomping in deathmatch is not as fun as it would be to climb ladder and continually face tougher opponents. There is an MMR-esque system supposedly, but it has not impacted my experience much. Anyways, loads of fun and awesome gameplay for the value, but there is a limit in terms of replayability. Expand
  40. Mar 23, 2014
    Combat is fast and the experiences are highly varied. Mechs come in loose categories -- Light, Medium, and Heavy -- with variation within each class. The fastest Heavy is quicker than the slowest Medium, etc., and each mech is designed for a particular role. I've enjoyed the feel of heavies ("fatties") for the power that they wield while still having decent access to the dodging mechanics of smaller mechs. It means I can take a rocket for a smaller mech on my team, and feel good about it. I mention my own style because the best part of Hawken so far was finding that "right" feeling. I never paid for the mechs that I got, access to them was never limited, and I ended up with what I wanted. Four hours in and I felt like I was at max level (but definitely wasn't there yet). 10/10 for being 100% F2P. It's one thing to find a good game, another thing to find a good developer who wants you to have a good experience.

    Combat for newbies seems like a mysterious thing. It's decided more by positioning and teamwork than things like your ability to aim and click quickly (looking at you, CoD). Skirmishes are extended by better players, lasting minutes each until there's nothing but a constant stream of combat across the map. It's that kind of energy and strategy that keeps me going. I feel like a part of a team and know that our success depends on my ability to support those around me. The items you can deploy deepen combat roles and increase reliance on the team. The only negative, I would say, is poor team balancing, which can make certain losses utterly depressing. Combat gets a 8.5/10 for its energy, team dynamics, and the occasional soul-crushing, life-altering, mind-blowing defeat (seriously, fix the autobalance, guys).

    Customization is limited by design. There's no way of actually increasing the "power" of a mech. Weapons, mechs, and loadouts are balanced. They serve mostly to put you in a certain role, which will hopefully give you what you want out of the experience. What limits the experience, then, is the fact that you must grind to get enough credits to buy new items or weapons. If someone buys a mech that isn't for them, no amount of custom options will make it right for them, and the grind repeats. (It's the same as any other game in that sense. You must be careful with your credits. Each mech has its own category of usefulness, extended by custom options, but not changed by them. Do not buy a Sharpshooter and expect to walk up to Brawlers and blow them away. That is literally never going to happen.

    Visual appearance can only be changed through "Meteor Credits" which cost actual cash, and things like paint jobs are purchased for one mech at a time. Like in real life or something similarly crazy, painting one car with tiger stripes doesn't give the other car tiger stripes. I'm fine with this system, but it ruffles the feathers of some players. Customization gets a lowly 6.5/10 from me. The fairness of the system is what makes it so great; its limitations are what make it small and seemingly unimportant.

    Overall, I'm ranking Hawken slightly higher than I feel it needs (as an Early Access game, an honest score should be about an 8.0) since some of the reviews on here seem shockingly unaware of how to, you know, play the game. Aren't you supposed to play something before you review it? I also give a slightly higher review due to the fact that Hawken has given me a prospect of a game that can be improved. I'm excited for everything they change, anything they talk about adding, anything and everything new, even if I won't go for it myself. It plays like a game with a great future ahead. For my personal experiences so far, potential for dozens of additional hours of free gameplay, and high expectations for the future, Hawken gets a glorious 9.0/10.
  41. Mar 27, 2014
    Hawken, a F2P game in Beta is really well done. Think MechWarrior Online with a simpler control scheme and very fluid mechanics. With fast paced matches, multi tier maps and the ability to repair yourself at any time (if you dare expose yourself long enough for your repair droids to do it) it can be a real blast.

    When you first start, the tutorial system is quick but thorough, taking
    you through the basics and allowing you to get a feel for the game before diving into online matches. One drawback is the tutorial AI is a little too easy, a request I have made on the suggestion forums is to up the AI in later tutorial team deathmatch modes so the jump to MP is not such a large spike in difficulty.

    With Hawken being in Beta and many patches to come, I look forward to the future for this game. Just typing this review, my trigger fingers are itching to get back in my mech and send rounds downrange.

