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  1. Jun 8, 2014
    Although the game has potential, it is ruined by the repulsive business model. It's pay to win (constructed) or pay to play (arena), otherwise your options are to grind endlessly for ridiculously low gold rewards (3.3 gold for a win), or limit playing and wait for the daily quests. The daily quests provide more gold, but they're only once a day and a 40 gold quest is the most common quest by far.

    The arena is the most fun game mode, but it's expensive to play and too random and luck based (depending on the cards you get draft from). Also, you can get ridiculous streaks like playing several times in a row against the same class and taking the second turn. The arena rewards have also been downgraded. It's very possible get crappy cards and dust as rewards even though performing reasonably well in the arena.

    Updated observations:

    - The overall balance is pretty bad and Blizzard does little to improve things. In arena and constructed certain classes are clearly better than others.
    - There are few truly viable strategies for each class.
    - At the beginning it's possible to play for a while with basic, common and rare cards, but eventually you'll hit the wall without epic and legendary cards.
    - Unless you invest real money, it takes forever to get the good legendary cards.
    - The more you play Hearthstone, the more you feel like it's another Blizzard grinding game.
    - It's a card game, but you cannot trade the cards with your friends. Absurd.
    - After a while it becomes obvious that the game lacks depth.
    - It's 2014 and there's no chat. All you have is six lousy premade emotes.
    - Statistics are practically non-existent, although they would be useful in this kind of game.
    - Certain UI bugs persist patch after patch.
  2. Mar 16, 2014
    Critics give it way too much praise. Most (good) decks are composed of about 90-95% of the same cards (excluding class cards, which are the same among the decks of those classes), so every match comes down to "who drew what first". I know most card games use luck as a factor, but skill can usually overcome that. In this game, no such level of complexity exists. Decks are too small, no way to counterattack unless you're one of the few classes with Secrets (trap cards), it's a total crapshoot! If you enjoy games of little to no skill in a fun, casual, Warcraft theme, then this is definitely for you.

    Aside from giving the gameplay an absolute 0, the sound effects, music, graphics, and overall theme, however, are very delightful. For the few months that I played, it was definitely fun, until I realized how luck was everything. Still, outside of the gameplay, it's pleasant, but sadly, games without good gameplay get scores such as these, if not worse. If it ever comes to smartphones (and not just the iPad), I'd vote it a 6 or 7 as a Mobile game, but for a PC game, it doesn't deserve the ridiculous praise people are giving it.
  3. Mar 12, 2014
    Negative reviews sum it up, this is basically the warcraft CCG that they released a while back as a flop. Overly simplified gameplay which would be a bonus if they didn't break the golden rule of F2P models


    Perhaps if they hadn't been so filled with greed and hubris this would have been a real contender with the other F2P titles on the market, but right now it's
    not competing and doesn't deserve a good review.
    They can do better.

    Alongside the financial model issues is the heavy reliance on RNG in their card design, a problem which alongside the cost was noted by many of my friends on the actual CCG's release.

    Overall due to the fact there are many documented bugs and flaws, and the fact they've had an active cash shop for months now while still being a "beta" product, I cannot in good conscience give this any higher than a 3, worth some time if you don't take it seriously, but a monumental let down in terms of potential... YgoPro etc won't be quaking in their boots from this "official" release.
  4. Mar 16, 2014
    Free2Grind for 100s and 100s of hours to build some good decks? Or just Pay2Win from the start? Both actually, this game has something for everybody that likes those things. I am however left disappointed.
  5. Mar 12, 2014
    So you like PW2 card games?
    Sure go ahead and play this game.
    It's fun at beginning, I mean the only fun party is tutorial. When you get into multiplayer your oppents dish out **** legendaries over your common cards, which is you can't do **** about it.

    0/10 would not play again.
  6. Mar 16, 2014
    Blizzard under Activision has turned from a company that creates stories and experiences into a company that exploits the worst of the human condition by turning their games into virtual casinos. Hearthstone folows the same formula WoW and the Diablo series, by providing flashy, happy graphics and glittering interfaces interfaces (remind you of a Casino?) for the player to do the same actions over and over in hopes of a payoff (remind you of a Casino?).

    In Diablo it's killing the same monsters in the same acts over and over in hopes of legendary. in WoW it's going to the raid casino every tuesday and in Hearthstone it's play games in order to buy decks to maybe get the right cards. The thing is that it is an empty, soul sucking, life wasting endeavor.... when you get all your best cards, legendaries or raid loot, what is there to do? What is the payoff?

    They just start the hamster wheel again by introducing better cards/loots/legendaries. Love yourself as a human being and avoid anything made by Activision/Blizzard, they are not game makers, they make 21st century slot machines.
  7. Mar 17, 2014
    The animations and mechanics are extremely satisfying. The voice acting is as good as Blizzard has always delivered, and makes you reminisce about what made WC3 so great. But this game is plain and simple a pay to accelerate to drain the pockets of preteens. Not worth anyones time.
  8. May 22, 2014
    If you like Pay 2 Win, you'll love this game. Because Hearthstone is about as pay 2 win as you can get without placing a button that says. "Click to win ($4.99)"

    First the positives. Hearthstone is a functional game that has decent flow to it. It has minimal issues with bugs and runs well on older machines. The game does have a rather kitschy feel to it, as well as a sense of
    self-parody for the WoW mythos. The gameplay is smooth and the interface is easy to navigate.

    Hearthstone falls short in several areas, however. For example, players must either buy boosters or earn them at an extremely slow rate, made slower by the fact that in-game currency is only earned through victories. Players are started out with the same set of basic cards and must grind packs or buy them. There are daily quests, but they usually involve winning matches to gain extra gold. While it is possible to win with the basic set of cards, many of the pack cards far stronger and some are actually game breaking. Which makes a player who pays for packs far more likely to get ahead in the game. Discounting daily quests, booster packs can be obtained with gold for WINNING 30 matches. I emphasize that intentionally, as no gold is gained for a loss, essentially punishing the player who is learning or can't afford to buy cards. Exacerbating this problem is that matchmaking is quite poor, and so called "Casual Matches" are well populated with "noob-stompers" looking for easy gold which slows down the rate which gold and subsequently packs are acquired. Another problem with the game is there is a lack of balance. Priest and Hunter decks have access to cards that swing the game too much, IMO. (Mind Control and Unleash the Hounds being the most infamous.) Other classes also have cards of this type but not nearly as strong or numerous.

    In addition to this is the Arena mode which can be entered for 150 game gold. (Whereas a pack costs 100 gold.) But can be instead accessed with cash, You are given a choice of three random decks and them create a deck from card options given to you. Everything is RNG based. Then you take your deck and play other players must win as many games as you can (up to 9) before losing 3. The mode rewards you with booster packs, gold and dust depending on how well you did. If you did well you will get more, if you did poorly you will get little and possibly not get a pack. Again this feeds into the demand that players win in order to progress.

    There is also a way to craft cards using the aforementioned dust. Although it is not at all efficient, cards can be broken down using dust, but creating one of a certain rank requires the equivalent amount of dust from breaking down 8 cards of the same rank. Like everything in this game it is a slow process, crafted to exasperate the player and make the cash shop more appealing.

    Finally the game deserves criticism for doing little to instruct new players in basic deckbuilding strategies. And has a notably annoying "response" system that many players use to taunt their opponents. It can be disabled, but only for the duration of your current game and must be disabled every single time you play a game. There is also no function for players to trade cards which was omitted simply to push the P2W game system.

    Hearthstone is hardly the worst game out there right now. In fact it could be good, but the P2W model and the frustrations involved with CCG mechanics that are quite faithfully ported over from card games like Magic: the Gathering are front and center without any of the social benefits. A potentially good, game but ruined by the P2W model. Only the most diehard CCG enthusiasts with money to burn will enjoy this game. For everyone else, it's more frustration than actual fun.
  9. Mar 25, 2014
    Hearthstone is casual at first glance, second glance, third glance, fourth.... You get the idea.

    There is actually very little strategy involved in Hearthstone. You have RNG in Arena, RNG in what cards you draw, and RNG in what the cards do when you play them.

