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  • Summary: Hell's Kitchen: The Video Game is based on the U.S. television program world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay. The game allows players to experience the show’s high-pressure kitchen and dining room challenges as a faithfully rendered 3D Chef Ramsay watches their every move. After executing the three phases of an order – preparation, cooking and service – Chef Gordon Ramsay scores each meal. As they progress through the game, players are rewarded with access to recipes from Chef Ramsay's own repertoire. Chef Ramsay watches players' every move and judges them as they progress by yelling at them, praising them or shutting down the kitchen if their skills don't meet his expectations. As players progress, they'll gain access to authentic Gordon Ramsay recipes, including many that are offered exclusively to game owners. In Career Mode, players can earn stars to build their way up from a Single-Star restaurant to a prestigious Five-Star establishment. As the player advances through the ranks, their star rating advances and the recipes become more varied and intricate. In Arcade Mode, the pressure builds as customers become increasingly demanding. Players are challenged to keep up with the pressure before time is up, or Chef Ramsay loses patience and closes the kitchen. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. 50
    Though devoid of fun, I'd like to say that the gameplay was challenging in the sense that it does offer a sense of accomplishment; quickly analyzing the dishes and prioritizing the cooking order feels like some kind of nerdy challenge. However, the sheer, mind-boggling repetitiveness of the game nullifies that; the only thing Hell's Kitchen teaches you to do is click on a mouse quickly.
  2. Simple cooking game tries to make fortune on famous reality show license. The best part is the recipes from Gordon Ramsey that you can try in your real kitchen. [Issue#189]
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  1. BenMann
    Sep 28, 2008
    Gets a bit repetitive after a while. However, it is a fun game, but I don't think it fulfills the potential of the concept, you can't add ingredients, or create dishes etc, only have set bowls which you can prepare, then cook the ingredients, send out and finally serve. Can get very stressful though! Also, good cause you get actual recipies which can be printed off or emailed to someone! Expand