    Great fun and F2P, so why not strap in a 200 ton behemoth and have some fun?
  42. Apr 12, 2014
    Nice pvp game , lately the game is constantly evolving , donate for a successful game, do not need. Mech feels good , especially for the shooter , this game not Mechwarrior it is not a mech simulator , this shooter.
  43. May 1, 2014
    Listen i hear a lot of complaints about "pay to win" issues, but really its not, most things can be unlocked through game play. Plus skill is a major factor in the low scores, this is not a plunge into game... this is for experienced PVP FPS players. I understand the matchmaking is bad but that's about it. The mechs are cheaper than weapons and ad-ons making new mechs available quickly and finding the mech that fits you best is easy. no offence but the people that rated low scores on this excellent game are ungrateful and unexperienced for great free to play games. Expand
  44. Apr 30, 2014
    ็Hawken is a great mech game so far. You cannot play like other FPS game though; This game very much requires you to play with team. In order to win, you need to stick to your team and also know when to commit the attack and when to back off. It is as if you are playing Dot A, every mech has its role. Heavy mech is for tank and support, while light mech is for pursue and kill nearly died enemy. Sniper role is not for kill but for support the front line in the back, let assault team do their job easier. If you like soloing, this game may not suit you. It is very hard to fight 2 mech alone, we like to flank and kill enemy that comes alone, so don't do it. If you have the right mind set, the game will be very much fun.

    Game play is fantastic. Mech feels slow but fast at the same time. You need to learn how to play first. It will require you some time to understand to mechanic, then it will be super fun. There are many mechs for you to choose, many upgrades and many items available so that you can create your own unique mech which suits your play style. The game has matchmaking so that you can play with the guys who are same lv as you, however it is not perfect yet and the lv of player may not correctly indicate player's skill. All maps are well designed as well. They are very complicated for your first time play but each map is unique and has many strategies to play out.

    Graphic is good, not the best but if you consider that it needs only 3 GB to install, it is good enough. All Mechs are well designed. Sounds are good as well.

    Most importantly, it is free to play. There is no reason for you to not to try this game if you are into FPS game. This game does not force you to pay. Most items that need to buy with real money are the decorations for your mech.

    In sum, I gives this game 9 of out 10. It is a must try for everyone who love FPS game. If this game has single player and nice story, it will be perfect
  45. May 18, 2014
    HAWKEN is one of the best games I've played. I am relatively new to the game (3/2014) and I think many of the issues associated with the negative reviews, have been fixed. Matchmaking and the 'pay to win' issues don't seem to be there for me. The graphics and new game modes are amazing in my opinion. I've spent close to 200 hours playing... its that good!! (and I don't have a life)

    game isn't without flaws... its still in BETA so there are some issues with bugs and occasional lag problems. Sometimes an update (monthly) will degrade the gameplay. But in my experience the devs are responsive to fixing those problems fast with a patch. (within a day or two)

    I've been generally impressed with the player community so far. There is way more positive interaction than most competitive multiplayer games. More often than not, negative players are shamed into leaving. I'm older than most players and appreciate a little civility in my gaming.

    The bottom line for me... its a FREE game... and it's really fun.... win win!
  46. May 30, 2014
    this is the best game....u wanna play any fast paced action game with non stop multiplayer stuff...this is it...try it it..and i bet u r going to love it and never going to stop playing..good luck..moreover..its free to play..go enjoy.....
  47. Jun 29, 2014
    Addicting, Fast Paced, and sweet graphics. The free to play / level up element does feel balanced. And In game you have the choice to buy better mods, mechs. But is does not feel like a "pay to win" environment. The game is awarding in every way. After "almost" every match of 10 you get rewards in the form of, upgrades, emblems, xp, and cash.

    You have two sorts of cash, one you earn in
    game bij completing matches. And cash you buy..
    With the cash you can buy upgrades, mechs, cosmetics that are bigger and better. But still the game feels balanced.

    All in all, I love this game
  48. Jul 23, 2014
    I love this game. The payment system in this game is what all f2p games should have. You can get everything that affects gameplay for currency you grind for in game. These items can also be unlocked with real money. Only things you can only buy with real money are purely cosmetic items that don't affect gameplay.

    The action in this game is fast paced and the initial learning curve is
    not really high. The starting mech every new pilot gets is verry forgiving and still a viable choice later in the game.

    There is a impressive support for this game from the community. Most ppl buy the meteor credits (which is the currency used in game that can be bought with real money) because they want to see this game succeed. This is certainly the case for me.

    The only thing i am missing is mech customization wich has been removed in beta in favor of better game balance.

    I love this game and will probably continue playing this game for a long time.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 7
  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Aug 1, 2013
    Hawken shows that piloting a mech doesn't have to be a complex task, and it gets players straight into the action. [Aug 2013, p.92]
  2. Jul 1, 2013
    Quotation forthcoming.
  3. Jun 25, 2013
    Very ambitious, but we’d urge them to concentrate on the game; with poor matchmaking, few maps, overly simple game modes and a limited free game, players might not stick around. And that would be a shame.