    I laugh at anyone who uses the word "depth" to describe Hearthstone without the phrase "a lack of" preceding it. An
    absolutely abysmal, shameless cash grab by an Activision owned developer. Expand
  10. Mar 12, 2014
    Pointless game at best, It's a CCG (Card Collecting Game) You spend REAL money to buy VIRTUAL cards, but this is not like a real life CTG (Card Trading Game), You can't trade your cards, you can't sell them and they don't get valuable over the years so card rarity is worthless. The most funny thing is whilst you spend real money to acquire these cards, remember they are always blizzard's property, you basically renting ****ing virtual cards, so pathetic. NOW I'm not saying to bring these features into the game, games should NOT be Pay2Win or about making money it should be something that you pay once for a product that is truly yours which you can indulge in to have fun and escape reality, get it blizzard? Game's should = FUN, however Blizzard's Formula is: Money Milking + Grinding + Fake Reward system (Virtual items), they treat people like addicted rats with a reward system. Yes it is a F2P game, if you don't mind Grinding for hours and hours to earn the same cards as it would cost £34.99 then yes It's FREE. This game is so simplistic in nature and development it should only have a Retail price of around £20 with no P2W module and gold grinding could be made easier with 5 daily quests as appose to 1 but that wouldn’t be enough “Money Whoring” for Blizzard. Sh!t Game with the wrong intentions, end of story. Is Blizzard even run by the same people before World of Warcraft?? Expand
  11. Mar 16, 2014
    This game is rubbish. Pay to win and luck, you dont need anymore. You can turn your brain off and win win win win (paying first of course :D). Dont waste your time here.
  12. Mar 16, 2014
    Let me get this straight. Blizzard now has a luck based card game. They then add a random number generator to this luck based game. Then they add possibly the worst card collecting system in CCG history in which 5 very likely crap cards cost a total of 2 bucks (so each virtual card costs 40 cents ea.) OR you have to grind for AT LEAST 3 hours (Each pack costs 100. 10 gold every 3 wins. 30 wins for one deck. ~60 games assuming you're lucky enough to win half. 60 * about 10 minutes per game = 600 minutes. THAT'S 10 HOURS FOLKS. You've got daily quests which if you're lucky take off about 6 hours from the grind. Then they give people , legendaries meaning the win rate for a grinder drops down to 30%. Then you got the fact that some classes will hands down destroy your deck. They expect you to plan for everything and your mother in 30 cards.
    Bout the only thing going for this game are it's aesthetics. OOoooo shiny colors and explosions Ahhhh *watches as 2 flame strikes, 2 arcane explosions, (insert aoe and/or removal spell(s))*
    In terms of gameplay, there is none. Figuratively. Literally. You draw cards. You play what you can since the number of options in this game is extremely limited. You hope your opponent doesn't have that card. He does. You curse at the computer and a terrible chat system (maybe it was intentional) that doesn't allow any communication between you or your opponent between 6 generic phrases. The end. I understand how card games are supposed to be luck based but the main problem is this game is too luck based and too damn simplified. The main crux being there is absolutely no counter play. None. They picked up counter play and threw it out of a 10 story window. You got what you can do on your turn and then you watch as your opponent does what he does. If that happens to be the complete destruction of your side of the field from a card he just drew from the top of his deck; well too bad (justification from hearthstone fanatics: should've planned for that). Magic allows you to choose what creature you want defending. Yu Gi Oh has trap cards. Even the damn Blizzard World of Warcraft card game had counter play. What's that you say? Secrets? You mean the "trap" cards only 3/9 of the classes have and that there are only 3 of? You can literally google "Mage Traps Hearthstone" and it'll show you the whopping list of 5 possible traps (2 of which are crap that a mage should never have) allowing you to easily sidestep these token cards.
    Which leads me to the next point. Hearthstone has 465 playable cards; about 30 of them are legendaries basically making them unaccesible for anyone but the lucky or the pay-to-win. Furthermore of these cards about 80 are useful. Why? It's the meta. All of the rest are useless. They're situational, inefficient, or just downright bad. One of the fun things typical card games do is allow you to experiment; in Hearthstone if you experiment you lose. That simple. Of course unless you go against someone else who doesn't get the meta.
    But back to the legendary issue. They are the meta breakers simply because they're rare. Rare and downright unbalanced; Now I do have to give Blizzard props, they tried to balance this. Unfortunately the way they tried to balance it is figuratively mentally retarded. They added removal cards. As in if you don't like a card you pick it out and say gtfo. Now I'm all for arbitrary death but an already luck base card game. Now as if getting lucky wasn't enough you can get really lucky or more likely unlikely as in that card you finally managed to get out and buffed for the win now gets destroyed cause the other guy top decks a "kill-anything-you-feel-like-card". Well done except that took literally no skill. It also means that the luck based level of the game has now dropped down to the point that a 2 year old with the same cards as a professional player can now beat that player. Good job blizzard. All in all excellent work on the balance and luck issues. I do have to give it a one thought because the graphics are nice and the game is mind-numbingly simplistic. Also at least it wasn't Diablo 3 Blizzard. At least it wasn't.

    Things to make it bearable: In ranked, before a match begins allow people to see what class they're up against and allow them to build a deck. Use a removal card to remove the removal cards from this game completely permanently. Nerf the legends. This isn't league. Set the cards so a random number generator doesn't determine whether you live or die.

    p.s. It's quite sad when the signature game mode (which you have to pay to play) is Arena Mode. When literally your entire deck is composed of RANDOM cards.
  13. Mar 15, 2014
    As of right now it's the best virtual CCG on the market and probably will be for many years to come. Although the fact that it's impossible to trade cards is a big letdown and you can expect to grind for several hours or shell out $100+ to build just a few of the competitive decks you want. It's fun and addicting but it will never be a true competitive "esport" because of the randomness that all card games have. If you take two equally skilled opponent it comes down to about 90% luck to determine the victor. Expand
  14. Mar 14, 2014
    This game is touted as a casual way to get into trading card games and in a way they are right. Hearthstone certainly looks pretty enough, given how Blizzard has a fairly deep art talent pool for its games and most mechanics seem to work well, with only a few bugs that I am sure will be worked out soon. The very basic mechanics are covered in a 5 game tutorial that gives a quick "This does that" explanation via game play. There are fun animations for summoning and attacks and for other actions on the board that can really be entertaining as well. and there are several kinds of decks you can build and a decent practice mode.

    Unfortunately any entertainment value is destroyed by several factors. All deck types have their own unique Hero ability and set of basic cards, while no one class has any clear advantage on the other 8, each class has gimmicky cards that can make any strategy for attack or defense suddenly impossible to beat or impossible to lose against. While there is no perfect deck type which is a plus, any strategy into building a deck only usually makes a deck good against one or two other types of deck and easily defeated by many others
    New players do get a decent set of basic cards but the card draw system is a complete mess. You gain additional mana crystals each turn that let you summon more powerful creatures and spells but the deck draw system is far to fond of pulling cards you can't use long before you could actually use them, regardless of how many cards have that cost in your deck. Out of the 30 maximum cards in a deck i tested 30 games with 24 cards with a mana cost of 4 or less and 3 cards of 5 mana and 3 above that, of the 30 games played I got the 5+ cards either with the Initial draw, after the mulligan option of discarding some or all of a starting hand for different cards, (which is a nice feature even if it doesn't seem to help alot) or within the first 4 turns. One of those three options occurred during every one of those 30 tests. Often I would get the same cards i discarded with the mulligan back into the starting hand again.
    I would not call this pay to win, pay to catch up with players in the Beta for amount of cards? Yes. It is possible to buy more cards either directly for cash or with gold earned in game. You can also get cards by doing well in the arena mode, which is where you build a deck out of random sets of 3 cards untill you have 30. the better you do in arena the better your reward, be it gold, cards or dust. Dust is a crafting material that you gain for disenchanting spare cards from your latter deck as you can only have 2 of each kind of a card in ladder deck. Dust is used to make any card you want, with some cards costing more than others. While this is a good feature to let players pick certain cards, you gain miniscule amounts of dust for disenchanting most cards. Gold earned in game is also earned at low rates, 10 for the first 3 wins of the day and 40 for completeing a mission. It costs 100 gold for 1 pack at the card shop and 150 gold to try your hand at arena mode without paying the $2.00 real money entry fee. So largely its 2 days of playing for a deck of cards or 3 days for an arena attempt. Its also about 2 dollars for a pack of cards as well, with various bundles for more packs for more money available.
    I cannot recommend spending any money on this game, as they are obviously hoping that you will either spend more money buying packs and attempting the arena enough times that they will make more money off you than they would for a retail game like Diablo or Starcraft. All in all, the gimmicky nature of the decks and the poor randomization for drawing cards from your deck make Hearthstone the fastest way to have a bad time short of a sudden injury. For card game enthusiasts only,
  15. Mar 17, 2014
    The game is fun only for first several weeks, after that you will realize how stupid and toxic this game is.

    In constructed, almost everyone is net-decking some kind of low-budget cheesy rush or legendary heavy control because this game has no depth, so you will have to face same decks over and over again if you want to climb up the ladder, also, you get almost nothing upon losing, only
    some slight exp gain which is required to unlock foil cards/hero portraits.

    The arena is absurdly unbalanced, totally dominated by AoE heavy Mages who have bunch of board clear spells to win, some say it's fun but I found it toxic after playing like a month, not even competitive thanks to RNG hell.

    Please remind that The Blizzard already stated they won't be touching much balancing issue after the release, which means this game is as good as dead.

