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  1. Oct 27, 2016
    I can’t comment on the general and RTS side of gameplay because I haven’t really experienced any of it. Progression however is painfully slow and could most certainly use with an increase in order to get the ball rolling for new players. Graphics could definitely be improved, it feels slightly dated and the pictures displayed on the store page show a greater graphical superiority when compared to actual gameplay.
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  1. Aug 30, 2014
    Mediocre Pay2Win shooter with a couple large maps and several small ones. There are two factions - Allies (US) and Axis(Germany). Each factionMediocre Pay2Win shooter with a couple large maps and several small ones. There are two factions - Allies (US) and Axis(Germany). Each faction can send an "Assault Team" of 20 players to capture a region. An assault team is essentially a certain number of spawn tickets. Once there are no more spawns, the assault team is defeated.

    While the game could've been a 5, it has horrible network issues. Playing on a server with "green" ping, I routinely see my tank shots fly straight through the enemy tank, as if it is not there. No "Armor too Thick" or "Impact angle too high" messages, just does nothing. These issues might not be visible for infantry, where you just assume you miss, but seeing a nice shell tracer go straight through makes the issue obvious.

    The Pay2Win system consists of a lengthy grind to progressively unlock more powerful weapons. Players earn 10 levels of badges through gameplay, and one of the last badges (like 8-9 unlocks next tier item). For example, light tank 7 or so unlocks Stuart tank for the US, while light tank 9 unlocks first medium tank. There's a crapton of grinding in an AWFUL M2 tank. While it looks like a regular tank from a side, it actually has 2 MG turrets that rotate about 80 degrees, meaning as a driver, you simply cannot look right.

    There is a shortcut of paying about 8 dollars per weapon and 13 dollars per premium weapon (ex: sniper rifle). The grind is LONG, really long.

    Unsurprisingly, the German faction is significantly more populated and is fairly overpowered in terms of tanks and MG42s. Even the login screen says that there are too many germans.

    The game looks about the same as battlefield 2, - rather flat terrain without grass rendering more than 50 meters away, shadows are pretty nice though.

    The game features several vehicles for each side - 3 types of tanks (light, medium, heavy), tank destroyers, planes and transport. None of these really stand out, and the tanks feel really clunky, I have not found the zoom button, so light tanks have better zoom than medium ones. There's practically no bullet drop of any kind - you point your gun and the shell lands exactly where you are looking at.

    In order to spawn with vehicle, the player needs to buy a tank crewman, or grind a rifleman to tier 3. For a pilot, the grind is to tier4, for a sniper to tier 6. Each soldier has to unlock same items, which is where my biggest gripe with the game is.

    The spotting system is fairly good - after placing crosshairs on an enemy for a few seconds, a static marker appears in that place for 10 seconds or so. This means it's really hard to "shoot red things" through cover.

    Lack of maps really starts to show, even after a few hours of gameplay - you will be fighting over the same city, same villages, same factory, and the same single airfield OVER, and OVER, and OVER, ad nauseum, with Germans winning 90% of the games. While some maps are large, they are not complex enough to warrant different tactics. Tanks camp the same hill on airfield, people shoot out of the same windows.

    There's minimum destructible environments- tanks can crush wooden and wire fences.

    Overall, a mediocre Pay2Win shooter, there are much better ones, like PlanetSide 2 (where you get a whole continent of a map), WarThunder, where planes actually fly like planes
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  2. Jun 23, 2015
    Ignore the Free 2 Play part. If you ever played theHunter you will know what to expect here.

    Heroes and Generals is basically a game with
    Ignore the Free 2 Play part. If you ever played theHunter you will know what to expect here.

    Heroes and Generals is basically a game with subscription fee. 10€ for a month or 20€ for 3 months. Forget about playing without veteran membership.

    First few hours might seem ok. You can use semi auto rifle or smg, 3 factions to chose from. 3 maps available at first, games feel quite balanced.

    Then, as you rank up, you are thrown into games with big boys. You will still have just your gun (maybe slightly upgraded) and few grenades but suddenly you're facing tanks, armored cars, planes, snipers that kill you with one shot etc.
    And that isn't even the worst part. You spend your last credits on Anti-tank launcher to have any way of fighting back, maybe buy some mines as well. You jump into a game and quickly spot lots of tanks just shooting everywhere, destroying your teammates. You go for a nice flank and blow them up with your launchers and mines.
    Without enemy tanks shelling at them, your teammates can progress and cap the points, pushing enemies back. You win the game and feel like the real hero!

    Sounds good?

    Then comes the repair bill. You will probably ask: "What do you mean? What repair bill?"
    Oh, you didn't know? It's this cool, innovative feature, that isn't explained very well in the game either.
    Using your equipment cots money. After a game you have to repair your gun, it's modifications, replenish ammo, grenades, rockets, mines etc. You won't notice it at first, but eventually you will realise "I have no more grenades!" and then you have to pay.

    You pay with in-game currency. You can't buy it with $$, it's earned after playing games. No P2W **** here.
    Your actions will earn you some money, plus you get a salary if you played 50% of the game or at least 10 minutes. Salary is based on your rank.

    It still sounds quite good, even if the idea of paying for bullets in a shooter game feels strange.

    Very soon you realise first problem - I'm not earning enough credits. What costs me so much?
    Short answer: everything.
    You are earning maybe 3k per game. Weapon mods cost 20k+, shovel (melee weapon) 14k, binoculars - over 30k, new weapon 60K+. Each weapon mod for bolt action is around 50k. Single use of mine - 1k.

    Imagine this: new game, your team is destroyed by enemy tanks. You grab AT launcher and flank them. 3 shots later, enemy tank is gone. That's around 1,5k you just used. Destroy one more tank and you will not get any profit in this round. This can't be real, can it?

    How can you boost your income and be able to afford anything new?
    Buy veteran membership that will boost your xp gain (get new ranks and higher salary quicker) and earn extra credits for every fight.

    Someone might say you can still play without spending rl money, but if you do that you need to do the following thing to earn credits:
    - pick weapons without any mods
    - jump into games just to grind credits

    That means: not using grenades at all. Ignore the explosives and weapon mods.
    Enemy tank killing your mates? Ignore it. It's too expensive to blow him up.

    When you grind money, you make yourself very weak on purpose. You're the worst equipped guy on your team just to save enough money for later.

    There is no point of playing this game without veteran membership subscription. They might as well add in-game message when you try to blow up enemy tank "Destroying enemy tanks is feature reserved only for veteran membership owners." or show you an info "You just wasted xxx credits." after each grenade used.
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  3. Sep 15, 2014
    This game is the absolute worst spin off of Call of Duty that I've ever seen. It's a respawn game that you can keep coming back in to dieThis game is the absolute worst spin off of Call of Duty that I've ever seen. It's a respawn game that you can keep coming back in to die instantly. I've been playing now for about a week because I wanted to test both factions. They're equally poor. Expect to have to shoot someone multiple times in the head only for them to turn around and hose you down like you're a fly. This game will make you so irritated, you'll turn into a time bomb on a short timer. Expect to break stuff, throw your mouse, and punch the screen. Only reason I gave it a one is because it has a experience bar that gains skills unlocks through progression if you manage to gain any experience that is. In an earnest attempt to keep from pulling the rest of my hair out I am done playing this game and would highly recommend to others that have a respect for first person shooter games not to play this game either. It has a bad taste to say the least. Full Review »