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  1. Aug 30, 2014
    Mediocre Pay2Win shooter with a couple large maps and several small ones. There are two factions - Allies (US) and Axis(Germany). Each faction can send an "Assault Team" of 20 players to capture a region. An assault team is essentially a certain number of spawn tickets. Once there are no more spawns, the assault team is defeated.

    While the game could've been a 5, it has horrible network issues. Playing on a server with "green" ping, I routinely see my tank shots fly straight through the enemy tank, as if it is not there. No "Armor too Thick" or "Impact angle too high" messages, just does nothing. These issues might not be visible for infantry, where you just assume you miss, but seeing a nice shell tracer go straight through makes the issue obvious.

    The Pay2Win system consists of a lengthy grind to progressively unlock more powerful weapons. Players earn 10 levels of badges through gameplay, and one of the last badges (like 8-9 unlocks next tier item). For example, light tank 7 or so unlocks Stuart tank for the US, while light tank 9 unlocks first medium tank. There's a crapton of grinding in an AWFUL M2 tank. While it looks like a regular tank from a side, it actually has 2 MG turrets that rotate about 80 degrees, meaning as a driver, you simply cannot look right.

    There is a shortcut of paying about 8 dollars per weapon and 13 dollars per premium weapon (ex: sniper rifle). The grind is LONG, really long.

    Unsurprisingly, the German faction is significantly more populated and is fairly overpowered in terms of tanks and MG42s. Even the login screen says that there are too many germans.

    The game looks about the same as battlefield 2, - rather flat terrain without grass rendering more than 50 meters away, shadows are pretty nice though.

    The game features several vehicles for each side - 3 types of tanks (light, medium, heavy), tank destroyers, planes and transport. None of these really stand out, and the tanks feel really clunky, I have not found the zoom button, so light tanks have better zoom than medium ones. There's practically no bullet drop of any kind - you point your gun and the shell lands exactly where you are looking at.

    In order to spawn with vehicle, the player needs to buy a tank crewman, or grind a rifleman to tier 3. For a pilot, the grind is to tier4, for a sniper to tier 6. Each soldier has to unlock same items, which is where my biggest gripe with the game is.

    The spotting system is fairly good - after placing crosshairs on an enemy for a few seconds, a static marker appears in that place for 10 seconds or so. This means it's really hard to "shoot red things" through cover.

    Lack of maps really starts to show, even after a few hours of gameplay - you will be fighting over the same city, same villages, same factory, and the same single airfield OVER, and OVER, and OVER, ad nauseum, with Germans winning 90% of the games. While some maps are large, they are not complex enough to warrant different tactics. Tanks camp the same hill on airfield, people shoot out of the same windows.

    There's minimum destructible environments- tanks can crush wooden and wire fences.

    Overall, a mediocre Pay2Win shooter, there are much better ones, like PlanetSide 2 (where you get a whole continent of a map), WarThunder, where planes actually fly like planes
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  2. Sep 3, 2014
    This is exactly how you DO NOT MAKE A GAME! You pay to have instant kill weapons or grind for hours to days to get enough in game credits to get them. Not newbie friendly. Anti-tank weapons are not easily available, forcing you to either a. pay real money, b. grind for a couple of days for in game credits, or c. hunt all over the map to find disposable anti-vehicle weapons. On top of this, while it is a great concept, battlefield 1942 did it better, much better. This cannot get anything other than a 1 out of 10. While I can give them props for the idea, I cannot say they did a good job, I cannot say they made an average game, this is purely RUBBISH!!! There are no excuses for this atrocity, the developers obviously did not think this through and refused to think after there were complaints. Oh yeah they have to make money somehow, well, how about cosmetic changes. Hell, they want you to "subscribe" and pay monthly fees to have bonuses, instead of a one time fee... What were they thinking? Again, no excuses!!! Full Review »
  3. Sep 21, 2014
    After playing a few hours, I found myself constantly questioning certain aspects of the gameplay.

    1. The M1 Garand does not perform
    anywhere near what it should
    2. Pay 2 Win
    3. Launcher problems (had to logout to refresh rank unlocks and to equip/unequip items
    4. The Germans always outnumber americans seeing how they have better weapons
    5. German weapons are mostly better than american weapons and there is no balance
    6. Long grind to get different weapons/items
    7. To unlock items using currency unlocked through gameplay is slow and low
    8. Items are overly priced
    9. Bad ping

    1. Fresh idea. It felt like i was playing a FPS version of Company of Heroes
    2. Upgrading weapon parts
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