    If you want to try you luck, just play some online-poker, and never pay a dime into this game.
  16. Mar 28, 2014
    Games like this should be regulated like gambling. If a person under the age of 18 is not allowed to gamble, because their judgement is not considered mature yet, why is Blizzard developing a virtual casino for 9-13 year olds? Sure they will ask their parents or just buy prepaid cards to buy decks. Some will get seriously addicted, as they chase the next "rush" of random battles.

    requires you to grind for hours and hours to get a free entry (150 gold to enter, 10 gold per 3 wins, at 50% win rate you need 90 games to get free entry. at 10 minutes per game that's 15 hours of grinding.

    Once you are in the arena, it becomes apparent just how broken it is - the "random" draft lets you stay and fight for long if you have a good deck. But you soon realize that weak decks get eliminated quickly, and you are left fighting players who are either using OP builds, or just have a bunch of OP orange cards in their decks (ex: Ragnaros).

    Introducing PVP is the driver of the pay to win system. Once you see how many people at low ranks have rare and legendary cards in their decks, the feeling of "unfair" will make you buy decks. Once you buy decks, you realize that because they give you cards for all 9 classes, and lots of common cards, you need A WHOLE LOAD of decks to get your favorite class on par with the rest of the players.

    Or you can build one of the rush decks and just overwhelm the enemy. Got frothing berserker? Got void horror? Got buzzard, hyena and unleash the hounds?

    After a while, this game made me sick to my stomach because of how such flashy and seemingly user friendly game exploits the human brain.
  17. Mar 18, 2014
    No idea how the critics rated it this high unless they only played for the first hour. The first hour or two is fun, because it's against computers who don't have decks full of 90% rares & legendaries. Once you hit your first few PvP battles, you'll quickly realize that this is just a P2W (Pay To Win) money grab.

    Is it as obscene at the new Dungeon Keeper on Android? No. Do you have
    a chance at winning this game without out PAYing your opponents? No.

    TL;DR - Do NOT believe the Blizzard fanboy 10/10 ratings. Avoid this game and play ACTUAL free to play games like DotA 2 / Team Fortress / League of Legends instead.
  18. Apr 13, 2014
    + Its free.

    - Lack of depth makes the game repetative relatively quickly.
    - Luck determines the outcome of a match more often than skill.
    - Only 1v1 game mode, 2vs2 would be a great addition to the game.
  19. Apr 3, 2014
    P2P + P2W. Unenjoyable for F2P
    #01This is a TCG.
    You are ment to spend money in order to get cards. If you are not OK with that idea you will spend time getting wasted in the ranking plays by decks that compose mostly of epics and legendaries. Which will lead to you getting angry, irritated and feeling suffocated. And that will lead you to write a 0/10 review. I got to rank 14. That was
    at the end of the month. Now at the start of the month i see decks packed with 4~5 legendaries on ranks 20~18...

    #02 But why does the game system match F2P players that don't have any epics and legendaries in their decks against P2W players whose decks are packed with them?!
    Here comes out the awful truth. F2P players are just cannon fodder for the players that pay for the cards.
    I don't have any of those. Had to deal with an enemy that played Ragnaros, then on the next turn Ysera and in the end Grommash...Does that seem to you like something to be enjoyable for me if i don't have any epics on rares myself?

    #03 The only chance for me to get epics and legends is opening packs. Which cost gold. Which you get from daily quests...Sorry. Quest
    ONE FOR EACH DAY...Only 40~60 GOLD a DAY. On average a F2P player will squeeze out 2 packs every 3 days.That clearly hits you in the face about Blizzards intentions.
    #04 Arena. Probably the best instalment of Hearthstone. Watched all TotalBiscuit's arena episodes. Played it once myself. Got a **** draft. Ended 5-3. From what i saw it's 45% that you get a great draft, 45% that you get a great hand and follow up and 10% that you won't make any stupid mistake. It's a great gambleSo addictive. And the 2$ entry fee isn't that high right? Just think about it. If every day hundreds of thousands people play several times 2$...AWESOME
    #05 Why P2P? If you haven't figured it out by now then lol. Because if you really want to compete then you have to pay money, silly!

    I told my friend that I'm gonna give this a 0/10. He told me not do it. Give it something betwen 1~3 but not 0. I seem to enjoy it...His words unfortunately confirmed me in my judgement. I don't enjoy it.
    Secondly a 0/10 is controversial and will lure more people to reading a review like this. This game clearly does not deserve an 88 from critics...Yeah I'm gonna bet on that one. I'm a little afraid of stagnation in Hearthstone. How will this game evolve. Are they considering inserting discard cards? That would ruin the game.
    In the end this game is clearly intended for people who are ready to throw money at it. It will be a great game for those people. Especially arena runs. You will buy cards, construct decks that are most popular in the top circles. Test them out on ranked. Disenchant unwanted cards, make golden ones. The illustrations are beautiful. The mechanics is original. The cards have many combinations to test out. Lot's of fun. great but not a 9/10...Blizzard keeps nerfing some cards. Defias got nerfed. Didn't see any rogues on Fight Night(am at S03e03). Shaman totem doesn't heal the hero anymore...That makes sense...

    .I want to to uninstall it...But maybe I'll just keep with doing dailies. Just to get a kick out of opening "Expert packs". One every second, third day...In the end for me Hearthstone is a game i enjoy watching being played like TotalBiscuit's videos or Fight Night.
  20. Mar 12, 2014
    Эта игра сделана разработчиками-халявщиками, привыкшими делать всякое гавно для школьников, домохозяек, весь смысл игры сводится к покупке карт или доступа к арене, никакого баланса тут в помине нет, одно разочарование.
  21. Mar 14, 2014
    Full pay2win game, my second match against another player and most of there cards where epic/legendary making it impossible to win. You'd be a complete fool to play this "game" as the only challenge is the size of your bank account. Avoid if you enjoy fair and competitive play.
  22. Apr 5, 2014
    'A game lacking depth that was put in the rock tumbler so long it came out smooth' is the best way I've seen it described. This very quickly becomes a Pay-to-win game. You'll get some packs and gold from doing the tutorial, and it leads you to believe that you'll actually get a reasonable flow of cards. Nope.

    Look forward to sitting on your stagnant deck, and if you're good at playing,
    you eventually hit the wall of people with better cards. Period. Further, because your available cards are based on the class you're playing as, every class plays the same strategy and there is a definite rock-paper-scissors balancing act going on between classes.

    The only reason this game isn't getting a lower rating is because the production is just so good. I tell everyone, if Magic the Gathering had made their computer games look and feel like Hearthstone, they would have been good games. Blizzard setup a great platform, but the game is crap.
  23. Aug 1, 2014
    Do you enjoy being forced to grind for upwards of 2000 hours before you're allowed to play a game?
    Having every single match be decided on a dice roll regardless of your choices?
    Seeing the same 5 identical decks game after game after game for months at a time?

    If so, Hearthstone is just the game for you!
  24. Apr 26, 2014
    Strategically vapid game with the sole intention of getting money from kids. Compares to other online card games (magic, ect...) it is extremely dumbed down (not that online card games were ever steeped in strategy as it was...). During any given turn there's zero thought required, you might have to choose between 2 different cards to play, if you're lucky; but that won't stop people from taking the full 90s every turn. So if you like slow, boring, strategically dumbed down, P2W games? Hearthstone is for you. If you actually want to engage your brain, go elsewhere... Expand
  25. Mar 27, 2014
    As the most of the other negative reviewers say:
    This game is a cashgrab!
    Download it for free, play the tutorial, and after that play for another week without spending money.
    After this week the nice "feel" of the game because of graphic and sound presentation will be gone and you got inside into the money making mechanics enough to realize what it really is: a cashgrab...
    Be smart,
    dont fall for it! Expand
  26. Mar 30, 2014
    I have played this game a LOT, and there is a LOT of depth in this game, however, there is very little in way of strategy to this game. It is an overly simple game that relies upon 'luck of the draw' than anything else. I have taken all of my characters to 20 and a couple to 35. Regardless of what deck you build, what expert you follow, your 'strategy' WILL fall apart when you do NOT get 'that one card'. I have built decks with only 6 spells, and I HAVE ALWAYS seen the majority of my first 7 or 8 cards to be spells. In a completely random system this CAN happen, but the frequency to which I HAVE seen it tells me that the system is NOT completely random but weighted to spells so as to balance to game out against players with more spells and less minions.

    I wish they would have spent more time on this game and truly developed a strategic system where in people could ACTUALLY USE strategy, but when you have a game where you have to "hope" your card comes up, is NOT hat good a game. There is NOTHING worse than to be at the beginning of a game, you only have 1 mana available and the first card from your deck is 5 mana or higher.

