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  • Summary: Set twenty-five years in the future, Hellgate: London introduces a world devastated by a demon invasion and a desolate city scorched by hellfire where mankind has gone underground to survive. Among them are the Templar, an archaic and secret society that foresaw this demonic apocalypse centuries ago. Followers of arcane rites, the Templar combine futuristic technology with ancient artifacts to forge powerful weapons and armor. The mystic sanctuary of the Underground system provides players safe conduct throughout the sprawling metropolis of London as they seek to preserve the bloodline of man and gain a foothold against the minions of darkness. Hellgate: London combines the depth of role-playing games and action of first-person titles, while offering infinite playability with randomly created levels, items, and events. The player creates a heroic character, completes quests, and battles through innumerable hordes of demons to advance through experience levels and branching skill paths. A robust, flexible skill and spell system, highly customizable appearances, and a massive variety of randomly generated equipment allow players to create their own unique hero. [Namco] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 40
  2. Negative: 2 out of 40
  1. It doesn't redefine the action RPG, but in a genre laden with derivative games, Hellgate is a refreshing concoction that's likely to have enduring appeal. [Dec 2007, p.48]
  2. Hellgate: London arrives as an addictive and highly replayable action RPG. [Dec 2007, p.96]
  3. Sure Hellgate: London has many features that are found in the Diablo series but they have not made a Diablo clone. The games could be called kissing cousins but for all its downsides, HG:L can be an addicting experience.
  4. Hellgate: London does have potential though but it's just not there yet. There's a lot of fixing the needs to be done and a lot of bugs to hammer out.
  5. 70
    Flagship, despite whatever mistakes it's made with Hellgate, still taps into that addicted-to-loot gland in my cranium, and I am willing to put up with its flaws. It's now a matter of whether you want to put up with its somewhat unpolished nature at the moment, or wait until Flagship possibly smoothes out the warts that its little demon is showing.
  6. How do you score something that is so hellish (in more than one way) one second and so awesome the next? Hellgate: London probably just needed some extra time in Beta. Maybe pushing for Halloween was too much. I'm in the camp that would rather have a game delayed than have it get over-looked due to technical issues that could've been worked out beforehand.
  7. 40
    Online, however, is a broken mess as of launch. In time, you’ll probably be able to add at least a point to our score, but as of right now, you’re better off waiting to jump into this demon-infested version of London.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 85 out of 180
  2. Negative: 63 out of 180
  1. May 7, 2011
    Great game, released too early. The game is full of unique weapons and gameplay elements, and feels like a killer action RPG with subtle touches of Diablo influence. However, aside from creatures from another dimension, there is no 'ripoff' from Diablo. The game is not the typical top-down ARPG like Diablo. It is no clone.
    Admittedly, the random areas are not really, and the game has bugs. But I blame the publishers, which forced the game to be released on Halloween to try and get sales money coming in. With extra time, the game would've been more complete and polished. But it's years ahead of Diablo in gameplay elements. NPCs are more strange than funny, and quests are pretty simple, but the game works well for fighting enemies and building great loot. Being able to build and upgrade items makes for a great experience, and helps create lasting equipment that you don't sell once you find a better version. It's not perfect, but it is what Diablo 3 and Torchlight should've been aiming for, instead of the same old kill grind in random areas. I'd give it 8.5 but I'll round up.
  2. Sep 5, 2010
    horrifically underrated game, Hellgate: London is a great game that will provide great fun while playing and provides replay value for the different class types. this game provides an immersive storyline, if sloppily presented. too many people think that visuals and super realistic gameplay mechanics are the most important things in a game nowadays. the game provides great atmosphere if not a bit repetitive, the game does borrow heavily from diablo in the item prefixes and suffixes and upgrade slots and having several randomized maps for each area, and of course always swapping items for better ones and upgrading your character, which is tedious for some, but diablo fans like myself will appreciate it. being able to switch between first and third person gameplay was a nice touch as well. i don't know why the guy below me is complaining about bad interface, i found it very intuitive and smooth. four stars. Expand
  3. Nov 17, 2013
    Simple addictive no brainer action game set against the backdrop of an apocalypse. Pick your class and kill a horde loads of evil creatures leveling up all the way and maybe save humanity or not. Expand

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