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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
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  1. Heroes of the Pacific is an extremely Arcady, historical WWII fighter with enough planes and amazing explosions than Pearl Harbor alone. If you like flying combat and extremely diverse gameplay, then become a hero to yourself and buy this game.
  2. Play Magazine
    I'm not one for flight sims, but Heroes of the Pacific has given me a reason to enjoy the genre. [Sept 2005, p.57]
  3. Pelit (Finland)
    Beautiful and rather fun. Some missions are a bit too tough for their own good. [Oct 2005]
  4. Heroes of the Pacific isn’t perfect but it’s close enough for government work and the result is the most enjoyable dogfight you’re likely to see.
  5. PC Format
    If you're looking for a fine-tuned, accurate representation of air-sea combat, you'll have to look elsewhere; If you fancy classic arcade dogfights where every battle is against the odds, Heroes is for you. [Oct 2005, p.93]
  6. PC Gamer
    This well-crafted aerial shoot-'em-up makes no apologies for its arcade roots. [Dec 2005, p.92]
  7. Some of the bombing runs in the solo campaign can prove quite arduous, but the dazzling pyrotechnics and adrenaline rush of flying your P38 Lightning through anti-aircraft fire make it easy to press the restart button if you fail your objectives.
  8. 80
    Its excellent replay value due to its multiplayer capabilities will place it on the most wanted list for many gamers.
  9. The missions, even with secondary objectives, feel short but there is no denying that this is a fine-looking game that is accessible and a quite a bit of fun to play.
  10. This is a game that caters for all players; from war enthusiasts to war-hating vegetarians.
  11. To sum up, Heroes Of The Pacific is big, it's not really clever, but you'll have a blast playing it all the same. [PC Zone]
  12. A decent outing with decent air combat, but it’s nothing you’ve never seen before.
  13. 77
    "Underwhelming" is a word to describe Heroes of the Pacific as a whole. It's a game that is definitely competent but it just doesn't do anything special.
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  1. Mar 28, 2013
    Heroes of the Pacific
    The story starts on pearl harbour on the 7th December when you are told to take off immediately to defend the
    Heroes of the Pacific
    The story starts on pearl harbour on the 7th December when you are told to take off immediately to defend the skies above your base and all of the battleships moored on battleship row. From here you will fight your way though the war to get revenge on the enemy while going though historic battles and having dues against the 13th squadron. You also have a variety of planes from fighters to bombers and torpedo planes which are upgradeable and new models from both side of the war as well as British and German planes.
    The game has been recommended for teenagers due to the violence and use of strong language though the game but you can play with other people using the online connection and LAN line.
    This is a good game to play because you are able to relive some of the battles from World War 2 from the pilot’s perspective as well as using some of the planes and weapons from the day. The graphics for the planes, ships and explosions are of high quality which also includes the sounds that surround you in the game.
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  2. JasonC.
    Oct 17, 2005
    Great stuff! Haven't played a more fun plane game in a long time! Only missing those co-op missions.. otherwise fantastic.
  3. NormB
    Dec 14, 2009
    Tried every thing but heroes would not connect to my PC logtech controller. No reply from help desk. Put it in the bin.