    Due to the current system, they have cards that are literally worthless to have in your deck. Cards that WOULD have strategic use if they used a system of a weighted draws. However, since they allow ANY card to come up, it IS fair, but the decks you will fight against the majority of the time is FULL of cards costing less than 5 mana, and almost ALL decks are a version of a RUSH deck. It makes the game VERY predictable and ultimately BORING. What purpose is there to 'building' a deck, when the cards that you put in there, to FIT the way YOU WANT to play, NEVER show up in your hand until it is past the point that you could use it to ATTEMPT to win.

    Don't believe that hype of people posting "THIS DECK GOT ME TO LEVEL 5!!! I used this build and GOT A 70% WIN percentage." DO NOT believe these people at all. I took one of these so-called Mid-budget 4000+ dust to craft and after 200 games with the deck could do no better than ~50%. I have found, that due to the way the cards hit your hand there is NO WAY that anyone gets more than a 50% percentage win unless they just plain have better luck. The only strategy is in keeping track of how many cards your opponent has that could possibly hurt you, then realizing that you are not getting the cards you need and then losing yet another game.

    I had hoped for an actual strategic card game...this is NOT it. If you like it, now worries, but I do NOT think this is a good game. It is actually rather poor.
  27. Apr 2, 2014
    This is a F2P you can't enjoy without paying, first f*cking mistake. It has so many balance problems that it's unplayable (you'd think that would be easy considering it doesn't have a lot of cards), second **** mistake. But the biggest problem with this game is the fact that it's too simple, it has no **** depth whatsoever compared to other card games making it mostly luck-based because of the lack of strategy needed so you'll be better of buying Duels of the Planeswalkers or any other digital card game that doesn't have a pay to win model... Can you tell I was dissapointed? Expand
  28. Apr 8, 2014
    Hearthstone? More like Hearth-let me buy all the card decks and build an OP combo to use for every single round. Horribly balanced. Broken ranking system. Not fun AT ALL.
  29. Mar 17, 2014

    Let me start by saying that this game is great and addictive. It has solid game mechanics that is fairly easy to understand and you can create a variety of decks from the total card pool. So why do I give it a negative score? Customer service and Technical support.

    I spent money on this game on expert packs. I got some good cards from it,
    one was a Legendary card named Lord Jaraxus. For some reason, the said card is now missing from my collection. I went to the hearthstone forums and found out that this is already a rampant problem with the game with many players reporting cards disappearing from their collection.

    My thead is here: ... as of writing, there has been 0 response from tech support. A tech support did reply into another missing cards thread only to post Blizzards' "No card restoration or refund" policy. The thread is right here:

    Please take note that the tech support did not even explain why the cards are missing or any information at all about this issue. I have already filed a dispute with paypal to hopefully get at least a refund from my initial purchase. This behavior from blizzard is a huge turn off. I advice those who plan to spend money on this game to think twice before doing so.

    Summary: Should have been a great game. But let down by poor customer service and a very unhelpful tech support.
  30. Apr 6, 2014
    Here's the honest to god lowdown. Is the game fun, sure it is. Its based on cards that work together. You start with a basic set of cards plus additional cards for each class. As you progress you earn more and better cards. It takes hours and hours of grinding to get new cards. Of course Blizzard gives you the option to use real money to buy additional cards. You move up very quickly but then you become frustrated by other gamers that are fool enough to pay real money for virtual items. (just my opinion) So unless you want to spend real money it becomes near impossible to compete. I hate being exploited by companies that make games pay2win. Expand
  31. Apr 8, 2014
    Card game based on luck alone. After half my deck being cards under 4 mana and never pulling them intill the game was already over on turn 7, you start to understand that this game is pure luck alone. You will never pull your low cards early and always pull your big cards first.
  32. Apr 19, 2014
    A dumbed down version of a tangible CCG made with profits in mind and nothing else.

    Cards that tower over others in power, due to how greedy this company is ALONG with an entry fee for an arena mode, where you can actually fight on somewhat equal footing mar whatever semblance of enjoyment you might have had.

    Not to mention that the social aspect is deprecated to the point of being
    non-existent. Both the absence of interaction and the win-or-get-nothing conditions make the already pay-to-win aspect inherent of CCGs frustrating by several orders of magnitude.

    It seems Blizzard attempted to make a go at MTGO, but failed in its ignorance of why people play these games in the first place: to interact with people and make friends.

    This game is contrary to that very notion. You are neither rewarded for playing with established friends, nor are you for making them. Hearthstone is an incredibly hostile experience because of it, so that often a failure to mute the opponent ends in regret (and the only way to communicate is through emotes!).

    I haven't even scratched the actual surface of the gameplay yet: most cards are essentially worthless and the entire game boils down to a handful of viable decks per class. Not to mention that class synergies and other restrictions means you have to either have played 100's of hours, or shelled out lots of money to have a shot in ranked play, or even casual play...

    When you finally get a balanced match, the games themselves play out very stupidly: more than often the winner is decided in the first few turns and strategy is left ENTIRELY to deck creation. It seems like whoever designed this game dropped out of community college before they could get to the introductory stats bit.

    The cherry on top of the **** sundae is the fact that the community is hostile to the point of being homicidal. However toxic LoLs community might be, it pales in comparison to this where I am sure without a doubt somebody would get killed if a live event were ever held.

    To consummate the greed of this **** **** excuse of a "gaming" company, the new content will be made a la arena, i.e. you'll have to pay money/have no life grinding JUST TO ACCESS it.

    In a nut shell:


    If you want a truly good CCG, or even online verson, then try the many, many different F2P options out there that aren't half as frustrating or costly.
  33. May 23, 2014
    Complete and total pay to win game. the game is build just to milk money from people. there is like 10% skill involved and all else is pay or RNG to win.
  34. Jul 23, 2014
    Graphics are nice, but the game itself is pay to win at its worst. Add to that how incredibly imbalanced the game is along with many, many bugs, and you have a huge waste of time. If they bothered to balance the game and simply gave us a game that we could purchase instead of being nickle and dime'd, there might be potential.
  35. May 10, 2014
    Its a free-to-play game, but it costs to win.
    This game come down to who wants to spend the most money, on the cards with the best stats. PAY-2-WIN
    It’s a numbers game, in more than one sense.
    And also, its really boring…
  36. Apr 19, 2014
    This game really just isn't fun, like AT ALL.

    I sincerely don't get why everyone keeps playing this game, hell I don't get why I played it for so long ( I have over 1000+ wins on record in this stupid game)

    Watch any streamer that plays this game and you'll see that there is ZERO fun to be had in this abomination of a card game. Blizzard should be ashamed on many different levels,
    on the actual design of the game, but also the amount of game breaking bugs in such a simple game that they just leave unchecked for MONTHS on end. They aren't ashamed though, because they are clearly not the same company that made masterpieces like Diablo ii and stracraft back in the day. They are laughing all the way to the bank with this one.

    The game is so rng based it isn't even funny. All it accomplishes is that it leaves you frustrated when it doesn't go your way and slightly amused when it does. There is in fact SO much RNG in this game that you'll never get to witness your "good play" producing results unless you play hundreds upon hundreds of games and somehow keep track of plays that you made. Otherwise you can play absolutely perfectly, and your opponent can play like a complete noob, and it doesn't matter, there will be NOTHING you can do to win, because rng will **** you over that hard.

    Take this scenario for example, you play an "amani berserker", which is a card that has 2 damage and 3 hp, but has a condition that when it receives damage of any sort and survives, it will gain +3 attack. Now on your opponents turn, let's say they play a "mad bomber", which is a card that will fire off 3 random bombs to any random targets. So in this scenario, playing that mad bomber is a "dumb" play because there are 3 targets for it to hit, and it's likely to land one of those on the amani, thus giving it the +3 attack bonus. But nope, all 3 bombs hit the amani and your opponent just got rewarded for making a dumb play, and you are SEVERELY behind now at that point. Yay, sound fun? No? Well that's because it isn't. This type of crap happens ALL THE TIME IN THIS AWFUL GAME.

    There are tons of cards like this mad bomber car, that are completely rng based. There is even a card for priest that will summon any random minion from your opponents deck into the battlefield. This can absolutely break a game. Why would you EVER have a retarded card like that in a game that you wanted to have any semblance of competitiveness?

    There are 2 game modes to play - constructed and arena. Constructed is boring, you'll only see 5 or 6 decks because the game is so cheesily designed that at any given point there will only be a few optimized decks that are viable.

    The other mode is arena, where you get a random deck created from a random selection of cards that you draft from. This mode is almost fun, because you actually get to see some variety instead of the same cards over and over again, however once again it is TOO RNG based, to the point where there's not a chance in hell you can beat some opponent's decks, and you have to FREAKING PAY to play the damn mode. That is unacceptable on so many different levels. You pay either 2 dollars USD (they're taking real life money in a game that, by the way, has game breaking bugs, such as not even letting you get pas the mulligan screen to play your match that you just PAID to be able to play), or you can use 150 in game coins, which take FOREVER to acquire. You will get 1 quest per day, if you're lucky it will earn you 60 gold but most only earn 40 gold, and you can earn 10 gold for getting 3 wins in constructed play. So basically, you're limited to maybe one arena every other day or two days depending on how good you are. You can earn the gold back if you do well enough in an arena, but that's pretty much once again all up to the RNG of the opponents you get (match making is HORRID in this game) and the RNG of your own deck.

    All in all, a very disappointing, promising but horribly executed buggy game that is 10% fun and 90% frustration, rage, and generally unfun moments that leave you wondering why you wasted time and/or money on this trash in the first place.
  37. May 7, 2014
    Random-number game build around a predatory pay-2-win business model that tries to lull players in with flashy graphics and sounds. Do not waste your time. Also keep your kids away from it if you do not want them to become gambling addicts.
  38. Apr 29, 2014
    This is a cash grab from Blizzard. Don't spend any money on the game. It's not a competitive game by any means, since the top 5 ranks are conquered by 4-5 decks that people play over and over again. Anyone who copies these decks can easily achieve the highest rank in the game with little to no effort. Literally 75% of the cards are weak and nobody plays them, but Blizzard does in order to adress this issue. Instead they are releasing new cards to maximize their profit.

    Furthermore, the game is super buggy and the servers lag a lot at times. There are no forums for the European servers (o.0) and the North American ones are basically unmoderated. Overall, it's a fun game that you can play for maybe 1 week before it becomes dull and repetitive. Don't get lured into buying a lot of packs though, because you will regret it more and more as you play and become more experienced.
  39. May 16, 2014
    Some key issues with the game. No1, they have a casual mode, but people play casual to stomp and a lot are BM. They need to remove casual mode because it doesn't seem casual friendly. No2, golden card rewards... Yeah, we aren't trading cards, Blizzardv2.

    I don't like the large range in mana costs, it adds to the randomness of the game and makes it less strategic. Certain cards just make
    the game more kinda like a "yay I drew this card" which is okay except it rewards luck greatly. The varied mana costs and card efficiencies makes it feel frustrating in general when luck doesn't go your way. The game highly revolves around around the classes, but how you stop the deadliest tools your opponent is with generic answers, just throwing down minions, having a silence, nerfbat or taunt ready or just a combo which isn't really designed to counter anything. Then there is the golem meta, draw and throw out golems... Ugh. Expand
  40. Apr 6, 2014
    Casual game for the ever growing casual market.

    RNG based, grindy, if you want to get the cards you need. Arena Fees... Nothing for me, thought it entertained me for a bit.
  41. Apr 24, 2014
    More pay-to-win, pay-to-play debauchery. Unbalanced classing system, and any real social system is non-existent. Graphics are goofy, and the actual playing cards are weakly illustrated. Blizzard is trying to spend as little time, effort, and money to gain as much income as possible. As usual, Blizzard / Activision care little for the consumer, and more for capitalistic gains. Play Scrolls: still in beta and a far superior product. Expand
  42. Apr 30, 2014
    Nicely polished card game with pretty UI that is completely ruined by its lack of features and depth. Two game modes, no statistics, no single-player outside of 'practice', not enough cards etc. And the meta card pool at any given moment is so small that you keep seeing the exact same decks all the time in constructed. Arena is still luck based (you can get 5 legendaries/epics or none whatsoever). The business model is pretty bad as well and with the new expansion it's gonna get much worse. Expand
  43. May 8, 2014
    they force you to play with other classes even if you dont want to, and although the game has potential, it is ruined by the repulsive business model. It's pay to win (constructed) or pay to play (arena), otherwise your options are to grind endlessly for ridiculously low gold rewards
  44. Mar 18, 2014
    Hearthstone is a game that you can either love or hate. Here are a few things you should know to help you make up your mind: 1. Its a "pay to win" game, you must be prepared to either dish out around 80 bucks to build decent decks or spend several months playing at a serious disadvantage while building them. 2. There are some balance issues. Some classes just aren't viable in high ranked play. If you dont mind switching to whatever class works you will be fine. If you like sticking with your favorite class, you might have a problem. 3. Hearthstone favors "aggro" / "rush" decks, meaning if favors decks with low cost cards resulting in relatively short matches. Expand
  45. Apr 6, 2014
    First, never trust any critics review on this site because all of them are specious. Then avoid any games directed by Jay Wilson at all cost. Paying for virtual cards is lame because this game is luck oriented and the gameplay is boring as usual from blizzard and repetitive. ZERO ZERO ZERO is my score on a scale of 1000.
  46. May 5, 2014
    Complete and total waste of time. Pay to win terrible game. if you want to spend a ton of money and play a game where luck is a huge factor then this game is for you.
  47. May 22, 2014
    This game might have the best interface and art compered to other card games. But it has just too much randomness, %75 luck %25 skill and last and the worst part is it's Pay2Win.
  48. May 9, 2014
    I'll give you an idea of how tedious it is for people who don't want to fork out hundreds of dollars to compete on an even playing field.

    1) 30 wins will give you a new booster pack (5 new random cards). Each Hearthstone match lasts 10 minutes on average.

    2) 80% of the player base are using ultra cheesy rush decks that are infuriating to play against (even more so if you only have
    access to the basic decks).

    3)The free cards you will be using are generally very weak

    4) you can open hundreds of packs and still not have access to every card

  49. May 16, 2014
    Hearthstone has to be the most unbalanced game I have ever played and it does not seem as if Blizzard truly cares to balance it. Everything in the game is about the money you spend or you will basically get nowhere without spending 500+ hours just to get a decent deck. I've been playing it for a couple weeks and still can barely beat anyone I'm matched against. When I play ranked, I'm usually matched with someone 3-5 ranks higher than me rather than around my own rank. The arena costs money to play or you can grind for hours to get the gold for it and the card selection you're given is usually very poor. I'm uninstalling because it's just like every other pay to win game. Expand
  50. May 21, 2014
    Good art, and audio. The gameplay interface is also very good. However the gameplay mechanics, the card game mechanics are very shallow. Any even slightly hardcore TCG player will get bored by the overly simple mechanics. The business model also places an emphasis on either winning a ton or spending a ton of money.
  51. May 25, 2014
    PAY TO WIN! there is no skill involved. just pay for advantage and luck. the game is a joke
    let me repeat my self:
  52. Jul 13, 2014
    If you like Magic The Gathering, then you will like this game. I don't mean this in a good way. In fact, I think it is worse than MtG. Both games have the problem that if you are willing to spend a pile of cash, then you can be sure to have the cards to build an over powered deck full of rare cards that will ensure a win. What makes this worse than MtG is that Hearthstone is run by a computer which sets up players against each other. So, the computer should be able to look at my deck and see that I am a casual player with very few overpowered cards and set me up against a player with the same level of deck. Instead, I am often put up against someone who has obviously spent a lot of money and now has a stack of rare cards in his deck.

    After a while, the constant beat down stops being fun and I stop playing. Though this game is free, there is no incentive for me to buy cards, which may not even fit the class that I want to play, for a game that I am not enjoying. Unistalled.
  53. Apr 26, 2014
    Won't talk about the whole "P2W" element. Anyone educated enough on CCG and TCG knows that they're a money drain. MTG is just as bad, especially Type-2. MTGO is awfully expensive too, more than Hearthstone.

    Why 4/10? Because in Hearthstone is far from being balanced and that's kind of an issue for a card game. Warlock and Hunter are completely OP while Mage are plain awful. Most of
    matches are a battle of luck rather than skill. As a Mage, I already know at turn 5 or 6 if I'm going to lose or not. Especially if facing a Warlock or Hunter (which is about 70% of the population from Rank 10 and above.)

    So HS forces you to play the Flavor of the month and off course if you want to move from one class to another, you have to spend more money. Only class-less legendaries/Epics will be able to be re-used, all your Class Specific cards becomes useless the moment you want to play something else.

    Then the whole matchmaking system is MOBA-style garbage, a big play button, impossible do anything beside choosing "Casual" or "Ranked". No in-game chat, no chat room, impossible to play with the person YOU want (unless he's on your friend-list). How hard is it to implement a system not based on sh*tty matchmaking? I want to decide against who I'm playing.

    The Arena now is a huge joke:

    1. You cannot choose the class you will play (off course the game balance is so awful that everyone would pick Paladin or Mage in Arena)

    2. The matchmaking system is once again awful. Can't I just have a proper tournament-style Drafts like MTGO does? No instead the game just matches you against random people. Would be way better to have tournament either Swiss-Style, either with direct elimination.

    3. The drafting system is bad, I'd rather open a pack, pick a card, and pass that pack over another player. Again like MTG does well. No instead the game just feed me with 3 random cards, and I got to pick one. So everything is based on luck. With a proper draft, luck is way less important. Why? Because if the pack you open is full of garbage, then the whole table is going to get garbage.

    Beside that the game is fun, mechanics are fun too.

    TL;DR: Awful balance, bad matchmaking system, no proper tournament. Fun mechanics.
  54. Apr 23, 2014
    The amount "random" cards makes this not a lot of fun to play. Granted, it works both way, but the game's winner is determined by luck more times than Poker. The only strategy is in the deck building. But stuff like "Destroy Random Minion" "Deal 3 Damage to two random minions" "Deal one damage to a random minion" "Take control of Random Minion" "Copy random card from opponents hand" The list goes on. Then of course the randomness in the deck. I've played many CCGs, Magic, Pokémon, Star Wars, LOTR, and get there's always an element of randomness, but this goes way beyond that. The game is fun and well put together, but the luck factor is way too high. Expand
  55. Apr 17, 2014
    Game is exactly as described. It is seriously Pay to Win. The matching system is horribly broken and will match you up against the kid/guy who paid a ton of cash to buy virtual cards. The classes at first seem balanced but then you realize some have specific cards that are so powerful they defy logic. Nothing about this game is even remotely fun outside maybe playing against the terrible AI.
  56. Apr 9, 2014
    This is a pretty harsh score I would say but it is deserved because primarily it is deceptively not F2P and greatly encourages purchases as the Legendary cards are basically only acquired through the purchase of packs to either luckily pull one or get enough rares to disenchant until you may be able to craft them, and let's face it: anyone who's played past rank 13-12 will run into decks with Legendary cards that always tip the scales. This is a big problem, but not the only one of course.

    A big issue I had is the incredible amount of repetition that I kept seeing. Everyone begins to have the exact same deck from their respective class after a certain rank, you see the same cards over and over until you run into the maniac that keeps pulling legendary cards on you, which isn't terribly fun either. The problem is that there is no variety in its play, I would say that 80% of the decks are control decks, all you will see is one form of control over the other because there really aren't that many cards to begin with and the mediocre decision to have classes with powers means everyone will build around their classes' respective power. This is a poor decision on blizzard's part and simply adding more cards with different abilities in place of this would have been a far better choice in the long-run.

    It was fun for a week but you will begin to see how incredibly limited the game is and how repetitive it does get. If you've dabbled in MTG this is a big no-no as it feels like a starter pre-school version of MTG. Don't believe a word I say? Check it out for yourself as it's free to get started but don't buy packs, you will end up regretting it
  57. May 5, 2014
    Another pay to win game. You cannot normally play without buy a several card packs for real money because in some point you find yourself in the situation, where you can't make in-game gold.
    Worth trying but just for training, which more interesting then actual game
  58. Apr 17, 2014
    When I started off with Hearthstone, it was really fun and interesting game. I would have definitely given it 8/10 easily.

    Sadly, the game has taken turn for the worse: Nowdays you'll constantly run into few dominant decks (which people have been kind enough to share with others, thanks to wonders of the internet) and you can basically predict the outcome just after 1-3 Turns.
    The game
    that COULD have been a tactically demanding card game has now devolved into braindead zerg-rush 24/7.

    Oh, and thank you "Unleash the Hounds" card, you single handedly made the whole game worse.
  59. Mar 29, 2014
    Literally dependent on how much money you're willing to spend on the game. You spend a lot on the in-game micro transactions, you'll eventually be rewarded by cards that people who aren't ready to spend on the game don't have. These cards are stronger than normal cards and can essentially win you a duel.

    Blizzard essentially threw this together within a year and aren't even bothered to
    balance their cards. The only balance changes I've seen were in order to buff already stupidly strong cards.

    The only strong point to this game is the graphics and such which follow blizzard's standard of polishing their games.
  60. Apr 28, 2014
    How this game got past Blizzards think-tank is beyond me. Being a terrible mix between Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh its not even worth the download time just to check it out. For World of Warcraft players there are some perks to advancing in Hearthstone like in-game mounts and so on, but for those who jumped ship on the WoW wagon ( I bailed at MOP, didn't mind the Pandas, hated the TP system), I wouldn't waste your time or HDD space. Expand
  61. May 24, 2014
    Fun at first. Then you start to realize that you need those fancy cards. As you can not win at some point whithout them. Bummer blizzard is as money hungry as ever. Let them win some then realize you need money to continue playing and actualy winning.

    Pathetic effort at a pay to win concept!
  62. May 25, 2014
    PAY TO WIN! The game is a joke. Pay to win game with a ton of problems and developers that are completly ignoring the people playing this game. the game is a joke
  63. May 25, 2014
    What had potential for a few hours quickly spiraled into a miserable experience.

    After trying each hero I settled for one I liked and played it exclusively for a while. The game started to get more difficult and I thought it'd be a good idea to play each class through to know the opponents. That turned out to be a mistake. Since I was a high level on another class I was given
    opponents comparable to my favored class when I was playing new classes with gimped starter decks.

    Needless to say I went back to my preferred class and continued to climb. Despite the prior frustration I spent $10 on the game because I thought that was a fair assessment of the value. What I got for $10 was rubbish, but I didn't mind it was fun. That ended soon.

    Around level 20 I stopped getting even matches. I started playing players with all sorts of crazy elite and legendary cards, classes of cards I didn't even have. And legendaries are so overpowered it isn't even funny. Most when they come out get an instant concede; there's literally nothing in your deck you can draw to save yourself.

    So I tried arena. Each time you design a deck from scratch in a series of choose-from-three rounds. How can that be pay-to-play, right? Perhaps not, but it sure as hell ain't balanced. I've probably played a dozen times and I've been offered a legendary card once. Half of my opponents had one. How can you allow the notably overpowered legendary cards in some decks and not others?

    The game is pay to play. Don't expect to grind out good cards. You pay for them or you burn out after 10-20 hours of play.

    On a mobile device this game would be at home with the rest of the microtransaction garbage out there. Blizzard is clearly not interested in good games anymore. They pump out trash with all the trimmings but no content. This one strikes out.

    This game would have gotten 5 stars since I feel I got $10 out of it except for the, but it loses those five stars for a disgusting business model and a terribly balanced game that supports it.
  64. Mar 30, 2014
    Once you learn what cards there are in the game, it's easy to figure out what cards you need or should put into your deck based on whatever play style your opponents are using. Running against guys with a bunch of 1-2 mana minions? Use aoe and play taunts. Running against guys with a bunch of late game legendaries? Put strong board clear in your decks. With that said though, considering how few cards there are, there are a limited number of strategies that you can play. It's either you play the board control game and clear all your opponent's minions and then killing him, or the rush deck where you play 1-2 mana minions and bum rush him. Either one can win, but it more often than not boils down to luck. You can go into arena with 2 or 3 flamestrikes as a mage and you may only pull them once or twice out of 4 or 5 games. You could also run into guys who get 6-6 blood knights on turn 2 and the game pretty much just ends right there if you can't kill it immediately. Often, it's extremely obvious what your opponents are about to do, but more often than not, you just can't do anything about it such as playing a flamestrike in the next turn or playing a legendary. It's just about getting lucky and hoping they don't have a counter to whatever you're playing. Expand
  65. Jun 19, 2014
    I feel this game is Pay to win. If you don't have the right legendary cards, it's very hard to get enough wins to progress, so grinding is a very frustrating option. Uninstalled
  66. Mar 20, 2014
    Pay to win + horrible new player experience.....not a good combination

    When you start the game you either have to pay a lot of real money to build a deck, or accept you are going to lose every match for a long time.. neither is really fun or conductive to a new player experience.

    You see the way the game matches players is flawed and it sticks brand new players against people with
    tricked out decks and a lot of rare and legendaries, new players cant counter this and just get crushed, this is of course intentional to cause said new players to go spend money to even the odds.....

    Yeah great idea... dragged down by the real money aspect, it would have worked much better as a monthly fee or pay once where you know it would be balances for fun and not for sucking money.
  67. Apr 26, 2014
    I had to try this just to confirm what I already knew. The game is a moneygrubbing exercise, just like everything else Blizzard has been doing since it was infested by Activision. Five matches in I got pitted against people with totally OP cards, over and over and over again, and you basically have to pay to have any chance within ten-twenty minutes of competition. F2P at its absolute worst as expected from the slimy wreckage Blizzard has become. To slap you in the face some more, just for fun, arena play - basically the only remotely interesting part of the game - requires you to PAY BLIZZARD MONEY every time you want to try a random deck against somebody else. I can`t believe I just wrote that about a half assed game like this! Who in their right minds are paying for something that should be in the damn game for anyone since it`s a game mode? Oh why do I even bother...
    It might be possible to have fun with Hearthstone for about an hour, perhaps two, although there are of course about ten thousand games you should be playing instead. But unless you are prepared to waste your hard earned money filling the pockets of repulsive fatcats who made the game, then that`s it.
    It is reasonably enjoyable while it lasts in fairness. But naturally the few AI matches you get to do are a lot more fun than PVP, simply because they are at least balanced for F2P, and they`re not really all that great. In addition to all this, priests seem totally broken, although this was a first impression. Trust Actiblizz to botch any sense of balance though, as is their tradition.
    It looks as disgustingly generic and worn out as you would think, with a billion esoteric references to Blizzard`s grand old turkey, World of Warcraft. But it is polished enough and not directly offensive to the ears or eyes, although it is incredibly offensive intellectually and if you are looking for entertainment. But trust me when I say that you don`t want to see or hear any of it, unless you hate yourself and/or have a Blizzard fetish. All in all, another absolutely trashy game from Blizzard, which has now sunk to such lows that words fail me. I thought DIablo III was bad but this just blows it out of the water as far as unmitigated refuse and suspicious piles of matter on the sidewalk goes. Their games, and this one in particular, are now so bad you`d be better off getting a C64 emulator and downloading shoot-em- ups from the mid 80s. Avoid this gaming equivalent of syphilis at all costs!
  68. Jun 24, 2014
    Completely uneven gameplay, elite cards that you BUY with CASH MONEY are completely unbalanced and beyond what you earn in basic play. Once one of these 'elite' cards is put into play at any point in the game it is over, and no amount of skill or luck will save you. Since card draws are random, you can't even strategize a way around them.
  69. Jun 7, 2014
    This game sucks so much dick, I thought for a second, that I took a wrong turn in an african whore house. I would rather suck off the entire Burning Legion instead of play another round of this **** game, just to get a free mount.

    Dear Blizzard, DIAF and I hate you forever for nerfing Shamans in WoW.

    GG NO RE.
  70. Apr 23, 2014
    Hearthstone is a quality casual card game that will dominate the mobile market for a long period of time. The aesthetics of the game are top notch and hearing the roar of "FOR THE HORDE" while your minions attack never becomes dull. Thought the game does suffer heavily from its current play systems. Cards can only be obtained in a few ways and completing a "powerful" deck may takes weeks even months without buying cards. While the F2P system of the game should be commended for its accessibility; without quests the gold earned is 10 gold per 3 wins. It cost 100 gold for a deck of 5 cards. Assuming 50% win rate that is 60 games which is absurd. To make any progress it is best to play the game every three days or so in order to complete quest together. Disappointing that the game is behind a massive paywall that cannot even be overcome with paying due to RNG. Expand
  71. Jun 15, 2014
    Pay to win, pure and simple. The "Arena" game mode isn't pay to win, but has such a ridiculously high entry cost that it takes around 10 hours of playing constructed to play a single Arena run.
  72. Apr 17, 2014
    The game is fairly entertaining for the first hour but then you will find that it's very unbalanced. Classes like Mage, Priest and Warlock are the best and destroy everyone and each other while Classes like Rogue, Druid and Hunter are handicap with cards that aren't even capable of holding there own ground. Comparing the first 3 classes to the next 3 is that the cost of the cards are the same, but the first 3 have a large gap in damage and benefits in there cost while the other 3 are utterly weak and have not a large range of abilities. I'd say this game is still incomplete as it's whoever has the better class will usually win and it's certainly unfair for those who want to play with different cards other the being the most powerful. Expand
  73. Apr 4, 2014
    If you're familiar with Magic: the gathering, this game will be disappointing. This is a good intro to the fun that can be had with trading-card-games but is seriously lacking in many areas that make them fun:

    player interaction
    SOCIAL interaction
    counter spells

    i'm missing some/if i remember i'll come back and update, this is an okay game, but isn't worth dumping money into.
  74. Apr 30, 2014
    Boring. Lacks depth. Based more on luck of draw than strategy. Uses a pay2win model. There are much better online collectible card games out there than this Blizzard 'cash in'.
  75. May 29, 2014
    Very poorly excuted, graphics for warcraft 1 maybe or some facebook games... very slow game play, for a fight you have to wait for the animation... Game mechanics is shallow and no creativity like other card games. Putting Heroes of warcraft title to draw the crowds no creative work like in other Blizzard titles. Pay 2 win like all of card games... nothing new. Don't bother yourself with this game. unless you like the graphics and want to play any crap game have a warcraft name in it ... your choice... free to play but its pure pay 2 win and pay to enjoy...

    1 point only for the audio...
  76. Jun 1, 2014
    The over simplified mechanic doesn't do it for me I'm a great magic and yugioh fan I played quite some heartstone, and I just don't feel it's as good the higher tier cardgames I know a lot of people will disagree and I'm fine with that This is my humble opnion, If you like simple card games or want to pick up a cardgame to start off with this is certainly a great game. Maybe if there are a ton of new cards and abilities I'll concider picking it up again Expand
  77. May 31, 2014
    Interesting game, but sadly it's pay to win unless you want to grind for a million years :) If it wasn't for pay 2 win I think this game would have a lot of potential...
  78. Jun 4, 2014
    Absolute joke of a game. The game is so based around RNG that the enjoyment factor is completely dependent on your luck.

    If you want to play a game where you have no control on how you do in a particular game then this is the perfect game for you!

    Not only the RNG ruins this game but the simple minded opponents who take the maximum amount of time to play even if they have 1 card in
    their hand, and the fact that 2 in 3 people you play must have at least spent a load of money on this game to get the best cards in the game, and the fact the major balancing issues where some classes are so under powered compared to others that it should be a crime to hire the developers, and the fact that your opponent always tries to annoy you no matter what the circumstance is, and the fact that the business model in this game is a joke (Where you have to win 30 games (Which can take more than 15 minutes each) to open 1 pack which contains 5 cards), and the fact that nearly everyone makes decks which they see online on a website so the ability to 'craft your own deck' is utterly pointless (Should just be a "browse decks to use" function).

    Apart from all of these points it's an amazing game!
  79. Jun 15, 2014
    I feel this game is Pay to win. If you don't have the right legendary cards, it's very hard to get enough wins to progress, so grinding is a very frustrating option. Uninstalled.
  80. Jul 7, 2014
    Played this a whole bunch in the early betas and boy was it fun.. Until I got a taste of the arena. Priest after priest after priest of people abusing some seriously broken and overpowered builds. Waited a while for them to patch it and they did. But then another class got overpowered, then nerfed, then another class... And so on.

    It's the exact same f*cking rubbish people have been
    putting up for over 8+ years now in Wow where they can't reach a balanced consensus and instead resort to just mixing everything up randomly every other week and If they are already doing this in the beta and onto the release.. Well, that Isn't a good sign as far as creative thinking goes.

    Give this game a try and If they still haven't fixed the overpowered builds, stop playing and start praying for them to not also screw up Heroes of the Storm.
  81. Apr 22, 2014
    In my opinion , hearthstone is the number 1 time consuming game , it is challenging , won't make you regret the time played , i suggest that if you need to burn time on your hours long bus home , waiting rooms , or need to reset your sleep cycle , this game is the cure to your problems , just a different perspective on a life consuming and addicting game that is crowd destination is pay to win player , as a game it self it gets barely a 6 but because it is free , and because my rich pass experience with extreme time consuming games , i pick this one as my favorite . Expand
  82. Aug 25, 2014
    p2w, bad matchmaking.

    Yes you can buy card packs with ingame currency(gold) but earn gold in this game is very frustrating, lets do some simple maths, you need 100 gold for buy 1 card pack so you need to win 30 games(crazy) but you will loose 50% of games so you have to play 60 games(lol 60 games for buy 1 card pack), 10 min for every game = 600 min = 10 hours.
  83. Aug 1, 2014
    Terrible game, terrible support, pay to win. That's all what you must know about this game. I don't wanna blame Blizzard, but this is the worst game from them.
  84. Jul 17, 2014
    By far one of the worst TCG out F2P is jip if you want to get ahead of Zoo stomps or 4 card focus decks your going to have to pay to get it painlessly then do the same as everyone else, for people talking about diveristy of the decks yes lots of cards but most are just rehash fillers with little meaning behind them just more fodder for your mindless clicking, the map is about as shallow as the real card selection but it comes with a few click animations that really pads out the life of this game as you spam click the barracks door or the troll icon or spam you emotes at the enemy. Expand
  85. May 27, 2014
    This game is classic pay for power, as the time cost to compete otherwise is prohibitively high. TLDR: playing 3 hours a day, it will take you approximately 5 months to get the right cards for the current meta, and the meta will shift by then. ONLY way to be competitive is to spend $200+ USD on this game.

    Here's the math supporting this: ALL the top players use the same 5+ legendary
    cards in their decks. Each win gives you 3.33 gold. Each game takes ~10 minutes to play. Winning half your games, playing 3 hours per day, and finishing the daily quests will net you ~90 gold per day. 100 Gold =/= 60 dust. 1600 Dust gives you the one legendary of your choice. This translates to 29.6 days to get a single legendary card of your choice without spending cash. Alternatively, you can spend $200+ to get those legendary cards off the bat. Expand
  86. Jun 19, 2014
    Although this game is a fun game i would really like to get into. It is also a game which is not friendly to new players. There is a sort of tutorial, which includes 6 missions however they never actually teach you the mechanics of the game and the last missions is a pain to even try and finish.

    At this point you may think it's okay i'll just go play against AI or even online against
    people my level.
    This however is not the case. The majority of the ai is pretty easy to defeat, except for the warrior which requires one of two things. Luck, or skill. This is painful because of the fact that the game has not yet taught you the skill you need to defeat this opponent.

    After getting tired of this AI, i though "Maybe going online against people my level is easier." However after loosing almost 10 games in a row, i thought maybe not. And i don't mean to say they just beat me by inches. I mean to say if i had done any worse i think i would have reported the game for a bug where i lose 30 hp at the end of the third round.

    Another problem i had with the game is that although the people online were my level, almost all of them had cards i'd only seen in popular Hearthstone videos " e.g. Baumi or Blitz" It's at this point where i realized they had payed for these special cards which i had to access to as a free to play player.

    To summarize this game has some really fun features and is very entertaining, but its lack of noob friendly setting and pay to win features mean its very frustrating to play, and overall its just another Blizzard pay to win which feels as if an indie developer would have done better.
  87. Jun 25, 2014
    The design of only best out of 1 when randomly paired along with the large competitive focus of ranked play (due to there being only a loss in resources and a huge feel of grindiness while winning) results in a feeling of resentment for my opponents.
  88. Jul 9, 2014
    Its not F2P its P2W, why doesn't blizzard add a button that says "WIN, costs $5" it would save time...
    oh yeah, if any blizzard employee is reading, suggest to your boss to buy a trade mark for PAY TO WIN (P2W), you will get a raise and probably a promotion too!
  89. Jul 20, 2014
    Terrible balance, and connection issues in iPad version.

    The game is deceptively expensive, and insanely boring!

    The in-game transaction is expensive, 2 dollars per card pack which only has 5 cards. And chance of getting epic or legendary cards is smaller than being hit by lightening. And after a while, you will get common cards that you already have. So don't waste I your money in
    this game buying card packs. Arena entry is another money robber, for 2 dollars you get to play the arena game with random cards. This is all depends on luck, someone will get nice cards in their decks, some one will get all useless cards. Balance takes a small role, luck rules all.

    The balance in this game is terrible, because the designers are on ok lazy that they create a lot of cards with random effects. For those who has played a lot or has spent lots of money buying cards, they can form a deck with all epic or legendary. New players will be crushed. Thus there is no fun for new players. Because the game is so imbalanced, now only a few certain decks almost wins all the time, and most old players only play those decks to win. There is no diversity and no fun.

    If you are new, STAY AWAY from this game, don't waste your time and money.
  90. Aug 2, 2014
    Another prime example of the nowadays popular f2p p2w model. Prepare to be disappointed if you want to have fun without spending a penny. Most of your opponents will be players who pay a lot, and that means a HUGE advantage against the non-paying gamers. Skip this game if you want to avoid a headache.
  91. Aug 3, 2014
    Hearthstone heroes of warcraft is a another money grabber game made by brazilian the same compney that make World of Warcraft owned by soney

    The reson why Hearthstone heroes of warcraft is a money grabber game as it is free to play but you will only be able to get to a minimum level as the card in the game are reged & designed to get you to buy card pack for money a bit like a lot of
    other games that soney mkes, So if you are not willing to spend any of your money on the game then do not expte to get any hi then lev 20, It quite funny that lev 20 seem to be the stoping piont in the game just like World of Warcraft, so if you do enjoy playing card games i guess it ok but the game is not as free as u wood think Expand
  92. Aug 16, 2014
    The game itself is unbalanced, unfair, cheap and an absolutely pathetic attempt from Blizzard to try and create a good card game. The game is purely about odds and how lucky or unlucky in most cases you are at drawing the right cards at the right time.
    9 times out of 10 you will lose because of these odds and you cant help but feel that the majority of times you lost is because of the
    game itself and poorly made it actually is. Also players that actually choose to pay for cards in this game somehow gain a advantage over those that refuse to pay and this makes the game even cheaper than it already is.
    I would never recommend such a game to no one, it is not enjoyable, it is not fun, it is cheap and unbalanced and one of the most frustrating experiences that I have have with card games.
  93. Sep 9, 2014
    Ну кароч играли с посонами а у ниху данат(знаю пиздец)и кароче не винису нихуя игра пиздец нахуй играйте луче в диабло 1.5(ну хелфаер епт)и привет Тохе иди ты нахуй 10 гейбов из 10 близардов
  94. Sep 9, 2014
    Game so baz, my grundmer iz ded cuase of game so bed. 10/10. I areen't even thwe one who was jonkin abbot the one who had as amny skills ans me did.


    Beast germ N/A
  95. Sep 8, 2014
    Someone summed this game up with words "digital casino".
    And that's exactly what this game is. Rule-wise it's bare bones and unbalanced beyond comprehension. The only mechanic this game has is **** you I destroy all minions" cards, which are hilarious. It could be fun for a minute, but the problem there is the bussiness model. You can't even buy decks or cards you actually want. You need
    to roll a dice (casino!) and count for the best, but most probably you will open hundreds of packs before you will be able to build an actual working deck. And then all there is gameplay-wise is top-decking counting to get "that" one or two **** you cards" the opponent can do nothing about. I think any other card game out there is better than this, unfortunately. Even the theme can't save it. Expand
  96. Aug 25, 2014
    Same as all games the game is "free" unless you want to spend real money in the game...optional "spending". Decent game, not as good as Magic card game but its cute. Mostly made for eSports gamers that get donations to buy decks etc etc. Overall one major issues, as most games is their network. Game lags, sometimes you cant log in at all, even when you play vs computer sometimes it takes them 2 to 5 minutes to make a move or pick a card. Expand
  97. Aug 22, 2014
    Garbage. Pay to win, Nuff said. Dont waste your time. You will enjoy the first 2 weeks, then you will be destroyed by retards that spend money in this game and can buy better cards. Dont play this game.
  98. Aug 11, 2014
    This game starts really entertaining, you go against AI to win some of the class cards which makes it exciting for a while.

    It all goes to hell when you start playing in the Arena and Ranked, this game is about buying cards and using the same retarded unbalanced cards/ hero class.

    Got to admit the Voice , sounds , animations are really fancy and enjoyable, but it is nothing more than that.
  99. Sep 6, 2014
    At first this free to play, magic the gathering style, 'build your deck and play as a magic wielding hero' game seems like fun. It's very well presented in typical interface and graphics quality expected from such a large publisher. However, after quite a few hours of play, having built up tactics and got a good feel for the game, you realise the depth is lacking. 30 card decks with 2 card limits and only limited card pools to choose from leave a sour taste in the mouth every time you lose (and it will be frequently) to the very high weighting luck has in this card game. The character powers add some depth to the gameplay, but at the end of the day you'll play people using almost the same cards and win or lose on luck. The mechanics are quite restricted too, so I'm not sure that they can make a card base large enough to add the required variation to at least mask this element.
    Those getting higher into the rankings will also realise that free to play gets you so far. The number of players using high %s of rares, even low in rankings, is very surprising and will limit the fun for the casual player.
    It's certainly fun for a quick game here or there, and it's a shiny, we'll presented blizzard package, but if you're looking for some depth to your skill base in a card game, look elsewhere, as ultimately this is half built game mechanics with CCG-esc pay for power rankings.
  100. Sep 9, 2014
    Magic the Gathering: Warcraft Edition. Ages 6+. That is all this all hearthstone feels like, a simplified MtG.

    There is too much grinding for even the basic cards, let alone the strong legendary cards. Games usually come down to the RNG of card draw. Arena doubly so with the RNG of drafting. Constructed play consists of everyone playing only the strongest two classes with the same two
    The UI is amazing. That is the only nice thing I can really say about the game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 42
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 42
  3. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. Jul 6, 2014
    When Blizzard announced they were making a digital CCG, we all expected it to look and sound beautiful, and there was little doubt that it would be well-balanced, but I don’t think anyone anticipated this level of sophistication and subtle brilliance.
  2. Jun 28, 2014
    Simple rules, high production values, low system requirements and huge tactical freedom make Hearthstone one of the best card games available. And if you take into account the free-to-play model – it’s the best one. [05/2014, p.62]
  3. Jun 7, 2014
    A fine example of a great free-to-play game. Hearthstone is not only an addictive and well designed card game, but absolutely fair with gamers that do not wish to spend money on it.